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Think of Ridgemark as a muni course. If you go there thinking it's a resort course you will be disappointed. However, if you arrive with the mindset you're about to play a muni course then you'll enjoy the experience. I was surprised at how nice the greens were. They rolled smooth and true. The greens are definitely the best part of the course (condition wise).

Fairways are average and tee boxes are a little less than that. Sand traps are horrible.

Now for the course layout. I would like to preface this by saying that I had NO control of my driver today so I'm trying to take that into consideration. I never played here when it was a 2 course layout so I can't comment on which holes were good and which ones weren't.

The track has a decent mix of dog leg right and lefts to make you work (or try to) your ball in both directions. Landing areas are decent with only a few fairway traps to get in the way. The fairway bunkers looked fairly easily to escape from.

I was a bit disappointed that on two of the par 5's I needed to lay up off the tee in order to avoid a ditch/gully/hazard . I thoroughly enjoy a second shot that teases you with a go for it or lay up hazard but I want to grip it and rip it off the tee (not that that was happening today anyway). Also 3 of the 4 par 3's are highbred length holes.

Overall it's a decent "muni" quality course with above average greens.
As mentioned by others, Ridge Creek is a solid track and a top course in the area. Greens roll smooth and fast with enough action to make it a challange but not so much you pull your hair out Fairways are lush as noted before. There are no trees on the course so you dont get any shade and lining up your tee shot can be a bit misleading at times as the entire course is open.

The sand traps while consistent with what's in the area, are hard packed dirt for the most part. Also, the fairway bunkers are seriously deep so it's an automatic lay up coming out as you will need a wedge to get up and over the lip.

Course is definitely worth playing if you're anywhere within a couple hours drive. Restaurant is also top quality and a nice setting. Food is nothing spectacular but the ambiance is very nice and what you would expect from a quality course (not just a trailer)
This is a great course all around (sans the traps). First I'll talk about the layout. The front 9 is on flat ground and offers several scoring opportunities. Don't confuse flat and scoring with boring. Water borders the left side of the green on the par 5 Ninth making it risky to go for the green in 2 (but oh so sweet if you do and pull it off). In addition both Par 3's on the front play with your mind with water on the 8th hole and a narrow opening followed by an open meadow before the green on the 6th hole. Both play into the wind adding to the challenge.

After coming off the front 9 thinking your going to break your PR.... you head to the hills!!

Holes 12-18 are perched in the mountain. They offer some great views and plenty of challenge. 13-15 have gully's to cross, split fairways and play Loooong. Add in the wind and you'll be pleased to walk away with a bogey at any of these holes. Even the short Par 3 16th has a gully to carry. 17-18 play down hill but into the wind. When you get finished with your 18 you'll probably say "what a fun but tough course".

Now for the basics, Greens are the perfect challenge. Smooth, relatively fast and have a touch of undulation but not too much (a la Blackhorse/Bayonet). Fairways are lush and relatively divot free.

Outside of the fairway you enter brush land so finding your ball is a rarity. Also the backside has tons of Poison Oak so beware entering the brush. The main setback for San Juan Oaks is the poor quality sand traps. Most are hard dirt at best. Also the wind kicks up here so get out early and even that isn't a guarantee that you wont battle it.

Customer service is top notch and super accommodating.

This course gets packed on the weekends so my rating for pace of play is based on early weekday morning tee times.

There is a Golf moose deal right now that is great.

Another fun fact is the wild turkeys on the course. Usually around 40+ roaming around one of the holes.
First I'll start with the basics of this course. Track is flat with no trees between the fairways. In fact it's mostly dirt between them. Sand traps have had all sand and dirt removed so they are just grass bunkers. Cart path is dirt and/or gravel so it gets dusty out there in the summer heat and wind. Carts are gas powered. There was no water stations out on the course (high 80's -low 90's when I played).

Club house/pro shop is just a small trailer. They have a cooler with drinks (water, Gatorade, beer, etc) and a hotdog machine. That's the extent of the clubhouse/pro shop.

I did see some gloves and balls on the counter for sale incase you forget the necessities

Range is full grass and had the best hitting surface of the day. Having said that. Some of the range balls were so old the paint had peeled off and they were cracking. About 1/3 of the bucket consisted of balls in this shape.

The Gentleman at the check in counter was nice and friendly. There were very few people on the course when I played (maybe 5-10) so pace was super fast as a single.

The greens had been aerated a couple of weeks ago so I won't go into much detail about them other than they are flat.

Now that I've covered the basics, I'll get into the course itself.

With no water hazards, trees, or sand traps, it's a very scoreable course. The opening 9 has three par 5's and three Par 3's which is interesting. Two of the par 3's were long playing around 200 yards. In fact one was 225 from the whites. To add difficulty, it also had the smallest green out on the course.

The back 9 was fairly standard with the second par 5 being fairly short and reachable in 2 without too much effort.

Tee boxes were in pretty bad shape all around. The fairways were decent and the strong point of the course even though they were only average in quality.

Rack rate is $46/$57 (weekday/weekend). For that price the course is definitely not even close to worth it. I found a Golfnow deal for under $15 with cart and for that price I have no problem playing a quick midweek round here again.

