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This was my 5th and last day of the Palm Springs trip. I hadn't played the Nicklaus Tournament course befit so I thought I'd check it out. This is definitely a players course and not a resort style course. Conditions of the playing field are solid for the most part with the fairways stealing the show. Greens rolled smooth and were the easiest part of the track challange wise.

Optimal landing areas in the fairways are narrow with steep drop offs and wasteland bunkers or moguls off to the side. A number of the holes offer water features like the peninsula green 8th (par 3) and the island Green 15th (par 5). Other courses in the area offer waterfalls and flowers surrounding the lakes to add beauty to the track. Nicklaus Tournament doesn't wow you with those type feature and puts a premium on shot accuracy.

Customer service is good with a tip of the cap to the valet kids who were excellent. Having the valet service is a nice touch in itself.

I will need to go back and play the Stadium course next time I'm in the area to see which course I prefer. For now the Nicklaus Tournament course gets the nod.
We make the trip to the Palm Springs area once or twice a year. Our go to courses are the Indian Wells course which are the wife's favorite. I always like to play one or two new courses while in the area. Desert Springs was my back up choice since it was going to be windy and everyone said avoid Classic Club in the wind.

Overall I enjoyed the track. Mainly because of all the water features but also because of the hole designs which make you plot your way around the course. Most of the shorter par 4's make you decide to lay up or risk a tricky lie in the moguls that yes are the size of motocross jumps! Other holes dictate a lay up or a skillfully placed shot shape to start over water and draw around palm trees.

My wedges and putter took the day off so I had my second worse score of 2017 but I think if you played this course a couple times it would cough up some low scores.

Conditions wise, greens and fairways were great with no issues. Quick tip, the greens don't break as much as you think they will.

Tee boxes were adequate but the Sand Traps were horrible. Wet hardback dirt throughout the entire course.

Customer service was hit and miss. Some staff members were great while others ..... Yeah you get the idea.

Hard to say if I'll go back or not. With so many great courses in the area, there are others I want to experience first before going back. But I'm sure I probably will at some point.
IW Celebrity coueprse is absolutely breathtaking. Numerous flowers around the entire course including humongous flowerbeds at the corner of dog leg bends to help mark the fairway. Several water features (ponds, creeks, & waterfalls ) highlight the beauty of this course. Conditions are excellent tee to green. I will say the greens (which have much more undulations than the players course) were rolling slow today. I think the mower took the holiday off.

The only downside of this track is that it only has two par 3's and two par 5's on the entire layout. Other than that it has everything you want.
Indian Wells is always a go to resort for the wife and I. Celebrity is the prettier of the two but both courses are excellent. As others mentioned this is a resort course so the greens are very manageable. They roll true at a decent pace with some subtle breaks. Basically they are fairly flat but are soft and hold approach shots well.

Bunkers offer superb sand and yes the fairway bunkers with their rather steep faces offer the majority of challenge off the tee. Fairways are spacious otherwise. The course features water hazards on about 5-6 holes which I always enjoy as they add to the challange and beauty of the course.

Carts have GPS and will let you know how you're doing on pace of play which will always be around 4 1/2 hrs.

Customer service is great, however the quality of the food at the restaurant has gone down hill from previous visits.

Oh, the selection of clothes in the pros shop is Outstanding !!!
I will try to be as neutral as possible with my review. This is only my second time playing Coyote Creek and neither time was a pleasurable experience. This was my first time playing the tournament course which used to only be for members but is now open to the public.

The track layout was decent but nothing really spectacular. The 7-8 holes in the hills were fun but I actually enjoyed the flat section of the course more which is odd for me because I put a lot of (rating) weight into courses with a lot of elevation.

My favorite hole on the course is the par 5 17th which has water in front of the green that makes going for it in two a real risk. It also plays into a head wind in the afternoon making it even tougher. I needed another 10 yards on my drive before being comfortable with trying it but it was sooooo tempting!

Greens roll smooth at a respectable medium/fast pace. Pay attention to the direction of the grain on these more than anywhere. I got fooled a few times on putts not breaking as expected.

Sand traps were excellent, however they are short on rakes. There were a few huge bunkers with only one or two rakes total So you have to walk around a bit to get a rake. I raked up a few footsteps from other players who didn't bother with fetching s rake.

The course has recently been destroyed by wild pigs. None of the greens were affected but several large areas around the greens and on the fairways were completely destroyed. There must have been 20-30 areas the size of a living room that had been turned up and destroyed by pigs.

I felt bad for the grounds crew.

The course seemed to play longer than the yardage said. I shot my handicap so my game was decent but it might have just been the cooler windy conditions.

Customer service at coyote creek is absolutely the worst. Both times I've played here I've had bad experiences with the staff. The guy at the pro shop was busy talking to another employee who was headed to the range on his day off. Not only was he ignoring me but he was ignoring the starter who was trying to reach him on the radio. When he finally did check me in he acted as if I was a bother. There was no friendliness in his tone nor did he explain anything (carts, range, 1st tee location etc) he didn't ask if I had any questions and just seemed put out that I was there checking in.

Getting my cart was the same as neither person bothered to even talk to me more less help me with my clubs (I saved money on tips for sure). They too did not offer any friendly small chat or any direction on the layout of the land.

The starter was the only friendly staff members outside of the grounds crew that I encounter. The starter was an elderly gentleman and he was polite and courteous as you would expect from someone from that generation.

The entire staff if Coyote Creek need to take a trip down to Quail Lodge or San Juan Oaks for some customer service lessons. Those two courses have the best staff around.

