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Woodley Lakes in the cold and wind with rtwefik
Friday December 21, 2007 2:49pm

Played Woodley this morning with  rtwefik, since yoondaman316, miguelgolf2007 and Aikidomon couldn't make  the tee time Miguel had previously arranged. "John" joined us for a round in the cold and wind and we all walked. The wind was so strong that even the best of our drives into the wind only went 200 yards.

Once again stupid decisions negated a day of pretty good ball striking and putting. Shot 48-44=92, which is not too good for Woodley, even for me, but given the wind, it could have been alot worse. The front nine was pretty forgettable. Started with an easy par, then three doubles. After the turn, I caught fire, if only briefly. I made birdie on #10 - the #1 handicap hole after hitting my approach 210 yards to the green, then made a 50 foot downhiller, then a birdie on #11 after another nice approach, then 2 routine pars, for a  2 under start after 4 holes on the back. Double, double, triple, double quickly negated the early birdies and a 3-putt on #18 after a beautiful approach straight into the wind sealed another mediocre scoring round with a final bogey.

Still, the consecutive birdies felt nice, so once again I feel there is hope for my game. It was great playing with rtwefik again - he struggled as I did, but he did make a nice birdie on #4. It was also nice talking Over 40 basketball and how we both wish the next season would start soon.