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Prices have gone up a few bucks at Monterey Pines but for $20 to walk in the afternoon it's still a good deal as the course remains on great shape. Is a par 69 with only two par 5's and five Par 3's. Holes 2-9 have some elevation changes and there are two lakes that come into play on three holes on the back nine.

Most greens are single tier but have a decent amount of slope from back to front. Greens are in great shape rolling smooth at a medium fast pace. Greens are always trickier than they look. Fairways and tee boxes are a solid 8, green and lush. Rough is super lush, thick and about 2-3 inches thick.

A very walkable course.
I have no idea why I haven't played here more often. It's been two years since I've played this course (yet I ride by it on my bike often). Track is a lot of fun with constant elevation changes throughout the entire course. Mixed in with the solid conditions and elevation changes are a handful of water hazards.

Overall conditions are spot on with greens being smooth and pitch mark free. The first green was a bit on the slow side but the rest rolled at a medium-fast pace. Some of the greens are tame with only slight slope to them but others offer multi-tier challenges with some odd ridge lines. Greens were soft and held shots well.

Fairways were mainly lush and green throughout, but did have some brown/thin areas here and there. Sand traps were average (at best) and tee boxes were level and lush with only the short par 3 boxes having multiple divots.

Large boulders border a number of the greens so an errant shot can lead to disaster if you miss in the wrong spot. The flip side to that is the natural rocks add to the aesthetics of the course. Houses surround the course but for the most part don't come into play as they are set back a decent distance.

There is NO way I would want to walk this course. There are some Super LONG transfers between holes. Cart gal was out making the rounds and pro shop staff was very friendly. POP was odd. The course wasn't over crowded but there seemed to be about 4 groups (we were the last) stacked up on top of each other from the get go. After waiting for the groups in front for the first 6-8 holes we became the slow group falling 2-3 holes behind by the end. I guess that's what happens when you get paired up with retired folks... They're in no hurry. lol

Overall, Eagle Springs is a very fun course with above average conditions. I see myself playing here more often in the future.
Played the Tournament course at Coyote Creek. Course conditions were excellent all around. Greens wer phenomenal with hardly a pitch mark to be found. Greens rolled true at a fast pace. Most greens are manageable but there are a couple with some major height difference between the two tiers.

Fairways were a solid 9 as well. Green lush and just short of perfect. There were a couple of fairways with some damage from the wild hogs but not nearly as bad this time around. Sand traps were fine as were the tee boxes.

I hear there's a big difference condition wise between the two coyote creek courses with the tournament course getting 75% of the attention.

We Tee'd off at 8:30 to avoid the majority of the weekend rush. Still POP was a bit on the slow side but not bad considering it was weekend prime time.

The Layout is fun and challenging. Given the great conditions, it's worth playing.
Met up with a couple of former co-workers in valley for round in some great fall weather in the valley. Being that one of the players is brand new we were looking for an economy round. I get out to Lemoore probably 10-12 times a year and I have to say this is the best I've seen the course.

It's still a muni course with average muni conditions, but for half the price of Valley Oaks 30 minutes up the road, Lemoore is a great deal. Fairways had some bare spots here and there but overall were decent. No issues what so ever with the tee boxes and the greens were smooth and divot free. Greens always roll on the slow side and after playing Blackhorse the other day it was night and day different. The rough is generally thin to bare so missing the fairway is a crap shoot.

Again, these are muni conditions (and prices). Overall I'd rate the course at a 5.5. But for $21 with cart for prime time (using Golfmoose) it's well worth it to get in a quick round.
What a beautiful day for golf on the peninsula. I hadn't played Blackhorse in a while and I forgot how much I love this course. I also forgot how tough it is. Numerous elevation changes along with plenty of views of the ocean make for a great afternoon of golf.

Track was in great shape tee to green. Tee boxes were easily a 9. Perfectly level, divot free and lush. Fairways were fairly lush throughout with an occasional thin area here and there.

I was in three sand traps and two were excellent but the third was a bit thin. The area around the greens offers some very tight lies. As for the greens.... Think of it as putting on a frozen diamond!! Severe undulations throughout and very fast. Most have a false front and landing a shot 1-2 feet on usually will end up 20+ feet back off the green.

Full on approach shots will generally hold but short pitch shots are a nightmare and a true test of your short game.

Sundays mid morning are a perfect time to play on the peninsula during football season so POP was just under 4 hours. Cart gal was around a few times.

Blackhorse is an all around great course that will test your short game all day long!
Conditions continue to remain decent at Madera. Everything from tee to green is your typical average muni course. Greens were a bit slower than usual but rolled true with only a few unrepaired pitch marks here and there. It rained during the night (and for a few minutes while on course) so there were a few fairways that were soggy. Other than that most lies were decent. A few thin areas here and there exist throughout the fairways.

POP is always on the slow side at Madera, even when the course isn't too busy. This course seems to be the gathering spot for older retired golfers who take their time and are in no rush whatsoever. Most are friendly, just slow is all.
Made the trek down to Eagle Glen for the GK CUP final. I had three agenda's for making this trip.

Begin Lobbying for GK Cup 13 Final to be held in Northern California (hopefully bribing JohnnyGK with a round at Pebble Beach helped)!!!

