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On vacation in the area and chose to play St. Mark this year based on some recent GK reviews. Paid $45 with tee time and range balls. The practice area is large with plenty of space. Range balls are limited flight.
We were paired up with another player from the area and he was a very friendly and big help around our first time on the course.
The course was in good shape overall. Tee boxes were consistent with really no bad spots or severe divot damage. Fairways were good with a few bare spots but nothing to make the course unplayable. The greens were a highlight to me being very soft and receptive to shots. I was only in one trap but the sand was nice and a bit on the wet side. I had to adjust to actual sticky rough around the greens as we don't get too much of that in AZ.
As previous reviewers have said, the course is not going to kill you with length or forced carries. One par 5 was playing close to 600 yards but for the most part all the holes were playable from appropriate tees. Par 3s were of varying length which I enjoy as were the par 4s. Some driver holes some no driver holes. Fun dogleg holes where being able to shape your tee shot helped but wasn't necessary. The course is mostly wide open with a couple water holes.
The price and fun factor made this course very enjoyable to play and I would recommend it to the GKers who live in the area.
Played on 6/7 around 10:00am for rate of $39 including range balls. Nice amenities on the course including ice and water stations including numerous water stations on the course. Range was in good shape. Carts looked almost new with a nice GPS system installed.
The course had some bare spots in the fairways but nothing too bad. A few thin spots around the green. Tee boxes were good with only a few tees in weird spots. The greens were in very good shape and consistent through the round.
Overall the course was very well conditioned for this time of year in AZ and worth the price. They didn’t have a lot of play going on so you can take your time and enjoy the course. It isn’t overly long but still provides a challenge with uphill holes and desert surrounding.
I got out and played Arizona Golf Resort on 6/2/18 with a 1050 tee time. This was the first and last time I've played this course. The greens fee was reasonable for a course in better shape this time of year, $40 with range balls.
The course was running 40 minutes behind schedule and we didn't tee off until 1130. Unknown to my group a scramble had tee'd off in the morning prior to regular tee times. The employee at the counter said groups were taking 3 hours or longer to play nine holes. Play was slow up until hole #9 when the last groups finally finished up. Our front nine took about 3 hours to play with the back nine only 2 hours as a foursome.
The course itself was in shabby condition overall. A large number of tee boxes had large crowns and bare spots. Fairways were thin with a large number of bare spots throughout. Rough was nonexistent except around the greens. Grass around the greens was the best anywhere on the course. Greens were slow but consistent. The only positive point of the course were the sand traps. The traps I was in had a good amount of sand in them and they were nice to play.
The course is on the short side except for the par 3's. All in the 180-200 yard range. I'm not sure why course do that because I think it slows play down.
I understand it is an older course and you can tell it gets a lot of play throughout the year but I'm not sure why. I wouldn't recommend this course and as I said won't be going back. You can play a dozen courses in better shape for the same price point this time of year.
I played Coldwater with a 1000 tee time. Rate was $25 plus a couple for range balls. Not a bad deal. It’s been a few years since I played here and I think the condition had improved.
Range was in ok shape and a bit on the small side but adequate.
Course was on the dry side with lots of bare spots but still playable. Needless to say it helped on drives with some extra roll. Fairways were dry but still had enough grass to make some shots.
Greens looked like they had been punched recently and were crusty but consistent and playable throughout the round. Definitely on the fast side and had to be taken account of for approach shots and chips.
Overall a fun course to play with a number of challenging and fun holes.
I played 36 at McDowell Mountain on 8/19. The course was busy and pace of play was an issue all day even in the second round. Customer service was good except for the bev cart. She didn't seem too interested in making any sales and drove by our group each time without stopping to ask if we needed anything. One member of our group asked her to stop and she ignored him.
The driving range still had the movable shade. The "grass" on the range was pretty chewed up and hard to find a spot to hit. The range was also compressed only under the cover and each stall was close to the next.
Course conditions were very good. Fairways were in nice shape with plenty of grass. Some tee boxes weren't very level but had decent grass. Greens were all consistent and accepted shots throughout the day. Sand traps actually had sand in them. The trap on #2 was actually deep enough to cause a fried egg lie. Not something you see in AZ very often.
I paid $34 for the first round and $25 for the second. Not the best deal in town considering they get you for range balls as well.
We played 36 at Ocotillo on 7/29 teeing off around 850. The course was busy in the morning and wide open in the afternoon. Fee was $39 with a $10 replay round. I thought it was a great deal at a high quality course. We played the Gold/White combo.
Range balls are included in the fee and the range was nice with good quality balls and plenty of space.
They were running about ten minutes behind in the morning and the round seemed to take a long time but we were done in about 4 hours and 15 minutes so not horrible. The second round went fast with not many people on the course.
The course was in really good shape save for some bare spots but it's to be expected in Arizona in the summer. Tee boxes were well conditioned and easy to get a tee into. Some divot damage and bare spots but overall good. The fairways were good. Greens were on the slow side for both nines. You really had to hit your putt to give it a chance to get in the hole. The only negative on the course was the sand. Some traps had nice fluffy sand to hit out of and some were hard pan gravel.
The combination of nines was fun with some fun holes and good variety. The course was a good value and was easy to get to from anywhere in the valley. I definitely recommend playing this course at this time.
I played Orange on 7/28 and teed off around 1015. The course had quite a bit of play going on but not super busy.
The range was in the best shape I have ever seen at Orange Tree. Still have to purchase range balls at Orange Tree from a ball dispenser.
The course was in fair Arizona summer condition. Quite a few bare spots in the fairways but nothing crazy. They were doing maintenance all through the course. A large number of workers were present creating some challenges but understandable.
