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Golf at Woodley with miguelgolf2007, yoondaman316 and Aikidomon
Friday January 11, 2008 10:08pm

Started off the new year of golf with an awful putting display. 39 putts.Not the way I wanted to start off 2008. Would rate my drives a 'B' today. Iron play "D" and Putting was an "F".  Yoondaman316 and Miguelgolf2007 played well, shooting 79 and 82 respectively. Aikidomon and I struggled. Tried a new chipper today and didn't hit it well. My old one was easier to hit, but had to shelf it when I found out it was illegal. Just think I've got to get used to the new one. Also decided to try Titleist NXT Extreme balls after playing Callaway HX Hot for most of 2007. Again, I think I need to get used to them. Seemed like I was putting a rock - I had no touch. Driving distance seemed to be comparable to the HX Hot, but the cover seems more durable. 

Highlights of the day for me were a birdie on #2 after a great approach shot, and being CTP on two of the par threes.