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The course was hit hard by recent storms. The pro shop starter said 53 trees were down. Most appear removed now except a few very, very large ones. Surprising how large. Nonetheless, don't let that stop you from playing here. It's not a factor. The greens are really good and I hear they can get very quick. As others have noted, this course was private a long time and most players are members, but it's open to the public certain hours. I played after a member tournament today as a single. Quick round at 4 hours and would have been even quicker except I caught a couple of groups on the last 4 holes. As others also noted, members are friendly but maybe not entirely used to public play. There is definitely a feel of something a little different. Just the same, this course is really refreshing. When everything around Monterey feels like you need an expense account, this little country oasis just 20 miles away is a pleasure. A great option when considering courses on the way in or out of Monterey. Check them out and support the club. I'll be back.
Silverado north course is a fun course. It's always exciting to play where the pro's play. Silverado is home to the first PGA event of the season, the Safeway Open, and it's kind of cool that they leave the 18th green grandstand up all season. It feels like you're walking right into a PGA EVENT. So, course feel rates a 10 right away. The course is not as challenging as you might think for a PGA Tour event, it's a resort course after all, but with Johnny millers update and attention it's a quality experience. Conditions are very good all around. With all the rain lately it's been cart path only for months, but I'd suggest walking anyway. It's very walkable with minor elevation changes. These days you have to stay at the resort or put together 12 guys to play, which is what we did. So, with our own mini tournament and a group deal that included the famous burger dog (same one as the Olympic club), it was a heck of a good time. Nice 19th to wrap it all up. The course will play wet for a while, but they've been able to cut the rough and maintain traps decently. Greens are superb and tee boxes just fine. Pace of play is comfortable. Only downside is the driving range was closed, but short game area is open. If you're an NCGA member and don't want to get 12 guys together or stay there, a little expensive, look into the weekend net tour events. Several offerings at a reasonable price.
The Tournament Course is the host to the Shell Houston Open and it doesn't disappoint. It's a fantastic collection of 18 holes with outstanding looks and fair challenges. Multiple tee boxes mAke this course good for all, and it can really be stretched. We played the members tee at about 6,600 yards, which was good since a little wind was kicking up. The slope rating is still 137 at that tee box, so It's not a pushover. This is a course you can score well at as the fairways are generous, greens are large and receptive and no holes are tricked up. As to conditions - simply awesome. They overseeded not too long ago, getting ready for the PGA, and everything is super lush now. Tee boxes are perfect, fairways perfect, sand traps almost perfect but for rain prior evening making them damp. Only drawback is that greens look beautiful but are verrryyy slow for now. And it is cart path only to let the overseeding take hold. I could not have asked for a better experience and caught it all on a great golfnow deal. I'll be back. There's nothing even close to this course in Houston that is open to the public.
Played yesterday on a golfnow hot deal for $77. Unbelievable value. The course is perfect in every way for conditioning. Just a real treat, friendly people, good challenge, but with wide fairways to keep it fun. I just wish it was closer to me. However, it's just 1.5 hours from palm desert or San Diego area. Will play here at every opportunity at that rate. I'm guessing this course is well known to everyone in Southern California. I discovered it through GK, so thanks guys! Also, my cart partner was from Chicago on vacation and also discovered it through the GK website and reviews. You guys impacted the course all the way to Chicago. Maybe they owe you guys for the advertising. Al those good reviews were definitely earned at Rams hill.
The south course is not worth playing. Just skip it. I played the first five holes in 2 hours and was waiting on every tee box. The sand traps were gravel pits. No beverage service and conditions were spotty everywhere. There was a guy with a speaker and music you could hear across fairways and greens. Don't get me wrong, I carry one too, but keep it respectful guys. It was also mostly Whitesnake, so I'm thinking the golf gods were sending me a message. Maybe I forgot to fix a ball mark earlier on the north course.
Got an under par deal for $70 that covered both courses. I played the north 1st and was very pleased with the conditions and design. This was my first time at terra lago and I wasn't sure if the course was on the decline or not, or that conditions might be lacking. One guy in our group even said on the first tee that conditions were not as good as other places. I don't agree. I thought they were fine on the north course. The greens were fantastic and just rolled out forever. That took some getting used to, but very rewarding. The fairways were excellent, lush and cut, traps were sanded to the right depth and well maintained. I only saw a few bare areas outside the rough, so not a factor, or where carts drove regularly to get to the fairway, and again not a play issue. The pace of play was 4:25 minutes with foursomes everywhere. They kept it moving. Overall, a very good course and experience. I would play here again and will keep it in mind for future trips. The north course is worth $70 though at the edge of what I would pay here. Then there's the replay....should have re-played the north. The south course is the opposite in every way. I would not play that again.
This course seems to have it all. A variety of holes that dogleg left and right, some elevation changes, nice looks and approachable fairways. Very tricky, elevated greens with large drop-offs and swales. It is by far the most unique and interesting Trilogy course I've ever set foot on. But, there are some things that don't set-up well to my eye. I have to also recognize that I played very poorly and that brought all the trouble into play. However, in keeping with it's name there are numerous "dunes" that seem like surface mounds moved into odd places throughout the course and on all fairways. It seems like they've tried so hard to make the course look like a natural dunes course that they've achieved the opposite. It looks fake and contrived. Nonetheless, still a good challenge. Hats off to the high number of seniors walking this course. It's not a walk in the park, but a good healthy exercise. The downside, though, is it really slows pace of play. Still, this is a resident's course and I think the regulars are just fine with that. I probably would be too if I lived there, and everyone seems to know one another. A very feel-good vibe and friendly group. I'd recommend going there when you have extra time to spare. If you're a fast player you may need to slow down and make a new friend on the tee box.
I've come to think of this as my quick, easy access neighborhood golf course. My buddy calls it his personal country club because he can walk up and walk on anytime. That is mostly true on weekday afternoons, like today. Course conditions are improving with better weather, but not as good as other courses around here. Conditions are average at best all around. Main brewery or even a whiff. Seems a bit deceptive, so step it up. Please!! Really.
Timber creek is a highly rated course by many players in the Sacramento area. We picked up a golf moose 2 for $59, good for weekends too, and it was well worth the fee. The course is situated in a del Webb community so it's designed for enjoyment and playability, maybe more than challenge. The fairways are extremely wide and forgiving. Since the black tees maxed out at 6,485 yards we decided to play there. It definitely adds some interesting angles and a psrticulary daunting tee shot on #10 across a lake. Overall, the course has just a few memorable holes but is well maintained. I would say Fairways are excellent and tees boxes very good. I didn't care for the speed of the greens which were very slow and a bit bumpy, but it's that time of year.

