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Played Monday. Weather cool. Course looks about as good as I've seen it this time of year. Fairways are tight resulting in lots of roll. Ball sits up for perfect lies. Greens are very receptive and hold well. The greens are very tight , also, and as a result roll fast and true. POP was a little slow due to the MLK holiday. Good deal thanks to - $35 which includes range balls and the option to buy a sleeve of Pro V1's for another $5. It's a regular course in my groups rotation, and we are always treated well.
Played 10-14. Course is in very good shape. Lots of watering has been done following course aeration. In fact, there were many wet areas from overwatering. Course plays too short from the white tees. However, on this day, they were overseeding a lot of the tee boxes and all the markers were grouped together - so it played even shorter. Fairways are lush and the ball sits up nicely. The only detracting feature is that a lot of the bunkers are thin with lots of rocks. Fortunately, with the new rules, you can remove rocks that interfere with your ball. But, still, those rocky bunkers are not an asset. Most of the greenside bunkers were beautiful and devoid rocks. Nice coupon for $32 here on Greenskeeper. Thanks to Eagle Glen and our own John Hakim for that. Makes for a really good playing experience/deal.
Played 10-07. Greens had been aerated a couple of weeks prior. Course was in good shape overall. Greens were still a little bumpy and considerably slower than usual. Bunkers had nice quality sand except unfortunately there was only about 3/8" of sand before you encountered hard-pan. Actually at 3/8" it was a compacted moist sand that did not accommodate a normal bunker shot. A couple of tee boxes were not level, but overall, most were sufficient. Fairways yielded good lies. The rough was winter rye and any ball that landed in it sunk down to the bottom ( about 3"). Price was right as we all had the Glen Ivy Gold Card. Don't know if I would consider it a good value at the regular rate. POP was good - just under 4 hours.
Course is fun. Plays too short from the whites. Course itself in need of water. Started aerating the fairways on Monday, the 19th. They need it. Bermuda grass is brown. It's not bad, just needs lots of water. As a result, you get lots of roll in the fairway. Greens are always pretty good here - no complaints except they are getting hard and as a result are a little less receptive. Bunkers look great, but there is only maybe 1'2" of sand before you get to the packed stuff underneath. Still a fun course, especially for the pricing specials they run.
Course overall in fairly good shape. They have been putting lots of water on it in anticipation of a hot spell. Thus it was overly wet in places. Greens were recently aerated, not with holes, but with a blade aerator. Speed was slower due to heavy watering and not being cut very short. Bunkers have been very good, but a few are starting to get baked and a little thin in spots.
Played Monday. Course was overbooked. Our tee time was 1000 and we didn't get off until 1030. With this first hole, the starter should not let a group tee off until the previous group is ON the green. POP wound up 5:00. No way should that EVER happen here. It's a fun course when it moves, but not when you wait on EVERY shot for the entire round. The course itself is in really good shape for San Dimas (and I've been playing here for almost 40 years.If you keep the ball in play and stay below the hole, you'll score. Simple as that. The rough is not punitive at all. The biggest problem is inconsiderate golfers who are too lazy to rake the bunkers after using them. It's bad enough that the Canadian Geese trek all over the sand, but they don't know to use a rake. Too bad we don't have mandatory etiquette cards like they do in many other countries. There would be a lot of slovenly golfers turned away if we did. Maybe then they would learn to rake bunkers, fill divots and repair ball marks. Back to the course, it's a good bang for the buck. You get all kinds of lies and an interesting layout. If you play it once, you'll be back for an encore.
