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""a Man has got to know his limitations"...Clint Eastwood. Leave your ego at home and use the correct tee box for your game!!"

68 years old
Retired :)

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Andrew1's Golf Statistics

Index: 8
Average Score: 79
Available to Play Golf: Weekdays & Weekends
Cart Preference: Will Ride or Walk
Temperament: Casual Golfer
Smokes (while golfing): No
Plays in Tournaments: Yes

Andrew1's Favorites

Golfer: Ben Hogan
Golf Course: PGA West, Nicklaus Tourna

Where Andrew1 Plays Golf

San Bernardino County; Riverside County; Palm Springs Area; Orange County

What's in Andrew1's Golf Bag

I keep changing equipment but one thing that doesn't change that's in my Bag and that's "Advil " for sore muscles. taking one before my round starts does help. If the "Advil" doesn't kick in then I use a little "Ben Gay" ointment after my round and if that doesn't do the trick (now that its legal), " ..just kidding about the Marijuana.

Last Updated: September 6, 2019

More about Andrew1

I'm a proud Vietnam Veteran and it was a great honor and a privilege to serve my Country. I fly an American flag 24/7 to honor all Military personnel through out the globe as a way to say thank you for keeping us safe from all those who feel the need to do us harm. If it wasn't for our Military/Veterans and especially the "hero's" who gave all (rest in peace to all my comrades) we would all be speaking German or/and Japanese right now and God only knows what this Country of ours would be like today if it wasn't for the Sacrifice that was made. So I'm Calling on all True Patriots of this Country to Fly an American flag at home. It means a lot to a Veteran, it really does.

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Andrew1's Golf Course Reviews

Likes: 801

played today and its a repeat of the what I have been saying about this Jewel in the I.E. Tee boxes looking nice and even, fairways nice and cut, bu... » More
played yesterday the 5th of Feb. Course is in fantastic shape right now. Tee boxes, fairways bunkers are all in great shape. The greens were hard and... » More
Played today. Teed off early, the greens were bumpy and wet. Fairways were decent but still a little soggy in some places. They still haven't cleaned... » More
Last review written was back in June of 2019. Wow, I haven't played this course in a while due to the lack of maintenance being done to the course. P... » More
Played today the 22nd of Jan. Last review was back on Dec 29th 2019. As shown in the pictures that is the way all fairways are, Dormant. The Brown thi... » More

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