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12/29 really nice but busy holiday week waiting most of the time but as a 2some it was to be expected--no dawdaling or duffing was noticed and POP came in at about 4 1/2.
Fairways on the brown side and thin making for tight lies but still good cushion and some extra roll out. Rough is sparse and going into its dormant state as well. Tees are level and have acceptable cover. Bunkers are mostly good--the yawning pit in #4--about 200 out from the blues and seems to take up half the landing area--is now dry with good sand--a little soft but way more playable. The other six bunkers we found had good depth and were well maintained--except for right upper greenside bunker that was thin and hard at the bottom.
Greens were fast and firm--back and front pins tended to be tightly placed and had tricky breaks that were tough--so much for making the course a little easier for the holiday crowd.
Staff continues to be friendly and helpful.
Used the Palm Card $199 for 6 weekday plays--good deal for a course of this quality.
The 6.8 rating came out lower than I expected--more like 7.3 to 7.5
12/27 using tee off deal time with 10% discount-final fee $26. Fairways showing more winter conditions thin in places ok in others--lies acceptable. Really no rough and some bare areas on the fringes. Tees generally thin but playable with some slope depending on marker placement.
Found 2 bunkers #14 and #17 were in good shape with deep sand and mostly raked.
Greens are really smooth and quick for putts--best to be below the hole as the 3-5 foot putts from the other side only needed a nudge and were tough to get on the right line. Firm conditions contributed to chips and pitches rolling out.
POP 4 1/2--cheerful staff
12/11 using groupon $38 2 some with 25% off. 1st the good--Roy in the pro shop provided excellent customer service, very friendly and golfer oriented. The ball washers were well filled and in good working order. The last 6 holes were in pretty good shape.
The 1st 12 holes encompass the old Riverside section of the course--built in 1956 and have some real problems--apparently due to the alkaline soil conditions. Fairways are thin and patchy with many areas affected by gophers and ground squirrels--#10 is being cultivated. The rough is sparse with some bare spots. Most tees are level but in poor condition. Bunkers need a good churn and groom--currently quite hard pack.
Greens are damaged with many dead areas which have been sanded to at least smooth them out. Pins were generally located in the best areas so conditions were ok within 5 feet. Holes 6 and 9 have temporary greens--the new greens look to be coming along very well and willl be ready in 1-2 months.
POP 320 with no one around. It is sad to see the decline of Green River--hopefully they have a plan for recovery--the 2 new greens are a step in the right direction.
12/9 GK outing played with my son Grant and two of long time friends from high school Rod and Rich--they are not very good but the have fun and have their moments and they do like to have something on the line--played bingo bango bongo for the 1st time--helped pay for the entry--thank you guys.
fairways are green and lush--cut tight--especially close to the green--required a really crisp contact for chips and pitches off those tight lies. Lot of unfilled divots some almost canyon size--evidently there was a 4 day junior tourney last week which added to the wear since they were all walking.
Rough was thick, not too long but effective at quickly stopping forward progress.
Bunkers have really good sand--fine grained but nicely compacted. Tees in good shape.
Greens were quite fast and firm with a lot of roll out on chips and pitches. Seemed hard to read for our group and I had trouble keeping the ball on line on the 4-5 footers as I could not get the speed and line correctly.
Not accustomed to so many staff every where practically demanding to be helpful--like insisting that they carry your bag from the drop off downstairs to the cart as an example--I think I could get used to such pampering--oh and very friendly and welcoming too.
My rating came out on the high side--more accurately somewhere around 7.2
Played 12/6 and 8 using teeoff deal times for $16 and $20--POP Wednesday 4 1/2 behind men's club and 320 on Friday with absolutely no one in sight. Beautiful weather sunny with an occasional breeze. Fairways play much better than they look having different varieties of grasses there are color variations and a few thin areas but also some really nice areas as well . Had good lies all day from the fairway. Rough cut down to about 1-2 inches along the fairway--not too penal for shot making--but longer and thicker around the greens.
Found the greenside bunker on #3 on the up slope so had plenty of sand under the ball. By observation a lot of the traps needed some attention as they suffered from deep footprints left by selfish inconsiderate doofs.
Tees were mostly ok depending on marker placement.
Greens were fast and had gotten faster over the 2 days--both my partner and I had trouble adjusting today and were faced with 4-5 foot recovery putts most of the day(Friday)--With the exception of some damage on the front of #4(not affecting play however) the greens are way better than most courses in the area. Smooth fast and consistent.
Staff continues to be cheerful and easy going.
There are some condition factors along the creek/riparian area on the back 9 as the environmental group that oversees parts of the course had the non-native shrubs and plants removed leaving some bare ground and construction damage that is more of an aesthetic issue,
This is a value course--eg GSC has new offer $23 weekdays and $33 weekends--plus other online deals.
12/4 using Golf Moose $49 2some on a somewhat breezy cool in the shade comfortable in the sun morning leisurely completing a 345 POP. Fairways are a mix of grasses which presents with some varied conditions a little thin in places and ok to good in others--very little rough along most of the fairways except for a few patches but thicker and more challenging near and around the greens. Ares bordering the river bottom are sandy and thin.
