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Played in a GK outing with Bob, Mark and Jerry. Teed off @ 10:45 and took about 4 1/2 hrs but did not wait on anyone and did not get pushed by anyone. Greens and fairways were great but the rough was somewhat hit or miss. Other than about 4 puzzling tricked up holes on the back 9, I really loved playing this course. The away from everything, peaceful setting reminds me of playing La Purisima in Lompoc. Thanks again to GK for setting it up and to Bob, Mark and Jerry for an enjoyable day. Highly recommended.
Played today @ 9:50am as a 4some with 2 moms. Moms played free with accompanying playing partner paying $75. Even with busy teesheet and some waiting, we finished in a little over 4 hrs so pace was good.
2nd time playing here and although course did not appear as perfect as the first time, we thought maybe 95% of playing surfaces were great. On a couple of holes, the sloped areas near the greens had turned brownish but it still had grass coverage. They said the greens were at 10 today but we all thought maybe they were a bit slower than that.
Visually not as stunning as the first time but still an almost perfect playing experience.
Played today at 9AM as a 2some joined by another 2some. Finished in about 4 1/2 hrs but the flow was consistent so no problem with pace. It's always a treat to play here as the service level here is second to none. As to the course, greens were perfect, rolling true and at medium speed. Fairways and rough were good but not great. Most fairways had good coverage but in certain sections, they were visibly thin. Same with the rough. Still better than most but you expect more at their rack rate. The only real issue I had with playing condition was in one of the greenside bunker where the sand was so compacted that I ended up blading a shot into the hill past the green. Guess that could be due to recent rains but still it hurt.
Not sure how long it will continue but it was CPO on holes 4 and 15. All others were fully open.
Certainly recommend playing here but find a deal at less than the rack rate.
Played 11/17 @ 9:48am as a 2some and finished in 4hrs and 10min. Seemed we waited on every tees but the flow was consistent so no issue with pop. Seems they are working on prep for the city championship to be held in early Dec so playing condition today were not ideal. Most tees had uncut growing grass and mostly wet. Fairways had nice coverage but many areas were also too wet. Also the greens were soft and wet resulting in visible footmarks everywhere making it very difficult to hold the line unless hit overly firm.
Conditions here are generally good but I'd probably hold off retuning until the preps for city championships are over.
Went out to Escena to do a Sunday brunch and golf today. Had the discounted teetime for 2 @ 11:25 am. Another couple who was to join us wanted us to go ahead so we went off as 2.
Pace seemed slow but we finished in 4 hrs so not too bad.
Overall, the course is still very playable but the course looks a lot worse than it actually plays. There were many bare and burnt out areas in the fairways and around the greens. Not sure when they are overseeding but I'm guessing they will probably have to overseed later this month. Visually, it just looked like they are beginning to prepare for overseeding.

Found many bunkers today and all had good sand to hit out of. Greens were smooth but very much summer slow.
Since we had nice brunch before the round and discounted tee times, I'm not complaining. But if I'm driving out from Corona to Palm Springs just for golf, will probably look for deals at Indian Wells or PGA West facilities.
6:30am teetime as a 2some this morning and finished at 9:30. Greens have come back nicely from the aeration 2 weeks ago. But a combination of heavy watering in the morning and the new growth has made putts real slow all morning. Another week and greens should be just fine. All the collars of the greens still shows large aeration holes ( about 2 to 3 ft wide ring around the greens), which would make it not possible to putt from the fringes of any greens.

Fairways still show signs of aeration but are very playable. All the tees are still heavily aerated so it may take a while longer to show new growth.

