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Played 11-10-19 early morning riding as a twosome for $45 and finishing in about 2 1/2 hours. Tee boxes were in decent condition, mostly level, semi-lush with the grass starting to go a little dormant. Fairways were mostly in nice shape, 70% green and 30% brown or yellow with some thin lies and decent roll out. Rough was cut down pretty low and mostly in good shape with some thin areas. Was in one greenside bunker that had very nice brown sand and easy to hit from. Greens were a disappointment, that did not look good and didn't putt well rolling medium/slow and bumpy. Overall conditions were okay except for the greens.
Played today in a Folds Of Honor Tournament. Event sponsored by Tee It Up Golf. It was a long day of fun golf. Course was in decent condition. Fairways have gone dormant and soft. Tee boxes were OK. Traps were in good shape. Greens were running @ 11 and chipped/putted extremely well. The staff provided excellent customer service for 120 players. Great day of golf for a great organization.
Rode the whites in the Beyond the Bell Event Sponsored by Liberty Mutual. I got an invite from my boss. We all no there is no such thing lol, so I went. This is an old school country club surrounded by beautiful older homes. I’m usually into checking out the clubhouse, but today for some reason I didn’t. Staff was friendly in the pro shop as well as the event staff. Having played Valencia CC last Monday I had something to compare it to. I was impressed with the practice facilities here. They have a nice, flat grass range and an excellent short game area. Tee boxes, fairways and rough were what you expect from a private course. The private courses have stolen all the good sand, those were nice here as usual. The greens were ok, they were medium speed, not very impressive. The course reminds me a little of Brookside, with slower greens. I would recommend if you have the chance to play.
Rode the Golds (6602/72.0/132) for 36 holes with USCDodger32, Mrkich and two of their buddies that traded off for 18 each. AM Round 4H,15M, PM round 4H,35M. Chilly when we started but quickly warmed up and was a great day for golf in the 70's, sunny and calm. We used 4some vouchers obtained through GKPlays.

Really liked the layout, links style with no water. All 18 holes are "tribute" holes to famous British Open holes. Similar, in the ball park but not meant to be exact replicas. The layout is tight in spots with deep native grass that is an almost sure lost ball around most holes.

Tees were furry. Okay for divots and reasonably level, they were maintained at a level comparable with the first cut of rough on many courses.

Fairways were dormant Bermuda sprayed green. They played well, almost always had a decent lie in the fairways with a good cushion underneath.

Rough was dormant Bermuda not overly high but fairly thick. Much more hit and miss, could be a nice lie sitting up or a just advance a shot iron shot.

The sand was very good. Nicely maintained, every trap I was in both the quality and quantity of sand was well above average bordering on excellent. I think we all experienced at least one "pot" bunker where we had to play sideways to safely get out of.

AM, greens were medium slow and reasonably smooth. PM, greens were medium fast and getting bumpy. Firm, you made dents, not really ball marks. Numerous pin placements were good luck stopping anything close to the pin from the wrong direction, especially in the afternoon.

Cart gal out and about numerous times. Extremely friendly and informative pro shop staff, starter and Marshall. Awesome club house modeled after a Medieval Castle. Nice restaurant, we grabbed lunch on the run between 18's, very good! Very good course that I would upgrade to a must play in the Vegas area if you are a fan of links golf in general and British Open venues in particular. Very fun course to play, definitely recommended.
Teed off as a 4some at 9:04am on Monday, 11/11. The course was quite busy since it was the veterans day holiday. We did quite a bit of waiting on the front nine, but it eased up somewhat on the back nine. Total play time was 4.5 hours - not too bad for a holiday.

Evidence of the fire in this area is abundant. The fire definitely was on the course. Most of the canyon areas surrounding the holes were completely burned out and covered with the red fire retardant the airplanes drop. In fact that red stuff was on many cart paths and fences on the course. Fortunately, the actual playing area of the course was not burned. It still smells pretty smoky in many areas. But I didn't notice it much after a while.

On to the course playing conditions. THE GOOD: fairways and greens. The fairways are in good shape, plenty of coverage, with good lies and a fair amount of roll out. The greens were quite smooth, running medium fast. They were firm but held approach shots just fine. THE BAD: Tee boxes were a little shaggy. The rough was a bit spotty and not too penal. THE UGLY: The sand traps at the course are damp and VERY hard. I was in two greenside bunkers. I was able to get out, but it was not easy. They need to churned up and raked.

