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After avoiding the course for almost two years, I gave it a shot on a weekend as the course was offering $25 special with cart. The course has been a layout that I've enjoyed, but management has struggled to maintain the course in recent years.

Conditions: While still a lot to be desired, it does appear that the ownership is starting to put some maintenance dollars back into the course.

--Greens were the bright spot per usual, receptive and rolled well. Tee blocks were okay, some uneven spots and some TLC needed.
--Fairways and rough were a mix of grass and bare spots, though better than the recent past. Some of the areas on fairways appear to have drainage/irrigation issues (where one area is soaking wet and 5-10 feet away is bone dry.) I am not sure how this could be fixed without a major overhaul.
--Bunkers, while still an issue, are also improved. Probably about 1/2 of the bunkers have new added sand.

I'm hoping the course continues their positive strides.
Played Darkhorse on a dry, cool, Saturday afternoon in January. It had rained fairly heavily the past few days, so the course was softer (and a little friendlier to scoring) than usual.

Conditions: Despite the recent rain, the course was in great shape. Fairways very green for the middle of winter Greens receptive from the precipitation but still rolled smooth and quickly.

Layout: One of the toughest tracks in Northern California. An excellent mix of shots are required on this course. You must bring your "A" game.

Customer Service: Excellent pro shop and on course staff.

Will continue to keep this in my mix of courses!
Played Legend Trail during the last week of December 2017. Difficult target golf placing the priority on hitting the ball straight. Played the copper tees at roughly 6,000 yards, which was plenty difficult despite the 123 slope.

Conditions: Excellent. Greens were smooth and rolled well. Not super fast but not slow either. Fairways had some yellow, but no bare spots anywhere. Bunkers had a good amount of sand.

Service: Friendly pro shop, bar, and on course staff.

This is a nice course to play when in the area, especially with their discount last minute pricing. Much cheaper to book here in the last 3-4 days before the date of play.
A fun, challenging course in Fountain Hills. Was able to book my last week of December round for $85 a few weeks in advance. This is a great price for such a nice caliber golf course.

Course was in immaculate shape. Greens were 12+ on the stimp, making approach shots and putts very difficult. Fairways, bunkers, and tee boxes were in immaculate shape.

Course is one of the most challenging in the Phoenix area. The last six holes are appropriately dubbed "the Wicked Six," a set of two par 3's, 4's, and 5's, all playing uphill.

Great customer service in the pro shop and on the course. This is one of the Phoenix/Scottsdale areas best courses to play at the price.
This course, in its current form, continues to be one of my favorite tracks in Phoenix. The course was in absolutely pristine shape. Lush fairways and first cut of rough. The greens were smooth, quick and fair, with tons of undulations.

This course requires that you think about what part of the green you are aiming at. Hit the wrong part and you are going to have some large breaks to deal with.

Although houses are now springing up all over the course with new development, there are still several panoramic views from the course. The course now has a nice pro shop and bar area.

I'd rate this course a must play when I come to Phoenix/Scottsdale. It is an excellent value with a sub-$100 late December green fee.
Played this course in late December 2017. Chose to play here due to the proximity to the airport-- 6 miles.

-Friendly pro shop, on course staff, and food and beverage service
-Course was in great shape; smooth greens, overseeded fairways, no bare spots
-Pace of play was excellent, on course staff did a nice job of keeping everyone moving

-Not many memorable holes.

Overall, this is a course I'd keep in my rotation when I visit Phoenix. Cost of green fee was $99. The course feels like a $70-80 course, but overall, still had a good time.
One of my favorite tracks in the Sacramento area. The course is always in great shape and a good mix of risk and reward shots.

-As mentioned, always in immaculate shape.
-Greens were smooth and rolled true.
-Fairways were in great shape for the season.
-Plenty of sand in the bunkers
-Well-stocked pro shop and nice bar and restaurant.
-Course requires a lot of thinking and uses every club in the bag
-Friendly pro shop and on-course staff

-Pace of play is always brutal. Weekend round is always 5+ hours.

A nice course that I love playing. Just wish that the pace of play was faster.
Hadn't played here in years, but thought I'd give it a shot for a tuneup round before my next golf trip.

There had been a frost delay and it stacked up the tenth tee (which was the starting box because of the weather). Disappointingly, the pace of player was slow as molasses, as expected, as its never the fastest course to play. The big issue is that there is zero on course marshalling. Play stacks up and stays that way. After 12 holes, we skipped a group and found 4 open holes ahead of them.

Course itself- Fairways super dormant, not many good lies at all. Rough non-existent. No rough either. Greens were excellent and rolled quickly. Sand traps were good, a rarity for the Sacramento/Central Valley.

I'll play it as a value course if the price is right, that's about it!
Thought I'd give the course a shot since it is a 5 minute drive from my house. Played the morning after Thanksgiving for $52. Overall, this course still needs a ton of work.

Tee boxes are not level with dead spots everywhere. This time of year, with cooler temperatures, this should not be the case. Fairways were in ok shape, with again, more dead spots than expected this time of year. Greens were lush, but soft and slow. Had a difficult time getting a read on speed.

At the cost the course is charging I'd look elsewhere in the Sacramento/Central Valley region.
Had not played this course in years as I felt the conditions were deteriorating with previous management.

The course was purchased by Sierra Golf Management about six months ago and the course looks like a world of difference! Greens were in immaculate shape and lightning fast. Fairways in tee boxes were in good shape for the time of year. I was happy with the course and the fee charged ($39 for a late morning Sat round).

The pro shop and bar staff were friendly as well. I'll definitely return soon!
Played the course on a hot California weekend and was happy about the shape the course was in. They have done a nice job keeping the course green with the unrelenting heat of our Summer. I had not played here in 3 years and was pleasantly surprised at the condition the course was in.

Check in was quick and easy, I took advantage of their "Round Up" special which gets the that day's round plus rounds at Teal Bend and Empire Ranch (their sister courses) for $99. This was a great deal.

The course continues to be a great challenge which puts a premium on good ballstriking. Miss the fairways and you are our hunting for your ball with the wild turkeys, squirrels, and other animals.

The course was in great shape, although the greens were a little slow. They are scheduled for aerification at the end of the month, so I am guessing this would be the reason.

Pace of play was a little slow, but it was prime time - Sat. morning.

Overall, I was happy with the experience and will return if the price is competitive.
Played in late March in a small group outing. Check in was fast and the pro shop staff were very friendly.

Course is in amazing shape after our unusually wet winter. Fairways are lush, rough is distinctive (and difficult), and the greens are in great, smooth shape.

The layout is very tricky, with several target golf holes thrown into the mix, as well as dramatic elevation changes and a few blind shots. It was a bit frustrating to hit a couple of balls that I thought were in good shape and then get over a hill to find out is wasn't.

Nice course that is pretty unique in the East Bay. Worth a play in the rotation.
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