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I played here Tuesday 7/26. It's been a while since I've played here. Course looked real good.
Tee boxes were (for the most part) good - there were 1 or 2 that were kinda spotty, but nothing too tragic. The fairways were very nice. The rough was in good condition, very playable. I was in 2 bunkers and had no complaints with either. Greens are in good shape, especially considering the draught and the heat we've had. The pace of play was crazy good too, we played super twilight and finished in 3 hours.
I played 2 rounds here yesterday 7/6. This was my first time playing here. We got a deal online (I'm not sure which website, my buddy booked it), for 2 rounds $200 foursome with lunch (solid restaurant food) and a drink included (draft beer, wine, well drink, soda). The rack rates seemed a bit steep in my opinion but with the deal it was well worth it.

Onto the course. The course has a really cool layout with lots of well placed bunkers and very nice playing conditions. There's a good variety of different shots you have to hit off the tee. There are a few really cool water holes, lots of scenic holes.

The fairways were really nice. Ball sat real nice in the short grass. The rough is a bit bushy but really playable. You aren't punished too bad for being in the rough. If you go passed the rough, however, you're in the desert and the bushes which is always a coin flip whether you find it or not.

I was in 2 bunkers and have no complaints. Good sand.

The greens were bad. I understand summer conditions with that dry heat out there, but I think the greens might be diseased or something. All but maybe 3 or 4 greens were crazy patchy. The greens are hard, even full wedge shots to the green will barely leave a ball mark, and when they do they're hard to find with all the disease(?) patches around the green. Not really raging and trying not to rant about the greens, but they were definitely disappointing.

Overall, I enjoyed playing here. The layout is classic. When the greens are good, I bet place is a real treat to play. I hope to play it again sometime.
Played today 4/20 @ 9:15 tee time. Maybe it was just the hot weather keeping people away, but there were way less people out than usual. As result, the pace was great, we never had any significant waits throughout the round. The greens have almost completely healed from the recent aeration. They were soft, slightly bumpy, and on the slow side, but looked to be almost back to normal.
Fairways were in fairly decent condition, a bit on the thin side but it's all good. The rough kind of varied from mild to thick and punishing. I was in a couple of funky lies in the greenside rough where my ball was sitting in a sort of hole.
I was in 2 bunkers and both played very fair. The sand was nice, playable, and well maintained.
Overall I enjoyed the course as usual. In another week or so I'd expect the greens to be completely back to normal. Cheers
Played here for the first time 4/5. I'm thankful for this website (GK) as it warned me that the course was aerating the greens 4/4-4/5. If I book a round I always check here first to see if there are any maintenance alerts. However, my friend had already booked the round. He was annoyed that there was no such maintenance alert on golfnow.

On to the course. The layout is pretty traditional. Tree-lined fairways all throughout. You gotta know where you want to be off the tee and hit the appropriate club. Got to hit lots of different shots, lots of different clubs off the tee. There are quite a few risk/reward holes here.

On the greens putts generally break away from the mountains. Seems like the greens would be pretty nice if they aren't punched and sanded..

There was no marshall to be seen and slow play was throughout. Lots of 5somes. Even saw 2 5somes join and make a 10some! The waiting was frustrating until we passed the group ahead.

Overall the course is enjoyable and interesting. With a few tweaks this course could be really nice. Just needs a couple touches here and there. I'd say check it out in a couple weeks when the greens are back(?) to good shape. Afternoon seemed to clear up and no one was out there so I'd recommend twilight times maybe. Meh, hopefully this is helpful to some people. Cheers
played today 3/9. Course is in good shape. Greens were quick and smooth, sand was playable and fair, rough was a little long sometimes, and the fairways were fair.

One complaint I have is that we teed off about 35 minutes after our tee time and it seemed to be because they overbooked the course.. As I got there, our group supposed to tee off in 10-15 minutes but knew that wasn't happening as there were 6 groups still waiting to tee off. The round was very slow and we waited on every shot.

