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7/8 usual early out. A nice email special rate and the beer was cold in the 19th hole after before it got too hot here in Nor Cal. (100 degree high temp day) .
Course conditions improving as summer rolls in. Greens rolling good. Mowed early then took on some dew or light watering so not as fast early as they would be later in day. Save strokes staying below the hole for sure. Some big breaks and undulations on the classic greens. The small Chestnut distance tee box on 11 a bit unlevel but a minor annoyance.
A big buck in velvet with doe came out of thicket left side of 17th hole. Good day in the Auburn foothills.
Played early 7/4. Golf moose (link thru GK to purchase) special for two. 3rd out as a 2-some following 2 others. Conditions are summer peak for the Nor Cal foothills. Everything is in good shape now.
Greens held some overnight moisture but were fresh cut and rolling true med/med fast. Holding iron shots struck well. Later in day I'm sure they dried out to med fast.
Being a mid week holiday it was busier than usual Wednesday tee sheet I'm sure. We were moving right along front 9 made turn and a 4-some is putting on 10th green. We decide to get a beverage (couldn't it was closed?) and before we get back tee another 4 some teeing off. We skip 10th hole drive thru par 5 11th and two other 4 somes get back to our "spot" on 12th tee par 3. Play through to 16 (par4) play this hole twice and par 3 17th twice to get our "18 holes"
Asking the pro about this policy when we made the turn and found the inside restaurant closed. Staff stated "it's busy, you'll play faster on back 9." ??? following three 4-somes as a 2-some?
We worked it out ourselves but this is NOT the normal at the Ridge. I like to play so much.
HAPPY JULY 4TH GLAD I had the FREEDOM to play golf today.
Played 6/30 with a mid Am tee time on a Hot valley day. (101+) Course location is in Madera (outskirts) along a river basin. River not in play but a few a holes (6?) with water hazards. The 16th did in my back 9 score with two in the aqua and another in the weeds. Only a 150yd shot to the back pin.
Conditions consistent with the previous reviews. Greens rolling good overall conditions B+
Big sign in pro shop advising NO WATER ON COURSE bring some! Beverage cart three times during the round. A bit slow because of tournament. Good practice area with shade umbrellas for relief.
First time golfing in southern central valley and would play again when looking for golf in this area.
Played 6/24/2018 early. The course is good condition. Very green edge to edge with the seasonal summer brown under the oak trees where you don't want to play from but can find it in contrast to spring/winter growing seasons where it's too thick and lush.
Played all 18 with the same Pro V which is unusual for me, and helped my score of course.

Wet conditions from overnight watering. Needed to hit the greens with apporaches and they held versus running the approach on. Greens in good to great shape not overly fast. The recent tree loss I mentioned in previous review has helped get more light onto some tee boxes to help grass coverage. For example white/blue tee on 11. GPS on cart is a big help and easy to use.

All staff was great from getting a cart to your car on arrival to pro shop and restaurant.

I'd say give Turkey Creek a try you'll like it.
Played early 6/17/2018 agree with 2017 review about the details of the course. Staff is great the course is in summer condition. Good coverage and green conditions on course. Rough managable. Greens good to very good. Could be better if players fixed their ball marks! Maintained well most all areas.

Part of the pace of play issue maybe the policy of using the 10th tee putting players out on the back as the dew sweepers are making the turn. We (threesome) had a single in front of us front 9. Tee'd of 10 after waiting for a threesome put out in front of us. As we played the 11 a singel came through looking for an open hole. No luck for him at least two foursomes ahead of us.

Just something to get used to playing here. Otherwise a good track usually popular.
Played last two Sundays 6/3 & 6/10 first out respectively. Course is in overall excellent condition. Greens rolling trus and well kept very few imperfections and rolling true at fair pace. Tee boxes good coverage and level fairways immaculate.

Interesting course and the big hitters may find that it is a "target" course as others have said in the past. It was in such good shape that I waited a week to play it again to make sure I wasn't over rating the conditions.

Fun to play track in the foothill. Large pine trees and up and down elevation changes and a few views of the snow capped sierras. Lots of wildlife deer, birds, and yesterday two fox kits on the left side playing in the taller grass.

Top notch service from check in to leaving. The beverage cart just starting the day when we were leaving at 9:45
Played 5/27/2018 just after 7am Sunday morning. New this year at DarkHorse is the first tee time of the day is at 7:40 am daily. My partner and I like to tee off first out whenever we play Sundays. Benefits of no one can see our sometimes comical efforts and pace of play as well as being out there in the quietness of early dawn patrol. For example, the right side of the 8th hole we spot 3 deer from the tee box getting to the fairway they are bucks in velvet two going to be big racks and a spikehorn. All getting along now but wait a until fall. A real treat to observe them grazing nonchalant to us.

Back to the course conditions of play. Overall nice and green. Hit it in the fairway a big benefit. My partner was doing just that and hitting greens but 4 times three putted for bogey. Greens rolling true and in good shape overall. Tee boxes maybe a bit shaggy and or thin but not an effect on play very level.