Unfortunately, the restaurant is closed for a major renovation so food and beverage is very thin. We finished our round at 4hr 40 minutes, around 5pm, and there was virtually no food available in the makeshift bar. So, we took our 19th hole at a neighboring course down the street.

Overall, this course is a fine choice and fun to play. On the downside, it was disappointing that there is no gps on the carts or yardage guide available, and yard markers are not abundant.

One thing to checkout nearby, though. Top Golf has opened up in Roseville - 10 minutes from Timber Creek. It's been open one month and is jammed with golfers and non-golfers alike. If you haven't heard of this golf entertainment chain check them out. Wildly popular though waits are over 2 hours to get a stall.
The greens are very challenging and some course knowledge is very helpful. Unfortunately, the course does not have yardage guides or gps, and yard markers are sparse. Still, the greens alone are worth playing this course. Very fast, very true, quick and tough. Most greens have severe undulations and getting above the pin is costly. I can't recall how many putts ran off the green putting downhill in our group, but a lot. As to the course, there are lots of good looks. Every hole is unique with great features, except perhaps one average par 5 on the back. There were only 10 players out all day that we could see, so the pace was perfect. Conditions were excellent tee to green, and bunkers superb. Flat fairway bunkers with good compaction and soft fluffy bunkers greenside. The 18th hole is one of the best finishing holes in Northern California. This course is a real good setup and very well maintained. I sure hope to get an opportunity to play again.
Putting politics aside, as a friend reminded me, Donald Trump has done good things for the game of golf. I played the course wednesday, 9/14, on a 2pm twilight as an invited guest and was more than impressed with the course. Ocean views, with Catalina Island, in the distance from every hole at the course. Truly - all 18 are ocean view. The course and experience are exceptional. I've played Sandpiper in Santa Barbara many times, and felt humbled realizing it's no rival to the ocean views exhibited at this course. This course is superior in every respect, and in some ways equivalent to the best in the monterey area (which in my view, means best in state). It's hard to find fault with anything. Top ratings for course, conditioning, facilities, service and experience. I realize some will find fault for various reasons, notwithstanding views on Trump personally, but the course has very few rivals for sheer beauty in California. Maybe just Pebble Beach. This is a special place.
The course is in very good condition. Even with the excessive heat, they keep the fairways in good shape and all is well -mowed and trim. Some areas are brown, as expected, but lies are generally good even in dry spots. The greens were even moist and leaving pitch marks on approach, and I teed off at 12:30 today. The pace was very quick - I finished in 2.5hrs with no waiting anywhere - thankfully, because it was 95 degrees when I started and 102 when I finished. The design and layout of the course is challenging and fun. Fairways are very wide, so you can almost always hit wide and have a play.

Bad news on the horizon for Players Club members. I was told today (apparently, management heard yesterday) that La Purisima's new owners are backing out of the long-standing players club arrangement with Hunter Ranch. So, 2016 will be the last year members of Hunter Ranch and LaP can enjoy reduced reciprocal rates. Really sorry to hear that, as I play both with regularity.
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