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Our group changed our home course from Dos Lagos to Eagle Glen for this year and we played our first round at Eagle Glen today @ 8am as a 3some following a 4some and finished in exactly 4 hrs. Told last week by the head pro that they weren't going to aerify the greens in April but was told today that they are going to punch small holes on all the greens. I will provide an update when it happens. Maybe due to the recent rains, the course looked much greener than expected. Most of the tees were hard but green and level. Most fairways had good green coverage but there were some spots where our ball was in the fairway but on hard pan dirt. Rough was spotty and generally in worse shape than the fairways. Most of the greenside bunkers had fresh white sand and was easy to hit out of. No complaints at all for the greens which were smooth, hard and rolled true. Not many ballmarks to be found on the greens this morning but also not easy to stop the ball either.
Overall, we enjoyed a good round on a course with nice scenic views, acceptable fairways and excellent greens. Recommended.
Our group of 5 played on 2/21 @ 8:33am and 8:41am on a chilly but not windy day and finished in about 4 1/4 hrs. They don't allow 5some but since we didn't see anyone behind us, played as 5some from 3rd hole and didn't really get pushed by anyone.
Tees, fairways and greens are all excellent. Thought we hit some good shots to greens but apparently we don't swing hard enough (or spin enough) as we couldn't stop anything on the greens. Still enjoyed the isolation, views and well conditioned golf course. Although we all loved the course, I probably would vote "Snow" as my favorite as most of the par 4s on Wolf kinda looked too similar to my eyes. I seemed to remember Snow as having more of a variety compared to Wolf (my opinion only).
Would strongly recommend any of the Paiute courses as they are always well conditioned and you couldn't find such views and isolation in So Cal.
played here on 1/23 @ 10am as a 5some with an understanding that we'll let anyone chasing pass us. Didn't have to worry as we pretty much had the course to ourselves all day. Our friends raved about their recent stay and play here so our expectations were pretty high.
Overall, the course is truly in great shape from tees to fairways and greens. Unlike prior review, greens were equally smooth and fast but also very hard. Not many ball marks found since it was so hard to make a ball mark anyway. Truly enjoyed putting on these smooth fast greens.
I would disagree with our friends about liking this course better than Rams Hill though. Although condition wise this course is excellent, it doesn't compare with Rams Hill in terms of course design or the classy experience one gets from playing Rams hill.
Still a very enjoyable day at a golf course in great condition with one of the best greens.
Very highly recommended.
Played here on 12/8/17 as a group of 7 and finished in about 5 1/2 hrs. Our group teed off on #10 at 9:15am as the #1 tee wasn't available till after 10am for us. It was 3rd time for us here and the views and course conditions still continue to amaze us. Everything here was near perfect with the exception of rock-hard fairways under the grass coverage. For our group, divot repair wasn't necessary as we couldn't make a divot if we tried.
This is probably the only course we don't mind playing in over 5 hrs as it allows us for more relaxed picture taking opportunities.
Although some may say the course is a bit tricked-up, for us, Wolf Creek remains as our #1 favorite course. Certainly recommended.
Played on 12/7/17 @ 10am as a group of 7 and finished in about 4 hrs. Been 5 years since we last played here so expectations were high going in. Very cold in the morning so they didn't let anyone out till about 9:30am and didn't see many golfers out all day.
Considering the weather, course conditions were good to very good with no complaints on tees, fairways or the greens. For the first few holes, red clay bunkers were still hard packed but got better as it got a little warmer.
We chose this course for the views that are very different than So Cal and enjoyed a day of picture taking golf outing. However, since our last visit 5 years ago, they have build many new homes on most of the holes along the front 9. Although most homes are low rise single level homes, they still took away from our enjoyment of the surrounding scenery. No homes on the back 9 and the holes 12 to 15 along the virgin river gorge still remain breathtaking.
Still one of our very favorite courses and recommended but a few points off for the new housing developments.
Played today @ 11:00am as a 4some using GK coupon. Only one lady working the restaurant so it was a long wait to get our food to go. Due to our wait at the snack shop, we actually teed off at 11:05 and finished at 3:10pm so just about a 4 hour round.
Course condition overall were generally worse than when we played several months ago, primarily due to lack of watering the rough, and more sparse watering of fairways and tees. Any ball in play will generally have a good lie but anything off will have very iffy lies. Tees in general were OK but it looked like it wasn't cut for a few days and wasn't visually appealing. No matter what the condition, when we play this course it's for the feeling of complete seclusion along with almost perfect greens. Maybe due to late start today, greens today were hard, fast and pure. I don't remember when we last played greens this perfect.
