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Had a 12:45 time and since no one was out there they let me go with a group at 12:15. There was no one behind us all day. There was no one in front of us for the front 9 and we played that in about 1:45 but caught the groups in front of us on 10 and finished the round right at 3:45.

Greens are just ok. I thought they were a little worse this time than the last time I played here. Seemed slower and many more ball marks on the greens. I figured the afternoon round the greens would be much quicker but they actually seemed slower to me. On the back 9 greens there were a handful of greens where the mower that cut the greens was leaking oil so there were these oil tracks up and down the greens.

Fairways were really good. Good lies for the most part i did play off a semi brown/hardpan but the turf wasn't bad to hit from actually.

Rough was decent. I almost lost a ball because the rough was probably a little more than a ball deep but its kind of thin. My ball had rested down in a bare area but surrounded by grass so if I hadn't of almost stepped on it I probably wouldn't have found it. For the most part its pretty playable though.

I wasn't in a bunker but they looked decent.

Customer service was great considering they got me out earlier and because it was a little dry they had a couple of marshals out there making sure people had plenty of water.

All in all for the price its not bad. I think they are doing maintenance the 2nd week of October and it might be worth waiting. For the price and considering other courses are also performing maintenance I could be swayed either way right now.
Played yesterday in a nice POP of 3 H. Course is in decent shape at the present time. Fairways have some dry areas, but for the most part are very playable, with a lot of roll out; tee boxes were all fine and found no issues; bunkers were playable, though some needed raking from previous players; little or no rough to speak of; greens were all in nice shape (not punched yet) and chipped/putted very nicely. Customers service was excellent.
Played here yesterday with 3 others at 7:15am finishing at 11:30 walking. Paid $28 dollars thanks to GK coupon and what a great deal. The course is still recovering from recent punching done 3 weeks ago. The fairways were still showing signs of the holes which made lies in the fairways inconsistent but very playable. The rough was pretty long and tough to get out of so hitting the fairways was key to making pars. The tee boxes were level and a little patchy but caused no problems when teeing off and the sand traps were great. The best of all were the greens.....With the exception of hole number #1 (which was beat up and bumpy for some reason) the greens were smooth, fast, and held extremely well. A great course at a great price and give this place another week to heal and it will be a must play. The Vineyard Course is now being punched so will need a few weeks.......
Had an impromptu meeting in Lompoc on Monday and decided rather than braving the traffic back to LA that I would see if I could get on over at La Purisima for the first time ever for a quick twilight round. It all worked out, however I almost wish I hadn't blown my first time in a rush to finish before dark.

I got a cart and the helpful guys in the pro shop got me out on the back nine to start as there was a high school girl's team going off on the front nine (more on that later). I zipped through the front nine in no time totally solo, then caught up to the girls at the fifth hole on the front. You would think at a young age these people move quickly, but you would be dead wrong. So I jumped over to the 7th hole to get ahead of them, only to catch another group of them moving terribly slowly at the 8th green. After finally finishing up on #9, went back to complete #5 and #6.

Now a quick aside rant - the coach of these girls (I assume) asked me at some point to 'hang back' and I obliged best I could, but after bypassing the girls when I was done and re-playing the ninth hole par 3 just for fun, he actually watched them as they twice hit into me while I was raking the bunker. Way to go coach - great way to set a good example! Maybe you can also mention the courtesy of playing a bit faster and not stopping to smell the roses along the way, too.

So what should have (and could easily have been) a sub-3 hour round, turned into a bit more, but no big deal in the end. I just wish I would have made my first time here more mellow and not so hurried.

As for course conditions, well, my expectations were high, and many of those were met. The layout is incredibly challenging and the holes are really a joy to play. Sure, there are a few quirky ones, some wicked doglegs, PLENTY of trouble to get into, and many a narrow fairway chute to find a good place for approach. The lies are rarely flat and the scenery is pretty terrific. All that being said, I think a nice place like this could use a better cart path. It would almost be better with an ATV than a golf cart in many places, and on some holes there's simply no path at all and you're guiltily driving the cart right up next to the tee box as you have zero clue where to go (hint: there is no place to go). Fix that.