My wife is the one who likes Coyote Creek so if I ever go back it will be because of her. Hey you gotta lose a battle to win a war occasionally!
This is a fun track with great greens. The greens are small but roll smooth at a medium fast pace. Most greens are moderate as far as challange goes with normal amount of undulation. Elevation changes throughout the course add to the fun factor of the track. Hole 5 has a 3-4 story drop on a 175 yard par 3 which is a blast and really makes you think about your club selection.

Course conditions are decent throughout except for the tee boxes. They were in poor shape.

There are several great courses in the Monterey Peninsula to choose from and Crazy Horse makes the bottom of the second tier list of go to courses. At $80 mid-week it's not a steal deal but you will rarely find a crowded course here so if you want to get a quick round in then this is your place.

Also of note is the fact that the bar/restaurant will stay open until the last group has finished and left. That a great customer service touch in my book. You here that Bayonet??

The course is also back to playing its full length after a few holes were shortned due to winter storm damage.
This is my second time playing here. Course conditions are top notch as expected from a high quality resort course. Tee to green the course is in fantastic shape. Greens offer some challenging breaks but have spacious landing zones. The course is set up against a mountain and several of the holes have fun elevated tee boxes with great views of the surrounding mountains and course below. Water hazards add to the beauty and challange of the course.

Turkeys and deer are plentiful on the course for added wildlife scenery. Being inland you are sure to find sun while other Peninsula courses are fogged in. Pace of play was decent considering it was weekend prime time when I played. Only drawback on the track is that there are only two par 5's one of which is uphill (the only uphill hole by the way).

Other than that Carmel Valley Ranch is a super course that's a blast to play and has moved up into my top 10 favorite courses!
I don't know why I don't play here more often. This is a great course. Obviously the ocean views are excellent (make sure to sneak some looks in on the front nine too). Greens are awesome right now. Soft and receptive to holding pitch shots and rolling perfect. I was paired up with a guy from Denver and he said he's never seen such great greens at this low of a price.

Pace of play is a little on the slow side for a shorter course but nothing extreme. Customer service is excellent. There's something relaxing about PG that I can't explain. I think it has something to do with the great course at such a reasonable price. It just puts you in a stress free mood.

I'm definitely gonna start including this on my regular rotation
I'll start by talking about the conditions of the course. Del Monte might just have the best Tee boxes in the world! Absolutely perfect (level, lush, and divot free). However, be cautious of the direction the tee box points you towards. There are a couple that guide you off line.

Fairways are also lush but narrow. Dont't stress though because there is a good 20-30' of "first cut" rough on each side of the fairway before finding no mans land. As Sixpez mentioned there is some serious water conservation going on at this course and a soon as you leave that wide first cut area you are in deserted dry brown dirt field.

Greens are small. No make that very small! But they are super smooth, roll fast and are soft so getting your ball to stick is fairly easy.

Not many (if any) fairway bunkers and the green side bunkers have good quality sand. Conditions wise the course is an 8.5

Now for the track layout. I'm not a big fan of it. It's pretty much flat and uninspiring. No water hazards or forced forced carries. There's one par 5 where you have to shoot through some trees and a small gully that's fun but that's about it.

As others mentioned, staff here are very friendly. Rack rates are way too high in my opinion. For the same price there are much betters options on the peninsula

In short, it's an average layout with very good conditions.
My idea of a perfect course is one that has elevation changes, immaculate conditions, on the ocean and has forced carries over water hazards. Think Spyglass Hill! Well Blackhorse meets 3 out 4 requirements. Suburb conditions all around with numerous elevations changes throughout the track. In fact there are only 4 holes that are flat. While not directly on the ocean, you have views of the Monterey bay from about half of the holes.

The greens are the trickiest in the business. Rarely do you have a flat straight putt at Blackhorse. It's not uncommon to be putting for par and then chipping for double bogey here. I've literally seen 15' putts make a U turn and end up further back behind the player. Having said that the greens rolls smooth.

Sand traps are excellent and plentiful greenside. Fairways are lush and on par with those in the 93953 zip code up the road. Some of the tee boxes have taken a beating as of late. Whereas some are in perfect shape, a couple were severely damaged with bare spots and divots galore.

The only thing missing from this track is a forced carry over water. In front of the 15th green would have been a great place or even in place of the cluster of the back bunkers on the 1st hole. The first hole is a reachable Par 5 and in my opinion the easiest hole on the course. Replacing the cluster of bunkers with water would force the player to think strategically instead of always going for it without fear of being penalized.

Overall, Blackhorse is a must play track in the Monterey Peninsula. I know I'm biased as this is one of my home courses, but it truly is a gem well worth the money.
Just a spectacular course. Obviously as others have said the course is in immaculate condition. Tee boxes, fairways, greens, and sand traps are all in fantastic shape. Last time I played we took a cart. Today we decided to walk and it makes the journey even better! Yes, the first five holes are on the water and offer spectacular views. However, if you walk it and are out in the middle of the fairway, there are plenty of additional peaks at the ocean.

The par 3's all play downhill but don't get fooled, they are tricky and difficult (but extremely fun). There are a few water hazards mixed in on the track which adds to beauty and challange.

Course is definitely a must play for both the beauty and the challange!
I've played here a couple dozen times when I'm in the area. You can walk the course for $15 and even finds deals with carts for the same price. Mid day and week the course is empty so I like to use it for a quick round to work on my game.

Staff is friendly and course is average. Having said that it's in the best condition I've seen it in the last two years. Greens are rolling smooth but slow which is fine as this is a great course for beginners. Track is completely flat but does have a few lakes in it to make things interesting. Best part of the layout is that on the front 9 you are forced to use all your clubs. You will only tee off with a driver twice in the first 7 holes.

Whereas the sand traps are still below standard they are much better than other "nicer" courses in the Fresno area.

All in all, No complaints with the course for what it is... A muni course for quick inexpensive rounds.
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