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1/8 fast front 9 then had to wait on the last as caught a slow 4some who showed poor golf etiquette by driving where ever they wanted. Course was still pretty wet in places but provided mostly decent lies needing only a few LCPs. Tees needed mowing and bunkers had not yet been groomed. Greens were really good, mowed and rolled quite smoothly, receptive but still at a good medium fast pace. $ for $ best greens time after time.
1/29 birthday round $20 cart fee, greeted cheerfully and advised by pro shop that as a 2some we could go out early to not be behind groups of 4somes resulting in an easy 330 POP Starting without any significant warm up was ok --must have still been loose from all those swings yesterday with a . My playing partner birdied #1, me I easily doubled his score counting my shot into the penalty area.
Fairways are generally dormant and thin with some areas that still have grass with good root structure--lies were pretty much ok however. Not much rough along fairways but more of an issue closer to the greens. Tees level but mostly thin but playable. Course is doing turf reduction around tee boxes and will have a distinctive look when completed.
The 4 greenside bunkers I visited had deep well groomed sand and the one fairway bunker was more on the softer side than I would prefer.
The greens played better than they looked as many were multi-colored and mottled in appearance. Some had small bare areas near the perimeters and some had areas that had been re-sodded. Overall speed about medium and with many being a little bumpy keeping up speed to stay on line took priority. Keeping the flag in sure seemed to help.
Good layout scenic and pleasant.
1/26 birthday round $16 cart fee--1 week before or after birthday--registration to email club required and a printed copy of their email. Fairways are winter thin but due to recent rain were soft enough for good contact but firm enough to give ok roll out. About 50 percent not level lies what with the up hill down hill ans some side hill nature of the course. Water comes into play on a few holes. Not much in the way of rough but where present was thick enough to be challenging.
Tees mostly thin but playable. The 2 bunkers I found had ample deep well groomed sand.
Greens were quite good for the most part with only 2 that had minor damage near the front. 6 pin placements are available and due to the slope, tiers and contours many locations provide additional challenges. Putts rolled at medium speed and were pretty smooth overall.
Check in was easy. Staff was friendly and welcoming. POP 345 even following the 2 5somes in their Monday skins game. Good variety in the layout and quite enjoyable overall. Just a little hard to get to from south OC.
1/25 using Golf Moose $50 2some POP 415 with some waiting about 90% of the holes. Recent rains left more sand on the river bottom holes essentially cutting the fairways in half most notably on those on the west side of the river but made do with a liberal lift clean and place to find tufts of grass. Other fairways were generally ok. Rough is most noticeable around greens and on slopes. Bunkers looked ok but did not have any 1st hand encounters. Tees on the par 3s are beat up and thin.
Greens are the best aspect of the course mostly smooth rolling medium/medium fast with some subtle breaks and depending on pin placement additional contour to factor in.
Staff friendly and golfer oriented.
1/23 using the Palm card nice POP of right at 4 with very little waiting and not being pushed. Course has handled the rain very well as the fairways were in good shape mostly firm enough for some roll but with good lies and cushion with only a few wet spots in the lowest areas. Rough has grown out a bit and was quite thick around the greens to the point that the ball could sink nearly out of sight and was a challenge to hit with control.
Found 2 greenside bunkers nicely groomed and filled with thick heavy but softish sand which is basically the same consistency as in the 2 fairway bunkers I explored---#4 has this gaping maw of one that is really penal having a six foot lip to get over out of the afore mentioned sand. Tees good level with good cover.
Greens soft for full approach shots but still rather fast for chips and consistently medium fast for putting. Really enjoy the six area designations for pins--lot of variety and challenging locations--large greens with enough slope and levels to make for an interesting round.
Friendly staff. New GPS in the carts.
For a course of this quality it deserves to be treated more respectfully by the players--use the sand bottle to fill divots, repair your ball marks and rake your sasquatch foot prints from the bunkers.
1/11 tee off 745 with a 315 POP using golf moose $49 2some--no waiting until 17 and no one right behind us(looked like most play starts after 8 the course looked pretty busy as we made the turn). A little foggy and cool to start and remained overcast until we reached the parking lot but pleasant enough overall. Water in parts of the river and evidence of some substantial flow from the last rains as the low lying areas next to the river were rather sandy or a combination of mud and sand.
Fairways were patchy, mostly thin with isolated areas of decent grass--odds were 40/60 of getting a good lie even with winter rules. Not much rough except around the greens and on some of the slopes.
Teeing areas were level for the most part but very thin and worn--playable but not visually pleasing.
Bunkers looker ok but had no personal experience in today's round.
Greens are definitely the best feature of the course, well maintained and healthy medium speed and smooth with very few untreated ball marks.
Lay out is a little quirky with many uphill approach shots and several river crossings.
Staff was friendly at check in and gave a "go when ready message" which allowed us to get out easily ahead of a couple of 4somes.
Carts are fast and equipped with standard GPS. Driving range has soft mats. Large well maintained putting green. Course has a muni/neighborhood feel but has been in overall better condition than we found today. What with the $25 green fee and good POP I would say it was fairly valued.
played here a couple of times over the last 10 days--fairways remain good to fair with mostly acceptable lies. Rough varies in length and thickness most pronounced adjacent to the greens and is present along most fairway boundaries. Beyond the rough there are often bare areas.
Tees can have some slope or mounding depending on marker placement.
