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What a fun day out at La Costa. Thank you to the staff for having us out to experience the GolfBoards and Phat Scooters. I've done the GB before, so I signed on for the scooter. Was expecting to switch up after nine like the other group did, but Sal and Ron left me high and dry so I rocked the scooter the whole way. I found it to be fun and it handled well. I could see the heavier two-wheel scooter getting more out of control for someone if they are not paying attention (not gonna name names), more so than the GB, which is almost impossible to tip but does require a little more coordination. The pros are that it's fairly comfortable, easy/smooth to drive, rather fast on the straightaways/downhill at full speed and plenty of room for your stuff. The cons are that dealing with the kickstand is tedious and that it severely lacks power going uphill as Jim noted in his review. Overall, both modes of transport are fun and efficient alternatives to walking or riding in a boring old cart.

As others have already noted, the course was in very nice shape. Tee boxes and fairways were great. Rough pretty good throughout, as well. The greens were also quite good, rolling smooth at medium speeds. The only issue I had was with the bunkers. The fairway bunkers had super soft sand that would be ideal in greenside bunkers, while the greenside bunkers I found were damp and packed down as I would prefer my fairway bunkers. Wish they could pull a complete switcharoo with the sand in the traps.

Otherwise, a really fun day and great service from the staff. They helped us all get going with brief tutorials and it was a beautiful morning for golf, whether you were surfing the earth or getting your scoot on. (I don't know if Phat has a slogan, so I just made one up. Please forward any residual checks my way.)
I decided to stop by Copper Canyon on the way home. It wasn't too crowded out and they only charged me $23, so it was an easy decision to squeeze in one more quickie. I did play through a couple groups along the way, but otherwise played as quick as I could. The weather got a little uglier as I played (dark skies, really windy, a couple drops of rain and some thunder cracks near the end of the round), so I wasn't wasting any time.

The course was in very nice condition and I really liked how it played with firmer/faster turf than any other course I visited on this trip. The tee boxes were great and fairways were cut tight to provide some extra roll-out. Rough also cut low and easy to play from. Bunkers generally in good shape, as well. The greens were firm and by far the fastest of anything I played last week, rolling super smooth. They were fantastic!

I've always heard really good things about Copper Canyon, but it's kind of isolated and I've never been able to work it into any previous trips. Getting such a great rate was also a bonus this time, too. It definitely lived up to the expectations. It's a good overall layout. It does feel a bit like a construction zone right now. They are actually adding 9 more holes (some of which you can see almost finished already), which may open as soon as next year. Also, there are some graded dirt areas getting ready for new homes and some new homes in mid-construction along the back nine. The heavy winds were kicking up a lot of dust and sand. There is one part of the back nine where you really get way out there away from the clubhouse. It looks like the individual 9-hole routings will change once the new holes are added, but it was hard to tell exactly how things will ultimately lay out. The new nine will hopefully give me another excuse to come back in the future because this is a highly recommendable course on the west side of the valley that doesn't have as many top-shelf tracks to choose from.
We had a fun time on Grandview for the GK Plays. We had a really good turnout with a number of AZ GK'ers in attendance and a lot of new faces, as well. Good to see the Arizona GK crew growing each year. I was in the 9:30 group and it was a good overall pace of play around 4 hours total.

As others have already noted, the course was in good overall condition. For good value courses, they sure do a great job keeping these in really nice shape throughout the summer season. Tee boxes, fairways and rough were all good and consistent. The newly remodeled bunkers had really nice new sand. The greens were firm. Rolling way too slow for my tastes, but consistently conditioned and obviously kept longer to survive the heat.

This was my second time playing Grandview. It's a solid course and will give you your money's worth every time. Not a destination course in an area loaded with spectacular and dramatic layouts, but a good value pick. Always friendly people in this community and just a positive overall vibe.
Just getting caught up on my round reviews from Saturday 8/25. The executive Desert Trails at SCW was my early warm-up before the GK Plays at Grandview. Thanks to Johnny and Pat from SCW for setting up this 6:00 tee time and making sure I was able to get out first in front of a club group. I did have to play through a group of ladies after the turn, but otherwise it was smooth sailing.

The course was in really nice condition. As good, if not even a little better, than Grandview later in the day. However, I think it was more about the early morning light and the damp grass looking a little "prettier" in photos and to the naked eye. Tee boxes, fairways and rough were all lush and nicely kept. They did lose a number of trees around the course due to recent storms, so there were some fresh-cut stumps and GUR areas roped off. The greens were receptive with some morning wetness and rolling smooth at slow speeds. I wasn't in any bunkers and there aren't really that many on the course, but they appeared decent.

