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Played here Saturday Morning POP 5 hours. Played a hot deal for $35

Definitely a poster child course for what you imagine as a Phoenix / Scottsdale desert golf course in the hills. The course is a little dried out as to be expected this time of year. Brown spots in fairways, some dried out area of elevated greens with no cover. The par three tee boxes have a lot of divots. The course is set for aeration next week so these are all standard leading up to a little course TLC. Aside from the minor blemishes this is a fabulous course. It circles around a couple peaks of a mountain. The par threes here are heavenly. They are all of the shorter variety but are mostly elevated greens into a green cut into the mountain. Some very fun dogleg water holes such as 1 and 18. The first starts off with the choice of hitting a long iron / hybrid left avoiding the water leaving a 200 yard shot or flying the water to leave a wedge in. The 18th par 5th is very similar. You can lay up left or fly a pond right to leave an iron second shot in. Many other fun risk reward holes with the choice to layup safely or cut a blind corner over the desert and cacti to leave a wedge in. The course requires strategy and accuracy of the tee if you want to go driver but has generous safe landing areas for a wood/hybrid. The greens are elevated but not overly so. I would say the most challenging aspects is the fairway lies. While this course isn't overly moundy like a Pete Dye course I noticed I had very few flat lies in the fairway requiring skilled approach shots to shoot well here. This is a beautiful demanding course but not brutally hard. Very fun to play I highly recommend it if someone wants to get out of Scottsdale and enjoy a beautiful course. Staff couldn't be friendlier and they have a great grill and specialize in making from scratch milkshakes which I haven't seen before.
It's my life's mission to play every Pete Dye course because I'm a golf masochist like JohnnyGK.

I had heard warnings of this course from locals, and have been dying to play especially after ASU Karsten got my Pete Dye juices flowing. I snagged a $32 hot deal for 1:37 on Saturday.

This course is easily in the top 5 hardest course I have ever played and may be the hardest 6,600 yard course in the US. It is only 6,653 yards from the tips with a slope of 145 factoring in desert roll and carries it plays much shorter. The longest par 4 is the 440 opener. Two of the par fives are only 474 yards but they are par fives for a reason I would find out.

The tee shots here are straight forward without desert carries, blind shots, or visually deceiving layouts. The fairways are actually very wide for a desert course. You dont even need to play driver much here. An accurate 3 wood will work. The difficulty here isn't the emphasis on driving accuracy, but rather precision approach shots. When I say precision I mean you have a 15 foot circle you have to stop and spin the ball on otherwise your ball will roll off. Unfortunately the greens are rock so good luck spinning it. The green complexes here are hands down the most difficult I have ever played far exceeding the green complexes at PGA West Stadium by a mile. Luckily you will be driver wedge all day with the short length, because if it was championship length there is no way you could get 6 or 7 irons to stick.

The greens are small, narrow, multi tiered and the pin positions are devilish. The greens have tiny narrow 5 yard isthmus' with bunkers and 15 foot drop offs coupled with 3 pace pin positions to dash all hopes. You will think you hit a great shot then see you ball catch a side slop and rocket 10 yards off the green. Or you will see your ball roll off into a chasm. Many greens are turtle shelled and like to have your ball or flops roll off. The greens were fast but not lightning quick but in true Dye fashion they played tricks with you. I would read a putt from all angles and watch a 10 foot putt break the other way. Most 15 foot plus putts were double breakers. The ball would track dead at the hole and them veer off course 1 foot in front of the hole to ruin every birdie opportunity. It was kind of unreal. The bunkers do need a little more sand because you would bottom out and made spinning them to tight pins impossible. Needless to say every par was earned.

The par fives were clever here. They would entice you to go for them in two with their short length, but the greens were extremely elevated and plateaued. I watched a 6 iron catapult off one edge into the desert with a shot 5 feet from the pin. Pete Dye must have been laughing because the Pin on the 17th green was on a narrow 30 degree slopped 5 yard isthmus that was impossible to keep the ball on. I reached the green complex in two and proceeded to chip back and forth across the green five times and 4 putt for a 12. One side dropped off 20 feet and the other had a bunker that would only give you an impossible downhill bunker lie. Well played Pete well played. The final 3 holes here are as hard as it gets. The 18th fairway its like playing on no mans land in WW1, not a flat lie the entire fairway.

