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Finally got out to play this highly regarded and suggested course.


Easily in my personal top 3 public course I have ever played. from a course condition, it probably is in the top 2. We have seen the Golfweek note saying Rams Hill is the 3rd best public course in California behind only Pebble and Spyglass, well we have played both of those within the last year, and course condition-wise, it is FAR superior to Pebble... many reviews already, I can only say as a first timer I was blown away. Tee to green there is simply nothing out of place.

MUST play..

you suck it up and make the drive....

from lake forest it took us 2 hours and 35 mins. to get there and it is a really nice drive to just chill out and enjoy.

I would rate this in the 9.8 to 9.9 area....only reason not to give a 10 was "lack of GPS" and "no mayo on the club sandwich"
Played out here Saturday at 11:00 with wife and Gkers Donna & Willie.

first time for all of us here.

Very impressive resort course, the place is impressive as soon as you hit the range.
Here are the highlights:

1. all Grass range with expansive chipping, putting, and bunker area.
2. Very green course, fairways look a mile wide, but that is just an illusion, the fairways are actually fairly tight with wide rough sides that were quite deep on the day we played
3. Bunkers had all new sand and were perhaps even a bit too fluffy
4. Greens were simply perfect...smooth, and looked like the greens you would see at many of the PGA tournament courses.
5. Hole layout was a bit boring after a while...sort of all looked same.

no wind to speak of

all in all it was WELL worth the $45 each we paid.

I would recommend this as perhaps for a 2nd course to play during a stay and play weekend up in Borrego Springs.....obviously behind you-know-who
Played SJH on Sunday with a 11:12 tee time, $52 w.cart. Got around in 4:40 with more waiting on the front than the back. Found the course in decent shape considering the amount of rain, some soggy areas and puddling but nothing too serious but we did play L,C,&P and, wisely, it was CPO the entire course.

The Poa greens were the strong point today as most were very soft and spike marks were evident, but several were like perfect and rolled true at medium speed. Fairways the usual tight, matted stuff but with winter rules I had good lies all day. GS bunkers well taken care of but some of the FW bunkers were thrashed. Rough a bit long for SJH standards but easily playable.

Nice course for an occasional round, some back nine hole layouts are tight and challenging, so that's always fun. Great 19th hole.
Played Sunday as a single in roughly 3 1/4 hours, still very wet with lots of casual water (#1 now has a small water "hazard" short/right).

This is a "Good News/Bad News" review. Good news is it appears better than the last reviewer reported and it's clear they're trying to improve conditions. Bad news is they've got a LONG way to go.

Tees were mostly level but showed a significant amount of wear. I'll give them a pass on that because I was out quite early and they probably haven't moved the markers or mowed the areas due to recent rains (odd observation - #17, a par 3, was by FAR the best condition and had the least damage of any on the course). Fairways were hit and miss, many dirt areas but maybe 30% were in play for most players. Stray off the fairway and it ranges from bare ground to HEAVY growth - many trees alongside have recently been trimmed and the cuttings will swallow balls (you'd need a machete or small chain saw to start your search).

Greens were ok, most had some bare or thin areas - they held well struck shots with medium ball-mark damage. Speed was a little inconsistent - in general medium with some both slower and faster. Rolled true, there's a lot more break on most than you think. They're also relatively small so just hitting them is an accomplishment.

Bunkers were saturated so I can't mark them down for that - it looked and felt like they were a very heavy mix of dirt and sand.

The layout is not terribly exciting but it's a solid track with a decent mix of longer/shorter par 4's and you'll probably use at least 3 dfferent clubs on the four par 3's (not sure why #12 is so long since the typical golfer here would be hitting 3-wood or driver).

Service was good and very personable, if the person at the Pro Shop is any indication they really are trying to improve things.