This is a solid 18-hole executive (par-61) that's in the SCW mold. Reminded me a lot of Stardust, which I played a couple years ago. Pretty similar courses overall. The best holes on Desert Trails come toward the end (14-17) with some water hazards in play. Otherwise, it's a good mix of lengths on the few par-4s and all the par-3s. Good value course to work on your game and not get too beat up, and the conditions being nice surely helped make it more enjoyable.
My third (and final--yeah, I know, slow day for me) round today was at Legend Trail. It was only $27 (+ tax) in the afternoon. I called ahead and they said it was pretty open out there as expected. There were some folks out on the course by the time I teed off around 2:30. I played through two twosomes on the front and then zipped through until about the 14th hole when I ran into a back-up. I ended up joining the threesome ahead of me as we played the rest out behind a slower threesome in front of us. Still, the total pace of about 2:40 was fantastic.

The course was in very nice shape all around and they didn't seem to have any noticeable storm damage here. The tee boxes, fairways and rough were all very lush and had good coverage throughout. A few weak spots here and there, but easily the best-conditioned course I played today--at least from tee to green. The bunkers were very good, as well. The greens were actually very nicely kept and consistent. It's just not the greatest summer turf as it's a very grainy and coarse bermuda (maybe it's a hybrid or something else altogether?). It is a very deep green color and not the crusty summer bermuda you find a lot of other places. They rolled fairly smooth and held shots well, but were just really slow. Many of the hole cuts were dried out and scruffy around the edges, so it looks like they probably hadn't changed hole positions in a day or two.

This course was definitely a pleasant surprise as it's not one you hear much about in the loaded Scottsdale golf landscape. However, I was intrigued knowing it was designed by Rees Jones. Having played Quintero the day before, which is Mr. Jones at his most dramatic, the front nine at Legend Trail is definitely his softer, gentler and subtler side. The front nine is solid, but nothing too distinctive. The back nine perks up a lot and gets much more interesting from hole 11 on. I really enjoyed this side with a lot of target golf, risk/reward lines, some minor changes in elevation and more trouble in play. As a summer value pick, I'd easily recommend it. I know they're prices go up a lot in season, so any value at that point is all relative to the expensive high-end Scottsdale golf scene.
Fun day with a small GK crew. We had 5 players out here and we split up into groups of 2 and 3 (though we did play a handful of holes together as a fivesome with nobody in front or behind our groups all round). About a 4-hour relaxed pace starting at 10:00. Thank you so much to The Boulders for inviting our group out and offering a killer $30 rate. Those kinds of deals aren't easily found at this nice semi-private facility!

The conditions were pretty good, but a little rough around the edges. The overnight storms really did some damage throughout the course, cart paths, etc. The bunkers seemed to take the brunt of it as many were pretty wiped out. Will need some work to get the traps back to where they need to be at a top-shelf course like this. There was already an army of maintenance workers all around the course cleaning things up, so that shows something. Tee boxes were very nice. The fairways had some weak spots throughout, but generally provided decent lies. Rough pretty lush, but not very penal as the ball would sit up nicely. The greens were in good shape. Rolling smooth on putts at medium/slow-ish speeds. The tricky thing with the greens today was the inconsistency in firmness, which I am sure was impacted by the rain last night. It was a guessing game when hitting approaches and pitches/chips. Some spots were super soft while others were very firm, so you'd get a lot of different reactions on shots.

Overall, a very enjoyable experience. The North Course doesn't really offer any significant elevation changes like I thought it might given its location in the Carefree foothills. It plays through a lot of neat desert landscaping (watch out for those jumping cholla everywhere!) and of course some boulder outcroppings. Nice setting throughout and a good overall layout. I definitely look forward to coming back someday and playing the more highly regarded South Course.
With the GK group tee time at Boulders for 10:00, my options were somewhat limited to try and squeeze in a morning round. Dove Valley Ranch turned out to be the best option as it was close by, affordable ($39 + tax) and they had a 6:00 tee time available for this morning. I thought that was the first group out, but they let me know there was one group of members before that. However, he offered to pair me with him. The twosome behind (the group I was supposed to be in) seemed like they were going to ride us, but we left them in the dust after the 1st hole. The guys I played with met my "3-F" requirements for a quick early morning round if I have to be paired with someone: fun, friendly and, most importantly, FAST! We were on a sub-3-hour pace until we caught a slower back-nine-only twosome for the final 4-5 holes. Still a total pace of 3:15 worked out perfectly for me!

The course was in decent late summer condition and saw some wear from the hard storms overnight. A few wash areas were a bit muddy and there were some low-lying spots on the course that were pretty squishy. Otherwise, good enough. Nice tee boxes. Fairways had some scattered thin/bare spots, but adequate coverage for the most part. Rough was pretty good throughout. Cut down and easy to play from. Bunkers good, as well. Greens were firm and a tad crusty. A bit bumpy and rolling at slow-ish speeds.

