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Played Friday after a year or so and was absolutely shocked with the condition of th course, but mainly the greens. The majority of the greens on the South look like they need to be ripped out and replaced. I don’t think this course has been the same since they closed it for two years to build the resort, and also replaced th fairways. On this day, the fairways were soft (but not wet as they tend to be) and the greens had patches everywhere to the point they were nearly unplayable. Finally we had a stretch of solid greens on 14-18 but by the. I had lost interest in the course and round. Bunkers were firm, dirt-like condition. They should be embarrassed to charge these rates in this condition. Play Oak Creek for a solid condition course and skip then go to the beach for the view.
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Teed off in the morning darkness and finished in 3.5 hours. Staff is great - nice to see familiar faces here. The tee boxes were pretty dry, both thin and shaggy, beat up and somewhat sloped on a few holes. The fairways were hit and miss with good to thin coverage on every hole. The rough also varied from dry and thin to thick and damp. It would be great if the grounds crew could even out the watering on this course - IT would make a tremendous difference in the overall conditions. The traps were fairly well groomed but 99 percent of the material in them is DIRT. Shots from the traps were just about impossible on every hole. The greens were in very nice shape but many were peppered with ball marks. The greens were slightly bumpy but rolled pretty well. I really enjoy the layout and location of this course. I feel that with proper maintenance that the course would attract many more golfers. Recommended for reasonable green fees and generally good pace of play.
Was watching Tiger play yesterday and he was leading by 4 so I thought it might be a good time to go play RP. I arrived at 3:15, paid $28 to walk, and was told to go out! Pace was good for the first two holes but then the waiting started. I guess that can be expected on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. As far as course conditions go, everything was just okay with the fairways being best. I think it is kind of sad playing here because this place has so much history and the old school layout is fantastic but the facilities are just tired. They could do so much better but with all the play they get now I guess they don't need to spend the money. The low point of the round was the greens. They were patchy, bumpy, and inconsistent. I must have fixed 5 ball marks on every green before putting which I know is not the courses fault but still annoying. Maybe people think that the it doesn't matter since the greens are neglected. I always love playing here but wish the conditions were better.
Played today, Saturday 9/22 with a tee time around 9 am. We tee off about 15 minutes after our scheduled tee time. POP was around 5 hours. It was a little slow on the front 9. It took about 2 hours and 45 minutes for the front 9. Back 9 played a little faster.

Tee boxes had fairly good coverage. Tho' I found it wasn't fairly level on a lot of tee boxes. Fairways were just ok. We found so many areas on a lot of fairways with just dirt patches. It was no fun hitting from these areas. Other spots on the fairways had very thin patches of grass. The hot weather over the summer seems to have taken its toll on the fairways. I had so many shots on the fairways hitting off of dirt and sometimes mud. Sand in the bunkers were about average. Not too thin and not too thick. Greens were about average condition. We found so many so-so repaired ball marks and lumpy spots on the greens. Greens were running a little slow today.

Reason we like coming out here is the course layout is a little quirky but it makes for a fun course to play. Driving range you're hitting off of mats but it's nice that it is near the first tee. Will be back again to play when the weather if cooler .
Way Ovedue!

Spent the morning with Johnny, Alex, and BSF a couple Wednesday's ago at Rancho Solano. This is my favorite course outside of the East Bay as its pretty easy to get to and offers a good challenge while also being fun.

It's known to many as the Home of the 3Putt! Huge greens, pretty firm and decent speed...

The course was in great shape overall. Checkin was easy... and the grill was clean.

Just a hop, skip and jump off 80 if your traveling between SF and Sacramento
Played Fri Sept 21st at 706, got out early as the group in front of us didn't check in on time at the starter. POP was good at 345. The course was just way to wet, don't know if they were expecting hot weather or they were going to punch the fairways. The greens were punched 2 to 3 weeks ago and for the most part were OK soft and there were some bumpy rolls, but you couldn't see any holes. The traps were ridiculous, so wet it wasn't funny and standing water in one. Service in the restaurant was greay as usual but I have noticed the food has not been up to par. I had the small salad twice in the last month and it was wilted, had the cole slaw yesterday and was dark and didn't taste good. New management????? we will be back as we like the courses
Booked a tee time through Goose Creek web page as a single with a twosome. Teed off at 8:05 and finished in 3:50. The greens rolled mostly smooth with medium/fast speed. There were some very small bare spots but for the most part they did not effect play. The greens were a little on the firm side. The fairways had mostly good coverage with some thinner areas but nothing of much consequence. The rough had good coverage with some thin spots. The length of the rough was 1-3 inches and not too penal. The bunkers were well groomed but wet and a bit compacted. The tee boxes were in good condition.

