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Rode the Blues (6550/71.8/131) as a single in less than 3H mid morning on a GN "Hot" deal. The weather was around 65, sunny and fairly calm.

COVID-19 conditions throughtout, so no services offered. Probably the best I have ever seen Avila look.

The tees were all over the place. Some were terrible, others almost pristine but many were unlevel.

The fairways had good coverage and were semi lush.

The rough was mostly thick and clumpy.

The traps need an overhaul. Everyone I saw was raked, but there is little sand and what is there is not good quality.

The greens putted nicely. Firm and medium fast, they rolled well.

The tree lined layout is up/down rolling hills and sits down in a valley. No ocean views even though you are less than a mile from and can hear the ocean. Lots of trees and hazards to avoid. Decent amount of doglegs, plus you need to know where to aim off a hill to get your ball to end up where you want on many holes. Average layout in mediocre playing condition, but it's a fun layout to play. Small warm-up range with mats that would accomodate short irons only beside the first tee. Rough around the edges, but recommended.
Walked the Blues (6157/70.6/121) in 4.5H with Mnelison and Larry x 2. The weather was clear, around 55 and breezy. The course was packed with mostly walkers but moved well.

Paseo Robles has three golf courses and they certaintly cover a broad spectrum. Out of the hundreds and hundreds of courses I have played in my life, Hunter Ranch is probably among the 15 best. And the Links Course @ Paseo Robles is definitely among the 15 worst.

That gets us to Paso Robles GC. Par 70 with five par 3's and three par 5's. Old school, tight parkland layout with most holes having working class homes on one or both sides. NEVER have played around so many homes with multiple barking dogs lining the fairways. Several holes have lakes that are hidden from the golfers vantage point when they are making the shot approaching the lake. Numerous tees are a long way from the last green as you cross streets and go through residential areas. So a minus overall for the layout.

The tees were mostly lush and decently maintained.

Both the rough and fairways were very playable and well maintained.

The sand traps obviouly started the day nicely maintained but had many foot prints due to the no rake COVID-19 rules by later in the day.

The greens putted decently. Medium to medium fast speed, firm but they usually held full shot approaches. A few bad spots on some outlying areas that did not affect play.

Quick, efficient check in, no real services offered under COVID-19. Small range on mats that did not look full size. I want to like Paso Robles GC, they have decent turf and the people there are nice. But the layout is well into the bottom 1/3 of courses I have ever played. Not terrible, it has it's place. However, $42 to walk early afternoon is about twice what this course is worth. No recommendation.
Rode the Blues (6499/71.2/127) in 3H, 40M mid morning. Paired with Bob/Walt, exceptional guys to be matched up with. We enjoyed perfect golfing conditions, clear and calm around 70.

This layout fits my eye, very playable and fun. Decent amount of water, sand and tall trees. However, except for several par 4's that are not driver holes, this is a grip it and rip it course overall. Good collection of par 3's and I really liked the par 5's.

Tees lush and immaculate, all divots were repaired.

Fairways lush and very nice to play from.

Rough lush and mowed down to about 2".

Sand traps were over the top great. Not only the way they were raked and maintained, but the thick fine quality sand was excellent to play from.

Greens were smooth, firm and putted medium speed. Suprisingly firm a day after heavy rains, I had a mediocre putting day but the greens were great.

Customer service always excepcional here. Plenty of wayer stations on the couse and an open snack stand at the turn. This course is as immaculately maintained as any I have played maybe ever. Beautiful seasonal flowers planted that would remind you of IW Celebrity or Langdon Farms. Lots of attention to detail, workers were out hand edging the boundaries of all the sand traps.

Excellent all grass driving range. No GPS on the basic carts. Highly recommended from both a layout and especially a playing condition perspective.
Rode the Blacks (6537/71.1/125) in 3.5H twilight. Matched up with Jeff and Meg, very fun couple to play with. Overcast and in the low 70's, 1-2 club wind especially on the back.

Tees lush and excellently maintained.

Fairways lush and nice to play from.

