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Finally after almost a week, the South course was reopened. (Cart path only) I always walk so does not impact me, but unlike the North course, fairways were very wet ! No casual or standing water, but still really wet.

The greens probably rolled as well as I have ever seen them since the course opened in 1995 (A week of no play will do that ) Bunkers, like the North are near perfect. Rebuilding all the bunkers last year turned what was always the worst feature of this course into one of the best features

Course was not very busy, I guess carts on path causes a lot of people to stay away. Looking forward to some nice sunny warm weather to dry things out so that I can get some roll again in the fairways
I had been playing the North course all week, despite the rain because the South course has been closed (Cross-overs flooded) The course drains exceptionally well. Even with over inches of rain, not standing or even casual water, bunkers which were all redone two years ago showed zero sign of water)

Greens rolled well, but not very fast, in part because the mowers could not get out to cut them. Fairways for the most part are good, but the rough is terrible. Too many areas of thin/patchy grasses.

As expected the course played very long, with little or no roll out on the drives, but was just happy to be playing
Expecting rain, did not want to travel too far or spend a ton of $$, because I wasn't certain I'd get the entire round in. As expected, not very busy, so not a problem getting out. Course was actually in better condition than I thought it would be. Greens rolled well, fairways lush and wet ! Bunkers decent considering the recent rains.

The biggest disappointment was not finding Dennis in the pro shop. There was always a comfort level whenever I visited here. Always enjoyed talking with him prior to my round. He will be missed.
Always enjoy playing the Crossings ! The staff was very friendly and accommodating, allowing our twosome to get out before our scheduled tee time, right behind a single. As expected great pace of play UNTIL we reached #17, when we ran into an eightsome on the tee, but they allowed us to play through, then only to find another eightsome on #18. ??? We waited for one of the groups to finish, then played through the second foursome.

The course was in really nice overall condition, greens, fairways, bunkers, only the rough was a bit inconsistent. Greens slower than they appeared, but truly some of the better conditions I've seen at a course for a while. Kudus to the superintendent.

Really makes you appreciate living in Southern California when you can play in your shirtsleeves on a January morning. What a morning - no fog, no wind, no rain, sunny, just validates my decision to move here 50 years ago !
Oceanside is becoming a "go to" course because I never have any problem getting out early with last minute notice. I recognize this may not be everyone's favorite golf course, but it is a lot of fun to play ! Except for holes #15 & #16, all the holes are very reachable for this senior, even from the blue tees, plus they provide interest. 15 & 16 are just long straight holes, for us shorter hitters, making them somewhat uninteresting.

Greens rolled very nicely, faster than they appeared. The greenside bunkers were excellent, ugly sand, but lots of it and well maintained. Fairways are good, not great. The areas which they have removed sod for water conservation, give the course a rather unpleasant look, but those areas are not really inplay anyway. (Or shouldn't be)

Staff is always accommodating. If this course were closer, I'd play here a lot more frequently.
Woke up at my normal time (4am) and checked the temperature at Coto (36 degrees and getting colder as we approach sunrise) The easy decision - off to San Clemente. Good decision as I got off in the second group. A much more pleasant 45 degrees according to the car )

Paired with three other seniors who rode ( I walked) Never waited for that first group out so it worked out perfectly. Decent pace at 3 hours 40 minutes.

Greens were good, quick due to the cold conditions, and firm at times. Good coverage on the fairways, plenty of well raked sand in the bunkers. Some areas in the rough could use attention, but still playable.

Nice to know that there is always at least one golf course that never has a frost delay.
Looked forward to playing my final round of 2018 at one of my favorite public courses. I have always enjoyed the rural feeling, the mountains in the background, and the rolling contours of the fairways.

Our foursome had the third time off at 6:45am. Not nearly as cold as expected or predicted. In fact it was quite pleasant, considering it is December 31st. Very nice pace of play, about 3 hours 40 minutes for our walking foursome. Never waited, never had anyone behind us, so played at a nice relaxed pace.