Fairways were generally lush and pleasant to play from, but there were a few GUR areas and some thinner lies, but mostly it was that nice carpet one would anticipate at a high-reputation course like LP. The rough was quite penal in areas but mostly playable and cut to a reasonable length. Tee boxes were pretty well maintained. The bad? Wow, the bunkers were terrible. Really just clumped up dirt and rocks that was totally unexpected and disappointing. One would expect the nice, fluffy stuff here, but that was not the case.

The greens though were exceptionally good. I love the green complexes here and the subtle, yet adventurous breaks on almost every one. The ball rolls very nicely on these greens and they hold shots better than expected with that nice fast speed they roll at. Really nice coverage and no complaints whatsoever there - the highlight of the conditions without a doubt.

So yeah, all in all it was a pretty nice twilight round with a few rough edges, but it's hard to find any reason to complain when you finally get to play one our more famous/reputable courses for the very first time. Clearly one would benefit from some course knowledge here as there are plenty of 'blind' holes where you're rather clueless off the tee, so I look forward to doing this again when I can actually take my time and not be so worried about getting in before the sun goes down. Looking forward to that day immensely.
Had a San Diego Seniors match Monday AM. Course was quite busy. I haven't played here since last summer.

Friendly Pro shop Staff. Well stocked Pro shop.

Driving range but off mats. Two nice practice putting greens.

Greens: smooth, holding with medium to fast speed. Some of the grass around the greens was 3-4" high, very challenging.

Fairways: a combination of a variety of grasses cut VERY thin; below average condition.

Rough: very punishing, 3-5" high kikuyu.

Traps: raked but firm.

POP: just over 4 1/2 hours.

Food in the restaurant; average.

OK to play ONLY if you get a good deal.
Was invited out again by my brother in law today 9/25/2017 at 11am for a scramble shotgun tournament run by the Gardena/Carson YMCA. Was joined by Pedro, Brandon and Andrew-awesome group to play with. Our POP was 5 hours enjoying our day on this private track not being pushed nor pushing anyone. Weather was sunny, breezy and 80 degrees--great golf weather. Enjoyed the day shooting a 60 as a team--4th place out of 29 teams--winning score was a 53(head scratcher and eyebrows raised).

The Old Ranch course has a beautiful clubhouse with ample restaurant space and we enjoyed breakfast, a box lunch before the round and nice sit down dinner afterwards. Range was big using AstroTurf. They had a nice putting green and a separate chipping area next to the range. Staff and servers were friendly. Carts did not provide GPS but were nice.

2nd time here in the last 6 months and the conditions were even in better shape this time out.

The greens were in very nice shape--just a shade of topdressing showing but did not effect speed of putts as the greens were lightening fast for the way they looked. Holding irons very nicely with spin and height. I thought they were the highlight of the course. Rated 8/10.

The fairways were lusher this time around--would call them lush to semi lush with some green and brown spots mixed in but mostly green. Very nice lies. Rated 7.5/10.

The tees were lush, green and were mostly all level. Tees were soft and your feet could sink down some on some tees. Most of the par 3 tees had all there divots filled in. Rated 7.5/10

Was in one bunker that contained nicely raked beach sand in good shape.

The rough was tough. It was not that long but it was Bermuda and your ball could sit down just an inch to an inch and a half and cause problems with chipping and full shots. Rated 8/10.

This course will not blow you away but I think it has a nice mix of doglegs, straight away holes, water features, traps, mounds and OB to keep it interesting and semi-challenging.

We got a interesting experience today with some Blue Angel planes taking off and practicing at the nearby airport/airbase literally right above our head--scared the living daylights out of us--very cool felt like we had the best seat at an airshow.

