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Played Saturday and Sunday, both times in the morning, on a $99 for two Under Par certificate for unlimited golf. There was a frost delay both days, with the course opening between 8:00 and 9:00 am. The course handled it well in my opinion, sending groups off both tees. We did have an hour delay on Sunday in our start. With the compression of groups, pace of play was not great. It was about 4.5 hours on Saturday and about 5 hours on Sunday.

The weather was beautiful both days except for the chill in the mornings. The course had a chance to dry out and for the most part was good. There were some muddy parts to the fairways on some holes which were generally roped off. There was also not much roll out although it was better on Sunday than it was on Saturday. The course was lush. The rough had been cut and we were able to find balls but it was still thick enough to be punitive. The greens were good. Good speed and generally true. Both days there were a couple of holes with pin placements that were borderline unfair, but otherwise nothing to complain about on the greens.

The sand traps were the low light of the course. There was standing water and mud in many of the greenside bunkers. In several there was no sand with the ground being very hard at the bottom. I hit out of one on #9 and there was no way to get under the ball. I was lucky my ball hit the lip as it went screaming on its way, and ended up on the green. The bunkers had obviously been hard hit by the rains. That said, there were a some where the sand was acceptable and played as normal.

The service was very good under trying circumstances for the course. They handled it with grace. They were also great in accommodating us considering we had a cancellation and so had three people with pre-paid certificates for two people each. The food staff was great. Had a good tri-tip sandwich. Curiously we saw a beverage cart on Saturday morning, once, and never saw it again all weekend. Otherwise, I was very happy with the service.

Highly recommended.
Quagmire. Morass. Pretty darn wet. Played lift clean and place but at times was hard to find a spot without casual water to hit it. Some of the tee boxes, including #1, felt my feet sink into the "grass" as I settled in for my shot. They obviously had not had a chance to mow so the fairways were shaggy. There were pools of water in many sand traps and in some all the sand had washed down to the bottom, leaving steep hard walls. The greens were pretty good. They rolled well even with the footprints. Slower than normal though.

The course played really, really long because of the conditions.

It looked like a holiday weekend out there. As I was getting my clubs out of the car, I saw a guy walking out with his clubs and getting in his car. Obviously a single that could not get on. It was packed for early morning. We had a 7:30ish tee time and started half hour late. POP 5 hours.

I had a good time out there, fun group of guys and competitive golf. It was not easy to enjoy at times though considering the conditions.
Played Sunday, 10/30, with my bro for his birthday, teeing off at 9:00. Used an Underpar cert I purchased in July. Smooth sailing through check-in, nice work by the starter on communicating our position in the line up, and good service in the restaurant. The experience was good. We were scheduled to go out with another twosome but they did not show up so we had the course to ourselves. Literally it seemed. We never saw anyone in front of us. The ladies behind pressed us on the first hole and when we were putting on the second, then we did not see them again until 18. About 3.5 hours POP, re-doing many putts we missed and generally taking our time.

The course was in pretty good shape. The tees, fairways, rough and bunkers were all in lush and excellent shape. There was not much roll, have to think the rain softened it up some. The greens were okay. Fairly soft so showing footprints but generally the ball rolled well. There were some problems around the edges of some greens where they had sand in place. Still a temporary on No. 7.

Overall, a good experience. It was a great deal at the price and the POP and service were top notch.
Played about 7:00 am today. Walked up and was on the tee within 10 minutes. Enjoyable round and turned out the threesome I joined had two players I had played with before. Good time. Did I mention we played in 3:40? Great pace of play considering three of us were walking.

I had not played Wilson in quite a while. It was in pretty good shape. The course was lush. I was in no bare spots in the fairway. There was no roll considering how wet it was that early. The rough, cut to about ball height, was very much a factor and was much, much thicker than the rough on the west side I have been playing. The sand was thick and wet in the one trap I was in.

The greens were disappointing to me. They look like they had not fully healed from the last aeration, whenever that was, and they had a heavy top dressing of sand. They were relatively slow with quite a few bumps. That said, there were quite a few birdies in our group so they were rolling okay. Not as good as Harding last time I played it and not as good as this course usually is.

Service was great. The lady in the coffee shop is a sweetie, the lady in the half way house wanted to make sure I had all the necessities for the boiled eggs I bought, and I really appreciated the starter looking for and filling the group about to hit the tee.

The course is recommended and I bet next week the greens will be nice after the sand is assimilated and they are cut.
Played Sunday in an LA County team event. 5 plus hour round in the heat was not great. The service was good and saw the cart lady several times. The course conditions were decent. The fairways were generally good with some drier spots. The rough was a mix of not much to some really thick clumps of kikuyu. The greens were showing the effects of the aeration with bumps and they were on the slow side. Also had some inconsistent speeds. I like the track but it will probably be a couple of weeks before the greens match the conditions on the rest of the course.
Walked on Saturday early and was on the tee within 15 minutes. While the starters are always great, the half way house was closed when we got to it after 8, which was a little before 9:00, which detracts from the service. Pace of play was great at right about 4 hours and we finished at least one hole behind. One in the threesome I hooked up with said he had never played a round that fast (part of the problem in my opinion). Anyway, great value at $42 walking on a weekend. The course was lush both fairways and rough, the bunkers had good sand and the tee boxes were good although I am not a fan of shaved kikuyu tees.

