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4/29 using the palm card stating off with a little drizzle which turned into a fairly steady rain for about 1/2 the time and of course when were finishing the last 2 holes the rain stopped and the sun peaked through. Good GPS and nice carts.
Fairways have good coverage and have been closely mowed which would have given better roll out if dry. Not much rough except in areas around and in front of most greens. Tees are level and generally have good cover. Some par 3 boxes were rather worn and had divots. Bunkers were groomed and of good quality but were rapidly filling with excess water as the round proceeded.
Greens were smooth green and healthy rolling medium fast even with the rain.
There has been a lot of effort to upgrade the conditions and it is really paying off. Too bad that there are too many customers and not enough golfers who have respect for the game as there were way too many unfilled divots and unrepaired ball marks.
POP was under 3 hours as expected for a nearly empty course.
Friendly staff easy check in. If you live within 60 minutes of the course the palm card provides an excellent value and the conditions are some of the best around.
4/22 216 tee off with invite to join Leef2020, Mike and Ken. I had just completed my review and went to submit but my internet went down and when I went to reconnect I lost it all. So this is going to be brief and to the point. Had a great time with these guys with good weather and excellent scenery making the 445 POP more tolerable. Course is in good shape overall and the $42 fee was worth it. Fairways have good cover firm enough for some roll but with good cushion. Rough not overly long but presented a challenge depending on the lie. Tees level with some a little shaggy but ok. No 1st hand experience with the bunkers but they looked ok.
Green quick enough and consistent for speed, Did notice that with the later start foot traffic was evident especially with front pins leading to some bumpiness.
4/19 using underpar $80 2some 10 am tee off 440 POP with considerable waiting making the round feel much longer. Overall course conditions were quite good. Fairways for the most part were lush with only a few thin areas on a couple on the back 9. Good roll and cushion. The poa rough was just mean, quickly stopping balls from forward progress and while not looking to be that difficult to hit from, the wirery nature often grabbed and twisted the clubs. Then there were the areas at the back of the green that were longer and more lethal especially when trying to control a downhill chip.
Tees were mainly good with some thin areas and some needing divot repair, mostly affecting appearance. Bunkers looked good but did have some some areas that were overly wet leaving sand/dirt mix that did not play very well. The dry nicely compacted sand was very playable.
The greens of course were very good as they are scheduled for punching(1/2 of each at a time) 4/22 and 23 with the other 1/2s sometime in May.) Fast and smooth was the theme.
Friendly staff, frequent rounds by the snack cart. No marshal to keep things moving on a busy Friday with one morning modified shotgun tourney group on the course before us and another tourney following. According to the score card a 425 POP is the goal.
4/18 using underpar $45 2some on a coolish occasionally breezy 830 start with a 4 hr POP.
Fairways were mostly good with a rare lie that was on the thin side. Rough was generally penal, mostly about 2 inches quickly impeding forward progress and often providing a challenging shot and that describe the areas closest to the fairway. Stray further and face deeper clumpier angry grasses that 1st attempt to forever hide the ball and then try to wrest the club from your grip. It is possible that beyond these areas "there be dragons".
Tees were mostly level with a few shaggy areas and some random divot damage. Never found myself in a bunker.
Greens are in the recovery process medium speed and still a tad bumpy but not bad considering.
Staff was friendly and helpful as my son who was joining me hit bad traffic and pro shop staff suggested I tee off with the assigned 2some as there were several groups following us and he could be ubered out which he was in time to join us on the 2nd tee.
4/12 using GSC $21 with range token easy POP of 330 after passing a 4some on the turn. For the most part the course is good shape with the fairways filled in nicely, mowed and outlined by well maintained rough--very pleasing to the eye. Had very good fairway lies all day and depending on whether or not the ball sank down into the rough the degree of difficulty varied accordingly. Bunkers varied from rather thin to filled with deep mostly heavy sand both of which was playable but required a different shot choice. Tees were the weakest part as some were sloped. Most had ok cover with some divot areas on the par 3s.
Greens played better than they looked having some discoloration and intrusion of poa. Over all rolled well at medium fast speed. Front flags are downright treacherous if above the hole.
If you haven't been here in a while grab a GSC voucher and come out and give it a try,
4/10 using Golf Moose $49 2some--smooth 320 POP on a balmy am with much less wind than forecast. The river runs through it and with the last rains deposited extra sand on the lower fairways so lies here could be tricky. Otherwise conditions were pretty much ok with about 70% decent lies. Even though we had some less than ideal lies being able to occasionally execute a good strike from those lies is fulfilling. Sure its good to approach a ball that is sitting so fine that it is practically teed up. Sometimes its fun to tough it out and walk with the Scots.
Rough is mostly a factor on the slopes and areas around the greens. Bunkers have reclaimed heavy river sand that is deep but compacted which is rather to my liking.
Most of the tees are battered but playable.
The greens are really good with healthy tight grass, freshly mowed , smooth and rolling medium fast with just enough subtle break from slope and topography to provide a very fair challenge to our putting skills. The grounds crew had been out early and swept off all the debris from the night's wind storm--good job!!
Easy friendly check in.
