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Getting harder and harder to find a weekend round in the bay area with good conditions and a fair price. Blue Rock West is barely decent from box to green but the greens are pretty good. Layout is ok but I like the East better. Lies are tight and sometimes bare with many uneven stances either due to the terrain or to previous winter rough weather damage. 55 bucks gets you green fee and cart. Round was 4.5 hours and could have been longer if not for group in front hilariously losing their way on Hole 14. From the fairway the hole is up the hill to the right. These guys saw another green which was a par 3 green and thought it was theirs. So somehow they shot over a forest of trees and back-roaded through it and ended up skipping one hole. Saved us some time so we decided not to tell them. Members are supposed to play only the West course and many of them have their own carts. From my limited experience, many of them were very rude and loud and impatient. We've had women profusely swear at us, one actually rammed our cart and yesterday, one twosome yelled at us on the second hole for them to play through. Geesh. My buddies like the West course but I hate it for that reason. The only time we play here is when we have a five some (we're not slow). Glad we play Harding every Wednesday!
Harding's greens are about the best I've seen them since maybe the last PGA tournament. They usually roll true but not that fast. Right now they are fast but not like the private clubs. As usual conditions are great all around. We usually play every Wednesday and the pace is always good. Sundays we'll play all around the bay because of other golfers who are not SF residents. The conditions of many courses around the bay area are so-so but compared to Harding, those other courses are borderline horrible. Great to be a SF local because of Harding.
Sunday, 15Oct17, 10ish. Paid $64 to ride. Breakfast at the grill was an ok experience. The food was fine, nothing fancy, got what we expected. One person was the cook and cashier which was fine since we were the only ones there but, sorry to say, she was not happy but not rude. We tried to melt the ice but it was not to be. Oh well, not a big deal but we decided to eat elsewhere after the round.

Starter was fine and we had no other contact with the staff. Tee boxes were ratty but heck, it's a muni, so no real complaints. Overall, the fairways were ok most of the way with some bare spots, some muddy spots and some bumpy spots. Greens were good all around. Bunkers played decently.

It's been awhile since we last played here on Sundays because every time we did, it was a five plus hour round. Today, no exception. There was no marshal to keep players on pace. The younger players are decent enough golfers but they are acting as if they are pros. I would suggest to the management of this course to encourage "ready golf" as opposed to PGA style as seen on tv. Golf needs more young players to take it up but the golf courses' laissez-faire is making it undesirable to the long-time golfers. Most of us miss their fair share of fairways and greens but EVERYONE can be conscience of pace by speeding up the process between shots. Little things like being ready to hit on the tee, getting in your cart with your club and take off and replace your club in your bag when you stop, writing your score down while waiting at the next tee, getting off the green right away after everyone putts. Foursome in front was a perfect example. It took a minute or so for the first guy to tee off even though the preceding group was already approaching the green. The next two guys hit right after but the last guy was on his phone and held up the group for longer than it should have been. He was on his phone often throughout the round. They seemed to migrate down the fairway as a group often looking for balls for a long time. The five minute rule is too long if you are holding everyone up. I know, I know, it's Sunday golf but courses better wise up before it is too late. If they endorse ready golf and really detail it out, they can even allow fivesomes which would increase traffic. I know these courses are hurting but they are shooting themselves in the foot.
Played September 7th. Kinda hot especially for bay area. Good walking course. Paid only $32 for walking senior. Grass range. Nice staff at tiny pro shop. Conditions were above average (for Cali) off the tees, fairways and rough. Greens played fine. It's a short course and not tricky or gimmicky so pop was fast. Lunch afterwards at the cafe was good. Beer was cold.
Played September 3rd. Muni course and well, muni conditions. Fairways were green where it counted but many brown patches make it clearly evident of California's drought. Greens were fine...a little bumpy here and there but good. The rough was easy enough. Tee boxes were fair. Squirrel country as it seems to be baby time for them. They usually come up and beg on the 17th tee. No burrowing owls seen this time. Beers were cold at the bar afterwards.
Played August 10th. Played the North course recently and tried the South Course mainly to play the 15th hole iconic par 3 over the ocean. So I like the south mo bettah than the north cuz even though I am a part time resident, I love Hawaii for all the same reasons as anyone else. Beautiful ocean and weather. the hole is kinda similar the Mauna Kea's 3rd hole and I would play here again unless I get a good deal at MK. Sushi and beer fresh.
Played July 28th. If you compare this with the Mauna Kea then the Mauna Lani North is a step down in ambience, conditions and fun-to-playability. But, it is still a nice course with the North not having a par 3 hit over the gorgeous ocean. This course is built on lava with thorny Kiawe trees (Manzanita) protecting much of the course. Nice layout but lacks that ocean shot that tourists seek. When I said conditions were a step below Mauna Kea, don't get me wrong. It is still gorgeous and much cheaper than the aforementioned MK. Good thing I am a resident because the normal rate is $225.00. This course can get windy as the Waikoloa area is known as Waikoblowa to the locals.
Played Sunday, pop:4.15, course is in as nice condition as it can be (muni course) with lush green grass everywhere. Fairways and rough is cut nicely, tee boxes are fine not great and the greens are rolling very nice. $41 includes green fees and cart. Good value for weekend play.
Played Sunday, April 17 on a pleasant day. Conditions are very good but the greens are still healing from a two week punch. Should be 90% in a week. Pop was 4 1/2 hours. Saw refreshment cart at least twice. Golf certificate for $42 after 10am on weekends good deal. Staff pleasant. Clientele is friendly and courteous. Very good value especially for a weekend.
Played Sunday, April 10 2016. Rained lightly but steadily for 24 hours before we played but course held up nicely and to our surprise, 90 degree cart access allowed! Haven't been here for a long time but we had a five some and there are not too many courses that allow five some and most courses are punching their greens. The East course punched 2-3 weeks ago and it tracked well. All you see is green grass everywhere and fairways and rough played fine. Paid $41.00 including cart. I like the East layout with it's mountain top tee boxes(bombs away) and the tough uphill carries. Good value right now.
played Sunday April 3, 2016. Paid $33 to ride using Golfguide coupon. Course is in pretty good condition overall. Some tee boxes were gouged out and some were crowned but most were fine. Greens were in good condition. Pro shop, maintenance shop and starter were all helpful and friendly. We saw refreshment cart 2-3 times and she was very nice. Hard to find good deals on Sundays especially this time of year when most courses are aerating. Start with a hearty breakfast at Brentwood Cafe and enjoy a pleasant round of golf at Brentwood for only $33.00 including cart.
played March 27. Course in good condition, greens good. Good layout. Fairways are pretty wide but there are enough trees and water and ditches to keep it interesting. Don't play here enough due to lack of proximity for me being in San Francisco. But well kept up course and pleasant facilities.
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