This is a solid, but not spectacular layout. The front nine is quite forgiving and then the back nine tightens up significantly. Flat overall terrain. Back nine requires some forced carries as you hit over sandy desert washes many times playing from one target landing area to the next. Recommended at the right price and a good value for summer, but not one most folks need to put on their Scottsdale wish lists.
What a fun afternoon out at Quintero with some GK Gurus and AZ folks. It was so generous of the course to host our two groups on a such a stellar course. We got started around 2:30 and were basically the only people out on the course in the late afternoon. A couple nasty storms threatened in the nearby mountains, but never quite attacked the course. Just a lot of creepy thunder rumbling throughout much of our front nine before it dissipated. Then, another squall rolled in as we were rushing to finish up and I think we got out of Dodge just in time. As we drove back toward Scottsdale after, it was a crazy lightshow in every direction throughout the entire valley!

The course was in very nice late summer shape with a solid bermuda turf all the way around. Good fairways and tee boxes. Rough really lush, but cut down and not too penal. I had some nice fluffy lies for hitting many 3-woods and hybrids into the predominantly elevated and well-guarded greens. The course was playing long for me today and it's a stern test of golf no matter your skill level. The bunkers were very nice with coarse, yet plentiful sand that offered plenty of cushion (though you do have to commit to your shot because the sand is so dense). The greens were also in very nice shape. They had a light topdressing of sand that helped smooth out the surface. A little on the firm side and rolling well at medium speeds.

This was my second time here and I was just as impressed with this course this time around. It's a gorgeous setting and a dynamic layout with one of the best collections of par-3s around. The very secluded location is kind of a double-edged sword. It's certainly a bit of a drive for anyone to get out here and there's nothing else around for miles, but it's a stunning gem of a course that is worth a little extra effort to get to. Love this place and would highly recommend it to anyone.
Joined Rat-Patrol for a twilight round on the North Course yesterday. I've been wanting to come back and play it since it was renovated. He had a 3:14 tee time booked and I was on board. We teed off a few minutes late because of some confusion in the two groups scheduled in front of us. It was slow going on a surprisingly hot and humid evening, and we were finishing in the dark on 18, but at least we just barely finished in just under 5 hours. $66 non-resident walking rate for me.

The course is in good, but not great shape at the moment. The tee boxes were nice. The fairways were good for the most part with the (mostly) kikuyu turf cut tight. I generally had good lies, though I did notice numerous thin spots throughout. The rough was much less consistent. Most of it was cut down, though a little patchy, so lies would really vary. Then there were still some very thick/deep patches mixed in randomly. I was unfortunate with most of my lies in the rough. Always seemed to find one of those deep patches or just a clumpy spot that made for a tougher recovery. The sand traps were nice with soft sand and we had a couple fried eggs in the group (seemed to be softest near the lips, which is not ideal). The still fairly new bentgrass greens were very firm and hard to hold. I don't think I was ever able to make a ball mark myself. However, for being so super firm the greens were very pock-marked throughout the course. The were often bumpy and rolling on the slow side. I have to say I was pretty disappointed in the greens. I'm glad they kept the poa on South. It just seems better suited to the seaside environment and the amount of traffic these courses get. They do have two separate practice greens side-by-side by the clubhouse, so you can practice on the appropriate surface for either course.

I am glad I had Jim with me as a tour guide to point out a lot of the changes that were made. He noted which holes were lengthened, shortened or altered in various ways. I did notice immediately they switched the nines, and I actually like that decision as it puts the more signature oceanfront holes on the back nine now. However, if you teed off any later than us you may not like this decision because you may not get to the awesome 14-16 stretch before dark! We got them during a perfect sunset, which was sweet.

The other thing I couldn't help but notice was how many trees were removed and how much more open the course plays now. It seems a large reason for this was to open up more ocean views. I do get that, but it also made many of the holes feel much more plain than I remember on my first visit. They really changed the look of some holes like what is now 14 and especially 16 overlooking the ocean. They removed a bunch of trees on this hole (including that entire huge row of beautiful trees that was along the cliff on 16 (formerly 7). I have very mixed feelings on how many trees were taken out. It's not like the course was lacking in beautiful ocean views before.

It was interesting to see the changes and I still haven't fully digested it all yet, but I definitely felt like I liked the course a little less overall than I did on my previous visit before the renovation. It's still a beautiful place and anyone who hasn't played either course at Torrey will want to keep both courses on their bucket list. For out of towners, though, I'd recommend a visit closer to the tournament to get the best possible course conditions.
This is the course I wasn't expecting to play while I was in St. George. It is technically a private club and I couldn't find much helpful info online to see if it was accessible, nor could I find any good contacts to send an email in advance of my trip. I wasn't sure I'd have time for it anyway, so I just figured I'd play it by ear. In talking with multiple pro shop workers at other courses, they all said I probably wouldn't have any problems getting out during the offseason (especially in the afternoon). Ultimately, I had plenty of time on Friday 8/3, so I called over and they said they could set me up with a "member for a day" rate of $50. I went out there, played by myself around 12:30 and was finished a couple hours later.

