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7/28 GK Cup finals played the whites 6187 yds 69.2/127 rating. Course has a nice mix of holes as to length and shape with generally good variety and separation. As others have commented there is a feeling of isolation in this parkland setting.
Fairways appear wide and ample but often were difficult to hit and in retrospect more care could have been taken to pick a more precise target line. They have good cover providing excellent lies and way more roll than the rough. Speaking of which it did not look that long but varied from being somewhat dry and wispy to more wiry and grabby.
Bunkers were generally deeply filled with sand that would take a lot of practicing and superb execution to generate better results. The practice bunker was far better being more compacted and playable.
Tees were the weakest part of the course some being uneven of slightly sloped with the par 3s needing better rotation of markers to minimize wear.
Greens are large firm but receptive rolling smoothly with consistency through the round. Not a lot of humps or contour but plenty of slope and some subtle breaks near the hole. Fortune favors the brave as it appeared that the best approach on the under 4 foot putts was firm and straight--not in my repertoire-I am more of a soft and have it break under the hole kind of guy.
Good customer service.
7/18 using teeoff deal time with 20% added discount for total of $62 good for Hawaii and pretty good for this particular course. Conditions overall were mixed ranging from quite good to fair. Majority of fairways were well covered with a broad bladed variety of grass cut to a nice level. Some fairways had mixed types leading to varied lies and some thin conditions. Rough was mostly the thicker bladed grass which quickly stopped the ball and often provided for a challenging recovery shot. Anything beyond the rough was 2-3 feet deep and gone. Course has good variety with a nice mix of shorter holes that still provide a challenge as fairways are more narrowly cut with water potentially in play on about 1/2 the holes. Course is up country scenic 10 or so degrees cooler with good vistas.
Tees level with good cover. Bunkers were consistently good with groomer fine but compacted white sand.
Greens with a couple of exceptions were good with #1 and #13 having some bare spots. More on the firm side rolled about medium with some grain to factor in as well as prevailing topography.
POP at just over 4 but seemed slower as we as a 2some followed several resort players who were definitely on vacation. On the plus side the views were great weather great until the last 5 holes when a 3 club wind blew in.
Staff really cool sent us off 40 minutes early.
played 7/16 getting a fantastic teeoff deal time rate with 25% off for a total of $45, 1200 tee time arrived about 30 min early and was told could go when ever--real easy POP of 320. Very friendly staff good carts with GPS grass driving range and variety of practice area for chipping and even up to a 120 yards to practice green as well as large putting green. Course now has only the Ocean 18 and has been well renovated after a closure of some 3 years. All the bunkers have quality white sand, fine but nicely compacted and well maintained.
Fairways are lush with good cover and lies ball sits up nicely but not a lot of roll out. Rough is not overly long just enough to get to the top of the ball and stop forward progress--but not very penal for the extraction.
Tees level lush some to the point of being a little longish but really nothing to be of concern.
Greens are massive easily 2 clubs from front to back and have undulations and slope that made me feel like I needed a remedial course in basic Hawaiian green reading skills. Putts rolled at medium speed and would take significant breaks as they slowed--I just had trouble making the adjustment to hit through the hole to keep the ball more on line.
Overall the conditions are really good and the layout is scenic with several holes providing an ocean view and it also has good variety. I highly recommend playing here especially if there are any deal available.
6/29 GK Cup team play with George, David. and my partner Andrew, somewhat breezy about a club or so wind. Very scenic layout with good variety of holes winding through the hills and canyons laid out with dramatic vistas and many tee shots down to greens or fairways, and due to the layout with the cart path taking you back up, there are really no uphill holes.
Conditions overall are very good. Fairways are lush with closely mowed dense grass that provides good roll while providing excellent cushion. A few too many unfilled divots consistent with a "resort" course. Rough is thick and healthy, cut to about 1 inch so generally very playable. Tees lush and level, some divot damage on par 3s but mostly repaired. Bunkers filled with fine but well compacted shiny white sand.
Greens firm and receptive for full shots but tricky for chips and pitches. Medium fast mostly smooth with some levels and contours. Some subtle breaks and the prevailing topography needing to be considered as well.