As a low-cost alternative (especially when comparing weekend rates) it's worth a look but keep your expectations reasonable.
Not much to say after jyamastoker's review. Wet and soggy conditions out there right now, and some severely beat up tee boxes, including many roped off making Westchester play shorter than it already does. Lake is overflowing on #2 fairway, and many greens have plenty of soft ball marks everywhere. Bunkers looked wet and thick. Rough is nice - easy to play out of most times, and POP was a dream on a Sunday at just over three hours. Be in nice shape though once it dries out.
First off for twilight, cart paths only today, but POP was still OK at just under 4.5 hrs.
Fairways and rough are thick and full thanks to the rain, but could use a mow.
I wasn't in a trap, but some were hard wet sand and others looked OK.
Greens were in great shape, rolling well at medium speed with a few un-repaired ball marks.
Weather was a bit chilly and windy most likely keeping some away, but it has been busy lately.
Played Firecliff yesterday 1/14 at 8:00am. POP was exactly 4 hrs. 15 min. which is great, although it felt slower b/c my group and I waited on many holes. Course is in great shape, even with all of the rain recently. The greens were a little soft, but were all smooth. Fairways were perfect, with minimal divots. Rough was consistent with great coverage. Some tees had some divots (even par 4s). Proshop staff and cart-guys were great and we had a good time. Would like to come back here and have another shot at those greens!
Played 1/14/17 Quest rate $45 POP 4 hr.
Got invited to play and really enjoyed the course. Over all it was in very good shape.
Fairways lush and very nice to hit off
Greens were in great shape. Lots of subtle breaks that were hard to read the for the first time. Receptive and ran at medium quick. Was told they were running slower the normal. Which would make some of them very difficult. Had one with a pin placement on a slope that didn't look that steep. But if you didn't get the ball in the hole, it would roll back to your feet even after stopping a couple inches from going in.
Rough not bad and typical 1-3"
Traps were hard packed sand and very difficult to get out of. Had to play them like hard pan. Probably from all the rain we just had ?
Fun layout with a nice mixture of holes. Not overly long 6,500 from tips. They do have a couple of long 4's 420 & 445.
Fairway's looked narrow with tree lined,but had more room then looked for T shots. Would look forward to getting invited to play here again anytime !
Played 1/8/17 2 pm $35 Did not finish
Typical Sunday slow play. Lots of large groups & family's
Fairway's mostly lush and in great shape. A occasional dry or brown area, but most very nice to hit from and cut at a nice length.
Greens in very good shape, Held shots well and fairly smooth for late in the day. Typical San V. pace. Slowww.
Rough typical 1" -3"
Traps in decent shape.
Slow play can be an issue here, but it is really a fun course to play and in pretty good shape
I played yesterday, 1-14-17, with a Meet-up group. The weather was just perfect and the staff friendly as always. The course was in really good condition except for the expected mud after the rains. The tee boxes were all perfectly level, cut short and free of divots. The greens were smooth and medium speed. Being fairly soft, ball marks were really deep, but fortunately there weren’t very many to repair. The fairways had great coverage but lots of deep squishy, slippery areas. Due to being cart-path- only, we were able to finish only 14 holes in 5 hours. I’ll be back again soon.
Great round Saturday, got a smoking deal for $35 on golfnow. Teed off at 12:45 and barely finished. POP was very slow on the front but moved along on the back, MLK weekend, so there were a lot of people out there

Course is in pretty great shape. Teeboxes were perfect, level and mowed to perfection. Fairways were excellent, always had a good lie. Rough was not too penal, they just let the bermuda go dormant and it was fluffy. Greens were very good, held shots very well. Quite a few ball marks, I fixed 3-5 of them every green, c'mon people, fix your fricken ball marks! Sand traps were pretty awful, seriously affected the rating. I found 2 and they were pretty much hardpan, but that was from the rains, I'm sure. It rained quite a bit the last few days, but the course drained very well. If you didn't find a bunker, the course would be rated a solid 8.5 to 9.

Overall, I'd get on out there, especially if you can find the great deal like I did. The layout is great, lots of water and some elevation changes. Houses are prevalent, but they are set back from most of the fairways. It's a great track.
Play here a lot, and rarely review, since the sum of this course is greater than it's parts.

Pro shop staff is always amazing. My golf instructor, bruce, from claremont golf course works here now, amd will be giving lessons to my son soon. Rest of the staff is always amazing to me and anyone i bring along. Let me walk on as a single any time of day, amy day of the week, and do not mind if i hop around holes to skip slow playing groups. POP today was about 3.5 hours, which is good for a saturday on a muni course.

In any event, played 18 here today (January 14) and will play another 18 here tomorrow. Course was pretty muddy today as a result of all the rain we have been having.

Tee boxes were muddy and unlevel. Lots of divots on tee boxes, as well (some mine, unfortunately).

Fairways were decent and had good coverage of grass thanks to all of the rain. Few muddy spots but not so bad that my cart got stuck.

Rough is penal here. If you are in the rough, you are in the trees. Good luck getting a clean shot out.

Sand was actually pretty decent today. No standing water, and they were not hard pan.

Greens were soggy, but still fast. As is normal, the greens are impossible to read. They break the opposite direction of what they look like. After playing Marshal for 7+ years, i still cannot get good reads here. Very few ball marks though, and the few i saw, i went ahead and fixed.

As much as the conditions here are iffy, i adore this course. Beats me up each time i play, but i keep coming back (i moved to la verne to be near Marshal). Views are awesome, no houses around it, and deer everywhere. Quite proud to call it my home course.
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