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Played Wednesday with SBogey as a GK Guru. The conditions are amazing for late summer, especially with the heat wave of the last few days.

Fairways were as good as when I played during peak season, lush enough for excellent lies but still providing a decent amount of roll. One on the front side had a few bare spots (I think #5?) but that was the only blemish on the entire course. Rough was also excellent, not too thick to be really penal but enough to make you think about your shot - also framed the fairways nicely.

Greens had a light dressing, didn't do much to minimize breaks but the last 2-4 feet slowed down a little more than normal. Slightly on the firm side but would hold well struck shots. Rough around the greens was thick enough to make putting from off the green a challenge - if putting with the grain you're fine but against would snag the ball quickly so probably just better of chipping. Sand was good quality, a little heavy and damp under the surface but very consistent. They are converting to what they call "Australian" style raking - that means leaving the sides firm and smooth so most shots roll down to the flatter middle area.

One or two tees were a little uneven and the White tees on # 11 were located on a nearly bare spot - Moving them up a couple yards or back 3-4 would have cured that issue. Couple others could use a trim of the vegetation directly in front of the tee, low ball hitters could have an issue. Very little damage even on the par 3's.

Played in a little under 3 hours, could have gotten off earlier and played a little faster but we were pacing ourselves with the heat - wouldn't have mattered since we caught a foursome on #17. It was actually pretty comfortable up until about #11 or #12, then the heat started cranking up and it started getting a little muggy - we were definitely both done by the time we hit #18.

Staff was excellent, same for the range - it's in better conditions than most course's fairways at the moment. This is a very nice layout in WAY above average condition for this time of year, highly recommend getting out here soon (but play REALLY early or wait for a little cooler temps).
Played 8/23 with my 7 year old. When I was in middle school this was the course I played most (only 9 holes, walking barefoot with my best friend, playing extra balls - we had a blast!) so it was a special outing for us. I played the blue tees, he used the Red (though there's not a lot of difference on most holes) - based on conditions the blues are the tee of choice here.

Course conditions ranged from pretty good (greens) to kinda poor (a few spots in fairways and nearly all the tees).

First the good - while the greens were a little slow compared to what I'm used to, they were actually quite enjoyable and definitely the highlight of the course. Receptive without being mushy, they rolled smooth and true. Rough around the green is somewhat thick and not easy to get out of so GIR is important here. However, all but about 3 of them are small to VERY small so it's not as easy as it sounds. I remembered them being a little on the small side but Jeff in the pro shop commented that they've gotten even smaller over the years.

Fairways were generally ok, typical late summer conditions for a course in this price range - ok coverage in most areas, some were quite nice but several had this/burnt out areas. Rough was hit and miss - it could be thick and fairly penal or not much different from the better fairway areas. Bunkers were "meh" to bad - heavy sand, several with small puddles from inaccurate watering, many not raked or in need of a deep raking.

The tees were the lowlight - there were only 3 that provided a good, essentially level lie across the width of the tee box. Many had the markers so far back that you were standing inches from the back end and a couple were so crowned it looked like someone had snuck in and buried some type of large mammal right down the middle. All were a little shaggy, and three out of the four par 3s had significant divot problems (but that was avoidable if you moved back about a yard behind the markers).

The small green and thick green side rough make it a reasonable challenge and good practice but there's nothing that makes it stand out from the crowd. $25 for 18 holes incl. cart on a weekday is fair but I wouldn't go much over that. Still, I really enjoyed the round due to my history here and being able to re-live it with my son.
Ended up in Pasco for the day with clubs in hand and decided to check out it out. Advertising states it's the highest rated course in S/E Washington and has been selected "Best place to play" in the area 5 years running.

While I don't have much to compare it to, but based on the facilities and conditions it's going to be tough to beat. It's also the highest priced in the area ($53 including cart, basic GPS and a small bucket of balls) but not by a lot so that shouldn't be a factor. If it was in SoCal it wouldn't really stand out but would definitely be a course I'd throw in the mix on a regular basis.

The layout has an entertaining and challenging mix of holes and enough up and down to keep you on your toes. A couple potentially drivable par 4's (though I'm not sure the risk is worth the reward), par 3's that play different directions with different looks, plus par 5's that MAY be reachable in two but are very playable as a 3-shot hole for almost anyone.

Conditions ranged from good to very good throughout. Tees were probably the worst but none were in poor shape and all were essentially level. Rough was medium length but fairly dense and balls sat more on top instead is nestling down. Bunker were good with plenty of sand and firm but not muddy texture.

The highlight of the course are the fairways and greens. Excellent coverage on the fairways and just the right amount of cushion. Greens rolled smoth and true at medium fast speed and lots of contour. The 12th hole (par 3) features a 12,000 sq ft green - it's a short hole and easy hit the green but you may not have enough club to get it to the hole!

Service was friendly and professional, grass driving range was quite much nice and a large practice green so no crowding even on busy days. Cafe pricing was very reasonable and the French Fries were tasty.