Rough lush, thick and mowed down to 2", good POP rough. Ball sat up, I was able to hit 4 irons out of this length w/o issue.

Traps had good quality sand. A little firmer than I would prefer to see greenside, but well maintained.

Small greens rolled great. Firm, medium fast and smooth. Few ball marks, because of their firmness balls would release.

Excellent customer service from all encountered. Drink cart around several times, friendly Marshall and starter trying to keep things moving. Basic carts do not have GPS. All grass range with good complementary balls. Tight in spots but not a tight layout overall. Back tighter than the front. Fun layout with some demanding and picturesque holes on the back along the mountains. Better than average course in near immaculate condition. Liked the layout more the 2nd time through, this is probably going to be a course that grows on me. Recommended.
Rode the Blues (6568/72.0/136) in 3H, 20M with Dan, excellent guy to get matched up with. Sunny, fairly calm and in the upper 80's made for great golfing conditions.

I am told that many members do not care for this course and mostly play the two other M.H.C.C. courses. Easy, this course is not. Familiar theme here is water left, trees, mounds and sand right for most tee shots. If you have played other local Dye courses like LQ Dunes, Westin MH Dye and PGA West Stadium, you know what to expect. Except there is more water here.

Over a dozen holes had water left, several from tee to green. Only a few had water right. Very few holes w/o water on this course, and it is usually barely off the fairway. Throw in the usual Dye moguls, mounds, huge waste bunkers and rail road ties, and it definitely has the traditional Dye look.

Tees lush and well maintained.

Fairways firm/lush, very nice to play from.

They do not overseed the rough, so it is mostly dormant Bermuda with other grasses throw in. Not very tall or overly penal, but it's not nearly in the immaculate condition the rest of the course is.

Sand traps excellently maintained with nice, fine sand.

Greens excellent. Firm, smooth and medium fast. Almost no ball marks because of the firmness. Tougher than average to navigate around these green complexes. Decent amount of mounds rather than tiers with run off areas where balls barely off can end up 15 yards off the green.

They space the tee times really well here. Last group usually on the green before they have the next group tee off. Excellent customer service from the valet to pro shop/Starter all the way back to valet. Open snack shop on the course, no cart person today. They provide bottled water in your cart and there are adequate water stations on the course. All grass driving range with nice practice chipping/putting areas are well above average. Definitely recommended.
Rode the Blues (6687/72.2/127) in 4.5H mid day in clear, breezy conditions in the low 80's. Matched up with 3 nice Canadians who were good guys to play with. Their comments and disdain for the 4some in front of us that we waited on almost every hole cracked me up and kept things interesting.

Desert Falls contains holes set in rolling hills that you rarely encounter in the the general area. Really like the Ron Fream links style design that is very atypical for a Palm Springs course. Decent amount of water, high native grass and OB to keep you focused, but this is not an overly tight driving course.

Tees mostly lush and well maintained.

Fairways were nice to play from, mostly lush.

Primary rough was mowed down but still thick and it's difficult to get good club on the ball. Native rough needs to be avoided at all costs because even if you find your ball you probably cannot play it.

Sand traps around the greens had good quality sand that was well maintained. Fairway traps okay, more compacted.

Greens were firm but held shots okay with some runout. Smooth, putted medium fast speed with few ball marks.

Their overseeding appears to be about 50/50 rye and poa over the whole course. It grows quickly and has good coverage throughout. The customer service was excellent from all encountered. Better than average all grass practice facility with complementary range balls. No drink cart, but they had a limited menu at their snack shop at the turn. Basic carts do not have GPS. Recommended, very fun layout to play.
Rode the Blues (6687/72.2/127) in 3H mid morning with a nice husband/wife. Rained earlier in the morning and was still overcast, windy and in the mid 60's. Course not overly busy because of the weather, we were on a 2.5H pace until we ran into a 2some, one walking on hole #15.

Tees were lush and well maintained for divots.

Fairways were lush, good to play from.

The primary rough is lush. 1/2 club penalty, it's thick and 3+". Most of the very high native grass has been cut to not more than calf deep, huge improvement.

