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Played here yesterday as part of my GK Cup match with DeepSea14. I've been wanting to get out to this course for a couple of years now and am very glad I finally got the chance to play it. What a great course!! When it comes to Yocha DeHe you here a lot of comments like "best in the area", "Rated top Casino Course" etc. Let me tell you, there is no need to limit the comparison field. This track will hold it's own ANYWHERE! It's that nice.

Yes, it's off the beaten path, but well worth the drive. Starting with the fantastic clubhouse/restaurant, you are immediately immersed in a 5 star facility. Locker room has a shower and an actual changing area with some available lockers.

Staff is super friendly and helpful from the bag drop to the starter.

Course itself is a gem both in layout and condition. With the exception of the first hole which has a super elevated tee box, the rest of the course is fairly flat with only a few slight elevation changes to keep the course interesting. Mixed in are a ton of water features that include both large lakes, forced carries and some small rock waterfalls.

Conditions are a solid 9 all the way around. Greens were super smooth and easily held well struck approach shots. Greens were rolling a tad slower than expected but still in within an acceptable range. Fairways were a 9.5-10. Dark green, lush and offered good roll out.

Rough was lush and thick. Plus side is the rough held stray shots from going astray but downside was it was easily an extra club.

Tee boxes and sand traps were also top notch. Beverage cart came around on a regular basis. Carts are new and luxurios with full GPS in them.

Overall this place is a great course and well worth the drive and money. I can't wait to come back and play this track again!
Let me start off by saying WOW, this course is in great shape!! Played late afternoon yesterday and was looking to get a few holes in after my bike ride. Conditions are absolutely spectacular right now. Greens were the "low" part and I would rate them at an 8-8.5! Greens were perfectly smooth with hardly a pitch mark to be found. Even the greens on the short par 3's were in excellent condition. Speed was at a medium-fast pace.

Fairways were spectacular and rated at a 9 with the skirt area around the greens a perfect 10!

Sandtraps (at least the one I was in) was also top notch with perfect white fluffy sand. though the one I was in had several unraked foot prints. Looked like a couple people went in to retrieve stray balls and didn't rake their footprints.

Tee boxes were also in great shape. Level and lush with hardly a divot to be found which on a Saturday late afternoon I found to be very impressive on the par 3's.

Monterey Pines is short on length (see previous review for layout) but long on quality.
Played along with Cencalgolfer33 and Eli1488 during their GK match. Course is in nice shape as usual. Greens were rolling fast and smooth only a few pitch marks on a couple of the greens. They held well struck approach shots but short pitch and chip shots would definitely roll out.

No issues whatsoever with the fairways. Lush and a joy to hit from. Fairways aren't the deepest green in color but don't let that fool you. They are good to go.

Tee boxes are the same as the fairways. Level and lush with divots on the par 3's but still plenty of area to find a good clean hitting surface.

Sand traps were the weak link. Some were thin and a few had numerous small pebbles showing. POP was great. Just under 4 hrs

Dragonfly is always a valley go to course and today was no exception.
July is all about the bike and the Tour de France but I need a tune up round or two before my GK Cup match. Headed out to Lemoore on 7/5/19 for a late afternoon round. Course is probably in the best shape I've ever seen it. Greens are still average muni green status but for here that's a good thing. Fairways were without a doubt the best I've ever seen them here. A solid 7 rating. Very green and lush for the most part (90% of them) with only a few brown thin areas here and there.

Sand traps continue to impress me for the valley. Sand is better then most higher end courses in the valley. Tee boxes were odd. For the most part they were very nice. Green, lush and level. It does look like they have left the markers in one location for an extended period of time to let the rest of the tee boxes heal. Whereas some of the tee boxes had the markers placed in the fresh grass others had obviously been there a while with several divots between the markers but other areas were looking nice. If I remember right they have a big two day tournament coming up next weekend so it appears they are keeping some clean areas available for it.

For the afternoon price of $19 with a cart and being able to fly around the entire course in 2 hrs I recommend this course over nearby Visalia which has higher prices for similar if not worse conditions right now.
This was my first time playing Mt. Woodson and what a great course. Layout is fantastic with numerous elevation changes throughout the course to go along with some water hazards.

There are HUGE boulders that range in the size of a car to a small house that line the course which really defines this track as it's own identity. Being that we have much much smaller versions of rocks lining the backyard putting green the boulders around the course really hit the appeal button for me.

Greens were a very nice dark green color indicating they were super healthy. Greens were soft easily holding approach shots. In fact I might say they were even a bit too soft as there were a couple of tire track indentations from the mower on a couple of greens.

Fairways were a joy to hit from. I'd rate the fairways at a 7.5-8. I can't comment on the rough. I was either in the fairway or waaaaay off and into the bushes. Sand traps were average in that a couple were a bit thin and others had nice quality soft sand.

We set our own POP with the group in front being long gone and the group behind us never really pushing us.

A definite recommended course and I can see this track being a new staple in my San Diego rotation.
Played yesterday in a tournament. Just a quick update as obviously the course conditions are the same as they were three days ago so no need to do a full review. Beverage cart only goes out on the front nine so make sure you take supplies before heading into the canyon. Also, there is no way you could walk this course. Between the steep elevation changes and super long distances between holes you would easily add another 40+ minutes to your round. And that's if you had the stamina/fitness to even do it.

A definite fun track to play.
Played the Champions course today as part of a tournament. This was my first time playing the champions course which is supposedly the premier track of the two. Course was in very nice condition but I have to say that it's about the same as the legends course. Both are in nice shape.

