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2/24 playing the blues 6292-70.5/131 using UnderPar $79 2some on a crisp. sunny, pleasant 845 tee off with about a club breeze on the final 5 holes. Fairly busy Friday POP 4 1/2 hours with some waiting on the par 3s. Fairways are green good cover--no evidence of excess water--good cushion and firm enough to give some helpful roll #1 had a lot of unsanded divots but that was the exception. Rough is present along fairways and more abundant and juicy around the greens--playable but required full attention and acceleration through the shot.
Bunkers have deep heavy sand most appear to have been recently groomed with no residule water issues. I found a fairway bunker on 1 on the left located between 1 and 10 in the tree line--sand here was firm enough to let me hit a PW over the 6 foot lip back out into the fairway only to find the right greenside bunker on my 3rd shot. Decent lie but heavier sand --out to 5 feet--missed the putt. Bunkers have heavy sand that needs extra attention when raked--for the most part the golfers here were doing a pretty good job.
Tees were lush level and well maintained.
Greens look a little blotchy but were smooth medium fast generally firm but receptive to most mid to short iron approach shots but tending to roll out on chips and pitches. Had a good day on the greens 0 3 putts and aside from #1 never missed another inside of 6 feet. Big greens lot of undulation and some wicked pin placements often near or on the hump--on many of the greens the back portion slopes slightly away so balls getting to the hole tend to keep going.
Friendly staff--drink cart around 3-4 times.
Overall course is in really good shape and has a layout that is varied enough and well defended by the difficulty of the greens.
2/16 using GSC voucher $74 2some joined bu brothers Eric and Tom both with a lot of game and enjoyable playing companions. Teed off on time at 845 on a rather busy day leading to a 445 POP with waiting on about every shot--but it was a nice day with a nice setting and good company.
Fairways were greenish with a mix of semi-dormant grass and a kind of darker green grass that grew more in tufts. Most lies were ok with good cushion--fairways firm enough to give extra roll. Rough was patchy thick in places and non-existent i others except around the green where it was thick and longer. Tees lush and most of them level--15 blues has a slight down slope.
Bunkers are being renovated completely new sand on the back 9--rather heavy thick and still some what damp--giving me fits to find the right swing out of the 4 I found--real easy for me to hit heavy as the club would not glide through the sand. Bunkers showed recent grooming but until they provide robo rakes footprints were often left where they didn't belong and some rake jobs could get an E for effort--but it is good to see that the new owner has put energy into renovation.
Greens were slower and more bumpy--probably because of the planned maintenance 2/19.
Friendly staff.
2/15 using GSC $22 voucher 1st time with alternate layout due to construction on 5 and 6--course has updated score cards and rating--the 2 "new" greens have been in place for about 6 months and are of good quality and give the option of varied pin placements.
Fairways were mostly ok with some damp areas 2 17 and 18 were still CPO--rough was challenging and in some areas near the greens downright difficult. Bunkers needed a little more time and grooming. Tees have enough cover but depending on marker placement can be on a slope.
Because we started at 715 greens were a little wet and bumpy--had not yet been swept or mowed for the day--by about 8 we were met by the green's crew so the rest were in better shape. Still a little slower than usual and with more grain to contend with.
Friendly customer service.
2/10 foggy am but no rain under 4hr POP with no real waiting nor being pushed--spent a little time searching for the errant shot. CPO #2 17 and 18--fairways still damp soft and only 1/2 recently mowed--lies ok with LCP in place. Rough is abundant and especially long and wet around the greens. Traps still pretty wet with compacted sand--most look to have been groomed but are still wet below the surface--need about 2 dry weeks yet. Depending on marker placement tees can be sloped or crowned or level. Cover ok.
Greens a little more grainy adding break with loss of speed-- medium fast overall.
Cheerful welcoming staff.
Apparently the major construction affecting holes 5 and 6 is planned to start 2/13. Replacement greens have been in place for a while--#9 fairway will have a short par 4 and a par 3 into the regular green and #11 a par 4 and a par 3 to the regular green--as it stands now course will play to a par 69.
