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I rarely play Brookside on the weekends largely because of the crowd and the price but I played today (Sunday) as I was advised we could get the SCGA rate. Played with some friends and we had two tee times starting at 7:00. One of my buddies just payed and mentioned he got the SCGA rate which was $45 to walk. I immediately went up there to pay and was told by the starter that the SCGA rate is no longer and went away Dec. 31. Huh? I mentioned that my friend just got the rate. He ignored the question but it became clear that he was just helping my friend out. I didn’t want to make a big fuss about the person he helped out is a very good friend of mine. Just didn’t like the starter’s indignant response when I asked about it. Regardless, I was charged $60 to walk. That is a bit steep for a muni in my opinion but one needs to understand this course is managed by American Golf. Don’t need to say anything else!

The course is in very good condition however. The rain made the fairways lush. There are bare spots out there but not many. The rough has gotten much better. Some hard pan but quite a bit of it is getting filled in with grass. The greens were very nice. We all knew that would hold good shots because they were soft but they also rolled true. Sand traps were really nice. Looks like they have all been redone with new sand and they are all in good shape.

Pace of play was around 4.5 hours. A little slow but I guess that the pace for a Sunday morning at Brookside. It was pretty crowded out there and shortly after our round, there was a college match going on. Nice to see these young guys blasting it out there.

Except for the customer service, I really don’t have many negative comments. It’s a long, challenging course and it played a bit played longer with the damp conditions. It does have a nice layout. A good combination of long and short holes with tree lined fairways. Not good to miss fairways here as you are likely to play through some rather large trees. I had a good time and also had a good lunch afterwards but it’s definitely overpriced.
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I know, I know, "but you said you weren't a fan, two weeks in a row?" I was planning on playing Balboa but with the continued rain I decided the 9:22 that popped up last night looked better as Torrey drains better than BPGC. There were plenty of wet areas, casual water and a few puddles, but still played very well. Greens are still hard with only very well struck balls sticking, fast, making short putts was difficult (at least for me). Rough seemed to be cut since last week but is still brutal, especially when wet! 5 hour rounds now seem to be the norm here, at least until the hubbub about the redo settles down, I hope. Course is in good shape all around and a good deal for $52 walking . . . "I'll be back!"
Out early this morning with the wind and rain but before the Hurricane Golf Junior tournament. The pace of play was just over three hours. The course is in pretty good condition after the heavy rains earlier. The tee boxes were somewhat damp but provided good footing and were trimmed well. The rough was pretty long for this course and filled with a lot of clover - made finding shots in it an adventure. The fairways were nice and green and provided for roll if your shots were hit on the right trajectory. They are still hit and miss with numerous bare spots and clumps of mixed grasses - but nice to the eye. The traps were for the most part free of any water and looked damp - we didn't play in them today. The greens are in great shape and rolling nicely. Most had very few ball marks but were surprisingly not holding shots well? I guess with the kids out there that they greens had not been watered except by the rains? Still a good local public course to play a quick round on anytime. Staff always friendly. FYI to the local Temecula area golfers - the LEE husband and wife are now members here! HA ha
Played 2-5-17. Was in the area visiting my dad and got out with family for a round. My first time playing this course. A fun course with no real noteworthy holes. The range is a lake with a few little island targets. And I mean little. Maybe 10 ft square. Very small putting green but enough to get a feel. The greens were the biggest challenge. Moderate in speed but heavily sloped so uphill you had to pound it but downhill you needed to baby it. Side slope hit it and pray. 3 foot of break in a 10 foot putt was the norm. The fairways are very different from the surface we see out west. Soft enough to get easy divots but allowed for decent roll on low shots. Definitely will play again when I visit next.
Played 2-16-17. Course has improved in some ways and gotten worse in others. The greens are still the best aspect of the course. Smooth and soft so they hold well. A little on the slow side on the front 9 then moderately fast on the back. Bunkers have been improved a bit and the fairways have far less dead spots though not completely gone. Tee boxes are in terrible shape. Maybe a choice I don't know but many were dead grass and some just dirt. I guess since the ball is teed up it isn't all bad but some were lumpy and made your stance questionable. I feel they are on the right track to get this course back to what it was but still a ways to go.
This course drains unbelievably well! We had nearly 2 inches of rain the day before and the course only had one or two puddles that would've affected your shot. I played by myself because no one wanted to go with me because of the rain conditions. Well, I scored the best I've ever scored; 91 par 72. This course is so wide open which helps your score indefinitely! The conditions all around are in good shape. I highly recommend it !

Cheers, BJ
Played on 2/12. No changes from previous conditions except now there are 3 or 4 greens with terrible damage. That's too bad since the good green conditions is the only reason i play here. Tee boxes have decent grass coverage and flat. Fairways are half grass and half compacted dirt. Rough is the same or slightly worse. Good greens, receptive and smooth and medium speed. Bunkers are not consistent in amount of sand. Layout is enjoyable, good variety of holes. If the conditions were good, this course would be pretty d%mn popular. Nice guy behind the counter on Sunday mornings.
Played on valentine's day 2/14 with a tee time around 11 am. POP was around 5 hours. Being a weekday, we thought it would play a little faster. It was mostly twosomes and threesomes today. But we had to wait on every hole.