Bunkers vary from quite good to thin so your lie will depend non which bunker and where you are in the bunker.
Greens have continued to be the highlight of the course even being kept a little soft and not cut way down but still rolling smoothly at medium fast speeds.
Friendly staff and a good value and quite challenging in its own way.
1/7 on a balmy am(756 tee off) paired with a pleasant Canadian couple for a stress free 415 POP with very limited waiting. Fairways dormant winter condition with mostly good lies--fair number of unfilled divots so spent some time helping out. Rough mostly thin along most fairways with longer thicker stuff closer to the greens. Tees level some a little worn and thin but all quite playable.
Bunkers have a lot of sand and were recently groomed. All the bunkers that I was in or observed have a thick heavy sand--overall good for green side but overly penal from the fairway==#4 in particular hard to advance 100 yards what with the lip and all.
Greens had been either micro punched or verti-cut so were a little bumpy and inconsistent as to pace. Also were more on the soft side so foot traffic around the cup was fairly evident. Fixed 3-5 ball marks on about every hole. The use of the 6 zones on the green provide for some tough locations.
Easy check in soft mats at the range good chipping area with a bunker and large putting green that approximates course conditions. No gps just old school fairway yardage markers at 25 yard increments.

Good value with their Palm card 6 weekday plays for $199
12/19 using the weekday palm card $199 for six rounds easy friendly check in and off at 8 am about 5 minutes early paired with 2 pretty fun golfers. POP about 4 hr with no waiting and occasionally gaping behind as 1 or more in the group had a struggle on a few holes.
Fairways gave good lies even though they looked a little thin. Too many unfilled divots especially with sand provided and no cart restrictions--just lazy or ignorant maybe. Rough gets thicker around the greens and in some areas along the fairways.
Tees lush and level. Bunkers recently groomed and filled with deep heavy sand. Today most footprints were raked but the nature of the sand is such that finding a freshly groomed area was much better than a raked area.
Greens provide a real challenge and the use of the six area pin placements allows for substantial variety with increasing degree of difficulty especially back areas as many greens have a slope toward the edge. Smooth rolling at an 11 as posted at the starter. A few unrepaired ball marks and a few marginally repaired.
Fine layout with good variety except the par 3s that are all about the same length.
12/17 needing to use the Costco voucher before the end of the year(had 12 months and went down to the wire) cool but pleasant am and fairly busy--starter paired us with a 2some that was just going to the tee so we got out early ahead of 2-3 4somes behind us--still a 430 POP which would have been worse if not for the kindness of the starter.
For the most part the fairways were lush but had many overly wet areas so we did lift clean and place as needed. Found 3 plugged balls that entered the Bermuda triangle of golf where a ball just disappears in the fairway. Lot of huge unfilled divots from the soft conditions. Rough is patchy and inconsistent with some real thick areas mostly on the slopes which adds to the challenge when the ball is 6-12 inches above your feet.
Tee boxes still recovering from plugging and over seeding.
Bunkers around the greens were recently groomed still on the wet side but mostly playable.
HV top dresses the greens 2 times a month with no set schedule nor advance notice nor much in the way of an apology--rather saying that the ball will roll more smoothly with the sand present--NOT my playing experience. Early on the sand is wet and sticky so a putt of any length picks up sand--the longer the putt the heavier the coating--and the breaks are even harder to read even with the help of the tracks that have been left from prior attempts.
So if you don't call you have a 1 in 15 chance of sandgedon. I played back in Nebraska 50+ years ago and many courses had sand "greens" where you had a heavy rake with a round side that you used to make a flat path from the furthest ball to the hole and every one moved their ball to the path then you raked with the tine side after every one putted out. OK it wasn't that bad but it took me way back.
12/14 on a cool but very pleasant a m using Tee Off deal time starting behind a 3some of elderly folk who looked to be having trouble getting out of the cart and getting going. But after that they took off and played like they were going to be late to the party. POP 3 1/2 and never waited.
Fairways have really greened up and provided good lies through out, with good cushion and still reasonable roll out. Rough mostly cut down to about 2 inches so not much of an issues.
Tees ok except for some slope depending on marker placement.
Bunkers were groomed and the 2 I played from were quite playable.
Greens are in great shape-- firm and fast but held well struck approach shots.
friendly staff.
12/12 out at 730 with no one insight for a POP of 345 slowed only by our own ineptitude causing the wayward ball. Tee boxes are a current work in progress with deep plugging "composting" and overseeding and ample watering resulting in less than ideal but playable condition.
Fairways have drained quite well have full cover with good lies but are on the soft side restricting roll. Rough is also lush cut to about 2 inches and fairly juicy.
Bunkers are wet with a few still having standing water and all in need of grooming. Fortunately due to "skill" and good luck only found one bunker-fairway #3 and the flat firm wet sand provided an excellent lie that was the foundation for my shot on the green 6 feet above the pin with then a 4 footer coming back up the slope that still broke a good 4 inches..Yes that was a 3 putt.
That was the preview of the greens. a little bumpy/grainy which seemed to enhance the break as the ball slowed. Greens were soft with many unfixed or marginally so ball marks. Speed was medium to medium fast. Most greens are fairly large with contours and slope plus having to factor in the overall topography.
Staff is friendly and casual. Carts have informative/interactive GPS.
Scenic and pleasant setting.
Listing 1 to 12 of 58,611 Course Reviews
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