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Played 1/12/2020 early cold start 36 degrees. No frost damp grass.
Course is in mid-winter dormancy. Patches of green and brown all through the green. We played winter rules. Variable conditions that would be expected this season. Some wet areas. Opened cart path only later 90 degree rule was posted on the cart GPS.

Greens in good to very good condition rolling smooth with a few ball marks. Holes fresh cut with sharp edges. Tee boxes level but a bit sandy / shaggy. Didn't hit a bunker.

Paid $55 online rate on course website which I'd rate a bit high based on course conditions and competition in surrounding area. Haven't played course in awhile and like the layout and no houses impeding.
Played 1/9/2020 early morning second group out. There are reasons green fee deals can be found this time of year in Monterey. The four hour weather window in which we played was the most severe in a 5 day period. Temperature high 40's to low 50's Wind 14mph with gusts to 20-25+ partly sunny to sideways driving rain showers.

Now I will describe the course and how fun it was! Course is in great shape considering what mother nature has thrown at it. In the last month 11" of rain including 1/4" the night before our round. They have a swarm of maintenance crew daily prepping for the pro event 2/4-9th. Unlike the jewel down the road (Pebble) Spy can be described as a golf focus only facility. Simple pro shop and snack bar large practice putting green and good range area.

Rough wet and sticky aforementioned rain had soggy areas in low spots. Fairways great and bunkers variable. One fairway bunker on 10th like curing cement but ball sat up well. Green-side thicker sand with wet top layer. Best to play lift clean and place everywhere other than hazards this day. When the course dries out it should quickly return to top notch conditions as it normally plays I'd expect.

Greens were top dressed with finest grain sand and have been micro-spiked many times to promote drainage and keep high quality surface. Putted medium fast. Every green had a hand squeegee roller in the fringe. Very fair and some unusual shapes (4th) and sizes no huge undulations.

Played third hole straight into 2+ club wind from 131 yards in the sun. By the time we tee'd off 4 driving rain shower that stopped before we putted out. Turning back up hill in the forest on 6th was a relief.

Overall a recommend at the rate we paid and the company I played with. My rain suit which I purchased in May for possible June use was finally needed and kept me warm and dry. At the end they not only wipe down your clubs, they service your shoes with air and clean towel and presented you a complementary bag tag . By then the sun was out and a Sculpin IPA (F&B $$$$ with 17% gratuity added automatically) enjoyed on patio near 9th green before I went to Pebble Beach and viewed the 18th hole in absolute perfect golf weather conditions.
Played early 1/5/2020 46-55 degrees sunny skies little wind. The winter condition temperature created some ground fog that lifted quickly warming things up, dew left damp conditions most of the round.

The fog was at the green on the par 5 second hole when we teed off the elevated tee. It moved uphill enveloping us at our drives then dissipated when we got to the green. That was different.

The course is in excellent conditions with a few wet spots. Nothing that is unusual for the season. Celebrating twenty years and was built to drain well particularly the greens. Tee boxes level. Rough a manageable thickness. We played winter rules clean your ball if necessary for mud which happened ten or more times. Roll out slowed but not stopped by the wet grasses.

Bunkers are settling a bit with ample sand. Rolling back into one on the 13th my ball track uncovered an orange ball inches from mine not visible until my ball rolled over it. Took me two to extract from this one. 1st fat 2nd perfect. They should continue to improve.

They have cleared brush and debris in many areas. This day I noticed the thorns behind the 13th tee box removed revealing some native rocks. Aesthetically pleasing here but in another area the clean-up allowed me opportunity to get back in play rather than a lateral drop.

