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Played today in a quick 3 H. Course has greened up nicely with all the rain. No issues with tee boxes; fairways (good lies better roll out today); rough is getting higher and less forgiving; greens were very nice. Still not enough sand in bunkers, but pro shop says it is coming in April as $$$ has been allocated (we shall see ?). Customer service excellent. Aerating Sun March 25 and Monday (closed) the 26th.
Played today in a nice 3.5 H pace. Course is greening up after the rains and playing very soft, both in fairways and on the greens. I had no issues with tee boxes, fairways (soft and no roll) had good coverage and provided good lies. Very little, if any rough to deal with. Greens were in very good shape (though putted slowly). As I mentioned in previous posts? The bunkers are not good. They need more sand, new sand, just sand period. I had one shot hit in the bunker and bounce out, like it had hit a cart path (not good). Customer service was excellent. Looks like a good cafe/restaurant right off the 18th green? Will give it a try next round.
Ha Ha after reading sngernz's review I won't be so critical? But I played 3/15 and we did play in 3 hours (yes play early). Yes with this time of the year, L V always turns into the "ugly relative", especially during the rains. Greens are the best part of the course, presently. I would concur with previous review about other areas of the course and hope maintenance can improve them, in the coming days/weeks? Also, yes the restaurant and restrooms are being redone, but they do have a temporary restaurant set up back in the banquet room, if needed. Customer service excellent at all levels.
After reviewing the last group of reviews and having never played here, I decided to take Weber's advice, which jumped out at me, from reading the reviews (As long as you don't expect too much or take it too seriously, for the money, you can enjoy yourself here) and give it a go. He is spot on. But alas, I did not enjoy myself, though I tried. My first impression of the course, is that it has a great layout and wonderful potential? But that is were my impression ends. The tee boxes are all beaten up. The fairways have grass growing, but they are hard like lanes in a bowling alley (and desperate for water). There is no rough. The trees are overgrown and need trimming. Bunkers are not filled with good sand. But would you believe, the greens are acceptable? Why do courses do this? Why do they spend money/time on the greens and not the rest of the course? I wish the golfers who play this course in the future and on a regular basis, enjoy themselves. For me? It was one and done.
Played today in a nice POP of 4 H, as course (surprisingly) was crowded. Having not played here since last fall (and last review was by Weber in Nov) decided to see what was going on?
Course is in typical S CA early spring (w/o rain) conditions. Grass is beginning to grow and found (for the most part) decent lies and roll in the fairways (but they still have a ways to go). I had no issues with the tee boxes, but they do need to be leveled (come on LA county, spend some money here). Bunkers were playable. Very little rough, but there are numerous OB areas and ravines to avoid/carry throughout the round. Not to mention the many elevation changes and tree lined fairways, that are not prevalent at most county courses. Greens were very nice. The front 9 was slow and it appeared they had not been mowed (but still acceptable) and the back 9 were very good and you did not want to be above the hole. Personally, I think this is the hidden gem within the LA county golf stable, but the county is not only cheap, but too stupid to put some money into this course. It has character, elevation changes, unique hole designs and no homes around the course. The citizens of E LA county are being deprived of a great golf course (IMO) by the County of LA not spending some money here. But no doubt they appreciate the revenue that it generates (hypocrites). Customer service excellent at all levels. I encourage all golfers to experience this course at least once. You may hate it or love it, but the true golfer in you will see what this course has to offer and could be with TLC. Oh and you will love all the deer?
Played today in a great 3 H POP, with no wind and beautiful sunshine. In the past, the senior special ($65 - $55 online) was only available on Mondays. They have now added Tuesdays. If you are not a fan of dormant bermuda fairways, you might not want to play here (or wait until late April). Personally, they don't bother me and the fairways today (very wide as well), provided great roll and lies all round (not being green was not an issue). Tee boxes were perfect. There is rough, but very playable. One does need to avoid the desert/environmental areas, as well as the small arroyo's throughout the course (you cannot enter these areas at anytime). A few holes have water, as well as ravines in front of the green, to avoid/carry. Fairway bunkers were fine (in one no issue) but the bunkers around the greens (in 2) need more sand (to thin at present). The greens were fantastic. They held shots (high ones only), chipped/putted great and had good speed (10-11). I love the size of the greens here, as well as the challenging mounding and they putt very very true (if you are not putting well, it will be a long day). Customer service at all levels excellent. They have a good driving range, chipping area and putting green. Large clubhouse with restaurant, which I have been in in the past and enjoyed my meal on the large patio. Personally, I don't find this course that difficult to get to, as it is right off the 210 Freeway (which you cannot hear by the way). Looking for a different place to play, in the LA area? Check it out, at least once.
Played today in a good 4 H POP. Course is in decent shape, given the dry winter we have been having. No issues with tee boxes. Fairways had patches of good/bad areas, green/brown grass and occasional winter rule playing conditions (not ideal). Bunkers were actually playable, even after the recent rain. Very little rough anywhere. But the greens were in good shape and putted/chipped just fine and had good speed. Customer service excellent. They are in the process of building a new restaurant/clubhouse and bathrooms, so it is a little rough presently when checking in.
Went out yesterday after Noon to beat the rain? So did many others. But still got around in 4 H which could have been less (oh well). Course is doing well, since my last review. The only real issue is with the bunkers. Many do not have enough sand and you might just as well take a drop? Left a message with the superintendent by phone (hope he acts on it). Tee boxes are fine. Fairways have good coverage, roll and lies. Greens are still in very nice shape (chip, putt well and have good speed). What rough you encounter is manageable. Customer service is excellent.
Played today in a great POP of 3 H. Very cold wind entire round, but no frost (as previously mentioned). Course was dry and fast and the down wind holes were terrific but alas, not so fun into the wind. Tee boxes were all fine. No bunker issues. Fairways were hard and gave good roll and lies. Greens were hard and fast, but fun to putt on actually. Customer service excellent at all levels. Enjoyed the early sunrise and not looking forward to DST and getting sunrise at 7 AM for a few weeks.
Played yesterday at 3 PM and finished all 18 in 3 H. I found the course to be not much different from when I played on the 15th (see my previous review). Bunkers still need work. What I did notice was that the greens were better than my last round. Very good chipping/putting as well as holding shots and had good speed. Customer service was excellent. I have no hesitation in recommending the course at this time.
Played today in a nice POP of 3 H. Course is in great shape, presently. Tee boxes are all level/clean. Bunkers are very playable. Fairways are green and providing good lies and roll. What little rough there is, is around the greens, but manageable. Greens are fantastic and chip/putt well, in addition to being very speedy. Customer service excellent at all levels.
Ernie Banks was fond of saying "let's play 2". So after I checked into the hotel, I did just that. Love this course. Great location, great staff, great food and great golf. Play into the woods and then play along the ocean (like playing Spyglass but at a way less expensive price IMO). Tee boxes were all fine. Fairways were good and provided decent lies and roll. Bunkers were all playable and no complaints. Rough was playable on the front and back (except for that d%mn ice plant). Greens were very nice and playable, as well as consistent. Great place to have a snack/beer (maybe 2) after an afternoon round and watch the sunset. Great customer service. Yes the area is known for better known courses, but you won't be disappointed if you play here.
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