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Played Friday. Course was crowded. Conditions are I think above average. Pace of play was faster than the crowded course appeared.

Greens were recently punched (small tine). There were some bald spots especially on Hole 2 (par 3). Looked like some fungus issue. For the most part though even these greens rolled fairly true with little bumpiness. Fairways had good coverage with some thin lies especially on back 9. Rough was a various mix of cut thin to bare to truly thick stuff so mileage will vary. Bunkers had in my opinion the right amount of sand. Just enough to get your club under the ball. Tee boxes were flat and lush.

Pace of play was strange. We were a twosome stuck behind a really slow 4some. It was so bad that they were literally a hole behind. They were hospitable enough to let us play through but only AFTER we hit up on them mistakenly. I think it was hole 7, they had literally disappeared from the green and we thought they left so we hit; only to find them marching onto the green as my ball hit the front part of the green.

Overall conditions are decent to above average. Starter was accommodating towards his customers and that helps. Definitely recommended to play.
Played yesterday, twilight. And I was pleasantly surprised. Course is in FINE shape.

Greens rolled at medium/fast speed. They rolled true. Picked a line an hit the ball firmly and the results were predictable. Noticed the speeds varied from green to green but for the most part they rolled well and you could tell just by walking on them the speed of the greens.

Fairways had decent coverage. Nice cushion underneath. There were a few thin lies but playable.

Bunkers were ALL well stocked with nice somewhat compacted sand underneath. I prefer hitting this sort of sand where the bunker gives you a little feedback and decent bounce to hit your ball.

Rough varied from VERY thick around the green complexes to a little heavy along the sides of the fairway.

Tee boxes were level and playable.

Pace of Play (POP) a little over 3 hours as a single until the last 4 holes. Honestly playing this fast as a walking single that late in the day was FUN. The heat was bearable with a nice breeze towards the end of the day. For the money you get what you pay for and then some. I paid $19 to walk twilight. It was a workout but for the conditions of the course at present it's definitely worth the value. Recommended.
Played Wednesday. It was a busy day.

Greens running pretty quick and very receptive. Fairways had good coverage. Rough is mixed bag of thick to thinnish lies. Tee boxes are uneven; took a bit to find a nice flat spot but for me playable. Bunkers were well stocked with sand; ranging from good fluffy sand to compact sand.

Pace of play was decent. Note they have juniors playing but the coaches with these kids do keep the pace of play moving; which is a good thing.

Greens are in my humble opinion some of the best in the South Bay. You can pick a line and be assured your line will hold with a well struck putt -- even on the three newer greens.
Played here yesterday.

Greens have healed and are night and day compared to what they were perhaps a year ago. They roll pretty true. They are receptive and run at medium/fast speeds.

I guess that heavy layer of sand worked after their last aeration. Greens look very healthy.

Fairways are lush with a few thin lies here and there but certainly playable.

Rough is still mix of thick to non-existent.

Bunkers have always been a problem here but there is sand even if a few of them have a thin layer of it with clay underneath. I have played here often enough to know what to look for and adjust my swing accordingly.

Tee boxes are mix of dirt and thick/thin grass but playable.

Pace of play is getting slower and noticable for 9 holes. Word is getting around that it's a great course to play when time is not your friend and yet want to play golf.

Personally I like the direction that Harbor has taken. Conditions are solid for this time of the year. You can do better but for what it is and what is has, definitely a place to play a round or three.
Played Tuesday prior to the Long Beach Match Play scheduled this Friday.

Course is in fine shape. I mean really fine shape for the time of the year the course is really ready for the Long Beach Open.

Greens were consistent. They were soft and receptive. Greens putted true and really all I had to do was pick a line and stick to it to make putts go in.

Fairways had good cushion underfoot. It certainly beat walking on clay soil my last round at Alondra which was hard on my feet. Instead here at Skylinks I noticed that I wasn't as tired walking and I can say without a doubt it was simply the cushion underneath. It didn't feel like walking on concrete yet you were able to get decent release from your fairway shots.

Bunkers were well stocked with sand. I was in a few both fairway and green-side bunkers and all were relatively easy to hit from. Around the greens it was easy enough to get your club under the ball with the sand underneath. No bunkers with a thinly veiled covering of sand, it was thick with just enough tension from the sand to know you were in a bunker.

Rough was consistent and thick. Not penal just made you think twice how to hit your shot out of there.

Tee boxes were flat and even.

Walking here was fast up until the back 9 when we caught up with some groups. We did finish with enough light and time to spare.

My advice is now is your chance to place a decent course at some reasonable rates. And for the quality of conditions, I would say definitely worth the price of admission.
Played Saturday, twilight.

Afternoon sun affects greens; making them splotchy and bumpy. Putts can hold their line with a firm putt but expect your ball to bounce around on it's way to the hole. More than once my ball hit one of these patches to be thrown off course.

Bunkers have this wonderful thin layer of sand. Knowing this prior to digging yourself out of the bunker will change the way you approach the issue of finding yourself on the beach. I basically treated it like a thin lie and it worked for me.

Fairways of mix of thin and thinner lies. I tried to aim for the patches of what I thought was grass and hoped for the best.

Rough cut to the same height as fairways with mix of really thick penal grass and just plain dirt. What you see is what you get.

Pace of play on a Saturday afternoon was brisk. 18 holes in under 4 hours; playing just prior to twilight. Could have been faster.

