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Played Saturday, April 27, early morning. Pace of play was only okay, but more on that later. We had six guys for two tee times, but apparently no waiting list as we went off as two threesomes.

The course is in good shape. Was worried about the greens but they are fully healed, although they were relatively slow. Rolled nice, just not with the usual pace. The rough is cut down. The fairways were full. I had to laugh when one of our players complained there was more sand than he was used to in the bunkers. If they cut the greens as usual, the course is going to be better than most in this area.

Now, on POP. We waited on every shot the first two holes, playing behind two foursomes that we could see. On the third hole, the par three, we joined up into a sixsome and played the round in 4.5 hours, still waiting on every shot except the two par 5s on the back. We had an open hole behind us from the 5th hole on. They caught us on 12, then we opened up that hole gap again. There was at least 1.5 holes open in front of the group two groups in front of us, as there was no one on the par 5 14 when they were in the fairway on 13 (we could see it standing waiting on the 12th tee). The group in front of us stayed about a half shot behind, only waiting on the par 3s. I would have been embarrassed if I were in a foursome (three riders) with a sixsome (all walking) waiting on our every shot. Final part of the rant, it is on the course that we never saw a marshal questioning why there was a sixsome playing early on Saturday or any time for that matter. Would have been nice to see one pushing the groups in front to keep up the pace. Not to mention on the fivesome behind us, all riding, that could not keep up.
Played Sunday in a tournament. Usual good experience with service throughout. Nice training area which I usually do not have time to take advantage of, but this time got to hit, chip and putt.

The course was in excellent shape. I was only in one bare spot in a fairway. There was some very faded white paint around at least part of it but I could not tell if the area I was in was part of what had been designated GUR. Otherwise had good lies throughout, if fairly tight around the greens. The rough was a factor but not tall enough to make it difficult to find balls.

The greens had been punched. They rolled much better than I expected at medium speed. Some bumps but I did not have any putts I missed that I could blame on the aeration. One note. The greens on the course were not as fast as the practice putting greens. I three putted the first two holes before I figured that out.

Pace of play was somewhere between 4.5 and 5 hours. Word was our first group was well behind and the ranger was asked to push them. When we spotted them near the end of the round they looked to be near on pace with the group in front of them, so it was probably the course that dictated the POP. There were quite a few people out there on a beautiful day.
First time on the Navy course. Some friends play here and have praised it so thought I would give it a try. Got out there early as a single and glad I did as I was just able to get on before the Lady's Club teed off about 7:45. Great rate at $30 walking and decent pace of play at about 4:20. Played with three retired military men (two former naval pilots) who were great to play with.

I liked the course. Enough variety to keep it interesting. Some tiered greens, plenty of sand and more water features than I expected (although a couple have been retired to waste areas without water). The fairways and rough had good cover. There were some tight lies near the greens but nothing unusual. The rough was fairly low cut and not overly penal. The sand was fine. I really liked the greens. Medium speed and appeared to roll true. Very fair.

Overall, I should have played here before. Good experience all around. One note. The distance from the Blue tees that I played is listed at over 6700 yards. I was hitting the driver well but either the ball rolls really well there or it is shorter than the listed distance. In my opinion.
Played in a small tournament on Sunday morning. Fairly slow round at 5 plus hours but not unexpected. Ate in the clubhouse beforehand and the service was great.

The course was not bad. The fairways were generally okay if thin at times. Had a couple of bare lies both otherwise decent. The first fairway looks like it does not drain well and was the softest in the round. Tight lies around the greens. Some areas around the collars that were bare. The sand was hit and miss. There was not much sand in the one bunker I was in and there were complaints from a playing partner at least once. The tees were generally okay except #6 par three with not much grass in the hitting area. It needs work. The rough was generally cut down but with the recent rains there were multiple areas that had not been mown and it was difficult to find balls there.

The greens were very nice. Not as fast as the putting green, but rolled at a decent pace and I did not notice any bumps. They were the highlight of the course.

I always enjoy playing here and Sunday was no exception. Nice layout in good enough shape. People that work there seem to care about what they do. Friendly staff in the bar/restaurant. I'll be back.
Played here on Saturday, 2/9, in Team Play. it was pouring rain on the way to the course and raining steadily when we got there. Nonetheless, we were told we were playing. The putting green was virtually unputtable (top corner allowed some putts) and the driving range was closed until we teed off. It stopped raining on number 2 or 3 and had pretty good weather the rest of the round. it ended up being a 5 hour round as it was cart path only and there was quite a bit of searching for balls.

The good - The greens were really fast and rolled great, both when wet and after drying out. The sand was great also (much better than this time last year) although compacted from the rain.

The okay - The fairways were for the most part okay with pretty good hitting surfaces. They have not been able to mow and in some parts it was tough to tell where the rough ended and the fairway began. The rough was pretty low and not a factor although there was some really thick junk in areas, hence the searching. It was tough to find balls in those areas. The tee boxes were a mixed bag with some sloping but I was always able to find a flat area.

The bad - The 14th and 15th fairways were so bad that they had a marshal out there helping people find balls on 15 and directing them on 14. Roughly 70-80 percent of the fairway on 14 was roped off and had standing water throughout, which is amazing considering how sloped it is. All of 15's fairway was roped off up to near the green. My teammate lost his ball in an area where it had to have plugged so deep it was gone. I could feel the ground shifting under my feet as we looked for his ball. The fairway was not mowed, needless to say.

Great service, especially in the coffee shop. I'll come back when it dries out.
Played in what was supposed to be a tournament but became unofficial when too many people cancelled because of forecast rain. The course was great in working with us under the circumstances and getting out those that wanted to play. And it did rain, at times, which really did not affect the course until the last hole when the downpour quickly turned the fairway into a quagmire and the green into a pond. Cart path only (I walked), 5.5 hour round.