Definitely recommended.
Played a Birthday round here yesterday, teed off at 6:50 paired up with Bob. POP was fairly quick but very casual, waited once on group in front and had someone catch us on #17, finished in 3:30.

For years, this course has been the “red-headed stepchild” of the Temecula area. However, at least for me personally, this is no longer the case. Conditions were good to very good throughout. Fairways had good coverage with a few scattered thin spots (#8), tees were in good shape (except #5, it was terrible but it’s location means it’s probably impossible to keep it in good shape). Rough was medium length and thickness, getting a lot thicker around the greens. Sand was above average, nothing spectacular but consistent.

Greens were somewhat soft, held even longer shots fairly well. Putted very smooth at medium speed. These are the highlight of the course – many holes have different tiers and/or depressions/bowls – be on the correct level or pay the price (four 3-putts on the front 9 before I got the hang of the speed and break!)

The layout itself is a little quirky with quite a bit of up/down on probably 1/2 the holes. A few pretty short par 4's, but don't assume they'll play easy. Some are considerably uphill, other's have water right in front of the green - combine that with some diabolical pin placements on those holes and it's definitely provides a solid challenge.

Compared to the Rancho California course just a couple miles away, I thought this course was a clear step above in conditioning. Better pricing and conditioning = better value - I'll be visiting this course much more often than it's neighbor.

Also, have to comment about the pictures in the entry walkway. Each hole is dedicated to a golf "Legend" and they have a picture of each next to their respective hole. Ranging from Tom Morris to Jack, Arnie, Lee, Gary, Annika . . . it's a nice touch.
Played last Wednesday as the first off at 6:30 - was paired up by the starter with a twosome but they wanted to play by themselves so I ended up as a single. No need to rush, the Men's Club was starting a "reverse shotgun" on #13 at about 8 (caught them on #14).

Conditions were quite mixed. Greens were all good, rolled well at medium-fast pace but were a little spongy and the bunkers were heavy but good. Rough was hit & miss, some very thick, some barely there. The fairways were the same, some in good shape but most were quite patchy and some had several marginal areas. Tees were good condition and level (except #16, someone buried a medium sized whale under the white section, VERY crowned and not a flat spot to be found!).

This is a very solid layout but I'm used seeing it in better condition. Still a decent value but hopefully they bring things up a little in the near future.
This is a little late, but life actually takes precedence over golf (sometimes at least!)

Played 6/1 in my GK Cup 10 match. Didn't see the review about punched greens until the night before so we drove down and inspected the 16th green before playing. Punching was noticeable but I thought it was playable - it affected putts more on some holes than others but the overall quality of the greens meant they were still better than many places where they haven't been punched.

Tees were in good shape, a couple small areas that weren't level but easily avoided. Not a lot of divot damage even on the par threes. Fairways were good to very good, a few places where it was a little thin but still good. Rough varied in length, some of it was basically "pitch out and take your medicine" thick, most was playable but would definitely affect distance and spin.

Bunkers actually played a lot better than they looked. Crusty/unkept appearance but all with plenty of sand - heavy and a little damp, but consistent. If they did a good deep raking they would be excellent.

Greens held shots very well. Putts that had to cross numerous punch lines were definitely slower and bumpy, but actually held their line pretty well. If you were lagging up for a 2 putt, as long as you got the speed right it was fine. Shorter putts (slower moving) tended to get bumped off line. According to the guy at the cart return this is a regular thing, every week or two. Seemed a little odd and to me it hints at some deeper issues but I don't play here often enough to know one way or another.

Because of the unknown punching the rating is lower than "usual" for the course. Not sure I'd pay regular weekend rates in this condition but the layout and challenge kinda makes up for it with a decent mid-week rate.

Still recommended but make sure to check with the pro shop re: conditions before paying full price.
Played with the Guru group 5/18. Agree with everything said except I found the bunker sand to be fairly good and quite playable (however they do need a good raking on most)..

The course is in very good conditions and the greens were excellent - well struck shots stopped quickly and putts rolled very true. Beware the pin placements, there were several that ranged from difficult to "oh my god" tough. You need to play here a few times to figure out some of the breaks and the speed.

Fairways were very good and first cut if rough isn't too penal - however, do NOT go outside that first cut, it's 50/50 at best you'll find your ball and it's about 9-1 you won't like it if you do!

As noted in prior reviews, there is a HUGE difference between the front and back nines. Both are solid tests but completely different feel.

Service was great, very nice and pleasant staff.

Definitely recommended and a good value as well. Hope it's not another 18 months before I get down here again.
Played from the white tees in the first of two Guru groups Thursday. First time here and it lived up to what I'd heard.

From tee-to-green the course is in what I'd call "Goldilocks" condition - tees, fairways and rough were very nice, not too short, not too long, but "just right". Same for the greens, they accepted a well struck shot but if the trajectory was too flat and/or not enough spin the ball would bounce and roll - not too hard, not too soft, but "just right".

The bunkers were the most consistent and had the greatest volume of sand of any I've played in a very long time. My comment at the time still stands - "The quality of the bunkers far exceeds my ability to play from them".

