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Inspired by the last review, made my way back out to Shandin Hills. Very cold, but at least there was no wind, and it seemed to keep some of the crowds away. I've always loved this course, in part because I consider myself a good bunker player and you can not play here without finding a few sand traps. Unfortunately the bunkers are not in great shape, need some sand and attention. Greens however were very nice.

Not a lot to add to the last review, except that I too long the days when this course was in really nice condition, but perhaps with some rain this winter, we'll return to those days.

Staff is always great here and the price is certainly right. What's not to like !
6:15 am tee time Monday. A bit on the chilly side this morning, but thankfully, no wind. Not as busy as I expected. We were the second group off behind a threesome, but since there was nobody around, we just played nice and relaxed, and never pushed or were pushed. (Plus we did not want to run into "back-nine" play) Still finished in just under 3 hours, which was OK.

Greens are the only highlight of this course. Quicker than they looked, very quick if you got above the hole. Fairways were mostly good, with some bare areas. Rough was spotty, not very good. The bunkers around the greens had plenty of sand, it just needed to be raked. The one issue I had, is that in my entire (long) life of playing golf, I have never found a course with almost every tee box so un-level. It was almost a joke trying to find somewhere to stand where it was level.

However for $15, what a great way to spend a brisk December morning. Certainly not my favorite course, but it's nice to play different courses, and this one I rarely find my way too.
Early morning round at Indian Hills. Even at 5:45 am, there were people lined up to play? Tom, in the pro shop was great, very friendly and accommodating. We were able to get out in the second group, (In the dark of course) Played through the threesome on #4, then it was smooth sailing the remainder of the round.

Perhaps because of the winds, greens were very quick. Rolled well, but were a bit firm. The rest of the course was in probably the worst condition I have seen it. Fairways had some nice areas, but many bare areas. Bunkers were very thin, hardly any sand in them, Rough was spotty to poor. Tee boxes were not level in many instances. Even the "new" tee on #12 was in need of attention.

I enjoy this course. I like the views, the elevation changes are interesting and with the greens todays being so quick, made for some interesting putts. I sure hope they get their act together and bring this course back to the condition it used to be, because the "bones" of the course are good.
Fearing that this place would be packed with golfers, while the "Housewives of Orange County" did their after Thanksgiving shopping, I went super early, but to my surprise and delight, NOT BUSY ?

The rain yesterday really made things a lot greener, and just overall made the course look nicer. Greens rolled very well, fairly quick, fairways have good coverage, bunkers are as usual excellent. Still a few tee boxes which could use some attention, but for the most part, no problem.

With such little rain over the past months, course was looking a bit dormant, but the rain helped a lot. Plus with cold weather expected next week, maybe the moisture will reduce the frost exposure?
I had concerns about being able to get out early given this being Thanksgiving week, but to my surprise it wasn't as busy as expected, so able to get out within the first few groups. Pace of play was OK, not great, but still under four hours, which for Rancho is never bad.

Overall course was in decent shape. Greens rolled well, a little slow for my taste, but not bad. Most of the fairways were fine, rough was spotty. In just one bunker and it was well raked and had plenty of sand.

How can you not enjoy Rancho? A wonderful old style traditional track in the middle of Los Angeles. Can it get any better. For as many years as I can remember getting out at Rancho was nearly impossible, but I guess "golf is in a down-trend" so not so tough now. Because I do not have a players card, unable to get the senior rate, so it is a bit pricey. But hard to put a value on golf in November.
6:16 am tee time Monday. I was shocked to see how few people were there? One of our foursome was running late, so we did not tee off until 6:20, but could have gone earlier. Totally unexpected. Very mild weather, so with nobody in front or behind us, it was enjoyable to play at a nice easy pace.

Course was in better condition than I expected, particularly the greens, which rolled well, were faster than they appeared and were very receptive to holding shots. Most of the fairways were fine, with occasional bare areas, but for the most part - very playable. Only in one bunker and while not raked, had plenty of sand.

