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Latest Golf Course Review
Played on Wednesday, 12/13, with JohnnyGK and Mrkich (Matt). You could not beat the company and the great Vegas weather. Tee'd off at 9ish and temps in the 60s, no clouds, no wind.

Course re-opened in October after some renovation/restoration work. The first noticeable change (and it's a huge change) was the new driving range. Gone is the long stripe of mat and replaced with a large all grass area so big they could move the hitting area around for weeks before repeating them. They also added a putting green between the range and the #1 tee (old #10).

The major maintenance work went to the greens and bunkers. I decided to try out many of the bunkers (not by choice) and found them to be the best in Vegas. Soft, subtle sand that made it easy to splash out. I've never been confident hitting from sand but after a few bunkers, I was happy I landed in them instead of the rough. They also added/removed a few bunkers, most noticeably on the new #3 (old 12). They took out the back bunkers, added a front left one, and built a backstop behind the green. Most of the other bunkers have been reshaped. All 18 greens have been re-grassed, and 5 were recontoured.

The last change was the flipping of the 9s. Last year, we played the new routing as we teed of #10 and I was not a fan. However, it grew on me as we played through the round on Wednesday. While I loved the old #18, finishing into a great Strip view, you now finish with 3 great holes, the Million Dollar Par 3 over water, a tough risk/reward Par 5, and 18 now takes you into the clubhouse.

Conditions were fantastic and they appeared to have taken advantage of the mild weather. Fairways were mostly spotless, with a few thin/brown areas. Rough is dormant bermuda, so you get a definitive outline between fairway and rough. The new bunkers were incredible. The new greens were firm, but slower than they appear, probably due to how new they are. Overall, a great experience, start to finish.
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