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I rarely play "away" on the weekends, but with an out of town friend visiting, decided San Clemente was the perfect venue. How wonderful to play this course with great weather, although a little cool in the beginning of the round, it warmed up nicely. Staff was as always very friendly and accommodating. ( Somehow I got out for the resident rate? )

As prior review indicates, course is in really nice shape right now, particularly the fairways. Greens were good, not great, but if you were above the cup, the speed was there. Some brown spots, but so what, it's winter and a heck of a lot better than conditions in Chicago.

It's hard to dislike this course. It is a fun easy walking course, reasonably priced, particularly for Orange County. Ocean views don't hurt either.
I used to play Eldo quite frequently when I lived in Westchester, but not so much any more. I have always enjoyed playing here, in part because it is a course that has never treated me very well. (I know that sounds strange, but enjoyed trying to shoot well on a course which I struggle on) Another struggle today, because if you don't hit it straight here, the course just punishes you. Too many boogies !

No complaint as to condition, not great, but hey, it's the middle of winter. Some thin fairways, rough was inconsistent, greens rolled well, although I could not make anything. Two bunkers I found had plenty of sand.

Still not thrilled about paying $41 to walk this course. A bit overpriced in my opinion. Good solid course, despite the cost. One of these days I'll beat this course !
It was only after reading a recent review, did I even remember this course, so made first time off today at 6:30am. Unfortunately it was cloudy so did not enjoy the spectacular views this course offers. However, the overcast did keep the temperatures moderate. Staff was friendly and very accommodating.

This is only the second time I have played this course, and must admit that I really had a great time. I find this course very charming. It is so much more than just a short executive course. (In the same vein as Goat Hill Park) The greens were reasonably smooth, and if you were above the cup, really quick. Bunkering (condition aside) around the greens is excellent. Very good bunker design. However, other than a thin layer of sand, there was not much sand in them and allowed little opportunity to "explode" from them. Fairways are a non-factor on this course. The tee boxes are really beat up, not level, and lots of divots, since you're teeing it up, you can deal with the divots.

If this course were closer, I would play here a lot more often. It's just a long tough drive to Glendale in traffic for a two hour round of golf)
Out early as usual on a more temperate morning. Not very busy as expected, so enjoyed a nice easy walk without any pressure from the typical glute of singles in carts rushing to finish to get to their jobs.

Greens rolled very well, not as quick as when the temperatures were so cold earlier in the month. Plus more receptive to holding shots. Fairways still too thin, which makes it much tougher to hit crisp irons and particularly wedge approaches. Bunkers & tee boxes still in nice shape. Rough continues to be an issue.

Big changes planned for this course next year, but for now, I'll continue to enjoy it as it stands
An older friend who lives in Huntington Beach suggested we play here because it was close to his home and said that this is his "home course", so I agreed to return. It isn't that I dislike this course, its more that I feel it is somewhat over priced and the prior reviews reflected the condition was questionable. I guess in part because I went in with a less than positive attitude, I played like crap and scored higher on this short course than other more difficult courses.

The condition of the course isn't really all that bad, remembering that it's winter time and all the courses are suffering right now. Greens were slower than I prefer and were bumpy. However the fairways had more grass than almost any of the other courses I've played recently. Maybe because it was more of a "social round" and I had very little focus. (That's my excuse for the poor play) I could never really get into the round.

In all fairness, there are some fun holes on this course and several which will test your skills, but since I brought no "skills" to the course, hard to appreciate the course today.
While I lived in Westchester for 20+ years, I played a lot of golf at Rancho Park, and despite the brutally slow pace of play, I always enjoyed this course. Always felt that Rancho represented the barometer of what kind of golfer you were. If you shoot 75 - 85 - 95 at Rancho, you were a 75 - 85 -95 golfer. Since moving to Orange County 20+ years ago, I rarely get back to Rancho because I hate fighting the traffic. But made the drive and have to admit that it was worth it. Hard not to enjoy playing this beautiful parkland course in the middle of Los Angeles.

Course was in better condition than I expected, particularly the greens. Generally the fairways were good, with some thin/bare areas. Tee boxes mostly level and decent coverage. Didn't find any bunkers, but they appeared OK. As for pace, about what I expected, slower than I'd hoped for, but just a little over 4 hours, which I can live with.
I always enjoy playing this course because I rarely have any difficulty getting out early, coupled with the great senior rate of $15.75, and the wonderful views and having all the deer around, is just so cool!