It's my default course. It's close, relatively cheap and manages to not only boost my confidence since it is a relatively easy course despite the horrid greens. If you desire better greens I always say Long Beach has by and large the more consistent of the greens in the area with Westchester for a quick round a close third/fourth. Recommended with reservations.

My advice to the grounds staff -- sharpen your blades. Make sure your blades are working and even to the cutting surface. And hit the thin spots in the fairway with some sort of soil amending to make it less clay-like and promote growth.
Greens have healed. They roll fairly true with few bumps. Noticed that playing in the afternoon versus morning is completely different for greens here. In the morning they roll pretty quick, true and hit firm. Towards the afternoon the POA blooms and makes putts a lot more bouncy and roll with medium speed.

Tee boxes good.

Bunkers a good portion of them have sand a few still don't and have this thin layer of sand.... thinking of hole 9 right side bunker. Rest of bunkers for the most part had decent sand. Hole 4's fairway bunker has new sand just nobody really rakes it.

Rough is mixed bag; cut short to super think and clingy.

Tee boxes for most part are flatish. There are a good many bare spots but that doesn't happen until Hole 5.

Pace of play was slow for Saturday mid-morning.
Home of the thin lies. It won't disappoint.

Greens have recovered. Still very bumpy in the afternoon sun. Tricky to hold the line on putts. You definitely have to strike the putt solid to get through the bounciness. Greens rolled to slow/medium speed. Fairways for the most part a mix of thin lies, thinner lies and some decent lies. I honestly aim for the green spots and hope for the best. Bunkers are thin as well. Tee boxes are flatish. Just have to hunt around the tee markers to find a flat spot.

Pace of Play was a quick 3.5 hours. Not bad but the conditions are at best mediocre. I often wonder why I play here and then I finish a round that quick and I am reminded why I play here.
Played Monday.

Greens have healed but very bumpy. They look slow but roll to medium speed. Greens are inconsistent from green to green so beware. Fairways have decent cushion and coverage. Rough is mix of fairway height to deep rough. What you roll into is what you get. Tee boxes are flatish with some bare spots. Bunkers are a mess. Pace of play is OK.

FYI they pushed back twilight to after 4. Suits me fine because it's not busy at 3 but you do have to pay full boat.
Played last Saturday with Itslikeimsayin for our GK Cup Match. Lost 3 and 2, but that is another story. Let me put it this way, I make a birdie on the second hole only to have Itslikeimsayin make his own birdie -- apparently unrattled by mine. LOL. And that was how the round went :D

Greens even with the evidence of aeration a week or more past rolled rather well. Sometimes a little bumpy. Sometimes you could see the marks from aeration but they really didn't affect the ball movement much. Green speed was medium to fast. Fairways were a mix of thin lies to nice lies. Rough as I remember was a mixed bag. One hole I aimed down the right side hoping to catch a downhill run towards the hole but was caught in a burrowed animal's hole UNDER a tree. Go figure.

Pace of play was fast even with the heat. Not properly dressed for the heat was the key. Drink loads of liquids. Saw the cart gal twice.

For the conditions and the amount of play, I was impressed. Surprised this course is very busy and for the amount of play I would say the conditions are better than I expected but because of the area you would expect superior conditions. Course bones I thought were pretty decent. It's a good mix of narrow holes and holes you could spray the ball and be OK.

My thoughts are personally mixed. Being my first time playing here I like what I saw, just wished conditions were a bit better with fewer thin lies.
Well of course I didn't bother to check the aeration schedule here on GK and what am I rewarded? They aerate the first 4 greens not with sand but literally it looked and played like a bunker instead of a green.

Note to self AWLAYS Check GK for the latest aeration alerts. No other place has it and it's a quick, easy check.

Not complaining -- ok perhaps just a little. But if you have enough sand to be able to draw designs in the sand on the GREEN, well I would say there was a little too much sand.

Sanded greens were for the most part slow. Unaerated greens were in pretty decent shape. They rolled well with a little bumpiness from the afternoon sun but held their line with good strokes. Fairways in decent shape. Bunkers looked OK. Tees were mostly uneven and bare but playable.

Pace of play behind the Harbor Gateway tournament was slow. Finished with plenty of light and no mosquitoes. If they plan to aerate the balance of holes next week, I would give it time to heal. Greens looked very healthy and it's my hope the staff here know what they are doing to help these greens recover quickly.
Played yesterday for my weekly golf fix.

Greens have improved to the point those splotchy, bouncy greens are a thing of the past even with the afternoon sun. They run pretty true with medium speed. They run a lot faster than they look.

Fairways with decent coverage.

Bunkers still a mixed bag of grainy sand, no sand, and hard pan. The worst is a thin layer of sand with hard pan/clay underneath.

Tee Boxes are flat for the most part but very playable.

I have only seen the course improve with their ground staff's latest replacements. They are working on obvious improvements (like a hitting cage which should be up soon) as well as much needed tree thinning and grounds maintenance. It's little wonder this course is getting busier because the local word is getting around. Loads of new faces.

Pace of play for 9 holes is an OK 2 hours.


P.S. Met Warren there, a lurking GKer that noticed my bag tag. LOL. Great playing with you guy and I look forward to playing with you again soon. For the record, it's nice to know the work we do here is appreciated. Spread the GK Word my brothers and sisters! So sayeth the gospel according to GK!
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