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I had the opportunity to participate in an awesome GK Plays at SCW Deer Valley. The event was fun and well organized. A great turnout today on a great course.
Really nothing negative to say about this place. Very nice conditions all throughout the round. Great grass coverage all over the course. The greens and bunkers were really the highlight of the day. Bunkers were in great shape and enjoyable to play. The greens were immaculate. Consistent throughout the day.
Thanks to John and Pat for a great event.
We teed off this morning around 915 for a rate of $35. The course presents itself as high end but range balls are not included. The range was interesting. On the small side, chewed up with uneven lies, hard as a rock range balls and dirt making up most of the range. Gas carts. I was a bit disappointed with the lack of extras I was expecting at the course considering it’s semi private.
As noted by previous reviewers it’s definitely a Dye course. Offline shots are subject to uneven lies. The course’s defense isn’t length but play around the greens. Tricky and fairly quick greens proved to be a challenge.
Conditions were typical AZ summer. Tee boxes were unusually thin throughout the round. The greens were fun. Consistent and on the quick side. Fun to play. Overall, a fun course to play but not really a destination spot.
I got out to Raptor 8/10 with a 9:58 tee time. We utilized my coworker’s card and got a rate of $50. Pace of play was right at 4 hours and a couple minutes. As I’ve said before about the Grayhawk courses customer service is always beyond expectations.
The driving range was compressed and crowded with both courses open. Conditions on the range were not the best with mostly chewed up grass. It was hard to find a clean spot to use.
The course conditions were good to great. A few bare spots here and there on the fairways but everything playable. Tee boxes were level and sand traps were nice and consistent.
The only disappointing aspect of the course were the greens. They were on the slow side and not what I’m used to at this course. I wish the course greens putted like the practice greens. They were smooth and fast.
Overall, Raptor is definitely the more difficult course with some longer par 4s and 3s. A good play right now with conditions.
Our tee time was 914 Saturday, 7/20 at GCU golf course. A large number of golfers were out this morning with lower temps and low rates at this course. GCU gets a lot of play on a regular basis. The last time I played this course a couple years ago I was not impressed with conditions. The course was in far better shape today and much more enjoyable.
We played the black tees and they were a challenge at almost 6800 yards. The course requires a fair amount of length off the tee with a number of the par 4s in the 420y-450y range. The course also requires accuracy in your approach shots as many greens are surrounded by well placed bunkers. The course does have a good variety of holes presenting different challenges.
Conditions were good for the price point. Fairways were not green carpet but bare spots were at a minimum. Tee boxes were all in good shape. The bunkers were nice with plenty of sand. The greens were the best part of the course. Soft, receptive of shots, and smooth throughout the day. The were were the same speed throughout the round.
GCU would be a good choice to play given conditions and the price of a weekend round at $30. Not a bad deal right now.
I played Starfire as a relaxation round of golf on7/20. We teed off around 915 with very little play on the course. The course went through recent renovation and is now one, 18 hole course called The King and one, 9 hole course called The Mulligan Nine. They also added a driving range.
Overall, the course isn't overly challenging save for a few holes. The King 18 isn't going to beat you up with length or forced carries. Starfire is a fun course to get out and hit the ball with some forgiveness throughout.
Course conditions were typical for July in Arizona. Bare spots on the fairways and very little rough. I was not in any bunkers but they seemed to be in decent shape. Some of the tees were set in uneven spots and hard to get a tee in them. The greens were a highlight. They putted nicely and were receptive of well struck shots. However, they were full of un-repaired ball marks created by lazy golfers.
Starfire isn't a trophy course but a fun place to get out and hit the ball for a cheap rate.
I played Grayhawk Talon on 7/13 with a 921 tee time. A coworker of mine has their discount card so greens fee was $44. The course was busy but with 9 minute intervals with tee times it never feels crowded. Customer service from the bag drop to the beverage cart were all on point. Grayhawk is not my typical course to play but for that rate you can't go wrong. You can sure tell the difference in regards to customer service at a course like Grayhawk.
Range balls are included with the rate and the range was in good shape with plenty of room.
The course was in the best shape of any course I have played this summer. Fairways were nice with a few bare spots here and there. Tee boxes all in good shape. The sand traps had nice sand and plenty of it in them. The greens were all consistent through the round. They accepted full shots with minimal roll out. They were on the faster side but kept your line on well struck putts.
We played the second set of tees and it provided plenty of challenge. I'm not sure I would want to tackle this course from the tips with some long par 4s. I do like the variety of holes and being rewarded with well placed tee shots.