The course, like the rest, was just in okay shape. However, I'd say conditions (at least from tee to green) at Bloomington were more comparable to the low-end munis than the mid-level courses I played on this trip. It was pretty dry and crusty out here with plenty of thin spots throughout the tee boxes, fairways and rough. I saw some sections of new sod being put down, so it seems the course will probably be in much nicer shape in season. The bunkers were pretty nice and the greens were also quite good. These were the firmest greens I played all trip, and they were rolling smooth at medium/fast speeds.

They were doing some maintenance on the 18th hole. Normally it is a par-5, but it was playing up as a par-3. They had temporary scorecards printed, so I assume it's been that way all summer. The hole looked to be in the same shape as everything else here, so I do not know why it is currently altered. Also, the par-3 17th was shorter than listed on the signage, so I don't know if that's a permanent change to the tee box locations or if it's temporary, as well. It seems like they're doing a lot of construction around here and I heard someone mention them building a resort, but I don't know any other details.

Other than the "private club" tag making it feel a little special, this may be the least interesting course layout in town. It's pretty flat, wide open and basic. There are some water hazards in play and a few good hole designs, but overall it's pretty forgettable. It doesn't even offer much of the great scenery, though there are some pretty backdrops on some sections of the course. Really not worth going to too much trouble to play at the moment. Honestly, I was pretty disappointed with this one.
If you spend any time talking to local St. George golfers and course employees about the courses you have played in the area, almost everyone of them will ask "Have you played Dixie yet?" This is just that local course that everyone has a soft spot for, and it is very easy to understand why. It's a pretty neat little old 9-holer in the middle of town.

I played here Thursday 8/2 in the late afternoon and the course was pretty empty. I saw/heard a few people out there, but never caught up to anyone. The price was $20 with cart.

Conditions were pretty solid and fairly comparable to most of the mid-level courses I played on this trip. It was looking pretty lush and green, but a little spotty the closer up you get. Mostly good with some weak spots here and there. The greens were in nice shape and rolling well at medium speeds. I wasn't in any bunkers and there really aren't that many on the course.

This is a par-34, kind of right on that border of regulation vs. executive with only one par-5 and three par-3s. Otherwise, it's a legit mix of hole lengths. It's not long, but it's not short either and many holes have significant doglegs that can make things play longer than the scorecard suggests. The first half of the course is stunning as you play right along the bright red canyon walls. There are a lot of trees out here, too, so it's kind of a moderately hilly parkland style with the desert mountain surroundings. The latter half of the course goes down into a valley and isn't as captivating visually, but it's still a fun layout. It is a fairly quirky design with some funky holes, but you almost don't care. It's just an enjoyable little course that will bring a smile to the faces of most people playing it. If you have time to squeeze in an extra nine while in town, do yourself a favor and check it out.
Just one notch above (in my opinion) St. George GC is the other low-end muni in town: Southgate. This course is located right off the freeway on Dixie Rd. It has the feel of an older local course that was there before the city grew up around it, so it's been squeezed in, altered and rearranged over the years to fit the changing surroundings. I guess it's fitting in St. George as this is another course that kind of has multiple personalities, but again not necessarily in a bad way.

This was my second full round on Friday 8/3. I called ahead and they said it was wide open. I arrived a little after 10:00. Price was same as SGGC at $33 with cart. It was a bit of bad timing as I got there right behind a couple groups going out. I also noticed a back-up on the 10th tee. However, I could see most of the front nine looked empty. I asked and the guy said I could start on the 3rd hole, which also happens to be right by the clubhouse. I breezed through the front nine (including going back and playing holes 1-2). On the back, I caught up to a slow foursome of older dudes who seemed determined to not let me play through, but eventually they relented and then I had no more obstacles after that.

I'd say the conditions here were very similar to St. George GC, just maybe a slight notch above. The greens were probably a tad nicer and so were the fairways. Rough, bunkers and tees just OK, but adequate enough for the hot summer season when the course doesn't get too much play.

The flatter front nine suffers from its surroundings as the course feels shoehorned in between the streets, driving range nets, etc. Part of it is located across the street. There are a number of water hazards on the front nine and the hole designs are actually kind of interesting. It plays more interesting than it looks at first glance. The back nine totally changes as you go up into the hills and through the houses. This side is kind of fun with a hilly layout, a few nice elevated views and several unique holes. I think if this course were cleaned up and the overall aesthetics were improved (unfortunately, not much they can do about the front nine surroundings), it could be more appealing than it is in its current state. Even at its best, it's not one to go out of your way for with so many really good options in the area.
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