I enjoyed playing here. The course, overall, is in good condition. I recommend it.
Played Sunday 11/10, tee time at 8:44am, closer actual to 9am. Played behind a 5some which moved rather well the first 4 holes, but then things slowed down quite a bit. Ended up with a 5 hour 20 minute round. No marshall as usual, no waving up on par 3's. My partner and I rode cart and played with a twosome walking, but they kept up fine and we were typically waiting on the tee boxes. Course conditions were good, and the greens were fast with the weird breaks (always breaks towards ocean, no matter what you see). Fairways were also in good condition. It's always a well maintained course which is impressive given the sheer quantity of golfers that play here everyday. If the rounds could ever get under 5 hours, it would be my go-to in the area at $55 with cart. But most locals know to expect 5-6 hours minimum.
Played Saturday 11/9. Course just opened back up from over seeding. It is beautiful! No one has played this course for six weeks! The only greens still repairing were 16 and 17. The entire course is in great shape, practice areas too! No mats here. All grass driving range with large target poles. They will keep this course in prime condition. This course is very old school. And a lot of fun.
Now my game that day. It was our men’s clubs member/member. 8 am shotgun, front 9 best ball back 9 shamble. We start on 18, perfect drive from me. Partner duffs, but it’s shamble, so I got us. Now we play our own ball in record both scores. I duff my second, third goes in water. Get on green 2 putt. 7 for me! Uuuuuggghhh. Usual golf story. I play 1 crappy. 2 and 3 par! #4 (insert Charlie Brown ugh) par 3. I put one in the water. The next barely makes land. I walk away with 7. NOW. This is why golf is a devil. Par 5. I bust my drive straight, it’s beautiful! “It’s gonna clear the bunker”............. “Nope”. Just caught the lip, rolls to the bottom. Par3 then 2 par 5’s in a row. Slow the course down right there. I’m on the up slope so I hit it nice and leave me 150 to the hole. My partner is in the next fairway lying 3. We are all waiting for the green to clear. I have my 8 iron. I’m not looking at the green but every minute I’ll take 2 swings. FINALLY green clears. Smooth swing SMASH straight over the flag my divot is 2 inches behind the hole and bounces back into the HOLE!!! Gross 3 net 2.
Just had to get that out. Had another sandy birdie. And played better once we found the cart girl.

Have fun and play more golf.
Had some business in the area and the weather was way too nice not to play today. I’ve never played Tulare and thought I’d give it a shot over playing Valley Oaks down the road. The website says a new family took over the course a couple of years ago and has been putting a lot of time and effort into revitalizing it.

I walked into the pro shop without a tee time. Staff was super friendly and got me out right away with no issues at all. Either the family is in construction or has a lot of friends in the business because the pro shop was in top shape and had obviously been remodeled recently. Very impressive to say the least.

On to the course. Night temperatures have started to drop in the valley. The fairways were all completely brown. I’m not sure if this is a result of the grass going dormant for the winter or lack of water and everything is just dried up. Fairways were a bit hit and miss and I couldn’t help but wonder if the color threw me off or the lack of thorough coverage/lushness.

The “rough” was brown and patchy. Only about a ¼” taller than the fairway. Tee boxes were nice. No issues at all. Green, level and lush without many divots.

The greens: The front nine had several elevated greens with severe slope and undulations. Some challenging pin locations for sure, but on par with other “difficult” multi-tier greens (aka: Blackhorse & Spanish Bay). Greens rolled true and had very few pitch marks. They were soft but did not hold approach shots. I’ve never seen anything like it. Several times my ball left huge craters in the green but rolled out instead of checking up (yes, I was playing a top tour level ball). speed was at a medium-fast pace. I was actually impressed at the speed of the greens. I was thinking they were going to be slower.

Sand traps were poor. Most were very very thin layered dirt. A couple had a small amount of dirt/sand allowing the player to get somewhat underneath the ball. I was in 7 bunkers total, so I had a good sampling of the traps.

