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Amazing that the South course is adjacent to the North course and the conditions of the two course could not be more different. Greens on the South are fair at best, thin, patchy, bare spots, etc. In fact holes #2 and #5 are temporary greens and in truth there should be at least two others used as temps. Many of the tee boxes are thin and bare are well. I elevation on the South is lower than the North course, but hard to accept that would account for the difference in their condition.

Fairways are still good and all the bunkers are in great shape. Hoping that once this heat wave passes, conditions will return to normal ?
It seems that a number of people have left Dove Canyon which is just next door to Coto and have joined here. As a result, the course is much busier in the early mornings. Lots of singles in carts. (Trying to get in before work? or just playing holes? ) Rather annoying.

Course is in nice shape right now, has held up to the recent heat wave very well. Greens rolling true. Fairways green & lush. Bunkers are near perfect. A few issues with the rough, but nothing of consequence.
I always enjoy playing this course. I find the "mix" of holes so very much fun and interesting. There are several holes which I look forward too even before starting the round. While I like the entire course, I find the back nine particularly interesting. Hole after hole is so different from one another.

Condition of the course was better than expected, given the recent heat wave, the course has held up very nicely. Greens rolled well and were fairly quick. Fairways had plenty of grass. Most of the bunkers I looked at appeared well maintained and had decent amount of sand.

Staff is always friendly and accommodating. While a bit pricey, because I like this place so much, I tend to over look the cost.
As I had not played here in over ten years, was excited to return, plus anxious to see/play the new holes. Booked what I thought was the first time off at 6:32am, but upon arrival learned the "men's club" had the first three tee times? So while waiting on the tee for 6:30 to come, because we were told we could not tee off before then. At 6:15 an Asian couple just rode up and teed off without saying anything????

So we just followed them and to my delight, they played very quickly, so while we enjoyed a very easy pace of two hours forty minutes and never really had to wait. (Never saw the men's club behind us!)

The greens were the best part of the course by far. Very disappointed in the fairways and rough on the front nine. Fairways were thin at beat, and the rough was "clumpy" However on the "new holes" (14-16) fairways were excellent and the greens were very better.

Enjoyed my round, but have to admit I am not a fan of the new holes, as they lack the character of the original holes. Happy I played the course before the anticipated bump in green fees once the casino is completed.
I always enjoy playing this golf course because there are many holes which I just love playing. Add the wonderful vistas, and the mix/variety of holes, makes for a fun time. (Plus there are a bunch of birdie holes out there)

Course has withstood the heat very well. Most of the fairways still green and lush, greens rolled well. Overall the condition of the course was better than I expected.

Staff as always was great, very accommodating. My only complaint I have is sometimes getting slowed by "back nine play", but no problems today !
I hadn't played Green River for a while, so after confirming that all 18 holes were open, was able to secure the first time off. Not too busy, so no issue getting out early. Walked the 18 in about 2 1/2 hours, which is fairly quick given the distance from #12 to #13 and the long walk in from #18.

The best part of the course was the greens, BUT - they had just fertilized apparently so there was a light "sandy material" on every green. So playing early, with the ball being wet, when you got to the ball there was a ring of sand, almost like a range ball would have. Same thing after every putt, so you had to wipe off the ball very well to get all the fertilizer off before putting. The greenside bunkers were all well maintained, but very very thin, with little sand.

Fairways were a mix of bare, thin, and decent. The rough was a mix of thin, bare and US Open thick type rough, depending upon where the ball finished.

I used to really enjoy the two Green River courses, but I am not a big fan of this place since they consolidated the two courses. However for $23 to play, it's worth playing.
With sunrise getting later and later, unable to stay ahead of maintenance, so ended up with the mowers on almost every green, which tends to be a bit of a distraction. (At least that's the excuse I'm using for this mornings poor play.

Course is in nice condition right now, greens rolling well, but not as quick as usual? Fairways green and lush, bunkers are perfect, rough, still has some areas which need attention.

Over the past several weeks, there has been a lot of "singles" in carts which seem to come out to play some holes before work I guess, because it seems every time I turn around there seems to be another player zipping around, which adds to the distraction. Funny when you play poorly you can find a million reasons to justify your crappy performance.
Received a last minute invite to play Tijeras Creek, and being so close to home, hard to pass up a freebie. While I enjoyed the round, I was disappointed in the overall condition of the course. Greens were bumpy, fairways are thin in many areas, rough is inconsistent. The bunkers which are completed are fine, they are a work in progress.

While I almost always walk, I was very pleased to have a cart today, given the temperatures in the 90's and slow pace of play. Staff was friendly and accommodating, I think I will give this course some time before I return to allow them to finish the bunker project and maybe after all this heat passes, the normally good conditions will return.
I actually went to Griffith Park to play Wilson, but it was easier to get out first on Harding, so that's where I ended up. I enjoy both courses, and since neither comeback to the club house after nine, never have an issue with "back nine play".

Course was about as expected, good but not great, although the greens were better than I expected. (maybe because I made some putts? ) Fairways were generally decent with good coverage, rough was chewed up in areas and had some rather "juicy" spots. Bunkers were fine, just not well maintained.

I like playing these older traditional courses, easy to walk, short distance from green to tee, etc. Plus being from the Midwest, love the trees ! Still feel they are a bit pricey, but still worth the $$.
First off on a beautiful, warm Monday morning at 5:59am. We were asked to not play too quickly so as to not bother maintenance, which made our pace of just under three hours a very easy, slower paced round, but very enjoyable.

I was impressed with the overall condition of the course, which seems to have withstood the recent heat very well. Greens rolled very nicely, but because they we had to wait on most of the holes for the sprinklers to finish, they were on the slow side. Greenside bunkers had plenty of very wet sand ? Fairways were green and lush.

I'd forgotten just how nice the views are from many of the holes. Wish it could have been a little clearer though. A very enjoyable round of golf. Staff was great as usual. Looking forward to my return here.
The greens were punched a couple weeks ago and the majority of the greens have healed nicely, except there are now about 5-6 which have huge areas which are now bare and never recovered from the punching? I've been a member since before the South course opened and I have never seen anything like this on the greens? Hope they address this issue. What surprises me is that they are holding a three day AJGA tournament on the South course beginning Monday. I can not believe the players will be too pleased about the greens. (Should ne hed on the North course anyway, a much more challenging track)

Otherwise the remainder of the course is fine, with a few fairways showing distress due to the excessive heat, but I suspect that is very temporary.
Back out to Rio Hondo for an early morning round. Not as busy as I anticipated, given the warm weather, thinking everyone would be trying to "beat the heat" As usual good customer service and no issues getting out on time.

As prior review indicates, course is in nice shape, with the greens rolling well, also thought the sand in the greenside bunkers was good - well maintained. Fairways had plenty of grass and I felt they have held up well considering the recent heat waves.

Every time I play Rio Hondo, I appreciate how much better this course is compared to it's original design. I find the front nine to be much more of a challenge than the back nine, which provides a number of good birdie opportunities.
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