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Teed off as a 3some at 2:15pm on Monday, with the next group a full hole in front. Caught up to them in a few holes, but never had much of a wait all day. POP ended up right at 4 hours, so looks like it was a good pace all day, with aakes90278 reporting 4 hours with a morning round.

Agree with aakes90278 on the course conditions, but wasn't in any traps. Greens were slightly bumpy, but not bad and had a good putting day. Had one of my better rounds in a long time, and attribute a portion of that to making an effort to leave approach and chip shots, etc., below/short of the hole. Wasn't always successful, but would suggest it as a strategy here when possible, as it made a real difference.

Teeboxes and fairways were all very good, and typical for the course. Got a decent amount of roll today, even though the fairways weren't cut any shorter than normal. Probably the heat of the day helped dry them out from their normal watering.

They punched the two practice greens a week ago, along with Mesa Linda. After seeing the practice greens last Wednesday after their punching, was very impressed to see how far they have come along in 5 days. Probably about 50% healed, but putted reasonably well. Normally, I'd stay away for at least 4 weeks, but am giving Mesa a go next Monday based on what I saw. The greenskeeper here does do a great job in getting the greens to heal fast after punchings. As GK has noted, Lagos will be punched next Monday and Tuesday.
Got out yesterday, Friday the 13th on a mildly hot day with lingering Anaheim Hills fire smoke in the air, creating a hazy blue sky. Was able to grab a $49 rate via their website. We did not get out on-time. We teed off at 1:50pm, instead of our 1:35pm tee time. Though our group waited on the group in front most of the round, we finished in 4.5 hours after our delayed start.

Last played here probably over two months ago, so was looking forward to the greens and overall course challenge. Compared to The Crossings greens, which were punched at the same time as Black Gold, BG's greens rolled a little faster (starter said they were a 10 on the stimp meter), but were not nearly as lush. They also have been verticut recently, which did not seem to affect the putts. There were a handful of greens that still had visible punch holes from 5+ weeks ago, and a few that had sandy bare spots that will seemingly take at least 3-4 weeks to completely resolve.

Some areas around the greens were in a state of resodding/repair.

Fairways were generally very lush, but also very, very wet from overwatering. Ended up with a muddy ball on 4 holes, and maddingly on the 18th, my ball ended up 2 feet from it's landing divot. Wish my sand wedge shots would stop that quickly, but not my drives!!! Otherwise, there was slight to moderate roll-out for me. Others in my group got better roll-out, as they were not landing in the wet spots.

Ball tended to sit down in the Kikuyu rough, about 2 inches in length and just un-lush enough to leave soft spots for the ball to sink into.

Remarkably, avoided all bunkers, some narrowly, but did seem that the sand was in good shape, per my playing partners results.

Tees were mostly decent, not green or lush to be sure, and cut short. Large areas of the 7th and 8th tees were closed for reseeding, where the grass seemed to be about 1 1/2 inches long and growing in nicely. This created for longer than normal tee shots from the whites markers. On the back, #16 tee was being reseeded, and appeared to affect the blue markers.

Didn't see the cart lady, except at the turn, parked in front of the snack bar, where she was counting her wares up and closing down for the day. The course REALLY needs to add a water jug before the 14th tee. 11th tee would be perfect.

Though a notch below The Crossings at Carlsbad right now in terms of playing conditions, I do look forward to a return very soon. With other courses punching right now, this is a very good option.
Part of the GK Gurus on Tuesday, 10/10. Great to meet several people I've had the pleasure of reading their course reviews and golf comments on the blog. Had a great time playing with three of the smoothest-swinging golfers you will ever see, zgolfinman, gary00 and larryq2001. Great guys and great golfers!

Agree with the others on course conditions. Have played here a number of times over the last 12 months, and the greens were the best-looking and most lush I've seen in that time. Fully recovered from the punching five weeks ago, they were very smooth, no thin spots, very few unrepaired ball marks, and rolled true at medium speed. The main challenge for me was over-reading breaks. Perhaps the dense grass kept the greens online?!?

