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Played Thursday 5/22. Got a 7:12a tee time online. $45 + tax, green fee + cart. Played with a friend on his birthday who wanted to play here. The course has 2 very different nines. The front nine is more wide open with large green complexes. The back nine is tighter with smaller greens.

The over all condition of the course was mixed. The greens were very good. They were firm and fast. They held good shots and putted very true. Fairways I rated fair. They were firm and thin. A little burned up on most holes. Rough was poor. It was cut as short as the fairway. It wouldn't stop a ball from going off the course. Around the greens, all of your chips are off of tight lies unless you get a bad break and end up in the clumps of grass. Sand was OK. Tee boxes were good.

The course has good practice facilities. Outside service was attentive. We played in 3hrs 15 mins. The carts were old and the GPS wasn't any good. It was to dark, which made it hard to see. Also, the distances it gave you were for the front, middle, & back. It doesn't give you the distance to the pin. Bring your own range finder.

Currently I wouldn't recommend playing here. You can find a better caliber of course with better conditions for $50 around the valley right now.
Played Tuesday and agree 100% with the previous review. However I also played on Thursday and they were in the process of punching the fairways. It actually looked like some were punched the day before. The holes are a little smaller than what I remember and some that looked like they were punched the day before looks like the are already filling in. Generally not to bad but there seems to be more bare spots popping up.

Greens were also punched but with the thin lines that look like the size of a kitchen knife. They rolled really good though. I don’t think this affected any putts.

Sand was great. Just raked that morning and plenty of sand in the bunkers.

Rough is spotty. There was one ball hit in the rough and we had trouble finding it but generally your not going to be penalized too much.

I’d probably give it a couple of weeks to heal before heading out there.
Been wanting to play this course for a while now and finally got the chance to today. Teed of at 10am with a twosome

Pace: 4 hours 10minutes. Virtually no one around us until we caught the group in front of us on hole 13.

Greens: Bumpy and a little slow. Greens look like they were verticut 2 or 3 days ago and werent rolled or mown so Id put the stimp at roughly 8.5

Fairways: Were pretty nice, a few dry spots but nothing too horrible.

Tee Boxes: Solid aside from the par threes which could use a little more attention

Traps: Never saw one all day but from the looks of them, were pretty nice

Rough: Fair but not over penalizing. No issues there

Overall, I really enjoyed the course. The layout, price, and pace were all phenomenal and once the greens get into better shape, this would go into my top 5 courses.
Rode the Blues (6642/70.8/112) in less than 3H as a single in overcast conditions around 60.

Par 72 layout with five par 3/5's. You start out with two straight par 5's and later have two straight par 3's on the front. You have played three par 5's before your second par 4 which is very unique. Like the layout with numerous dog legs and some of the largest greens I have ever played on. However, the playing conditions are WELL below average.

Probably because it is a links style course, the tee "boxes" are just mowed down areas in the rough. They are a mixture of grasses, winter thin but few unfixed divots. Mostly level and decent.

The fairways were a winter thin mixture of grasses and had good coverage.

The primary rough was winter thin, mowed down and not much of a factor except for unlevel clumps. The secondary rough had been recently cut down but was quite punitive because the straw/grass was just left there in rows about 1' deep. Really easy to lose balls in it.

Most of the traps are now grass bunkers. They are large and have some of the thickest grass on the course in some of them, while others were mowed down much lower. The few actual sand traps are in terrible condition.

The greens had been punched about 3 weeks ago. They looked bad and putted as poor as they looked. Many had large brown areas and a few had dirt spots. They putted bumpy and slow. The one positive was that they held well struck irons very well.

Quick and efficient check-in. I could have played 2-3 balls had I wanted, there was never a golfer within 3 holes of me. Pro Shop is a trailer, no Starter, Marshall or Drink cart. The gas powered carts do not have GPS. The course was marked every 50 yards old school. Could not recommend the course currently with these greens.
Had a great time playing Rio Secco with the GK Gurus yesterday. Was joined by LarryTee, kevbig and MrKich for a fun round on a demanding, yet beautiful course. Thanks to Rio Secco for having us out and to Johnny for setting up such great Guru deals!

This was my third time playing this course and my first since their most recent renovation. I didn't notice too many huge changes in the layout, but others pointed out some of the "softening" that was done. What I can say is that this was by far the best-conditioned I've ever seen the course. It was in great shape all around and no complaints. Maybe a little soggy in spots as Kevin mentioned, but necessary to keep the water on to keep things looking nice. The greens dried out and firmed up quite a bit as our round proceeded, showing just how much the heat affects a course like this. It was refreshing to find actual soft sand in the greenside bunkers rather than that chunky stuff I always like to gripe about at NV/AZ courses!

