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We played today in a nice 3 hour POP. Happy to report that the greens are clean and back in very nice chipping/putting shape. I do feel that they could even be better and hope that happens over the next few weeks? Good coverage in the fairways regarding lies, though you will find some thin spots here/there. Heard no complaints from anyone playing the bunkers and they all looked clean and playable. Wire grass and rough on outside of fairways that is difficult. Tee boxes (which were all redone 4 years ago) are all fine. They have also mowed the entrances to all greens very short, as well as around each green which IMO improves your scoring chances (nice touch). Customer service excellent at all levels. They even have some new EZ Go carts with windshields in the fleet, for those who prefer to ride.
Played today in a nice quick pace of 2.5 The course is in very nice shape at present. Tee boxes were clean and playable; fairways were good, with good lies and roll all round; bunkers were raked and appeared (not in any) very playable; rough on outside of fairways and around greens is about 1/2 inch and sticky (like it should be right); greens were in great shape and chipped/putted very well. Customer service excellent. IMO it is in the best shape I have seen the course is some time.
Played 5/19 with great POP of 3.5 hours. Course is in great shape at all levels. Fairways were providing roll out and good lies; bunkers were very playable; lot of OB and rough you have to be aware of, not to mention a few canyons; tee boxes were level and playable; greens were in great shape providing very good chipping/putting. Excellent customer service at all levels. We look forward to going back before the heat shows up.
Played today in a nice POP of 3.5 hours. Fairways in good shape, providing good lies and roll throughout round. Tee boxes are fine, but did find some hard areas when teeing up. Traps appear fine and heard no complaints. There are areas of rough and wire grass along the sides of many fairways, which are difficult to play from. Greens were horrible. They recently sanded them again (why I do not know) and putting on them was terrible. IMO they could have cleaned them much better after sanding then they did? Had I known this before I played, I would not have shown up for the tee time. Customer service ( except for telling us the greens had been sanded) was excellent at all levels.
We were back out today again and POP was 3 hours. Course is in great condition right now. Greens are back in shape and chipping/putting well. Fast and consistent, especially downhill putts. Fairways are all in good shape and providing good roll and lies. Tee boxes are all in good shape. Not much rough to experience, other than what you find on some of the hillsides. Bunkers are all in good shape and playable. Customer service excellent (Thanks Pete) and food in Birdies excellent as well.
Played today in 4 hours. Would have been much faster, had the people who took our reservation informed us of an 8:30 shotgun today. They even gave us a time well before that tournament and yet assured us, that we would not experience any issues (yeah right)? Just tell people what is going on that day, so that they can make a decision to play or not play? When you play the front 9 in 90 minutes and no issues, no one wants to make the turn and wait on every hole. Course is in good condition, especially the greens, which were fast and consistent all round. But I was not impressed with the hard pan bunkers. Fairways were providing good lies, but little or no run out. Tee boxes were fine. Rough was about 1/2 inch in most areas. I like the course even though it is a far distance to drive. But I don't like inconsiderate customer service. Most likely I will not be back, GK coupon or not.
Back out today and POP was 3 hours. Course is improving each week (IMO) and the maintenance crew was hard at work again today. Greens have been verticut and are very speedy (especially from above any hole). Fairways are nice and lush, providing good lies/roll out. Traps were a little firm, due to yesterdays rain. Not much rough to speak of. Tee boxes are all fine. Great customer service at all levels.
Played today in a nice POP of 3.5 The course is in good shape, but IMO it could be better? Course was very wet from overnight moisture and course watering. Made the course play longer than it really should. Tee boxes are a little beat up, not to level, but clean; very little rough to deal with; fairways had decent coverage and did provide good lies, though they were wet (# 16 CPO due to water run off of broken sprinkler) and not providing much roll; bunkers were playable, though damp. But the greens were chipping/putting well, though some still showed aeration marks that did effect putting. Customer service was excellent at all levels. A good course but very busy (stacked up when we made the turn) and not a course you want to play when wet/damp (IMO).
Played this AM in a nice 3.5 POP. Course is in good shape overall. Tee boxes were fine; fairways provided good roll but did find some thin lies, on various holes; bunkers (IMO) seemed hard and not the fluffy sand of recent rounds; rough is up outside of many fairways/traps and it is penal; greens chipped/putted very nice, did notice some of the past aeration on a few holes, but that did not effect putting. Customer service excellent at all levels.
Played today in a nice pace of 3 hours. Course has returned to good conditions from tee to greens (putting/chipping nicely). No issues with sand traps; fairways provided good lies and roll; light rough outside of fairways and great customer service at all levels. Fun and well kept course to play.
Played today in a great 3 hour pace. Course is in very nice shape at present. Tee boxes are clean but some need some leveling. Fairways were all cut and clean, provided good roll and lies throughout. Rough on the outside of the fairways is about 1/2 inch and penal. Traps were all clean/playable. Greens were in very nice shape and chipped and putted (fast) extremely well. Good conditions at present and good prices being an LA County course.
Stopped yesterday to use the range. Ended up playing the 9 hole course as well. Course is in very nice shape. You can see that they recently did the greens, but they putted extremely well. Love the range, the course is a fun test of ones iron game and the little restaurant there has some good food. Enjoyable golf facility to work on parts of ones game.
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