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7/9 8am tee off POP 345 with not much waiting and no pressure from behind. Lee and Larry gave recent reviews that are still quite accurate as to conditions. Fairways are quite playable but do appear a little thin in some areas but still provide good lies what with the cushion effect from the soil. Rough comes more into play around the greens and offers quite the challenge.
Tees in good shape. Bunkers were well groomed, a little wet and the sand is of the heavier variety--avoid the fairway bunker on 4==has the high lip and with the heavy sand the ball tends to sit down.
Greens are excellent medium fast smooth with enough slope and contour to add to the excitement and enjoyment.
Staff continues to provide a welcoming and friendly experience.
6/15 quick 320 POP using teeoff deal time $18--fairways range from quite good to thin but had acceptable lies through out. Limited rough along most fairways but where present was rather juicy but playable--some thicker areas on approaches on sides and back of greens.
Tees mostly thin and depending on marker placement not so level.
Sand in front bunker on what is now #6 was still a little wet but deep enough and playable.
Greens rolling smoothly at medium/medium fast--receptive to full shots and rolling out nicely for chips. Some poa starting to invade which is more of an aesthetic issue.
Golfer friendly staff.
6/12 playing with Larry and Lee for a Guru outing trying to keep up the the other 4some who was flying through their round(they were the bomber group--fairways and greens and lots of 1 putts). Fairways have fairly good cover--a little dry and brownish--but good lies overall. Not a lot of rough to contend with mostly short and on the dry side. Tees a little thin but ok.
Found two fairway bunkers which were groomed and had ample sand which was on the firm side-- ideal for fairway play.
Greens are in really good shape rolling smoothly at medium/medium fast speed, quite receptive to approach shots while allowing chips to roll out.
Nice layout made even more enjoyable by the company during the round. Friendly welcoming staff. 3 1/2 POP.
5/30 using Arrowood's Palm card--6 weekday plays $199--POP 4 hrs on a cool calm morning. 8 am tee off before men's club. Tees level and lush but recently plugged but not really an issue. Fairways also plugged--they did them one at a time and swept the plugs right away--so there was only minimal overall effect. Fairways firm for roll but also had good cover for descent lies. Rough is fairly light along most fairways but gets thick and clumpy closer to the greens. Bunkers have a lot of deep sand and with the over night watering some were really more of a challenge than my skill level could accommodate.
Greens are in good shape rolling medium/medium fast mostly smooth but the poa bloom added some grain that seemed to influence the break near the hole.
Staff is friendly and welcoming.
5/21 tee off deal time $16--finally get in a round after almost a month away--misting and drizzle for the 1st 8 holes but no complaints. Recent rain and morning moisture has helped green up and grow the fairways to a fairly good condition overall with some thin spots and GUR. Rough is spotty but where is does exist was quite juicy what with the mist. Tees just ok but filling in with some markers placed too near the more un-level areas. Most bunkers needed a good grooming as they were compacted and wet.
Greens are at least 90% recovered but damp and on the slower side for this course. POP 3 1/2 with no one else around.
4/23 using golf moose $49 2some voucher POP right at 4 hours a little slow for a Monday 800 am tee time. Fairways remain in mostly winter condition mostly thin and in some areas on the back 9 quite firm--ok for iron shots but really tight for fairway metals. Not much rough along fairways but some thick patches here and there closer to the greens and on some slopes.
Tees also thin with some bare areas that did not affect play.
Bunkers recently groomed nice deep rather course sand that rewarded well executed swings.
Greens have recovered nicely from maintenance but were not quite smooth yet--rolling at medium speed.
Staff is friendly and easy going.
4/4 GSC $23 with range balls 320 POP with 740 start. Recent rain has brought a little more green to the fairways which are still in winter condition a little patchy with some really good lies and many not so much. Rough is 1-2 along fairways and seems thicker around many greens. Tees are in fair condition. Bunkers are mixed with some thin hard pan conditions and some quite good especially on an up slope.
Greens firm mostly smooth rolling medium fast--some look rather splotchy but play well.
Getting ready to punch starting 4/23.
