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12/14 on a cool but very pleasant a m using Tee Off deal time starting behind a 3some of elderly folk who looked to be having trouble getting out of the cart and getting going. But after that they took off and played like they were going to be late to the party. POP 3 1/2 and never waited.
Fairways have really greened up and provided good lies through out, with good cushion and still reasonable roll out. Rough mostly cut down to about 2 inches so not much of an issues.
Tees ok except for some slope depending on marker placement.
Bunkers were groomed and the 2 I played from were quite playable.
Greens are in great shape-- firm and fast but held well struck approach shots.
friendly staff.
12/12 out at 730 with no one insight for a POP of 345 slowed only by our own ineptitude causing the wayward ball. Tee boxes are a current work in progress with deep plugging "composting" and overseeding and ample watering resulting in less than ideal but playable condition.
Fairways have drained quite well have full cover with good lies but are on the soft side restricting roll. Rough is also lush cut to about 2 inches and fairly juicy.
Bunkers are wet with a few still having standing water and all in need of grooming. Fortunately due to "skill" and good luck only found one bunker-fairway #3 and the flat firm wet sand provided an excellent lie that was the foundation for my shot on the green 6 feet above the pin with then a 4 footer coming back up the slope that still broke a good 4 inches..Yes that was a 3 putt.
That was the preview of the greens. a little bumpy/grainy which seemed to enhance the break as the ball slowed. Greens were soft with many unfixed or marginally so ball marks. Speed was medium to medium fast. Most greens are fairly large with contours and slope plus having to factor in the overall topography.
Staff is friendly and casual. Carts have informative/interactive GPS.
Scenic and pleasant setting.
11/26 using underpar $50 2some on a pleasant slightly breezy am with an easy 345 POP. Friendly easy check in--newer carts with detailed gps giving distances to trouble and warning about hidden dangers--several burns cutting across fairways and guarding approaches.
I have always enjoyed the layout and even with all the building in the area there is still a remote quality to the setting. Staff in the pro shop report that there will be another million invested in further improvements next year.
However at the present time conditions are difficult. The course overall looks worse than it actually played. There are many bare areas in the fairways where the grass just does not grow and where there is grass it has now gone dormant after the recent frosts--still had mostly ok lies but often 2-3 feet in any direction would have been another story. No real rough--fairways are bordered by sandy dirt. Many of the fairways had cart restrictions.
Tee boxes were level and mostly in good condition. Found one fairway bunker nice and firm.
Greens also looked bad with some discoloration but rolled fairly well at medium speed.
This is not a course for the prissy--lies can be very random but pulling off a decent shot out of an adverse one is satisfying. On 4 I pulled my drive out into limbo land with rocks and dirt and bushes but had just enough room to get a full swing from 160 out got it pin high 3 feet off the green and rolled it 30 feet for a birdie. Then on 10 managed to hit out of the burn and advance the ball about 80 yards only to have it settle next to a large tuft of some gorse like grass where I managed another 80 yards--came away with a double this time.
$25 is a very fair rate for now. Sure hope they can get a handle on the improvements.
11/9 quick update recently mowed and rolled the greens now quite smooth rolling true at medium fast speed--scary from above the hole especially on front pin placements. Greens very receptive and an absolute pleasure to play.
Fairways continue to get better as well and provided good lies. Rough varied from somewhat whispy to thick and grabby. Areas around the greens can be quite the challenge if the ball settles down.
Did not get in any bunkers today. Tee boxes need improvement with many being crowned or having a pronounced slope depending on marker placement.
Staff continues to be friendly and welcoming. Pleasant weather a little breezy but nice place to play inexpensive golf.
11/7 using the course's Palm card $199 for 6 weekday plays(deal!!!) 856 tee time going off just before the men's club as a 2some following an couple of 4 somes with a small amount of waiting in the beginning and then none at all with no pressure from behind--so fell into a leisurely pace and finished about 350 POP. Fairways are in good condition with only a few thin areas but still good lies and cushion. Rough is pretty healthy and has filled in quite well about 2-3 inches along the fairways but 3-5 on the slopes and around the greens starting at the edges of the aprons. Miss the green by 3 feet and you are in the deep stuff--challenging
especially if you are a little short sided or above the hole.
Tees have good cover mostly quite level--#8 white box has a slight side hill slope.
Bunkers freshly groomed and are well filled with a soft but heavy sand--not my favorite because there is not margin for error--hitting a little heavy does not get good results--and the bunkers are deep 6-8 feet. I need to stay out or get better. Fairway bunkers have the same soft quality sand so the ball tends to sit down.
Greens are fully healed and quite good rolling smoothly medium fast speed. The 6 area pin locations provide for very interesting placements to maximize the utilization of contour and slope. Also of note on many of the greens the outer 6-10 feet tend to slope toward the fringe. true also for back pin placements so what looks like a miss quickly turns into a 6 foot come backer. Helps to walk around the hole to get a complete survey which I am not usually in the habit of doing until after my 1st putt.
Good layout with some very challenging holes and pretty good variety except for the par 3s which are about the same lengths but pin placements can make a 2 club difference. #8 and 11 are rather similar and with the pin locator will play about the same length however.
Large greens with contours and levels offer a good test of putting skill.
New mats for the driving range, excellent practice area for chips and pitches and a quality bunker, and a large putting green quite similar to course conditions(minus the ball marks).
No gps but markers at 25 yard increments from 200 in.
Obviously the course is working hard to provide good conditions and a good experience. Players need to do better at filling divots and repairing ball marks.
Staff is very friendly and welcoming.
11/5 POP 4 1/2 following a deliberate 3 some that was part of a 9 man outing which pretty much fell 2 holes behind by the end of the round--a little frustrating waiting most shots but it was a really nice day and quite scenic. Everything is green.
