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Played January 8th with fellow GK'ers George E, Ron C and David H. First off the tee at 7:09 am, overcast morning but fairly warm actually. First time playing the course for 3 of us. The contrast between the dormant grass (rough) and the fairways/greens is always nice looking to me. For the most part the course is laid out in front of you, what you see is what you get. There are exceptions more particularly on the back nine. The front 9 is fairly wide open, lots of (dormant) rough and water does and will come into play on several holes. The fairways aren't necessarily all the wide so your t-shot has to fairly accurate, however the rough (as mentioned dormant when we played) is fairly easy to play out of, your ball may sit down a bit in the rough but certainly playable. The back 9 has some pretty tight looking holes and there are a few holes on the back nine where houses line the fairways. I think on those holes the fairways look narrower than they actually are. On the back nine the mountains will and do come into play. On some holes you have to know where to hit the fairway or you may be cut off from going for/seeing the green. There are some real picturesque holes on the back 9 especially. The greens aren't huge and there are some diabolical (front) pin placements, which makes it all the more challenging (and fun?). The course conditions were excellent, the greens weren't all the fast as we were playing early and it was "humid" at least for the PSP area, but ran true and would hold a shot. Fairways were great, not necessarily a lot of roll out (dampness again). Tee boxes were very good too, there are several sets of tees, so to enjoy your round pick the best one for your abilities. Starter and the staff were all helpful and very accommodating. As always it's great to play with fellow GK'ers and today was no different. Had a lot of fun, good guys to play with. Thanks to La Quinta and to Johnny for arranging a great track.
Played Dec. 31st, was down to play in GK Plays event later in the week, hadn't swung a club in 4 months, and I knew that Indian Canyons is not the most difficult course and a good course to get back in the groove, so to speak. You can get into some trouble here, but generally it's a player friendly track, even if you miss the fairway wildly you are likely ok, you just may be on another fairway. There is some water that definitely can come into play. Greens were good, rolled true, they were a bit soft today, and ran a bit slower. Fairways and rough were good, as were the tee boxes. Pleasant track, good for an opening game, won't punish you too much.
First time playing Mountain View, played Firecliff in the past and as it just came out of overseed I decided on Mountain View. It is quite different from Firecliff, I don't think the greens are as large as Firecliff, There is water which comes into play on the back nine for sure. Well placed bunkers, sand was good. Fairways are for the most part quite generous, and the rough isn't that difficult. Greens are in very good condition, ran true, but I found them to have some very subtle breaks. Service was good, rates at Desert Willow are always pretty high, but both courses are good.
I too played BSR Saturday morning early. I concur with the recent review. The course is in really good condition, the greens may be in the best shape that I have ever seen them, they were firm but would certainly hold a shot, and putted true, no bumps or bare spots. The black tees are a pretty decent challenge, they do have blended or resort tees I think they call them, a combination of black and blue tees. There are a couple of very long par 3's. Not an overly difficult course but certainly can be challenging, with very good bunker placements.
Played again Friday, St. Paddy's day, 1 pm tee time ($35), very hot day. The course was in good shape, and it appears as of they have sorted out the previous water issues, and whatever other issues they have had in the past several years. Tee boxes were good, fairways and greens were the best I have seen them in years. Playing in the afternoon as we did, the greens were starting to dry out a bit, and although the stimp rating said only running at 9.5 they were running faster than that. As I always say, I really like the layout/design and hopefully they can maintain the course in good shape!
Played on Dec. 16th, had a 10 am tee time, but there were so many cancellations because of the weather forecast, we went out at 0930. It was a beautiful day, no one in front of us that we could see at all, and a group was 3+ holes behind us. We were a 3some and played in 3 1/2 hours. Greens were excellent, smooth and fast. There are some very subtle breaks on these greens. They were running pretty fast today. The rest of the course was in great shape, much much better than SilverRock which I played the day before, and these I.W. courses get lots of play. I don't know what the rack rate was but I have a friend who is a resident so they and their guests get a great rate. I've always thought the Players course is more difficult than the Celb. course, but not according to the ratings. Good track to play. If you have trouble getting tee times, wait until 2 days before you are playing as the course gets tee times back from the 2 hotels on property, so there may be (better) times available or times you want.