Whatever microtining they have done on the greens was fully healed although they were not fully smooth. Some bumps out there. Good speed though. Overall, good value for your golf bucks.
Played early on Saturday (first two shots were in the dark) and Sunday. Pace of play - 4 hours and 4.5 hours. Nice ocean breeze this morning for us walkers.

The course is heavily reviewed so this will not be long. Fairways and greens are in good to excellent shape. The sand was hit and miss today. The one bunker I was in on 18 was nice but there were complaints on the front nine from others about there being little sand in a green side sand trap. That is not usually a problem here so it may be an anomaly.

The rough is weird. It is completely gone, leaving bare dirt, in some areas off the fairway and immediate areas around it. The rough was shaved down in some areas where they had been growing it, such as in the landing area on 1, to the left of the landing area on 9, and on the edges of 6. It is really thick in other areas, on the right on #2, left on 5, near the green on 10, behind the cross-bunker on 11, and on the right of the landing area on 18. It looks in some places that they have extended the apron and given it a graduated rough, such as left on 5. You could go from having virtually no rough on 14-17 to finding two balls looking for a lost ball (which we never found) on 18. I like the extra challenge the thicker rough gives, it just pops up when you do not expect it.
Played Friday and Sunday last weekend, both time quite early. Great pace of play of 3 hours each time.

The course was in good to excellent shape. They were putting quite a bit of water on it because of the heat which limited the roll and made the sand somewhat damp. The sand was pretty deep but played well. The course was lush with few dry spots. The rough was thick in most places and we had to search for balls at times even though we knew the area where they ended up. it was definitely a factor.

The greens looked great but were very soft and ran on the slower side. They sped up on Friday as the round went along but never seemed to on Sunday. I think they had more water on them Sunday leading to the slowness. They rolled nicely, just pretty slow.

Overall, a good golf experience. The only real negative was the mosquitoes, especially on the back nine on Friday. We were told that the County sprayed on Thursday. It only made the squiters' mad from what we could tell. We were offered bug spray before we started on Sunday, nice touch I thought, which helped a great deal. We still saw plenty of the pests on Sunday but the bites were not nearly as frequent.
Back today with an earlier tee time (before 7), with a better POP of 4.5 hours. They did a micro punch this week; no sand, just the small punch. Looked like they did the back 9 then the front 9. The greens rolled okay, a little bumpier, but were definitely softer.
Played in a tourney on Sunday, July 10. We started on time but it was slooow once we were on the course. Close to 3 hours for the front nine and 5.5 hours overall. And it was not the tournament that was holding things up. There were groups stacked up on every hole in sight and we did not see any obvious gaps. It was just crowded.

The course was in decent shape. There were some dry spots in the fairways but it was generally lush. The rough was lush and definitely a factor. The tees were okay with the notable exceptions of par 3 holes 5 and 12. Those tees were sanded but it did not look like much grass under there. Hole 16 was not much better. I was only in one bunker and it was fine. The greens were only okay which is too bad because they are usually the highlight of this track in my experience. They were okay on speed, slower than usual though, and pretty bumpy. I can't complain too much, I had one birdie where the putt was clearly going to miss the hole but it was knocked into line by some imperfection in the green.

Overall good service. The cart lady came around several times. They had a barbecue going next to the 10th tee which was a nice touch. The service in the coffee shop was good. All was appreciated because the course is busy with the good practice area drawing a lot of people not playing that day.
Played this mid-morning in the South Bay Pub Links tourney. Red White Blue format so I got to see some tee boxes I don't usually see and some new angles on old holes. The red tees were really nice, flat with few divots. Blue tees not so much, like 11 which was definitely crowned.

The course itself was decent. It is drying out some although still leagues better than the depth of the drought. I had good lies in the fairway but there were some drier areas nearby that would not have provided as good a hitting surface. There is still some grass in the outside areas that did not have grass last year, like left on #2, but it is dwindling with the heat.

The greens were not as fast as two weeks ago. Significantly faster than Rancho Park which I played Saturday, but more the fast side of medium. You had to respect the downhill but not the breath on and hope it holds the line respect.

The cart lady was both great looking and diligent. The coffee shop was rocking but each time I went in there I got quick and pleasant service. The only downer was the 5.5 hour POP. But, it was cool and you could see the second island to the right of Catalina. Nice place to spend a slow day of golf.
Men's club tourney this morning. Hot for the coast, I felt for those playing inland. The course was in decent shape today. More water than usual out there presumably because of the heat wave. The greens were really nice. Fast. Accentuated the break and kicked my behind. I enjoyed the challenge though. The greens made a bad round fun.
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