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1/27 birthday round $12 cart fee and $5 off $33 sr rate foe playing partner. 800 tee off a little slow with some waiting 4 hr POP but with no pressure from behind did some extra putts and ball hawked the river so it all was good. Fairways are mostly thin with some ok areas. 60=40 ok lies. Rough is short except for some slopes and areas closer to the greens. Tees are also mostly thin and the par 3s are well worn. Bunkers appeared well groomed and playable.
Greens were really wet from overnight dew so were about medium speed and a little bumpy at times. Too many un-fixed ball marks. Course is a little quirky but still enjoyable.
Staff is friendly and welcoming.
1/24 using golf moose $40 2some with range balls teeing off at 8 POP of 420 following a slowish 3some that kept about a hole's length behind a walking 5some that was playing very ready golf. Greens are the best part of the course mostly in good shape rolling medium/medium fast. Generally smooth a few bumpy spots and a few too many unrepaired or marginally repaired ball marks. Tees mostly level but worn. Bunkers on the thin side with a dirt/sand mix more playable on the slopes. Most fairways were thin and patchy with a theme of bare to nearly bare lies a distinct possibility while also being rather moist. There were 3-4 fairways that had good cover. Rough short and thin along fairway but thick closer to the greens.
Staff members are friendly and welcoming. Carts are quick but basic. No GPS and few markers in the fairway. Layout is interesting and there are some unique holes. A bit out of the way from Orange co. but still worth the occasional trek--hope they can solve the fairway issue.
1/22 comfortable 3 3/4 POP with only a few brief waits and no pressure from behind as had to track down the occasional errant shot. Overall the course is in good shape but has a rather rough look to it as the carts are old and slow, some cart paths are worn and broken and the routing thru some 18th century dark sewer like tunnels and there is for now some back tracking(as of Sunday will be able to continue on from #4 and travel past what will be the new #5). Also the club house is under renovation and food service is on the front patio where an excellent Mexican grill provides a nice variety. Also the course has carried a negative reputation but is currently on the rise. It is still tight and stray shots are usually gone for good.
Fairways are in much better condition than many other courses with lush healthy grass giving good cushion and still decent roll. There are some areas where there are mixed varieties of grasses but being well mowed not a factor as to play. Rough is for the most part quite healthy impeding roll out and requiring proper execution. Longer and thicker on slopes and around the greens.
Bunkers are a mixed lot with some thin over hard pan some with newer heavy sand and some in Goldilocks condition. Tees show considerable wear and often have some slope or crowning.
The greens are definitely high quality smooth medium fast holding well struck shots and providing nice roll for chips and being of consistent speed. Also since they have started using all the green area for pin placements there are some wicked challenging putts.
Staff members are welcoming. For the golf itself conditions are better here than at some of the more costly courses.
1/20 on what looked like a busier than usual Monday(MLK holiday) with a steady flow of golfers teeing off #1 with only a limited amount of waiting however and a good overall POP of 4 hours from an 800 start. Course is showing evidence of winter conditions as fairways are getting quite thin in many areas giving lots of roll but some marginal lies. Also even with nice quality sand filled bottles there were way too many unfilled divots. Rough varied in length and thickness with the most difficult and challenging around the greens and on slopes.
Tees had been overseeded and were mostly lush but there were areas that had excessive unfilled divots. Bunkers looked good and groomed but some were overly wet and most had rather thin layer of sand over hard pack.
Greens had a camo look with various colors of green. Definitely not as smooth as when we played here a few weeks ago. Type of grass doesnt seem to thrive in the cooler weather as the old holes were very obvious and pitch marks that were repaired looked to be slow in healing. Speed was medium fast. Not all that smooth. Some tough pins with serious break near the hole.
Large practice green much smoother than on course. Good GPS. Friendly staff easy check in.
Played with Peter and Paul two jovial golfers making for and even more enjoyable outing.
Good layout with plenty of variety and an overall remote feeling.
1/15 off at 752 minimal waiting and a comfortable POP just under 4 joined by Kurt and Kits 2 fun characters and good golfers made for a nice outing on a pleasant SC winter am.
