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Latest Golf Course Review
Played the Combo tees (6481/72.0/132) with GK Guru's Rudyclub, Ringworld and JohnnyGK in 4H, 45M Friday afternoon. The course was crowded, we let one 2some play through and waited on most holes. The weather was clear and breezy, fairly hot but still nice.

My 1st time playing here. From a design standpoint, numerous holes that could be considered "signature holes". Tough but fair course, good mixture of par 3's, some risk/reward par 4's. Plenty of water and sand traps. No holes were super tight, but there were also few shots where I felt like I could grip it and rip it either.

The Bermuda tees had very nice, consistent coverage and were good to play from.

The Bermuda fairways were not super lush and green, but they played well. Not a big cushion, but not tight lies either.

The mostly Bermuda rough was thick in spots and could be penal. Taller fescue grass was around many of the hazards that was lost ball thick/tall. Speaking of hazards, they are plentiful. More holes than not had a creek, marsh or lake they you had to go over or around. And some of these you could not see from the tee.

The traps were good overall. Fairway bunkers more hard packed and good to play from. Sand around the greens was softer but had inconsistent depths.

The well bunkered greens putted medium to medium fast speed and held irons well. They had alot of subtle break, you can see why this place has hosted numerous professional tournaments. Speed these up a bit and they would be almost unmanageable for the recreational player.

Excellent customer service from all encountered. Our carts were set up & ready to go beforehand. Saw the cart gal 3-4 times. Very fun course to play, really enjoyed the experience. I can see why it makes numerous top 100 lists. Definitely recommended.