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I played my last round in Vegas yesterday at the historic Las Vegas national golf course. I read a lot of reviews prior to playing and I was glad I played it. If you like Vegas you need to play this course at least once. Lots of good history and stories throughout the course.

The conditions were above average but not great. Most tee boxes were level but there were some that were not and some had been beat up. Fairways were nice and green and provided good roll. Greens were hard and fast. It was hard to get the ball to stop. Most had a few ball marks and they were a little bumpy for my taste. Bunkers were hard pan with very little sand.

Pace of play was awesome at under 4 hours during a slight wind day that made you think about your club selection. Like I said before I really enjoyed the course. Layout is not very hard with room to miss right or left. I like the stories and the history of the course. If your in Vegas I would play it at least once, not sure if I will go back.
Balboa has it where it counts..the greens They are in great shape. The rest of the course is decent. It is not immaculate. But the fee is not $200 as well. Trees come into play more on this side compared to Encino side. It is why I enjoy the layout slightly more on this side. The difficulty of the nines are quite apparent. The front nine is tougher and longer. There are a lot of ground under repair areas where trees have fallen on both courses. The driving range is in shambles. You will get inconsistent lies in the rough around the greens. Or maybe I need to practice my short game more...not time
Played using my Lake Forest Players Club (American Golf) membership access. Paid $19.97 for the round with cart and a drink. Played as a twosome. Tee time was scheduled at 9:00 am but we got off at 8:40. Round completed in 4:30 minutes.

Starting the morning the pro shop / starter was friendly and wonderful, very pleasant. Practice green was representative of the course regarding speed. Cart was basic, clean, worked well.

My playing partner and I started the morning splitting a breakfast burrito from the club house grill. Excellent with very friendly service, and a fair price. We would hit the grill again at the turn for an excellent hot dog, and kudos that they had both diced onions and relish in dishes so I didn't have to fight sticky packets.

They are doing a fair amount of work on the course. The first hole which usually tee's off from on high was moved into the fairway about where most drives would end up, making the Par 4 a long Par 3.

Tee box condition was uniformly lush, and level, but the ground is so dense that I broke two tees setting up shots for my 4 and 5 iron. We were told they would be aerating the course mid April. Playing from the blues which were often set back the visual perspective was challenging on several holes, making the right shot difficult to envision.

Fairways are challenging as there is seldom a level lie, and it is possible to hit a shot straight down the fairway only to have it roll off into rough or a hazard. There are also significant areas of OB. This is target golf. A number of the fairways are still muddy, although not often at my distances. This continued into low lying rough. The result of the muddy areas are some bare spots. It seems they are not watering much so as to dry the whole course. It's not bad, just worth noting. This course uses a number of dog legs to protect the course, it really helps to play this course with someone that knows it well. Aim points are not obvious.

The rough is the weakness of this course. There are large sections of fluffy 3" to 4" deep rough with little flowers sometimes next to bare spots and what looked to me like flat weeds. The rough is also littered with small twigs, pine straw (which reappears on greens) and acorns. Give the propensity for this course to tilt your ball into the rough this presented a risk and cost me more than a few strokes.

Sand Traps - I fortunately was never in the sand, my partner was, and as a group they were fluffy and clean. At least half a dozen traps were being worked on as we played, adding new sand. I suspect by the end of the day all work was done.

Greens were very firm, overall fast depending on position of your ball, and the sun. Sun position was huge. A number of the greens feature levels, undulation, significant slope and a couple have false fronts with sever run off. Despite the fact that we were playing behind the ladies league and were out later in the morning there were few significant ball marks. What was more of an issue was the tree detritus, acorns, pine straw, leaves that had to be moved to clean the line.

About 12pm the wind started to come up, as we faced a number of shots up hill, down hill and across valleys. Nothing too bad, just a fun challege.