Tees had been overseeded and are lush level and large enough to rotate the markers to prevent excessive damage. Bunkers have rather heavy sand requiring a more shallow stroke and a couple were on the thin side.
Agree with Bob from Tues review fairways are not in quality shape right now, winter thin brownish and often still showing the furrows from de-thatching. Tight lies some with cushion some not and divots aplenty with about 1/3 sanded. Rough along fairways cut down to about 1 inch and about 2-3 in areas around and behind the greens. Greens are mostly surrounded by mounds and many are up-slope to the green and down slope from the sides and behind where the unruly tangled rough dwells.
Greens which were rated an 11 but early on were slower from the overnight damp and then lived up to their speed about an hour in. Pins again often in tough locations near the perimeter on many holes or bordering slopes or tiers. Also many of the greens slope away toward the back areas so an uphill approach putt can turn into a 6 foot come-backer quite quickly. Greens were mostly smooth but with too many un-repaired or poorly repaired ball marks. We did notice that on quite a few holes the ball broke both ways at the hole which may indicate the need for more attention to tamping down the hole after cutting and placing the cup.
Quality customer service very friendly and welcoming staff. Newer carts with GPS.
played 10/6 and 10/10 POP 3 1/2 with only limited waiting. Fairways generally have good cover with a few scattered thin area and some areas of excellent conditions. Rough is challenging and in some areas really penal. Sand could be quite good to rather thin. Tees are still a weak area as some are sloped or well worn.
Greens are in great shape quite fast rolling have smooth and true, receptive to full shots firm for chips and pitches. Recently they have started using pin placements toward the edges of the greens which has added another dimension of challenge and makes for a much more interesting round.
Friendly staff.
12/18 using the Palm card about $33 per round, joined by Bruce and Jeff, good players and enjoyable golfing companions. POP 415 having to wait the 1st 3 holes and fell into a rather deliberate pace which left us a good hole behind by the end of the day.
Friendly check in. Good practice areas, chipping green with a bunker, range with cushy mats and a large putting green that was just a tad slower than course conditions. Newer carts with interactive GPS with yardage to the pin.
Fairways are mostly thin giving more roll but tight lies. They are however surprisingly soft so ball first was the mantra and due to the softness it was easy to take a divot many of which had been left unfilled so I often carried the sand bottle and filled in along the way.
The rough was the second primary line of defense generally 1-2 inches along the fairways and longer if there was any kind of slope then closer to the green 2-3 and along side and particularly behind the green 3 plus and juicy.
Tees in good shape. Bunkers generally looked pretty good but some were on the wet side and varied as to depth and consistency of sand.
OMG the greens--were posted at 10.5--which must have been tested at 1st light as they surely seemed faster. The greens here are large amoeba shaped with significant contours included. Course uses 6 zones. Today we learned about the #3. So with the size of the greens there is ample space within each zone for pin placement. Today proximity to the fringe and edge of elevation changes was featured. I think this also contributed to the deliberate nature of our round as there were NO EASY putts.
Greens are planted with a fine thin bladed grass and being soft are prone to pitch marks but often neglected or poorly repair by the patrons.
All in all glad to be playing!!!
12/16 using their December promotion $39 after 11 with a sleeve of pro vs. Got there early what with good traffic and was warmly welcomed by Mark at the desk and while over on the practice area--driving range/pitching area was also greeted by Mike the starter who let us know that it was not busy and we could go when we were ready which we did at about 1020 for a leisurely 340 POP only briefly waiting on 17 and 18.
Great weather and overall good conditions--we were here 2 weeks ago and today was even better. Fairways gave us good lies overall with the occasional thinner lie but very playable. Limited rough with thicker areas close to the greens. Tees level with some needing to be mowed.
Bunkers of which I found 5 were mostly ok 3 were nicely groomed with a thicker grained sand that was playable, 1 was wet with a thin layer of sand over damp dirt requiring a more squared up shot and 1 was a fairway bunker also nicely groomed but softer than I prefer.
