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I rarely play "away" on the weekends, but with an out of town friend visiting, decided San Clemente was the perfect venue. How wonderful to play this course with great weather, although a little cool in the beginning of the round, it warmed up nicely. Staff was as always very friendly and accommodating. ( Somehow I got out for the resident rate? )

As prior review indicates, course is in really nice shape right now, particularly the fairways. Greens were good, not great, but if you were above the cup, the speed was there. Some brown spots, but so what, it's winter and a heck of a lot better than conditions in Chicago.

It's hard to dislike this course. It is a fun easy walking course, reasonably priced, particularly for Orange County. Ocean views don't hurt either.
Why is the playground sand in the sand bunker? Because they had leftover, is what I am told. They are terrible and have been for two years. The LA county courses are making tons of $$ with driving range profits, playing profits. I have seen a cut back on all the course of the maintenance crews. The gophers have complete control or Wilson. So bad, hit a perfect drive in the middle of the fairways and you end up in a dirt patch from a gopher and or poor maintenance due to the lack of crew. * In tournament play so no GUR status. dismal. I have played Wilson for over 30 years now and this course is in a really sad state. Not an enjoyable day or golf.
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My first review after lurking on this site for years and finding a lot of helpful information, so it's about time I give back some.

The course conditions were pleasantly surprising. Apparently this course is managed by OB Sports for the city of Tucson, and OB has been doing a great job with some of the Phoenix muni courses I usually play during the past 2 years. Fairways had a great overseed, played firm, greens were fairly smooth and fast, sand was fine. Typical dormant Bermuda rough. Really nothing to complain about with conditions for a muni, though the fairways near the ponds were completely covered in goose turds.

After a glance at the scorecard, I had decided on playing the yellow tees (5,843 yards) due to it being cold, and the whites (6391) having 4 par 4 holes at 420+ which usually isn't enjoyable for me. The yellows gave me some good variety, except the 3 of the par 3 holes played about the same (155-160ish). There is some elevation change throughout the course.

I originally had a tee time around 8:15. Staff member said the area the course is in usually gets much colder overnight than the rest of the city. Accordingly, there was a 45 minute frost delay. Due to cancellations, the starter was able to move me ahead, joining two other walkers as the second group off. The first group left us in the dust after few holes, and we finished 18 in about 3:10 as a walking threesome. Very easy course to walk.

Overall, nothing particularly memorable here, just decent affordable walking golf. The course has a small snack bar-type restaurant, and a beverage cart was out on the course.
Rode the Blues (5827/67.4/119) in 4H, 20M twilight using Forelinx. Matched up with Rich and Stacy, very nice couple to play with. Mid 70's, clear and calm, pristine golfing weather.

Shorter old school tight desert layout, par 70 with two par 5's and four par 4's. Alot of OB and water comes into play on holes 5,6,17 and 18. You see alot of seniors playing here because there are few forced carries. Over seeding much more lush today than the last few times I played here.

Over seeded tees were lush and well maintained with few unfixed divots.

Over seeded fairways were lush and nice to play from.

Over seeded rough was lush and thick. Nice to chip from, the ball often sat up.

Sand traps were mostly well maintained with decent quality sand.

Small over seeded greens putted medium fast and were mostly firm. They rolled okay, but far too many ball marks.

Complimentary range balls on an all grass range that tops out at about 220 yards. Nice practice chipping area. Drink cart around numerous times. No GPS on the basic carts. This course would be easy to walk, very flat and most tees are close to the last green. Reasonably priced grill onsite. Fun course, the staff is always very accomodating. Recommended.
Pheasant run is another decent valley course. The greens at Pheasant Run are always in very nice shape and today was no different. Greens were smooth, pitch mark free and rolled at a fast pace. About half of the greens are single tiered with just a slight slope making you pay very close attention to the read because the breaks are very subtle. Others are two tiered with moderate undulations.

Whereas the rest of the conditions on the course were below average the greens were a definite highlight. I will say that I was pleasantly surprised by the sand in the greenside bunkers. I sampled plenty of bunkers on the back nine and all but one were above average for the area. In fact some would be suitable for higher end course.

Tee boxes and fairways on the other hand, left something to be desired. Tee boxes were flat but had patchy coverage. Not a real issue when teeing up a driver but made using anything else a real challenge. The par 3 boxes also had several divots in them.

Fairways were thin to very thin. It’s winter time so I get it but I’d say they could probably do a better job on the fairways to at least bring them up to average conditions.

Rough is pretty much non-existent. Hardpan dirt lies between fairways. Skirt area around the greens is also thin to patchy.

Layout is fun and challenging. There are several water features throughout the entire course. I believe water comes into play on like 10-13 of the holes including a peninsula green par 3 and an Island green on the Par 5 Eighteenth hole.

Pro shop is nothing special but the bar and restaurant are nice and well worth stopping at before/after the round. If you’re traveling through central California on Highway 99, Pheasant Run is worth a stop. Conditions right now are so so but the water features alone make it a worthy play.
Played here today; teeing off at around 10:00 a.m. using an online tee time from We paid $31 to ride. POP was about 4.5 hours with some waiting between shots. I don't have a lot to add to the prior review from t8fish, but I'll try.

Good overall winter conditions and great weather today. Sunny and warm, about 77 degrees with little to no wind. There were many areas of the course that were damp or very wet, especially under the trees or in other shady areas.

We played the blue tees and for the most part they were beat up pretty badly compared to the blacks or whites. Some teeing areas were very thin or muddy due to being in the shade. Not terrible, but maybe its due to the cold temps lately. Overall, they were all mostly level and finding a good spot to tee from was not an issue.

Fairways and rough were decent. Lots of good run out on low struck shots. A few areas were thin or muddy, but it was manageable and the good definitely outweighed the bad. It was almost always easy to hit a good full shot as the ground was fairly soft.