Really enjoy playing on these fairways, as the Bermuda grass is a great break from kikuyu grass on a number of other Southern California courses, and is truly carpet-like and very lush. Always had a good lie after a good amount of roll-out. Rough was tough around the greens, grabbing the clubhead too often.

Great $8 burgers w/fries on Tuesday, fast and fun service from the cheery and efficient bartender/server and fun conversation on the outdoor patio overlooking the driving range and putting greens. Great to get to know Bob and Larry better. Such fun and interesting gents, to go along with their golfing prowess.

Thanks for setting this up, Johnny. Highly recommended right now.
Very friendly greeting at the pro shop and starter box.

Teed off today at 12:16pm with two very nice playing partners. We started out a bit behind the previous group, but caught up to them on the 5th hole. We then waited on most shots, with a POP ending up at 4:45hrs (sigh), giving us just enough time to catch most of the pre-game warm-up of the Pats-Bucs NFL game while having a few bevvies.

Tee boxes were well-watered, a bit long with soft footing. Fairways were generally firm/burnt-out with a fair amount of some roll. Rough was really hard, burnt out, cut short, and splotchy on nearly every hole. Lots of roll towards hazards as my playing partners found out on #4 and elsewhere.

Bunkers were a mixed bag. I caught one on the first hole that was well-raked and soft, no problem. Also, the front bunker on #8 was fluffy. But, otherwise, the rest for myself and my playing partners were very firm and crispy, typically resulting in air-mailing the greens.

Greens were really pock-marked. A shame, really. Bumpy putts throughout.

Cart lady came by twice. Marshals were around plenty. A short visit to TJ's after the round - they were closing at 6pm for a private event. Eric and Martine are always great.

Overall, was expecting better conditions based on the uptick I saw 12 days ago. Pretty disappointed in conditions, but still had a good time due to the weather and company.
Friendly greeting by Andrew in the pro shop. Got out right away on Mesa Linda, at 2:00pm as a threesome. We started out about one hole behind the group in front, finally catching the pack that was playing behind a pokey and seemingly large golf outing on the par 3 sixth hole. From there, we waited the rest of the day on pretty much every shot. POP 4 hrs 40 mins, finishing at sunset.

Tees were level but a bit long. Fairways were pretty lush, better than six weeks ago, with some bare spots filled in, but not perfect. Rough was patchy, sometimes about 2-3 inches, but with the ball sitting up well, other times tight or bare lies.

Was in one greenside bunker on the par5 11th. Terribly firm and uneven sand, spots unraked by previous golfers. Things did not go well.

Greens looked pretty good, held shots decently for the most part (4, 5, 9, 13 excepted) and were predictably medium-speed except on some of the severely sloped pin placements, where the ball gained speed. Generally, due to the day's heavy foot traffic, there were too many bumps for the ball to navigate on the way to the hole.

No cart girl today and no marshal. Lovely weather, and good times with my regular playing partners. This course can be a tough challenge, particularly if your short game and putter are not in sync.
Played Thursday, 9/28 at 12:48 as a 4some. Group in front of us was a 2some, and had teed off about 20 mins earlier. We finally caught up to them and the pack at the 6th hole. POP ended up being 4hrs:30mins, so pretty good.

Course conditions are generally the same as my last time here a few weeks ago. Greens are pretty smooth and very fast when going downhill. Several of us, even knowing this, ended up with 2nd putts longer than our 1st putts too often. Uphill putts against the grain need some extra umph!

Was in too many sand traps, and though my results weren't great, the sand was pretty nice, medium-weight, not too thin.

Fairways had been watered very recently, and there were some wet spots to deal with, affecting both roll and some chance of hitting fat shots.

No cart lady to be seen all day :( but the marshals were around often enough. They've finally relocated the pro shop/check-in to the new building. A bit sparse and nothing to write home about. Friendly greetings both there and with the starter, however.

