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Teed it up with Rob1563 for a quick round/stop in to Vegas on Thursday 5/25. Great time on windy warm day. Thanks Rob for meeting up with me.

I can't even begin to describe the astonishment of experiencing essentially flawless greens on a golf course like this. I rated the greens a 9 only because I rarely ever rate greens a perfect 10 but had the greens been a little faster and more receptive to shots, I would have given them a 10. Rob and I found one ball mark all day. They are uniform lush, roll perfectly smooth, are perfectly consistent and wow are they beautifully green. You don’t expect to spend less than $30 and get greens better than most high-end courses and country clubs. The unique thing about these greens, like the entire course, they are paspalum turf. It’s the only golf course I have played paspalum greens and I hope not the last.

The rest of the golf course is in good to great shape. Last time here in August the fairways and rough were more lush. This time on some holes I noticed a few bare spots. Afterwards I spoke with the GM and it’s because of the cool and very windy Spring. There were 15 straight days of strong wind that negatively impacted irrigation and given paspalum is warm season turf, turf growth was less than expected. This caused some thin/bare spots on a few holes. They are in the process of getting some sod but in most cases, now that the warm weather is back, most will lush back up on their own fairly soon. The bunkers are very good shape with quality sand. The tee boxes are lush and groomed. The rough is mostly lush, cut low and in good shape. Actually I would prefer the rough a little higher to help hold balls up from going in the wash. Overall, course is in a great shape.

It’s a straight forward layout, no frills and simple scenery. Most holes have houses adjacent on the left side and of course the wash on the right side. You need to putt well and keep the ball on the left side of the fairway. No need to overpower the course which I have learned now for a second time is the wrong move. Keep the ball in play and those green will reward you with some pure scoring putts.

Pace of play is fantastic. You should easily finish under 4 hours. We got around in 3 hours. It’s a regulation course. Take a look at the photos and give The Club at Sunrise a try.
Played 36 on an underpar voucher on 5/21. Overall, the course is in nice shape. Greens were far more receptive than Indian Canyons the day before but still released a bit. They also rolled on the slow side but were consistent. My entire group had a heck of a time getting putts to the hole all day. Fairways and rough were solid with the occasional thin patch. Greenside bunkers were great as were the tee boxes. This layout continues to grow on me the more I play here. Green complexes can be a little crazy, but with the speed of the greens this time around, it was quite fair.
Played early afternoon on 5/20 for a good deal on golfnow.
Everything was in really solid shape. Fairways and rough were both really good with the very occasional thin patch. Tee boxes were overall flat with good coverage. Greens were rolling well with medium speed but were rock hard. My buddy that I played with is a high spin player and the looks of confusion as his wedges were releasing 20 feet were high comedy. Keep that in mind if you head out here soon.
This course is lush! It reminds me of courses out in the mid-west where grass thrives in the spring and summer. The Velcro like grass in So. Cal. makes it tougher to play out of and judge predictability of outcome with short game compared to mid-west. At 80 miles from my house, it was worth the drive. The layout is fabulous and non-repetitive. Just about every hole requires thought and strategy. On some par 4's it is absolutely essential to be in the fairway. (5, 12, 15, and par 5 18th) The greens were a bit slow but that will change heading into summer. Any hole going uphill goes uphill more than you think. (2, 6, 7, 12, 15, and 18) This is a course you can play over and over and never grow tired of it. I wish it was 8 miles not 80. :(:(:(
Played Friday, 5/19, with 12:30/12:40 tee times following our round on Stadium. Our bags were transferred over from Stadium and we drove our car across the street and were waiting for us.

Condition wise, Champions was a huge step down from Stadium. Tee boxes were level. Fairways were thinning and had some brown areas. Rough was about 1 inch, not difficult to hit out. Bunkers were a bit dried out, definitely not fluffy like Stadium. Greens were good. A little slower than Stadium, but smooth.

It definitely felt like the little brother, complete with hand me down carts (older, no GPS, no USB), and less love from "the parents." However, I loved the feeling around the clubhouse. They had a very nice patio area with a grill (Stadium is a sit down place and a half way house), lower prices, and incredible food (the burger I had was outstanding!).

My only complaint about the staff: We were booked as a 3some and 2some and a 2 was paired up. We checked with the starter beforehand and knew no one was behind us until a shotgun about a hour later. We let the added 2some played through on their own (they were happy about it), then joined up as a 5some at the 6th hole. We actually caught the 2some on 10, but no one behind us. 3 marshals drove past and didn't say anything. On the 16th green, a marshal stopped and berated us for playing as a 5. Yeah, and we finished in 4 hours, 10 minutes, no one behind us.
Played Monday 22nd, 11:30 pm tee time, $13.00 rate with cart on Golf Now. Played as a threesome, behind a foursome. We let a single play through on the second hole.

Pro-shop was very pleasant and let us out early. Round took a little under 4 hours. Course was busy, but pace of play was very good, with only one really loud group for a minor distraction.

Tee boxes were level, but a couple were spongy and damp. They were playing a couple up quite a bit to give the rest of the box time to heal.

Fairways were in very good condition but a little dry.

Rough mostly around the greens was lush and about 2" + in depth. There isn't much rough along the fairways the trees do the job of making you pay for bad shots.

Bunkers were full, fluffy and thankfully I only visited one.

Greens were in very good condition, most groups seem to be repairing the ball marks, but the phantom sunflower seed spatter had been playing ahead of us and cost me a rare birdie when I didn't notice the empty shell in my line.

Pace of play was good, groups around us were friendly, the rate was incredible, the weather was warm but we had a wind to cool us and make the course challenging.