Sand was a mixed bag of good, white, soft sand in most bunkers greenside, but several were more of a dark colored and heavier sand. I was in two bunkers and they were raked and in good condition despite having the darker, heavier sand.

Greens were the highlight of the day. They were soft enough to accept most any kind of shot and ran fairly fast. The hole locations seemed to always be on some very sloping ground and it made for a tricky day putting. Early on, I thought some of the greens were running a little bumpy; however, it's possible it was me not hitting a smooth stroke.

Overall, for $31 I will definitely come back. It's hard to lose a ball here and the length of the course makes for a fun day with the driver and 3-wood, as well as your longer irons. A good variety of holes that makes you think that driver is not always the shot off the tee.
Played on Saturday, 1/18, at 10ish with John_T and paired up with a couple from Canada. Paid $59 with the Arroyo/Siena card. The typical slow Saturday round on a nice Vegas golf day, finished in about 4:30.

First time I've played here in the dead of winter, my past rounds have been in spring and summer. Conditions did not disappoint. Fairways and rough completely re-seeded, with lush fairways and some gnarly thick rough. If you hit in the rough you were searching for it, the ball will sink down. Greens were smooth and relatively fast, I've always found the greens here in great shape. It looks like they've done some work on the bunkers, I only noticed the liner poking through in one of the bunkers on 3. Sand was like a light desert sand, with some decent depth but still with the pebbles. The tees are dormant Bermuda sprayed green to match the course. Nothing that changes the play.

Extras: Food and Beverages prices are some of the best in Vegas, everything is a few bucks under the typical golf course price. The range is included and full grass. Only issue is getting to it, as you drive between the private course's #1 and the range. I'm always skittish as you see all the range balls along the path. Practice green by the clubhouse is nice, but it runs faster than the course. The carts, well, at least they have four wheels and carry the clubs. I'm always amazed by the quality of the carts for a higher end course, and have joked they were "hand me downs" from the big brother private course, without the GPS and speakers. Today, apparently they were borrowed from some other courses as their fleet is breaking down. Definitely not a deal breaker, just a surprise.

I love Arroyo. It's a fun course with a chance to score or get your butt kicked.
Got out for a quick early round on 01/23. Conditions are really good out here.

Greens are nice. A bit brown in spots, but coverage is good. Putts are quick and smooth rolling. Rough is healthy. Sand is fine. There are some rough tee boxes, but nothing too bad. Lots of players and not a lot of teeing ground, so that's normal for SC.

Fairways are as good as I've ever seen them in 23 years of playing here.

It's still a muni, so there are rough patches here and there. But for January, I can't remember the course as a whole being in much better shape than this.
Played on Sunday Jan 12. Course was in great shape in every way. Pace of play was great with no delays at all. One of my favorite courses with beautiful views and we even saw a deer up a hill in some trees. One thing to keep in mind about playing this course is putts tend to flow toward city of Fillmore northwest to northwest of the course. Also the course is walkable but be advised the back 9 climbs up into the mountains a bit so make sure you're in good shape and have good supply of fluid if you plan to walk it, especially on warm and hot days.
Played today (1/23) on a beautiful day. The course is in very good winter condition.

Greens: excellent condition, starter said the greens are at a 13. I believe him.

Fairways: good winter condition, some bare spots.

Rough: 1-3" high, very playable.

Traps: My only complaint; many traps were hard with no sand. Might be prepping them for new sand in the spring, I hope.

POP: under 4 hours.

Good customer service. Recommend.
Rode the Blacks (3020/58.0/98) with Page twilight using Forelinx. POP was slow for an Exec course, slightly over 3H on a packed course in sunny, breezy conditions around 75.

Links style executive layout that is in excellent shape. Great place to work on your irons, I frequently hit almost every iron in my bag on this layout. They were so busy today that they were having to wait on carts to come in before they could send people out, but were running right on time.

Tees were lush but many divots as you would expect with 17 par 3's.

Fairways do not come into play much, but they were lush as is the Rough.

Few actual sand traps on this course, but what they have were mediocre. Many waste areas if you get wide of the rough can come into play.

Greens were smooth, excellent bordering on immaculate. Surprisingly few ball marks, they putted medium fast speed and were consistent, holding high approaches with little run out.

Customer service was good, quick efficient check-in with both the starter and the pro shop. Saw the drink cart twice. Carts have GPS to the F/M/B of the greens. Plenty of water stations on the course. All grass driving range. Recommended.
1/22 comfortable 3 3/4 POP with only a few brief waits and no pressure from behind as had to track down the occasional errant shot. Overall the course is in good shape but has a rather rough look to it as the carts are old and slow, some cart paths are worn and broken and the routing thru some 18th century dark sewer like tunnels and there is for now some back tracking(as of Sunday will be able to continue on from #4 and travel past what will be the new #5). Also the club house is under renovation and food service is on the front patio where an excellent Mexican grill provides a nice variety. Also the course has carried a negative reputation but is currently on the rise. It is still tight and stray shots are usually gone for good.
Fairways are in much better condition than many other courses with lush healthy grass giving good cushion and still decent roll. There are some areas where there are mixed varieties of grasses but being well mowed not a factor as to play. Rough is for the most part quite healthy impeding roll out and requiring proper execution. Longer and thicker on slopes and around the greens.
Bunkers are a mixed lot with some thin over hard pan some with newer heavy sand and some in Goldilocks condition. Tees show considerable wear and often have some slope or crowning.
The greens are definitely high quality smooth medium fast holding well struck shots and providing nice roll for chips and being of consistent speed. Also since they have started using all the green area for pin placements there are some wicked challenging putts.
Staff members are welcoming. For the golf itself conditions are better here than at some of the more costly courses.
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