Players started on hole 10 today. First time playing the nines reversed. Saw the food/beverage cart several times. I always enjoy playing Goose Creek. The layout is interesting and challenging but not so challenging that high handicapers would feel beat up by the course. The staff all around are very friendly.
Tee time 12, started early, POP 3 hours 30 minutes. Great price and finished in good time so that gives Elkins points in my book. As far as the course is concerned the greens on the front had a little leftover sand, ofcourse they were a little bumpy. The greens on the back however were fantastic. Tee boxes were a little long and inconsistent, fairways and rough were great. I wasn’t in a trap, but they looked good. For the price, pace and course conditions I’d definitely play again and recommend it.
Played 9/20 at 0830, senior rate of $42. Course recently had seasonal maintenance but recent reviews seemed to be favorable. 5 years ago this was one of my favorite tracks, then all of a sudden it seemed like the crews went on vacation and forgot to come back. There was nothing good to say about the course. I thought they were about to bring in the bull dozers and turn this place into a parking lot.

Then all of a sudden, seasonal maintenance alerts and a couple of favorable reviews! Now for those of you who may have given up on EG, like I did, I think a visit return round might be worth taking. Tee boxes were very good, not great. Fairways were the most notable difference. Good cover, a few brown spot and some “under repair” but to me that’s a good thing. At least they are working on improvements. A 75% improvement from 2 years ago. Rough was cut back and not real penalizing, hit and miss on the conditions. The greens were punched recently so understandably they were still a little bouncy. I’d say about 90% recovered.

POP was at 4.5 hours, they had a full card in the morning and when we were packing up and getting ready to leave a tournament was coming in. The Army was present, that was cool seeing the guys there in uniform and a humvee parked out in front!!

In conclusion if you haven’t been out here for awhile I think a visit is worth taking. The efforts of bringing the course back from the dead are showing. Keep up the good work EG.
Played 9-20 on a warm afternoon. Pace was just a touch under 4 hours even though we waited a few holes. On #16 it took close to 10 minutes to tee off.

The tee boxes and most of the fairways look to be shaved down and getting ready for fall maintenance. The fairways were not the lush lies you expect at Goose.

The greens were medium fast but a little bouncy in spots. A few had some thin spots.They are punching the first part of Oct.

Bunkers are thin as always here but playable.

Saw the cart several times and the staff at check in were friendly and sent me straight to the first tee to join a threesome of very friendly guys from OC.
Reviews are a lot about expectation. Hearing that the GK Cup was going to visit here made me expect great conditions. My memories of this place long ago were of great conditions - so I was expecting the same. Thinking of Eagle Glen as one of the better courses in this area also kept my expectations high.

How was it? Fine - I guess... Practice green lowered my expectations - furry and bumpy - the actual greens were a bit slow and not exactly smooth but they were better than the practice ones. Fairways are 70-80% good but you will probably get one or two unlovable lies. There is some standing water and muddy parts and some areas that should have grass but need some Rogaine. Rough could be one of 5 different grass types and any type of lie possible.

Once I get over my expectations and think about it - It's one of those mountain courses that strikes a good balance of holes and difficulty. Parts of it are pretty generous and that takes grass to do that - so in that case - I'll take some patchy areas. For the $40 I payed - totally worth it.
Walked the Whites (5633/67.7/112) in a Charity Tournament last Saturday. Typical Saturday tournament POP, well over 4.5H. Clear and calm conditions around 65. Played with Mike, Doris and Jody, we had a good time. $54 to walk Saturday morning was sticker shock compared to what I have been paying in the desert!

Really enjoy the par 71 layout featuring three par 5's and four par 3's. Some doglegs with a couple of blind tee shots. The area in front of greens is mowed down like a links course, so everything from a putter to a lob wedge may be a viable option from 15 yards off the green. Beside and behind the greens the Kikuyu rough is taller, thick and plain needs to be avoided.

The Kikuyu tees were nice, mowed down and well maintained.

The Kikuyu fairways had good coverage. Semi lush, mowed down low, they were nice to play from.

The mostly Kikuyu rough was thick and difficult to hit from. Especially difficult to chip from. Mostly good coverage, a few hard pan areas farther off the fairways. At least a 1/2 club penalty for most golfers.

#10 green side is the only sand trap on the course. Looked to be decently maintained.

The mostly smallish greens putted nice. Medium fast, relatively smooth and held approach shots well. No large tiers or mounds, but there are few straight putts and putts above the hole are quick.

The downhill holes do not play as short as you expect because of the lack of roll on the Kikuyu. The uphill holes play longer than you would expect for the same reason. So scorecard yardages are VERY deceptive. Morro Bay GC is an old school layout around 100 years old. Not a tight course and offers tremendous views of Morro Bay and Morro Rock. In spite of the ocean views, this course would remind you more of a mountain course than a beach course. You do not expect a VERY hilly course with tree lined fairways less than a mile from the ocean. The layout is constantly up down hills, some severely up/down. The customer service was excellent. Drink cart out making the rounds. Small warm-up range that is basically pitch shots only close to #1 tee. Fun course, Recommended.
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