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Was 2nd off yesterday as a 3some following what seemed to be regulars in the first group. Not as fast as I expected to play being second off as the first group took their time. Still finished at 4 hours thou.

Greens have small holes punched but this didn’t effect putts in my opinion. The number of ball marks both unrepaired and repaired improperly were more of an issue. They rolled apfaster than they looked. Ran the first few putts quite a bit past the hole.

Fairways just ok. They are decent but there are just various spots throughout like different grasses/weeds/dead spots, etc.

Rough was actually surprisingly thick in a good number of areas. I actually almost lost a couple in there. There are areas that are not bad at all wouldn’t impact your shot selection so just be careful.

Sand was great. I was in a couple and they were raked nicely and ample sand. I was just in green side but fairways looked a little firmer.

I’d say it’s 50/50 right now, I’ve done seen better conditions and I’ve seen worse.
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Played early this AM in 2.5 H. Course is in nice shape at the moment. Tee boxes all fine. Fairways have good coverage, lies and roll. Bunkers (just putt out of them) are still the same, so avoid at all costs. Rough is not a factor. Greens are in good shape and chip/putt and hold shots very well. Customer service excellent at all levels. Presently from what I have seen in the area, they have the best twilight (starting at 10:30) rates (weekdays/weekends) than any course in the area.
Played on a sunny (finally) late AM on 5/17. I agree with gary00's review of 5/15 so no need to duplicate it.
I will make a few positive comments:
-excellent customer service
-nice practice areas.
-excellent GPS unit on cart.
-great deal with the Palm Card.
-good to see that sand fairway bunker on #4 gone. It's now a grass bunker so it should be easier to get out of.
I really like the new design. Course is in excellent condition. Tee boxes flat and moved tight. Fairways are good. Bunkers have lots of sand. Rough is lush and cut evenly. Greens are exceptional. They are running 11.5 on the stimp with a pure roll.
I played again today at VV. Overall, I think this course is really starting to lag on the maintenance. Really, even a muni should keep their course more "Country Club" and less "Country." What I mean is this: groundskeepers should be mowing, weeding, and picking up debris such as leaves and tree litter. Sand traps should be raked, weeded, and edged. Vista Valencia used to be such a nice, little course to play. The weather has been great lately. Lots of rain followed by warm, sunny days. Optimal growing conditions. My personal opinion is that a golf course like this should be more park-like. It really shouldn't be too hard.

Greens: still recovering from aeration and sanding from about a month ago. They rolled okay but I would say at a medium slow pace. Mot many ball marks but there was an occasional spot that should have been fixed by the greenskeeper.

Fairways and rough: lots of litter and debris from the many trees. Hole 1 right side rough is a wasteland of range balls, leaves, bark, and small branches from the many eucalyptus trees. Weeds have taken over many parts of the course, including some fairways and collars around greens. Some of which have not even been mowed or weed whacked.

Tees: we played the blue tees and mostly they were okay. Some divots here and there. No sand/seed buckets to fill them, either. A couple could use some leveling. Nothing too severe overall, though.

Bunkers: many had old footprints from a least a day ago. Some had weeds growing in them. The edges of the bunkers were not trimmed. I don't know, maybe that's a new look.

Maybe they don't get enough money from the many players who frequent this course. Maybe they don't have a large enough grounds crew. I just believe this could be a much better experience if the course was given some more love from the grounds crew. The early morning, old-timer (senior) rate was $24.50 with a cart, sandwich, and beverage. I'm sure there's a little "You get what you pay for" included in that rate.
We decided to try the Links Course as we'd not played it in awhile, and historically it has had some of the best greens in the county. Well, not today. We didn't have a stimpmeter, but I would guess around a three. It took a very firm stroke to get the ball to the hole, four or five times harder than you would normally strike a putt. There were a number of workers around, so I'm sure they are trying to improve the conditions. Hopefully I'll have a better report the next time I play there.
Played Monday the 13th. Started out running 10 minutes behind scheduled tee time as 1st tee was backed up. Had to wait for several hoiles until the back nine. I agree with the prior review as the fairways are entering into summer conditions as they were brown, thinning and hard. The greens were lightning fast and did not hold your shots. POP ended up being 4.5 hours.
Played early morning today. The rain yesterday did not affect the pace of play, expecting it to be cart path only but it was not. The course was green but some parts of the rough were around 2 inches or more causing you to take more time to find your ball. Lost 2 ball hit just slightly into the rough. The greens were the best I have seen it in months. Rolled med-fast and true. Landed in a couple of green side bunkers which did contain ample amount of sand.
POP was slightly over 4 hours.
5/17 using teeoff $19 on a really nice sunny sometimes breezy spring day. Easy check in off early with a 320 POP waiting briefly on 17. Fairways have good cover were somewhat on the soft side so mostly limited roll. Rough along fairways was cut down to about 1 inch but there were occasional areas of longer thicker grasses. Areas closer to the greens also tended to be deeper and more challenging. Tees were inconsistent and mostly on the thin side with some markers placed on sloped areas. Bunkers also varied from full and groomed to thin and packed.
Greens are at least 90% recovered with little evidence of being punched 4/29 and 30. However they were not yet closely mowed and rolled so they were a little bumpy with more grain and are softer currently. Rolling medium/medium fast.
Played Sat May 11th, Course was is VERY good shape although slightly wet from rain night before. Never played here and based on my score I see the bite to it. Greens are fast and have a lot of break. Next time I play I will have a little more knowledge to know where to miss and where I can be a little aggressive. Overall I really like this course and will be back.
I generally don't play "away" on Fridays, but with Coto being closed Thurs/Fri & Sat for a member guest, decided on Oceanside as they only charge $1.00 more for Fridays and I was told it would not be too crowded.

No problem getting out first and walked in under 2 1/2 hours at a nice easy pace. Course is in some of the best condition I have seen it in. Greens were very nice, fairways good, lots of sand in the bunkers, although some were not raked. (Yesterdays play?) Tee boxes for the most part are fine.

I very much enjoy playing this course. I find it fun, interesting, enough of a challenge to keep my interest. It may not be the most visually appealing golf course, but it offers good value and solid traditional style golf.
Decided to get out to play today even though it was raining in the morning. It wasn’t raining hard so I knew it would clear up but for whatever reason, I really enjoy playing in the rain. Got to the course about 10:00 am, paid $25 walking and off I went playing solo. A guy in a cart was at #1 and was teeing off also but no one was out on the course.

Not much to add differently from the previous review. Fairways were ok, nothing great. A couple of fairways were just aerated and were a mess with big holes and residue cores laying everywhere. The other fairways were in ok condition. The rough was hit and miss. Some were just fine, others were very thick and unplayable really and other areas we hard pan. Bunkers were mud as a result of the rain.

The greens were rolling well. #1 green has had some patchwork done but still rolled ok. This green has always had issue though. The rest of the greens were in good shape and rolled nicely.

I have always enjoyed playing here as they have some challenging holes but the course conditions have always kept me away. Let’s see if the rain and the potential improvements will make a difference going forward. I hope so!
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