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Disappointed. No mention of maintenance on greens. Get to the first hole, small little tine holes without sand. If that isn't green maintenance then I don't know what is.

Greens OK with tine marks. Bumpy with med/fast speed. Hard to keep the ball on line without a firm stroke. Fairways are spectacular. Great coverage. Rough is thick and penal. Sand in bunkers is hard packed. Folks Fix your messes in the Bunkers.

Not a lot of muddy areas. Course appears to drain very well. Not a lot of GUR.

Pace of play was an abysmal 5 hour round on a THURSDAY. I guess everyone was sneaking out before the rain came.

Wait a week/two before coming here.
Played Saturday for a quick 9 and hopefully shake off the rust of not playing for the past few weeks.

Course is WET. I mean soaking. Loads of standing water. Not a lot but it's the sort of muddy lies with water just squishing just below the grass. It's the sort that if it's just bare mud you will either slide or it would suck the boots off your feet if you're not treading carefully. These wet areas extend the length of most holes.

FYI minimum 9 trees fell here. Not from broken branches but literally uprooting from the base of the tree. If that is not an indication of really weak root systems I don't know what is. Made me think twice about walking underneath the mature trees that line pretty much the whole course.

Greens ran with med/fast speed some of the greens were heavily damaged. Looks like birds were trying to feed off the worms underneath. Holes 4 and 7 come to mind. Fairways are still muddy. Rough is THICK. Tee boxes are squishy but playable. Pace of play was a decent 2 hours for 9 holes.

Overall course will green out nice when given a chance to dry out.
Played Sunday. POP 4.25 hours walking

Greens in perhaps best shape I have seen them in quite a while. They roll fairly true with med/slow speed. Breaks are more pronounced as ball slows but a firm stroke is typically rewarded as the ball rarely skipped/bounced around to the hole.

Fairways are a mix of muddy grass, standing water, and thin lies. I would say the front 9 does not drain as well but there were some holes on the back that were this huge mud puddle. Typically these areas were just beyond the tee boxes but some were in the landing zones. Bottom-line it's a mixed bag of lies. Sand in bunkers are hard packed. Playable but very hard packed. Rough is thickish and a little penalizing, quite a surprise for this course.

Course was crowded for a Sunday which was a surprise but it's good to see a course busy after all the rain. I would wait for these breaks in the storm to play. Loads of standing water so golfers make sure your boots are watertight.
Snuck out today. Greens on front 9 are perhaps the best I have seen. Folks please remember to fix your divots. Aside from the occasional unrepaired divot the greens ran pretty true with slow/med speed. Greens on Back 9 ran true with med speed. Fairways are thin but definitely an improvement from what I remember. Fairways cut to same height as rough so not an issue. Water in quite a few bunkers especially on back 9 which are the older set. Loads of standing water on back. Front drained pretty well.

Overall pace of play decent. 9 holes in front in under 2 hours. 9 holes for back in around 2 hours. Not a lot of challenge but when you haven't picked up your clubs since the storm start it's nice to knock the rock around even at your participating municipal golf course.
Played yesterday before the rains come. It's my short course for 9 holes and at $17 before twilight it's priced OK to satisfy that need to play.

Greens are in fine shape currently. They roll well (later in the day a bit more bumpier and that's to be expected) but ran with med/fast speed and held their line well enough. Not a lot of subtlety to the course what you see is what you get. Fairways have good coverage and rough is thickish in spots with some bare areas -- also to be expected. Tee boxes are chewed up but playable. Bunkers are OK with a gravelly sand.

Overall course is in decent shape for this time of the year.
Played here Friday. Course is in pretty decent condition for the amount of play and the fact it's executive. This day wasn't busy. Finished round in under 3 hours (more like 2 1/2). Greens in good shape. Some work on the greens and some patched spots but otherwise playable. Greens ran with med/fast speed and a little bumpy but that's from the afternoon sun. Fairways and rough had your mix of lush and thin lies, typical for this time of the year. Bunkers had decent amount of sand (most of bunkers on the course are 15/16/17.)Tee boxes while beaten up were playable.

Overall course conditions very consistently above par with some of the golf courses in the area. Throw in the price point a definite value. Play here again? Of course, just mind the air traffic it is after all adjacent to LAX.
Played here Friday. Walking.

It's been almost 10 years since I have played here and I can understand why. I am not complaining. Ok well I may be a little but for the time of the year and the type of grass I would have expected better coverage in the fairways. Instead I had a bunch of thin lies on more than 5 fairways. Tee boxes are good, level and flat. Bunkers placed in some of the toughest spots -- i.e. landing areas from the tee box so you have to really plan your shots. I enjoyed the fact what you saw is what you got. No surprises just golf but the thin lies in the fairways was a tough pill to swallow especially when you don't have that shot.