Fairways are very green but soft and cut rather long with some areas that were quite wet--no roll out to speak of. Rough is longish and juicy penal both for stopping the ball and challenging for the next shot. Tees pretty much on the good side level and with ample cover. Some were recently plugged but not an issue for play just not a good visual with the extracted plugs lying around.
Fortunately did not get in any green side bunkers which looked like groomed mud. Found 1 fairway bunker which was packed wet hard pan and was actually playable.
Greens look good and healthy but on closer inspection were very recently verticut and are rather soft leading to some bumpiness very challenging on the 3-4 footers especially down hill. Speed medium. Did not get to use the practice green as it was also cut but not swept so the were grass clippings every where.
Layout provides lot of variety with elevation changes forced carries large sloped tiered greens with potential for diabolical pin placements--and by the way downhill up hill and side hill lies for good measure.
Friendly staff. Rating came out on the low side 6.5 seems mor fair
played here a couple times last week using teeoff deal times==fast easy check in with friendly staff as usual. POP just under 4 with some waiting on men's club Wednesday. Most of the fairways are ok with some really good areas and some thin. Rough gives a nice definition to the fairways, length about 2 inches and longer and thicker around greens and on slopes. Some areas are rather clumpy so the ball tends to sink between the tufts to add to the challenge.
Tee boxes are mixed some thin some level some not so depending on the markers
Bunkers also mixed with some filled with deep fluffy sand and some very thin cover.
Greens are fully recovered but are being carefully maintained and are softer and not cut as tightly as they normally are. Still rolling pretty well at medium medium fast.
10/04 to get in a round before the punching begins next week using the Palm Card $199 for 6 weekday rounds. Course has started work on tees and overseeding the rough but did not affect conditions for play. Fairways looked a little browned out but actually provided good lies. Rough cut to about 2 inches and playable unless the ball found one of those occasional clumps of really thick stuff. Also longer and thicker in areas around the green
I would guess course will be fully recovered in 3-4 weeks.
9/26 using costco $30 voucher POP 415 no waiting and not being chased just spent some time hoping to locate and somehow play the errant shots. Thought I got some of my game back but HV had other plans for me. Conditions overall were pretty good. Fairways were lush and rather soft so not much roll out. Good lies but often not a level stance as the course could easily be named Hills and Valleys. Rough borders all the fairways--not too long but impedes forward progress and can be grabby to hit from. Plus the side hills really come into play if you venture from fairway proper.
Tees level with mostly good cover. Par 3s generally showed more wear but were playable.
Bunkers were mostly groomed but many were thin as well as excessively wet .
Greens looked good and healthy rolling about medium speed with more grain and occasional bumpiness to factor in. Greens also have considerable slope and contour as well as the continuing theme of often being cut into the hill side requiring advanced reading skills. (tough for me being stuck in the remedial classes)
Friendly staff and easy check in. Newer carts with good GPS.
9/25 using costco $30 voucher. Played the whites 6146 (70/123). Conditions were ok to good overall. Fairways had excellent coverage in places with some thin patches and some areas where there was a variety of grasses so lies varied from quite good to just fair. There were areas of GUR which prevented bad lies due to available drops. Rough bordered all fairways and was generally marginally penal mostly due to loss of distance but reasonable to hit from. Some thick patches closer to the greens which made for more challenging pitches. All the greens are some what elevated so run ups don't work very well. Greens receptive to shots with amplitude.
Tees are level and lush with the exception of some par 3s which were a little chewed up.
Bunkers are exceptional well groomed with ample heavy sand which was very playable. (4 bunkers 3 sand saves) Bunkers are deep often 6-8 feet deep and BIG! Some guard the whole front of the green and loom ready to gobble up those approaches.
Greens were somewhat bumpy rolling medium and on the soft side. POP 420 but seemed slower as we went out as a 2some due to the scheduled pairing being a no show--so we waited on most shots.
Staff is friendly and helpful, Large chipping and putting green with qualities similar to course conditions. Range set up to hit off grass today but more like sandy dirt.
9/20 using under par $60 2some 840 tee time POP 420 following a somewhat slow 4some--but a nice day in a nice setting. Course itself is in transition phase with planned punching starting next Monday so greens were medium/slow speed needing a good mow and roll but not going to happen with the work planned. Today a little bumpy and more grain to deal with.
Fairways were ok but with a few thin areas 75% of the lies ok with the rest being marginal. Rough mostly rather thin with some areas that were nicely lush. Not much collar around greens so chipping was from rough lies. I imagine that the fairways and rough will also be getting some attention in the near future.
Tees were in good shape level with good cover. Bunkers were well groomed with thick heavy sand and were quite playable.
Staff were really friendly.
Looking forward to returning in late October when conditions should be primo.
I am conflicted about providing a rating due to the timing as current conditions are effected by the upcoming maintenance and are likely to be much better in 3-6 weeks.
played 9/10 POP just under 4 hr using teeoff deal time $18. Fairways are mostly good with the best lies down the center 20 yards--some thin areas and GUR but considering the time of year conditions are quite acceptable. Rough borders most fairways and is cut fairly short but long enough to cover the ball and be penal at times--longer and thicker around the greens.
Tee boxes vary from ok to poor with the par 3s showing the most wear. Bunkers appeared to have been recently groomed.
The greens were really good medium fast smooth firm but receptive--some of the best in the area--the 2 replacement greens #7 and !0 are a little thin around the outer perimeter but still quite good overall. AND SURE ITS TIME TO PUNCH--9/24 /25
Staff is consistently friendly. Just too bad that the course doesn't get more love from the golfing community.
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