Green side traps were nicely maintained with soft, good quality sand. The fairway traps are rougher around the edges.

Large greens putted medium speed and were firm. Hardly any ball marks because of the firmness.

Desert Falls is not a tight layout overall but does have a decent amount of water and OB. Unusual in the Palm Springs area to play a links course set among rolling hills. No GPS on the basic carts and the course is not well marked for yardage. The customer service was excellent from all encountered. No cart person today but adequate water available on the course. Grass range included in your fee with nice short game practice area. Recommended.
Rode the Blues (6279/70.4/131) with Dconnally, Gary00 and Sbogey in 4H, 15M for two GK Cup matches today. The weather was sunny, breezy and around 80. Thanks to John for coordinating with Eagle Glen to set this up.

Like the hilly layout, lots of elevation changes and the large greens are challenging. Some forced carries and a few blind shots. Most holes have red hazards with lost ball bushes down both sides, but most are not overly tight. The front 9 is more target golf, the back 9 more wide open.

The tees were okay. Several needed divot repair and the back had several tees that looked to be maintained higher than the front?

The Bermuda fairways were sprayed green and generally played better than they look. Mostly winter thin with a few bare spots here and there that were marked GUR.

The mostly Bermuda rough was thinner than the fairways but still had adequate coverage. Mowed down, not overly penal.

The fairway traps were hard packed and good to play from except for an excessive amount of rocks. The green side sand traps were decently maintained with a much higher quality sand.

The poa annua greens on the front looked to have been recently vericutt and seemed faster and firmer that the greens on the back IMO. The front was smoother and putted medium fast speed. The back greens spongier and more medium speed. They were fairly smooth and held well struck irons with some run out.

The customer service was very good from everyone encountered. Drink cart out making numerous rounds. Plenty of water stations on the course. Dave and I grabbed a snack afterward, good service and the food was decent. GPS got stuck on hole 12, noticed my phone app also quit around the same place on the course, so maybe poor cell reception in that area? This would be a very challenging course to walk, combination of the hills and the sheer distance from some greens to the next tee. Fun layout, recommended.
Rode the ANA tees (6783/73.1/136) in 4.5H using Club Corp. Matched up with a nice 3some, we played in clear, breezy conditions in the low 80's.

Very fun and challenging layout with alot of water to navigate. Several holes have inlets where the water juts well out into the fairway that you cannot necessarily see from 100+ yards away. Tough course to judge how much you could bite off until you play here a few times. Huge trees line nearly every hole, with several 80' tall trees prominently sticking out where the fairway curves. They are IN play.

Tees lush and well maintained.

Fairways lush and firm, very nice.

Rough 3-4" deep, lush and thick. Punitive to play out of and tough to find balls with all the leaves.

Sand traps had good quality sand and were very nicely maintained.

I rated the greens a 10/10 and I RARELY give anything a 10. Firm, smooth and medium fast, like putting on a pool table. Irons would make more of a dent than ball marks and you did not want to be putting or chipping from above the hole.

Customer service excellent from all encountered. Easy check-in, starter, the cart guys and valet were and all efficient and friendly. Basic carts do not have GPS. Nice all grass driving range with complementary balls. No drink cart, which on a busy day I found surprising for a high end private club.

Many forced carries over lakes, and I can no longer hit the ball high enough to go over these massive trees. The LPGA plays a major here and I can see why. Both the layout and the playing conditions are excellent. Highly recommended.
Rode the Blacks (6537/71.1/125) using Club Corp in 4H. Matched up with 3 nice out of staters. Sunny, calm and in the high 70's made for great golfing weather.

Tight in spots but not a tight layout overall. Small greens were the norm. Not a memorable layout, but it was fun to play.

Tees lush and well maintained.

Fairways lush and nice to play from.

Rough lush, thick and about 3". Tough to make solid contact even with shorter irons.

Traps had good quality sand and were well raked. However, they needed to be churned, they had adequate sand but about 1" down they were consistently hard even though it was sand you were hitting.