I will probably be back after some time as I always enjoy the layout here. Just wish they wouldn't cram everyone onto the course as it takes away from the enjoyment.
Course is in good shape. Saw a fairway or 2 that were being aerated with big punch marks, but not that big of a deal if we landed in one (we'd just take it out). Greens were in pretty good shape - not quite as fast as I remember them - also a bit bumpy as I played later in the afternoon.

Pace of Play was the downfall of the round. On the first hole there was a 4some in the fairway, a 3some on the tee, and our 3some on deck. Turns out there were 2 other foursomes in front of all that. We waited on every single shot and it seemed impossible to get a rhythm going. There was a high school tournament behind us so apparently they just pushed us all out ahead.

Overall I like the course. I wish I could afford to play it more often but rather only do when I get a deal. The layout is fun and difficult. There is lots of trouble on the course so don't expect to go low unless you are a serious shooter. The backside especially gets quite narrow and quirky at times (that par 5).
Played 10/6 in the afternoon. I've played here all my life so it's never really surprising playing here, just thought I'd review since there hadn't been one in a while.

They punched "half" of the greens yesterday, but 2 or 3 of the greens were completely punched and sanded. Something that was a little annoying was that didn't have anything about the aeration and the pro shop didn't say anything to us about it. It wasn't a huge deal, but sort of annoying.

The fairways were thin and pretty dry but still left fair lies. The rough is variable and pretty punishing in spots. Greens are bumpy and covered with ball marks. The speed was medium. The one bunker I was in was playable and fair, (a buddy of mine wasn't thrilled with one of the other bunkers he was in but I can't attest). Pace was better than usual as there weren't that many people out there. We passed a 4some of walkers on the front side and didn't have to wait for another shot after that.

If you haven't played here, don't expect country club conditions, or top of the line anything. It's a great course to practice your game and work on your accuracy. It is narrow throughout the course with lots of trouble to find. However, if you can keep the ball in the fairway it's not a very challenging course. Worth about a $20 round in my opinion. Cheers!
Played 6/11 in the morning. There were very few people playing so we flew through the round and didn't wait on a single shot. Finished in around 4 hours.

The course was in rough condition, presumably due to the drought. The fairways were shockingly bare. Every fairway had spots of dirt in the middle. The rough wasn't really punishing, if anything it was a bit of a better lie :P . The greens were in decent shape aside from the MANY ball marks (not the fault of the course). Not sure why people don't fix their ball marks on the green but it was annoying. I was in a couple bunkers, they seemed pretty good but there were a few rocks to deal with.

The course is pretty narrow so it can be quite challenging if you're spraying the ball off the tee. The burn that runs through the course can make things interesting. Hole 10 was kind of strange as we couldn't really decide where you wanted to hit it off the tee. It just looks like you're hitting out onto the desert. Even the second shot felt that way. Later in the day the wind started kicking up which could definitely make the course really difficult.

All in all this place has potential to be a great course, just needs a bit of a facelift. I'd play again but not really til I hear about some improvements in conditions.
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Played Tuesday 5/20/14 in the morning. Course was in pretty good shape. The fairways were nice, only had one pretty bare lie. Rough was kinda long but not too punishing. I was in 2 bunkers, one was pretty nice with plenty of sand, the other was pretty hard underneath but could have been fixed with a good raking job. Greens were pretty good, just a few ball marks here and there. Pace of play was pretty slow. Finished in under 5 hours, but had to sit and wait on every single shot - not the courses fault, more the slow players. It's a cool course with a fun layout. Good rates can be found online at discount sites.
The guys in the pro shop are the worst. Never in a good mood. Simply went to practice, and the few minutes i was in the pro shop were even unpleasant. They seem like they don't want customers. It's like you're bothering them. I say we boycott this course until they restaff the pro shop with some decent guys. Anyone agree??
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The guys in the pro shop are the worst. Never in a good mood. Simply went to practice, and the few minutes i was in the pro shop were even unpleasant. They seem like they don't want customers. It's like you're bothering them. I say we boycott this course until they restaff the pro shop with some decent guys. Anyone agree??
played 4/7 course is wide open, fairly simple. good shape.. fun to play but a drive to get to.
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