I don't play here very often, so enjoyed my return visit. Again, I could not believe how empty the course was? After recently playing La Mirada, Lakewood, & Diamond Bar, I expected the place to be jammed with people first thing in the morning, but not so? Don't understand ?
Late review - looking for a quick inexpensive round, so El Prado was the logical choice. Staff is always very accommodating and never have a problem getting out. Course conditions were about what I expected, consistent with the prior review.

Greens being the best part of the course. Fairways had areas which need attention, but most of the lies I had were fine. Only when you miss the fairways do you have serious condition issues. The two greenside bunkers I found had well maintained sand, good coverage.

Because I do not have unrealistic expectations, I am rarely disappointed. Enjoy playing here because it provides good solid basic golf at an affordable price.
First off at 6 am on a blustery morning. While I am not a fan of playing in the wind, it does keep the frost away ! Actually it was rather pleasant out, about mid 50's, but the wind made it feel colder.

Course was in decent condition, not great, but everything nice enough to make it enjoyable. One of the things I enjoy about this course is the very unusual fact that it has no par 4 holes over 400 yards, which now as a senior, fits my game much better, yet I can still play from the "tips" Despite that fact, the course has adequate length, at least for me. (All the par 3 holes are fairly long as are the last two par 5's)

Greens were nice, but again not great. That is about how I would sum up the entire course. Good, just not exceptional. Always able to get out early here and the staff is always very accommodating. Just a very enjoyable place to spend some time golfing
With the South course closed for a ladies tournament, I expected it to be crazy crowded this morning, but perhaps because it was the first time the temperatures have been in the 40's since last spring, it seemed to keep the crowds down a bit.

I sure did notice how much shorter the ball travels in these colder temps. Course is in nice shape, greens rolling very true and about 12 on the stimp. Fairways, bunkers excellent, rough still could use some attention.

Having the "extra" light in the mornings really helps, but that will be short lived. Nice to finish early leaving the entire day to perform all the "honey do list" which never ends.
There are not many public courses I have not played in Southern California (Unlike Keith who has played them all !) so was excited to play Cherry Hills for the first time. I had low expectations, and I must reveal even they were not met. Aside from the general conditioning of the course, this course provides very limited interest. The holes are very redundant, only the length of the hole varies.

The greens while not great were by far the best part of the course. Fairways had decent areas with grass, but also numerous bare areas. Many placed where the grass was not mowed and it was like being in the rough while in the center of the fairway. The bunkers I found had lots of sand, but not well maintained. Tee boxes were scruffy as well.

I don't wish to offend anyone, but playing here was somewhat depressing. Everything was so poorly maintained, the houses adjacent to the course on many holes were in terrible condition. It just felt like a course would look just prior to being closed, in an area which was being foreclosed.

The staff was great ! The price on a Golf Moose voucher was a steal ($32 for 2 players with cart) which was the primary reason I decided to play here. Despite the low cost, ease of getting out and around ( 2 hours 15 minutes) it's highly unlikely I will return. Even so, I am glad I made the trip because even the worst of golf courses provides lots of fun !
Looking for a geographically friendly course, I knew I would be able to get out at Tustin, as the staff is always accommodating and early morning tee times are not usually too difficult to secure.

Beautiful weather, mild considering it's November. Hard not to enjoy an easy pac round without a lot of players around. Round is overall in good, not great shape. Greens rolled nicely, but a little slow for my taste, Bunkers are excellent, which was good because I was in a bunch of them. Not really much to add to the prior review. I play here occasionally because it's not too far from home and easy to get out, but agree, tends to be on the pricey side.
I was surprised that it had been over 3 1/2 years since I'd last played here. Always enjoyed this course, as I find the holes fun, interesting, and love the fact there are no parallel holes.

Condition overall was quite good, with the greens being the best part. They rolled well and were faster than they appeared. Fairways had good coverage. Bunkers were hit/miss. Tee boxes are kind of "chewed up" could use some attention.

I think the best compliment I can pay a golf course is that when you play absolutely awful, and still enjoy the course - that speaks volumes. Staff was great. Green fees are a bit steep, certainly compared to the local competition.
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