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Played 8/20, at 9:00Am, course is in very good shape, pace was terrible ! Had 2 twosomes and a threesome in front of us ????? Whats with that ??? No one waved up on the par 3s, no one was asked to play through, and the greens were full of fresh ball marks, sand traps were not raked, a twosome of men were waiting to hit tee shots on par 4s until the 3some in front were at the greens, we had to wait on every hole even though we were a 5 some !!
5 1/2 hours. I asked the pro shop after why they started letting, 2s and 3s out and not putting them together. They said it is American Golfs new policy to do this. They don't want make people play with strangers ??? Been playing that course for 40 years and now thinking of not anymore. What a great course and they have one of the best Greenskeepers in the area !! My hats off to Armondo ! Being an old greenskeeper my self !!
Played 8/22 9:00AM, I am surprised this course does not get more reviews !! Best shape I have seen it in a year. Fairways, greens, tees were good shape. rough , was rough !! but stay out of it and you will score at least 6 shots lower.Pace was at 4 1/2 hours. The ground crew needs a review there, but why is the snack bar closed ????? American Golf told me no one wants to work it ????
I recommend playing there before it goes bad again.
Played 4/18, in the best shape in a couple of years, new greenskeeper, and staff since last fall. Quit playing here last year but we are back as regular. Not a fan of American Golf, but they did something right here !! Only negative is the lack of service on course, no food or beverage !!!
Played 4/23, in excellent shape, still a few ducks around, couts are gone, pace was terrible, no marshall, 5 1/2 hours, no wave ups on par 3's.
Great shape, 5 hour round, normal for here, much shorter than it used to be .
Listing 1 to 5 of 61,679 Course Reviews
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