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Morning round with some friends (But not super early so I could actually see my first tee shot) Taking advantage of the senior special, which is one of the few positives of being old. Played the Coyote tees which allowed for some shorter irons into the greens and was fun.

Course is in good, not great condition. The greens rolled well, fairly quick and true, receptive to well struck irons. Most of the fairways were fine, with a mix of wet areas and dry spots? Both bunkers I found were good, with plenty of well raked sand.

Always enjoy playing Coyote Hills. Love the visuals, interesting mix of holes, with no parallel fairways, so every hole feels isolated. Staff is always friendly and seem genuinely appreciative for your business. Other than some wind, a near perfect way to spend time with friends
Some times you can play poorly and still actually enjoy the experience, which was the case at Los Verdes. Out early, as is a requirement if you're going to play here, otherwise it can be a eternity to finish a round at this course. Staff as always was great, and getting out in the first couple groups allowed pace of play to be great.

Conditions here are very good right now, greens rolling well and reasonably quick. Most of the fairways are fine, with some areas which need attention. Rough as always is "iffy" depending where your balls comes to rest.

Hard to not enjoy playing in perfect weather, with ocean views for $16.50. Can there be a better deal in all of golf ? When you consider the cost to play Torrey Pines, Monarch Beach, Sandpiper, and of course Pebble Beach, which is not to try to compare Los Verdes to any of them, but for a fraction of cost, it explains why I can justify enjoying the round despite my poor play.
First out in the dark at 6:08am, on what appeared to be a busy Monday Morning. Using a Golf Moose voucher, price was right. Staff was friendly and accommodating. I enjoy playing this course because I like the back nine. Not too crazy about the front however.

Conditions: The greens were smooth, held shots very well, and were a little on the slow side. Fairways were decent for the most part, but lots of thin areas. Rough was thin, patchy, and simply not good. Bunkers were all hard pan with little sand. Some tee boxes were OK, many were unlevel, and beat up.

Overall the condition of the course has deteriorated quite a bit over the past year. Too bad because it could be a fun course to play. While I don't expect "country club" conditions, I must admit I was very disappointed with the overall conditions.
Out early as usual on a beautiful autumn morning. Not as busy as expected, so enjoyed a nice relaxing 2hour 45 minute walk. 52 degrees when I teed off, but warmed up nicely by the back nine.

Course is in good overall condition, except that they are over watering the fairways, and the greens are wat too firm. Nothing holds ! Even well struck wedges will not hold ? They will punch the greens, tees, fairways, rough on 10/21/19, so perhaps that will help ?

They also need to "rework" some of the greenside bunker sand as it has become too compacted. Lots of sand, just too firm
Motivated by the recent review from 24hourgolf, we decided to get back out to Rio Hondo. Not able to get out in the first few groups, so pace of play was slower than I would have preferred, but not horrible. (closer to fours than three) However the weather was so nice and the course conditions made it worth the extra time spent. Course was in very good condition. Since I made a bunch of putts for a change, I found the greens to be excellent. No issues with fairways, tees, or rough. The one bunker I found had plenty of sand and was well raked.

Always enjoy Rio Hondo. I find that if I can get thru the first five holes close to par, I seem to be able to post a decent number. Back side has always been kind to me, except for #14, which "owns" me. Lovely day of golf in Southern California.
A rare mid-morning round with some out of town guests. Not accustomed to playing in 4+ hours, but today it was more about socializing, so it never felt like a long day. I am also not used to playing when the course is dry and fairways running. Add the warmth of the day and it is incredible how much shorter a course plays in "normal" conditions.

Course is in overall nice condition, with the greens being in some of the better condition I've seen. They rolled true and reasonably quick. Fairways also better than in my previous round. I notice the greens will be punched next week, so let's hope they recover quickly and return it their present state.
I had not played "little Brookside" since 2015, so was anxious to return. With a 6:15am tee time, played the first two holes in the dark. Despite being the first group out, I'm embarrassed to admit it took our walking foursome three hours forty five minutes to finish. Too slow !

The fairways were soaked, but lucky for us they had been mowing them, so there was a little roll. Lies however were very thin. (Maybe from parking cars?) Rough was a mixed bag, thin, thick, bare, inconsistent. Greens were the highlight of the course. They rolled well, held shots and it times were fairly quick. Bunkers were well maintained, but some had sand, some didn't.

I remember when this course was 5700+ yards from the tips. Well father time, lengthening it some 300 yards, and wet conditions, caused it to play more like "big Brookside" for me. I enjoy the parklike setting, particularly on holes 10 thru 13. Plus $20 green fees makes it all that much better !
I re-read my last review of Coto North and how pleased I was with the condition. Well a lot has changed in less than a month. Greens, while still true, are considerably slower? Fairways are thin with numerous bare areas. Rough was just punched and the plugs have yet to be picked up, so it's like walking in a mud pile.

It is incredible how quickly things change ! In all fairness, they recently punched the fairways (Again?) but they have not recovered very well, and that does not explain where all the grass went? The plus side is play is way down, so the course is not very busy.
I really had no intention of playing Oceanside, but after reading zgolfinman's review and learning the greens will be punched next week,, so figured I'd get out and play while the greens are still good.

Truth is that I have the least amount of difficultly getting out early here, staff is wonderful, friendly and accommodating. I recognize many may not like this course because the areas which have been designated to "save water" which are little more than hard pan, do not make for the most favorable esthetics. But they really rarely actually come into play unless you hit a poor shot.

Course is in decent condition, with the typical issues usual to this course. Greens were the best part I felt, most fairways provided reasonable lies. Bunkers are hit or miss, some good, some only fair. Rough was also inconsistent. Since I tend to play the "tips" here, those areas of the tees were still pretty good.

Being a dedicated walker, except for the grind to climb #12, very enjoyable to just sling your bag over your shoulder and enjoy a fun layout, with enough challenge to keep your interest but not punish every marginal shot
Back out to Woods Valley, which is a course I have always enjoyed playing. I find the layout a lot of fun, with the holes offering enough of a challenge, but provides enough forgiveness to allow the round to be relaxing. Plus, I just love the back nine !

Conditions were a mixed bag, with some greens soft, some firm, inconsistent speed, same applied to the fairways, some wet, some dry ??? Only in one bunker which was fine, but looking at them, I could see there were some issues.

Staff as always was wonderful and using an Underpar coupon made it a bargain to play. Because I enjoy this course so much, I seem to be able to overlook the condition issues.
First off at 6:15am in the dark. I really enjoy playing this course, as I enjoy all the deer on the course, the scenic views, trees, just a nice park like setting. The conditions can be a bit disturbing because some of the greens are good, others just so-so. Having played here many times, it sure helps to understand how these greens break. Fairways were a mix of dried out and soaked ??? Same with the rough, some thin, some so thick, very easy to lose your ball, worse than U S Open rough !

Being first off we had no pace of play issue on the front nine, but ran into a six-some (That's right, a 6 some) on #13, so had to skip a hole to get around them. Otherwise no problems. Staff was friendly and accommodating, and for $15.75, what a deal !
A bit of a late review, but really not a whole lot to add to the prior reviews. Overall the course is just an enjoyable golf experience. I just love the back nine. The holes are so very different one from another, exciting, fun, & a challenge

The staff has always been absolutely wonderful and accommodating. Great value, great pace of play, only downside for me is the distance from home. Highly recommend a trip to the Central coast to play Hunter Ranch.
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