Friendly helpful staff. Grass driving range with large practice area for chipping. Large putting green that provided good approximate speeds. Interactive GPS.
One negative was the POP 515 when reaching the 17th tee with 2 groups waiting. Staff reported that there had been 2 groups 4 hrs earlier that bogged things down and with full bookings the course just did not recover. There were no on course staff to help POP again not uncommon for a resort course and a Saturday. Still an overall enjoyable outing.
played here 3 times in last week---its close and mostly good POP. Fairways have remained in overall good shape with just the beginning of some browning on a couple of areas. Rough is very healthy about 2 inches and quickly stops forward progress. Recovery could be challenging depending on how deeply the ball settled.
Bunkers varied as to quality and quantity of sand. Tees are often sloped or crowned and par 3s are getting quite beaten up.
Greens are getting better, notwithstanding the mottled coloring, rolling medium fast and smoothly for the most part.
At this time it appears that the course is initiating some renovations and improvements.
6/19 using costco voucher $40 with a 752 start last tee time in front of mens club and cruised with no one pushing us and no waiting until about 13 when we caught the jr golf campers--let us through 1st on 15 and then on 18--POP 320.
Each time I come back here I am more impressed, the lay out is scenic and feels more remote than it is and has a good variety of holes. Conditions are really good. Fairways are lush with just enough firmness for some roll while providing good cushion. Rough about 2-3 inches giving a nice out line and depending on the lie varying levels of challenge especially around the greens with generally deeper thicker growth. Tees ok level for the most part with the par 3s more chewed up(lack of rotating markers and lack of attention to filling divots)
Greens have fully healed and could not tell which 1/2 had been completed last. Smooth medium fast firm but receptive with very few un-repaired ball marks. Greens are good sized, do not have a lot of contours but enough slope and depending on pin location enough subtle break to cause a few head shakes.
Friendly check in and a monitor at 5 to assess speed of play--goal is 420--which is pretty realistic what with a couple of trouble holes that can create a jam.
As indicated playing conditions are really good but on this day some of the ancillary areas needed attention, the main bath room needed cleaning and restocking, the sand bottles on the cart were nearly empty, the water station on the back had no cups and the port-a-potty needed some attention.
6/17 using their Palm card off at 750 POP 340 with really no waiting until 15.Early am mist and damp conditions thru 1st 9. Front 9 fairways recently punched with remaining nickle sized holes with current local rule to place if in one of the holes. Plugs had been swept up so lies overall were good. 10. 11 and 12 were just punched so there was residue to deal with and these fairways were well watered as well. The remaining fairways were yet to be processed.
The grass is tight and firm but with good cushion--quite healthy and the current work is to keep that standard--just a slight inconvenience.
Rough is cut to about 2 inches and is rather whispy slows the ball some but ok to play out of. Until you get near the greens and on the slopes, thick juicy and tenacious.
Bunkers mostly ok but some on the front were wet to the point of having standing water.
Tees level and had good cover.
Greens smooth healthy looking rolling medium fast and gaining speed as the day warmed. Really like the 6 zone approach and because the greens are large with lots of contour there are even more opportunities for interesting pin placements within each zone.
Very friendly staff easy check in and well managed golfer management. Really good to see Nikki at the counter today.
6/7 using teeoff deal time 1$16 with discount--POP just under 4hr. Playing as a 2some had some waiting but not bad overall. Fairways remain in good shape tending to be rather wet in places from the abundant over night watering. Rough cut to about 1-2 inches along fairways and longer closer to the greens--degree of challenge was dependent on the exact lie, sometimes sitting up and others sinking deep.
Bunkers were mostly groomed and looked a little better than they played, looking to have more sand but often thinish over hard pack needing more of a square/closed club face to avoid the deadly bounce with out sand shot. Tees have some issues with slope as a factor depending on marker placement and not generally aesthetically pleasing but playable.
Something is going on with the greens as they are often multi colored and appear to have different grasses and show more evidence of post punching than a week ago with areas of dark green quarter size circles. Even with the uneven appearance they rolled pretty well and were smoother overall than would be expected from the look.