This is a really fun little course, and you can use just about every club in your bag.
Played Friday morning 5/26/2017 7 am tee time as a single. Had a twosome in front, two some in back, we were trailing a senior 5 some. Really had to wait very little.

Played on my players club rate of 5 dollars using the gift card my daughter gave me for my birthday. Should keep me playing through June.

Pro shop was friendly and efficient. Walked on at 7am. Tee boxes didn't appear to have been changed from Thursday and were badly chewed up.

Fairways which you really shouldn't have to hit from except on 5 and 9, were in good shape, with good coverage

Very little rough, one inch if that. Bunkers were well groomed but wet and crusty.

Greens were in very nice shape, with a few unrepaired pitch marks, and one green had sunflower seeds on it. (by the way sunflower seeds on the course, especially the greens is really becoming a hot button for me).

Round took about an hour, was fun. Hard to complain given the price and location a 1/4 mile from my house.
Played Friday, 5/19. This was the trophy course for our trip and it did not disappoint. We paid $225 for a 36 combo deal they run with the Champions course. Basically, we paid for Stadium and Champions was thrown in for free. I've been a fan of the Phoenix tour stop and have wanted to play this for sometime (minus all the times I've played on Rory McIlroy). We played as a 3some and a 2some paired with another 2. Finished in 4:15 with a 6:40 tee time.

Customer service was top notch. I had to call to make the tee times and the lady was great working with me to get the times I wanted for the 5 of us, Stadium in the morning, Champions in the afternoon. Bag drop guys were friendly and informative. Check in was easy. Starter was a great guy who BS'd with us while we waited and took our group pic, along with some helpful course tips. Large included driving range and small putting green near the first tee. Carts had GPS and dual USB plugs.

Course was typical of a TPC. Lush fairways. Rough was almost 2 inches, thick, and penal. Sand was the type you see the pros hit out off, amazingly soft and fluffy, I almost wanted to hit into it. Greens were fantastic. I read previous reviews that mentioned slow speeds, mostly due to growing them out for the summer heat. For us, they were medium-fast and rolled smooth, even with some signs of some light sanding.

Overall, I loved it! Front 9 is pretty nondescript, but the course changes on the back. 6 of 9 holes have water. The "signature" 16th was disappointing, with no stadium, it was a very bland 135 yard hole that just didn't feel like the crazy hole it should be. My favorite was 15, a 2 shot par 5 for the pros, which amazed me. The water in front of the small island green looks bigger on TV, but is like 15-20 yards, even hitting over in 3 was nerve wracking. 17 was a blast at 250 yards from the white tees, with a chance to drive the green (I yanked it left but short of the water). 18 is a tough finishing hole with water left of the tee. The long hitter bunkers at the end of the water were not in play for me. I would play here again for a price around $100, but the price was worth it to scratch it off the list.
There are many things good and bad about this course. Good: greens are nice, a fun layout where mistakes can really cost you, you must be straight off the tee/have solid iron play hitting to these small greens/and have touch and imagination around the greens. A teenager that can stay out of trouble and score here has already a solid game. Therefore even though Knollwood is not long its a great course to develop your game. Bad: The starter today was lousy, poor customer service and chaos early this morning, There are too many bare spots in the rough and around the green i.e. lots of awkward lies pace of play in afternoon has got to be horrible.....I think I'd rather play Balboa
Played the Blues (6432/70.4/125) twilight in 4H. Matched up with with Nick, Rick and Robert, really fun group to play with! The weather was in the high 60's, breezy and overcast.

The tees were fairly lush with few unfixed divots. It was nice to see topdressing on a couple of tees they are trying to refurbish.

The Kikuyu fairways were fairly lush, well maintained & had good coverage.

The Kikuyu rough was semi lush and mowed down fairly close near the fairways. The farther away from the fairways it gets thinner and there is more hardpan. They have also added wood chips in some turf reduction areas.

The sand traps were nicely maintained with a decent amount of medium to large grain brown sand.

The greens putted medium fast and were smooth/consistent from green to green. They were very receptive to holding approach shots.

Fun layout with plenty of rollings hills and mature trees to keep things interesting. SH is a challenging course to walk, constantly up/down rolling hills on the front 9, the back 9 is flatter. The customer service was good, quick, efficient check in. No Drink cart today. Nice snack shop on the turn with excellent burgers. Medium difficulty course in above average condition @ good prices. Recommended.
Played 5-21-2017 with my golf group with 20 showing up to play this goat farm. Tee boxes were ok just had to hunt for a spot to put in your peg. Fairways were thin with some decent lies to be had if you held the slope and didnt run into the rough, the rough is the thick grass that a ball gets lost in so hitting from some spots was challenging. Bunkers were ok but not raked very well and I found a few that I was still able to recover from with a well placed shot. Green were running medium fast and of course challenging with the slope of the greens (the land of 3 putts) Customer service was fine. Didnt interact with any except the snack bar to get a cool drink afterwards. Nice day, not a good score but I worked on hitting a fade and won one CTP.
Found a deal on Groupgolfer for $39 so it was worth the drive. Friendly staff and very helpful. Practice area is large with plenty or putting greens and chipping areas to work on your game. The course was in fantastic shape and the weather was perfect. Fairways are just like carpet and the ball sets up perfect. There are a couple of par 4's that are reachable for the long straight hitter. A few hole don't require a driver, but a well placed tee shot with a hybrid or a long iron to set yourself up for a good approach to the green. Bunkers are well maintained and plenty of sand to hit out of. The greens are smooth and roll medium to fast with plenty of undulations and multi tiers. Greens are well bunkered and are very large. Not rare to find yourself with a putt of 80' or longer. I recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a fun and fair layout.
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