Shirley Caron

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June 2010
"Start Each New Day With A Prayer"

62 years old
Taunton, Massachusetts
Talent Promoter

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Shirley Caron's Golf Statistics

Index: N/A
Average Score: 98
Available to Play Golf: Weekends Only
Cart Preference: Likes to Ride
Temperament: Casual Golfer
Smokes (while golfing): No
Plays in Tournaments: No

Shirley Caron's Favorites

Golfer: Arnold Palmer
Golf Course: Valle Vista

Where Shirley Caron Plays Golf

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9 Iron
Sand Wedge

Last Updated: June 18, 2010

More about Shirley Caron

I reside on the South side of Indianapolis, Indiana with my Loving Husband, Mike. I am a Renowned Poet and was Inducted into The International Poetry Hall of Fame in 1992, I am a Singer/Songwriter, Talent Promoter and Vice President of M & S Public Relations(Talent Promotion). I have a Record Contract with Emerald Records in Nashville, Tennessee and Two of my Original Songs, Time and A Touch of Beauty have been Recorded and will be Released to the Public in the very near future.
I have received several Nomination Awards from The EIA(Entertainer Indi-Association)Awards Show in Nashville, Tennessee and I also have received several High Achievement Awards from several different Poetry Organizations. I own several Poetry Anthologies with my Published Poetry in them and I have written over 100 Poems. Singing is my Career and I love the Entertainment World!
I am quite a busy Lady, even though I have Two Steel Rods in my Spine, Degeneration of my Spine, Lower Back, Hips and Knees, Osteoarthritis, I almost lost my Right Leg when it was crushed by a Car back in 1985(my Leg was broken in six places under the Knee), and I have Suffered with Epilepsy since I was 14 years old.
I have a lot of Strong Faith in God, and He Is My Salvation, My Rock, My Strength, and My Determination to make it through every day of my Life.
God Bless All Of You and Your Families!!!

Love and Peace

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