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Had the pleasure of being invited to play here yesterday. I have been dying to play this re-designed track once the prices fell for summer. Wow this course is awesome.

This course is Troon Management at its finest. Suburb customer service, amenities, plush new carts. They have done a lot of smaller touches that dont go unnoticed. Such as retro ball rollers on the practice pitching green. The new resort is immaculate and the course pairs with it perfectly and like a fine Chianti Classico.

This course is a tale of two distinct nines. The front nine is more open and reminiscent of a Palmer design in Palm Springs. The water elements, plam trees, beautifully manicured bunkers and aprons were a welcome relief from the harsh desert landscape in Phoenix. The tee boxes were immaculate. A little firm due to being knew but flat as a pool table. Fairways were great. Some yellow patches but overall manicured perfectly and consistent throughout. The bunkers were outstanding. A nice consistent fluffy soft layer of premium crushed granite made for easy shots. The only downside were the greens are new and firm so you have to be very strategic with your approaches. You cant pin attack and spin it close here a lot like a US open greens. I relished the challenge and was able to test my short game touch and imagination.

The greens are very undulated and had very difficult pin positions today. While the holes seems straight forward here I is difficult to score and the green complexes are the course' primary defense. And a stout defense they are. Great mix of dog legs and elevation changes coupled with fun reachable par 5s.

While the front nice is a pleasant resort course. The back nine is special and where the Phoenician shines. Amazing views of the city with holes nestled along the base of Camelback Mountain. It features some challenging elevated par threes with some shorter attackable par fours. The greens on the back have some serious slope and there are no gimmie putts. The final par 5 18 is a blast to play. It's a risk reward dogleg you can cut the corner of to a water protected green with water running along the entire right side of the hole. It reminds me of Indian Wells very much which is not bad company.

A must play and I cant wait to get back with course knowledge of the greens.
Had the worst golf experience here in my last 2 years. I would highly recommend avoiding this place if you want a quick round, or want to play on time. They pack people like sardines here.

I went first off on the back nine as a single at 5:30 am. Then they started sending groups out one the front nine at 6 so I ran into lap traffic. They had a tournament start at 7 so I was only able to get 15 holes in. I have also heard from numerous people the same issues. So it's partially my fault. But be warned they pack groups out here like sardines.

I like the layout, but it was poor conditions this morning. It was an absolute mud bowl. Flooded cart paths. Ponds in bunkers. The greens were soggy and recovering from a punch. Rolled okay but lots of trimmed glass clumps.

Tons of dead spots. Yellow areas. Mud pits. Generally poor conditions across the board. The place is not cheap either. There was no mention of a tournament on their website, but it gladly took my money and reserved 18 for me, although when I showed up at 5:30 they only wanted to let me play 9. I then let them know I know how to play quick and can finish 18 in 1.5 hours but the starter proceeded to tell me that's impossible and argue with me. The cart girl is real nice and a great employee and tried to talk me off the ledge at the end of the round, but it was too little too late.

Conditions there are horrendous there right now. Go elsewhere.
Played here yesterday at 2:50 with a coworker on a deal (Site is getting better)

I really enjoy this course but this is one of those ASTERISK courses where you have to manage your expectations and take the good with the bad.

It cracks me up that Lookout Mountain is a Troon managed course. This is definitely the pimply redheaded stepchild of Troon courses. I don't think they could have a more confusing set up if they tried. Goofy does not describe it's a dumpster fire. I was talking with the manager in the tee shop as I waited for my partner because it is impossible to find if you haven't been there before. He was trying to sell me on them not having space etc. But I was voicing my opinion on how the setup, amenities, and pro shop of this place are an absolute joke and unacceptable for a Troon course. The course has potential to be one of the best, if they just put some lipstick on this pig, however the economics may not make sense.

This course has THE worst opening hole in the entire valley. With the biggest eye sore of a drain next to the first green. I don't want to continue to be negative. But just wipe everything about the first hole from your mind when you play. The next two are ho hummers.

I've only played this course during summer, but wow is this course way more fun when the conditions aren't rock hard.

The greens are near immaculate now. They were soft without being mushy. They were absolutely smooth as glass. They were rolling. Only one hole had ballmarks I noticed. I made 5 birdies and burned two more edges from deep.

The fairways are lush right now. There were some yellow spots and some bare spots around the green but nothing egregious. In most cases there was perfect lush grass around all greens.

Tee boxes were lush and minimal divots. Bunkers were more course sand but consistent.

