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Crushingly disappointing experience at SH today. I really don't understand the previous recent reviews, perhaps something has changed here very recently or we aren't playing the same course.

This course is in worse condition than the worst muni course you have ever played.

The fairways are weeds. The rough is knee high weeds or hardpan that hasn't seen water in years. The traps are dirt, the tees boxes are watered, but all torn up. The range mats have holes through them, few have tees and the tee mats and the club racks were all strewn about the range like a tornado had just passed through. Ball washers dry, no benches at the tees, trash cans over full. Bright spot? The greens were quite nice.

Once was a great facility and a great course, now for all practical purposes management has abandon this course.

It is sad. Don't do it.
A week-long trip in the mountains made for five nice rounds.

The gopher problem at Bear Mountain continues to plague the course conditions again this season.

Without the gopher damage, the fairways and rough would be excellent. Due to the extensive damage, both struggle to be considered in the "fair" category.

Tees are bad, little grass coverage and out of level. Sand quality fair.

Greens are the bright spot, much improved from years past. Smooth, good coverage and fast.

Accepting that the gophers own the place and we are their guests, our second round of the week we committed to winter rules and bumped the lies off the gopher scars and had a much better time.
All the rains have really had a positive impact on the playing conditions and the whole environment around the course. Well worth a visit.
Soule is suffering with a lack of water...Tees are marginal, fairways super thin or dirt, rough almost non-existent, sand is mostly dirt.

The greens are exceptional.

Still a good track with amazing views and a great staff and facility.

Lets all hope this winter puts the drought behind us.
The Lakes is in exceptional condition right now and also the best deal around. Miss the windy days and enjoy a lush, green (albeit turf dye) golf course.
Saw a $23 deal with cart and thought "at that price, we have nothing to lose" True for the most part, but we did get what we paid for...

Tees, very thin and mostly just thrashed....

Fairways, some occasional grass, mostly brown lots of dirt areas.

Traps, dirt, but raked.

Greens were very reasonable, lush and green.

Clearly, the overall course and facility maintenance has suffered tremendously with the drought as well as the round count and related income, I am sure. But to still have up the Christmas decorations in the clubhouse? Just sloppy.

We got about the value for what we paid. Manage your expectations and get a really cheap deal and it can be an okay day. We won't be rushing back even at this price.
First time here in many years, surprisingly (or not I guess?) the trees have really filled in and grown and the course is much tighter than I recall.

A late, late afternoon Saturday round, indicates the course gets lots of play, greens heel marked, spike marked and ball marked badly, although the underlying condition of the greens was quite good. They must have reclaimed water as the course was bright green and very lush which was a treat compared to what everywhere else looks like right now. The fairways were mostly cut tight and good, rough as well and the bunkers were in surprisingly good shape and green side bunkers are the real dal and come into play.

Small greens, super short muni feel but the nice views and the price make it worthwhile if in town. Certainly not on par with Sandpiper or Glen Annie, but I would say that if Sandpiper is Disneyland (and the price reflects) ...Glen Annie might be Magic Mountain and SB Golf Club might be the County fair...

As long as you expectations are on par you will enjoy it.
Played Creekside then Ridgeline, late afternoon weekday. Not too windy, course in very good shape. They obviously take the "private club" business model seriously and there was lots of evidence of maintenance efforts that would be overlooked by most other courses being part of the Moorpark plan.

Just feels nicely manicured.

Look for deals weekdays and late afternoons. Avoid the heat and the wind.

Suggest you avoid the Ridgeline nine, has a few Mickey Mouse holes.
Great layout and in great shape right now. Look for on-line deals.

Tees are mostly lush, fairways for the most part, are amazing, tight and cut low. Greens are challenging and in great shape, rough is mostly dry and the traps are in reasonably good shape.

Pace was slow. Lots of walking players, lots and lots of folks out period. The place is popular and should be for the layout, conditions and rates.

A winning formula that other area courses could learn from (Hello Sterling Hills and Camarillo Springs)
As said by the previous reviewer...bucket list golf day. Had the "kids" for the weekend and this has been on the list for along time. Sucked it up and dropped the $2000+ to be able to say this was off the list.

I'd do it again in a heart beat.

Course is close to immaculate. Somewhat surprised though by the divot damage in the typical landing areas. Seems the folks playing here figure at these prices someone else can fix the divots and rake the traps.

Super challenging. Pretty wide open fairways (ego boost) but an absolute premium is placed on the approach shots into the smallest greens you can imagine. Miss a green? You will be penalized. Not many opportunities to scramble and save par from off the green.

Strongly suggest you do your best to miss the windy days. We had nine holes of perfect weather and conditions, then someone turned on the wind in a big way at easily 40+gusts. The scoring skyrocketed and the experience became a lot more humbling.

A must do at least one time. I hope to be back.
Up on the Monterey Peninsula for a Pebble weekend and tried Laguna Seca again for the first time after possibly 15 years.

Not quite tour conditions. Very much of an average "muni" feel to the place and overall conditions were about the same. Shorter course, somewhat scenic, sort of a compact version of La Purisima.

Got an on-line deal at about $120 with a carts for the foursome, so all-in-all we got what we paid for.

The advertised specials at $79pp plus cart would be too pricey to play this course in this condition.
The fairways and rough are brown with a slight green hue and dry as a bone. Great roll off the tee, but kind of sad for this pace another couple of weeks and they could be 100% brown. They are irrigating the tees and green complexes.
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