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I must confess I feel very guilty about writing this review, given the circumstances we are all living with. Coto is open, but with severe restrictions. No tee markers, no rakes, no pins, no ball washers, no drinking water, certainly no carts, and strictly enforced social distancing.

Very few players, mostly I believe because it is walking only, coupled with no flag sticks. However after a few times, you pretty much know where the holes will be, and since I always walk, the no carts has no impact for me.

As expected, course is in pristine condition, with such limited play and no cart traffic. The North will be closed effective 4/5/20 for three weeks for scheduled maintenance, but the South will reopen on 4/7/20. (Those greens were punched two weeks ago)

I cherish every round, because I never know if/when they will close down. However being all by myself, and the only items I touch are my own clubs, tees, and ball. Can not imagine anything safer than playing golf under this conditions. Heck of a lot safer than going to Ralphs, Lowes, Costco, getting gas or even take out food. Plus the mental benefit and physical benefit are immeasurable.
Took a chance that Marshall Canyon would be open, and they are in fact open, at least for today. As expected, not very crowded. Playing golf now is strange, because you kind of think this might be the last round for who knows how long ?

As per the last review, greens very good, faster than they looked. Held shots well (Thanks to the rains I suspect) The rough is absolutely brutal in spots, so need to keep it in the fairway. Bunkers were a mixed bag, wet, compacted, but at times OK.

I enjoy playing here, but today I just could not get "my head in the game" very distracted.
With all the recent rains, I checked with Oceanside and they said the course was fine. More water in the adjacent areas than even just week ago, but the fairways had no casual water at all. A number of the bunkers were still flooded however. I had about half the greens mowed. Those that were cut rolled fine and reasonably quick, the uncut greens, not so much. Because they have not been able to mow a great deal, there were a number of areas in the rough which were really thick/juicy. (Found a number of balls in there) They were cutting the fairways as we played, so things should be much better shortly. Very Green !

The staff here is as friendly as can be. Super accommodating. I was advised that the restaurant can not be opened right now because it also has a bar, and bars are currently prohibited from opening because of the Corona virus.

As expected, not very crowded. A few groups, but that's all I saw.
When I went to bed last evening, didn't expect to play Sunday, but woke up to no rain, so trying to find some "normal" back in my life, out first as usual. Again, nobody around ?

Course has really improved because of the recent rains. Green, lush, receptive greens, nice fairways. A pleasure to play. They will be closing the South course starting 3/23 for two weeks for maintenance, so was happy to get a chance to play before that happens. With the forecast next week looking questionable, got to play when you can !
First out on Saturday at about 6:30am. Nobody playing, perhaps because of the threat of rain, perhaps due to everything that's going on in the world right now ? The recent rains have really made everything green and much of the "winter condition" are turning to normal. Much more grass on the fairways and the greens have become more receptive and the speed is now manageable.

Lovely conditions to play. Quiet morning, just the geese, coots, and maintenance, and me
Taking advantage of a "window" between the storms, back to Oceanside. As prior review states, numerous areas of casual water, but truthfully it rarely interfered with the playability of the course. Greens definitely the best part of the course, rolled true and were actually fairly quick at times. Fairways had more coverage than expected. Bunkers were fine, with manicured sand.

Staff is always great here, very accommodating. Always enjoy this course, several fun holes, scoreable, but still enough challenge to keep your interest.
With all the rain forecast this week, and finishing Goat Hill so quickly, decided to play Arrowood. What a total contrast to the Goat. I have always enjoyed playing here. This is a fun course which provides ample enough challenge, but still allows you opportunities to score.

Consistent with the last review, greens roll nicely, reasonable quick and receptive. Most of the fairways have good coverage, although there are "winter thin" portions, which is typical these days. Both bunkers I found had plenty of well manicured sand.

I've played here a number of times, so I know the course somewhat. There seems to be a number of very easy holes and a number of really tough holes, but not a whole lot of in between. ( seem to struggle on #4, #8, #16 & #17 )

Staff is always very friendly and accommodating. Recommend this course, enjoyable without being a push-over.
The more often I play this course, the more I appreciate just how much of a challenge this "little" course provides. I played exceptionally well this morning, and hit some really good shots, but the greens just "ate me up". Getting up & down around this course, coupled with some brutal tee positions, make for all you can handle.

First off on a cold, breezy morning. I don't know if it was a positive or negative, the fact that none of the greens had been mowed. They rolled well, but were too slow for my taste. Big improvements over the years in the quality of the fairways, so much of the bare areas is gone, replaced by all the sod which was laid. (And it appears it will survive and look pretty healthy) Many of the tee boxes are chewed up, but playable.

Always leave this course satisfied. Fun, tough, affordable, great pace, easy access, and humbling. Highly recommend to anyone who thinks playing an executive course is a "walk in the park" This place will humble you !
Having to be in the area, decided to get back to Alhambra. I was hesitant to play here because I already knew that holes 6,12 & 13 had temp tees, which is a real bummer, because those are some of my favorite holes on this course.

Conditions about as expected. Greens rolled well, quicker than I remember. Fairways still in "winter condition" but coming around. Most of the tee boxes were decent. Since I tend to play "tips" here, not nearly as much wear to those areas.

Staff is always great here. Very friendly and make you feel they appreciate your patronage. While not the most difficult golf course, it's fun to play, and actually provides a number od quality shot opportunities
Out early walking in some rather breezy conditions. Not thrilled about the huge rate increase for seniors, but still a good deal, just not a great deal. Staff as usual was friendly and accommodating.

Andrew's review was on target, but I didn't have any issue with the greens, although you could certainly see they were recently punched. Maybe because I made a bunch of putts, they didn't bother me too much. Only in one bunker and it was well raked and had plenty of sand. Most of the fairways were decent, with the usual areas which were either bare or soggy.

I generally struggle with this course, particularly off the tee. No exception today, but when you make some putts, it sure "masks" poor ball striking
Looking for somewhere to get out early, which would be affordable, walkable, and not too far away. Dad Miller fit the bill. 6:08am tee time. ( Second group out) A thank you to that first group for setting a nice POP, our threesome walking finished in 2 hours 50 minutes, without hardly ever waiting.

Course is in decent condition. Greens were good, but because NONE were mowed, they were very slow, I think they might have been reasonably quick had they been cut ? For the most part the fairways, tee boxes and bunkers were OK. Some iffy areas in the rough..

Not the greatest course, but for $23, easy access, and quick POP, if all you're looking for is some basic golf, I recommend Dad Miller.
Today was a very long day ! When living in Westchester, I used to play Los Robles fairly often, but since moving to Orange County, because of the distance, I rarely play here any more. So when a friend living in Thousand Oaks asked me to join him, I agreed. I almost always play super early, so I am not used to 4+ hour rounds.

After fighting 100+ miles of traffic, although the round actually only took about 4 1/2 hours, it felt like forever. Maybe because I played like sh*t, it just made it feel all that much longer. Then almost 3 hours to make it back home. A long day !

As for conditions, not a whole lot to add to Gary's review. I spent a lot of my round in the chips/rough, so rarely had much opportunity to hit many greens, so can't speak to their receptiveness. Also seemed to either short-side myself or find myself above the pin at the wrong time, so it was playing pure defense all day. Brutal !

I have always liked Los Robles, but when you play so poorly, it is difficult to me objective. Recommend this course. It's interesting, enough of a challenge (Particularly when you're off your game) and the staff is always welcoming.
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