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I'd not played Diamond Bar for a few years, so decided to take advantage of the senior card rate of $16.50. My concerns were how long it might take. We had a 7am tee time, so after paying walked out and looked at the long line of carts waiting to tee off. I thought that it would be a nightmare, like five hours or so. but to my delight we actually teed off 10 minutes prior to out time and finished in 3 hours 45 minutes. Very impressed and surprised!

The greens were much better than I expected. Rolled true, smooth and were reasonably quick. Best part of the course. Fairways, bunkers both good. A little less so for the rough and tee boxes.

Let me say than when 5+ years pass from the last time you play a course, it's incredible how much longer the course played. (Couldn't be because I'm in my 70's now ! ) Despite my age, I'm no smarter, because I played the "tips" at 6800 yards with damp fairways. Truth is, too many holes were a struggle to hit in regulation. Five years don't mean a lot when you're young, but once you get "old" those 5 years are night & day different. But I know me, and if I'm still alive and golfing in five more years, I'll make the same mistake.
Having an early doctor's appointment, I needed to find a place where I could get out super early and first off. ( Coto closed on Tuesday) I called everywhere and nobody had anything which would work, to allow me to finish by 9am. Called Shorecliffs and was assured it would not be a problem. However when I got there at 5:55am, people already teeing off ?

The guy in the shop was great. Suggested I go out on the back and since it was not busy, I should not have an issue when I made the turn. Played the back in about an hour (With a cart) and nobody was on #1, so looked good, until I got to #4. Then it slowed down, but I was so far ahead of pace, despite waiting the last few holes, still finished before 9am, got home and have time to write this review before my appointment.

Have not played here since the reconfiguration. What a bizarre routing. But I guess you gotta do what you gotta do to keep the course open?

Greens were by far the best part of the course. Rolled well, reasonably quick at times. Fairways were hit or miss. Some good, some not so good. Bunkers need some attention. Plenty of sand, just needs to be maintained. Rough was either thick or non-existent.

I rarely play this course. I must admit that there are a couple good holes here, but that's not enough to warrant a steady diet of this place. The most positive thing I can say is the fellow working in the shop was GREAT !
What a difference a day makes ! Yesterday, both courses were jammed at 6am. Today, Sunday, only three players there? I don't get it !

North greens have almost totally recovered from the recent punching, but still running slower than normal. ( I would guess maybe at 9 ?) Should be back to 10 - 11 by next week I hope. Otherwise course is in nice shape. Fairways green with plenty of grass, rough inconsistent, bunkers excellent.

Love the weather this time of year, but hate the late sunrise. Guess you can't have everything. Before I know it I'll be worried about frost !
With sunrise now approaching 7 o'clock, it is just packed in the morning now. One would think that at a private course it would not be so competitive to get out early, but at Coto, it is far more difficult than at the majority of public courses I play. ( I arrived this morning at 5:45am and people were already teeing off in the pitch black) Unlike ANY other private club I am aware of, Coto puts no restriction as to how early players can tee off, which is one of the primary reasons I joined here almost 30 years ago. However at this time of the year, it is a problem.

Course is in great shape, but they will be punching greens and fairways as of 10/15, which will just make it all that much more crowded on the North course. Greens excellent now, as are the fairways/bunkers.

We have a new superintendent from Marbella, who seems to be doing a great job. In just the few weeks he has been here, I've seem noticeable improvements.
Almost feel silly posting a review given all the recent activity. Not much to add as to conditioning, but I did want to add that my experiences playing here, the staff is always great and very accommodating. They seem to understand the needs of the players and make every effort possible to provide good customer service.

Always enjoy playing the course. Just a beautiful setting, great views, very tranquil ! One of the features I enjoy about the course beyond the scenery is the variety of the holes and that if you play the appropriate tees, the course does not ask to do the "impossible". By that I mean, you are not forced to hit great shots to hit the greens in regulation, just "good shots"
This is a difficult review for me because I really like this golf course and the staff is always fantastic. However I need to be objective and truthful, so I am sad to say the course was in the worst condition I have seen it in. The greens were a mixed bag. Some were actually good, while others were borderline unputtable. The fairways are so thin/tight, the ball would run forever, then when it reached the rough, it was a mix of thin grass or no grass at all. Many of the tee boxes also need serious attention. The best feature of the course are the bunkers, which is not to say they were great, but by far the "jewel" of the course.

