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7:08am tee time, the first "non-member" time available. I had concerns because there must have been 6-7 groups out in from of our threesome, but we were assured that they played quickly, so pace of play would be fast. For once, things were correctly represented. We played in 3hours 8 minutes, which considering how many groups went out in front of us, very impressed.

The groups were without doubt the firmest greens I have ever played. The balls actually bounced as if on cement. No chance to stop even a well struck wedge. They rolled well, but were slower than expected. Fairways were nice, bunkers had plenty of well manicured sand, tee boxes generally in good shape.

Since I play almost exclusively early, I encounter a lot of staff in the pro shops who are "not morning people", but Mark was terrific. Friendly & accommodating. Same with the starter Don. Both these gentlemen were a pleasure to deal with. Always nice to start your day even before the round on a positive note.

I don't play here very often, but very much enjoyed the course, despite the rock hard greens. Note, they are punching greens beginning Tuesday 3/19/19.
It was nice to play here with mowed fairways ! Even so, the fairways are very soft so the course is playing long. Greens have recovered from the recent punching, rolled well, but still little slower than usual. Fairways lush, rough is spotty. Bunkers are excellent.

Between the frost and flooding the crossovers, this course has been closed a lot of days over the past 5-6 weeks, so it's nice to be able to now play both courses again.
I always look forward to playing Goat Hill. The price is right, never have an issue getting out early, staff is accommodating, and the course is just flat out fun to play, albeit a bit frustrating at times. You can hit some shots which appear to be great, and find yourself in an impossible situation to get the ball up and down to save par.

The prior reviews from the GK family were spot on, so not much to add relative to condition. I really was surprised the course was as playable given all the recent rains. Having new carts is a real positive. This is one of the few courses I take a cart, because it is just so much easier, which is crazy considering the yardage on this course.

I highly recommend to anyone who has not yet played here to give it a shot. You'll either love it or hate - no middle ground
Last minute choice to play, so being able to secure the second time off at 6:45am (Actually went out first at 6:30) was a bonus. Plus playing for just $15 is a no brainer. Course was much drier than I anticipated, no real wet spots, ball actually got some roll out. Greens are far and away the best part of the course. They were much quicker than expected, and had more undulation than I remembered. Only in one bunker, but it was well manicured with plenty of sand. Fairways were for the most part decent, a mix of thin and normal lies. I have never played a course which had so many tee boxes which were not level. I played all the way back, even though the blue markers were generally on the same pod as the white, so maybe they have just decided not to maintain the "tips"

Certainly not my favorite course, but as I said, $15 is hard to pass up. No issue with pace on the front nine, but ran into a two in a cart on the back who were just plain slow! 1 hour 15 minutes on the front, but 1 hour 45 on the back following the two younger guys riding in a cart. (We're two old seniors walking and playing from the tips, and they still struggled to stay ahead of us?)

Again the course was very playable, not wet at all and the greens were excellent, so if you're a senior - go for it !
Out early as usual. Not as busy as expected, so no problem getting out and pace of play just about three hours. Staff in the shop was accommodating.

Agree with the prior review by Lee, very wet with some casual water and areas with cart damage. Green surrounds reflected the rain damage, but the greens themselves were very nice. Perhaps because of all the slope of these small greens they withstood the rains very well. Rolled well, but were a little slower than usual.

This course was an excellent choice to play after all the rains, because it is not long, so getting zero roll out does not hurt too bad here. I just thin this course is a joy to play despite its length, as it is both interesting but still provides a fun challenge
First off at 6am. Not too many people around, so we decided to take our time and walked in just under three hours, which is a little slow for us. But it was nice not to have cold or rain, so took advantage of the weather.

The greens are the best part of the course, but they were not very fast at all? Even the down hill putts were slow ! The fairways of the front nine were rather chopped up in appearance, but they improved on the back. No casual water, actually reasonably dry considering the recent rain, so obviously the course drained well. I found four bunkers, three of which were great, lots of well raked sand, but the fourth was a mud hole.

Having just recently played the Classic course, there is no question I prefer that course to the Players. But I wanted to get out here at least one more time before it closed.
I seldom play this course, but a friend who not really an avid golfer wanted to play, so I thought this short course would be more suitable. As awlays out early to avoid the crowds, so pace of play not an issue. (Made certain I kept my playing partner moving so as to not hinder play)

Greens as stated in the previous review were the highlight of the course. Fairways were decent. I did not have too much problems with the tees because I just went to the back of each pod, where there wasn't to much wear.

Enjoyed playing the course. Not hard, but interesting and fun. You have to just accept it for what it is.
Taking advantage of the 40th anniversary special for $40 on the Babe. Secured the first time off at 6:00am, but did not have to hit until 6:15 because there were not a lot of people there. Staff was great as were all the attendants.

I was very impressed with the overall condition of the course given all the rain/cold were have experienced over the past month. Greens rolled very well, were receptive and if you found yourself above the cup, very quick. While there were a few holes which were cart path only, that was appropriate for those holes, so generally the fairways were very nice. No wet spots I could find. Only in one bunker and it was well raked with plenty of sand. Tee boxes and rough both about what you might expect in February.

I had not played here for over 5 years. I had never been a fan of the "babe", always preferred the "Ike", but I really enjoyed the course today. Much prettier than I remembered, and while I still prefer the Ike, would not hesitate to return soon
Between the rains and frost, I have played very few rounds at either Coto course in February. Finally no frost this morning, so able to at least get back out. (Difficult to pay monthly dues and not be able to play - very frustrating) Greens have still not healed from the punching which was done now almost three weeks ago. Grass does not grow without sunshine!

Fairways still in decent shape. Bunkers are the best part of the course, while the rough is not consistent at all, very "clumpy". I could excuse condition as a result of winter weather, but the other public course seem to have weathered the storms much better, plus they remained open ?
Very wet and cold, which makes for a long, tough round of golf. Greens were the best part of the course. Difficult to be too critical given the recent weather, not many opportunities for maintenance crew to correct the issues, so just have to allow a little "slack". The only real plus is that the courses are not very busy, so pace of play is much better.

I much prefer the classic to the players course, but at this time of year with all the rain and frost, just happy to be able to play anywhere.
31 degrees ! That's right, thirty one degrees when we teed off at 6:15am. Now that's cold ! Frost - everywhere, but no restrictions ??? For those of you who have not played in those temperatures, let me tell you that the ball goes nowhere, not to mention how tough it is to get loose. Bottom line : difficult to score.

The course drained exceptionally well from all the recent rains, but still many areas of thin/muddy lies. (Actually the mud was frozen) The only damage I could see was made from allowing carts out in those conditions. Come on people, you can not drive up muddy slopes and expect not to destroy the grass.

The greens were very good, considering they were frozen, but that did not prevent maintenance from mowing them? Bunkers were almost all just bare dirt or at best very thin sand. Fairways and tee boxes were OK, rough, not so good.

I really enjoy this course. The scenery is fantastic, great views, interesting fun holes which are all different. Not just typical back & forth holes like some courses. The best part is you get all these wonderful features for $15.75 as a senior. What a deal !
I wasn't sure what to expect when I arrived at 6am, was not certain the course would even be open for play, but it was. In fact, other than carts on path, there were no obstructions at all. Actually very little casual water. Many of the bunkers still were flooded, but otherwise the course was very playable.

The few greens I had cut were very smooth and fairly quick. Fairways were good, although very wet and in areas, thin. Lots of clean up needed after the storms, but that's to be expected.

Staff in the shop was late arriving and was not at all friendly. Some people should not be doing jobs which interact with the public !
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