The fairways were the worst I have seen them. I play here at least once a year and I have never had a negative opinion of the fairways. For whatever reasons, the grass was sparse in places, many places. Light rough was not a factor. Good sand in the bunkers.

The greens were great. Quite fast with tricky pin positions.

The 19th hole here is great, which we enjoyed with the club member who had a hole in one on number 7. Very nice.
Played Wednesday, January 2. Not much to add to the last review except that in addition to being a little bumpy, the greens were very firm. No check on chip shots that I saw and I was playing with two sub-5 handicappers. Spectacular weather, albeit cold, and course conditions were very good. It was quite green. Interesting that there is a sand base at the driving range but the course has a tougher dirt base.

We had a forecaddie for the four of us, which is a less expensive option to the caddy experience. The bags were on carts (cart path only). He found balls, gave direction and distance, raked bunkers, and read putts. I think the greens are fairly difficult to read so that was valuable. The only birdie I made was a triple breaker, downhill putt that he read to perfection. Mark "Benjie" Benjamin. Highly recommended. You never know though. Another foursome in our group had a caddy who said he was legally blind and did not look for balls. Weird qualities in a forecaddie.
Played an early morning round last Saturday, around 7:00. Walked up to the starter and was teeing off about 15 minutes later. Always good service here in my experience, starter and F&B staff, and today was no exception. Good POP at 3:55.

The course was in pretty good shape. Some bare spots in the fairways, tees a bit beaten up, and the one trap I was in had good sand on my first shot and no sand in my (alas) second shot from three feet closer to the hole. The rough was cut down in most spots with it being more full on the clubhouse side of the road. The highlight of the course were the greens. My not having putted before the round killed me because the greens were quite fast. They were very wet with dew when we started out and did not look close cropped but my first putt went 15' by the hole. Surprisingly fast. There is enough slope on some of the greens to make it fun. The held approach shots well though.

Good experience so recommended.
Played today, Sunday Oct. 7, in a tourney at 10:00 am. Not surprisingly, they were running about 20 to 30 minutes behind. POP was about 5:15, about what we expected and better than we feared.

The course is in decent condition. The only sign of the recent aeration was on the practice green. The greens on the course showed no evidence of it. The rolled decently although they were fairly soft so there were bounces from the footprints. The fairways were pretty good, the rough cut down and more hit or miss. That said we lost two balls in the rough in areas where no balls should have been lost. So there was some thicker grass that apparently gobbles balls.

The tee boxes were merely okay. Between the markers they tended to be chewed up but there were flat decent areas if you were flexible on ball placement. The worst part to me were the sand traps. The sand was hit and miss with many spots with less sand than there appeared. The fairway bunkers tended to be hard as concrete except on #10.

Overall, it was an okay experience. I played poorly and that likely colored my experience. That and the decently quick greens with footprints evident in them. It is recommended but not ideal.
Played last weekend in the early morning. Quite busy. I got there a little before dawn to get on the waiting list and waited about 45 minutes before my name was called. While that may not seem like a long time on a weekend morning, it was atypical to my experience here. The starter's computer kept going down, slowing the line waiting to check in, but people kept teeing off so that was not the issue. It was just busy. Maybe Tiger's resurgence is affecting the attendance??? Even considering the fog, which hung around for seven holes, the POP was less than 4 hours.

The course conditions were pretty much the same as they have been in my prior visits, except the greens and the rough. The rough is generally lush but it was definitely cut down from its height earlier in the summer. Still a factor but much more playable. Fairways were good, tee boxes were okay.

The greens were lousy. There were really bad fungus (bare) spots especially on the front nine. They were bumpy and slow. It was especially glaring considering how good the greens were earlier this year. What was funny about the situation is I made a ton of putts. I can only think I would have missed the putts if the greens had been any good. So my perception of the greens was not because of the experience. That said, some of the greens on the back nine were much better. Still slow, but without the bare spots.

I had a good time even with the conditions of the greens. The rest of the course is muni-good and putts were falling. So I will be back.
Played Sunday in the Men's Club tourney. Early tee time but the public groups before the tournament were slow. 4.5 hours POP was too slow for that early.

The course was in decent shape. No sand or other evidence of any work on the greens. There were some discoloration/swirls around the edges like maybe they were going to get fungus but the greens are uniform in lushness. They were relatively slow though. Medium at best, easily the slowest I have seen them in a while.

The fairways were fine, the rough hit or miss as usual, and the bunkers had relatively new sand that was nice to play from. The tee boxes were merely okay, with number 12 being not okay. It was really chewed up. Otherwise the kikuyu was pretty thick on the tees.

It was more humid than usual, but a nice day to be walking on the hill overlooking the ocean.
Played Saturday, 8/4, with a fairly early start. Small shotgun starting over 6 or 7 holes on the back nine. Pace of play was a little over 5 hours. We were playing match play which should have made the pace faster, but alas not.

I had never played the course before. I liked it. Interesting elevation changes especially on the back nine. The course conditions were pretty good. I liked the bermuda fairways and did not have a bad lie in them. The rough was mixed. I had one gnarly bermuda rough lie where advancing the ball was all I could do, and other places with other grass that was lush but one could get a club on it. The sand traps were mixed. One greenside bunker had too little sand at the bottom, others were fine. The fairway bunkers were very firm.

The greens were great. They were not as fast as they looked and they were pretty soft. Footprints were quite evident on them. That said, they ran mostly true at medium speed and held all shots.

If you could keep the ball in the fairway, the course was there to be had. I will definitely be back.
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