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11/17 using HVs 2 foe 1 anniversary special Friday rate. Easy check in but pretty busy on the course--830 tee time off at 845 with 515 POP--lot of waiting--course offers plenty of opportunity for struggles and apparently every group ahead had their issues as we did on occasion.
Everywhere is green--fairways are lush with good cushion providing decent lies all day--quite a few unfilled divots. Some rough along the fairways but often longer on the slopes and around the greens. The course is laid out with ever present elevation changes--most shots are up or down hill. Tees however were level.
Found 1 bunker behind #9--about an inch of soft sand over moderately firm subsurface.
Greens were mostly smooth rolling medium/medium fast speed which was consistent thru the round. Large green often with multi-levels and considerable slope--#10 has about 5 feet from front to the upper level about 2/3 up the green--balls that do not get to the shelf come back down and off the front. Some of the other greens also have their own devious character but are not so punitive in nature.
Friendly staff-HV has a challenging and scenic layout with really good variety often hitting over or beside wild areas and barrancas ---just wish it would play faster.
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11/13 using golf moose $49 2some off at 740 following 3 groups from the Monday men's club and still had a 345 POP. Most areas of the fairways have adequate cover with mixed varieties of grasses and generally good cushion--lies were good for the most part. Rough is quite varied--very thin in some areas and then thick and deep in others especially along the hill sides--with sme equally difficult ares around the greens.
Tees are level but rather thin and the par 3s are quite chewed up. Did not test any bunkers today but from observation only most looked ok.
Greens are almost all the way back being receptive while still rolling about medium -medium fast with only a hint of bumpiness on a few.
Staff members are easy going and golfer oriented.
11 /10 played here 3 times last 2 weeks good prices and its close to where I live and lately able to cruise at less than 3 3/4 POP--oh and really good weather.
Fairways are in transition some dormant area some quite nice and some patches of a thicker variety of grass that tends to out-grow the other varieties. Still had mostly good lies. Rough is present along most fairways with some bare spots but some heavy growth not that long but thick. Closer to the greens there are some tricky patches that really challenge the short sided shot.
Many tees have been top dressed so they look worse than they play.
Bunkers are mixed tending to be thin in the bottom areas but quite adequate on the slopes.
Greens are coming along and are at about 90% of their usually excellent quality. Talked with Jose the superb greens keeper who acknowledges that they have been extra cautious in cutting them down due to the recent temperature fluctuations but now has plans to verti-cut and roll next week.
Staff members are friendly and golfer oriented.
From my perspective even though this is not a high end course it can be a lot of fun and and a challenge to keep the ball in play--besides being very affordable at $16-22 using vouchers or on-line deals. Apparently there are a few more golfers with extra money as we found a few good pro v's and an AVX today along with the usual assortment of well varieties.
11/6 using the courses"Palm card" 6 weekday rounds for $199--had 852 tee time arrived a little before 8 due to excellent traffic, but Henry, the super starter gave us the option of going off immediately to get out ahead of a 10 group tourney--best move ever--315 POP-with absolutely no one around.
Fairways are cut rather short giving extra roll while still providing nice cushion and good lies. Rough is present along fairways with varying length and thickness--much more of a factor around the greens. Tees are cut down with mostly good cover and level.
Bunkers are inconsistent--greenside mostly have adequate sand except for right front on #11 which was thin with hard pan. The gaping giant fairway bunker on #4 has very soft sand and a large back lip--yes its penal. Fairway right side of #15 is nice and firm much better chance for a good strike with some carry.
Greens are fully recovered rolled smoothly for the most part at medium fast speed which were mostly consistent through the round. Ball mark repair remains an issue as some are ignored and many are poorly attended to. Large greens with really fun pin placements generally close to the perimeters today.
Staff members are friendly and golfer oriented.
11/3 using golf moose $49 2some with a POP of just under 4hr. Fairways are soft and mostly have thick cover except for a few of the back 9s where they are still recovering from last years floods and an overdose of sand--still hd good enough lies overall. Rough is a little inconsistent short and thin in some areas and then really long and juicy in others--quite random.
Tees were varied with some thin and chewed up and others a little shaggy. Bunkers looked well groomed but were a little thin over hard pack.
1st few greens were rather bumpy and slow but improved later on the course--quite soft and receptive--not as good as I have seen them in the past.
Check in was very smooth--staff members are friendly and casual--had an 815 tee time but arrived t 730 and was out by 750 as we were told we could go when ready.
10/30 using HV's 2 for 1 20th anniversary special comes out to $21 with cart included--(still time to sign up for free coupon on their website)
Fairways are green and thick rather on the wet side so there is not much roll but good lies overall. Rough is just 1-2 inches and thick in places--slowing the ball quite effectively but not very penal for shot making.
Tees are level with generally adequate cover. Bunkers look pretty good but are thin with a hard base.
Greens were recently "top dressed" with fine sand which was not evenly applied and swept smooth so the greens had this striped appearance. Also with the morning dampness the sand was sticky clinging to the ball and putter. The greens were still quite smooth but it seemed that the speed was affected by the sand. According to the pro shop they do the top dressing "every couple of weeks"
Staff members are friendly providing an easy check in--pro shop is now located next to the driving range. Word is NEW carts to arrive 11/3.
POP 4 3/4 as there is an abundant amount of trouble lurking. Very scenic layout with a good variety of holes.