Really great day and I applaud the efforts that have been put in to bring Rio Secco back to a level where it belongs as one of Vegas' most dramatic courses. I will say, however, that I was rather saddened to see that they took down the iconic Million Dollar Hole sign that was on the 16th tee box. I know they are not doing the promotion anymore, but it was still such a landmark part of this course and always a fun picture moment for everyone. Just doesn't feel the same without it.
Was able to arrange a round on the private Mountain Course at Red Rock. It's kind of an odd set-up as there is a separate parking lot and clubhouse right next to the Arroyo parking/clubhouse. All the paths are interconnected and it's easy to go from one to the other, though one is public and the other is private. Nonetheless, ppark81 played with me and we teed off a little before 2:00. Two other twosomes let us play through and we played at a relaxed pace of just under 3 hours.

The course was in very nice condition and pretty comparable to my positive experiences on the Arroyo course. Tee boxes excellent and fairways also fantastic with only a few minor brown spots starting to come in as the turf readies for summer transition. The bermuda rough is coming in very nicely and there were a lot of overseeded areas, too, that were still very lush and beautifully maintained. The bunkers were nice with a firm base, but a good layer of sand to work with and very few of those pesky NV/AZ pebbles! The greens were firm and rolling true at medium speeds.

I really enjoyed the course and it's definitely a notch or two above Arroyo in terms of layout. There are a number of more memorable hole designs on this side, some nice changes in elevation and then you have some cool holes playing up closer to the mountains and edge of the desert wilderness for a more scenic backdrop throughout. Still get some great Strip views, as well, just like the other course. Glad to have gotten to play it and definitely recommended if you get an invite.
Played here Wednesday morning as the first round of my trip. Just wanted to check this one off the list. I had called ahead earlier in the week and they put me down for a 9:30 tee time, though it really wasn't necessary. I arrived closer to 8:30 and went out right away. Played through one foursome of ladies and otherwise had the course to myself for a very quick round. $25 price with cart. Actually cheaper to show up or book over phone compared to their online/GN rate of $29 (plus booking fees).

Conditions were okay and about what I expected from a low-end executive course all the way out in Pahrump in late May. Tee boxes pretty beat up with firm dirt base, but never a problem finding a place to tee it up. Fairways on the par-4s were a mix, but adequate I suppose. Rough was a hodge podge with a few decent areas, a lot of bare hardpan dirt and then mostly patchy clumps. Sand traps were actually alright. Biggest issue for me was the greens. What they didn't tell me when I booked over the phone—or when I checked in—and mentioned it was my first (and only) time here is that they are currently doing maintenance on the greens and a majority of holes (I believe 12 out of the 18) were playing to tiny temp greens shaved down in front of the normal greens. The few greens still in play were a bit rough and the temp greens were even less consistent. I wasn't expecting much, but this was a real unpleasant surprise to turn around each corner and see another temp green in play!

Oh well, just glad to get this out-of-the-way course checked off my list with no plans of ever returning. Not much appeal here and it seems to only attract local (mostly senior) play. The layout is 18 holes and a total par of 59. All the par-4s are short, but the par-3s are a wide mix of distances. So, you do at least get to use some different clubs and I'm sure it's more enjoyable with all the normal greens in play. Still, nothing to recommend with this one.
Okay, fellow GK'ers. It's "Father Cheeseburger" from Salt Lake City! Spring has officially sprung along the Wasatch Front!

Today it actually felt more like summer. We had a high of 88° F. and it was a little breezy. $45 including the cart at straight up 10 a.m. I went out as a single following another single. He got out in front of me and I never saw him and I never saw anybody behind me for the entire front nine. It was like a giant ghost town. Which is really sad, because the golf course is in outstanding condition!

Stonebridge Golf Course is an interesting place, because there are three nine-hole sides. You never know what you're going to get on any given day. Today, I played the Sunrise 9 to the Sagebrush 9!

Sunrise is the toughest of the three sides. Holes number eight and nine are really brutal. I would hate to have a match on the line coming into those two holes as finishers.

Overall, I would rate the condition of the course as outstanding! We had some thunder showers in the past seven or eight days, so things are really greening up nicely. The greens are quite frankly, spectacular! They hold the ball well. They putt true. My advice to anybody playing Stonebridge is that if you think there's a break, don't play much of one. Most putts from no matter where you are are pretty much straight. Nothing tricky unless it's a green with multiple levels!

The fairways are trimmed even on every hole. Perhaps a little long and needing to be mowed, but that's probably because we had rain just yesterday. The rough on most holes is about 1.5 inches and just long enough that you definitely want to keep your ball in the fairway.

I saw crews out on the course filling divot holes and working on tee boxes. Which is nice. They definitely take good care of Stonebridge. The golf carts are gas powered and plenty powerful to get around and up and down the small moguls and hills around the course.

I played the front side in under 2 hours. Making the turn at the clubhouse to head out to the Sagebrush 9, there was a pretty strong smell. For those of you who live around Southern California, you might recognize the smell is being something like red tide. Or sewer. It seemed to be emanating from the large lake along the left side of hole number one on Sagebrush! It didn't detract from my round of golf. But it really did stink! I'm sure they're doing something about it. The water was about to color of chocolate milk!