With the recent rain, all the flowers and trees were in full bloom. It was a perfect day and the course was stunning. The par 3's here are epic. My favorite in the valley. I love the elevation changes here, and elevated greens. All the greens here slope from back to front, with some very severe. During summer they are rock hard which adds quite a degree of difficulty because a few of the greens are tiny slivers.

The key here is to stay below the hole on all holes and you will score. The soft greens made for easy scoring. The course is a blast to play. I think it's one of the best values in the valley. Go into it knowing its a train wreck to begin but turns into one of the best with some of the funnest reachable par 5's you can play. Must play right now.
Played here 2 weekends ago taking advantage of the Underpar deal.

This course is sweet. We played directly after the rain so it couldn't have been more lush. It's as pure, pure desert golf you can find. Tee boxes were immaculate, every bit of grass was lush and cut perfectly. The dormant rye around the bunkers was perfect. Great bunkers. Greens are fast but not not unfair. You can tell it is a modern course design and it really shows. While there are lots of forced carriers, ravines etc nothing is overly difficult in that aspect and the multiple tee options can properly fit a skill level. The course' main defense fortress like green complexes. All of them are elevated, heavily bunked, multi tiered undulating, slick greens. Improperly placed approaches or pitches will roll off or roll past where you initially started.

That being said. I have played here during summer summer and while it plays 7800 yards from the tops depending on the rotation (27) it didn't feel unfairly long.

However with soggy conditions the 7800 yards played more like 8800. With zero roll on the drives, sticky thick rough around the greens, with no roll up, this might have been the most difficult course I have ever played with those conditions. We had to play half the par 4's as 3 shot holes.

This course is a must play in the Tucson area. I highly recommend playing the correct tees here though to your driving distance. You also need to be prepared to hit hit long irons.
I got a coworker to come with me and play the Stadium at twilight before they shut it down here quickly.

Scottsdale was recently hit with a extreme cold spell, rain, and frost. The course was immaculate a few weeks ago. But it looks like the cold spell killed the grass in the divots, and ball marks. The course was showing a lot of damage in the aprons around the greens. Still in great shape but not the flawless tour quality at the moment. I'm sure when they shut it down for a few weeks it will be perfect for the pros.

The stadium is finished. You have to play it once in your life. No other shot in golf like it that has the same feel. I understand TPC Scottsdale gets a bad rap because it doesn't tie in to any natural features of the land and definitely has the artificial feel to it. I love seeing different golf courses take courses to different extremes IE the gauntlet that is PGA West Stadium, the untouched natural beauty of a Rustic Canyon links style, or the over the top flair bunkering of Faldo design course.

The finish here is exhilarating. To be able to go for an island par 5 in two on 15. Then a makeable hole in one look at the short 16th. Then an easily drivable par 4. Followed by a risk reward finish on 18. (Lay up with a 3 wood or flirt the death pew bunkers on the left and try to split the fairway with a driver to set up an attackable birdie) You can finish with 4 birdies in a row easily.

I think it's fun to have a course that isn;t stuck in the past and has a different golf experience offered.
I have been dying to play this course and finally did last Saturday.

I am going to be harder on Eagle Falls than most courses as the competition is stiff in Palm Springs with world class golf destinations down the street.

Eagle falls is a hidden gem and a very unique concept. Every golfer at least once needs to play Palm Springs in peak season. The weather and mountain backdrop can't be beat. The fact you can play a premier course in Palm Springs in peak season for $95 rack rate on Saturday morning can't be matched. Eagle Falls offers spectacular backdrops of the mountains.

However, the best thing with Eagle Falls is that it may only appeal to hard core golfers. (This makes it great for us, because it keeps the tourists and cost down)

If you come from the east entrance it's scary. It feels like you are driving down a street in Baghdad. The road is destroyed. There is zero curb appeal. The parking lot is tore up, the signs are weak, and the pro shop is an old portable. My friends were concerned with me when they showed up. The pro shop is bare bones. It's a depressing site in the snack shop. DO NOT EAT THE FOOD HERE. I had the worst breakfast burrito of my life here and we all agreed this was the worst food we have ever eaten at a golf course. The staff joking says they keep the money on the course and want people to go to the casino versus eating here, which makes sense to allow $95 tee times.

The practice facility is awesome. Driving over the bridge to the course is exhilarating. I don't like to be negative on reviews but this golf course needs a new starter. That guy was the most obnoxious long winded guy I have ever dealt with and basically harassed us as we tried to putt and warm up. Before we went off I was talking with him on how I write reviews and how much my buddies and I play. Then before we go off he proceeds to talk to us like we are 8 year olds who have never played golf in our lives for a good 10 minute speech. It was horrendously awful and needs to be stopped and changed by management. He got our hole group nice and annoyed before we teed off.

