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Very busy at La Purisima. I normally don't play here on holiday weekends even though I am a players club member and they have a July 4th weekend members tournament. That is tomorrow. It was stacked today. In fact, so stacked I played 12 holes and called it quits. Too slow and my game got affected. Well it's probably me. I'm so used to coming out at irregular times that prime time holiday is a shock. But this courses DESERVES AND EARNS heavy traffic. An absolute gem and I'm thrilled to call it my home course. Among the best anywhere. It's just awesome, so I'll be back. Again, again and again.
First time in years and since Troon took over management. The Legends course has been permanently closed since 2014, so the Ranch course is the only option. I played late, around 3pm, and it was pretty warm at about 98 degrees, but that made pace of play quick. Played through one group and finished in three hours. The tee boxes are 90% good. Maybe #16 needs a little leveling, but all others good. Greens are very nice and running about 10 I would guess. Mainly the fairways look terrific with a typical crosscut look I see with Troon managed clubs. Overall, I think Troon has been good for the club. The place has a certain pep and freshness to it. Just like many years ago. The place is really, really remote so you have to want to go there. I would say it's worth stopping on highway 5 if you are looking for a golf fix. As I think about it, I'm not aware of any other golf course of this quality in the 200+ miles of highway 5 heading south toward LA. Maybe not until you reach Valencia. Good courses there.
Had a great day at Wente with BigO and Kviser! Sure glad it came together and I appreciate the golfnow vip rate we got from BigO. The course looks fine as usual, but will get better. They had some damage from earlier rain on #6 and it temporarily plays as a par 3. Greens are rolling true and smooth, though a little slow for typical Wente. Traps are excellent. The first tee starter is super helpful and supplied great info on the gps, as well as course updates. It was a really relaxed pace for Sunday at prime time. We teed off 9:50 and never had to wait anywhere. The course is always a good test, in good shape and very scenic from all holes. It's definitely worth sticking around for a cold one on the patio overlooking the 18th if you have time.
Elkins is looking good. I've always enjoyed this course for what it is. A nice layout, relaxed atmosphere, and good course. Nice mix of dogleg left and right. The greens are in excellent shape. This just seems like a cool Friday afternoon course. Just a good way to ease into the weekend. Nothing real notable about current course conditions. It's all good and as green as I've seen.
Showed up at 2:30pm and played all 27 holes with daylight to spare. Total cost<$50. Now that's pretty good. So, the obvious point is that pace of play was superb. Moved quickly and never had anyone slow me down as a single. Lucky I played well because the course is tough - Creekside and Ridgeline. Canyon Crest, not so much. The course conditions were pretty good and greens are healing just fine from the punching. A little slow, but moving enough to make putts and not just take em'. This course is really scenic and provides great photo opportunities. I particularly liked Reagan Country hole. Yet, there are plenty of tough holes and one really weird one. The 4th hole on Creekside is really weird. Didn't care for that at all as I stood there trying to figure out what the heck to hit and where the hole was going. Overall, the layout of the three nines is not for me. One and done. But I can see how better players might keep this in their rotation for challenge, variety and physical appeal. The clubhouse is nice, everyone is helpful and routing on the course is easy to follow. GPS on the cart is nice, but didn't find it especially helpful as its not backlit well and tough to see at times. Overall, good course, good price and good aesthetics. For the right player, a real treat. For me, a good day on a very nice course. Last note....greens should be great in about a week.
It was a mixed experience at Blacklake. On the one hand the deal was unbeatable. $24 for green fees, cart and 2 drink coupons. I don't know what the course normally gets, but it can't be near that. The course, on the other hand, is not in good shape. The tee boxes were the worst I've experienced in years. Crowned, diseased, plus severe hard pan. Some holes I needed a hammer to Tee up. Tee boxes were actually just tufts of badly maintained turf. Only slightly better were the fairways. Although cut level and giving the appearance of being green looking down range, it's really an illusion. Dandelions, clovers, hard pan, some turf, and who knows what else. I don't like to be unfair, but it's not good. My cart partner said the private owner wants to close the course and build more homes. Apparently there is resistance, understandably from the many homeowners whose houses line the fairways, so the strategy has been to let the course maintenance decline. I don't know if that's true but it certainly looked true. On the plus side, everyone there is super friendly and really appear to enjoy being a part of this course/club. They also advertise the first tee program and many kids were there practicing around the range. So, no sure how all parts and rumors add up, but something is up. The same cart partner said this used to be a premier course in the area. I hope it works out in favor of the people who really seem to love the place and are committed to it. However, I can't say I recommend playing here these days. But hey, the greens were decent, the pace was good, and the atmosphere nice. So for $24, and all that, you can overlook some stuff.
