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Out very early, so did not experience the same delays as Sammy3. Agree with his review, course is in overall good conditions, the greens being the best part. Did not find any bunkers, but they looked "thin".

When I made the turn, there were people everywhere! So I can understand how Sammy3 got caught up in the crowd. Not my favorite price, but it's nice for a change. There are a couple holes I like, but otherwise, course is not all that exciting, but any time you're on a golf course, life is good!
I wanted to get back out before they began their maintenance on 2/27/17. Plus, my groupon expired on 3/9/17. The course is in wonderful condition! Fairways green and lush, greens were quick, but not unfair, very receptive as well. Both bunkers I found were nicely groomed and had plenty of sand. No issues with the rough or tee boxes. All that said, I have only myself to blame for posting one of the worst scores I've shot in probably a decade. Simply put - I sucked today !

Staff was very friendly and accommodating. Pace of play was good, under 3 hours. (Second group out) Again, everything was great - except me. BUT, if you can walk off the course and still say you enjoyed yourself, despite how you played, that speaks volumes!
Early morning round at Coto - south. Wanted to get this round in because the course will closed for the next 5 days to allow for punching and heavy sanding of the greens. (The North course still has not recovered from its punching/sanding on two week ago, so that means both courses will be less than fun to putt on for a while.

Otherwise, the course withstood the recent rains very nicely, other than some flooded bunkers. Still carts of path but actually the fairways were more then dry, but since I walk, didn't affect me.
When I lived in Westchester, I played here a lot, but since moving to Coto De Caza twenty years ago, I seldom get back, so it was nice to re-visit. (Plus I like using my LA County senior card, which makes the cost very appealing)

Not I lot to add to the prior review, except that the course was drier than I expected. (A few days of sunshine sure helps, but that's about to end I'm afraid) I was most impressed with the greens, as they were probably in as nice condition as I can remember. Playing early allowed for no pace of play issues. All in all a positive experience.
I really like this course! Because it's like 130 mile drive from my home, I do not play here very often. If it were closer, I'd be here all the time. It just "fits my eye". Arrived early as we had the first tee time. It was cart path only today, which was fine with me as I prefer to walk. The first hole was horrible! It was soaked, still could see all the PULL CART tracks? The areas in front of the green was nothing but mud. I thought that it was going to be another day of trecking through mud, but holes 2- 17 were very playable. Wet, thin fairways, but not muddy, no standing water, not too bad.

Greens were very nice, although we only had a couple that had been mowed, so they tended to be a bit slower than I'd prefer. #18 was again very wet, just like #1. It was a beautiful morning, a bit chilly at 6:15am (49 degrees), but by the turn, things had warmed up nicely.

I'm pleased that they kept the carts on the path, rather than "cave" to the demands. Otherwise this place would really get torn up.
Despite the short yardage, I always enjoy playing this course because the greens can be very challenging and even the approach shots in require some thought to leave yourself a decent putt. However today was not a positive experience!

Our group had the first time, but of course a group teed off in the dark ahead of us. Not a big deal as they played at a reasonable pace and I was not in a hurry. However as we walked down the 11th fairway, we saw groups of ladies on the 13th tee. Even finishing 11 and 12, they still had not cleared the tee on 13 when we arrived. The group in front of us said "they do this all the time, so they just went over to Los Lagos. It had only taken us about 80 minutes to play the first 12 holes, it took almost 30 to play the next two holes !!!

We skipped over to #15 on Los Lagos and finished the round there. (Probably saved an hour?)

The course was a joke. None of the fairways have been cut in who knows how long. If you were able to avoid all the muddy areas and could find your ball, it was like hitting from US Open rough in the middle of the fairways. The course is still soaked even now? Greens were decent, but all the foot prints from the people in front were very apparent, so needless to say the greens were very soft.

