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Golf Channel Amatuer Tour
Friday April 30, 2010 11:26am

Although I'm not a low handicap player, I totally enjoy competition and have once again joined the GCAT.  I'm currently playing in the Jones flight which is for players with Handicaps of 13- 16 I think.  Currently, I'm hovering in the high 14's or low 15's.  I began the year terrbly shotting my first 3 tournament scores in triple digits.  Then went to the seasons first major, a 2 round tourney at Sandpiper Golf Course and shot well enough to place 3rd in my flight and qualify for the National Championships at Sawgrass in Florida.  It doesn't look like I'll be able to play the championship, but it was encouraging to at least qualify.

This weekend, I'm playing the Tour at Brookside in Pasadena.  Last year this was my first tournament with the GCAT and although I missed the top 3, I was encouraged with the way I handled myself as I struggled throughout the day but managed to post a respectable score anyway.  This weekend i'm hoping to go in there and at least compete for a flight win.  I think if I can shott mid 80's I'll be in the running.  Updates to follow.