4/8 using Underpar $50 2some easy 3 1/2 POP seemingly having the course to ourselves teeing off at 815. Very friendly staff who communicated that there will be a lot of resources invested into the course. While hope may spring eternal it apparently is much harder to get grass to grow. The fairways remain patchy with some areas providing an ok lie but there are many really thin to bare areas. We played lift and place but really only had to move the ball about 1/2 the time. With the thin cover and firm/hard surface striking the ball 1st and cleanly was a priority especially with the wedges. No real rough often just sandy terrain bordering fairways with occasional areas of slightly longer grass around the greens.
Tees were level but a bit shabby. Bunkers were rather thin but playable--got up and down 4 out of 5 mostly due to making longish putts--and some had rocks and pebbles.
Greens were the best part of the course rolling medium/medium fast with some occasional slight bumpiness.
The layout has a lot of potential and has always been enjoyable but the overall conditions make choosing the links difficult when for $10-15 more there are other options. Also for me an hour's drive over the Ortega is also a factor to consider.
All in all its still a worthwhile experience for us occasionally.
Played 4/1 and 2 using Under Par stay and play. Course is a rather desert/links style with a remote feel as there are no houses and considerable desertscape bordering the fairways. 4 sets of tees measuring 6939-6435-5959 and 5530 and also having combos available. 3 of the 4 par 3s bring water into play as do 4 other holes. There are 76 bunkers many strategically placed and often in locations that could definitely guard the pin.
Conditions overall were quite good--fairways have lush thick grass that is firm for rollout while providing good cushion and excellent lies. Staff were seen out filing divots on a regular basis. Some areas of rough along fairways--not too penal but thicker and more wirery along and over the greens.
Tees were in good shape. As to the afore mentioned bunkers most were well maintained with fine but nicely compressed sand. A few had small pebbles.
Greens were very firm and quick. Some looked mottled with an incursion of poa but overall they rolled nicely.
Staff and service was excellent.
3/27 using Under Par $50 2some, fairly easy 345 POP teeing off about 8. Fairways are a somewhat mixed experience with some really nice areas then some that were patchy and thin with a very few bare spots or run off damage. I had mostly good lies from the fairway but spent at least 1/2 time in the rough and struggled. Rough is a mixture of grass varieties and being early morning wet at times the grasses were really p'd off and aggressive often grabbing the club quite violently.
Tees ranged from good and level and lush to somewhat sloped and ragged. Did not have to play out of any bunkers thankfully as they appeared to be the worst part of the course appearing to be the consistency of groomed mud with some having some sizable rocks.
Only 3 of the greens were punched and sanded on Monday 3/25 and was informed that the plan is to do 3 per week. These greens were playable considering the recent activity. The others were very firm and generally fast and once again having enough subtle influence from the contour and topography to make putting for me a challenge. I was close a lot but just did not find the cup quickly enough.
There is no driving range nor hitting cage. Putting green is rather small and while providing a good representation for the speed does not have much contour.
Friendly easy check in and was sent out well ahead of our set time. This is one of the older traditional courses in the area and provides some elevated tees, tree lined fairways and a park land setting. It is definitely worth the occasional play especially if you can score a $25-30 deal.
3/25 using Golf Moose $49 2some staring just before 8 POP 310 waiting only on 18. Fairways along the river were flooded at some point and about 1/2 of the area toward the bank is sandy and thin. #4 looks to have actually lost about 10 feet due to wash out. Rough is more apt to be present on slopes and areas close to the greens giving a more challenging lie on the shorter shots.
Bunkers were still pretty wet and not recently groomed as there were multilayers of unraked foot prints. Tees here are quite chewed up especially on the par 3s.
Greens are the high light, lush mostly smooth rolling at medium/medium fast increasing speed as they dried out from the morning dew.
Easy friendly check in.
3/23 with Rat-Patrol(Jim), 14Over(Mike), An,drewZ28 for our GK cup match on a breezy but very pleasant spring day with a POP of about 445 behind a slower 4some but the companionship, stories, conviviality, and scenery made for a good day.
Jim's review is spot on good fairways, level tees, and not overly penal rough. Bunkers were well groomed but for me difficult due to the heavy thick nature of the sand, fortunately I was in only 1 but took 2 to get out--not really the sand's fault so much as my skill level.
Greens are almost fully recovered so there was some inconsistency. These are big greens with significant contour, slope, undulations and the occasional tier.
Another shout out to the customer service.
3/22 using Under Par $45 2some on a really nice SC spring day paired with a couple of nice golfers from OC area. Most areas of the fairways were lush with good cover and excellent lies, nicely cut with good cushion. Some lower areas were still wet and some slopes showed evidence of run off. #11 had some thin areas along the lake which appeared to have been caused by over flow. Fairways are generally wide, however that did not keep players in our group from finding the abundant and deep rough which was an eclectic collection of grasses and other plant forms which made for difficulty in locating the ball and the having to play it all of which contributed to our plodding 4 1/2 hr POP.
Tees were overall lush and level. Bunkers looked good but played poorly as the well groomed mix of sandy mud often his the thinness of the lie.
Greens are very healthy.but were a little grainy due to the composition of the grasses. Rolled at medium speed and tended to take some adverse breaks as the ball slowed.
Greens are scheduled for punching 3/25.
Friendly staff, grass driving range(small bucket per player included in price) and large practice green that provided about the same pace as on the course.
Listing 13 to 24 of 59,882 Course Reviews
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