If you are in the area and can only play one course in the Paso Robles area, do yourself a favor and play Hunter Ranch or Paso Robles Golf Course. Both are 5 minutes away and are way superior in quality. PRGC is also about the same price as the Links Course of Paso Robles so that's a no brainer.
Hunter Ranch is a great course overall. The track is super fun with plenty of challenges yet enough scoring holes to keep you from going insane. Each side has a driveable (in 2) par 5 and a Lengthy one. There are some forced carries over water and gullies that add to the enjoyment of the course that mainly comes from the numerous elevation changes throughout the track. In fact there are only a couple of flat holes.

Overall course is always in great shape with the greens stealing the show. Greens are always smooth and fast with minimal pitch marks. Fairways are lush and what you would expect from a nice course like this. Tee boxes and sand traps are the week points of HR. Sand traps are about 50/50 (decent/poor) and tee boxes are 30/70.

Customer service is average or slightly under.

If you're passing through Paso Robles on highway 101/hwy 46, there are two quality courses to choose from. Hunter Ranch and Paso Robles GC. HR is set out in grape vineyards and is void of houses and the city. PRGC is flatter and easier to walk (houses border the entire course and most holes). HR is more open and favors the bombers over shot accuracy. Both have excellent greens.
I may be a bit biased but I love this course. The track is an absolute blast with numerous elevation changes throughout the entire course. Plenty of scoring holes along with enough tough ones to keep you honest. Three of the par 5's have elevated tee boxes and just scream "grip it and rip it"!! The 4th par 5 has two water crossings to bring you back to reality.

Bunkers are hugely improved over the last couple years and now have real nice deep fluffy sand. Fairways are lush with no issues. Tee boxes can be a bit thin at times.

The greens took a beating last year. They just aerated them last month and playing there yesterday I was impressed. They are recovering nicely and should be in the best shape in a long time.

Golf Moose and Costco have deals for $79 (for 2 players w/ cart). For that price the course is ABSOLUTELY worth it. For the $70 + cart rack rate..... There are better options.

Overall, Laguna Seca is a super fun course.
By now you all already aware that Bayonet is a go to course on the Monterey Peninsula. Course offers views of the bay from about half the holes. Track has elevation changes on 17 of the holes. Fairways can be narrow so shot accuracy is a premium. Course is well manicured tee to green. Greens are rolling a bit slower than normal right now but still offer plenty of challenge with most greens being multi tiered. Note: greens are a tad easier than the sister course Blackhorse.

A definite must play in the Monterey Peninsula.
Avila Beach is a fun track in a great location for a little escape within a couple hours drive from most places. Greens can e hit and miss from time to time. They were in nice shape yesterday. The track demands accurate shot placement and use off all clubs in your bag. You'll only use driver 4 times max on the front nine. Tee boxes are a little beat up and most sand traps are in need of attention.

Think of this as more of a muni course in a great location than a high end resort course. Overall it's a solid track well worth the drive and green fee. Staff is friendly and helpful.
Course is always in great shape. A couple of the traps had some thin spots but nothing too bad. Greens are top notch. As a reminder Poppy is cart path only (as are all the courses in Pebbble Beach) making it a good choice to walk. Pace of play is generally slow even in the late afternoon.

The handful of times I've played, I've never had any issues with staff members.
Great course to work on your short game. Course plays short both in total length and only 2 par 5's on the course. Great walking course with $15 green fees in the afternoon. Greens roll smooth at a medium - fast pace. Fairways are lush with decent sand in the traps.

If you're looking for a solid track to work on your iron and short game this is the place.
As noted in other reviews, this is a top notch Monterey Peninsula Golf course. It's in the Carmel Valley so the weather is a bit warmer than some of the peninsula fogged in courses. Course is a resort style course that plays a bit easier than your average top tier course. The greens while rolling smooth and fast, are fairly flat. Either I was driving really well or the fairways were pretty wide open. There are a number of fairway bunkers to offer challenges though. The challenge in the course comes from the first three par 3's. They average 190 yards from orange tees (what most courses consider the blue tee's).

Speaking of bunkers, I didn't land in one until 11 hole of the second day. What a treat!!! I almost wished I had been in more bunkers. They are every bit as good as the bunkers at Pebble.

Staff friendliness is absolutely the best, bar none. The entire staff is over the top superb.

Only complaint is that there was no beverage cart either day. I get the Thursday afternoon but no cart during primetime Friday play?

overall, it's a great course that I'm already booked to play three more times in April.
Dragonfly is a go to course in the Fresno area. Carts have GPS and the course is always in great shape. Course offers great challenges with water on a 1/2 dozen or so holes, well placed fairway bunkers and some risk/reward options (a la Pete Dye courses). Yet the fairways landing zones are fairly wide so that the average player can enjoy his/her round.

Greens roll fast and smooth with most being moderately sloped. A couple do have some big elevation changes.

Apparently this course used to be called Riverbend. If you get out in the next few weeks or so, you'll see why! The river is at it's fullest right now and boarders the edge of a few fairways. The full flowing river provides and extra delight to the beauty of this course.

It's a definite must play when in the Fresno/Madera area.
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