However the course is NOT in condition right now. The fairways were very thin, borderline mud in some areas. Numerous areas in the rough exhibited the same conditions and frequently around the greens, there were areas of just dirt - no grass what so ever. Pitching to these crowned greens off super thin/tight lies makes for one very difficult task. This combined with the fact that the greens were very firm (Due to the cold weather?) made for some tough short game challenge. Despite the firmness of the greens, there putted very slow? Found two bunkers and both had well maintained sand.

I'm hopeful that the warm spring/summer will return Santa Anita to better conditions ? However the cost ($16.50) is such bargain, it's difficult to be too disappointed with any kind of golf on New Years Eve. Happy New Year !!!
I hate the wind ! However, I am so thankful the wind was howling, because without the wind, I'm positive there would have been frost. That said, playing in 25+ mph winds early in the morning was both COLD and difficult.

Because of the winds, the greens were very fast, and the fairways were bone dry and running. (At least they were downwind) Hitting into the wind was brutal. Found several bunkers, but they are excellent.

Nobody playing, except me. When I got back in, the guys in the pro shop said several groups quit and came back in. (Wimps!) Hey it's late December, not summer. There are golfers in Chicago, New York, etc. which would love to be able to endure these conditions.
With the forecast of very cold temperatures for the remainder of the week, and knowing how quickly Coto calls frost delays, decided to brave the rain and play Christmas morning, Needless to say there was nobody at the course. Other than battling the rain, it was a beautiful morning.

Greens are very nice, rolled well and were still quick, even with the rain. Fairways not as lush as they've been, and the rough was too many "clumpy" areas. The tee boxes are not good, in fact several have been closed to re-sod. Bunkers still the best part of the course.

There are still some areas in the fairways which show damage from cart traffic, which was the result of allowing carts off the path too soon after the last rains. Rumor is that GPS will be added to the carts in the first quarter of 2019, ( The type which shut the cart down if in a restricted area) I hope that is what is added to the carts, as there is far too much abuse of the carts with respect to signage.
Took advantage of the birthday special, so $15 w/cart is such a bargain. Staff was great, getting our twosome out after a couple singles, but before a foursome. Thanks ! As a result it was a very nice easy 2 hour forty minute round, with nobody behind us, and were always within a hole of the single - perfect.

A bit cold at 6:30 am, but no wind, so it was tolerable. Finally had sun on the back, so it was wonderful to play in shirtsleeves in mid December.

Greens were the best part of the course, reasonably quick, rolled well. Fairways were for the most part good, although thin at times. In two bunkers, both had plenty of well manicured sand. The only issue really were the tee boxes, many of which were thin.

I find Dos Lagos to be just a fun golf course to play. It's not overly difficult, easy to walk (Until you reach #14) and offers some good birdie opportunities, but still enough of a challenge to keep your interest. Even without the birthday special, $32 for a senior/cart is a good deal. Recommend this course.
Our early on a rather mild winter morning. Wasn't as busy as expected? (Maybe everyone is out Christmas shopping) Course was in overall decent condition, except for the greenside bunkers which are very thin. They just need some sand!) Greens were a bit slow, but I suspect that later in the day, their speed would increase. Fairways were green and had good coverage.

Enjoy Montebello, but tough to get past those early long par 4 holes. Before you know it, you're already a few over par and lots of holes to play. (Ball does not travel too far in the cold, wet, early morning, so hard to reach those holes, at least for this senior)

Still, hard to complain when you can play in your shirt sleeves in mid-December, so maybe a few extra boogies is not so terrible. Better than shoveling snow !
What a beautiful day to play Terrnea. Warm, clear, views forever. It wasn't so much that I wanted to play this course again, but while the "boss" shopped at Del Amo. what better way to spend time on a Winter day in Southern California. Perfect.

Nick's prior review was spot on. I too struggled from the bunkers, but mostly because it seemed ever one I found provided a super tough lie. (At lest that's my excuse) Greens rolled well, faster than I expected.

I would play here more often if it were closer to home and less expensive, but the $$ I'll forget, the memories will last.
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