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Played 6/30, 9am shotgun, as part of a 4 day golf trip. My personal ranking of the 4 I played: Incline Village Championship Course, Old Greenwood, Edgewood, Gray's Crossing. Though all 4 are really great and fun.

So, this was my least favorite. But it is a beautiful Sierra course, worthy of its peers. I felt the course was the least interesting. Driver, iron. Driver, iron. Most of the holes were straightforward. There was 1 or 2 driveable par 4s. A couple of the par5s were reachable. Some water features and forced carries made some of the holes interesting. I had fun, but I had more fun at the other 3 courses. But don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful course, in great shape.

The weather was sunny, mild wind. Altitude was worth a club. Had a good time overall.
Played 6/29, 9am shotgun, as part of a 4 day golf trip. My personal ranking of the 4 I played: Incline Village Championship Course, Old Greenwood, Edgewood, Gray's Crossing. Though all 4 are really great and fun.

So, yes, this was my favorite of the bunch. I was told going in that since this was the shortest course of the 4, it would be a lot of non drivers off the tee.. but I did not find that to be the case. There were plenty of driver holes, but a lot of variety off the tee as well. Significant elevation changes throughout the course. Every hole was interesting and had different challenges. Many of the holes were framed beautifully. The greens were fast and grainy. Definitely need to read grain, fast downhill, slow uphill putts.

It was a gorgeous, sunny day. No wind. A club worth of altitude.

I want to play here again.
Played 6/28, 8am shotgun, as part of a 4 day golf trip. My personal ranking of the 4 I played: Incline Village Championship Course, Old Greenwood, Edgewood, Gray's Crossing. Though all 4 are really great and fun.

This was definitely the best manicured course of the bunch. Not surprising, as the celebrity tourney is coming in 2 weeks. Grandstands being built all over. On the one hand, it adds to the allure of a high profile course. But on the other hand, they block some great views of the lake, which is what the green fee is paying for.

Today, the sun was in and out. The wind was there all day. Again, I struggled with club selection, with the elevation (less than a club), the wind, and the greens holding very few shots, it made for a tough day. The greenside rough was pretty rough... even with balls that sat up, the rough would grab the club, so you had make solid swings, which is tough on slick greens.

The course is in fantastic shape. Some really interesting holes that make you think. Had a fun time. But put this course anywhere else in the state, you'd have a tough time commanding the $300 rack rate. I would like to play again, but not for $300. Maybe I'll make some connections.
Played 6/27, 1pm shotgun, as part of a 4 day golf trip. My personal ranking of the 4 I played: Incline Village Championship Course, Old Greenwood, Edgewood, Gray's Crossing. Though all 4 are really great and fun.

Today was an overcast windy day, in the 60s, but windchill made it colder. I really enjoyed this course. Interesting holes, with lots of elevation changes. Using every club in your bag.
Need to club down at least one club for elevation. With the 20-30 mph winds, I had a hard time with club selection, and was long on most shots. The wind died down a little on the back, and I eventually figured it out. My mantra all weekend became "trust the altitude".

