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Played 12-13-17. I was very surprised when I pulled up at how nice this place was. Not what I have come to expect from Billy Casper golf. Beautifully landscaped, lush fairways and greens and tee boxes. Tee boxes were level and some had tiers for different locations. Fairways had a couple brown spots but hard to find. The rough was a bit penalizing without being to thick to get out. Greens were on the slow side but smooth. Bunkers were very nice for the most part. A couple wet ones but mostly pretty soft sand. A fun layout that challenges you a variety of ways with a lot of dog legs and water to make you think and plan. A course I would come back to without a doubt!
Played with GK outing on 12-9-17. First off I would rate this course between a 6 and 6.5. Not sure what rating came out at. Tee boxes were perfect. Fairways OK but thin. Rough was lush but not too thick. Greens looked bad and were a bit bumpy but had nice speed. Bunkers varied from soft and fluffy to wet and hard packed (and I was in quite a few!) Overall not what I was expecting from such a highly rated course. Worth $75 but not much more. Customer service was great except for our greeting at the curb. No mention that we could drop bags or that valet was complimentary. It's a long way from the self parking to the course. Not a happy way to start the day. I thought the layout was a bit boring. Would not go out of my way to go back. But would be willing to check out the other course and see the whole complex.
I thought the food at the Vue was excellent. Not as pricey as I expected and my chicken was amazing. My on course bloody Mary was one of the best I have had just too small. Almost got a second.
Played 10-9-17. Looks like they are preparing for overseeding. Should have asked but pretty sure. Tee boxes were all flat but virtually no grass. Many brown spots around the course. The greens are rolling better than I have ever seen there. Bunkers varied from firm to soft on top so typical for the rock. Wind was gusting to near 70 so made a tough course tougher but still one of my favorite courses. Not the best right now but still playable. Look forward to seeing how things are a month from now. Right now it's in the low 6 rating.
Played 9-30-17. I would have to say this course is in do not play here range. Greens were terrible. Had been punched some time ago but far from playable. Many had dirt areas on them. Traps were hard packed and fairways were barely playable. I am not usually so harsh but at the price they charge its definitely not worth playing now. Normally enjoy this course but again, give it some time before playing.
Played 9-23-17. This is a fun course. Interesting layout with elevation changes and variety to make it a course to play more than once. Right now the conditions are not very good. The greens were in great shape with moderate speed. Bunkers were hard pack so you had to play accordingly. The fairways varied from pretty nice to "Oh my God what happened!" There are cuts and dead spots. Even a few areas of dirt. Moved the ball to grass when I could but sometimes the nearest grass was 5 yards away! Will come back in spring or early summer to give it another run!
Played 8-30-17. Have played this course 3 times before but the conditions are the best I have seen. Immaculate comes to mind. Saw 1 spot where the grass was brown, the rest was lush and soft. Not sure how they can do this in temps over 110. The bunkers were fluffy and consistent, and believe me I was in lots of them. The only negative were the greens. They were still sandy. Not bad but enough to slow them a bit. Still rolled pretty true. The temps make it tough but if you get out early it's not that bad.
Played 8-8-17. Course is back to it's glory days. Tee boxes are all smooth and clean. Fairways lush with good roll out. Greens held well and were as fast as ever. The practice bunker was hard packed but on course they had a soft top layer so you had to play accordingly. The rough was surprisingly forgiving. Only about 2 inches in most spots so pretty nice to hit from. Hard to say much more. This is the perfect time to check out this course.
I haven't reviewed in a couple weeks as things change around here. The greens were punched a week ago but not sanded. It effected play a little but not like sanding would. By this past weekend they were mostly healed. The course is in about as good of shape as it gets. The afternoon rains have softened the greens so they are receptive and the fairways are lush and nice to hit off of. No hard pan here. Bunkers have been very nice this year. Biggest complaint are the tee boxes. Many if not most are torn up bad. #4 back tee is more sand than grass. I don't know if its the number of beginner golfers or that some of the short par 4's the big hitters play irons but its frustrating to have to search for a spot to tee it up where you are not standing in a divot and have a decent spot to place your ball. All in all this is a good time to come up and check it out and get out of the heat!
Played Bear Mountain 6-22 and 6-25. Surprising how much the greens have sped up. Thursday started showing signs of getting to normal speed. Today they are much closer. Have been leaving them short but today ran them by. The biggest disappointment so far this year is with the tee boxes. They are really torn up and not level. Standing in a hole or having uphill and downhill lies off the tee can really be annoying. The number 4 tee box looks like it had new sod and was open at first then closed and now re-opened but still looks terrible! The bunkers are in very good shape. Soft and smooth.
Played 6-18-17 for Fathers day! Have not played here in more than 10 years. Course is in very good condition. Greens held well and rolled fast! Fairways are in great shape and the rough varied from 2-3 inch to 5+ inches. Tough getting out of the deep stuff. Bunkers were in good shape from what I could tell but did not hit one today! Tee boxes were a bit chewed up. Strange to see divots all over a par 5 tee box but there it is! Over all a fun course I hope to play again soon. At $50 on a weekend I find the price is right.
Played 6-5-17. Course is just open for 2 weeks so still some time needed to get it in top shape. Tee boxes are fuzzy and some already beat up. Bunkers were in good shape. Greens are firm so not holding as usual but much slower than they should be soon. A very promising start to the season!
Played 5-21-17. First time paying this course. Played the green tees and it made it play long for me. Should have played he silver. Course is in good shape. Greens were moderate to fast. Some very subtle breaks where it really helped having a caddie! The views are spectacular! Seems a bit pricey but it is an experience every golfer should have at least once!
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