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It's nice to be back
Monday October 5, 2009 10:01am

After having the surgery on my knee I've spent spme time slowly getting back by going to the range at leat once a week.  Things felt ok for the most part and I seemed to be making pretty good contact with the ball.  I still haven't spent much time chipping or at the short game, but my primary concern was how the knee was going to hold up.  Everything seems fine.

I have played 2 rounds.  One at Los Robles and once at Tierra Rejada.  Both rounds I struck the ball as well as expected and actually scored well at Los Robles.  It was my first time on Tierra Rejada and with all the blind shots and quirky lies in fairways, although the score wasn't great (91), I was reasonably happy.  I am hoping ot begin playing a bit more, hopefully at least 2 rounds a month, with weekly stops at the range.  Short game focus to come in preparation for the new season on the Amateur Tour coming after the first of the year.

All in all, the game is coming back and I can't wait to begin competing again.  Trying to decide whether to use the handicap system here at GK or to continue with my current subscription through the Golf Channel site.