The Sagebrush side is not as difficult as Sunrise. There are a couple of short par-4's and the par-3s are only tricky depending on the pin position. The number 9 Hole, or number 18 if you finish on Sagebrush, is a par 5 and It's tricky. There is water to the right of the green and a little bit in front. It's all about the second shot for position!

I didn't see another golfer until I had three holes to play. Like I said, the place was empty. The parking lot was only 25% full. I'm really surprised that it was so empty on the Friday of the Memorial Day weekend!

There are some great public golf courses in the Salt Lake Valley. But I always seem to gravitate back to Stonebridge. For $45, you will definitely get your money's worth. There are Black Championship tees, Blue tees, White tees (My choice...68.7/121), Gold tees, and Red tees. Something for everybody!
Black Horse is always a peninsula favorite with several views of the Monterey Bay. Course is very challenging due to the severe undulations and multiple tiers of the greens. Greens are spacious in theory but realistically the preferred landing areas are tiny.

Condition wise the track is in real nice shape. They are getting ready for the PGA professionals tournament to be held here in a couple weeks so most things are in prime condition (Greens, fairways, tee boxes, sand traps). Being that they are putting the last minute touches on the course there are a few areas in the fairway that they have roped off for GUR where they replaced the grass with new sod. Also some of the tee boxes are temporary closed. Normally there are 4 sets but right now there are only two sets of tee's. Not a real big deal other than a bit embarrassing that of the handful of times they had us moved up to the "red" tee box, I only managed 2 pars out of it (but then again it was one of those days).

POP is always a strong 4-4.5 hrs. during prime time and we were right at the 4.5 hr mark. After years of being associated with Taylormade, I noticed the new range balls are Titleist. Honestly, I didn't check to see if they are Pro V1 practice balls or not. I saw the cart gal on the way down to the range but never saw her out on the course which was disappointing because you don't go back around to the clubhouse and I forgot to restock my bag with snacks.

Customer service is good. Not over the top great like Aviara or Quail but solid nonetheless. I was a bit upset at the guys at the front. When I pulled in they were too busy chit chatting with each other so I had to get my own cart. I never mind tipping the crew for loading up my bag and actually prefer it when at a nice course. A bit disappointing to not receive the expected service.

Also, from now until the tournament in mid June it's cart path only.

Definitely, a recommended Monterey Peninsula course and a great one to warm up on to get used to tough greens, before hitting any of the Pebble Beach tracks.
Took a day off work today and played Willows Run Coyote Creek for the first time in a while, and had a very pleasant morning. I arrived around 7:00 am or so, and started by hitting a small bucket at the range. Usually I don't do that, but it did seem to help me get my swing in sync. The range is mats here like just about everywhere in the northwest right now but they did put in new ones a few months ago, so they aren't too bad to hit off of. I also like their chipping and putting greens, which is where I usually get all of my warm up done.

The course itself was in pretty good shape. Greens are just like the other course here, quicker than the munis nearby but not out of control and rolling very true. It was very pleasant to not see many unrepaired ball marks, and they hold well struck shots nicely. Fairways are ok, a few (#2 and #16 come to mind) aren't so great, but the rest of them are pretty good. The rough looked as though it had been cut pretty recently, and wasn't too much of a penalty. Very healthy throughout, and the ball really didn't sit down much. Tee boxes are reasonable. I found one greenside bunker that was very wet and compact, and not too pleasant play out of. Like the other course here, I feel that the bunkers could use some TLC.

I walked as a single, and played alone behind a two some for the first 4 holes, and then a single riding in a cart caught me on the 5th tee. She and I finished the round together at a very nice pace, probably about 3:45 not waiting on a single shot until our approach to the 18th green. I don't remember exactly what I paid, but with the member discount it was somewhere around $35 for the round and the warm up bucket. Even without that discount it was more than worth it. Definitely recommended.
I played Coldwater with a 1000 tee time. Rate was $25 plus a couple for range balls. Not a bad deal. It’s been a few years since I played here and I think the condition had improved.
Range was in ok shape and a bit on the small side but adequate.
Course was on the dry side with lots of bare spots but still playable. Needless to say it helped on drives with some extra roll. Fairways were dry but still had enough grass to make some shots.
Greens looked like they had been punched recently and were crusty but consistent and playable throughout the round. Definitely on the fast side and had to be taken account of for approach shots and chips.
Overall a fun course to play with a number of challenging and fun holes.
Because of an early flight time, needed to book some place near the airport, but more importantly, a place I coud get out early. Able to secure what I was told was the first time at 6:30am. Unlike every other course so far on this trip, this place was very crowded. Mentioned to the starter my situation about having the early flight, but was told that they have twosome of women who take the first time out every day and we had to follow them.

As it turned out, these two ladies played as quickly as was represented. They actually finished in 2 hours 20 minutes, which was perfect as we were on their tail the entire round, but never really waited.

The course is not anything really special, but a very nice course. It was in by far the best condition of any of the courses played on this trip. Greens were smooth and reasonably fast. The overall condition was excellent. Price was right, so recommend this place, but be prepared because this course gets a lot of play.
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