2/8 last of the birthday rounds $12 after the rains CPO with POP 420. Over the last 6 rounds we played courses that have the common factor of large contoured greens that provide a stellar defense against lackadaisical putting making every approach putt and the 3-4 footers a challenge to our sanity. Greens here fit right in and even being slightly slower from residual dampness--only for the 1st 2 hours--putting was not easy. Greens fairly smooth overall and mostly firm but receptive for short and medium shots with chips still running out sometimes more than expected.
Traps need about 2 weeks to dry out. Fairways were less wet than we expected but still played LCP and were able to find ok lies.
Really good customer service making us welcome--thank you for the birthday hospitality.
Due to the rain factor I will not be rating this course this time.
All and all a good tract and an outing worth the 1hr15min drive.
2/3 $16 birthday round starter got us out 20 min early 4.10 POP on a nicer than expected day with no rain nor wind. Fairways mostly dormant with some tufts of another kind of grass--lies were generally ok and provided ample cushion while still giving fairly good roll. #8 had the only wet area that required relief. Rough was varied some thin and easier to play from and some that had a great deal more resistance than I perceived. Couple of areas around the greens had a thick bladed variety that would really eat up the club. Lesson here is to take more time with the practice swings for assessment and really commit to the shot.
Found a handful of bunkers filled with pretty heavy sand recently groomed but still damp below the surface. Even with 2-3 rakes present about 1/3 of the traps had left over foot prints. Some one needs to invent a Roomba for the bunkers.
Tees were mostly level a little thin-- some sanded divot damage on the 3s--but only the #4 blues were bare but still able to tee up ok.
Greens .were large, fast, with lots of contour and some having 4-6 feet of elevation gain from front to back. Course uses 6 numbered pin placements providing a real interesting and challenging variety. Layout is varied enough and even being surrounded by houses there is enough buffer to give a natural feel.
Staff is very friendly and welcoming. Thanks again for the birthday hospitality.
2/2 $20 birthday round 4hr POP playing thru a kind 4some on 3 and an accommodating 2some on 12--mostly like having the course to ourselves. Started out about 815 with heavy dew on the fairways that didn't dissipate until about 10. Fairways have decent cover--ok lies generally firm and cut tight. Rough along fairways not too thick but still can grab your attention but is playable. Tees level with good cover--par 3s a little chewed up.
Bunkers looked to be maintained recently groomed--the 2 I found had heavy damp sand from which I had some difficulty escaping.
Greens started medium becoming medium fast as the day progressed. Greens are generally on the large size with contours slope and elevation changes--for example #1 pin on front lower right--my ball in the center about 10 feet from the incline and another 12 feet to the pin--rolled quickly by to about 13 feet. Rule of the day--find the right place on the green--which for me was an adventure. Greens mostly smooth rolling ok--still another course that has un-repaired or marginally repaired ball marks.
Another course in a very natural setting--lot of wild under brush and off limit ESA's. Scenic tract with enough variety to provide for an enjoyable outing.
Staff very friendly and made us feel really welcome. Thank you for the birthday hospitality
2/1 birthday round 430 POP on a rather busy AM--full tee sheet--waiting some on most every shot--but nice enough day to just relax and go with the slow.
Fairways mostly winter condition brownish to light green--ok cushion and ok enough lies. Rough is limited along most fairways but on occasion there are patches of longer thicker stuff--more likely around the greens and on the hill side banks near the greens. Tees mostly level except for #14 which is somewhat crowned--par 3s have a lot of sanded divots--cover on the rest is generally ok.
Traps looked to be groomed and ok--was in only one the front right bunker on 18--groomed sand was only an inch deep covering hard pan with rocks which I discovered after my swing.
Greens firm medium fast to fast--pin placements in the front are difficult--and on most holes it is vital to stay below the hole especially #3 and #16 Quite a few un-repaired or poorly repaired ball marks. Temporary on #5 while the crew is working on a project.
Staff is friendly--thank you for the birthday recognition.
