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Played Spyglass this morning while Mickelson and Casey finished up their little match around the corner. Traffic was a zoo inside Pebble but that was my only complaint for the entire day. Weather was absolutely gorgeous with sunny skies and virtually no wind. This is the first time I've played The Glass when it hasn't been cool, damp and foggy.

As mentioned before, Spyglass is all about the golf. Make that about great golf! No fancy hotel or clubhouse. Just great course conditions mixed in with a picturesque setting. Yes the first 5 holes are right on the ocean, but there are plenty of views of the pacific from other holes. Who knew? With the sun out the views of the pacific through the Del Monte Forest are numerous. It was a bit of an offshore breeze so the sound of the waves crashing down below were absent, but still no complaints.

As far as course conditions go. It's exactly what you would expect from a world class and PGA tour worthy course. Greens were excellent rolling at a medium fast pace. With all the rain, they were super soft easily holding shots. Fairways were lush and surprisingly dry for the most part. They too were soft offering little roll out.

Rough was rough!! very wet, muddy, dense and tall. A two club difference in some cases and a minimum of one extra club in all situations.

Tee boxes and sand traps were also of top notch.

Spyglass has all the ingredients for the making of a top course. Ocean front holes, pristine conditions, elevations changes throughout, 4 water hazards to negotiate on the course and good solid customer service throughout.

A very enjoyable walk and obviously highly recommended.
I skipped my ride yesterday so I needed a course that was easily walkable. Madera Muni fits that bill as it is completely flat with most transfers being short. The gentleman in the pro shop said it was wide open. Well it was until the third hole when I caught a single in a cart in front of me. We joined up as a twosome and by the seventh hole we were waiting 2+ minutes on every shot. I have no idea why, but Madera is always slow going.

Greens still remain in decent shape with only a few pitch marks. They offer good challenge with moderate slope and some being two tiered. Speed was medium.

Fairways were 40% decent with the rest being thin with some brown dirt areas throughout.
Skirt areas around the green ranged from thick deep lush to patchy and thin. Sand traps are always thin. I will say they are improved in that before, they were solid hardpan. At least now there is a thin layer of sand.

Tee boxes were average. Overall conditions are definitely "Winter". Madera is always average muni conditions with above average greens. Right now the greens are still slightly above average but the fairways have fallen a few notches down.

For $21 it's a good course to get out and stretch your legs while working on your putting. I would expect conditions to improve in the next month or two.
After 2 days in a row of having my arse handed to me at Aviara I headed to The Crossings today for an afternoon round. I figured with the great weather and being a weekend there would be little chance of completing all 18 holes with a 1:12 pm tee time. I was right as we only got in 16 holes but that was fine. I mainly just wanted to preview the course before coming back down in June to play it as part of a 3 day tournament.

Greens were in fantastic shape. They rolled very smooth at a fast pace. I'd say the speed of the greens were even faster than Aviara's. Most greens are double tiered so paying attention to where the flag is placed is crucial.

Fairways weren't the greenest but I never had a bad lie. Course has a lot of less than driver holes with preferred landing areas so there are a few fairways with a lot of divots.

Sand traps were very nice. Cart gal came around a few times on the front nine.

Layout is fun with a number of "thinking" holes demanding shot placement over distance. The back nine in the canyon has some interesting routing but with all the elevation changes and forced carries I admit I liked it for the most part.
Aviara is one of my top 3 favorite courses so I may be a bit biased when I say this course is nothing short of amazingly fantastic. Played with Johnny GK on a beautiful sunny January day. Course was in great shape as always. Greens rolled absolutely perfect. Greens are challenging with all having some tricky undulations to them. Uphill putts were slower than expected and downhill putts were lightning fast.

Fairways were excellent for the most part, though there were a couple of thin brown spots on a couple holes. I did notice that the grounds crew was out replacing some patches of turf so they apparently are clearing out the thin areas.

Tee boxes were great all around as were the two sand traps I was in. Customer service is the best in the business. Everyone on the property bends over backwards to make your experience positive.

Range was grass but I did hear that they were on mats a few days ago so apparently it just depends on the weather (like most places). Carts have GPS to the pin along with yardage to front and back.