The greens were slow but similar through the course. Some tee boxes were chewed up and rock hard. The true negative of the course was the condition of the sand traps. Most were hard as a rock causing the club to bounce. A few seemed to have actual sand in them.
We chose the course because of location and the price point. Not a horrible choice but nothing to wow anybody at this point of the year.
I played early afternoon around 130. Actually quite a bit of play going on but got out as single and joined up with another. Played in under 3 hours as a twosome.
Customer service was good with employees engaged and interested in taking care of the customer.
Course itself was in great Arizona summer shape. Bare spots as expected but still playable. The greens were very slow. It seemed like you couldn't hit a putt hard enough to get to the hole but all greens were the same. Sand traps were awesome with soft sand and nice to hit shots in.
Tee boxes were in poor shape. They contained lots of divot damage, bare spots, and were hard as a rock on many of them. Really the only negative on the course.
Overall the course is worth playing now given it's location and variety of holes. Links is a fun course to play with the last few holes worth the greens fee.
Played 36 holes on the Verrado Founders Course on Friday, July 14th. We teed off around 815 with quite a bit of play going on. We started as a two and ended joining two awesome guys on the third hole. Second round was smooth with not too many people out there when we teed off. Grabbed something to eat in the grill and it was very good.
Paid $39 off their website with a $20 replay rate. Check in was easy and customer service was very good.
The course was fairly green for the time of year here in the desert. Some bare spots but nothing crazy. The rough was what really stood out for me here. Actual rough with very few bare spots. The rough definitely affected your shot and provided some fliers as well as some that would be buried down.
The course is definitely a challenge with a number of fun holes. Good scenery looking down in the valley. I think it is worth the drive.
We played Wigwam Heritage as second of 36 day. We teed off around 230 with a few groups finishing as we started. No issues getting started and we breezed through in about 3 hours taking our time. They closed the halfway house and no bev cart was on the course which is understandable given amount of play. Water is minimal on this course and the water they do have isn't good.
I've played this course many times and don't have much to add to previous reviews. The tees and greens were in good shape. I actually enjoyed the greens on Wigwam. Very consistent and easy to gauge through the day. Fairways were in typical AZ summer condition. Some bare spots but for the most part in good shape and nothing to affect a round. Sand traps in good shape and consistent.
Heritage is a fun course for me. Challenging enough holes with a good variety of length and shots required.
I played GCU course as first part of 36. Also the first time I have played since GCU took over the course.
The driving range as well as practice balls were in good condition. Plenty of spots and seems bigger than the last time I was here. The other course amenities were very nice including the restaurant. Food was good and the restaurant itself was attractive. Employees were all nice and courteous.
Our tee time was 815 and the course was busy. Foursomes as well as twosomes mixed together on the course. The course doesn't do itself any favors with a long par 4 followed by a par 3. Pace of play was an issue all day long with the round taking us 5 hours. We were waiting on every hole. Every hole. We also did not see any type of marshall or player assistant at all during the day.
The course itself has good points and quite a few bad points. Set up of the course is challenging with numerous bunkers around the greens. Fortunately, the sand is awesome. Actual sand and not dirt like you see on many Arizona courses. The greens were a little bumpy from a recent aeration and on the fast side. Some of the pin positions were in a difficult spot for a Saturday morning. Tee boxes were all in good shape and not an issue through the day. The fairways were not in very good shape. I'm used to dry and crusty fairways in AZ in the summertime but these were pretty thin throughout the course. Many areas of bare dirt throughout the course.
I'm glad I was able to play here and experience but probably won't make it a regular course to play.
I played Raven late Saturday morning. We were set to tee off at 1133.
We arrived earlier than expected at 1000. Walked up to the three attendants on duty carrying our bags and waited. Two of the three attendants made eye contact with us but chose to ignore us. One finally asked if we were playing. He stated they were waiting for carts but would have one for us quickly. We went in the clubhouse, paid for our greens fee and range balls, and went back outside expecting our bags to be on a cart. No such luck. Went to chip and putt thinking a cart would be available by the time we finished.
The front range was closed today and they were using the back portion of the range for warm up. At this time we were approximately 45 minutes to our tee time. I asked one of the employees if we could get a cart to go to the back of the range to warm up. He said he needed to start a group and to ask one of the other employees. I asked another employee and he said they were still waiting on carts. My friend went inside to and asked someone at the front desk if we could get a cart and he said no problem we'll run you back there. So nearly an hour of being at the course we finally received a cart and were able to go to the range and warm up. The back range required a drive down the 13th hole interfering with players on that hole. We received a "loner" cart to go to the range. We had to put our clubs on the cart. When coming back we received our actual playing cart in which we had to move our clubs to. I don't mind putting my own clubs on the cart but this is supposed to be a high end course.
After being told we could proceed to the 1st tee an employee came after us saying one of us hadn't paid and we needed to visit the pro shop.
Needless to say a lot of confusion before our round even started. I understand if I was playing a lower end course without the resources to have enough carts or to have a playable range but the Raven does not fit this description. A course claiming to be one of the top in the valley provided extremely poor customer service.
On to the course itself. Tee boxes were chewed up pretty bad and not real level. Some were better than others but not the greatest. Fairways were in good shape. A few bare spots but not in horrible shape. Greens were all consistent and were great to hit into and putt on. Overall the course was in good late Phoenix summer condition.
Pace of play was good through the front nine and then hit a wall on the back side. Two hours on the front and 2.5 hours on the back.
Needless to say the customer service today left a lot to be desired. I don't expect to be pampered all the time but when playing a course with the reputation and price of the Raven you expect a little more. Not sure I'll be back after today's experience.
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