As for the layout, it was ok’ish. Completely flat which was expected being a valley course. Narrow fairways put a premium on accuracy, yet there are several 400(+) yard par 4’s so length is needed as well. Most of the holes are designed for right handers with a fade. Tee boxes are on the far left side with tree’s crowding the fairway. I found myself numerous times dealing with the tree branches on the left with either my drive or approach shot.

I was able to get through a few groups early and only had to wait for about 3 holes before getting out in front of everyone and having the last 8 holes wide open. Total POP was right at 3 hours.

I’m sure I’ll give this course another shot in the future when I’m in the south valley and looking for an alternative to Valley Oaks and Lemoore. It just won’t be until the spring when conditions improve.
Got out Sunday, 11/10 around 11:30 as a threesome on a really nice, not overly warm day. They seemed to be doing reseeding type work on some of the tee boxes, so most of the markers were moved a few yards ahead of the respective monuments. Usually not a big shift and the hitting areas were pretty level with good coverage, so thumbs up on the tees. Fairways were nice hitting surfaces on the whole, also with coverage tight enough to give some good rollout. There were scattered browned areas and isolated wet spots. At one point, I ended up in a small area of shallow standing water, took my drop and played on — no biggie. The 16th fairway was the exception in that there was an extended stretch in the vicinity of the 150 mark that was soggy — mostly playable but a little squishy. Rough varied a little between somewhat punitive to not punitive at all and was pretty green except for some bare ground in the tree lines. I missed the bunkers but they looked clean and seemed firm based on observing my companions' results. The greens were in very good shape and actually running pretty quick — fair and challenging.

The light breeze early in the round faded to still by the end of the round and the temps fell off a bit, so the nice conditions early became beautiful conditions by the finish, with the sun's angle lowering. Pace was steady and surprisingly good. With minimal waiting I think we finished our loop in something around 4 hrs. A very enjoyable round, I would definitely recommend it for the overall conditions.
Played 11-9-19 early morning walking as a single for $42 and finishing in about two hours. Tee boxes were in good shape, mostly level with good coverage and minimal divot damage on par threes. Fairways were in really nice shape, very lush with great lies and decent roll out. Rough was in decent shape not to long with some minor bare spots the farther you get from the fairway. Was not in any bunkers but they looked to be in good condition with nice white sand. Greens might be in the best shape I have seen them in here in a long time, rolling medium/fast, smooth and holding shots like darts. Overall conditions are really nice and definitely worth playing.
11-10-19. 10:30am tee time.

It was a clear blue skies and winds were 3 miles an hour to none in a low 70s day- perfect!

The most noticeable are the green fairways and rough against the white sands in the bunkers- looks real nice.

The fairway over seeding takes place on different holes at a time making the process longer than it should. Even though we’re all able to play the course, no carts are allowed on roped fairways. Lots of water are being used so the whole course is soft but not muddy. The rough for the most part have been cut lower to about 4 inches- still tough but not as bad as a week ago.

The mowers have been lowered for the greens although it’s still a little bumpy from aeration, it’s clearly on its way to smoother and a faster greens.

The bunkers plays nicely in a couple i was in. The teeing grounds were level and lush.

Course is in good shape and will only get better from here on.
Played yesterday and finished a little less than 4 1/2 hours. Tees are back to their normal position. Tee boxes do need to be cut a tad but otherwise generally good.

Greens were not punched so they are still pretty firm and rolling. There are quite a few ball marks and i probably fixed 2 or 3 on most greens. Still quick though.

Fairways could also use a little mow too but generally good. Obviously there isn’t much roll and the divots are about half filled and half not.

Some bunkers were raked and some weren’t but decent to hit from. Not the super soft sand that I experienced on the south recently.

Rough is getting thick and growing. If I had remembered I would have taken some pictures and posted to the app. Some areas are already brutal so keep those eyes peeled.

The course is coming around but I still think it needs a little tweaking to justify for a nonresident. Ok for a resident. FYI I was loading my car after the round and a gentleman and his wife walked by and asked how I played. He had a European accent. I told him I played ok and he commented that he played south and thought the conditions were horrible. I told him I played north and that the south is probably a month away before I play it. He said he wish he had known. It’s a shame someone came all that way and now doesn’t have a good memory of this place. One day GK will reach worldwide.....
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