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Center City Golf Course vs. Goat Hill Park Golf...

TOPIC: Center City Golf Course vs. Goat Hill Park Golf Course


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Center City Golf Course vs. Goat Hill Park Golf Course


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Wednesday July 12, 2017 11:44 PM
Thinking back to Center City Golf Course in Oceanside ... what a difference 5 years later into what is now IMO a very fun/challenging executive golf course with excellent greens, decent overall conditions and good vibes ... Goat Hill Park Golf Course

And in talking with the GM at Goat Hill Park GC Friday, still many upgrades to come.

Check out these reviews of then Center City Golf Course in 2012 ...

Posted: 07/22/12
Member Since: Dec 11, 2009
From: San Diego
'If there was ever a course that embodied the term "you get what you pay for", Center City has to be it. From the minute you drive through the beat-up gates and look to your right, you are given a good look at what awaits you. Everything on this course is in beat up condition. The driving range is really just a dirt downhill area between hole #1 and the road up to the course. The clubhouse has a very outdated feeling. It's pretty small but the staff is friendly. The course itself is in about as bad a shape as I have ever seen a course. Tee-boxes: not the worst but certainly had areas that could use some filling. At least there was some grass to tee-off from. I will also note that there are tee-boxes EXTREMELY close to areas on the course where you are in danger of getting hit. Fairways: almost non-existent. I believe they are kept this way on purpose but you might as well be hitting from straight dirt (you will on some holes). Get ready for the ball to roll away and scoot from wherever it lands. Greens: Surprisingly not bad. Sure they had some areas that were burnt but overall not bad. Incredibly they rolled true and many were quick. Misc: The golf course also doubles as a disc golf course in some areas so beware the disc golfers if you hit an errant shot. Pace of play will be slow since almost all the holes can be reached in one. Overall, really not a good course and I'm not even sure it's worth the cheap green fees."

Posted: 09/09/12
Member Since: Oct 13, 2010
From: Escondido
Thank God for a Thunderstorm that rolled in so we could quit by hole 10!! You couldn't pay me to play this course EVER again! Not worth the paper I printed the Groupon on. This course made me want to pack my clubs away and never play again. The most pathetic excuse for a golf course (if you can even call it that) I've ever (and hope never again) had the nightmarish experience of playing. Nick-named "Goat Hill" (Yup, they should turn it into a pasture). One "Positive"...staff were friendly. We had a group of 3 in flip flops, cut offs, and tank tops (that had already played a round earlier), jump in front of us. We were a twosome. Took them over 20 minutes to finish the 1st hole! Between them taking 6 practice swings per errant shot, standing around texting, I was ready to quit and go home (probably should've) on the 1st Hole!. We asked to pass by Hole 2 and started the rest of the nightmare on Hole 3. Yikes...folks throwing frisbees just pop out of the bushes. How do you play disc golf without worrying about getting nailed in the head by a golf ball? No thanks. Fairways were non-existent. Hubby kept telling me to move my ball on grass...WHAT GRASS!? 2nd 'Positive' - Greens weren't too bad. Golf cart we were in was a death trap...brakes? Ummmm right. Cart paths - ??? Markings to next tee??? This place was a nightmare!!!! I'm sorry...never take pleasure in expressing such displeasure toward an establishment; but yourself a the reviews (wish I had before I bought the Groupon), and save your money and wear and tear on your clubs. Leave it to the "Goats" baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!
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