Course layout what makes this place really stand out. Numerous elevation changes mixed in with several water features keep the fun meter pegged. The water falls are spectacular and most holes sit off by themselves so you don't feel like you're right on top of other players.

A highly recommended course.
Played mid morning on the threat of rain but weather held out and it was actually warm out for most of the round. Wind came up the last few holes to cool things off. Course was almost completely empty. There were only a 2-3 other groups out. Greens were in fantastic shape. Early greens were a bit damp from recent rain but they dried out about 5 holes in and started rolling at a medium-fast pace. As I mentioned before, greens at Hunter have modest slope with predictable breaks. A good test of skills but nothing to overwhelm a seasoned golfer.

Tee boxes were level and lush. Fairways were average. A few thin/wet areas along with some dormant grass throughout but decent lies for the most part. Sand traps have nice sand in them (or at least the one trap I was in did).

Hunter Ranch is always a fun track. It offers numerous elevation changes throughout with forced carries over water and gullies mixed in for add enjoyment. Weekend prices are a little pricey but that's the nature of the beast.
I was itching to get out and play, as I hadn't been out since Jan.1 and probably won't get to play again before heading down south to Aviara in about a week. Decided to chance the weather and head to Del Monte which is an easily walkable course. Track has slight elevation changes on a few holes but nothing major. Just enough to keep it fun. We had light rain for the first half dozen holes or so and mist off an on the rest of the round. Given that it has rained off an on for the last 3 days, the course was naturally wet. But still in decent shape. Greens which are very small, were smooth and divot free but rolling slower than usual. Most pins were in the back, up on the high side to avoid the few puddled areas a few of the greens had on the low sides. Other than the cold water in the cups, no real issues with the greens.

Tee boxes were excellent as always. Fairways are narrow at Del Monte, but the "first cut" is like 20' wide on each side so no real penalty unless you're really wild off the tee. Some of the fairways were swamp zone's but most were in good conditions. Give it a couple days to dry out and the fairways will be excellent. An easy 9+. First cut rough was very playable and sometimes even preferred depending on how wet the fairway was. I was in 3 bunkers and all were fine. Given the rain, I was actually impressed at how good the sand was in the bunkers.

POP, was non existent as there was only one other group out on the course other than us.
For the member rate of $39 w/ a cart during the winter, this course is a steal. For the $110 walking rack rate, there are better options in the peninsula.
Started the year off with a new course that I've been trying to get out to for 2 years now. Course did not disappoint. Weather was sunny (but chilly) with a 12-15 mph wind. Conditions of the track were excellent as expected. Greens were a solid 9. Rolled true at a medium fast pace. Greens were the perfect speed, size and offered jus the right amount of undulations to be challenging but not overwhelming.

Fairways ranged from a 9.5 down to a "low" 8. The only exception was number 18 which had some thin areas. Rough was manageable. With rain a week or so ago followed by a few sunny days, my guess is the rough had recently been mowed down to a respectable height.

Tee boxes were level semi-lush and divot free. I somehow managed to avoid the sand traps all day.

Layout of the track is spectacular. Several views of the ocean throughout the course along with some forced carries over a couple of ponds/lakes. There is just enough elevation change (albeit slight) to keep the track from being completely flat. None of the holes have any real severe dog legs and a few of the tee boxes look down double fairways. I was with my buddy who's a member so he knew the layout which helped a ton. Otherwise it would be very easy to hit (purposely) onto the wrong fairway.

Overall, it's a great course, with both views and conditions being in the excellent category. Probably a new Top 10 course, though it's getting harder and harder to knock courses out of the top 10 when a new one comes in.
I hadn't played Bayonet in a while (I usually play the sister course Blackhorse). Bayonet is a bit tighter in the fairways, but the greens have a TAD less undulations, but are quicker. Overall, Bayonet is in great condition as usual. Greens were smooth and very fast. They are on the firm side so anything less than a perfect well struck full approach shot has no chance of staying on.

Fairways are in nice shape overall. With recent rains, there were a couple of thin/wet areas but nothing major. Skirt areas around the greens are very tight lies. Rough was manageable, lush and cut to about 2".

Tee boxes were absolutely gorgeous. Perfect in every aspect, lush, level and divot free.