Friendly helpful staff.
6/3 $42 to ride with the special daily rate, playing with my son Grant(very much a recreational player) and shirt tail relatives in law from Scotland, Paul(a scratch golfer) and his father Ian(who has recently returned to the game)--a very enjoyable round with a lot of humor and jovial interaction.
Fairways generally in good shape firm enough for a little roll out but good cushion and good lies. Did notice quite a few unfilled divots probably related to the # of walkers that the course attracts. Rough was cut down to about 2 inches enough to slow the ball but not to penal for shots. Found 2 fairway bunkers that were more on the soft side which requires a more precise strike and 1 green side with ample groomed sand. Tees had good coverage and level.
Greens rolled medium-medium fast and were consistent for the round. Greens are well contoured with pin placements in 4 zones. Today most pins were more centered in the zone making them somewhat more accessible. However with the slope surrounding most greens a near miss adds an extra 5-10 yards on the scramble.
Friendly golfer oriented staff. POP right at 4 hr with occasional waiting but with the setting and the company it was enjoyable.
5/29 using the palm card teed off at 800 joined by John and Kai friendly quality playing partners just under 4hr POP with no one insight ahead or behind. Finally a balmy spring am with just enough breeze to occasionally factor in for shot selection. Excellent customer service with easy check in.
Fairways are fairly firm but have good cushion the lies looking to be tighter than they are. Tees generally in good shape. Rough along fairways did not seem to be too difficult but was varied in thickness so a foot or 2 could make a big difference. However around the greens on the slopes and in the hollows it became absolutely beastly. You could miss the fringe by 3 inches and be in 2+ inches of entangled tenacious blades of grass just defying your best intentions.(and of course often being short sided did not help).
Found 2 bunkers one had lot of heavy sand the other looked to be the same but was actually thin over hard pack.
Greens were quite good and consistent thru the day rated at 10.5 for speed. Found too many unrepaired ball marks for a quality course that is supposed to attract a higher caliber of golfer.
5/24 using teeoff deal time $17 rate--POP 350 but felt longer as we waited on the 4some we caught on 6 then really waited on a deliberate "we play slow and dont care" 2some that let them through on 9.
to be fair they did offer to let us go but my partner thought we would just get sandwiched, but after watching their behaviors I was going to ask if the offer was still good as they were on the white tees on 10. I went up to the blue tee which is 15-20 yards back and 10-15 yards off to the side just check where the 4some was(already on the next tee). At that point this guy starts yelling to not stand behind him and to get back in the cart--so I guess it was not a good time to ask to play through.
Fairways remain in pretty good shape ok lies overall.
rough cut down to about an inch but still a challenge when the ball sank down. Tees not so good mostly thin and some on slopes. In the bunker on 3, looked ok but was groomed sand over hardpack.
Greens medium fast with occasional bumpiness. They have been cut but not yet rolled.
Friendly staff.
5 /20 using underpar $66 2some on a pleasant somewhat breezy am. Had 1000 tee time but Don the jovial starter gave us the option of an early start so off at 920 joined by Linda a very enjoyable playing partner who even though she reported only playing for 2 1/2 years exhibited good athletic ability and a high golf IQ being very familiar with etiquette and overall awareness.
The course itself was in overall good condition, fairways quite lush, more on the soft side so limited roll but excellent lies. #9 has some mixed grasses so the potential exists for clumps to be a factor. A few unfilled divots here and there but not bad.
Rough mostly on the shorter side but with some areas very penal. Tees pretty much level with some a little thin but playable. Bunkers varied from full with nice compacted sand to thin coverage.
Greens are very healthy, on the soft side, smooth but having some grain to factor in rolling at medium speed. Topography has a great deal of influence on this course. Greens are most often fronted by swales of various sizes and with the kikouyu shots hit short stay short. Today no sequence on flag placement and all flags are the same color. GPS does give yardage to pin as well as front and back yardage.
The layout is "interesting" with many doglegs and some blind landing areas and multiple elevation changes.
POP about 415 with some waiting. Staff is friendly and easy going.
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