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The maintenance alert indicated that Rec had aerated the greens on 9/7 so I had braced myself for rough greens. It took me 4 shots to get to the first green but when I finally walked up on it I was pleasantly surprised to find it in pristine condition. I rolled in a smooth one-putt for bogey.

Tee'd off at 6:30 (actual tee time was 6:22). Finished nearly 5 hours later which is not acceptable. There were quite a few groups in front of us. Given that it is not light enough to hit until around 6:25, many of the groups in front had no idea how dark it was going to be when they tee'd off.

As I mentioned, the greens were in excellent shape. My understanding is that Rec did not aerate on 9/7 because it would have interfered with the Men's Club championship. It was indicated that aeration would take place some time in October.

The tee boxes and fairways had been aerated but they were still playable. No complaints from me about overall course conditions.
Played here on Saturday, August 25 in the LA County Men's Amateur tournament. I have to say that I am disappointed in the course conditions. The greens were very spongy and not their normal beautiful, firm and quick selves. Tee boxes and fairways were just in ok condition. Rough was very spotty. I was told that the recent heatwave really took it's toll on the greens.

As a contrast, the 2nd round was played on Sunday at Los Verdes whose condition was MUCH better than Lakewood's. I'm sure that Lakewood will recover. It will just take a bit of time.
Tee'd off at 6:00 am on Saturday, August 18. Because of the review given by plumerross9, I desperately searched for a tee time elsewhere but to no avail. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the course was not even close to being as bad as what plumerross9 reported. There was no sign whatsoever that the greens had recently been aerated. They were slower than normal but otherwise in wonderful condition. The rough was spotty, for sure, but no more than usual. In fact, I found that overall course conditions to be par for the course. El Dorado and Skylinks are definitely in much better shape but I found Rec to be satisfactory. Since we finished in 3 hrs 50 mins we hung around for breakfast. Service and food were excellent. I can see, however, how things could deteriorate later in the day. I wouldn't golf ANY of the Long Beach courses past early morning.
Played on July 4, 5:30 am tee time. Teed off on time. Finished 3 hours and 45 minutes later.

Had heard rumbles from the Mens Club about course conditions so had been avoiding teeing it up there. I am happy to say that I found the conditions to be perfectly acceptable. Given that the Mens City Championship will be played here on Friday and Saturday I would expect nothing less.

Fairways are not lush, nor is the rough. There are bare lies to be had and I had a few. Hoping that some of these areas get marked off for tournament play. Greens were nice but not rolling as fast as I would expect come tournament time.

Good luck to those participating in the Mens City this weekend!!
Looks like a lot of GK golfers on Lakewood recently! Played on Saturday, June 2. 5:36 am tee time. Our fivesome (3 walkers, 2 riders) got around in 4 hours. RDDenn summed up the course conditions nicely. However, I would say that the front 9 bunkers SUCKED. RDDenn was being kind in his assessment. The back 9 bunkers (yes, sadly, I played out of almost ALL of the bunkers on the course!) were in much better condition than the front 9 bunkers. As RDDenn reported, the blue tees were WAY back. Other than the front 9 bunkers, the course is in EXCELLENT shape and a joy to play right now.
Teed off on Saturday, May 26 at 5:36 am. Course is in good shape. Fairways were fluffier than I like. I need all the rollout I can get! It looks like they are expanding the greens gradually so the outer edges of the greens are a bit iffy. I'm sure the course will be in prime shape for the Long Beach Golf Festival coming up.
Played on Saturday, May 5. Course is shaping up just nicely. Tee boxes, fairways, bunkers and greens all good. The huge greens are the only defense this course has. They are currently firm and FAST. You really need to think out your approach shot. Put your ball on the wrong side of the green and you'll be lucky to two putt. Pricey.
Played on Saturday, March 24. We also played on March 17 when the greens were still heavily sanded after the recent punching. Greens were surprisingly almost back to normal. I suspect they will be in really good shape from here on out.
6:30 am on Saturday, February 10. My group is a fivesome (3 riding, 2 walking). Group in front of us was a fivesome, all riding. We had to wait on every hole for them and so asked them to let us play through on the par 3 5th hole. They obliged and we ended up playing our round in 3.5 hours.

The golf course is in good condition. Tee boxes are good. Fairways were cut low and were running fast. Greens were firm, fast and true. Rough is spotty but okay.
Played this past Saturday, March 11. Tee'd off at 6:00 am and finished in less than 4 hours.

The course is in fantastic shape! The rough is lush after all of the rain. It's been cut but I am guessing that they have to take a little off the top each time.

The greens are beautiful! It's a shame that they will have to aerate this week. Skylinks and El Do and Lakewood will aerate at the same time which is unusual. They usually try to aerate at different times but made the decision to get it done all at once because of all the rain. Not only that but they will aerate the entire green instead of just a section at a time.
Played this past Saturday, February 11. Tee'd off at 6:15 am. As noted by a previous review, the course is soaked. However, I knew what to expect going in so I have no complaints about the condition.

Of all the Long Beach courses, Rec drains the best. There are lakes where there shouldn't be lakes at Skylinks and El Do is just a marsh. So, when Rec is in the condition it is in now, you know we have had just too much rain.

If you can keep it in the fairway and play lift, clean and place, you're golden. Greens are great. Veer off the fairway and good luck finding your ball. Hoping the staff can get our there early this week to mow what they can before the next showers. If it rains like it is supposed to, my group may just take a break. When you cannot keep it in the fairway, it just isn't much fun spending time searching for your ball and then trying to hack it out of that long rough.
5:56 tee time this past Saturday (8/20). Walked off 18 a little past 10:00. No complaints on pace of play.

El Do is in great shape. I know it's too much to ask, but I really wish the hackers would appreciate how great these greens are and fix their divots. These greens would be country club quality were it not for these hacks. As it were, greens were fast even that early in the morning.

Tee boxes, fairways, rough, sand traps are all in good shape. This course always kicks my arse but I am looking forward to coming back soon.
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