Small greens rolled great. Firm, medium fast bordering on fast and they were smooth. Few ball marks, because of their firmness balls would release.

Excellent customer service from all encountered. Drink cart around several times, friendly Marshall and starter trying to keep things moving. Basic carts do not have GPS. All grass range was adequate and had good complementary balls. Fun course in near immaculate condition, Recommended.
Rode the La Vista/Los Lagos combo from the Blues (70.8/123/6269) in 4H with a nice family from WA. Low 80's, sunny and breezy weather.

27 hole layout. I was excited because Los Lagos was the last public regulation 9 holes in the Palm Springs area I had yet to play. I never see DP listed on any of the reseller tee time sites nor do I see ads for DP locally. Not located on a major street, so it is easy to forget about DP when I decide where to play locally even though this course is barely 5 miles from my house. Guess I am not the only one, because it had not been reviewed on GK since 2015?

The course is in excellent playing condition. Most of the layout meanders through nice condo's and single family homes with 5-6 holes out away from any homes in the wash. Many tees are a long way from the last green, one of the most spread out courses I have ever played. Not an easy course, it isn't super tight but has a decent amount of water. I did not dislike any particular hole, yet for the 2nd straight visit I did not really care for the layout. Too many holes similar to other local courses and too spread out with houses barely off most fairways/greens. Even a couple of risk/reward shorter par 4's and reachable par 5's did not redeem this layout for me.

Tees mostly good, fairly lush, some with divot damage that could use maintenance.

Fairways generally lush and well maintained, good to play from.

Rough was usually 2-3 inches, recently mowed and you frequently had an okay lie.

Sand traps greenside were nicely maintained with fluffy sand. Waste bunkers you needed to be careful you removed all the rocks from around your ball.

Large greens were excellent, quick & very firm. A nice high wedge would leave a dent and roll out 15'. But they really rolled well, nicest greens I have putted on in several months.

The check-in experience was poor. Was about 6 people deep in line when I got there just before noon. Paid my $55, receipt said 12:07. They matched me up with a 3some teeing off @ 12:15. Should be perfect since I was ready to go, correct? Well, no. With 27 holes, they start groups off on 2 different 9's when busy, and they were extremely busy today. The 3some I was paired with already had the assigned carts and I have no idea who or where they are. There were probably 30+ carts riding around with people finishing rounds, people starting rounds and people on the range. I was told I was starting on a different 9 in the pro shop than we actually did. I had cart numbers to look for but my group had long ago driven to the first tee. Problem there is that the course layout is bizarre, the three #1 tees are up to a 1/2 mile apart!!! it is a decent cart ride from the clubhouse to two of the three 9's. It is a very long walk, which is what I had to do since my group was no where to be found. After calling the pro shop to reverify, finally got to the correct first tee and a nice guy drove me to #3 tee, which was where my group was by the time I finally found and joined them. Once you finish, it is a long ride back in from #18. So I played holes 3-18, then luckily had enough time to go play holes 1-2 by myself to complete an 18 hole round.

Saw the drink cart once. No GPS on the basic carts. Busy driving range and a large putting and chipping area. I would occasionally play here if in the area, but wouldn't drive far to come and play this course. No recomendation.
Rode the Blacks (6497/71.4/128) in slightly less than 4H with Kurator62 in our GK Cup match. The weather was in the mid 70's, clear and pretty calm, excellent golfing conditions.

Tees were lush and only the par 3's needed divot attention.

Fairways were lush and the few I hit were nice to play from.

Rough was very lush and thick. Punitive because of the thickness, for me anything more than a 6 iron was not likely to produce a decent result.

Sand traps decently maintained with thick, good quality sand.

Greens were quick and smooth. Very few straight putts on these greens, alot of subtle undulations. Even though they do not have tiers or huge mounds, they are tougher than average and ANYTHING down hill today was a putt you had to baby and it still might get away from you.

Good GPS on the carts. Decent all grass range, Customer service @ check in was excellent. No drink cart today. Very good layout in very good condition, highly recommended.
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