1/31 $25 birthday round on an ideal sc winter day--worked in early by starter for 4 hr POP with some waiting but with the setting and the weather we didnt care--was able to take some extra putts and chips as the 4some following was no where to be seen.
Setting is great--holes are separated--some seem to be 1/4 mile apart as you wind thru the canyons and hills. Generally ample landing areas with at least one fairway side offering some safety-- but some forced carries. Fairway conditions quite good with very few wet areas--overall tightly mowed but with good cushion and acceptable roll out. Closely mowed approaches to green which looked to be great for chips but required a precise strike as any shot hit even a little fat would really grab the club or on flops would give too much bounce in to the ball. Rough some what thin and short along most fairways--a little longer and thicker near the greens.
Tees level with good cover. Bunkers well maintained with consistently good quality sand.
The greens are large with quadrants that accentuate the contours providing the opportunity for a range of pin placements that could increase the degree of difficulty by a factor of 10. Speed was a little below medium fast--putts rolled fairly smoothly--but there were many un-repaired or poorly repaired ball marks.
Friendly helpful golfer oriented staff. This is a higher end course that is probably worth the 50-75 $ deals that can be found--but is an absolute must for your birthday play--thanks Crossings and GK for the posting.
1/30 using golf moose $63 2 some on a beautiful 70' am with no one ahead or behind for an easy 4 hr POP roughly 30 minutes of which spent looking for wayward shots, finding most but often in some real awkward places leaving nothing but limited chip outs. Here you have fairway--then some areas of rough--then what is referred to as native areas--brush, rocks sticks and drop offs--some places you don not even want to think about trying to go into but look on the edges hoping the ball hit something to have it stop.
Fairways were in good shape--good cover but mostly dormant winter condition--have dried out since rains with only #5 and #10 CPO and a very few areas of casual water overall.
Tees overall ok # 8 has a little crown to it but not severe. About 1/2 the bunkers still had excess moisture but had an area that was still playable. Fairway bunkers were dry firm and very playable. Rough varied from rather whispy to juicy.
Greens were nice medium fast smooth consistent overall and for me difficult to read as the overall topography is a factor in addition to the contour Greens vary in size from hole to hole.
Staff friendly and welcoming--we plan on returning next week for birthday rounds.
Fun course a little quirky with good variety and with a stroke multiplying factor for mi sh-t s.
1/27 2nd of our birthday rounds course is still quite wet--CPO yet today and until 2/1. Needed L/C/P due to the mud gathering on the ball--not much roll--able to find acceptable lie but often still squishy--rough is long wet not mowed. Tees ok--never was in any traps but they looked wet.
Greens were really good smooth medium fast and receptive overall. POP under 4hrs caught 3some on 16 who let us right thru.
no rating due to left over rain but would give the greens 8+.
1/26 1st of 9 birthday rounds with my regular golf buddy Kris whos birthday is 2 days after mine--Big shout out to the staff really made us feel welcome and the info about course conditions--talked to them 3 days before and informed that there would be limited restrictions for carts and some water in some traps but otherwise ready for play.
90 degree in effect--fairways were soft but with very few wet or muddy spots except for 17 where the creek really overflowed coming into play for the landing area for the 2nd shot. Very playable might have limited roll a bit but no plugging. Not much rough along fairways--- heavy at times around or behind the greens.
Tees level in decent shape. Yes the traps were wet and the low spots had mud or water. Found 3 green side and even moving to a more groomed area they were typically rather packed and had mud mixed in--hit one heavy-got out but short of the green--hit one thin bounced off the mud and went 4 feet over the green into some of that heavy rough and the last out to 10 feet but missed the putt.
Greens were really good fast to medium fast smooth and receptive for high shots--but chips and pitches tended to roll out. Big greens with varying quadrants which can provide for challenging putts with speed and line coming into play--generally not good to be above the hole.
POP less than 4 hrs with no one around. Fantastic $20 deal well worth the hour 20 to drive from san clemete having to go down and around with ortega highway closed.
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