The difficulty aside the course has stunning views on the back nine and the par 3's here are nothing short of spectacular with beautiful water elements.

I'm actually shocked this is a semi private country club due to the difficulty. I can't comprehend how seniors who struggle getting the ball in the air play this course. If you want a test of all tests this is a must play. If you aren't a strong wedge player, bunker player, or able to hit a flop spinner just avoid this course you will be crying by the 9th hole. I highly recommend playing here to test your short and approach game! This is one of my top 10 all time favorite courses now.
Used the underpar deal to play here yesterday.

Its a shame the course is beat up and dried out right now because this is an awesome awesome awesome course (Yes 3 awesome's were needed) The price, customer service, and layout are 10s. The greens were bad and impossibly inconsistent. Lots of dry patches but worse some recessed greens were like putting on shag carpet, other elevated greens were dried rock. They were BUMPY! with many putts jumping 2/3 inches into the air. They were also very patchy and would take weird turns. I would say the fairways and rough were more dried out than the other courses here. Tee boxes and turf surrounding the greens were well watered and maintained. The fairways were patchy and dried out.

Aside from that the course layout is special and challenging. The front nine is much easier and the back 9 is a beast. This course has some of the longest Pete Dye par 5's I've ever played. The fourth hole is on my short list of favorite holes of all time. That is one hell of a risky approach if the pin is back left.

The 9th and 18 have one of the most unique and special layouts I have ever seen anywhere. The holes share the same lake going through the middle. With the 18th going right and the 9th going left. The tips share the same tee box and crisscross each others. The holes mirror each other with the 9th being a shorter tamer version prepping you for its meaner bigger brother.

The 18th is an absolute bear 471 par 4. It is a harder version than the famous 18 at TPC Sawgrass because the green does almost a 90 degree turn into the water. You're looking at a 200+ water carry into to a thin green into the wind.

If you cant hit high approaches or flop shots just avoid this course. You can miss the pin by 5 yards and your ball will springshot into a pot bunker or hole. If you love a challenging shot makers course in true Pete Dye fashion this is a must play.
Played here Friday morning second off at 5:20 am as a solo (1st off gentlemen let me play through) POP 1:50

Booked through their website for $42 including lunch/breakfast. Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. They indicated the course would be a little wet due to over watering but that turned out to be a welcome delight. I could stick irons! This time of year most of the courses are dried out and you can expect firm fairways and rock hard greens that don't hold. Completely opposite at Stonecreek at the moment. The greens and fairways are soft right now without being soggy. The course is shorter at 6800 from the tips but with the soft conditions played full length.

The greens were medium slow to start as I was the first one through and began to speed up during the day. The greens were great. Few areas had some damage but nothing serious. The sand was good and consistent. Fairways were clean only a few brown spots. One of the holes had some remodeling in front of the greens but that was it. Otherwise the course is in great shape for a neighborhood track.

This is an old course. It was a DYE family design before Pete Dye went on his own and it definitely shows. Ol' Pete is my favorite architect and this is definitely a Pete dye course. The course starts off with some fun resort holes to warm you up but quickly turns into a tighter, mounded, elevated green Pete Dye desert track. There are some really fun holes (Especially numbers 6 and 7) water elements, and enjoyable shorter par 4s with emphasis on shot making.

I really enjoyed this course and round as it felt like a playable declawed Pete Dye course. It isn't too tight or difficult but you have to be smart with your shot selection. Only down sides were the views aren't the best as you run along a road and a so so hotel a lot of holes. Also there is open access running / dog walking trails which I am not a fan of. Golf course is a dangerous place and people should not walk around them so cavalier.

For a quick neighborhood track I had a blast playing this course and recommend anyone giving it a shot if they want to have a fun round with friends and play some soft conditions.
Have conflicted feelings about reviewing this course. My uncle's home is on this course so I have basically grown up with this course. As well you really have to factor in the price in regards to a course.

Played here 6:00 Sat Morning. Woke up early before everyone and decided to sneak in a quick round. This course is a member of OB sports so I was able to use my traveling discount and play for $25 with a cart prime time Saturday morning.

Staff couldn't have been friendlier. The girl in the clubhouse let me jump the four somes in front of me and play right away since I said I was a single and ready to go. The starter was very accommodating as well.