As an administrative note - They've implemented a new software reservation system, and it is a piece of garbage, imho. It no longer discerns for 'single' golfers and does not accurately reflect available tee times. Last week, it billed me for four slots even though I did not hit the 'reserve' button. I called the pro shop to make my reservation this week, instead of being able to do it online previously. The site indicated they were fully booked from before 10am until 2:43pm. However, upon showing up 30 minutes before my tee time, they only sent out a twosome before my group teed off. Seems it is costing them some revenue, and is 'user-unfriendly'.
Played Saturday, taking advantage of a last minute weekend special offered at $55 for creek card holders. Teed off at 12:48 with another single and a father-son twosome. Was a good group of players. POP was good most of the day, not waiting much after the first two holes, and speeding up on the back (2hrs) for 4hrs 15min overall. Lovely, sunny day, 1-club wind most of the day.

Course is pretty much the same as my last review, but is about a 1/2 notch better than a week ago from some good watering and resulting in a slightly softer course. Still good roll-out and pretty good lies in the fairways. Greens were the same, nothing to complain about except some cup damage.

Was in two greenside bunkers, #3, which was good fluff and medium sand, and on #6, which was firm/thin sand.

Saw 2 different very friendly cart ladies 2x each. Marshals were around watching pace of play throughout the round.

Signs in the carts indicated the course will be closed for three days in October (23-25) for punching/over-seeding, which adds a day from their original announcement.
Played today, 9/21/17 with GK gurus Gary00, Stickboy and Broomy. I really enjoyed the course, and these guys made it fun, too. My cart partner Gary00 very handsomely tamed the beast today, while I struggled, playing pretty much bogey golf the whole day.

The greens were fantastic, certainly the best single aspect of the course. I really enjoyed the overall esthetic of the tract, set entirely in the canyons, and very secluded on the Camp Pendleton Marine Base. Not overly-crowded, and no houses lining the fairways. Just a great setting. Winds made things challenging for the first 12 holes or so, then things quieted down.

Fairways were good, but were a bit damp, so did not provide great roll for the most part. Sand was white, medium-weight, and nice in all bunkers, including on the practice range. Wish all courses' sand traps were this good!!!

My only issue today was with the tee-boxes. On the par 3s, and a few others, it was a challenge to find a level area to hit a shot. So, hopefully, the greenskeeper there will take a look at the white tees, where we played today and look at ways to level things out in the near future.

A good number of water jugs on the course and restrooms. Very positive reception at the pro shop, and the barkeep at Eagles Landing 19th hole was very nice and attentive. Though we gathered inside after the round to watch the football game, the outdoor seating area with views of the course are also a great place to recap the round.

I really, really liked the course and look forward to a return visit. This is a true 'hidden gem'. The white tees played a bit longer than the yardage (wind and dampish fairways) and for a short hitter, the pressure was to score via the short game today, for which I was not able to deliver. Still, the greens are great, so looking forward to the next round!
Played Thursday, 9/14 a little after 1:00pm with two older, very nice gentlemen and had a fun time. We started out pretty pokey while they were getting their groove together, but was able to corral them to the point of catching the pack ahead on the 7th hole (yes, I felt it was my job to pull them along!). They admitted that left to their own devices, they typically take about 3 hours per side (sigh)! POP ended up being about 4hrs 25mins, waiting on the back 9 on an outing three groups ahead. So, really not bad for us in the end in terms of POP.

Course is still not really in very good condition. Compared to last month, the fairways are now dry and provided a lot of roll, so I actually appreciated that - except I found some trouble that I am normally far short of. Lies were hit and miss. General color of the course is green/yellow with some browned out and bare areas. Enough to really grab your attention. Rough was thin in spots as you'd expect. Was in one greenside bunker on #4, which was nice and soft, but with firm footing and a fairway bunker on #18 that was very firm.

Greens were decently smooth, but with some older ball mark damage. Greens today held very well, and balls left deep divots, easy to spot and repair.

Marshal was around more times than I could count, keeping an eye on the golf outing groups in particular. He apologized, but did say several of the groups were instructed to skip at least one hole. Nice to see him doing his job, keeping the satisfaction of the entire golfing cohort in mind, as it should be. A+++ for that.
Played as a 3some in a 5 hour round. All because the starter/marshal (same white-haired guy) insisted on creating a 4some, and then refused to take responsibility/just do his job to ensure they kept pace. Waited on every shot.

