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First time I have been able to play the South course in over three weeks because they have rebuilt the green surrounds on all 18 holes. There have been 6-8 holes, or temporary greens for weeks, so nice to return and play 18 open holes. They did a nice job and everything looks very good.

Greens rolled well, fairly quick, fairway are lush, many of the areas of the rough which were questionable have also been addressed. Bunkers are excellent as always. A few tee boxes could use some attention, but overall they're fine.

Nice to have two courses again to choose from. With only one available over the past few weeks, it tended to get rather crowded. Now I'm waiting until they close the North Course in mid June for 6-8 weeks to redo the fairways/rough. Oh Brother, what a circus that will be.
First out at 6:00am. Unlike the last time I played here, this morning there was NOBODY around ! The next tee time was at 7:00am, so I took my time, played two balls and enjoyed a beautiful spring morning. The course is in the best condition I have seen it, although the greens did not roll all that well. They need to roll them, because despite having plenty of grass and having been mowed, they were at times still bumpy.

Fairways were green/lush. The sand in the greenside bunkers was more like a "mud" than sand. It was raked and there was plenty of it, but it really wasn't sand ! Last time I played the tee on #12 was not in good shape, but that's been remedied. Overall the course is very nice. Staff was exceptional. My only complaint is they do not have senior rates ?
Another very enjoyable round at Marshall Canyon. The course is probably in the best shape I have seen it, and certainly better than when I last played in during the winter. (Plus it was not 31 degrees out today, which was the temperature when I last played here) While I do not believe the course warrants an 8.8 rating as posted in the prior review, it certainly has greatly improved.

A combination of fun holes, beautiful scenery, wildlife, and a very accommodating staff make this one of my "go to courses" and for $15.75 - WOW ! If I lived closer I would play here every month.
Surprised me when I looked and saw that I had not played here since 2009, so was excited to return. Despite a threatening weather forecast, we had a 6am tee time and played a very easy paced round of 2 hours 45 minutes, and were able to beat the drizzle which was just starting as we placed the clubs back into the trunk.

Staff and starter were very friendly and accommodating. Not at all crowded, so very easy to get out first this morning and with nobody in front or behind us, a very relaxed round.

Greens are fully recovered from the recent punching, but while they rolled well, they were very slow. Too slow for my taste. Fairways were lush, bunkers well maintained, with plenty of sand. Most of the tee boxes were fine, a few with some divot damage.

I really enjoyed playing the course, more than I expected. Played the blues and generally even for this senior, very playable. (Only #3 & #9 presented a challenge more than my game allows) Still not crazy about hole #12 for several reasons, but that's the only hole I really do not care for. Nice conditions, pleasant views, scenic, all & all, a positive experience. A little on the pricey side but not too bad.

When I first started playing here, I always walked the course. I don't even know if they would allow walking now, but now I must admit I appreciated having the cart. Oh to be young again !
Last minute invite to play Aliso. Frustrating because while this is a Club Corp course, which I have reciprocity with, because it is within 50 miles of Coto, I can not play here, so must rely on friends to gain access.

Course was in overall good condition. Lush fairways, Rough, tee boxes well maintained. Greens slower than I recall. This is a fun course to play with nice vistas, enough of a challenge to keep your interest without beating you up. Not too busy, so pace was decent, under four hours which is not bad for a mid morning tee time.
I had not played here for several years, so was looking forward to my return. The reason I've stayed away is because I had experienced difficulty getting out early. When I arrived there was a foursome which had the first time off, but they were gracious enough to invite me to get out in front of them. Very nice gesture ! So I took advantage of the fact I was being followed by a foursome and played two balls and took my time, but still able to finish in about 2 1/2 hours.

Except for #2 green, which still showed signs of recent punching, all the other greens were fine. They rolled true, medium fast and held shots well. Fairways are green/lush, with occasional signs of cart damage on areas which were wet. Rough was good, nice lush grass but not so thick as to create an issue. Greenside bunkers were OK, fairway bunkers - terrible.

This is possibly the easiest driving course I have ever played. Wide fairways, with few hazards. No "gut-check" holes. The only real complaint is the cost. I find it a bit high compared to similar courses. But if you can find a Donovan Daily coupon, (which I did not have) that brings the cost down considerably.
Because we were able to get around Butterfield in just over two hours, that allowed extra time, and we noticed there was nobody out on the back nine on Chino Creek, so decided to play a few extra holes, on a beautiful spring morning.