Aside from the $25 and the friendly staff the course is quite boring. It is basically straight away holes with small trees lining the fairways. The fairways aren't in bad shape when you are on grass but that is few and far between. Massive dead spots and rivers of dirt throughout the course. No rough. The greens are mostly elevated and the course' main defence are the small scattered trees, narrow fairways, and tiny dime sized greens.

Positives: Tee boxes are watered heavily and lush. The greens are fine, roll well. Firm but to be expected in Laughlin / Ft Mojave. Grass surrounding the greens is well maintained. Fast POP (I finished in under 2 hours burning through as a solo). 18th is a nice hole.

Negatives: The bunkers are inexcusably bad. Seriously pay, someone to go and rake the gravel out of the bunkers. They are tiny thin, hard packed, and are a neglected. They have no lips and most balls roll out most of the time. The greens need to be bigger and have some undulation. The course could be scenic with great mountain backdrops but beyond many of the par 3's are dumpsters or other eyesores that kill the raw beauty.

The challenge with this review is I can't really blame the course. It is a locals course. In fort mojave the economics are tough. It's a small town in the desert. It wouldn't make sense or be economical to spend the money to make the course nice as no one would play it because it would be too expensive. $25 for a full round of 18 on a weekend is a fair deal.

For what it charges its a solid value and fun time. But I wouldn't plan a 4 some and spend 4.5 here knocking it around on hard pan or make the drive from Laughlin.
Played here Sunday morning for $45 at 6:45 AM (They have last minute dynamic pricing and snagged a deal since this is a $150 rack rate course)

Great practice facilities, great range, free balls, helpful staff and starter.

Course was in great shape. Due to the season only minor flaw were yellow patches and some dried out areas, and patchy grass growth surrounding the bunkers but that is nit picking. Super picturesque desert course with moderate difficulty.

Greens were firm but not concrete firm. Greens were a notch above medium fast nothing difficult. Only downsize was the greens did not break the amount they look or should have in my opinion. They had moderate undulations nothing serious. I normally putt well and like to think I am good at reading greens but for whatever reason they did not break the way they looked to the eye, as myself and our group struggled. The bunkers were well maintained and consistent, nice medium fluffy sand making getting out easy (I had 2 sand saves today)

The layout here is awesome. It is definitely a tighter desert track without being too tight. There are wide enough landing areas but if you are not straight with you driver you will be pulling cactus out of your behind like I was in the front nine. The course is not very long, the tips are only 6845 yards, and I was driving it through the landing areas because I have been bombing my drives recently. The course does not have GPS in the carts which is crime in a desert course like this. I think I could have been more strategic if I knew the distances of the fairways better. You will need a range finder to play here.

The tee boxes were always extremely level. You will have forced carries on every drive but not more than 150 yards so they don't come into play. There are no blind tee shots. The course has some very unique and interesting layouts of their holes. Especially their short par 4's and par 5s. Most of the par 5's have a risk reward forced carry over a wash on the 2nd shot. The par 3's are strong here. There are no short ones from the tips.

Advice I would give to this course is to play the standard par 4's more conservatively and try to leave the driver in the bag. Then play the final short par 4 and par 5's aggressive as they are the easiest holes on the course. You can easily go driver iron into them with a decent drive. The finish of this course is what really makes it fun and exciting. The course finishes par 5, par 5, par 4. Thumbs up!

I highly recommend this course as it is just a step down from the premier courses in the area but is only a moderate challenge and a great true desert track without being too difficult.
Played here on a sizzling hot deal from GolfNow for $28 at 1:18 on the Ranch course.

This is a private club that allows public play with golfnow for some reason on certain days. This is a 36 hole facility out in the sticks past all of the premier courses in NE Scottsdale. Driving past all of the heavy hitters: Troon North, Grayhawk, Estancia and Scottsdale National (Home of PXG), gets you pumped for a special day of golf.

I normally play twilight golf to avoid the heat, crowds, and morning rack rates. We had a miracle 85 degree day so I decided to play some afternoon golf after watching Tiger.

I read online they provide free range balls and arrived 2 hours early to get some serious practice time in on the range with the mild temperature. I was in rare form on the range and was feeling it so I decided not to press my luck and just go out early. The starter was very friendly and said If I go now I can get ahead of the next tee times and went out an hour early.