Course conditions were good but unremarkable. Tee boxes were very good. Greens were pretty good, fairways a bit wet in a number of them from over-watering, rough was patchy and not too penal, and wasn't in any bunkers today. My playing partners got out of them with no problems.

So... the starter came up to the Los Lagos tee just after a 2some teed off in front of us and pulled two singles from behind us to join them. This is somewhat understandable.

What is not, is this same starter was making the rounds and when we saw him on the 8th hole, we let him know that the group in front of us was at least a hole behind the next group. His response wasn't, "OK, I'll go check it out", it was "well, maybe they started well-behind the group in front of them." I reminded him of the facts.

Nothing changed, the group remained extremely pokey. So, pretty clear he never said anything to them and certainly didn't keep an eye on them. By the time we were standing on the 13th green, we saw the golfers just two groups in front of us, now on the 16th green! So, the group in front of us having just teed off on 14, was now lagging 2 1/2 holes behind! The Marshal was nowhere to be seen. What a farce this marshal is. He was less than worthless. Collecting a paycheck for doing nothing but riding around in a cart. I may have to do the English thing and write a letter.
Played SJH Friday, teeing off about 1:45pm as a 4some. Hot day in the low 90's, with a mild wind. POP ended up at 5 hours. Waits were on every tee, but not always on every shot. Slow, but not painful. Maybe it was that my playing partner and I were having a lot of good laughs telling stories, so the time passed well.

Someone at SJH may have read my review from a month ago, as they have recently (maybe 2 weeks ago) leveled and re-sodded the tee boxes for the white tees on the two of the par 3s on the back nine, #14 (red tees also) and #18. The sod is still settling/firming up, but it is such a great improvement, I must give kudos to SJH management/greens-keeping staff for taking action, even if my review had nothing to do with it!

Greens were great - dark green, smooth, receptive/held shots reasonably well, pretty true (ball marks not too bad) and very fast today, much drier due to the heat. Ball easily rolled 6-8 feet past the hole at times due to the location on the slopes. Putting uphill was the key to scoring well.

Fairways are uneven, but generally good lies today, and had some great roll, so enjoyed that as a short-hitter. Rough was mixed.

Was in too many bunkers today, sand was generally good - they replaced the sand last fall I think, but was a little loose/heavy for me on #14.

Starter is always friendly and efficient, keeping things organized. Rumoured to be a cousin to our current President, he does bear a physical resemblance, wore a red golfing hat (not THAT one), but he's much calmer and is pretty quiet. A nice guy. Saw the cart girl twice, no marshal, and the half-way shack was well-stocked with cold beverages.

A good rock band started playing outside at the bar after the round at 7pm, and we got happy-hour pricing on some good apps. A nice day out at SJHills. Well worth it.
Grabbed a 20% coupon deal on for a net just less than $29 w/cart on Monday. Unbelievable deal for this Robert Trent Jones, Jr. designed course. Young lady at the pro shop let me go out 1/2 early with a friendly threesome, making for a fun and enjoyable round. POP ended up being 4hrs 15mins, waiting on no one. Very light play on the course.

Played here back in May and the main changes are that the greens are now really nice, somewhat receptive, medium-fast speed and pretty smooth. On the flip side, though I wasn't in any of the sand traps, they were fairly unkempt, and looked a bit firm and damp. Other guys in the group who had the pleasure, struggled with getting out in one stroke. forecasted sunny skies and 70 degrees whilst it was 100 degrees in Santa Rosa, but on the golf course yesterday, it was socked in by the marine-layer and varied between low and upper 60's, with a lower wind-chill. Typically a 1 or 2 club wind, depending on elevation of the holes. There really is a good variation of elevation on a number of holes and generally the course overall, with a few right at sea-level, and others as high as 700 feet perhaps. Be sure to bring a sweater, sweatshirt and/or jacket to deal with the changing weather conditions.

Just love the course, even in the colder weather. The fresh air is fantastic. Well worth the greens fees. Bring your GPS/rangefinder, though the free yardage card they provide is great and they do have marked sprinkler heads.
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