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Played 2-5-17. Was in the area visiting my dad and got out with family for a round. My first time playing this course. A fun course with no real noteworthy holes. The range is a lake with a few little island targets. And I mean little. Maybe 10 ft square. Very small putting green but enough to get a feel. The greens were the biggest challenge. Moderate in speed but heavily sloped so uphill you had to pound it but downhill you needed to baby it. Side slope hit it and pray. 3 foot of break in a 10 foot putt was the norm. The fairways are very different from the surface we see out west. Soft enough to get easy divots but allowed for decent roll on low shots. Definitely will play again when I visit next.
Played 2-16-17. Course has improved in some ways and gotten worse in others. The greens are still the best aspect of the course. Smooth and soft so they hold well. A little on the slow side on the front 9 then moderately fast on the back. Bunkers have been improved a bit and the fairways have far less dead spots though not completely gone. Tee boxes are in terrible shape. Maybe a choice I don't know but many were dead grass and some just dirt. I guess since the ball is teed up it isn't all bad but some were lumpy and made your stance questionable. I feel they are on the right track to get this course back to what it was but still a ways to go.
Played 1-17-17. Got in a morning round after a long frost delay. Was out with the second group which was a slow one. Played the front 9 in under 2 hours though. Played the back by myself and finished in just over an hour. Tee boxes are in good shape but not great. Fairways were playable but nothing to get excited over. Only was in 1 bunker all day and it was firm but sandy so not bad. Then there were the greens! They held well and I fixed a lot of pitch marks and most were mine. The speed was FAST! Would think make a 6 ft putt by hitting it about 4 ft and have it just keep rolling on by and leave a 4 ft comeback putt! Was amazed how many time it looked like the ball would stop by the cup but just keep rolling slowly by and go past 3 of 4 ft. Once I got the speed figured out Had a great day of golf! I paid $22 so the course was well worth the price. Nothing like the Green Tree of old but worth playing if you are in the area! I would rate it a 6.5 though it came out higher.
Played 1-4-17. Got out with Cpennbo with a Group golfer voucher. Weather was cloudy and cool with no wind until the afternoon. Course is in good shape overall. Greens were top notch. Held well and rolled nicely. Fairways are in good shape and the rough was cut down since the last time I played and were much more playable, though still penalizing. The tee boxes were a bit beat up. Especially the par 3's. In some cases it was more dirt than grass while others were quite nice. Bunkers were the biggest negative. Very wet and varied from hard pack to thick wet sand. Some were pools of water and completely unplayable. Overall still a favorite course and a lot of fun.
Played 11-30-16. Played as part of a GK Guru round. I haven't played here in over a year and the improvement is clear. Tee boxes were near perfect. The greens still showed signs of aeration but they rolled very fast. Some pin locations were really tough. Struggled to get them figured out. Bunkers were nice all around. There is still some work to be done on the fairways. A few dead spots and dry areas. Fairways were very firm so they roll out nice but hard lies made me struggle to make good contact. Had to really attack the ball so made irons work well but hybrids require perfect contact. A really fun layout I hope to get back and see as the fairways fill in.
Played 11-12-16. Course is in decent shape. Looks like it is coming back from summer. There were a few dry spots in the fairways and they tended to be firm. Good for roll but not always great to hit off of. Bunkers were good and rough was minimally tough. Biggest disappointment were the greens. Looked like they still hadn't fully recovered from punching. Bumpy and a bit slow they detracted from the overall experience. A fun and challenging course I would play again but I bet it will be better in a month or so.
Played 11-13-16. This course is a close to perfect as I have ever seen. Perfect fairways. Tough but fair rough. Bunkers were firm but soft if that makes sense. Soft enough to blast out but firm enough that they didn't plug. There were a couple tee boxes that had some bumps and dips but plenty of room to find the right spot. The greens were a perfect speed and broke true. Couldn't ask for a more pure golf experience. Play all 3 courses if you can but make sure you find the opportunity to play here.
Played 11-1-16. Played early morning and the greens were sandy and wet. Not a good combination. Once they started drying they played better. Greens held OK and fairways were lush and green. The rough was at 5 inches deep and you could lose the ball 3 feet from you. Also very tough to get out of. Makes finding fairways critical. Bunkers were firm but had some give so played pretty well. All in all in really good shape and worth checking out.
Played 10-16-16 with a GK plays. Course is in great shape. Nice lies in the fairways. Rough not too penile. Bunkers were firm but played well. Greens were a bit slow to me. There seemed to be a lot of variation in speed. They held shots really well.Tough to read so course knowledge would really help there. Some of the most beautiful views you will see anywhere. Challenging course with a number of blind tee shots.
Played 10-15-16. Played here for the first time in a number of years. The last time I played this course it was so bad I said I would never come back. I have been hearing good things about the course so decided to check it out. The improvements are substantial. The fairways are lush and smooth. The rough is not too tough. The bunkers still could use some work but the greens were excellent. Held well and rolled nice. Good speed but not fast. A tough and challenging course will test you. Look forward to another round here.
Played 10-9-16. Course is in great shape. Fairways are fuzzy but roll well. Very nice to hit from. Rough was thick but not bad to hit from unless the ball sat down in it. Greens were perfect. Soft enough to hold well but smooth and rolling excellent. The biggest question mark were the sand traps. They have red dirt in them. Many were still wet and hard packed. Played OK but took some getting used to. It cost me 2 shots on 6 that lead to my first double. After that I got used to them and managed to only find 1 other. Over all a fun course with a mix of very easy simple holes and a couple blind tee shots and a few with large gully's to carry. Not a must play but worth checking out.
Played 9-20-16. Followed a round at Eagle Falls with a round here. Course is in nice shape. Lots of brown and dead areas but they seem to be letting the less in play areas die out to keep the rest of the course nice. Bunkers were hard packed but I am sure the rain had an effect on that. Tee boxes were good and greens rolled true. Mostly I felt the course was boring. The first 5 holes looked the same. Like playing 1 hole over and over. Not very interesting. I would play here again given the same online price of $21. Not worth much more in my opinion.
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