Course conditions were very nice. Course was not muddy at all. It has been a few days since it last rained. Tee boxes had good coverage. Fairways had very good coverage too. There were some bare spots here and there on the fairways but the fairways were fairly green. The bunkers were nice too. The sand was nice and fluffy. The greens were in great shape. Greens were running a little fast.

Water does come into play on a few holes. Some of the water is off to side either on the left or right side of the fairway. There are a couple of holes where you need to carry water. On hole #14 you need to lay up on your tee shot to be short of the water. Then on your next shot, you hit over the water to the green. I find that a lot of players on hole #14 tend to hit their 2nd shot either to the right or left of 14th fairway. So therefore these players are playing on either hole #11 and hole #15 fairways. Not good if you're playing these holes and you have to wait for these players to get off your fairway. The 16th hole is the other hole where you need to carry water. It's a par 3 hole with a feel of island green in front. Course is not flat but it's a fun and challenging course to play.

It's a nice course to play. Driving range here is hitting in a net maybe around 100 yards. More of a warm up area on the driving range. There is a chipping area next to the driving range. There's a nice restaurant and bar here. Will be back again.
Played 2/15. Course is in excellent shape and showing very few signs of the winter storms. Maintenance was excellent with no issues found. Greens weren't quite as fast as they often are at Maderas, but rolled beautifully. Fairways always gave a good lie, rough was in good shape (although there isn't much rough on this course), bunkers were excellent. And service was outstanding as always.
This was my first time at this course and so I had no expectations coming in.

My first impression as I exited the pro shop was WOW! The 9th and 18th greens were just to the right and they were incredibly picturesque. The putting green was in great shape and the greens were rolling true. The speed was medium/fast.

I looked on the card and the whites played to a slope of 120 at around 5700 yards while the blacks were a little over 6200 yards but a jump to 137 on the slope. It didn't seem to make since, but I opted for the Blacks. I quickly understood the difference as the blacks were set back enough to make all trouble and narrow areas of the fairways come into play.

The tee boxes were narrow and well used, with many areas of divot damage. Some were not level.

The fairways were in great shape and were very lush. The rough was great as well, full and about 3 inches.

The bunkers were full of fresh sand and well maintained. Although I didn't spend much time in the bunkers, when I did I felt they were exceptional.

The greens were small and well maintained. Many undulations in the greens and they were rolling true and consistent. The speed was medium/fast. Ball mark damage was a little more then what I would expect. (Come on people fix your divots!)

The beverage/snack cart was first seen on hole 10 and I believe we saw it twice more. Prices were a little bit higher then average.

I booked this tee time on GolfNow and received a really good deal.

I found it difficult from the blacks and the trouble from the tees coupled with the small greens made for a tough round. But seeing that I usually play at or just above 6000 yards I opted for the Blacks but next time my game might be more suited for the whites. I play to a 9 handicap but I'm in my mid fifties and don't hit the ball as far as I used to. Next time I will know.

This was a great experience and I mentioned above I had never played here and had no expectations. I would certainly return and look forward to that time.
I played the Lexinton Revere course on Thursday February 16th at 8AM. I have played this course a number of times and it is a very difficult shot making course. I deided to take it easy on myself and played the Silver tees that have a slope of 119 as opposed to the Gold tees which have a slope of 133.

The weather was beautiful and just a very slight breeze.

The Range and practice facilities are very nice and well maintained with a great short game green and a large putting green. My only complaint is that the driving range is elevated tees and you hit down to a deep landing area. I prefer to hit to a level landing area to jugde the distance of my shots without having to factor in elevation.

The tee boxes were mostly level and divot damage was significant. Probably from heavy play.

The fairways were amazing and so lush from the recent rains and mild temps. There are mostly generous landing spots although there are a number of holes where accuracy is a premium and driver is not the best option.

The greens were midsize to large and were in great shape as well. For as much play as this course gets I would expect a lot of divot damage but that was not the case. I probably fixed three to four ball marks on each hole.

I really like the layout of this course as it winds up and down the canyons of anthem hills. The views of the Las Vegas strip are amazing as well as across the valley to Mt Charelston.

The beverage/snack cart came around about every 4 to 5 holes. With prices that were reasonable.

Overall a good experience. I will be back.
Played here on Thursday, 2/16, one week after my previous review. Course is in excellent shape. We started at 9:15am and finished around 2pm, so POP was a little long. Waiting on the tees quite a bit actually.
The course is in great shape though.
Tee boxes flat with good coverage.
Fairways were great. Not wet or soggy. Not sure what they do differently than other courses.
Fairways with the normal thin, tight lies expected at Rio. But really playable.
Rough has been maintained nicely through the storm. While a little thicker than usual, still very playable, and not too penalizing.
Bunkers were consistent and very playable. None had standing water either. They looked good.
Greens were decent. A little bumpy. But rolled pretty good.
Rough around the green was decently maininted too. Lots of good lies to chip/pitch from.

Overall, Rio Hondo is in great shape. This past storm on 2/17-2/18 might make it wet again, but once it clears up and dries out, Rio could vie for best conditioned course at that point.
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