Greens were still a bit bumpy, but playable. I would give them another week and they should be fine. Fairways were green/lush and provided mostly good lies. Bunkers were similar to Butterfield, thin with minimal sand. Rough was spotty. However the tee boxes were better than Butterfield.

The two courses are very similar condition wise. I really don't know which course I prefer? They're both respectable tracks, neither very exciting, but enough of a challenge that you need to hit some decent shots to score. I think that there are not enough of these old style traditional courses around. Affordable golf on a course which is easy to walk.
Using an Underpar certificate, scheduled what I thought was the first time out, but nobody showed up at the pro shop ? Fortunately one of the maintenance guys gave us a cart key so we could tee off before too many more people arrived. (A walking foursome teed off well before 6am, which we had to eventually play through)

Generally the best part of El Prado are the greens, but while they had been mowed, they did not roll very true. Today the fairways were the highlight of the course, pretty lush, with only occasional bare spots. Bunkers were thin with little sand. All the tee boxes needed to be cut. It was like teeing off in the rough.

Because I have played here many times over the years, I know what to expect - good basic no frills golf at a fair price, nothing more. If you can tolerate the horrible cart paths and look past all the areas which are in "disrepair". the course can be acceptable. (I had never taken a cart on this course before, but as it was included in the Underpar deal, I decided to ride. I never appreciated how bad the cart paths were until today)
Wanted to make certain I took advantage of the anniversary special before it expires. A great deal for a wonderful course in very nice overall condition. The course was in much better shape than when I played here a couple months ago after all the heavy rains. Fairways provided much more rollout and the greens seemed a bit quicker.

I'm not as bright as chevelle, because even though I'm 72, still playing from the blues, and because I too have distance issues, the course plays tough at times - doable but tough. At least I'm not so dumb to play the black tees ! Despite the challenge, this is a fun course to play, visually very appealing, with nice vistas. Funny I remember always walking this course when it first opened. I don't even know if they allow walking now? If so, without the funicular, it would be trek to get from 18 green back to the club house. (I did not look to see if the stairs are still in place going up the hill. I recall there were 126 steps if my memory serves be right)

I always preferred Eisenhower to the Babe, but I have to admit I really enjoyed playing the Babe. Hope they run some kind of special for the Ike !
6:15am tee time Monday. While busy, it was not crazy like it can be. We were the third group off, but played without waiting. (We were walking - everyone else had carts) Finished in 3 hours 15 minutes. To our delight, no issues with back nine play.

The greens have not yet healed from the recent punching. Still somewhat sandy and not to smooth, but still playable. Another couple weeks and they should be fine. Fairways were the best part of the course by far. I was in three bunkers and all had plenty of sand and were well maintained. A few of the tee boxes had issues (divots and not level) but maybe I was just to lazy to re-tee?

Fun course to play. The views are great, the variety of the holes is what makes it good, not just a "back & forth flat layout" Holes are all different, with plenty of elevation changes, which makes for a tougher walk for us seniors. Best part - $16.50 what a steal !
I don't know if they are trying to mimic Augusta National, but the green speeds were stupid fast. I putted the ball off the green three times on the front nine. I finally got in front of the guy rolling the greens on the back, and while still quick, at least they were playable. Just silly to make them so fast, particularly on the North course, which has many severe undulations anyway.

Fairways are good, bunkers great, rough still has issues. Getting ready for all the fairways to be redone in mid June, which will close this course for almost two months. Not looking forward to that.
Out early to insure I got back to watch the Masters. Every time I play here I ask myself why I don't play here more often? The scenery is fantastic, the course is fun to play, genrally in good condition, and the staff is always friendly and accommodating.

Greens were better than expected, faster than they appeared. Fairways nice, but still a little brown. Both bunkers I found were well maintained with plenty of sand.

Eagle Glen offers a nice mix of holes, providing some good birdie opportunities, but also some holes which require "better than average" shots to make par. Just an enjoyable track to play.
Listing 13 to 24 of 59,403 Course Reviews
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