We certainly enjoyed our round today and would recommend this course to others as well.
Took advantage of their August special and played today @ 11:52am as a 2some joined by another single. Played behind another 3some and finished just under 4 hours. As a first timer here, we were somewhat confused in trying to located golf shop but got good help from everyone we encountered. Good service by cart attendant to the starter.
We enjoyed the course. It definitely has the resort feel with fairly good playing conditions. Tees were good. Fairways were mostly green and had good coverage but rough were rather spotty. Was in 2 fairway bunkers and they both had white fluffy sand which was a surprise. Greens looked good and held the lines very well but unless we were above the hole, it rolled much slower than it looked. Could have been due to the chemicals applied early in morning not really drying off due to overcast weather conditions. Whatever the reason, had problem all day leaving chips and putts short of the hole.
Liked the course overall and would like to play it again. Recommended.
Played in today's GK outing with Larry and Alex. Last time here was about 3 to 4 years ago and noticed significant improvement on condition of fairways since then. Fairways are mostly green with good coverage with some sprinkling of brown thin spots. Tees mostly good and the greens were smooth and rolled well. Was in 2 bunkers. One was thin hardpan but the other had good coverage of sand. It's a course that doesn't play too long from blue tees for the older golfers, with wide fairways and good scenic views. Our group currently plays at Dos Lagos on the other side of the freeway but I'm sure we will be moving over to Eagle Glen next year. Recommended.
Played today @ 8am as a 3some and finished in about 4 hours. Waited a little on par 3s for the group in front but it was mostly nice consistent pace. Since my last visit here 2 months ago, course visually suffers a little due to smart water management. They are cutting back water on the areas that don't come into play for most golfers. As such, it may be less appealing visually but all landing areas on the fairways were green and had excellent coverage. Other than the great scenery, best part about the course are the greens. Very smooth with no marks today. somehow front 9 was much faster than the back 9 so it did give us some trouble on the back. Greens here are not multi tiered like so many of the newer course around but somehow they always seems to put the pins at the top or the edge of a mounded areas.
Still a very nice course and a great deal with GK coupon at $32. Recommended.
Played today @ 8:20am as 5some and finished in 4 hrs. No one in front all day and 2some behine us waited on few approach but I guess they were ok with the pace as they never pushed. First time playing here and really liked it, especially the back 9. Other than the already mentioned #1 green, all greens were very receptive, rolled nice at about medium speed. Fairways had mostly good coverage but I wouldn't call it lush and the rough were pretty spotty. Overall I get the sense that they are using water wisely and definitely not overwatering the rough areas. Found many greenside bunkers today and they all had good sand but mostly wet from morning dew.
Overall impression is similar to the Santa Barbara area course which are secluded but somewhat on the brownish green side.
Will definitely play again, recommended.
It's our home course for this year and we play it about 3, 4 times a week. Played today at 7:45 am ahead of the tournament and finished in 4 hours. Pace is usually 4 hrs or less if you can tee off prior to 8am on weekdays. My major complaint since January this year had been the soft spongy greens but since the aeration in early April, greens have gotten much better. Greens are now much smoother and roll true, although at medium speed. In the past couple of weeks, they have verticut the fairways (about inch to 1 1/2 inch wide) and it will probably take another couple of weeks to heal. Even with verticut fairways, the course is still very playable. You'll just get less roll than normal. Most bunkers here have adequate coverage of sand but a few are more of compacted dirt.
Of the 4 nearby course in this south Corona region, Dos Lagos is usually the busiest course around. One reason would be for the reasonable rates they charge but also with different look on every hole, it is a fun course to play. Even if you play multiple times a week.
Wait till fairways heal a bit, but it's a course I'd recommend.
Played today @ 9:07am as a 4some and finished in just under 5 hrs. Even for Monday, course was very busy with 4somes all morning. I'm sure the current underpar deal had increased the traffic here quite a bit. It was first time here for my 3 playing partners so the long round gave us more of an opportunity to take pictures of the many scenic water featured holes here. Conditions overall are pretty good. Tees, fairways and rough were all good. Bunkers were pretty much compacted dirt with thin layer of sand on top but still playable. I did have big concern about the greens going in but I thought they were very slow but actually very playable for the most part. If you're looking for a resort style round, this is a very good option, especially with the current underpar deal. Recommended
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