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Played Sunday in the Men's Club tourney. Gorgeous morning with views that included a glimpse of the Channel Islands in the Ventura/SB area. The views of Malibu and Catalina were crystal clear. Cool Santa Ana wind at the start that calmed down in the mid-morning.

The course is playing firm and fast. Pretty dry overall but with decent grass cover and they have been able to maintain some areas that they seeded last year to make the course look better. And catch some wayward shots like left on #2. That said, there are many dirt areas between holes, such as between 6 and 7, and several areas on the back nine. Generally good conditions though.

The greens were outstanding and very quick. There were some tough pin positions. We had a couple of balls roll back from the back right pin position on #4, including one player whose ball went two feet past the hole then rolled back about 15 feet or more. Wind aided but showing the speed of the greens. They rolled great though.

Nice coffee shop with plenty of TVs to watch the games. The servers are great also.

Recommend right now, just know going in that it is not going to be a fast round.
Played in a tourney Sunday, 1/12. The course has received several reviews recently but thought I would throw in my two cents. Overall, it was very favorable. The place was packed with a shotgun start on the North Course, so getting service afterwards in the restaurant was difficult. The waitresses were trying and were courteous, there were just a lot of people.

The greens blew me away. Fastest I have seen them in years. They were also quite firm, which is unusual in my experience here the last few years. There were some wicked pin positions, especially the 5th hole where one guy in our group lipped out and rolled eight feet down to where my and our other playing partner's balls had ended up when we just missed putts. He ended up three putting after hitting his sand shot to six feet. The rum bottle appeared at the next tee.

The rough was lousy. I was in it all day and usually sitting on dirt between clumps of grass. The fairways were decent from what little I saw of them. There was enough sand in the bunkers I was in but barely. So the course had some blemishes but overall very playable and a fun layout.

Pace of play was okay at a little under the expected 5 hours. Sunday tournament pace.

I'll be back.
Late review. Snuck out for an afternoon round at Alondra last Saturday. For my semi-annual visit, I walked on at 1:00, joined on 10 two twosomes that had earlier paired up and was able to finish just as it was getting dark. Pretty good pace of play for a weekend round.

The course was in decent shape. Some bare spots, definitely thin winter conditions overall in the fairways. There were some muddy spots but nothing really bad considering the course traditionally drains poorly. The rough was hit and miss. Generally cut down but I was in some gnarly spots as well, left on 15 and on the backside of the green on 17. The bunkers were playable. The greens were interesting. I asked someone making the turn about them and he said they were good and surprisingly quick. I found them to be medium speed but also looking like they may be developing some fungus problem. I was chipping for practice on the 8th green and the ball was hopping all over the place. That said, they rolled pretty well on putts considering the time of day.

Overall, the course exceeded my expectations which admittedly were not high. For $23.75 walking, it was a good deal.
Played in a tournament here on Sunday, 12/1. The service here is generally good and this visit was no exception. No complaints about the staff. I was surprised that the tournament went off on time at 9:00 am (maybe a few minutes early) and finished in 4.5 hours. Nice! Fastest weekend tourney time I have had here.

The coruse itself was in okay condition. The greens were shaggy, a little bumpy, and slow. I attribute it to the rain. There were still some signs of aeration on some of the greens, and the root structure seemed really shallow when fixing ball marks, so that might have been a factor also. In any event, what was a strength in the past was a glaring weakness on this visit.

The rain and cold temperatures have the course in winter conditions. Pretty tight lies on the fairways and cut/nonexistent rough with some bare spots. There were some spots with higher grass but those generally looked like soft spots they were avoiding mowing until the rain stops. The tee boxes were okay. Not always level or lush, I had no problem finding an adequate spot to put the tee. I would note that hole numbers 4 and 14 were cart path only. Four was not bad but fourteen had some soft spots near the cart path that had some cart damage already.

The course is playable but will not be my first option for a while.
Played early Sunday, 11/24. Great pace of play, a little under 4 hours. Pleasant group whose 4th apparently did not get the memo.

The course was nice. The rough was cut down so the ball was running off to the side more than usual. I had good lies when in the fairway, some bare lies in the rough. The course was drier than usual in the early morning so there were some drives with good run out. No complaints about the greens. Medium speed but the ball rolled well.

At $60.50 to ride, it is a good weekend spot, if you get out early.
Played in a tourney on Sunday, November 3. We were started late. The front took easily over 2.5 hours but we ended up with a POP of less than 5 hours. So it definitely sped up on the back nine. Good customer service from the starter, okay service at the walk-up counter in the coffee shop.

I have not played Brookside the day after a UCLA football game. Maybe because of UCLA's dismal attendance this year, the course did not show much sign of being used as a parking lot the previous day. They were still removing port o potties and some other equipment but that was the only sign I saw of the event. Despite that, the course was in okay but not what I would consider good condition.

I was in quite a few bare spots in the fairway. Possibly because I could not hit an iron straight I was in the greenside rough quite a bit and there was plenty of hard pan there also. The sand traps were the worst conditions. I was in one that might have been a fairway bunker and might have been greenside (maybe 15 yards from the green) that had no sand. I could see the liner material poking out of that and a greenside bunker I was in. Just not good sand coverage.

The greens were excellent. Rolling with good quickness and smoothly. Generally greenside rough near the green was pretty thick. I was in one area that looked like it was sod that had been put in a couple of months before that had good coverage.