However, this morning it was as busy as I have seen it, quite a few people waiting for the shop to open, but we were still able to get out first and moved around well until we ran into a 5-some on #14. They did allow us to play through on #16, which was good.

Every time I play here I comment how great it would be if the greens would roll as quickly as they had the first time I played here. Well, today, the greens were just like I remembered. It was fun watching the shots role out after hitting the greens. (Just like Augusta National - well maybe not just like Augusta, that would be a stupid comparison) But on some of the downhill putts, I'd bet they rolled 12-13 on the stimp. Great fun to play with the greens being so quick. The rest of the course was typical Marshall Canyon. Fairways mostly decent with some areas needing attention. Bunkers had enough sand, but could use some raking. Tee boxes for the most part were good, not too chewed up.

This is such a wonderful, fun, golf course to play under these conditions. It's visually appealing, enough of a challenge to keep your interest, but still affords lots of birdie opportunities. Great way to begin the week !
Fearing that they would have a frost delay at Coto, (As it turned out there was no delays on either course) based upon Larry's recent review, decided to go back to Alhambra as I always enjoy playing this fun little course, and now that it is in much better condition than prior rounds, makes it all that much nicer. Fun to have so many possible "birdie opportunities", which only tells me that if I would be smart enough to "play it forward", this would be a more regular opportunity.

I thought the greens rolled far better than I can ever recall. Fairways had plenty of coverage, tee boxes for the most far very good. Just the overall condition is so much improved from past experiences. Wish the course were closer to my home and also wish they would give senior rates without joining. Staff is always great here and actually make you feel they appreciate your patronage.
Playing a rare non early morning round of golf in near perfect Southern California weather on a wonderful golf course. Taking advantage of an invite (read freebie) to play close to home on this course was a no-brainer.

Course is in overall good shape right now. Greens rolled true, reasonably quick and held even my shots which are rarely well struck. With a few exceptions, fairways nice with good coverage. Tee boxes also level with good coverage.

If it weren't for the price, I would probably play here a whole lot more often, so it was nice to not have to tee off in the dark, cold, ride in a cart, and enjoy golf like "normal people". I didn't even mind the slower than I'm accustomed too pace of play, savored the company, the course, the weather, and the short drive home. I felt kind of spoiled today!
Scheduled 6:45am tee time, but we were able get out first before the 6:45am time, so thanks so the starter for working with us. Back nine start, which was too bad, because it's much colder on the lower elevation back side. In fact we were advised to keep carts on the path until #14 due to some light frost. (low 40's I would guess) but by the time we made it to the front side, it had warmed up nicely. Staff was great, in fact perfect, the way customer service should be.

Greens were decent, although too slow for my taste. Most of the fairways were OK, with a few areas needing attention. Tee boxes were flat and overall fairly good. Not in any bunkers, but they appeared OK.

The only complaint I have it that #7 is still under construction, resulting in a shortened hole with a temporary green. This is one of the more fun holes to play, so very disappointed not being able to actually play the hole. It didn't appear they would be finishing any time soon, so I might hold off returning for a while until this is resolved
Out first off as usual in the dark at 6:15am. Not very crowded, but since I walk, have to get out in front of golfers who use carts, which is almost everyone. Cold, about 41 degrees, which is another reason I prefer to walk, to generate a little body heat.

Greens are running about 11 to 11.5 and true. Tee boxes and bunkers are great, fairways are very tight, which was what I used to prefer, but as my skills have diminished, it has become a struggle to play from, particularly in the cold. Rough is by far the worst part of the course, thin, patchy, bare, stringy and any other non complimentary words I could use to describe it.
Having to drop a visitor off at LAX, it provided an excuse to get back to Western. ( I know it's Chester Washington, but it will always be Western to me) I used to play here quite often when I lived in Westchester, but since moving to Orange County, not so much any more, I have always enjoyed this course as it provides a decent challenge but allows for some good scores as well.
Agree with the recent review. Thought the course was in better than normal condition, particularly the greens. A few tee boxes need some attention, but generally nothing to severe. Fairways better than expected. Customer service was excellent, and to my surprise, pace of play wasn't too bad. (Around four hours ) One of my favorite holes is #10, which is such a joy to play, considering it's length. Can't be long, don't miss it left/right, and short makes for a tough up & down. This hole is proof that a great par three does not have to be 200 yards long with hazards
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