Now to the greens. The "highlight" of the course so to say. If you like firm and fast which this time of year gives the course the opportunity to provide. They are all of that. Above the hole had to be respected with a very defensive small stroke. on the 7th I chipped up rolled back to the front edge (20Ft) putted up to 3ft. My opponent in tight 6 ft L to R semi-side hill putt hit too firm goes all the way down where I was. His putt back up not enough rolled back to his feet. Par opportunity to a triple! That's what we call the welcome to the Ridge putting. When the challenging greens are this good and rolling you'll have your skills tested. Only had to get faster as the day went and sun dried surface completely. 9 of 10

I've done 8 of the last 10 reviews here. Continue to recommend.
Played 12/28/19 11AM on sunny mild winter day great weather. Earlier frost delay put us out a few minutes behind on the 10th tee 9's usually reversed in frost conditions since the back 9 thaws first. Course plays better this way in my opinion. Pace of play was the bummer at 5:20 total for 18. Course conditions were near perfect with the exception of damp conditions due to winter rains. Cart path only and fairways offered a bit more roll than the week before. Arrived early enough to use all the practice areas. The chipping and sand trap area very similar to the course. The larger practice green near the 10th hole is more like what the course greens are like than the smaller warm-up green near the number one tee on top of a hill. The view from #1 tee is stunning. All greens rolling smooth and well kept.
The pace of play is not usually an issue here but with a frost delay it seems to back things up as our experience was similar to Guru rudyclub's review from the day before. The quality of the course withstanding the slow play. 5+ hours is just too long for my liking.
Great weather, great course, great company, bluetooth speaker and the beverage cart made slow pace tolerable.
Always a recommend.
Played 12/21/2019 at 9am on a cool cloudy day with fog persisting the first four holes. Damp conditions and this first day of winter it was cart path only.
Nothing to hide here at this first class Troon operated facility. I made the tee time on-line and received an email confirmation. A day later after another rain storm another email was sent stating that it would be cart path only until 12/24 maybe longer weather dependent. This gave us the chance to modify or cancel if we choose to. I feel this is just good business practice for a golf course that many don't choose to inform. Nice to know before you go, you know!
The course under winter conditions and the aforementioned fog had it playing long and damp.
Drives would take a bounce but only roll out minimally a few yards or ten at most. A stinger two iron may have helped but not in my bag.
The rough was thick and penal under these conditions. Usually could advance shot a ways, but three or more inches and sticky. Low run in approaches to the green were difficult to judge.
The greens held well struck shots and rolled well. A finishing touch of the mower around the perimeter edge of the green was not done so some dew was left in these areas.
Bunkers damp top surface and fluffy underneath. I couldn't get the feel and left a few in for another go.
Given these conditions course still was overall very playable and in above to great condtion. Customer service great as always. From bag drop to check-in, pro shop wait staff and on course workers. The warm hand towel at the 18th green nice touch as they wiped off your clubs. Have played this course a four times this year and it is always consistent upscale experience.
We choose to have breakfast and after round in the Cache Creek casino rather than the clubhouse. This resort is on Route 16 and the golf course in the back of the property with only a few farms in view. Otherwise it's foothill views which improved after the 4th hole to almost the sun poking through the clouds.
Played 12/15/19 first out 36 degrees with wind chill near 34. Still golf weather for us.
Surprisingly no frost delay. The greens mower had the headlights on mowing the 4th green as we approached the entrance.

TOPLINE IS: Darkhorse has reopened under new LOCAL ownership.
Under a "soft" reopening showing many improvements and poised to be a players course.
DH has been closed for a few months and recently reopened for public play.