I started the round playing solo but as soon as I bumped into the next player he was very friendly and asked me to join. His name was Rick and he was a very friendly and gracious member. The POP was a tad slow for mid day at 4:45. What turned out to be the club champion caught up to us and played with us. Another beyond welcoming friendly member. He even moved my cart for me when I would pitch and treated me like family.

Apparently there is a drought in Phoenix/Scottsdale (I thought there was always a drought in the desert) So they said this was the worse condition they have every seen the course in the 10+ years they have been members. They had immense pride in their course without a hint of pretentiousness or snootiness even though I was a guest on their county club on a golfnow deal (HUGE PLUS)

The fairways were a little dried out and firm so the rolls were nice. The only drawback of the course were the brown and dried out spots to be accustomed with this time of year. I didn't see any fairway divots The greens were firm but only mildly dried out. They held shots. They rolled true and were only fast not devilishly fast. The members take care of this course and I only saw 1 ball mark on the greens all day. They mentioned the bunkers had been recently renovated and were TPC level pristine with fluffy granite sand. Big plus. It was almost a shame I was only in 3 all day.

The layout was fun. It was definitely a desert track but only minor forced carries. No blind shots. Wider fairways but not too wide. Lots of strategic layups but the course itself was not overly tough. None of the holes run side by side. Minimal bunker complexes surrounding the greens. Fun undulations without being over the top. The par 5's don't have bunkers guarding the front so if you are in position you can run woods on if you go for them in two. One fun drivable par four. Two holes run by a small lake. Number 17 is an awesome risk reward split fairway par 5. I played the tips 7,00 yards and none of the par 3's required a wood. I believe it was the perfect level of challenge without being difficult.

It was one of those enjoyable days of golf I will never forget. I highly recommend Tonto Verde - Ranch as a fun, diverse, playable layout of the course and outstanding customer service of the staff and welcoming members. I'm eager to return to play Peak their tighter target golf track.
Course is right down the street today. The AZ twilight rate was $45 but with the OB sports pass (Management company) it was $30. The Summer OB Pass is $49 so that was what we call a financial no brainer.

Really friendly staff and starter. He did manage my expectations, key to hospitality, by saying they are letting the course go to prep for over seeding. He also said this is a player friendly course and not a brutal desert target golf course. The club house and views are top notch here.

The course is really fun. No forced carries or blind tee shots. Tips are over 7,000 so I decided to play combo to not get beaten up my first round. Obviously when the course is prepping for overseeding, and the beginning of the summer heat there will be lots of brown, rough bunker edges etc. This was exactly what one would expect. The only bad part was a few of the greens did have brown dead spots, only an an issue if you landed one one. The greens are firm firm and fast since they are mowed short (Which I love) and were a little dried out (Which I love). The greens here roll and were consistent, once I adjusted they were a blast. The bunkers weren't the powder of premium course but were very consistent and well maintained. Tee boxes could be more level. The carts do need GPS as a few holes I had to guess.

The front nine is very much a desert track but it is not very tight. There are some fun risk reward par fours and beautiful par 3s. The greens aren't the super elevated table top variety and provide some member bounces and rolls as a few are recessed. The greens are very undulated and break a lot and provide the main challenge here. The back nine is where this course shines. Some really fun holes with water elements, fairways mounds and multyi level fairways. The part I most enjoyed with the course are the multi leveled fairways. It adds excitement to your drives on what bounce and level you will end up. Much more fun than flat boring fairways. Some fairways and greens had Pete Dye esque mounds (Thumbs up) The back nine also has some double backed fairways so you can get away with a slice if that is your crux. All of the par 5's are reachable with a good drive and I had 2 tap in birdies and a lipped eagle. The par 5s really make this course fun and add a self esteem boost to your game.

This course may have one of the most epic closing holes I've ever played and that says a lot. It's an elevated dogleg right flanked by a lateral bunker. What they did add is a Tour tee that is 508 yards uphill par 4 with a massive forced carry let's go!. I went for it since my driver was on today and tubed a drive, hit a clean 3 wood to the front and missed a 6 footer for a par on an uphill par 4! Even Torrey can't match that. What an exhilarating end.