Sand traps were a mixed bag. And I should know. I was in A LOT of sand traps today. The first one was decent then the next few were wet heavy sand, followed by a couple of thin bunkers, only to finish off with the last one being perfect. Sand was pure white and fluffy like fresh powder snow.

Only saw the cart gal once and the restaurant still needs an overall. Course is always challenging, offers views of the bay and has above average conditions. It's definitely a peninsula go to course and a good warm up for challenging greens before hitting the big courses in the 93953 zip code.
PG is always a fun and scenic course. Add in perfect wind free weather with huge waves crashing on the rocks across the road and you can't help but have a huge smile all day long. Course is in great shape right now. Greens are small but roll true and were divot free. Greens were soft, easily holding well struck approach shots.

Fairways were lush for the most part but did have some thin/damp areas here and there throughout the course. Rough was cut down to about 1" so no issues there. The one trap I was in (2 if you count the sand dune) was fine.

The track plays short with a quirky but fun opening few holes. You start with 2 par 3's then a non driver par 4. The fourth hole is your first opportunity to use driver and it's a driveable par 4. The front nine is a few blocks from the ocean but offers plenty of views of the water. Of course the back nine is right on the water (across the street from it anyway) and is what the track is known for.

It was weekend prime time so POP was a bit slow but overall not too bad. The one drawback of PG is that it's a very tight layout so people talking (or hootin & hollerin) on a nearby hole will certainly sound like they are standing right next to you.

Easily walkable, this a great course to get out and stretch the legs after a long drive/flight into the peninsula.
Headed back out to Eagle Springs for a chilly but fun morning round of golf. Winter conditions have set in but the track is still in decent shape. Greens were smooth, but much slower. My guess is it's a combination of the recent rains and the fact that the course closes on Tuesday for maintenance so the greens probably were due for full mow and roll.

Fairway grass has started to go dormant. A lot of brown mixed in with the occasional green grass. Still, most of the fairway was lush and enjoyable to hit from. There were a number of thin and wet areas throughout the course.

The one sand trap I was in was decent, and no issues with the tee boxes. Cart gal was out making rounds on the cold day with few players so that was nice. Customer service is great. Everyone is very friendly.

Definitely a recommended track if in the area. It's a bit more expensive than some of the other courses in the valley but well worth it.
The last couple times out I haven't been able to complete the full course due to various reasons. I always enjoy the layout here at Laguna Seca. With all the elevations changes its a blast to play.

Right now the Greens are in the best condition I've ever seen them. Extremely smooth and void of pitch marks. They're rolling at a medium-slow speed which is average for this track. The greens at Laguna Seca are sneaky. They don't look very intimidating but can bite you in a hurry if you're not careful.

Fairways were average. Decent coverage throughout but certainly a notch or two below the last few (high end) courses I played. Tee boxes were in nice shape as well. I was only on one sand trap and it was ok. I was right at the bottom flat spot of the bunker so it was a bit damp and hardback from all the recent rain. Still, it was it was playable.

As for POP I'll post a separate thread on that topic. Once I broke free of the people I was paired with, I zipped around the back 9 in an hour and some change.

Overall, Laguna Seca is an absolute blast of a track. Conditions are as good as ever right now, but still, it's on par with muni courses. Full rack rates are steep but the online rates aren't too bad.
WOW what a fantastic course! My buddy hurt his back and had to skip out so hit up MPisarski01 who was more than happy to join me for an awesome round.

Conditions were a solid 9 all around. This place is absolutely awesome! Kevbig summed up the initial experience perfectly in That you go through a private gate, get your car parked by the valet who also takes care of your clubs. The entrance is the best bar none. There's a waterfall that comes off the mountain and down into, through then under the clubhouse.

After checking in, I headed to the locker room where I had a locker with my own name plate on it. It's a good thing I was decked out in my Ryder Cup outfit to look the part. Lol. Locker room has full amenities ( TV's, shower, razors, waters, etc). Our caddie was decent. He had his hands full keeping track of 3 of us and did a decent job. When there's three players it's hard for him to take care of everyone's clubs so the single player got more of that service than we did.

Course is so fun you forget how challenging it actually is. Uphill tee shots are into the wind but downhill tee shots are with the wind and oh so FUN!

Greens were nice and fast with minimal undulations.

Definitely a top notch facility well worth playing!
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