They sent email this week with BOGO offer to come check it out. Took advantage of that with online reservation and wondered what we would find. Driving in entry first thing I noticed was the former pro-shop bar and grill modular building in the lower parking lot in pieces, with one piece left where it had been placed. To it's left a very nice bathroom / cabana building above the driving range which is now the check-in area (temporary). We were given a cart and paused a few minutes to ask questions. Have a coffee before heading to the tee. Sun would not come over horizon for first 4 holes so it was bundle up with layers hat mittens.
Many course improvements noticeable right away. A lot of work clearing areas of underbrush on the course edges and annual cat tails from the wet areas. Some oak trees removed, many trimmed.
Most dramatic improvement the bunkers. Pebble Beach #12 white sand installed in all bunkers. Therefore the sight lines now are the best they have been since the course opened. (2002)
Overall course played under winter conditions as I expected it would. Wet areas from winter rains the week before no fault of the course. No frost delay but the rough was frosty and stuck as ice chucks to our spikes which had to be knocked off. Once the sun got over the horizon it warmed up quickly. (50 by 10:30) Waited 10 minutes on 4th hole for fog to clear. POP was our own choosing.
Greens are real good to fine shape, fresh cut, smooth, medium consistent speed.
Rough penal and fairways cut well, but damp offering little roll out.
The bunkers are stunning visually now and the sand needs to settle. Shots settled in the bottom because the edges were breakable soft crusty frozen. Many deer tracks through them also.
Was surprised to see the beverage cart twice and offering snacks and beverages at no charge included in the greens fee.
A round played at 11am on would have been ideal this day.
Spoke to employees and management after the round and the plan is to offer what they feel most golfers want. Great course playing conditions and quality amenities. The later is a work in progress I witnessed sipping a Knee Deep Brewing Porter as they moved the last piece of building.
Driving range improvements: 5 station auto-dispensing ball machines with top quality thick mats in operation now along with natural grass practice areas.
Bottom Line: Darkhorse is back and should be given a chance to gallop.
Recommend again ;)
Played 12/10/19 mid morning. A shortish drive from the strip and you get to the gate of the club. Drive in and the castle clubhouse is right there in front of you. The circle drive has a large claret jug on the island and old Tom Morris statue faces you at the bag drop.
Only about a dozen cars in the lot on this warmer than normal (60's) and sunny December day light breeze partly sunny.
Course as described in previous reviews has replica holes from The Open rotunda. This time of year the rough is dormant and the fairways tee boxes and greens are painted green and create a stunning definition framing each hole. Tee boxes level. Rough would give you ok or not lie depending on how the dormant grass decided. Fairways playing fast and firm with many mounds and undulations. Greens firm and tight and rolling like a pool table. This day playing like the courses over the pond when there are great weather conditions.
No water hazards to negotiate, but on to the bunkers. Here is were the courses defense gets it's teeth. For example, number 5 cart path only because of the blind pot bunkers in the fairway (numerous) and safety concern you'd drive your cart into one before seeing it. Can't see any from the tee box. Either have course knowledge of their location or look at the hole picture at tee box with a note about the hole and course it replicates and estimate your distance to determine how to best play. Perhaps a yardage book is available I don't know. In this day and age a course of this caliber I'd think should cart GPS it would certainly help with strategy off the tee box(es). Almost every bunker I had the misfortune to get into (at least 6) I was up against the high bank with no escape other than to open my 58 degree wedge flat tray like and try to blast over it. This usually resulted in either a second try in the sand or getting up on the lip held on by the dormant grass. Not knowing the bunker location on one par 5 put me in "hells bunker" (14th St. Andrews) on my second shot. I hit well towards the middle after a so-so drive right fairway. Blind shot. Ball landed on lip and rolled back in according to the trail, so I just missed flying it and would have been lying two in great shape. Instead it was indeed hell for my ability no " fore"giveness, I didn't escape it.
Did not lose any balls this day keeping it in the boundaries and miss hits generally would come back in play. Just stay out of the native areas where the pack of coyotes dwell.
Great venue great service friendly greater and starter. Played as a 2-some and passed the 4 in front of us on the 5th hole as they visited the beverage cart and had great POP from there.
A recommend course.
Played 12/9/19 Sunny skies light breeze and mid 50's ideal in other words.
The course is a Las Vegas classic and has hosted many pro events. Located right off the strip and has views of the larger resort hotels there. The 17th and 18th par 3 par 5 play right next to the Westgate resort. We were a small group of 30 and this was the last round of three. A few members playing and us so it felt like being a member for the day. POP was under 3.5 hours.
Course conditions were excellent in all areas. Mature trees line the fairways houses behind those on most holes aren't in sight lines. Fairways tight lies and roll out well. Bunkers excellent light sand great shape. Greens also excellent country club smooth and fast.
That's about it a great course and fun to play, Staff was great and the clubhouse cool design.
Played 12/8/19 mid morning. Weather mostly cloudy with a bit of rain overnight early holes wet rough that dried out as the sun made some appearances. Mid 50's light winds made playing conditions near desert ideal for me. All good great staff as would be expected in the $$$$ level of club.
Large practice area (mats only) and putting green we used to warm up. Minor elevation changes and course goes through a dry river wash with some deep canyon areas on the back 9. Nice views of red rock mountains to west especially elevated tee on tenth hole.
Greens speedy fast held shots ok and good to excellent shape. A few more unrepaired ball marks inn comparison to yesterday's course. Fairways tight and giving a nice roll out. Rough as mentioned dried out and hurt your shot enough to be penal. Where the fairway lies were sweetness. Mud on the ball in the rough areas a few times. Bunkers played great some had high lips greenside.
Forced carries over desert and canyon on a few holes made my poor driving day even more challenging. My woes not the course.
Great Vegas golf that the discriminating shoild player will enjoy. Like prior reviews it's about the weather when you visit and the green fee deals you can procure.
Played 12/7/19 late morning tee time. Course(s), facility and staff all top notch. This is upscale golf in the high desert. About a 40 minute drive from strip area and provides an upscale golf experience at every level.
It's in an area all by itself desert landscape surrounded by mountain views those to the west snow capped.
The Wolf course is often descibed as the "best" of the three. Snow Mtn and Sun Mountain are the other two. I think any of the three would be a good game.
Today's weather was in the 50's and windy 10-15 mph with higher gusts at times. The staff mentioned the winds and said it wasn't to bad this day. So I suppose in higher winds it would present more challenge. It's just something to be aware of and make the adjustments.
Greens are excellent roll well. Fairways tight and rolling out firm at this time of year.
The Indian reservation has no water restrictions so I'm told the course is green and lush all season.
First of four courses we are playing as a group outing. I'd give this course five star rating highly recommend.
Played early 11/24 The course is in good to very good condition.
The greens are almost completely back from the early November aeration. A few holes visible in spots, smooth and medium to med-fast. The green complexes are challenging as they are interesting. Don't hit many from long range (150+) but those hold ok. Need spin to control the shorter wedges, chips well, or fine touch and judge of break.

