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Played here a few times. Most recently 11.16.17. with a tee time of 930 am. I like the course design , I'd call it vacationers golf. wide open fairways , the pins were accessible and the course was well maintained for the most part. The greens were ,,,, inconsistent is the word I would use.some were definitely faster than others but the overall experience was nice. We played behind a group that rented their clubs from the course and I was expecting a long day. The design of the course I think helps with the speed of play.
First of all this is a short course , real short in fact. Therefore it is gonna confuse some when I say Its one of the funnest rounds of golf you can play. Its got its challenges and there are definitely some holes that seemed like they squeezed in a hole on some extra land they discovered at the end of making a golf course but it really is fun!

The maintenance of this place is really 2nd to none , really. The staff is all great. The greens aren't fast but it actually seems like they deploy staff to fix ball marks because they are always smooth. The fairways are near perfect in my opinion and only once did I find myself in a dodgy lie just off the 3rd green.

Like many long hitters the part of my game that needs the most work is the short game , this course provides plenty of chances to work on it but enough holes to hit driver , wood or long iron that you never get bored. After my first visit I left the course thinking I'll play it again and now that I've played it 5-6 times I'm still saying "I'll play it again ".

Great value $24, I've met some good golfers out there and have had some low rounds to make the return date sooner rather than later.

Don't hate it, play it
played 12.2.17. Now this was my kinda golf course ! I loved this course. Like others have said If you have never played here , you must make it part of your future plans in my opinion.

The history of the course , ( Tigers first PGA win ) , ( The rat Packs home course) , The movies that have been filmed here , all that just sorta adds to the atmosphere.

The course itself is old and in some places its age really shows , but overall it is maintained very well and the staff is great. the clubhouse is old school but very classy.

On the course the fairways were lush but many unprepared divots. In fact I drove my ball into divots in the middle of the fairway on the first 2 holes! ( A first in my golfing life) The greens didn't appear to have had many ball marks fixed in the 2-3 days prior to our round. The only bunker I was in i managed a sandy birdie so I can't complain but I would say the sand was very course and a few bunkers hadn't been raked in a while. many of the areas around the back of greens or between holes is where you can tell the age of the course, with muddy or bare patches.

With all that said, I loved this place! I love old well designed courses with tons of character. If you do too, you gotta give National a run.
Played 11.29.17. first off the staff here was amazing ! from the guard at the gate who gave me playing tips to the cart staff everyone seemed to genuinely be happy that we chose to play their course, and I enjoyed them.

The course was in a great shape . I never got in a bunker so i can't speak to the sand in them . the greenside bunker on #6 has to need more sand cuz one of my playing partners needed about 5 hacks to get his ball out. :-)

I loved the layout of this place , no real goofy or gimmicky holes, but definitely some that require your full attention.

Excellent value for the price we paid, I will definitely play it more often.
Played 12.6.17 8;45 am start, in a group of 12 players. The course recently re-opened after a renovation. I never played the old course previously called "Desert Rose" but several in our group had and give the new course rave reviews in comparrison.

This course in a Links Styled track, with undulating greens and tiers. There is a flood control drainage ditch which runs thru the entire course from hole 1 - 18. The "ditch" runs along the right side of every hole. off the tee, many holes appear to have quite a narrow landing area in the fairway. One of the guys in my group hit a straight as a string drive off the tee on 7 which landed in the middle of the fairway. We watched his ball roll to the right , off the fairway and down to "the ditch". Therefore the tip of all tips for this course. DO NOT GO RIGHT ! Even if your ball doesn't find the actual water , the 4 inch rough and severe slope will create an awkward lie with the ball well below or above your feet on a drastic angle. A resident golfer here told me " You have to remember they designed it as a flood control basin FIRST and golf course 2ND". Which means the entire course slopes toward the drainage ditch.

The ruff that borders the right side of the fairways is probably 3-5 inches thick in spots . Surely an effort designed to help balls stay on the course and out of "the ditch "

There are a couple of what I call 'goofy' or cartoon holes but all in all, the course was in fantastic shape. The guys in our group all said they had never seen the greens in such great shape. They were FAST ! and like many links courses, the greens were a formidable defense if you were out of position.

I'm not a huge fan of links courses but I rather enjoyed this track once i realized that a 3 iron off the tee on most holes was sufficient to leave about a 150 yard 2nd.

Great Value ! $25 round and that came with a $10 voucher for lunch afterward!
Played this course on 5/6/07. The good ...the course was in good shape , save a few muddy soft spots off the fairways. The bad 5.5 hour round! Unbelievably slow. Actually slow isnt enough of a word to describe the pace. for the $ it costs to play here they really should do something to help with the pace of play.
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