The worst part was the attitude in the pro shop about it when my bride complained. They could simply care less! I feel they have an obligation to inform you when you book the tee time that they will be starting a shotgun mid-course directly in front of you. They never even mentioned anything when we paid out fees. I guess once they have the $$, you're on your own.
Out early at Rio Hondo. I always enjoy playing this course because it is generally in good condition and has a nice variety of holes. Because I was out very early did not have any of the pace issues noted in the prior review. While the course was in nice shape, I could not justify a "9" rating. The greens rolled really well and were very receptive. As expected, everything was green and lush. I still find this course a little on the "pricey" side for where it is and what you get.

I remember what this course was like prior to it's renovation. This was probably the best redesign I have ever seen. If it were closer, I'd play it more often.
After a couple days of rain, I was trying to be selective in choosing a course to play - one that drains well. I choose Marshall Cyn because I never have a problem getting out early and I knew the course would be playable. I was right on both counts.

Except for a few muddy areas in the low spots, the course was perfectly playable. No casual water and even soft spots. The fairways could use a cutting, but otherwise were just fine. One of the best aspects of playing this course are the greens, which can be a challenge. However, because none of the greens were cut they were super slow - probably somewhere about 5 or 6 on the stimp. A struggle to get the ball to the hole and no fear of the ball running out. Too bad, because it took the best part of the course out of the equation.

I always enjoy playing here, I think that it is just so beautiful with the trees and views, plus this morning there were deer EVERYWHERE. What a great morning to be out on the course totally alone except for Mother Nature. That coupled with the senior rate of 15.75, it was pure heaven at a discount.
They have begun a total bunker restoration on all the bunkers. The construction is being handled by "Better Billy Bunkers" which has a rather impressive list of courses completed under its resume. (Over 600 to date ) I have been a member at Coto for over 28 years and the one constant issue has been the bunkers. I have been told the cost will be in excess of $1,000,000. Looking at the website is very interesting, so I am interested to view the final result. However in the interim, and bunkers are all GUR at this time.

The new white sand makes a startling contrast to the green fairways. Visually it is rather stunning, but don't know yet how the new sand will play

The rest of the course is in very nice shape, greens running quick/true, fairways are lush and green, and looking good. However the North is closing this week for heavy maintenance including the 5/8th punching and heavy sanding of the greens.
It had been about 18 months since I last played here so was looking forward to returning. Being a Club Corp course, I can play for cart fee only so I try to take advantage of this when I can. I was concerned about conditioning due to the recent rains, but except for #12 which has been shorten to a par 3 due to damage to the 12th fairway, I did not find any other damaged areas. The course was in very nice overall condition, and I thought the greens were excellent. Much faster than I remembered, with more "movement" than I recall.

The staff here is fantastic. They seem to make every effort to make your golf experience positive. We had the third time off at 7:24. We played in 3:20 which isn't great, but not too bad. I enjoyed the course and have to make a point of getting out here more often.
I had low expectations about playing this course because of all the recent rains. Speaking with Dennis in the pro shop, he warned me the course was very wet. To my surprise and delight, I found the course to be very playable. I walked and did not encounter any muddy areas. Everything was green and lush as you might expect. Areas which need cutting, but that's to be expected as well.

The only disappointment was the greens, which are always the best part of the El Prado courses. They needed to be rolled as the ball kind of "wobbled" its way to the hole. Some areas worse than others. Fairways were hit or miss as was the rough. Both greenside bunkers I was in had very little sand.

I did not see any real damage to the course, but there are many areas which are roped off. But for $18 to walk on a beautiful January morning, who cares!
Taking advantage of a "window" of no rain, jumped out to try to get another round before the next wave of storms. The course as expected as empty! The round was soaked, just sloppy wet. Needless to say ... zero roll ! Played super long. No puddles, just wet wet wet. The greens rolled very well and were surprisingly quick.

The bunkers were unplayable- more like mini lakes. Still, golf is great, even under less than ideal conditions.
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