I have concerns as to why the course is now in such poor condition. It's a wonderful course and one of my favorites. I hope that this is not an indication of possible closure? I sure hope not ! Given that San Luis Rey Downs and Fallbrook, the two courses proximate to GC of California have met their demise, I hope GC of California can turn it around and return to the course I remember it to be.
First off at 6:22am. A few other golfers there, but able to get out without issue. Sign in the pro shop indicated greens had been punched 9/24/18. Nothing said to me when I made my time on Saturday 9/28/18 ?? However, they actually rolled fairly well and showed minimal indication of the recent punching. I only had had cut greens on the front nine, which were slow. None were cut on the back side, so they were really slow ! They have large areas in some of the fairways which are now bare for apparent water conservation. While they do not affect play, they are unsightly. Otherwise the fairways were decent. Both bunkers I found had plenty of sand and were well maintained.

The only real criticism I have was with the tee boxes. They were a combination of not level, severe divots, bare areas, etc. Not good !

Staff was great. Friendly and accommodating. Always enjoy Westridge. There are a number of holes I just simply like playing. ( #3, #7, #10, #14, #16 ) Weather today was near perfect, and being crystal clear, the views were spectacular.
Drove up to Griffith Park fully expecting to play Harding, because Wilson always seems to be so much more popular, but I was able to get out without any problem. Has been a while since I last played Wilson, so was thrilled to get back out there. Wilson has always played difficult for me, maybe because I still play it from the "tips". Too many holes which I no longer can reach in regulation, so for me to score, the short game needs to be sharpe.

Greens rolled well, or maybe because I actually made a few putts, it seemed that way. Not fast, but reasonable speed. Most of the fairways were in good condition, with some areas which could use some attention. Both bunkers I found were well maintained with plenty of sand.

I like the two Griffith Park courses because neither come in after nine, so I don't have to deal with "back nine play". Enjoy the course, although it is rarely kind to me, but the beautiful setting with all the trees somehow makes the boogies a little easier to accept.
First off at 6:15am Monday. Still dark, but when you take that first time, you have to be prepared to hit it in the dark ! However by #2, we could see well enough, so well worth it to get out first.

Greens were excellent. Faster than they appeared, rolled true and held shots very well. Fairways were a mixed bag - some areas nice, some areas awful. Rough was equally inconsistent. Found two bunkers and both were fine.

I hate making the drive to LV from Coto, but once I'm there, I'm always glad I did it ! To play this wonderful golf course for $16.50, play in 3 hours and 5 minutes, with greens as nice as they were today, enjoy the spectacular views, I mean how much better does it get?

I believe they will be punching greens here on October 8th. So I recommend you get out and enjoy the greens before then.
Didn't feel like driving too far, so San Clemente fit the bill. Always able to get out here as the staff is very accommodating. As prior review indicated, greens are the highlight of the course right now. Also impressed with the fairways. I am not a fan of Kikuya, but wasn't too bad to play from.

The course just has nice park-like feeling about it, weather is always great here and holes are challenging without being overly difficult. Whenever I walk off this course, I understand why so many people like this place !
I know that Oceanside is not everyone's cup of tea, but I really enjoy playing this course. It's fun, some interesting holes, not redundant, doesn't force you to do anything you can not do. The only holes I'm not a big fan of are #15 & #16, because from the blue tees (Which I play) they are just too long for me now. The other 16 holes are fine, just these two.

The greens were far and away the best part of the course. Rolled true, faster than expected, and very receptive to well struck shots. Bunkers were good, not great. Fairways had some bare spots, but were generally very good. Very little rough, only a few feet adjacent to the fairways which was not good, and once you left the rough, God only knows where your ball will end up, rolling forever on the dirt/gravel.

No problem getting out first this morning. Teed off at 6:15am, and my bride and I really humped it because we were told the men's club was going off he back at 7:30am, allowing us only a little more than an hour to walk the front. (We made it in one hour three minutes and the men's club was teeing off early ! WTF. However when they saw us walking up, they apologized and invited us to go ahead. Thank you Men's Club !

Great day ! Perfect weather. Other than having to play so quickly on the front, a very enjoyable round of golf
6:00am tee time on Monday. Arrived at 5:30am - what a zoo ! People EVERYWHERE ! Waited a few minutes after they opened the door to the Pro Shop, then waited to check in. It was 5:57 before we finally paid and I asked if they were running late. I was told, no they're on time ???? So asked "Does that mean we can walk to the tee and hit off? " No response. I think the guy got the message because he then called our name a few minutes later as 3rd off, so we actually only teed off about 15 minutes late.

The greens were the best part of the course. Rolled well, very soft and receptive, but too slow for my taste. Fairways were not good. Lots of areas which were very thin/sparse. Bunkers were very wet, but playable.

Despite all the people, who actually began teeing off at 5:30, we finished in under 4 hours, which surprised me. Not good for a 6am tee time, but still better than I expected. And for $16.50 hard to complain too much
Listing 13 to 24 of 58,049 Course Reviews
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