The parking lot and cart return are all close and convenient which makes this course a fun neighborhood upscale player friendly course. I will definitely be back when I want a softer round or take a non hardcore golfer out to play. Highly recommend this course. The value is there as long as your expectations are too!
Played here yesterday at 5 PM. Course is always wide open in the evening why I love it.

I have the annual pass and this course is less then 3 miles away from me so after work I was playing here a lot. I didn't play here for a week and I am not sure what happened but the course condition on the front 9 took a nose dive.

Not sure if they are doing maintenance, or a tournament went through, or the rapid weather changes had something to do with it but I was shocked. On the front nine there are a lot of bare spots. A few of the fairways were even flooded. The greens were dried out and were concrete firm. I hit a wedge that rolled off front to back. There were lots of ball marks and even dead spots on a few of the greens with no shade. The par 3 tee boxes were beat up, and the fairways had lots of divots.

The back nine was pure like usual but a few of the greens were shaggy it was quite a shock from the front nine. I left a putt 15 feet short on No 10 because it must have been 2 - 3 lower on the stimp than the front.

Staff is always super friendly. The cart boys are the best here I'm not sure what some of the other reviews have issues with. The sand is epic here as always (I'm a sand junkie) The sand doesn't get better than a TPC Course.
This is a desert rack out of a travel magazine. You are out in the middle of nowhere when you play here (25 minutes out of Tucson) The facility and staff is top notch here. It's a little pricey to play here so the course was wide open for an early Saturday 9 am tee time. 27 holes and we played Saguaro and Wild Burro.

The fairways are cut out from the desert and surround by saguaros everywhere. You are truly isolated in the middle of the desert playing this course. Classic Nicklaus shot makers track with an emphasis on driving accuracy. I played really well (Nicklaus courses fit my style) but this is a hard course and half way through the round the wind started to howl and mind it near impossible.

The greens are very firm and you need to bump your approaches on or they will roll right off. The greens are very undulating and fast so you better be on with your distance control. Luckily I had a pinpoint driving day from the blues because this course is long and demanding off the tee. You have to be long straight and accurate. No margin for error but it's fair.

My biggest complaint is the bunkers. For a course this nice the bunkers were way to gravely and dense. Every bunker shot grabbed and made getting out way too difficult. I left many balls in the bunker on sand attempts and I never do that. A few of the holes weren't fair but a blast of a course an a true test. (Passable but difficult unlike Starr Pass)

Carts are plush and have top of the line GPS which is essential here.

My new favorite purest desert track with absolutely stunning views and desert backdrop.
A very different type of desert course. This is the home of University of Arizona golf. Bear Down!

The fairways here are huge. Some of the par 5 fairways were bigger than Olympic soccer fields and that is not hyperbole. Sewailo has lot of water and creeks running many of the holes which is rare for desert courses. There is no trouble here as the out of bounds is bare desert. Fairways were great with the standard brown patches. Bunkers were good considering the size and amount of sand needed. Biggest draw back were the greens which were slower than molasses compared to the other high end courses of the area which added a difficult twist. The layout and views are great here. Awesome backdrops of the mountains in the background. The course is on the edge of nowhere so there is a great element of isolation when you play. As well the holes are huge so you never feel any golfers around you. I really enjoyed the greenside creek elements which added a midwest feel to a desert track which was a cool addition. A really fun course to let it fly and have fun with some buddies. I also enjoyed the U of A touches throughout the course which gave it a lot of character. Pleasant desert golf experience all around.
If you want to play a video game desert track with nightmarish forced carries, blind shots, and tiny landing areas this is the course.

We were betting big and playing from the tips 143 slope which was a huge mistake here. I have played here many times from the (blues) and if you are strategic you can survive, but from the tips it isn't even fair. You have to be tour level accurate and long to play here from the blacks. This course is too hard in my opinion. Too hard to the point it isn't fun. After awhile you are just beaten up and exhausted and want it to end.

The course wasn't in the best condition lots of dried out spots. It was a really goofy start here too. There is 27 holes and the starter had us drive 15 minutes through the neighborhood to the first hole. The course started with a 220 uphill par 3 forced carry death all around which is no way to ease into a round.

If you want an over the top desert course play here but anticipate hitting multiple tee shots OB in a row. Endless forced carries into angled fairways. Even good shots will roll out of bounds here with a bad bounce. A true test but too difficult in my opinion (Even considering they tamed the course to make it more playable)
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