Greens rolled true but to a med/slow speed. They did speed up later in the day. Overall I was happy with the conditions except for the fairways but like I said I remember only 5 fairways where the landing areas were on the thin side.

Pace of play was a decent 4 hour round but we were playing behind a walking foursome of seniors and were consistently a hole behind the group ahead of them. Lots of fun holes to play just since the course sits on a hill the grass just doesn't seem to grow along the fairways. Play here again? Perhaps when I can find another deal like this one.
$32 to walk on a Thursday. Finished our round in 3 1/2 hours as a walking foursome. Twosome in front was at least a hole in front of us. The Foursome behind were riding in carts but we rarely saw them and were at least a 1/2+ hole behind us the whole day.

Greens are in really great shape. They roll true. They roll fast and are very firm so you really have to hit short to release towards the hole. High shots do stop but expect a little more release. Fairways had GREAT coverage -- not one bare spot comes to mind. Rough is thick sticky and penalizing. Some areas were painted GUR which was a nice change. You can tell the staff really takes great care of the course. It looks healthy even with the play it gets. Tee boxes are rotated well and show little if no wear and tear from normal use.

For what you pay here there is a lot of value. Course is in fine shape. Pace of play was spectacularly fast especially since we teed off around 9ish AM. I have always enjoyed this course but given it's current state and for the value you get, it's definitely up there in my must replay list.

Play here again? Didn't you read my review above? Absolutely!
Played in our GK Plays over the Veteran's Holiday. Good times.

Driving up to the course you see slips of green against the desert landscape and it's breathtaking. Course is GREEN and lush. They say this is perhaps their best over-seed and you can tell.

For me the tee boxes all level and lush. Fairways lush. Rough is thick and penalizing AND Lush. Greens were a little inconsistent but lush, rolled true. It was hit and miss when you tried to go for the greens and because it was my first time playing here it was very difficult to figure out if you should be aggressive or not. Overall though the course is in fine shape. I mean you get what you pay for and this course delivers in customer service AND some wonderful playing conditions. It didn't hurt that the weather cooperated as well.

Bottom-line this course was a treat to play and I look forward to finding my way back here again. Course offers some real challenges, some great views and some great golf in my humble opinion. This course is definitely on my hit parade return list when I return to Las Vegas.

Play here again? You betcha!
Played 9 holes yesterday with dwindling light.

Greens on front 9 ranged from patchy looking to green/smoothish. A firm putting stroke kept the ball on line longer with a bumpiness as the ball slowed and moved closer to the hole. Overall surprised that even some of the patchy greens rolled pretty well with slow/medium speed. At least the greens were consistent from hole to hole.

Fairways still various lies from thin to relatively decent lies. Rough the same thing. It;s your basic mixed bag. Bunkers had hard packed sand and easy to hit from. Tee were all flat and lush.

Pace of play was phenomenal for a Saturday afternoon. No on in front and no one behind for at least a full hole in either direction. Finished 9 in under 1 1/2 hours with a tee time around 4pm. Had enough light to try to finish but due to personal time constraints finished with loads of light.

Surprised at conditions. Figured fairways would have good coverage but did not. Greens looked patchy but for the most part ran true with minor adjustments to putting stroke.
Busy day Friday with fivesomes stacked. Greens look to be in pretty good shape. They held their line and were receptive. They may look shaggy and a little bumpy but for the most part ran pretty well and true. Fairways have good coverage; not many thin lies here. Rough is mix of thick to scorched earth. Some of the green complexes have thin lies. Bunkers are hard packed and playable. Tees are flatish and certainly playable.

Pace of play was a slow 2.5 hour round for 9 holes. It was a Friday so what are you expecting and at $17/9 holes not a bad deal if you want to quench that golf bug.
Greens aerated by the look of it like last week.

Tee boxes in decent shape, flat, level and lush. Fairways had good coverage not one thin lie except for a few spots along the sides next to the rough. Rough is mix of thick, cut low, or thin. Green complexes had good coverage. Sand in bunkers around some holes had little or no sand at the bottom; plenty around the sides (Hole 4 comes to mind). Bunkers for the most part are hard packed and playable.

Pace of play was swift. We were relaxed, not rushed and kept pace with threesome ahead and at least a hole ahead of the group behind until the last three holes. We could have pushed the group ahead quite easily but since the groups behind were holding steady at least a hole behind, why bother.

It would be nice if they kept ice water coolers on the course -- at least around holes closer to the club house.

I would come back again. Conditions look to be pretty good currently notwithstanding the recent aeration. Figure a week or two but the course itself looks very healthy. Play here again? Yeppers, especially if they keep up their maintenance. It's a bargain between 2pm-4pm at $19 (includes cart)
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