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Enjoyed the first time off Monday morning. Teed off about 5:40am, just light enough to play. Obviously pace of play not an issue as we were the lead group. Our walking foursome played in just under 3 1/2 hours - never waited but also never held up the riding twosome behind us.

I have been playing here since I moved to California in 1970, and I can not remember the greens ever being better ! They rolled wonderfully, were some of the most receptive greens I have ever played. (A couple of players in the group NEVER fix ball marks because quite honestly they never make them), but todays every shot checked up or in a few instances, backed up! Nice ! I am super impressed with the condition of these greens, far better than many higher end courses I play including, sad to say - Coto

Fairways had lots of grass, which did not allow the usual run out I am used too when playing here. The rough, as noted in the last review is just horrible! Basically bare dirt. Not in any bunkers, but they appeared OK.

I am just blown away that I can play this wonderful course, in great condition, with spectacular ocean views for $16.50. Incredible ! While it's not Pelican Hill, for 1/20th of the price, it's a no-brainer for me.
Back out to Oceanside for an early morning round with a friend visiting from Arizona. Course has not changed much since I last played here about three weeks ago. I thought the greens rolled very well and were perhaps a bit quicker than my previous round. The fairways were generally good with plenty of grass. The rough was rather inconsistent with some spots very thick while other rather sparse. Both bunkers I found were well groomed with plenty of sand.

I know there are some which do not particularly care for this course, but I find this course a pleasure to play. Lots of fun holes, some rather unusual ( #12 for example) nice mix of long par 4 holes, as well as easy holes. Also enjoy the varied lengths of the four par 3 holes.

To my surprise and delight, the last couple times I've played here, it has not been too crowded, so easy to get out early and enjoy a nice pace of play.
I always enjoy playing this course. I think there are several holes that are a pure pleasure to play. The course seems to provide a nice "flow" The staff is always wonderful and very accommodating. Using an Under par groupon, it was a great bargain as well.

However I must admit I was disappointed with the overall condition of the course. All the fairways were extremely thin as were many areas of the rough. The sand in the greenside bunkers was very compacted. While the greens were very nice and rolled well, since we only had ONE cut green, as a result they were SLOW ! Like 6 or 7 on the stimp. (Still lots of morning dew, so at least by the back nine they were picking up a little pace.

I highly recommend this course, condition not withstanding. Some fun holes providing enough of a challenge to keep your interest, but nothing so hard as to beat you up.
Last day of my mini trip up north, so decided to finish it on one of my favorite places to play. There is just something about this course which makes me love playing here. While offering a challenge, it allows you to put up a decent score without always having your "A" game. It's interesting, easy to walk, not expensive to play, great staff, almost always in good condition. My only complaint is that it's too far from where I live !

Not a great deal to add to the prior review, course is in nice shape, thought the greens rolled really well. A few spots in the fairways, but nothing too severe. Also nice that the weather is so moderate here compared to some other areas. (Even in the winter )
One of my very favorite golf courses ! In part, dealing with Stacey in the pro shop is a total pleasure, she represents the type of person I would want to work for me if I ran a golf course.

First off a little prior to 7am. Unlike yesterdays 90+ degree temperatures, it was 57 degress when we teed off. How perfect ! Pace of play was fantastic, we rode in just under two hours twenty minutes, without rushing.

A few of the greens (#2 & #3 ) had a few issues, but otherwise the greens were fine. A few areas in the fairways as well, but nothing too critical. The only complaint I had is they removed the fairway bunkers on the left side of the 15th fairway, which makes the hole play a whole lot easier off the tee. I suspect it was done to speed up play?

Always enjoy myself at this course, even when I do not play well, but fortunately I did play well this morning, which made it all the better
Had not played here in quite a while (Over 5 years) so was excited to return. I've never played well at this course, and sad to admit, today was no different. Without local knowledge, it was a real struggle for our entire foursome.

