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The course is in good shape for winter. If you can call 78 degrees winter conditions. The fairways were very green with only a few thin yellowed spots. Tee boxes were pretty much level and lush with a few exceptions. Traps were almost all filled with nice dry sand. The rough was very playable and the wood chips are what they are. Greens were very nice and mostly rolled well without too much bounce and speed was consistent . THE ONLY THING IS A ROUND OF GOLF SHOULD NOT TAKE 5 1/2 HOURS TO PLAY!!!!!!
Played on Friday, 1/12, with a 10:30 tee time. $65 as a guest of a PACC card holder, which is excellent for Paiute, but the max for me for weekend golf.

We used the bag drop and the bags were set up on the cart after the easy check in. Snack shop at the carts and the one after the 9th was open. For the 1st time ever, the drink cart pulled up to us around the 4th and was OUT OF BEER. Didn't see it the rest of the front but twice on the back. Skipped the bar this time, but definitely worth a stop, great prices and fantastic view.

Parking lot was packed and they were only using 1 of the 2 ranges (Wolf today), which made it seem busy. On the course, never saw anyone in front and we had a 2some stalking us, but every time we would wait for them, they would slow play and not come up. We finished in a shade under 4 hours as a 4some.

Course was in terrific shape. Vegas had rain for 2 days mid-week, and the course took it well. Flat tee boxes, some divots on the Par 3s. Fairways were 100% green and lush. Rough was just 1-2 inches. Bunkers were nice on top, fluffy and loose for the first few inches, still damp below. Greens were firm, minimum amount of ball marks, and rolled smooth at an almost fast pace.
Played 1/5 in a "work" event. Great service everywhere. I was reminded to do a review thinking about the brat I had after the round at the small food building they have next to the ninth green and where the round ends. It blew away the brat I had at Pebble a couple of days earlier. Fresh and hot off the griddle. They even put hot sauerkraut on it which was great but too much for the bun to handle. Speaking of the service, a service rep went up to two guys waiting who were falling behind on pace at the turn and told them to go tee off, that he would bring their food out to them on the course. Nice.

I also played some golf. The course was in great shape considering it was January. They have not had much rain this fall but everything was lush. The fairways were a pleasure to hit from. The rough was long enough to make solid contact difficult but finding balls was not a problem. For whatever reason, the greens were the slowest we played on that week. They looked great and rolled true but they were not fast. Medium at best.

I love this course. My favorite up here considering the variety, the challenge and the fact I get nothing like it in the LA area. One note. The caddie fee seems to have gone up dramatically since I last paid it a couple of years ago. Forecaddie with cart, bringing clubs out to you, was over $90 per person for four people, not counting tip. I thought last time I paid the fee it was an $85 flat fee not dependent on number of players. Part of the experience but more than I expected. And I loved my caddie, Richard aka Bogey. He did a great job. I highly recommend him.
Played Legend Trail during the last week of December 2017. Difficult target golf placing the priority on hitting the ball straight. Played the copper tees at roughly 6,000 yards, which was plenty difficult despite the 123 slope.

Conditions: Excellent. Greens were smooth and rolled well. Not super fast but not slow either. Fairways had some yellow, but no bare spots anywhere. Bunkers had a good amount of sand.

Service: Friendly pro shop, bar, and on course staff.

This is a nice course to play when in the area, especially with their discount last minute pricing. Much cheaper to book here in the last 3-4 days before the date of play.
Played on MLK day. Great service everywhere at the facility. Conditions were perfect. Can’t imagine a course being better maintained. Great pace of play. Marshalls appeared to keep a good eye on the pace. Only complaint is the layout was uninspiring. I would have preferred it to play harder and faster, but that’s not the case.
Booked a 7:00am tee time Thursday, knowing that there are always a couple singles and one twosome which get off first. However the starter was great because he asked the twosome if we could fill in behind the last single, and the couple were gracious enough to agree. Worked out great as we never waited and never held up the twosome. We played in exactly 2 1/2 hours which was a nice easy pace.

Greens were good, but too slow for my taste. Fairways had plenty of grass and were mostly green. Rough has some issues, but nothing serious. Only in one bunker, but it was fine.

Always enjoy playing here, some fun holes, and a few that really are all I can handle and more ( #6, # 12 & #13 ) Try to make par of them, but even walking off with bogey does not ruin the round. There are enough birdie holes to compensate, so I've learned to accept bogeys on those holes.
Played Talega on 1/17/18. Although Talega is my "home" course, I haven't been playing much locally, and it has been 3 years since I've been here. Surprised to see a bunker reduction program in the works. Several bunkers have been removed, and several others have been reduced. A bit sad for me, as I loved the original design with beautiful white bunkers everywhere. I hope you had a chance to play Talega in it's first 5 years, it was magical.