Tees are mostly level but thin with multiple divots. Found greenside bunker on # 6--deep firm heavy sand quite playable. By observation most bunkers looked to have good sand but many had way too many un-raked footprints.
Greens were the best part--medium fast mostly smooth with enough slope and topography to judge to make putting quite interesting.
Met the new pro Robert who fits the mold of River View staff--frienly easy going and golfer oriented.
12/1 using Costco certificate(father's day gift) playing with Floyd and Dave 2 regulars and good playing partners--easy 4hr POP.
Fairways providing good lies and good cushion--rough fairly short until close to the greens.
Bunkers well groomed with heavy deep sand--nice to see that golfers were actively using the rakes and doing a good job. Tees level with ok cover.
Greens rolling medium fast with good consistency hole to hole mostly smooth--generally on the softer side--receptive to full shots but firm enough to make chips a challenge especially out of the afore mentioned rough. Green surfaces are quite vulnerable to ball marks which requires careful attention to properly repair--and with some thinner areas the greens do not look great but actually play quite well. Large greens with some difficult pin placements.
Staff members are golfer oriented cheerful and welcoming. Layout is scenic with nice variety--played from the whites today which can bring different hazards into play.
11/29 guru outing playing with Steve David and Bob really good golfing partners for a rather quick 345 POP. Course layout is generally flat in a park-like setting and is similar in appearance to many north county/Escondido area courses with mature trees well maintained fairways and and abundance of bunkers. Fairways are generously wide for the most part and quite lush--excellent lies all day--firm enough for a little roll out and soft enough to give good cushion. Such a shame that so many can not find the sand bottle and fill divots--maybe that is the downside of resort play.
Rough is short but thick and quick to stop forward progress--not too penal for extraction. Tees level with good cover. Bunkers well groomed with a fine grained but nicely compacted sand.
Greens looked a little thin and some had evidence of prior patching--quite firm and fast--rolled smoothly in spite of the aesthetics.
Staff members are friendly and welcoming.
11/27 using teeoff deal time $16 POP 3 1/2 a little cool and breezy but nothing to complain about for late November. Course is getting plenty of water so fairways have ok cover--rough cut down a bit but still slows the ball and can provide interesting lies. Not in any bunkers but most look to have been recently groomed. Tees a little thin and depending on marker placement some not so level.
Greens are back to their normal good condition rolling medium-fast to fast--do not get above any front flags as the green falls away after the cup--lot of 4 footers coming back.
Not high end but a lot of fun and a lot of bang for the buck with friendly staff as a bonus.
11/17 using HVs 2 foe 1 anniversary special Friday rate. Easy check in but pretty busy on the course--830 tee time off at 845 with 515 POP--lot of waiting--course offers plenty of opportunity for struggles and apparently every group ahead had their issues as we did on occasion.
Everywhere is green--fairways are lush with good cushion providing decent lies all day--quite a few unfilled divots. Some rough along the fairways but often longer on the slopes and around the greens. The course is laid out with ever present elevation changes--most shots are up or down hill. Tees however were level.
Found 1 bunker behind #9--about an inch of soft sand over moderately firm subsurface.
Greens were mostly smooth rolling medium/medium fast speed which was consistent thru the round. Large green often with multi-levels and considerable slope--#10 has about 5 feet from front to the upper level about 2/3 up the green--balls that do not get to the shelf come back down and off the front. Some of the other greens also have their own devious character but are not so punitive in nature.
Friendly staff-HV has a challenging and scenic layout with really good variety often hitting over or beside wild areas and barrancas ---just wish it would play faster.
11/13 using golf moose $49 2some off at 740 following 3 groups from the Monday men's club and still had a 345 POP. Most areas of the fairways have adequate cover with mixed varieties of grasses and generally good cushion--lies were good for the most part. Rough is quite varied--very thin in some areas and then thick and deep in others especially along the hill sides--with sme equally difficult ares around the greens.
Tees are level but rather thin and the par 3s are quite chewed up. Did not test any bunkers today but from observation only most looked ok.
Greens are almost all the way back being receptive while still rolling about medium -medium fast with only a hint of bumpiness on a few.
Staff members are easy going and golfer oriented.
11 /10 played here 3 times last 2 weeks good prices and its close to where I live and lately able to cruise at less than 3 3/4 POP--oh and really good weather.
Fairways are in transition some dormant area some quite nice and some patches of a thicker variety of grass that tends to out-grow the other varieties. Still had mostly good lies. Rough is present along most fairways with some bare spots but some heavy growth not that long but thick. Closer to the greens there are some tricky patches that really challenge the short sided shot.
Many tees have been top dressed so they look worse than they play.
Bunkers are mixed tending to be thin in the bottom areas but quite adequate on the slopes.
Greens are coming along and are at about 90% of their usually excellent quality. Talked with Jose the superb greens keeper who acknowledges that they have been extra cautious in cutting them down due to the recent temperature fluctuations but now has plans to verti-cut and roll next week.
Staff members are friendly and golfer oriented.
From my perspective even though this is not a high end course it can be a lot of fun and and a challenge to keep the ball in play--besides being very affordable at $16-22 using vouchers or on-line deals. Apparently there are a few more golfers with extra money as we found a few good pro v's and an AVX today along with the usual assortment of well varieties.
Listing 1 to 12 of 55,386 Course Reviews
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