The old Norwalk Golf Center has been totally revamped and is now the Don Knabe Golf Center, and what a spectacular renovation they have accomplished. Basically, they bulldozed the existing structure and 9 hole golf course and created a new course and a great practice facility plus a new clubhouse. I have not played the little 9 hole course, but I have walked some of it. Just a short, rolling 9 with the longest hole 100 yards. Tees are a soft AstroTurf, but the greens are real and beautiful. They are well groomed and maintained (as are the fairways), and roll about 8-9 stimp (my guess). There are 2 large practice putting greens and a chipping green that has a very nice practice bunker adjacent to it. The driving range is now about 210 yards long and double decked. (It used to be 30 yards into a fence). The problem is there is overhead netting due to the length constraint that limits how high you can hit shots. The net is 83' high. Being a high-ball hitter myself, I am pretty much limited to mid irons or longer clubs. You can hit 6?driver all day. There is a goal post installed atop the 150 yd marker that makes for a great aiming point. The range is all mats. It's a very nice practice facility, especially for your short game and/or putting. The GM, Glen Chow, is very friendly and accommodating. I'm making this my new go-to facility until it gets discovered. It's run by the LA County Dept of Parks and Recreation.
The course was as good as it gets thanks to all the recent rain. POP was consistent all day (right around 4 hours +/-). The bunkers were well manicured and surprisingly raked which is unusual for So Cal public courses. The rain days have given public courses a chance to heal, this being no exception. The course itself is flat and pretty wide open - not very difficult. Where this course has teeth is in its small greens. They are as small a set of greens as you'll find, and are currently this course's best feature. They are firm but will hold high shots, and they putt true at a decent pace.
Played 1/18. Golf course had a lot of players as it was a Holiday, but the POP was still right around 4 hrs. The course is dormant bermuda, so the fairways are brown but have an ample amount of tightly packed grass. The greens rolled pretty good and did not have many unfixed ball marks. Hooray! The rough was inconsistent, sort of a rye or bluegrass in places, but the ball was easily findable and playable. The bunkers were about 3/4" of sand and played fairly if you know how to accelerate through the ball. The best part of the whole day was paying $30 to play thanks to the GK Coupon. Thanks Johnny! Glen Ivy is a fun course and is one of our regular plays in a 9 course rotation. Make sure you download the coupon.
Played 1/11. POP was great. Teed off @ 1000 and finished in less than 4 hours. The course is bermuda which is dormant this time of year resulting in brown fairways which are tight, but there's a lot of grass. It's just not green. The tees and greens are very green. The fairways and greens need some TLC due to etiquette-less golfers who don't bother to fill divots or repair ball marks. Fortunately, my cart partner and I fill enough fairway divots that we refilled the divot mix bottles at least 3 or 4 times, and we fixed at lest 5 ball marks per green each. If players would entertain the thought that they will play the course again and would like it to be in good shape next time, maybe they would follow the credo: "leave the course better than you found it". This is a very enjoyable course. Treat it like you own it.
Played 12-09 behind a tournament of oldsters. It was hit the ball, wait, hit the ball, wait, etc. At one point there were 3 groups on the 9th tee box North (a par 4). Unacceptable! There was a marshall, but he couldn't/didn't speed them up. Round was 5:30 hrs. We always play the course around 4:00 hrs.
As for the course, fairways are gree, but very thin. Some holes are wet in spots. When the rains come, it will be sloppy. But overall, for a muni, this is a good bang for the buck. The greens are looking good, and the bunkers have a decent amount of sand in them. The teeing grounds are abused from the quantity of play, but you can always find a spot from which to hit. The course is seriously oversloped, but it's a fun track with open fairways and big greens.
Played 11-30. Course was in good shape for this time of year. Greens rolled true but had quite a few unrepaired ball marks. Fairways were pretty lush bermuda. The rough was a very gnarly bermuda in places that left you a cuppy lie. Very hard to play out of if your ball was sitting down in the stuff. There were a few very wet areas from watering, but mostly dry. The bermuda was brown in many areas, but that only meant it was dormant, not that there was no grass. Most lies sat up nicely. Tee boxes had been overseeded and needed a fresh haircut. They were a little shaggy. All in all a nice layout. You'll get to use all your clubs from the Blue Tees.
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