Enforce dress code violations and award style points as the official GK fashion police (sorry Johnny but Perry got the nod with the matching shirt, shoe laces and hat)

And most importantly enjoy a bit of golf with some great, no scratch that, fantastic bunch of GK'ers.

This is my first time playing Eagle Glen and I must say it's a super fun layout. Lot's of elevation changes and like Nickesquire said, the front nine is mainly target golf with several holes demanding less than driver off the tee.

Condition wise the course was decent all around. Nothing spectacular but nothing horrible either. The first few greens were bumpy but then they smoothed out. Greens were soft and very receptive to approach shots. I never had an issue with a lie in the fairway but a couple of the tee boxes were trashed.

I avoided the bunkers all day so I'll let Roarksown1 give a report on the sand traps.

I don't know if I'll ever be in the area again to play this course a second time but if given the opportunity, I certainly won't pass it up.

I was disappointed that I didn't get to do a wardrobe change at the turn. Might just have to wait til' Pebble to debut that outfit.....
As most know, Valley Oaks has three 9 hole layouts. I played all three today and boy were they different in quality. Started off with the Lakes which is the "premier" 9 hole. No issues Tee to green. Good coverage all around. Nothing super but a solid muni course with an overall rating of a 7.

Next up was the Valley 9. Fairways were a bit thin in places and greens had a ton of pitch marks. Tee boxes were ok, however the Par 3's were a bit chewed up.

On to the Oaks and conditions got even worse. Fairways were very thin throughout with the greens being riddled with pitch marks and bumps. Tee boxes were thin with several bare spots.

Overall I'd rate the course at a 6. I met up after the first 9 with a couple former co-workers who are just starting to get into the game so it worked as a track to chill and get got up on the gossip.

Valley Oaks offers a decent change of pace to mix in with other courses in the area but for the prime rack rate, Dragonfly and Ridge Creek offer better courses. both in layout and conditions.
A quick update on the conditions at Dragonfly. Fairways and tee boxes are in nice shape, rated at a solid 7-7.5. Sand traps are constantly being improved. The one greenside bunker I was in had decent sand and a couple others looked like they had just been topped off with an abundance of new fluffy sand.

The greens however, were full of pitch marks. A number of times the putt would be altered in direction after hitting a bump (pitch mark). Dragonfly boasts that they only aerate their greens once a year (in June) I think they need to revisit that policy. I can't imagine what these greens will look like come February and March if they don't get some attention.

Other than that, the course is good to go with a fun layout that offers some challenging holes yet gives you enough scoring holes to keep you sane.
Played SJCC on 9/11/18 teeing off around 8am. Check in was effortless as the club pro got us dialed in. Being a private club there were only a handful of groups out so we opted to spend a little time on the range before heading out. Range is natural grass with actual grass down range. A lot of valley courses have gone to dirt fields for the range ( for water conservation) so it was nice to hit onto a green surface.

Course conditions were top notch all around. Fairways were a perfect 10 with greens and tee boxes only a notch below. Greens were spacious with most being fairly flat. A couple greens did have some serious double/triple tier undulations that could have made putting extremely difficult if you ended up in the wrong location. I was fortunate on this greens and ended up pin high making a two putt rather easy.

Course layout is well designed with a few elevation changes and a number of water hazards. There were a few holes that accuracy took presidence of distance. I lucked out on one hole but then got blocked out from the left edge of the fairway on #10

This is one of the few courses in the valley that has great sand in every trap. There's no cart service but has a snack shop at the turn in addition to the great restaurant.

The whole course and atmosphere reminded me up Quail Lodge. Perfect fairways topping off all around great course conditions with large flatfish greens. Customer service was full of laid back super friendly staff members who genuinely made you feel welcomed.

Definitely a recommended course if you get the opportunity to play.
Played Rancho Solano on 9/12 with the GK crew. This was my first time playing here and What a fun course! Track has elevation changes, water features and great conditions throughout!! Course design offers the option of grip it and rip it without too much risk of being heavily punished. Yet it has enough trees and water hazards to keep you honest and make less than driver a viable option at times.

Greens are HUGE and have several big undulations throughout. Three putts are easy to do on these greens. All but a couple of greens were in fantastic shape rolling smooth at a medium-slow pace. Just a couple of greens had some brown spots on the edges but again the greens are so big the brown spots were 40-50 feet away from the pins

Green side bunkers had excellent soft fluffy sand. Tee boxes were flat and lush and the cart gal came around a number of times.

I really enjoyed this course and highly recommend it.
Round two of the day with JohnnyGk and BSF was at Paradise Valley. Overall it was a decent and fun course. Not quite as well kept as it's sister course (Ranch Solano) but overall it was in decent shape. Course layout is fairly flat but has a number of water features throughout the track to make it fun and challanging.

Greens where in good shape sans a few unrepaired divots here and there. There's no sand in the carts to repair fairway divots and we were told that they have course marshals repair divots as most players put too much sand in the divots causing premature wear on the mower blades.

Fairways offered good lies throughout. At least that's what I was told. I used up all my good drives in the morning!

Whereas Rancho Solano had more of a "resort" style course feel to it, Paradise Valley had more of a "muni course" feel. If traveling into the area I would recommend Rancho Solano first but Parasise Valley offers a solid second option. I also know one of the "Pro Euro" guys plays there on occasion so it must be a good course! But I think that's just because he likes showing off and driving the par 4 13th hole!
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