Greens are quite healthy rolling smoothly ant medium speed firm but receptive to full shots and having good roll out on chips.
Layout provides good variety, some elevation changes, scenic with water occasionally in play.
12/13 guru outing with Jim, Sal, and Mr(birdie chain)GK himself played the blues MIssion/Prersidio in a little over 5hr following a tourney group of sorts with a hard to watch gfroup ahead of us with lessons being given on almost every shot but after a 3 hr front they were finished on 12 and we breezed in to the finish,
My 1st time here and was impressed and challenged by the layout, very scenic and felt somewhat remote even in a city setting. Fairways still held a significant amount of moisture and some were roped off, others were mostly lush but soft, and some had thin/bare areas. Rough was wet and in some areas not able to be mowed leaving some difficult recoveries. Tees were level but needed mowing. Found 1 greenside bunker well groomed and nicely compacted soft sand.
And then there were the greens starting with the practice area which looked rather beguine until I rolled a few the slope was unfathomable a theme which carried over to the course itself. I struggled all day with pace and break being right with one or the other about 1/2 the time. Condition wise greens were really nice, quite healthy, fairly firm rolling medium fast and mostly smooth.
Check in was easy by friendly welcoming staff. Driving range had mats that were beginning to show some wear but nice range balls. Descent carts with interactive GPS.
Very enjoyable outing with good playing partners on a course I will definitely play again especially with some good deal offers out there.
12/11 using costco $30 voucher on a cool 815 start getting comfortable by 10. Very wet conditions hence CPO leading to 4 1/2 hr POP. Fairways looked good from a distance, nice and green but many soggy areas and wet overall with no significant roll out and mud on just about every ball. Played LCP but still made the course much longer. Rough was cut down for the most part but there were some really juicy areas.
Tees level but thin with some bare spots not affecting teeing but just looked battered. Bunkers presented with a variety of conditions--found , 2 had good deep clean sand. 2 had good sand but several rocks as well. 1 was basically mud and 1 looked ok but had hard pan under a thin layer of sand. All were very recently groomed.
Greens were the highlight--deceptively fast generally difficult to read often with extra movement in the last 2 feet. Greens are large with some having multi levels and all having slope that is topographical in nature.
Course is an older design in a park like setting providing a secluded feel even being surrounded by houses.
Easy check in grass range large chipping green and a putting green that was a little slower and flatter than on the course. Very comfortable cart but no GPS
12/9 guru outing got to tag along with Mark, Keith, and Rob very enjoyable playing partners on a wonderful desert morning and a very scenic setting emerald green fairways, sparkling white bunkers and snow capped mountains as a back drop. !st off of the gurus with an easy 4 hr POP slowed only by looking for the occasional wayward shot. For a resort layout that looks very open there are dangers lurking in the bunkers some areas of penal rough and water!
Fairways are quite lush overall what with the over seeding providing good lies with good cushion. Lot of divots visible with most filled in(saw a staff member out with the sand). Rough varied in length and thickness and could provide a challenge especially around the green and on the slopes. Played from the yellow tees (6339) and found them level with good cover. Bunkers were nicely groomed with soft but heavy sand.
Greens were quite lush and were slower than they looked and were quite challenging to read. Maybe having a plaque beside each green that pointed to Indio might have helped but I swear(not out loud during the round)there were putts that broke both ways on some holes Quite a few pitch marks many poorly or unrepaired again related to a resort setting.
Friendly staff easy check in quality range balls on a grass range and interactive GPS.
12.2 using TOs promotional voucher $66 2some(voucher still available for purchase through today as is Crossings $90 2some--good til end of Feb)
CPO today but fairways were quite good with some areas on the edges soggy. Rough was cur down but more of an issue around the greens. Tees had been over seeded and not yet mowed so longish but on the verge of really good, Bunkers wet as expected and in the process of being machine groomed as observed during our round.
Greens are great smooth, receptive and deceptively quick with enough subtle break to add to the challenge.
POP 345 with no one in sight. Easy friendly check in.
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