Would recommend this private course to any golfer .
Played 9/23/17 . I am not a fan of this course in it's current condition. There were far too many dead areas and dirt patches for it to be caused by over-seeding. Looked like long term issues. The cuts were still quite prevalent and that was after a month healing time. The sand was hard packed but a local we played with said they'd had rain the prior week so that explains it. The greens were actually in nice shape. Very undulating and somewhat hard to read, medium speed, fun to putt on! The snack cart was around quite frequently and the ladies were friendly and attentive. Marshalls were around frequently too. Too bad they were completely useless. We followed a foursome the entire round. Older guys. 200 yd drives playing the blues. They'd wait until the green cleared on a Par FIVE before they'd hit a drive...200yds IF they hit the fairway. And so on and so on- for 18 holes. We saw several holes where there were three or four GROUPS waiting on the tee. Marshalls were aware of all this but stated there was nothing they could do. Maybe not. What became clear as the day wore on was that the management big time overbooked the course! This, of course, made all the golfers miserable. Poor pace of play management, profit over quality experience. They were one of the few courses open during this time of year (lots of maintenance going on) and they took advantage of it. The layout is interesting, and if well cared for it would be a nice course with enough challenge to be fun. The views are phenomenal all the way around. Houses line the fairways but aren't close enough in most cases for it feel crowded. Despite all the course issues I played well and enjoyed the round. We were paired with a young guy originally from our area and had a lot of things in common to laugh and talk about. Our goal was just go have a fun round and we did that. But I wouldn't be in a hurry for a repeat round.
9/25 using GK $25 coupon--easy 415 POP. Fairways are 95% lush with minimal thin areas. Nice cushion--never had a bad lie from the fairway. Rough about 1 inch along fairways a little longer around the greens. Tees level with good cover where the markers were placed.
Bunkers have fine compacted sand that is well maintained and consistent through out the course.
Greens were almost immaculate smooth and rolling true medium fast to fast with subtle breaks that for me were were hard to see--some pin placements were wicked --greens firm but receptive to well struck approach shots.
Layout is scenic and challenging with premium on accuracy as wayward shots are severely punished by the trees and rocks.
Friendly helpful staff.
Played 9-23-17. This is a fun course. Interesting layout with elevation changes and variety to make it a course to play more than once. Right now the conditions are not very good. The greens were in great shape with moderate speed. Bunkers were hard pack so you had to play accordingly. The fairways varied from pretty nice to "Oh my God what happened!" There are cuts and dead spots. Even a few areas of dirt. Moved the ball to grass when I could but sometimes the nearest grass was 5 yards away! Will come back in spring or early summer to give it another run!
Played the stadium course 9/25 at 8:51 pop 4 hours. High of 80 degrees. The conditions are alright. Nothing special. The par 3s are in great shape. They will be shut down oct 9. The bermuda is slowly going dormant. Beautiful views.
Had an early morning tee time on Sunday. Very few players on CC due to greens being aerated. Starter in pro shop reminded us about the greens and offered us a spot on Butterfield, we stayed on CC and he gave us a discounted rate even though we had booked online. Great customer service!
Fairways and rough were in good shape, tee boxes were shaggy and needed longer tees to get the ball above the grass. We played early and greens had not been mowed, they still had the morning dew along with the sand that had not settled from the aeration. Give the greens another ten days and they should be fine. Nice fall day to work on your game.
Played here, 1st time, on Sunday 9/24/17.

Have been exploring more courses in the area lately, and decided to given RSJ a try.

Paid $67 online for 830am Sunday. Smallest bucket of balls was $10, hit from mats to a field of dirt, with a couple of flags for targets. On scale of 1-10, rate the practice area a 3. One large putting green near 9 and 18 greens. Did not see a chipping area.

Friendly starter and staff inside Proshop. Started as a single but joined 3 others on 6th hole when pace bogged down.

Course is near a few busy streets in Irvine so, don't expect a quiet and peaceful round, although not noticeable on every hole.

Fairways were average, very wet in spots, but playable. Spotty in areas as well. Not a great deal of definition from fairway to rough. One of the trickiest aspects of this layout, especially first time around, were the sight lines from tee. I recall at least 8 tee shots which were difficult to pick a line. Unsure about which way the hole moved when there was any bend at all. The guys I played with said the same thing. (Also playing for first time). # 14 in particular is poorly designed hole which puts players in fairway in jeopardy from shots from group behind. No way to know players are in fairway below, when teeing off of 14th.

Greens average to good. A few crazy designed greens, with big bowls and sideboards, which with course knowledge and pin placement, could really change your aim point from fairway. Rolled pretty consistently slow / medium pace, and a bit on bumpy side.

Bunkers had a lot of sand in them...So much that if you took half the volume out and added to the bunkers at Oak Quarry, you'd have good bunkers at both courses. However, rather have a little too much sand than not enough.

As mentioned at the top, so many tee shots with confusing site lines make for a frustrating day, if first time there, but won't be an issue the next time, if you choose to tackle again.

Although reasonably priced for OC, green fees didn't quite match up to playing experience and course conditions, but still had a good time out there.
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