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A nice day of Golf
Saturday November 17, 2012 12:59pm

Ok...didn't know I had a blog. Not really sure what a blog is. I guess it's kinda like a diary? Any way I would like to write about my day of golf yesterday, Nov 16th at my home course, Rancho Park, LA CA. I think I'm still reeling from my round yesterday. I can "see" every shot from the day! I went to sleep reliving each shot from the day. Have any of you experienced the same thing? I was 6 over on the front for a 42..Not bad for me. I pared the first three holes, and had was on in two on all of them including the very demanding 441 par 4 #2 handicapper where i rarely make par and was looking at 9 footer for birdie which i missed. I'm thinking "I'm in the groove" and my back was in great shape. But then the wheels started to come off and was sent back to reality. Double on the next par 5 and so on. Then on the back nine I go Par, Par on a really long par 4 449yds on in two and miss a very long put for birdie. Bogie on the down hill, across the gorge 209 par 3, and then shoot par ( I was on in two on all of the reaming holes) and had a chance for Eagles on the last two holes which are par 5's which I birdied the last hole. I was just wondering if anyone else has had similar days, where you just can recollect all of your shots, especially the approach shots to the greens? Man I love those Cleveland Mashie's! And when I say a long par 4... I mean for me it's a long hole as I know everyone's skill are different.