So, it was a mixed bag. It is a good test of your golf game (although the white tees we played took some of the teeth out of the course). There are some fun holes. I have seen the conditions better though.
Played Saturday, 10/5. Walked up and got out quickly at about 7:00. They sent us out as a threesome although the course was generally crowded. We played in 4:15, so pace of play was not bad.

Course is in decent shape. I was in a couple of bare spots in the fairway and had some bare or lousy lies in the rough, but overall not bad conditions. I was in plenty of sand traps and while not a great deal of sand in them, there was enough. The greens showed little signs of the aeration but they are still shaggy and some bumps were evident.

The blue tees on many of the holes were back farther than usual. My recollection is the par 3s played at 167, 215 (although I did not get a read on the stick), 197, and 205 (shaky recollection on this one). The fairways on the longer holes were pretty wet. The course was playing long. It was a good test and a fun experience with two congenial companions.
Played in a tourney Sunday, 8/4. The pace was not as bad as feared, 2:20 on the front then slowed down to 5 hours total. Our first groups were slowed down by the public play in front of them. Great service as usual. Some guys at the bar were having the Cowboy Breakfast that looked sinfully good.

The course was in nice shape. There some dry areas, fairway and rough, but overall pretty lush. Was in two bunkers and the sand was not deep but okay. The greens were the highlight. Not as fast as I have seen them here but still good speed and rolling nicely. The tee boxes were a mixed bag. About the only complaint I had on them was when I had to hit an iron off the tee the kikuyu grass was so thick that a partial tee barely got to the ground. The tourney played the white tees and some of them were pretty far up, especially #2, so hitting an iron was unusually viable here. Took quite a bit of teeth out of those holes.

I enjoyed the round and will be back.
Played early on Saturday, 7/13, getting right on as a single with three fun younger guys Mitch, Steve and John. The course was busy with full groups but we still played in a little over 4 hours.

The greens are as good or better than any time I have played here before. The practice green was still wet and fairly slow so it took some getting used to when we hit the greens on the course. Medium fast and rolling great. Pretty soft on approach shots. Easily the best part of the course.

The rest of the course was okay. The rough was cut down in most places but we found several balls that players had left there, including right on 13 where I found three balls before finding mine. The fairways were pretty good although with numerous drier spots where the lie as less lush. The tee boxes were good if pretty chewed up. Always had a good stance and level area though. Not in any sand traps but watching others hit out of them, they seemed in good shape.

Enjoyable round with good conditions. At $45.50 (based on recollection) to walk on a weekend. I'll be back.
Played very early this morning in about 4:15. The course is in nice shape. I like the way they have cut aprons around the green and have grown the rough up. The rough was definitely a factor in places. Fairways as nice as I have seen them. Not much roll considering how comparatively lush they are. The greens though are slower than normal. Medium at best. Multiple putts left short in my group and some putts that are usually extremely fast downhill were noticeably much slower. Overall, the course is in nice shape, I just wish the greens were cut or rolled to the speed they have been in the past.
Excellently run GK Event once again. Teed off right on time at about 1:20 pm, with the weather cooperating. Hot but not too hot with enough breeze to feel nice while less than a club at most. POP was good also at 4:20. The facilities were first rate. Nice clubhouse, helpful staff, good restaurant. The range area was small and the targets were few, but it was grass.

Apparently, there was a NCGA Amateur net qualifier that morning. The pin positions reflected that. Some tough blue positions, such as 15 and 18. Tough greens for that matter. I agree the course should be rated higher, at least as to slope. Some unforgiving greens and rough. The ball tended to roll and many times thought might have stopped short of a hazard to find that the ball had rolled much farther than I had expected. The fairways were nice though. Tight lies but nothing bare. The primary rough was not that much of a factor. Outside the grass was generally brutal. Had a couple of unexpected good lies but losing the ball was more usual.

I liked greens even though they were tough to read and double breaking putts were regular. Tough to get the speed right too. They were definitely interesting. Also, usually rolling up, links style, was an option (note Rob's 60-yard putt for an epic up and down) but getting the ball to stop in the correct level was very difficult. The bunkers were not so great. The fairway bunkers were rock hard with some dirt clods. The greenside ones had sand but the hitting surface was hit and miss. Had one lousy lie in a depression. No footprints though, which was nice to see. Respect the game.

It was a course where local knowledge was a premium. We were lucky to have Darren to let us know where to aim on the more confusing holes. Some very intimidating views from the tees but generally there were generous landing areas. I had fun and it seemed the others did also no matter what the course threw at us. Overall, a well designed course and a fun day.
Played Wilson early on Memorial Day. Waited about one half hour after getting on the waiting list before I was on the tee. Pretty empty considering it was a holiday, went out as a threesome followed by another and saw some threes and even a pair playing behind us. Maybe the rain the day before or because it was cool in the morning (48 degrees when I got there), but it turned into a spectacular day and was crowded when I finished. A tick under 4 hours for POP.

The course is in good shape. Overall good coverage on the fairways. The rough was cut pretty low but still a factor to hit out of. It was pretty lush Kikuyu in places. Was in one sand trap and had good sand but a playing partner in the same trap had almost no sand under his ball. The greens were soft and I had seen them faster. That said, they were pretty good at medium speed that picked up a little as the course dried out. Some bumps but not too bad. There were some long (as opposed to round) punches on some areas of a few greens but nothing that affected a putt.

Good customer service by the starter. Saw him come out of the shop to show a person the group the guy was playing with. Seemed to very competently handle both courses. Only complaint was the coffee shop did not open until 6:30 am. No coffee! Otherwise no complaints on a great morning on the course. And traffic was light on the way home. Can not ask for more from Wilson.
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