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I have to admit this is not the most exciting golf course you'll ever play, but the price is right, conditions right now are very good, in fact as good as I can remember for this place, and the staff is always friendly and accommodating.

There is a certain comfort about playing old style traditional golf courses. Certainly nothing fancy, just plain straight forward golf. With greens being the best part of the course and fairways in pretty good shape as well, hard to complain. Just don't set your expectations too high when playing here. I only found one bunker and it was OK, thin, but OK.

Plus it's nice to finish a round of golf quickly and feel that you received value for the $$ paid.
I checked and it had been 10 years since I last played here. I had a 6:00am tee time, which was the fourth group off, so I had some concerns about pace of play, but as it turned out, my fears were not warranted. Out walking threesome played without any waiting in just a touch over three hours. (Nobody behind us so we just maintained a nice easy pace) Check in was efficient and the starter made certain everything went off as scheduled.

Course was in much better condition than expected, in fact the greens were some of the best I've played. Fairways also very good, bunkers had lots of sand and were for the most part well maintained. Rough was just OK.

I enjoyed the course more than I remembered. (Maybe it's because I'm old now and the holes present a greater challenge than they did back when.) Yeah there are a few short par four holes, but there are also some legit par 4 holes as well. $21 was a great price, so I am certain it will not be 10 tens until I return. A very pleasant enjoyable round of golf, which is about all I need nowdays
I generally don't play "away" on Fridays, but with Coto being closed Thurs/Fri & Sat for a member guest, decided on Oceanside as they only charge $1.00 more for Fridays and I was told it would not be too crowded.

No problem getting out first and walked in under 2 1/2 hours at a nice easy pace. Course is in some of the best condition I have seen it in. Greens were very nice, fairways good, lots of sand in the bunkers, although some were not raked. (Yesterdays play?) Tee boxes for the most part are fine.

I very much enjoy playing this course. I find it fun, interesting, enough of a challenge to keep my interest. It may not be the most visually appealing golf course, but it offers good value and solid traditional style golf.
Funny when I think about playing golf, this course rarely comes to mind? It's not far from where I live, reasonably priced, and I can generally get out without issue. So when I read the recent review, I thought I'd go for it. After playing I remembered why I don't play here all that often.

Conditions clearly are not all that great, but it is playable. Greens usually are better than they were today. Slow and bumpy. Fairways had some bare spots and some "rough spots". Both bunkers I found were OK.

My biggest complaint is all the back nine play, which is something I think about from the moment I tee off on #1. Wasn't too bad this time, but I have been burned in the past. Truth is this course could be good, if someone would put some $$ into it.
I read my last review just couple of weeks ago and can not believe I wrote that review ! What happened ? The course in just two weeks has changed ?? The greens were slow and bumpy, fairways while still somewhat lush were "spotty" Traps not well maintained ? It just is not the same course. I know that makes no sense, but it's true.

I like this course, so it is difficult for me to be so critical, but conditions have taken a turn for the worse. Still a deal at $15.75, and it's still fun with nice vistas, and lots of wildlife, but the course just felt scruffy today. (And not because I played poorly which I did) Maybe some heat/sun will rejuvenate this place ? Hope so !
Out early on a beautiful Mother's Day morning. I guess all the "good" husbands and fathers stayed home because the place was deserted. I mean NOBODY around ? Plus only minimal maintenance around as well. Did not see any mowers cutting greens?

Course is in nice shape right now, everything is green and lush, Greens rolling well, not to quick today (Maybe because they weren't cut?) Kind of a shame because one month from today they are closing the course for 6-8 weeks to renovate the fairways ?????? I don't get it. But I'll enjoy the good conditions while they last !
One of my favorite courses to play. The staff is always friendly, accommodating, and I never seem to experience any difficulties getting out early. There is just something about this course that "fits my eye". I find several of holes very interesting to play, and enjoy the fact there are not really any parallel fairways.

The course is in decent shape, improving, but still has some issues. Some patchwork repairs on a number of the greens, which was needed based upon my last time playing here. They rolled OK, but not very fast. Fairways for the most part were good, with occasional bare areas.

This would be a course I would consider joining except that it is not practical to walk. (Too much distance between holes) Even from the blue tees, it is still very manageable from the blues for me, except for hole #6, which I just can not seem to handle. It seems to play like 40 yards longer, which makes no sense because it flat?
Had not played here in many years, so it was fun to return to a course I have always enjoyed. The condition of the course is really nice, everything well manicured. The scenery is exceptional, which is part of the reason I love playing in Sedona.

Greens rolled well, but not as quick as I'd prefer. They were a mix of firm and soft? Only in one bunker, but it was well raked and had plenty of sand. Fairways were exceptional at times, with only a few areas needing attention.

Staff is friendly and accommodating. Highly recommend this course
Out early on a cool breezy morning. My first time playing this course, so lost a number of shots because of an absence of local knowledge. The fairways were very dry and fast, so a lot of tee shots ran through the fairways into bunkers, or worse. Greens were very firm, so almost impossible to stop any shots, and because these green are well protected with bunkering, it made for a tough day. (If I could hit the ball like the kids from U of A, I'm sure the course would have been more playable.) Greens were not super quick, but are huge, so having 40-50 foot putts was not uncommon. Again, I was unable get the ball to stop, so everything rolled miles away.

Fairways are super wide, and fast, but the course measures long, so it helps to be able to not have to worry bout hitting driver. (At least for me) Enjoyed the round, staff was very accommodating, but my preference for golf courses are for those which are more target oriented and with trees.
My first (And Last) time playing this course. Let me get the negative out of the way. When I booked my tee time I was assured it was the first time out, but I came to learn that "members" always go out before regular play. I have no problem with that policy IF they would tell you that when you make the tee time. When we made the turn, they had put a group of ladies out on the back, which we had to skip a hole to get around. Little things like I asked for an extra scorecard, and was told there they already gave a card to my partner, so no. Really !

The golf course itself is very nice and worth playing, and as the prior review indicates, it's like two different course for each nine. Front more links like and the back playing around the quarry wit dramatic views and elevation changes.

Very nice overall condition, except the greens probably ran 8 on the stimp. hey looked quick, rolled well, just way too slow. The course played much tougher than expected, so recommend anyone paying here to "play it forward"
First time playing this course. Really enjoyed the course, as it is enough of a challenge to keep your interest without being too penal. Greens were well protected by rather severe bunkering, which made the approaches very interesting. In my golf life I have never played on fairways as perfect as these were. They were near perfect ! Tee boxes also is great shape. Greens were good, but paled compared to the fairways and condition of the green surrounds. Bunkers were the most disappointing part of the course. Not bad, just not on par with the rest of the course. Rather thin at times.

The staff was great ! Very helpful and accommodating. I totally enjoyed my golf experience here and would play here often if I lived in the area.
First time I have been able to play the South course in over three weeks because they have rebuilt the green surrounds on all 18 holes. There have been 6-8 holes, or temporary greens for weeks, so nice to return and play 18 open holes. They did a nice job and everything looks very good.

Greens rolled well, fairly quick, fairway are lush, many of the areas of the rough which were questionable have also been addressed. Bunkers are excellent as always. A few tee boxes could use some attention, but overall they're fine.

Nice to have two courses again to choose from. With only one available over the past few weeks, it tended to get rather crowded. Now I'm waiting until they close the North Course in mid June for 6-8 weeks to redo the fairways/rough. Oh Brother, what a circus that will be.
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