Really enjoyed the course layout, holes going in several directions so you had to think out each shot and the effect the wind would have - also more subtle elevation changes than I expected. VERY nice mix of short/med/long par 4's and different looks/distance/strategies for the par 3's and par 5's. Its the kind of course you could play several days in a row and still seem fresh.

Large practice area to warm up, includes a good short game area and the practice green speed was similar to that of the greens on course.

First rate service from arrival to departure, staff was welcoming and pleasant, POP was under 4 hours (even with waiting quite a bit on #10-11) - what more could you ask for?
Played here Saturday as a single, second out but was waived thru on #2 so pretty much had the place to myself.

The improvement tee-to-green is significant since I last played here in January. Make no mistake, they still have a lot of work to do, but it's obvious they've spent a lot of time on the course and it shows (also saw at least 8 different people working the course). Closing the North Course means more $$ available for additional upgrades so conditions should only get better.

Greens are still very firm and have a lot of long-term ball-mark damage (fix the &$!# ball marks people!). Despite this I only had one putt that didn't roll well because of it. Fairways have improved A LOT, same for the greenside rough. Still don't want to be off the fairway, the weeds will swallow a ball whole with no trace.

Given their rates this course is worth checking out, especially as a way to work on your game. Hopefully it can continue to improve and get back to what it once was.
Played yesterday with Sixpez in a GK Cup match. His review is "spot on", the course is in excellent shape and with their very reasonable rates it's definitely recommended.

The best indicator on this course is the 6th fairway. Due to the layout (large trees blocking a lot of sunlight), that is where you always see the most issues and it was just as good as the rest of the course. The only real complaint would be inconsistency of the bunkers, some are still pretty packed down and very "heavy" - the one in front of #11 green was more mud than sand. Everything else is at least an 8.5 on a 1-10 scale. POP was good (not great) but that was mainly due to a somewhat slow 2-some in front of us and the single that joined us. We still finished in about 4 hours so it was still quite acceptable.

If you're thinking of playing here, do it now, you won't find anything in better shape for the money.
Played 3/13 in the GK Guru outing. Huge thanks to Johnny for setting it up, great price on a great course.

My first time here and was very impressed with the layout. Nothing terribly tricky, just a very solid challenge from start to finish. Definitely a different feel from most desert courses, if it wasn't for the nearly 100 degree temps you'd never know where you were (i.e. no palm trees on every hole!).

Tees were level and nicely conditioned - even the par 3's didn't have a lot of divot damage. Fairways were just as nice, didn't have a bad lie all day, not too thin but not spongy, just right for making clean contact. The rough was fairly thick and made you choose wisely when playing from it, but not so much as to only leave a punch out or lay-up.

Greens were somewhat firm but not hard, need to play for a little release - depending on the pin placement that could be a good or bad thing. Being on the right tier or correct side is important here - a thirty foot putt from the correct spot can be easier than an eight footer from the wrong spot. Sand was probably the worst thing on the course - crusty on top and quite firm underneath, ended up switching to my lob wedge with less bounce after the first two attempts went sailing across the green.

Local knowledge is a big plus here to make sure you're in the right position, both off the tee and on the green - also to know where your miss should be and how much room for error you have (had one shot land on the fringe and still ended up in the water because I missed in the wrong spot).

POP was ok at about 4.5 hours - we were the 2nd group out and I know the first group waited on several holes. Could have been a little faster but given the course difficulty once it starts to stack up it's gonna stay that way. Water bottles available about every three holes, ice chests on the cart and a good GPS system all contributed to a positive experience.

Definitely want another shot at it - my golf game must have taken a wrong turn somewhere between home and the course! Definitely recommended!
Played yesterday with my son (age 6), walking together for the first time. Fairly busy today, there were several people already on the course and a larger group starting about an hour after we did.

Conditions were as good as I've seen them in at least 10 years, the rain has helped tremendously. Some of the tees need leveling but if you moved around you could always find a decent place to tee it up. Fairways were good, couple soggy/muddy spots but even those weren't bad. Rough doesn't come into play on most holes but it's long and thick enough to cause problems if you find it. Was in one bunker behind #9 (which is where you do NOT want to be), a little thin and firm but playable.

Greens have always been the issue here, they are all quite firm and a little on the thin side. Due to the trees around some they don't get a lot of sun and don't always grow out well because of it. Putts still rolled well at medium speed but you always get the impression they're just this side of dying off (but they never do, not sure how that works!).

The course layout includes eight very short par 4's and one par 3. However, it plays a lot harder you expect given the yardage. There are only two of the par 4's where trying to drive the green is a realistic option - the rest either dogleg enough to cause major problems if you don't judge the corner perfectly or finish with a significant uphill climb. Also, the greens are REALLY small - #6 and #8 are no more than about 12-13 yards front-to-back and side-to-side. Lots of mature tall trees mean you have to stay in the fairway as well. Can easily be played with nothing more than a 6-iron.

Excellent value - $12 walking, no charge for my son. Nothing special but will definitely test your distance control and short game and is a great place to take a beginner, regardless of age.
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