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I was lucky enough to be part of an awesome GK event Saturday the 25th. Johnny and Pat from Sun City put on a grebe today for all the players.
For $20 you couldn’t do any better than this course. As others have said it’s not a trophy course but man is it fun and in great condition. Really nothing to complain about on the course. A fair mix of varying lengths and hole set up. Really enjoy the chance to score well even if every shot isn’t perfect.
Definitely a course to play now given the awesome conditions and great customer service.
I had the opportunity to play Grayhawk Talon for a $35 rate due to a coworker having the White Tee card. Heck of a deal given the quality of course.
We teed off around 1006 with both courses fairly busy on a Saturday morning. Raptor seemed to have more playing going on than Talon. Only one range was open and it was packed before the round.
Talon is a bit tighter off the tee than Raptor. Still fun, playable and challenging. Talon has some fun holes including the last three holes to finish. Conditions were good but the course had a number of areas marked as GUR. I also noticed a large number of turf replacement throughout the course. A few bunkers were also marked as GUR with free drops. Tee boxes were good with a couple uneven lies and bare spots. Fairways had a number of bare spots but the "summer preferred lie" was invoked by the club. I didn't really have to take advantage of that today but my playing partners did. Bunkers were ok and a bit dried out. Greens were in very good shape and consistent through the round. They were a joy to putt on because of the speed and consistency through the day.
Beverage cart was around quite often and they do have a number of water stations throughout the course.
Grayhawk is the type of course I don't play very often but it's definitely worth it go give Talon a try with current conditions.
I played Aguila 8/18 around noon. Rate off the website was $20. Municipally run course with the bare essentials in regards to customer service but the employees I encountered were friendly and welcoming.
My expectations were pretty low considering the rate and their tee sheet was wide open. They changed once I got to the practice range. Lots of new grass on the range and good targets.
The course was in the best shape tee to green of any I have played this summer. I understand I don’t play the high end courses consistently but man Aguila was in awesome shape.
Fairways had full coverage of grass with zero bare spots. I was amazed to see that this time of year. Greens had been punched recently but putted wonderful and were receptive of well struck shots. Sand traps were awesome. Soft fluffy sand in all the bunkers I was in. You could actually make a swing and not worry about the club bouncing off hard packed dirt.
Overall, this is a course to play given conditions. Not a fancy, high end course but man great conditions.
Received a freebie round at McCormick and teed off around 11 Friday the 10th. The course is located in the middle of the Scottsdale green belt with resorts around the area making it popular with the captive snowbird audience. Not a lot of play going on this morning with the heat and humidity. I had a horrible experience here years ago and have never played since but a free round is a free round.
Bag attendants were very busy with their phones and were unable to greet or assist us with finding a cart. Check in at the shop was quick. Driving range was ok. Range balls were hard as rocks.
The course was in very good summer conditions. Recent storms have given the area a lot of rain. Fairways were in very good shape with almost no bare spots. Not much roll on drives with what seemed like sticky grass. Greens were all consistent with very few ball marks. They accepted shots and chips very well. Tee boxes were level. Most of the sand traps and bunkers were full of water and unplayable.
I would like to have seen either another set of tee boxes or some form of a combo tee set up as the tips were almost 800 yards longer than the next set of tees.
Overall not a real exciting course to play but conditions are very good right now.
I got on Gold course around 130 for a $20 replay rate after playing Red in the morning. Some play going with a couple groups in front of me playing PGA golf without being on the tour.
They have a combo tee now taking some distance off the tips. Distance on the combo is around 7000 yards but give you a chance to shorten some holes. The tips play around 7400 yards.
The course conditions were good. Nice tee boxes all level. The greens were not as well conditioned as the Red course but in good shape. Lots of subtle breaks to play. The course is challenging because of it’s length but straightforward. Some fun holes on the back nine as you play back to the resort. Eighteen is a tough finishing hole.
I would give the Gold course a chance. It’s a great place to grip it and rip it on drives.
I played Wigwam Red as first 18 on Saturday 7/28 around 900am at Wigwam. I was staying there over the weekend and figured why not. Rate was about $30 with included range balls.
The Red course is fun and challenging without killing you. A traditional parkland style course with trees and water in play on a few holes.
The greens were a highlight of the course. Smooth and consistent all day. Fairways were thin as expected this time of year. Sand traps were hard pan dirt and couldn’t be played as normal bunkers.
Pace of play was good with a bit of a logjam around the 12th hole. Played in about 4 hours but could have been finished in 3 1/2 as a three some.
The Red course doesn’t get as much play as the Gold but I think it’s just as fun. I would recommend getting out to Wigwam and give it a shot.