Fairways well kept tight lies, rough manageable, and most bunkers in better than average shape. They have done some maintenance on the course fringes (removing thorny thicket) and water hazards (cat tails) which is not only pleasing visually, but also gives a chance at finding ball or recovery shot possiblities.

I was in some unusual places driving the ball. (15th fairway on the fourth hole / near 12th tee box on par 5 15th) But somehow managed good recovery shots. Not the course management I'd recommend for a low score but interesting I was able to get back in play. Always have a fun round at the Ridge. The beverage cart was out on the 17th working backwards. Staff friendly well stocked pro shop.

Played 10/13/2019 Before 9 starting on signature 10th hole on a cool morning giving way to sunny fall weather light winds.
Great weather and course conditions combine for a good day of golf in tournament conditions.
Read of sixpez 2018 will give you accurate over view as well. If any fall maintenance has happened this date it is completely healed both courses. Overall it's very nice and a pleasant difference to play in these conditions vesus public venues even those who consider higher scale. Just a notch up in areas of detail, not necessarily "better" in comparison.
No GPS on carts worth mentioning if that is a detail you prefer.

North course is notably considered the tougher course and it's ratings justify that. Untrained eye might not notice. For me the scores on consecutive days confirmed it. Couldn't make the putts like the day before felt the North greens were a stimp quicker. No data to confirm.

The North course opened in 1971 designed by Bert Stamps redesign by Arnold Palmer in 1986.
From 1987 to 1996, the North Course also held the Senior PGA Tour Gold Rush Classic where professional golfers like Bob Charles, Orville Moody, Chi Chi Rodriguez, Arnold Palmer and Lee Trevino participated.
Maybe that's the thing. The pros competed here!
Bad day with driver, too many three putts and I would welcome going back for another go to redeem my game.
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