Overall, if you can find a decent rate here it's worth a play with current conditions.
I played 36 at Ocotillo, Friday, 7/12. We teed off as a twosome around 845 for the first 18 and were done by around 4. Starting rate was $40 with the replay at $20. The course had very little play going on with temperatures in the 110 range throughout the day. I was surprised to see the beverage cart out all day long even with the limited amount of play going on. Customer service was good from what we encountered.
It's a small thing but a course at this price point and with the reputation Ocotillo has should not charge for range balls. They used to a few years ago but have changed that policy in recent years. The range itself was in good shape with plenty of grass to use.
The course was in normal summer condition for July in Arizona. Fairways were bare throughout. Bunkers were all in good condition with plenty of sand and provided plenty of challenge during the round. A few tees were not level or placed in a weird spot. The greens were definitely the highlight of the course. They were very receptive and well struck shots stuck with minimal roll out.
We played the Blue/White combo as Gold was closed for aeration. I'm not a big fan of the white course as it only has one layup par 5 and numerous layup par 4s. Water comes in to play on numerous holes.
The condition of the course makes it a good play right now.
Played the South course as the second 18 of the day. Read my review of the North course as conditions here are very similar. The courses out here are good for someone looking for a day of 36 holes.
Unfortunately they are being closed for maintenance but I recommend both when they are done.
We played here on 7/6 teeing off at 952 for a $30 rate as the first 18 of the day. Course was fairly busy with numerous groups out. Nice driving range. Nice new golf carts. I’ve never played here and my expectations were low but from the beginning I was surprised at the quality of golf.
The course is not overly challenging. Granite Falls is another course providing a combo tee set with a comfortable yardage. The course is fun to play. GF had a nice variety of holes with nice scenery.
The conditions were July in Phoenix typical. The fairways did have numerous bare spots in landing zones off the tee boxes. The greens were firm and only high and soft shots had any chance of stopping. The greens were a consistent speed all round.
One amazing thing about the course was F&B prices. We bought something at the snack stand. The items cost $7 and would have probably cost $20 or more at another course.
The North course was a fun round overall. Someone looking for a low stress, inexpensive round with good conditions should check out the courses in this community. Unfortunately they are closing soon for summer maintenance but I recommend after they are finished.
Played here on 7/5 around 3pm for $21. Didn’t see anyone until the 10th hole.
The course was in disappointing shape. The front nine greens were infected with a weed or different type of grass. Also, a lot of bare spots throughout on the greens and in the fairways.
I like this course because of location and the variety of holes but can’t recommend Links right now.
I played Lookout on Saturday, 6/22, and teed off around 1:30. The rate was $39 including range balls. The customer service from the employees I encountered was vastly different than the majority of customer service you may experience on a daily basis. I brought my son along to ride and maybe hit a few shots since the course wasn't overly busy, but the pro checking me in offered to let him have a set of rental clubs and play free of charge. He was very accommodating and seemed genuinely interested we have a good time at 1:30 on a Saturday afternoon in the middle of the summer.
The conditions I encountered were vastly different than sdscratchorbust's previous review from 2 months ago. The course was mostly dried out with very little grass. Many of the tee boxes were not in level spots. The fairways had numerous bare spots throughout the course. Well placed drives ended up in nearly bare dirt. I had a number of well placed shots continue to roll and roll through the fairway and rough and into the desert. The greens were in similar condition with very little grass to accept full shots or chips.
My son and I had a great time and he enjoyed seeing the course for the first time but I'm not sure I would recommend Lookout given the current conditions.
We made a stop in Tucson for a day and was able to play El Conquistador around 0818 for a $30 rate. The course was fairly busy and pace was slow even though we finished in about 4 hours.
I enjoy the course mostly because of the variety of holes. I don’t think it’s your typical resort style course as it makes you be fairly accurate with tee shots and approaches. It has varying lengths of par 4s and par 3s. Overall a fun course.
Fairways, greens and sand traps were all in good shape. Some bare spots on the fairways but nothing to affect play too drastically. Greens accepted shots but were on the slow side. The sand traps were a pleasure to play out of because they actually had sand in them.
My negatives on the course were the range and the tee boxes. As a Troon managed course expect better quality range balls than the ones provided. Balls were chewed up and in very poor condition. The rank itself had zero grass to use. Just full of sand and hard to utilize. The tee boxes were frequently uneven and hard to find a spot to get a decent stance.
Overall a fun course for the price and location.
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