Temp at 8:40 tee off was 54 degrees, temp at completion 1:15 pm, was 82 degrees.
Pace of play was 4.5 hours behind a ladies league that left us talking to the men's foursome in front of us, and the twosome behind us regularly after the 4th tee. Nothing to really do about it. Saw the Marshall and ambassadors several times during the round, actually got them to say hello on a couple of occasions.

Around the greens trees play a huge part in shaping shot selection, as they do off the tees.

Notes: Restrooms (I think at the third tee) and clubhouse have been completely remodeled and are very nice. Course plays to a Par 67.

I would rate this a great value for the money. The challenge is using long iron on holes that seem to ask for driver because of fairway contours. I personally would play it again fairly soon, but would seek to tee off earlier especially as the temps rise.
Played 3/24. First time on site and wish I had been here sooner. Have played Arrowood about 4 other times so Im starting to learn a few more of the tricks. Unfortunately I didnt realize the course had been recently aerated so the greens were sandy and bumpy and when mixed with the wet grass from the 745AM tee time, the first 7-8 holes were a bit more challenging. All in all, great track and conditions. Agree with other comments with regards to the par 5, hole 13. The "newer" large waste area about 275 yards out is not marked on the scorecard and almost impossible to see from the tee box. Wasted one of my best drives of the day on this hole. Also learned on hole 16 to aim for the big water tower on the horizon as your target. Good tip. Course has a lot of locals who push the pace which I like. Keeps the round moving. Only saw the drink cart once on 16, but overall customer service and staff were great. Will certainly be back
Played here for the first time in 16 years on Sat. 3/25 with my dad at 6:52AM. New clubhouse is nice, and well appointed for a smaller facility. Check-in was straightforward and we were told we were playing with the group which had paid immediately before us. We showed up to the 1st tee ten minutes early and that twosome had already teed off. No starter/marshall making sure groups were pairing up. We watched as two twosomes and a threesome teed off before us and then we played as a twosome in exactly 3 hours.
The course has been open for almost two years now, and the greens are all still very hard. Even though they're rock hard, there are a lot of ball marks on the greens. I fixed many more than just my own. Management needs to tell their old-timer mens club players to take care of their course. On the bright side, I hit a handful of bunkers and all of them had good soft sand and they were in great shape. The fairways were in decent shape. Rough was inconsistent and very short. I'm quite surprised with how much rain has fallen recently and it was NOT noticeable here. Not lush at all.
Had the opportunity to play this course...fantastic views of the surrounding area, even the crowded freeways off in the distance! Very challenging course with alot of hills and trees. The greens were in great condition along with the fairways and traps. Some of the holes have miniscule greens . If you have a chance to play this course...don't miss it!
Played here Monday, 3/27, teeing off about 1:45pm. Nice, sunny day, with winds adding a 1-2 club differential, but up to 3-clubs at times, later in the round. POP wasn't bad, with our 4some finishing in 4hrs 15mins.

Tees and greens were good, green and lush, pretty standard for this course. Receptive to approach shots today, and rolling medium-speed with minimal bumps in the road.

Fairways are the big letdown at the moment. The ruts and ridges - remnants of the rain and cart damage they let occur, are very noticeable when riding in a cart and exist on every par 4 and 5. Fortunately, today my cart had a good suspension. Not sure if/what they can do at this point. The fairway grass on most holes is a splotchy mess, including nicely cut and lush kikuyu, some other grasses, plenty of bare spots and also areas of fungal damage. They are firm, and provided good roll. A good aerification of the fairways is in order, but will they include them along with their 4/17 greens aerification?

Sand traps were OK, a bit crusty top layer over a firm base.

Never saw a cart lady, nor a marshall. Snack shop was closed when we passed by. However, did have an enjoyable round, as the wind added an extra level of strategery to shot-making and course management.
Played in late March in a small group outing. Check in was fast and the pro shop staff were very friendly.

Course is in amazing shape after our unusually wet winter. Fairways are lush, rough is distinctive (and difficult), and the greens are in great, smooth shape.