Best thing is they have sand in the bunkers now and even if the sprinklers wet a couple better than what they have been in a long time. Don't know why it took SO long but it was quite a few months/maybe year with many as GUR.

Condition of course will hopefully continue on the upswing as summer comes and should do so, if they can pump enough water on it. The superintendent has moved on and time will tell if the new one has enough budget to keep making it better. The fescue around the bunkers is growing out long and gives the edges nice definition / look but I did get stuck under a lip of one which was awkward took two to extricate.

As my usual review I try to compare with the other two courses in Auburn nearby. The Ridge & Auburn Valley. I'd rate it Ridge, AVGC, DH right now but I'd play any or all at a moments call. Great time to get out and play in the Sac foothills.
Played in NCGA event (not very well) Sat 5/26/18 9Am and pace at 4.5+ ok for holing everything play it down. The course is in decent condition for the time of year. But a consistent challenge for Teal for years are ball marks on greens. Both 1 and 10 have sign and basket of plastic divot tools. Doesn't effect play as much as frustrating why this simple task is ignored. Plenty of time for me to fix several whenever the chance arose.

Teal is near the SMF airport and the Sac river. No fog issues but early at certain times of year it can be a concern. Greens putted well held too. Bunkers good as the fairways.

Nice course to play as their are no houses around but the laterals and Ob tough or impossible to find in that thicket plenty of cottontail habitat.
Addendum about rules course markings for tournament play below:

One concern being a tournament would be lateral hazard marking / posts not well defined or enough of them. On hole 3 I hit two in the same spot left side dogleg right using the provisional rule when we got there one stake is seen ahead none behind no red line all the players in my group agreed in the lateral interpretation. Later on the 8th I hit approach right and at the fork of cart path for 8 and 18 ends up in the vee of the cart paths on rocks 3" from cement the direction I want to go. The tourney director is there and mentions there are red stakes here but not there where your nearest point of relief is but the same brier patch as where other red stakes are, and if I took a drop and it rolled into the crappolla I was out of luck play it as it liesor take an unplayable for a stroke. Whereas in a weekend round with the boys take a drop for relief without regards to the technicality of rolling in the thicket drop twice and place it move on without delay. The grounds crew not painting the red lines or the course budget can't afford more stakes. I hit it where it was off the rocks to near green chip and easy one putt bogey net par.

A flat no elevation course that I like to keep in the rotunda and will be back with game next time.
Played 5/19/18 3.5 POP Suns up tee it up. Early bird $pecial. Did not play music today to not disturb the home close to the course on many holes. Tee boxes good, Bermuda fairways tight and the greens good medium fast, albeit a few too many ball marks un-repaired and brown spots from others healing. Putted true many humps and ridges to be aware of on the Johnny Miller design. A beautiful morning cool 55-60 and breezy 5-8 mph just right.

A fairway lie compared to one in the rough is a significant difference here in summer conditions. Good roll out hitting in the short stuff. Some forced carries and the course built in a valley offers some challenges to pay attention to. Spray the ball like I was Saturday? Bring some of your second choice brand it will not be as painful losing those.

CH facility and staff top notch. They have an indoor simulator here available for hourly rent I have used previously. Large windows looking at the course with beer and food like'd that, Good for getting some data. Range is good practice putting green good place to roll a couple to get ready for the course.
5/12/18 6:40am early out. Course is in good to better shape and poised to go into great condition based on the weather forecast and the work being done. The crew has been able to address the grass growth and have most all areas in great shape for this course opened in 1960. A month ago too much rain and the rough was US open of worse. Now everything is cut and tidy. The greens are good. Blotchy #5 is healing and the oil leak line from mower on 10 is almost healed (i took relief to not have to putt in this line but it's a big green)

Rest of course is very nice getting roll out on fairways and good lies on them sitting up and tight.

Close to #1 rank in Auburn area next to the Ridge right now. For me it'd be a toss up the be$t deal for green fees would be my decision maker.

ADD; The staff is excellent shop and 19th hole. They are trying hard to make it an above average experience. Course just sold from Bank/holding Co. to private owner as I noticed a Lic. change sign in window. Here's to their success!
5/11/2018 8am. Very good shape in the spring conditions. Greens good med/fast. Bunkers good tee boxes average no complaints. Played with a local resident for $44 with a cart. Pace of play was great. We were 4 and had a local behind us as a single. He didn't want to play thru was looking for balls last check he had over 40 but a few bloody spots on his legs from the thorns.

That said a few places to carry your shot required at the LH Orchard course and a few places you don't want to go with the other side of the fairway houses or on both sides but don't come into play. At least not for me this day. :)

Got done early then the north winds came up to over 20mph later.
5/10/18 noon Course in great shape all around, with the exception of a damp bunker or two. Leveling and reseeding a few tee boxes and with the good spring weather upcoming 7-10 days it will only get better.

The rough is manageable, but the outskirts off the edges are tough full of tall grass and weeds. Your ball goes there it's a goner 95%. But if your like me you can hit it past the junk in some circumstances and find it one tee box over on two occassions I accomplished this.

In Auburn CA you have the Ridge, Auburn Valley and Darkhorse locally. and I'd rank them in that order right now.
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