The champions course has a number of water features which make the track fun, challenging and appealing to the eyes on what otherwise would be a boring layout. Condition wise the course was in very nice shape tee to green. Greens rolled smooth at a medium-slow pace. Greens were very receptive to holding approach shots and getting pitch shots to check up.

Fairways were rated at an 8. Not super lush like Maderas but certainly enjoyable to hit off of.
Tee boxes were level and lush. No issues. Sand in the bunkers in the morning was damp but other than that bunkers were fine.

La Costa Champions track is another quality San Diego course worth playing.
No trip to San Diego is comp,eye without playing Aviara! It's definitely on if my top 5 if not top 3 courses anywhere. Customer service is absolutely the best bar none. I'd rate the overall conditions at an 8-8.5. Greens were rolling perfectly smooth with hardly a pitch mark to be found. Speed was medium-slow which surprised me. Normally the greens are faster here. Greens are large with normal amount of undulations.

Fairways were a straight 8. Lush and pleasant to hit from but I'd say a notch below the fairways at Maderas. Tee boxes were closer to a 9 than an 8. Level lush and even the par 3 tee boxes were relatively divot free.

Rough was brutal! Very thick and penal. Rough was lush but very easy for your ball to sit down. Often a full club extra to get out of the rough.

Layout is a blast and Aviara has three of the prettiest par 3's anywhere.

A definite must play track.
Played late morning on a picture perfect Southern California day. As Matt mentioned course is in fantastic shape. Maderas is always a great track when in the San Diego area. From the moment you arrive you are greeted by friendly and helpful staff. Yes, they want tips but so do waitresses at high end restaurants. Don't want to tip? Eat/play at low end places and you're good to go.

Names are in the cart ahead of time, which yes is a little thing but it adds a touch of class to the already outstanding service.

Range is included with green fees. The one small and possible only downside to the entire place is the range is mats only. Carts have full GPS with distances to the pin.

Course is has a few water hazards and waterfalls to go hand in hand with the numerous elevation changes. Add in some forced carries over the mountain side cliffs and you have one great layout.

Conditions are a solid 9 tee to green. Greens were rolling fast but soft enough to easily hold well struck approach shots. Greens have several undulations with some tough pin locations.
Fairways were very lush. They reminded me of the fairways at Quail Lodge.

Tee boxes were also in fantastic shape. I somehow managed to avoid the bunkers all day but others were in them and they had great sand.

A definite must play course.
After seeing that Jim came out and played in preparation for this week's upcoming tournament I decided I better do the same. Course is in great shape tee to green. Greens definitely have multiple tiers with some pin placements being in some very tough locations. Having said that, the speeds were at a medium-slow pace allowing the golfer to be aggressive with putts.

Greens were definitely smooth and receptive to approach shots. Fairways were in solid condition as well. The entire course has numerous and severe elevation changes with on,y a few of the collection areas having multiple divots. The sand in the bunkers rivals the top courses in the peninsula. It was that good.

For the amount if play this course gets, I was impressed at nice the tee boxes were. Even the short par 3 tee boxes were virtually divot free.

Speaking of the amount of play.... This place is always busy so POP is going to be on the slow side. Teeing off during prime time morning on a Saturday almost guarantees a 5 HR round. We were just over the 5 HR mark. It actually wasn't too bad for us because we had two beginners with us who lost multiple balls so we weren't pushing the group in front of us by any means. Yet we still were waiting a bit on all tee shots.

Almost every hole has some sort of thick brush or canyon lining the side of the fairways so any errant shot is a lost ball.

Customer service was excellent. There was a mix up with the reservation and they did a fantastic job to accommodate us.
Played the ocean course at Half Moon Bay this morning. Weather was overcast but fairly warm (by nor cal coast standards ). There was a 10 mph wind throughout the day which is normal for the area. Course condition was pretty much an 8-8.5 throughout. No real weakness anywhere. Last time I avoided the sand traps, this time I got plenty of opportunities to test them. Decent sand of the light brown nature. There are several fairway bunkers throughout the course. Most are manageable to use at least a mid iron to get out unless you're right up against the lip.

Greens have a ton of undulations but still offer some flat putts here and there. They were rolling true but at a medium slow pace.

As mentioned before the layout is spectacular with views of the ocean from almost every hole. A few of the holes are perched up on the cliff right above the ocean. POP was on the slow side being at over 4.5 hrs.

A definite recommended course. Next time I plan on doing the old course in the afternoon to catch the sunset on the finishing hole.
Went out yesterday as part of the GK plays event a Ridge Creek. Not sure what I enjoyed more: The golf/course; hanging out with some of my favorite GK'ers, or the food afterwards! I can say this, ALL are worth it. Course condition wise, Ridge Creek was probably slightly below it's usual standard. Don't confuse that with "bad conditions". They always keep the greens soft (but rolling fast) so naturally the trade off is more pitch marks than usual. I didn't have any affect my putts but a couple of others in the group did get victimized by some pitch mark bumps. All in all the greens are have a great balance between large landing surface, tough (but not too tough) undulations and fast smooth rolling surface.

Fairways as mentioned before are a cut tight so they are more advantage to those who compress the ball. Having said that, even with my "Tom Watson pick the ball clean" style of iron swing, I was still able to get decent contact. It is easy to hit wedges thin though.

No issues with the tee boxes and the others nailed the sand traps perfectly. In need of some re-work. Course design puts a premium on accuracy over length by all means. Get off the fairway and just take your drop and move on. Even when I found a stray shot, I opted to drop and take the penalty stroke. Others had good luck with taking a wedge and getting it back in play. That's the best you can hope for.

As far as the restaurant goes.... It's the only place not on the ocean that I'll order the fish tacos. 'Nuff said!
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