What a treat. I had no idea this course offered such spectacular views. The front 9 alone is worth the green fees, and truthfully, at $15 walking after 3pm. That's an insanely good deal. I read this is one of the busiest courses in the state and I get it. I feel very fortunate that it was wide open, due to Easter weekend I expect. Some reviews call it a poor man's pebble beach and I get that too. The approach shot on 9 is just surreal. 270 degree ocean views. Wow. Who knew? I didn't, but do now and will be back. Still stunned....$15.
The course was hit hard by recent storms. The pro shop starter said 53 trees were down. Most appear removed now except a few very, very large ones. Surprising how large. Nonetheless, don't let that stop you from playing here. It's not a factor. The greens are really good and I hear they can get very quick. As others have noted, this course was private a long time and most players are members, but it's open to the public certain hours. I played after a member tournament today as a single. Quick round at 4 hours and would have been even quicker except I caught a couple of groups on the last 4 holes. As others also noted, members are friendly but maybe not entirely used to public play. There is definitely a feel of something a little different. Just the same, this course is really refreshing. When everything around Monterey feels like you need an expense account, this little country oasis just 20 miles away is a pleasure. A great option when considering courses on the way in or out of Monterey. Check them out and support the club. I'll be back.
Silverado north course is a fun course. It's always exciting to play where the pro's play. Silverado is home to the first PGA event of the season, the Safeway Open, and it's kind of cool that they leave the 18th green grandstand up all season. It feels like you're walking right into a PGA EVENT. So, course feel rates a 10 right away. The course is not as challenging as you might think for a PGA Tour event, it's a resort course after all, but with Johnny millers update and attention it's a quality experience. Conditions are very good all around. With all the rain lately it's been cart path only for months, but I'd suggest walking anyway. It's very walkable with minor elevation changes. These days you have to stay at the resort or put together 12 guys to play, which is what we did. So, with our own mini tournament and a group deal that included the famous burger dog (same one as the Olympic club), it was a heck of a good time. Nice 19th to wrap it all up. The course will play wet for a while, but they've been able to cut the rough and maintain traps decently. Greens are superb and tee boxes just fine. Pace of play is comfortable. Only downside is the driving range was closed, but short game area is open. If you're an NCGA member and don't want to get 12 guys together or stay there, a little expensive, look into the weekend net tour events. Several offerings at a reasonable price.
The Tournament Course is the host to the Shell Houston Open and it doesn't disappoint. It's a fantastic collection of 18 holes with outstanding looks and fair challenges. Multiple tee boxes mAke this course good for all, and it can really be stretched. We played the members tee at about 6,600 yards, which was good since a little wind was kicking up. The slope rating is still 137 at that tee box, so It's not a pushover. This is a course you can score well at as the fairways are generous, greens are large and receptive and no holes are tricked up. As to conditions - simply awesome. They overseeded not too long ago, getting ready for the PGA, and everything is super lush now. Tee boxes are perfect, fairways perfect, sand traps almost perfect but for rain prior evening making them damp. Only drawback is that greens look beautiful but are verrryyy slow for now. And it is cart path only to let the overseeding take hold. I could not have asked for a better experience and caught it all on a great golfnow deal. I'll be back. There's nothing even close to this course in Houston that is open to the public.
Played yesterday on a golfnow hot deal for $77. Unbelievable value. The course is perfect in every way for conditioning. Just a real treat, friendly people, good challenge, but with wide fairways to keep it fun. I just wish it was closer to me. However, it's just 1.5 hours from palm desert or San Diego area. Will play here at every opportunity at that rate. I'm guessing this course is well known to everyone in Southern California. I discovered it through GK, so thanks guys! Also, my cart partner was from Chicago on vacation and also discovered it through the GK website and reviews. You guys impacted the course all the way to Chicago. Maybe they owe you guys for the advertising. Al those good reviews were definitely earned at Rams hill.
The south course is not worth playing. Just skip it. I played the first five holes in 2 hours and was waiting on every tee box. The sand traps were gravel pits. No beverage service and conditions were spotty everywhere. There was a guy with a speaker and music you could hear across fairways and greens. Don't get me wrong, I carry one too, but keep it respectful guys. It was also mostly Whitesnake, so I'm thinking the golf gods were sending me a message. Maybe I forgot to fix a ball mark earlier on the north course.
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