Staff really friendly as always.
4/3 3some today using groupon $68 2 some after 25% discount(range balls and beer included) and GN $36 hot deal--1030 tee time but checked in with starter at 940 who gave us the option to follow the ladies and before the skins game started--420 later we are in the car on our way home. Needless to say staff is very friendly and golfer oriented with emphasis on making us feel welcome and to provide a quality experience.
Fairways are greeing up with good cover but somewhat mixed variety of grasses provides for some inconsistency--nothing really bad just not uniform. Rough does not look all that difficult but is sticky--really stops the forward progress and can be challenging especially around the greens--longer and juicy.
Tees are level with good cover. Bunkers have consistent sand--a little thin at the very bottoms
Greens firm medium fast(10.5 on the info board) and consistent rolling smoothly with some subtle breaks.
Layout and setting makes for and enjoyable outing.
3/7 $49 2some--golf moose quick 315 POP. Bunkers looked ok but did not have any direct contact. Tees thin with quite a few divots. Fairways mostly thin and dormant--not much rough unless being extra wide of the mark--so yes I found some patches.
Greens are by far and away the best feature and are in good shape--medium fast smooth and receptive.
Staff members are friendly. Course has some quirky features uphill dog legs and elevated greens many are fairly large and often have their own elevation changes--maybe 3-4 feet from bottom to top including the tiers.
Course has some nice visuals with water in the river.
Played here 2/28 and 3/5 on short notice and were still able to use tee off @20--POP both days under 4 hours. Greens are very good firm fast and smooth challenging with subtle breaks and treacherous on the down slope. Found several bunkers and had good lies every time--made good outs to inside 5 feet but made only 1 putt.
Fairways are in full winter condition some areas pretty thin and some quite good. Not much rough but I still found a few thick patches mostly nearer to the greens.
Tees are thin and many have been sanded over--look worse than they play.
Staff members are friendly and easy going and quite accommodating.
For me the course is only 5 minutes from my house is easy to get on and provides an interesting challenge. and yes it is inexpensive to play.
2/9 and 2/20 golfsocal $23 with range balls--fairways are a mix of dormant areas and some patches of green along with a few thin to sparse places. 80% of the lies were good the others were marginal--we were playing them down so the rub of the green factored in. Rough is patchy some places thick and deep(3") some areas about 1" and then a few bare spots along the perimeter. Tees are taking a beating quite thin with a lot of sand fill and with winter conditions grass just don't grow.
Bunkers are inconsistent--many have been filled with fine deep sand which requires taking less sand and still exploding the ball out. The bunkers that have the old sand tend to be thin with a cover of a more coarse grain variety which needs to employ less bounce in the effort.
Greens are firm fast to medium fast and smooth of good quality.
Friendly easy going staff.
2/19 using Underpar $49 2some on a blustery cool am cruising around for a POP of 340 even with a pretty steady stream of golfers leaving the 1st tee. Starting with the worst==bunkers have a real abundance of rocks and pebbles--they look groomed but are generally thin--good for shots from the fairway type but not so much for greenside.
Fairways are dormant and most have ok cover which is== better toward the center and sketchy on the perimeters==there are some bare areas on 3-4 of the holes for the most part had ok lies except maybe 5-6 times from the fairway.
There is no rough fairways are flanked by bare/sandy soil which at times can amplify marginal shots as they roll into more trouble like the many burns that populate the course.
Played the whites(6281 on the card a little shorter in reality) tees level with ok cover.
Greens firm generally smooth medium fast rolling well but harder to read than I remembered not being here for about 4 months. Greens are the best feature most are large with opportunity for variable pin placements and with the slope and subtle contours--today add the wind we faced some extra challenges and were totally out of our depth on those down slope down wind putts toward front pin placements--whee!!!
Friendly staff easy check in==casual to go to 1st tee what with no starter every one just kind of fell into line to get going. Beverage cart around 3-4 times.
The course does reflect that effort has been extended to make improvements and according to staff more is on the way. The layout is good and entertaining--still has some rough spots but is worth the occasional play.
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