I’m a little behind on reviews as I played Corte Bella on 7/21 around 945. A summer storm rolled through delaying our tee time. Some groups out but not a lot of play on this course in the summer.
Course conditions were mixed. I’ve played Corte Bella many times in the summer and this was the worst I’ve seen. More than the normal summer bare spots on the fairways. We struggled to find grass on most fairways.
Green conditions were poor overall. They had been aerated recently and many of the greens were in bad shape. I’d even say they lost some completely.
Corte Bella is a fun course when conditions are better. I’m not sure if they will improve any more this summer. I don’t think I can recommend playing it any time soon.
Played 7/14 around 945 with a rate of around $40 off their website. Rate included range balls as well as GPS on the carts. Quite a bit of play going on and I started as a single but joined with another twosome after a foursome in front of me decided they didn’t want to let a single play through.
The course was well conditioned for the time of year. Some bare spots on the fairways but they still had grass on them. Recent rains probably helped the situation. Greens were all in good shape and on the slow side. The course provides opportunities to score well as long as you keep it in play. Desert areas and native grass areas protect the course. The back nine is definitely more difficult with some long par 4s. The 18th is a tough finishing hole as a par 5.
As of right now Vistancia is a place to go. The 303 freeway makes it much more accessible.
We had a 935 tee time. The rate on the website was $51. The greens fee was a little high for current conditions as stated by the previous reviewer. Range balls are included as is GPS. We played in about four and a half hours as a threesome with a couple foursomes ahead of us.
Conditions were similar to what hbtim1967 stated a few days ago. Bare spots throughout the fairways. Some tee shots ended up with no grass underneath. Many of the greens had turf replacement going on which made for some tricky putts from off the green.
The greens were all consistent speed and in good shape overall. Nothing to really complain about with them.
Overall, a fun course to play. Forgiving enough to give you a chance at recovery if you aren’t spot on with drives or approach shots. Customer service was outstanding.
I played here after playing Victory. I teed off around 2:30 for a $19 rate. Not much play going on and didn’t see anyone until #14.
Founders is a fun course to play. Challenging but not going to kill you. The course has a nice variety of holes with some amazing views especially on the back nine.
Tee boxes were awesome as were the greens. The greens were receptive and a consistent speed throughout the round. They were faster than Victory and fun to putt on them.
The fairways were in typical Arizona summer shape but nothing to affect play. The bunkers were nice although one had a large amount of standing water.
One thing I did notice was the lack of care of players on this course. I saw numerous unrepaired ball marks on the greens as well as numerous sand traps not raked. The issue is not the course’s fault but lazy and irresponsible golfers.
Founders is a definite play with conditions now. A great value to play both very different courses out here.
I played Victory 6/29 for a rate of $39 including range balls. This was my first time playing the course and I was very impressed overall.
The practice range is huge with numerous targets. It wasn’t your normal boring range but actually very nice to look at. The practice green is also visually impressive with a large saguaro cactus in the middle.
The course was in very good shape minus the tee boxes. They punched them recently and they were hard as a rock. It was difficult to get a tee in all of them.
The fairways were in good shape with the normal summer look but nice to play off. All the bunkers I was in were in very good shape with fluffy sand.
The greens were firm but still accepted shots although I didn’t have to repair a ball mark all day. They were on the slow side with a fair amount of break in them.
Length off the tee is a must on this course. I played the black/silver combo tees and it had 4 par 4s over 400 yards. I would like to have seen a course guide included because many tee shots were confusing on where to go. Hole 18 is a par 5 with a downhill tee shot over water. This hole alone makes the round worth it.
I’m glad I got to enjoy the course. Even though it’s a bit of a drive both courses in Verrado are worth it right now.
I played Papago as the second 18 on 6/29. Rate was $36. They are doing a lot of construction to get the course ready to be the new home of ASU. The practice area is currently closed and the clubhouse is a temporary trailer. I think when they complete the renovations Papago will be a great place to play. The clubhouse looks amazing.
I thought Papago was the best conditioned course I’ve played this summer from tee to green. Tee boxes were nice as were the greens and fairways. The normal summer bare spots but nothing to really affect play. Greens were receptive and consistent.
The course is on the long side and definitely challenging. Lots of elevated greens and sand traps. Par fives are a nice challenge as are the variety of par 4s. I can’t imagine playing this course from the tips. One par 3 was 250+ yards!!
They provide numerous water stations as well as an ice machine you see twice. A small amenity but nice to have especially this time of year.
Papago is a place to play now based on the conditions I had today.
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