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Our foursome had a 6:15am tee time and when we arrived there was only 1 person there? Even by the time we were on #7, we could not see any other golfers? What gives? The course is in very good condition, the greens being as good as I've seen them.. Greenside bunkers were the only negative, very "crusty" or soaked so badly it was like playing in med.

Obviously with no other people there, pace of play was not an issues. We took it very easy and enjoyed a near perfect summer morning and walked in 3 hours 40 minutes, a nice comfortable pace for our foursome

Always enjoy this course, although with the recent turf reductions, it is not as visually appealing as before, but every bit as playable and just as much fun
After spending a week in Chicago, dealing with stifling humidity & heat and then unending rain, it is so nice to be back in sunny, temperate Southern California ! However came home to the North course having the greens punched with heavy sanding, fairways, rough and tee boxes all having been punched. Brutal !

Zero roll out in the fairways, bumpy greens with a "stripe" of sand on the ball when it finished rolling (Due to early morning wet conditions) The only plus is the course was empty and no maintenance, because "you can't mow sand" I appreciate it is a necessary evil, but it's sure tough to accept when the healing process takes place.

This is when I really appreciate having two courses, so it will be South course next week.
Where are all the golfers? Arrived at the course just prior to 5am, my usual time, and there were no cars, no people, nobody ? Maybe everyone is staying home to watch the Open ?

Course is in very nice shape right now. Greens rolling well, fairways green and lush. Bunkers are perfect. Still a few spots in the rough which need attention, but otherwise, no complaints.

Just learned they will begin punching greens/fairways/rough within the next week or so, which always seems to happen when the course is looking it's best?
Nice to get back out on my "home course". As always out before dawn to sray ahead on maintenance. Despite no cut greens, they rolled great and were still pretty quick. Fairways very green and lush. Bunkers remain perfect.

Love this time of year, - warm, not busy, less maintenance, less people, etc. Nice to finish the round (walking) before 8 o'clock, particularly this week so I can go home watch how real golfers play. ( U S Open )
Wasn't overly excited about playing here, but a friend who lives in the IE wanted to play some place close and inexpensive - so off to Cresta Verde. Course was about as expected. Greens were decent, not great but playable. Fairways were hit/miss, some decent lies, some poor. Bunkers were poor, not much sand and not well maintained.

I actually like some of the holes on this course ! Then again, there are some holes which leave much to be desired. The best part of this place is that it's inexpensive, easy to get out with no pace of play issues, and the staff is always accommodating.
There are a number reasons I enjoy playing this course, not the least of which is the staff, which is always fantastic. They ALWAYS make me feel welcome, and I mean the entire staff.

The previous reviews are spot on. Greens are healing nicely, maybe a week out from being 100%. A few areas in the fairways need some attention, but very playable. Bunkers were all well maintained with plenty of sand.

Fun course to play ! No freeway/traffic noise, no homes, no adjacent fairways, very peaceful and enjoyable setting with a number of "fun" holes.
I know - I know ! Azusa Greens, never gets a decent review, and I understand why, BUT, the greens here are very nice, by far the best part of the course. Fairways were a mixed bag, some great areas, some poor areas. The rough however was poor at best. Bunkers were generally OK, except none were raked.

$25 with cart is a fair price to pay. First off and we finished in a little under 2 1/2 hours with no rushing. (Good thing because a ladies shotgun was going off just as we finished at 8am) Would have been nice to be told about that, because had we played even a tad slower, we would have been caught in the middle of it !

Not too fond of the front nine, but I really enjoy the back nine. Despite the suspect conditioning issues, I have to admit I enjoyed a pleasant quick early morning round under perfect weather.
As my senior discount card is nearing its expiration, wanted to get out to probably my favorite LA County course - Santa Anita. Love the setting, the nice mix of holes, rolling contours of the fairways.

Golf course is certainly not perfect, but for $16.50, what a deal to play this course. Greens were good, not as quick as I'd like, but they never are. Most of the fairways have good coverage, with some bare areas. The one bunker I found was just fine. I'm always surprised how easy it is to get out early mornings, staff is very friendly and accommodating.
While I prefer the classic course, it had been a while since I played the Players course, so not being too busy, thought I'd give it a go. Good decision as the course was in decent overall condition, with as previously mentioned in the prior review, some bare areas in the fairways. Greens were better than expected, albeit a little to slow for my taste. Not in any bunkers, but they appeared OK.

I like trees, so this course does not appeal to my senses, but does allow you to wale away with the driver. (Lots of log par 4 holes for me - too long actually) Good pace of play, near perfect weather, so what's not to like.
I have not played Eldo in over six years, so it brought back many fond memories. I thought the course was in great condition, with the exception of the greenside bunkers, which were so overwatered, it was like playing in mud. Otherwise I can not recall ever seeing Eldo in such nice shape. Very green and lush, and well manicured.

Staff was perfect, got out right away with zero hassle. Although we had the first tee time, we allowed some "regulars" to hit off in the dark using flashlights. Nice easy walking pace of 3 hours 15 minutes, which permitted us to take plenty of time, but still finish well before 9am. Nobody pushing, so why not enjoy a beautiful course on a beautiful morning.

I don't think I had appreciated what a wonderful design. Critical that you position yourself off the tee to provide the correct angle into the greens. (Unfortunately I was out of position too many times today) Just a terrific old style golf course which provides plenty of challenge but does not ask you to do anything out of the ordinary.
It felt like a winter morning, playing in overcast, drizzly, cool, and rather depressing weather. The course was in rather nice condition, the greens rolling particularly well. Fairways had plenty of grass and lush. Both bunkers I found were well maintained with plenty of sand.

I have never been a big fan of this course, but a nice change of pace. Staff was very accommodating. All in all, an enjoyable round of golf despite the crappy weather.
I read my review from April and I could say "ditto". Starter again was great to get out before the "regulars", but of course that meant lots of maintenance to deal with. Again six holes plus par 3's which were PCO, so taking a cart does not really help much for getting around quickly. Overall course is nice condition, although a few of the greens are showing some wear. All the bunkers I was in were great, and I was in plenty of them.

As previously stated in my prior review, crazy expensive to play here. ( I was gifted a year's membership which provides two free rounds and two discounted rounds, plus other benefits) That's why I'm playing here now, otherwise the course to too rich for this senior to play on a regular basis.
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