I've wanted to play this course for several years now, but circumstances ( their flood, my schedule etc.) haven't allowed me to do so. I booked a time on line a couple of weeks before I played, paid $109 for a 10 a.m. tee time. Crazy thing is that although I booked to play on a Thursday there were the same number of tee times on the Wednesday but they were $145-$155, I guess I just don't understand "dynamic pricing". You can also call the pro-shop for tee times. On to the course. The driving range, practice area, putting greens and first tee are a loooong ways away from the club house, probably set up for the original planned housing/retail/hotel development that never took place. This is a tough track, especially playing it for the first time, and/or without someone who has. Although carts have GPS it doesn't really give you the true bearing of the course. Lots of bunkers, many hidden from the tee box, and greens are well bunkered. I must say I was somewhat surprised at the poor condition of the greens, they were bumpy, although would hold a good shot in. There were many sand/mix filled ball marks, and in fact there are grounds crew members who actually go on the green and "repair?" the ball marks with this mix, so not only are they bumpy but look very odd with different colours. Fairways were in good shape, rough was fairly long and at times hard to hit out of. Bunkers were generally consistent, however some fairway bunkers were a bit thin, that can be good for a fairway bunker though. There are some really tough holes here, especially on the (current) back nine. We played the blue/white combo tees and that was plenty for us. Back nine has some holes right along the mountain(s) and the big horn sheep wander on down. We were done in 4 1/2 hrs, but it could have been longer had we given thought to our shots, which after a while became futile, you just didn't know where to hit it to. Par 3's from ridiculously simple to ludicrously difficult. Although I am glad I played it, I won't go back anytime soon. Rumor always had it the pro's wanted out of the " Bob Hope" rota as it was too difficult/goofy. I understand that the course is going to be re-designed as the housing/retail/hotel development is about to go ahead, and likely make it more "user friendly". You can have a tough course that IS user friendly. Service was very good.
Returned to this course on December 13th. It is one of my favorites and likely my favorite course in the valley. It was in excellent shape through all phases of the track. The greens were fast and held a well struck shot. Fairways and tees were also excellent. Bunkers, I was in a few today, had lots of sand, and were fluffy, but most importantly consistent. The fairways here are fairly generous, but if you do miss them you will likely be in the sand, desert or water. Greens are fairly big and running pretty quick on this day. It is important to hit to the correct level on the green (gee that's a revelation isn't it?) , otherwise you'll be looking at the possibility of a long breaking putt. There was a small tournament in front of us, so the pace of play was a bit slow, but we were still done in 4hrs 15 mins. They have a concession (again) at the 10th tee so you don't have to make the trek to the clubhouse restaurant to grab a bite or a drink. Service was good, their online rate for this round was $67 for a 10 a.m. tee time, which I think was excellent rate for this course. They usually do have good/affordable rates. 5 minute drive from the airport so easy access for your opening, or one final round if you're flying in or out of PSP.
Played Thursday December 8th to familiarize myself with the course in anticipation of the upcoming GK Plays. The course was in great shape, from tees thru greens. Fairways are fairly soft so not a lot of roll out. Greens were running fairly fast (10.5 according to sign @ pro-shop) but I'm not sure they were that quick. The layout is quite different from the previous one I played many, many years ago. Staff were very friendly and accommodating. If you are in the area this is a must play.
Played Blue/White 9's today. Got a decent deal thru their website. Pacesetter time - to be finished the round <4 hrs. No chance of that today we were 4:15. I like this courses 3 nines quite a bit. 5 of the holes were cartpath only which always causes delays-long rounds. Where it was cartpath only the fairways had many, many divots-unrepaired/unsanded, as most people, including myself, usually forget to take the sand bottle with us, so no divot repairs by the players and it seems to me that the grounds crew don't do it either, so lots of divots. The tees were quite bare, with many being uneven/ not level, and the par 3's had lots of divots. The greens were generally pretty good, however on several greens there are "valleys" and the balls hit there frequently and leave divots, even with attempts to repair them there are a lot of them, which make those greens bumpy. You really have to pay attention to where the pins are and hit the ball to that level as some/many of the greens have large undulations making for some looooong and "interesting" putts.
Another early cool morning. teed off at 735. GN rate $39. This is a very good layout/design no real dumb holes here. The conditions of the course have, over the past 4-5 years, been "hit n miss" and a couple of years ago the grass was dead, greens were horrible and no sand in bunkers. A recent reviewer said the greens were awful, I can report that they are growing back in, and are now actually "green". Greens on the front were still pretty thin in spots, and still had some bare spots. Greens on the back side were in better condition. They weren't as fast as other courses I've played in the past week and a tip for putting there is remember where South Mountain is, as they break away from the mountain. Fairways were thin, and there were bare spots throughout. The sand was very good, lots of sand in the bunkers and were consistent throughout. T boxes were ok. As mentioned the conditions were ok. We were done in 3 hours. Customer service was good. Don"t think the coffee shop/restaurant is open until 9. I really hope they keep working on the course maintenance, as it is a good layout.

gn rate $33
Played February 4th, very early tee time 0745, likely got away about 730. I am not a big fan of this golf course, not keen on the layout (and in years past the conditions were "iffy" much like Foothills) but decided to play it again -actually had to be persuaded to do so by my golf partner as normally I would not have considered going back. The course was in not bad shape, the greens on the front 9 were "pock-marked" perhaps some sort of disease, but seemed to be starting to grow in, still some bare spots, although the greens were 'thin', they would hold a shot ok, actually putted fairly true, and were quite fast. Greens on back side were better. Fairways also pretty thin, with many bare spots and divots. Now the divots are a result of golfers MOT filling them in with the sand provided, and I think this courses gets a lot of traffic, so the divots can't really be blamed on the course. Sand was generally ok, and consistent. T-boxes were generally good. We were done in 3 hours. Customer service was good, but we were out really early so did not see cart for quite a while, nor did we expect to which was fine. In summary the course was ok, if you can get a decent rate it"s worth giving it a shot I guess. GN had a rate of $44.
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