Great pace of play - teed off at 8:30am and never waited once. In all fairness, our group played collectively so poorly, I'm not surprised we never caught the twosome in front of us, but then again, we were never caught by the riding twosome behind us. ( We are all walkers & seniors)

I was disappointed in the areas surrounding the greens which had been recently punched. Because of the "furrows" it created, made it nearly impossible to putt from off the greens, which is the most unique feature of this course Greens were just OK, but much too slow for my taste. I know this course is highly regarded by almost everyone, but while it certainly is a wonderful track, for me to make the 110+ mile drive, there are other courses I would choose to play. (La Purisima tomorrow being one of them)
My favorite thing about playing here is the staff. EVERYONE is friendly and makes you feel welcome. Larry, in the pro shop is grea, always accommodating and get me out without issue.

Lots of maintenance to deal with this morning, but that's the cost of playing super early. The course is in decent shape, but the greens need some attention. I only had three greens which had been mowed, so for me they were slow and fuzzy. Lots of patches on the greens as well, but appears they are working to resolve the issue. Fairways were just fine, plenty of grass and very green. Greenside bunkers were just so-so. Many not raked, but due probably because I was in front of maintenance.

Super quick round - riding in just over one hour forty minutes. (Trying to stay ahead of the mowers) Just as well, because it was getting hot even when I finished at 7:38am
Last day to play the South before they close for a week to do extensive punching of the greens/sand, rough, tee boxes, and fairways. Naturally everything is in great condition now, which is always the case just prior to heavy maintenance.

maybe because of the heat, but almost nobody has been playing these past few mornings. Even the maintenance staff seems "lighter".

I understand they are going to re-sod portions of several fairways which are showing some wear, but honestly I don't see any problem? I guess I shouldn't complain, because at least they are trying to maintain good playing conditions
Looking to play somewhere which might be a little bit cooler, so figured that maybe Costa Mesa would be the answer. I guess it was cooler, but certainly not cool! Maybe because of the projected heat, not as crowded as expected, so no issue getting out early.

Leef2020's recent review as spot on, really not a lot to add, except I thought the fairways were better than anticipated. Greens were the best part of the course ! Rolled very well and reasonably quick. I enjoy playing here because it has a lot of interesting shots and green complexes. plus the fact that the course does not come in after nine, helps with the issue of "back nine players".

Staff as usual was friendly and accomdating. Fun course which I always enjoy. Certainly not the longest or most difficult, but a great way to start the day
Since I was already here, decided to try to get out on the North, and was fortunate enough to run into a group that needed a fourth. All good guys, which worked out great because it was a long day.

To my surprise I actually enjoyed the North better than the South. (Maybe because I played better? ) The greens were better, rolled much more true and there was plenty of sand in the bunkers. Otherwise condition not really all that different.

I have to admit that had I not had a gift certificate, there is no chance I would consider paying the non resident fees. Perhaps if I were visiting from out of state, I'd go for it, but tough to pay $200+ for a course I remember paying $10-15 to play. (Which just shows how old I am)
It had been almost twenty years since I last played Torrey - south. (Primarily due to the price) While I was looking forward to playing, I had concerns about getting out without a tee time, but since I showed up early and was first in line -no problem. First off at 6:20am. Paired up with two other walkers and one rider. Decent pace of play at three hours 40 minutes.

Although the greens were multi-colored, they putted better than they looked. No too fast, but quick enough to get your attention on the downhill putts. Fairways for the most part were good, but I was very disappointed in the greenside bunkers, which I spent much of the morning struggling to play from. Not enough sand to get that "thump" which you need to get up and out.

I remembered the course very well, but twenty years has caused many of holes to play much longer. ( d%mn Father Time !) I can not imagine playing this course from the tips under U S Open conditions ! No chance I would break 100 !
After reading Granter2's recent review, what more can I add to his short novel about this course. The greens were surprisingly quite given the recent punching, which caused me a couple unexpected three-putt greens. Overall the course is in nice condition, better than some "high-end" courses I've played recently.

I almost always play at first light - super early, but not today. It felt like forever to get around, but in truth it was still under 4 1/2 hours, which for mid-morning tee time is not terrible, it's just not what I'm used too.

Still feel the course is a bit over priced, but it's Orange County, so maybe not? ( Guess I'm spoiled paying $16.50 to play the L.A. County courses for senior rate ) Agree with Granter2, that course is well worth playing compared to it's competition.
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