It's playable now but i'd say give it another week for the fringes and tees to grow in some more.
Encouraged by positive recent reviews, we played today at 11:28am teetime as a 2some and finished in about 3 1/2 hrs, thanks to the 4some that let us play thru at the 11th hole. My 3rd time playing here but it has been couple of years since my last visit. With tree lined fairways and many water hazards, this course is challenging but fun to play. However, something must have happened since 2 prior reviews in June and July. Other than the greens which are still in very good shape, tees and fairways were very shaggy and spotty. Either the heat of August has taken its toll or they must have cut back on watering the fairways. Fairways have numerous burned out spots (not large ones but many many of them) and ground feels crusty and hard.
Greens were great as they held shots well and didn't have too many divot marks. However, they putted much slower than they looked so had difficult time trying to get the ball to the hole all day.
It's still a nice course with good scenery and challenging layout. However, given today's fairway conditions, it's just not visually appealing at this time. I'd be hesitant to recommend under today's conditions.
Played today at 10:30am as a 4some and finished in about 4 1/2 hrs with some waiting at the tees. Tees and fairways were in very good shape. Some brown spots in the fairways but didn't have any burned dirt areas at all. Greens were just excellent. Somewhat soft but had good medium fast speed. No ballmarks to fix other than our own.
Just a very nice course in excellent condition. Highly recommended.
Played this morning at 6:30am as a twosome and finished in about 3 hrs. Greens were just aerated but seems they did not sand as heavily as the aeration last April. They are also aerating the fairways and the tees now so it may take remainder of this week to finish the work. Other than the work noted above, course is generally in good condition considering its already late summer. As a multiple times/week player of this course, the only real negative was that the greens never came back to its prior condition since they aerated the greens in April/16. I was told by the head GK that they were trying to reduce the amount of poa so that may have caused more "balding, etc" on the greens. I'm hopeful that after the current aeration, there will be noticeable difference on the greens. Also, some reviewers noted about the unraked bunkers, I can tell you that I see workers raking every bunker by tractor and by hand every morning. It's unfortunate that many patrons do not see the need to maintain after themselves.
I'll update on the status of greens when they become playable.
Recently moved to the Retreat area so made Champions our home club and got membership early Jan. Since then, we've played the course 20+ times. As of our last play on Sat 2/20, I can say that there are some signs of green showing up on fairways. However, fairways in general are still very very thin. Adding to the challenge is that due to up and down nature of the course design, balls usually end up in the collection areas. As such, all those collection areas end up being one large sand pit. On holes 2, 4, 14 there's better than 50/50 chance that your well struck drive will roll back and be in one of the many collection areas that are either sandy or in on of many old divots. Many Gkers have recently noted the difficulty of the 11th hole and voted it as one of the worst. This hole is especially difficult when they have the blue pin on the far left corner. I'm not sure how even a great young golfer like Matt can hit his wedge to the pin with that pin position. Wherever my drive ends up on that hole, I just aim for the right side of the green and pray that my approach shot has enough height to get there. If my approach shot doesn't roll back, I'm fine with that.
Most of the greenside or even the fairway bunkers have decent amount of sand and they are well raked by the ground crew in the morning. It's not traditional golf but you should make sure your affected sand area are free of rocks before you hit your shot. No sense in adding difficulty to an already difficult course.
On the positive side, service level by all employees here are top notch. Greens are always smooth and roll medium to medium fast. Any ball marks on the greens that we encounter are of recent nature from the groups ahead and not from prior days. Pace of play is usually around 4 hours on Mon, Wed mornings and 4.5 to 5 hours on Tu, Fri and Sat mornings.
My wife and I usually play Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat here around 8:30am. I don't keep score but my wife is the serious golfer in the family and plays by the rules. I just hope to hit some good shots and enjoy them if and when they come. I would say we're both about mid 80s golfers here and would enjoy playing with any Gkers interested in joining our twosome at Champions Club.
Thanks to the generosity of GK members, we took advantage of their free green fee offer and paid $40 cart fee for our 2some. Played 12/11 @ 10am and finished in 4 hrs. Never saw anyone in front or behind us all day.
Course has been reopen for less than a month so the conditions are great/perfect. It almost feels like they have prepared the course for a pro tourney with the exception of the rough being cut to about 1 to 2 inches. Tee to green, I don't think I have played a course in better condition than RH at this time.

If you approach this course as a golf purist, I'm sure you would love everything about this course as the prior review has noted. For us (me and my wife), we had also expected to be wowed by the facility, views, service, etc. Maybe due to such expectations going in, I felt a little bit let down. Distant desert views were good but looked pretty much the same from any angles, limited number of service personnel so no help in loading or unloading, etc.

Still, it's a course in perfect condition with good enough desert/distant mountain views that is aboutl 70 miles inland from Pechanga resort. I'm thankful and glad that I got to play it almost free. But I would not make the trip if I had to pay $100 per. Even $75 per would be pushing it due to the distance factor. I can't imagine many would go play it at their current prime rate of $150.

While the course is in perfect condition for play, there's still some construction going on outside of the clubhouse and other landscaping areas. If you're a golf purist, go play now but if you are more like us, I would say give them another month or so in order to complete their non course related presentation.

-- Great grass driving range for practice
-- Sand in bunkers looked fluffy but were very dense.
-- Greens were pure and rolled great but on many I read different breaks from behind the hole
Played 12/1 @ 9am as a 2some behind a foursome and finished in 5 hrs. We had to wait for some tee shots but the waits weren't long. Main reason for the 5 hr round was probably for the walk up and down to tees and greens. You got to be in reasonable shape to play this course. It's my 2nd time playing here and probably enjoyed it more this time around. Every hole here is a photo op. Customer service and course conditions here are just great. It's one of the more expensive courses but I don't think anyone would ever feel they didn't get their money's worth. The only other comment is that because of the forced carries, my wife played from the Reds and you do not get the Wolf Creek experience playing from the Reds. Just a great course.
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