Now the golf course is absolutely epic! The conditions are near perfect here. My friend said this his new favorite course and one mine as well. It's nice and wide open and fun. Not overly penal. The holes spectacular as well. The turf is just one notch down from being tour level perfect. The sand is very consistent to hit out of, but is a dirty course rock and isn't the high end fluffy stuff. We all commented on how the greens were absolutely perfect and the perfect speed. The greens were easily the top 3 greens I've ever putted on competing with Pasatiempo and Pumpkin Ridge. Our group only noticed one bounce the entire day on a spike mark.

The 18th hole is an amazing show stopper. Pace of play was unbelievable for a Saturday we never waited once. It terms of pure golf it doesn't get any better than Eagle Falls.

If you are looking for amenities look elsewhere.
Played super twilight here tonight. The course is in really good shape.

I drive by the view of this course every day on my way home. I haven't played here since summer but had to get out after seeing how green the course is.

The reseed set extremely well here. Greens rolled well, medium speed, held well.

Sad playing here during a winter evening with the soft conditions. My drives had lost 30 yards of carry versus when I had played here during summer. It definitely made the course more of a shotmakers course from the tips.

I don't mind the power lines and I always enjoy playing here. Friendly design with some fun holes and enough challenge.
Played here twilight during the week last week. Stadium is PURE

It's cart paths only and they have begun erecting the scaffolding on the closing holes. The bare bones of the stadium is up and you get to walk through the tunnel into the arena. It's quite a feeling hitting a shot even inside the scaffolding.

The conditions are just about as pure as it gets. The bunkers look refreshed from the maintenance. They rough is super thick and tasty as they grow it out. Greens were near perfect. Fairways have fair amount of divots and some wear which is the only thing holding it back before being tour ready. It is quite a difference when you play on tour quality grass and sand.

Currently caddies are required during the day and the price is steep. But it is beginning to have the tour feel.
Played here on Thursday POP 5 hours

It's funny how much how well you play as well as the quality of your playing partners affects your enjoyment of a course. I played with the most nightmarishly slow group and played the worst I have in 2 months. Yet still was blown away by the course.

SunRidge Canyon is the first course finished with the reseed in the area.
I wanted to play a special course after being let down by everything following Quintero and SunRidge delivered. Every hole is different and takes advantage of the extreme natural topography. The Tips on this course are very challenging. The sight lines and visual cues from the tips are tough. Even well placed tee shots were offline due to the offset fairways. Driving accuracy and up and downhill distance control are musts here. You have to be generous with the club up on the uphill shots here.

The turf is growing in well from the reseed. What is unique about this course are it's green side bunkers and rough. They leave the rough very thick around the greens which you don't see around here. The bunkers have sheer walls. What they have done is stacked sod to make the lips, so they are literally square edged pot bunkers around the green. Both elements provide a little Scottish links feel which I enjoyed.

The sod hasn't set around the bunkers, and there was flood damage around the rough from the recent monsoons. The greens were clean with no ball marks but still running medium/fast because of the rain.

Easily a top 5 track in the Phoenix/Scottsdale Area and by far a top 3 most difficult.
Played here Friday the 21st in the afternoon.

The course was in great shape. I really enjoyed the Faldo side and because this is a resort course it is always kept green during summer.

While I enjoy the visual appeal of the Faldo course and it's endless sea of bunkers this is a much more enjoyable course to play. There is something about Palmer courses that have a really nice flow to them.

They are not any overly difficult holes, or tee shots here. Nor are there any over the top desert elements etc.

Very well balanced, clean, mature and enjoyable course. Lots of holes feature beautiful sight lines as well

Great balance of length, difficulty, green undulations, bunkers.

Great course and a blast to play.
Played here Friday afternoon. Course is closing soon for overseed, are letting the fairways die.

This course is further along in the overseed preparation. Mostly dormant and dried out grass across the course. Lots of left mowed grass.

Dried out but very playable especially for the value (I played for only $27)

Greens were good and rolled well. Firm and fast but not the lightning they normally are making scoring possible.

Bunkers were hard packed and poor. Needed more sand.

The back nine here is awesome. One of my favorite courses to play and should be in fine shape following the reseed.
Excellent greens while prepping for overseed.

The greens are perfect right now. Maybe the best I've seen here. Rarely saw a ball mark. Smooth fast TPC greens.

The rest of the turf was a little dried out prepping for the over seed but nothing bad. Greens will be perfect following the overseed.

This course is in good shape following the maintenance it had recently.
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