The layout is very tricky, with several target golf holes thrown into the mix, as well as dramatic elevation changes and a few blind shots. It was a bit frustrating to hit a couple of balls that I thought were in good shape and then get over a hill to find out is wasn't.

Nice course that is pretty unique in the East Bay. Worth a play in the rotation.
Played with a group on a rainy March day. Thankfully I was able to obtain the Bay Area rate as it is a significant discount ($92 vs $162). Impressed with the course itself. Despite the continued overabundance of rain (we got about .5 inches the day we played), the course drained fantastically and there were very few soggy spots.

Fairways were immaculately cut, greens were smooth, albeit not fast because of the rain, and sight lines were fantastic. A beautiful track through the Monterey Pines and gentle rolling hills next to Lake Merced, right across the lake from the Olympic Club.

Pro Shop staff were professional, food and beverage staff were fanatastic. Food and beverage prices were decent for San Francisco.

I would definitely play again with the Bay Area rates. Without them its a once every couple of years experience. It was fun to play the host of the 2020 PGA Championship.
Played here yesterday at 7:30 am finishing in 4.5 hours with no waiting. We played the Ridge-Canyon combo and had a blast. I agree with the last few reviews regarding the conditions however the fairways right now are not as plush and green as reported. They were rather brown and a little patchy but were no problem to hit off. They are getting ready to punch the fairways and greens in a week so this is why the fairways were looking like this. Give the course until mid April to recover and I will bet it rates at least a 8 out of 10 in every category. Always a fun place to play and if you get a chance to eat on the patio the food and views are spectacular!!
Walked the Blues (6530-71.6-127) on Monday 3/27/2017 with my buddy Mack and his buddies Ricki and Brian. POP was 5 hours on a ridiculous windy 25-35mph gusty day. Wind was so bad had a 60 yd chip in on #7 and on #9 was green high on the left just left of the cartpath--our group was putting on #3 and the Buena boys high school team from the white tees on #3 hit a drive 3 feet from the pin--all 4 of us stared at each other, looked back at the tee and laughed--it was a minimum 3 club into the wind difference. Downwind holes fun--upwind holes hang on.

Great staff and practice areas at Olivas--paid $18.49 on a promo deal.

The greens were in very nice shape--super soft on chips and irons and putting medium speed. The only rock hard green on the course is #16. Fixed a couple extra ballmarks from the 3some ahead of us that cut in front of us on #10. Greens are in real nice shape. Rated 7.5/10

Fairways are in good shape--they have pretty much dried up from the rains. They are semi-lush, mostly green and we saw a lot of white GiR circles in the fairways and chipping areas. Rated 7/10

The tees are in very nice shape--very lush teeing grounds, mostly level rated 8/10

Was not in any bunkers but they looked to be in great shape- raked with thicker white beach stuff

The rough is nice and lush lining the fairways. Fairway rough rating 8/10. If you get in the deep stuff beyond the cartpath its waist high US Open stuff--probably a lost ball

I love this course--recommended.
Played here on Monday, 3/27 after an email invitation to a "Member for a Day" event. It was a shotgun start at 12:30pm. Great pace of play at just under 4 hours. The course is in wonderful condition. With everything so green in the area, some views were breathtaking. This course is certainly a challenging one. But it is worth playing if you can get on. It has a variety of holes that will challenge your game. Water is in play on numerous holes and there are plenty of bunkers awaiting your errant shots.

The tee boxes were immaculate; very green and lush. The fairways were green and firm but with just the right amount of cushion under your ball. Every fairway lie was excellent. The few bunkers I found had plenty of firm sand. Although the greens had been punched and sanded 3 weeks ago, they were very smooth and medium fast. Other than on one particular hole where there was some sand that slightly affected the roll of the ball, the previous maintenance had no negative effect on putting. The rough was perfect; very lush, consistent and about 2 inches or so in length. This is a great course in great condition. Play it if you can.
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