10/23 using Underpar $60 some voucher on a rather hotish am with an occasional breeze and no waiting--pro shop sent us out "when ready" and we moved along quite nicely just being slowed by our own ineptitude.POP 3 1/2 The course appears fairly wide but even some what appeared to be only marginally errant shots found their way into some serious trouble.
Fairways are cut down and were somewhat thin in places--reportedly in preparation for over seeding--had decent lies at least 80% of the time nonetheless. Rough was about 2 inches and patchy impeding forward progress and providing a challenge.
Bunkers have fine grain nicely compacted sand and were well maintained. Tees had good cover and with the exception of # 10 are flat and level.
Greens are fully recovered and are smooth rolling consistently at medium speed. Large greens with subtle contours. Rather soft so the ball marks are plentiful. #15 has some bare spots affecting aesthetics.
Friendly staff with a golfer oriented attitude and gave accurate info about conditions when I made the tee time.
10/18 using GSC $22 voucher with range balls and 10% off food teeing off about 715 for a POP of 345. Fairways are somewhat spotty with some very good lies and then some extra wet or shaggy. Had mostly good lies fortunately. Rough is also varied with some real juicy areas and others that are more on the thin side. Bunkers on the front were quite wet and could use a good churn. Back 9 in better shape. Tees generally ok.
Greens are still recovering--a little bumpy and slower front 9-- getting almost back to usual good quality on the back.
Currently the back 9 is getting some environmental renovation along the riparian areas with the non-native vegetation being removed--so it looks like a construction zone in places--doesn't affect play--just aesthetics.
Golfer friendly staff always with a welcoming attitude.
10/10 with gurus Larry Lee and Bob good golf companions during the 445 POP on a really nice autumn afternoon with about a 1/2 club breeze. Overall course is in pretty good shape. Fairways have good cover but are starting to add some brown to the green--still had good lies all day and was fortunate to avoid the divots. This is a quality course so I really do not understand the lack of consideration that some people demonstrate by not filling divots :(
#10 was especially bad being narrow and having a limited preferred landing area.
Rough is fairly short but does have some thick patches--just enough to make staying in the fairway better option.
Tees are level with many having recently been cut down leaving currently a tan color--most likely in preparation for winter conditioning. Found 2 green side bunkers well filled with recently groomed sand which however was on the wet side.
Greens are quite large often with tires and levels that dominate separate quadrants providing for very challenging pin placements. Surface conditions were good rolling a little more that medium spreed. Had to fix several ball marks left unattended by the aforementioned inconsiderates.
Staff is friendly and welcoming.
10/9 teeing off as a 2 some at 715 to get a round in before a 1230 shotgun and to get on this course before maintenance which starts 10/10--Fast 3 hour POP with really no waiting and being ruthlessly pursued by a very fast and apparently proficient 4 some--we were not goofing off but did encounter the errant shot and it does take time to properly rake the bunkers--I must have hit at least 8 today--so I was the slow one.
Fairways have good cover. Rough cut fairly short with some longer thicker patches near the greens. Tees were shaggy. Bunkers were groomed but extremely wet--so was dealing with heavy sand over and over.
Greens were good smooth medium fast--but after tomorrow probably will take 2 weeks or so to be back to today's condition.
Staff is top notch and very golfer oriented.
Course offers a "Palm Card" 6 rounds for $199(weekdays)--about $34 a round with 10 buckets of range balls as well and valid for a year.
good tract and easy to get to from San Clemente
10/4 using underpar $74 2some on a nice warmish fall morning following a quick 4some for a 4hr POP. Course is preparing for maintenance 10/16 so they are putting on extra water. Most tees were spongy. Fairways have good cover with healthy grass and even with the water roll out was ok. Did have some casual water in the low areas. Rough was cut pretty short and was not really an issue--some areas on the slopes around the greens were a little longer and juicy.
In one green side bunker on #7 rather damp and hard packed--needed a good churn and grooming.
Greens were smooth even with being soft--rolled out at medium fast speeds--treacherous from above the hole. Big greens with opportunities for some tough pin placements. Lot of un-repaired ball mark which were easy to fix and make smooth
Staff friendly and easy going.
Interesting layout with good variety of holes--fairly wide open but not boring.
Aeration alert--greens scheduled to be punched 10/10 and 10/11!!
10/2 using golf moose voucher with a $25 gift certificate from a GK play on a very pleasant autumn am. Fairways have good cover overall but they were recently de-thatched leaving some grooves that are mostly healed. Lies were good but did have the potential for something awkward. Turf provides good cushion while giving a little extra roll--players need to be more attentive to using the sand for the divots.
Rough is present but short along the fairways--longer and juicier around the greens. Course is getting ample water.
Tees are level and have been recently de-thatched as well. Bunkers were well groomed and have deep soft but heavy sand requiring an aggressive committed swing. Some were still wet from overnight watering.
Greens are rather firm rolling at medium fast speed--we went out ahead of a men's club team match play event so the pin placements today were of definite tournament quality on some testy humps and edges of slopes that made for a frustrating round as both speed and line had to be precise. Today the course defended itself quite well thank you.
The type of grass on the greens is cut close and is quite fine bladed requiring careful attention to ball mark repair--many unattended and many marginally fixed.
POP about 345--customer service is SO golfer oriented and Henry the starter facilitated our start to go out head of the tourney.
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