Greens super grainy, so if you can't read the grain, you will struggle. They were true, ran about 11.5 downgrain, 10 upgrain. The course overall was in great shape. Cart girl came around multiple times. Definitely want to play here again.
Played Sat 6/1, 7am, first off: 3:30 round walking. Missed the GK plays, but was able to get here a few weeks later. I really enjoyed the layout. It has a lot of links style routing. The greens were running fast... and newer greens are near impossible to hold... so you do have to play some rollout. I feel that if you replaced the Oakland Airport with the Pacific Ocean, you'd have a legit $200+ course. That stretch of back 9 that abuts against the airport are some quality holes. There are some elevation changes, quite a few uneven lies... I think it's #12... a beast of a par 4 hole uphill. Easy walk. Will try to play this one again.
Played 6/6... about 3pm, as a single, rode in 2:15. Stayed at the resort, so saved a few bucks on the owner rate. Empty this PM... super windy and a bit cold, though sunny. Interesting course that meanders a mountainside... lots of elevation changes. Greens were super slow. Had a good time, but of the 4 courses I played this week, this would be #4 (Pronghorn Nicklaus/Fazio, and Juniper)
Played 6/4, walked as a single 7:30, not too many people on the course before 8. Really liked this course, and could see this as my home course if I lived here. Great shape. Interesting course that meanders back and forth across a valley...So it goes up and down. Has some great views of the Sisters and Broken Top peaks. Greens stimped about a 10. I played the 6500 yd layout (second from the back)... and if I could do it again, I'd play the Blue/white combo of about 6300... some really really long holes on the 6500 yd layout... 616 par 5, some 200 yd par 3s.... anyways, if you are looking for a reprieve from resort triple digit green fees, Juniper will give you a good time.
Played here 6/3, 7am tee time. 3:15 rd as a 2some. Wonderfully fantastic course, with amazing views, nice holes, great shot quality, big greens... incredibly groomed... I walked, and for the most part it's a walkable course, but there are some green to tee walks that are pretty long, and I was able to hitch a ride with my riding partner. I would recommend a caddy for the first time or 2, as I don't know how you can know where to hit or not to hit on many of the holes... I mean, you know which way to hit, but knowing exactly where the ball will go, or what trouble to avoid, or how much to carry (lots of deception)... saved me about 5-8 strokes. And btw, I got paired with a member that plays over 400 rounds a year, so he was my caddy. Anyways, just about every hole was interesting, and knowing how to play the course added to the enjoyment. Greens were slow due to the dew for the first 9, and picked up speed on the back. I would love another 4-5 cracks at this course.
Played 4/6, Sat AM.. got tee time night before on line for $39. 7am tee time; 3 1/2 hr rd as a 2some. Greens punched I guess 2 weeks ago, and still a little bumpy, probably 2 weeks away from 90% healed. But playable. Hadn't rained in a few days, and not that bad... course pretty dry, fairways and green very dry, bunkers a bit of a mess. Some of the rough areas were muddy and not mowed. But certainly very very playable.
Played Sat 3/9, 9:30am... scramble. Rained most of the front nine. Winds about 1-2 clubs most of the day. Cart Path Only. #14 closed.. they say it was flooded... looks ok now, but I bet the hole is soft and mushy. They let us play #1 twice. The river is flowing high and fast. With all of the rain we've received in the past 6 weeks, this course is in fantastic shape. Only hole 1 was noticeably soft, but looked great. The rest of the course, the fairways were more than playable, with a decent amount of roll. The greens are immaculate, running about a 10.5, and true. The rough is a little high, probably due to not mowing regularly. Cart girl came around 4 or 5 times. We expected the worst with the weather and conditions, and were pleasantly surprised! Had a really good time.
Played Sunday 3/3, about 1pm. walked on as a single. We've had 2+ days of rain reprieve, and it was pretty nice out, so course more crowded than I expected. I just wanted to go hit balls and putt and chip, as it has been a while and I have a tournament coming up; and my course was closed for a private event. So I head out, paid $17 to walk, (cart path only) and played 5 holes until I hit a wait. Played 6-9 with some waiting. Went 10, then back to 2-5, then walked in. Standing water would be an understatement. Lots of low lying areas that are literal lakes. With more rain coming in this week, if you care about the conditions, you would need to wait a month after the last rains for those areas to come back. Otherwise, greens are rolling fine.. a bit on the slow end. Most of the fairways are playable, except for the new lakes that you have to avoid. If you just want a golf experience, it's not too bad.
Played Thanksgiving day, 8am shotgun. After about 15 straight hours of rain that let up about 6am, we played in a crisp, cool sunny morning, with a slight breeze. I've always said the course drains really really well, and the course was 80% dry. Some areas of rough were sloppy, but far and few between. Some standing water in about 30% of the bunkers. Greens were perfect, a little on the slow end, but faster than you would think... slow 10 maybe on the stimp. They are doing bunker construction, so about 10-15 bunkers are GUR. Overall a great day, on a course in great shape.
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