On to the changes - some of the bunker removals make sense, especially the one where the blind tee shot on 15 tells you to hit at the aiming pole which sits right behind a bunker. Nice drive....SURPRISE! That one is now grass - good change. Some obvious fairway bunker removals & reductions will help players quite a bit.

On to conditions - good winter conditions. Greens are nice, soft, a bit slower than usual which is good. Fairways are good, generally green with better than average grass coverage. Rough is decent, but choppy in places. Bunkers are decent, play better than they look.

Still an excellent layout in good condition, and a recommended play.
Played 10:40 1/17 finished just over 4 hours. Course is always nice to play short but able to hit every club in the bag. Course was very playable except for the greens. Greens appear to have been small punched recently every green had a light coat of sand and very bumpy. Sand traps have a lot of sand recommend a high bounce sand wedge when playing here. Staff is very friendly and the place to have something to eat and drink would be at the snack shack off the 5th green. Would like to play here more often but I would have to win the lotto.
Played on Saturday, 1/13 with a tee time about mid-morning. Took around 5 hours to play 18. We didn't start on our scheduled tee time. It was about 20 - 25 minutes behind. It's been a while since I last played here.

I noticed that there were a few changes here. The driving range appears under new management as I had to get the balls at the pro shop instead of at the ball machine. The usual starter window where you paid was closed and you had to pay inside the pro shop. There was hardly anything in the pro shop for sale.

Course was in overall good shape to play. Being in January, the weather was warm when we played. It's been a few days after the recent rains and the course hasn't completely dried out. I did run into a lot of mud on my ball while playing today. Fairways were still a little wet. Fairways had good coverage. It was not all green, there were yellow spots, bare spots, muddy spots on the fairways but you can still play. There were a lot of leaves on the fairways/rough so it was a little hard finding your ball. Greens were in good shape. The bunkers had decent sand (it was a little thin). Tee boxes had good coverage. Water does come into play on a couple of holes.

Course was very busy today. It's a popular course to play. It's one of my favorite golf courses to play. It's got enough challenges to make it interesting to play.
Had my first Rams Hill experience with the Gurus on 1/7. Everything about the course was well above average. Great coverage on the fairways and rough, good tee boxes (some overly long but they were probably getting a haircut soon), and great, receptive greens as Keith noted. They definitely looked faster than they were and my entire group left more than our fair share of putts short. Bunkers had lots of soft sand, which was great around the greens but made fairway bunkers a pain to play from. I really enjoyed the layout which reminded me more of Tucson golf than anything in Palm Springs, not something I was expecting. Looking forward to coming back!
Played on Monday, 1/15 a holiday with a tee time around 9 am. It took us around 4 1/2 hours to play 18. First time playing here for me.

Course was in overall good shape to play. The fairways were looking a little thin, yellow and bare in spots but you can still play. I didn't care for spots on the fairways with dirt mounds here and there. But I liked that the fairways were rather wide on the majority of holes. There were a lot of birds on the fairways and tee boxes on a lot of holes while we played. The greens were in really good shape today. I did find unrepaired ball marks here and there. I didn't land in any sand traps but my playing partner commented about the the thin layer of sand over the dirt in the bunkers. Tee boxes had good coverage but on one of the tee boxes had a lot of bird droppings. Water does come into play on a couple of holes. There a few lakes here on this course as well as a lot of birds too. You just need to approach your ball carefully with a lot of bird dropping all over this course.

The driving looks nice now after it was recently refurbished. Tho' I saw a sign on the door saying that the driving range lights are temporarily not working. Course is really flat so you can walk 18. Saw a lot of players walking today. This course doesn't seem to be as busy as Encino or Balboa. Will have to keep this course in mind in the future.
Played the Blues (6642/70.8/112) in 2.5H as a single twilight in partly cloudy conditions on a GN Hot Deal for less than $20.

The customer service was excellent, quick efficient check-in and I was on the 1st tee before my scheduled tee time. Only saw a couple of 2somes playing twilight. Pro Shop is a trailer, no Starter, Marshall or Drink cart. The gas powered carts do not have GPS. The course was marked every 50 yards old school.

The tees & fairways were a mixture of grasses, good coverage with few unfixed divots but winter thin.

The primary rough was winter thin, mowed down and barely higher than the fairways. The secondary rough had been recently plowed under and was loose dirt.

All the traps look like they were converted sand traps and are currently grass bunkers. Most need to be avoided, large lips and some of the thickest grass on the course presents a challenge. A few were hardpan.

The large greens putted much better than they looked. Medium speed, relatively smooth and they held well struck irons very well.

The layout is decent with large greens and little water or trees. Mostly flay with numerous dog legs and a decent amount of OB which was almost always on the left side. Below average playing conditions but the price was right. Recommended if you are willing to play in thin, spotty conditions.
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