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Played Saturday Morning and the course is in great Shape. The temporary Green on 7 is only durning the week, so that was not an issue. Greens were in great shape, held shots and putted medium to fast. Fairways were fast and in great shape and the rough did its job. Traps were nice and had plenty of sand.

Great time and worth the fee.
Played Sunday for a great $54 dollar rate. This course is great for $54 but for $80? Pace of play was good for being very busy, finished in about 4 hours. Tee Boxes are great, fairways tight and in great shape and the rough was penal in spots and overall very good.
Sand Traps had a lot of sand and were tough to get out of and easy to have a poor lie. They need a good rain to pack them down a little bit.
Greens were overall pretty smooth with a few that had some rough patches but they rolled fairly true and were fast today.
Great Customer service and had a great time.
Played Meadowlark on Sunday the 12th. It has been a while since I have been here and It pretty much was what I expected. Greens were firm and held well struck shots fine but if not well struck, ball did not hold. They were about medium speed and bumpy, so some putts held the line, others, not so much. Traps had plenty of sand and fairways were lush and nice to play from. Rough brutal in spots and bare in others.
Customer service was great and saw the cart girl a few times. Bring a helmet and a good attitude and you will be alright but the layout is always fun and has some challenges that a short course like this should have that makes it really fun to play. You can score if you are hitting it well but if not, good luck.
Played Sunday the 29th. Course is VERY WET still. Looked great from the Freeway but this course needs another week to dry out. Standing water in almost all the bunkers and a few lakes where fairways normally are. Hard to find areas in some of the fairways that were dry enough to hit off of.
Greens were fast and in fairly good shape and were by far the best part of the course and the customer service was good and I was playing golf but not worth the green fee right now and hopefully we don't get more rain because this course can't take it. I would give it a week to dry out and then a week for the staff to get the course back into some playable shape.
Got out Sunday before the Rains. Course is OK right now. We played in the afternoon and the greens seem to be super bumpy if you don't get them in the morning. The Poa really affects these greens roll and can be a little frustrating on some of the shorter putts.
Course is going through some maintenance and there are a few GUR spots throughout the course but nothing really affecting the playability.
Traps and rough in great shape with plenty of sand and the rough was very penal when I was in it. Tees were flat and in good shape.
Cart girl around a few times and the pace was good this afternoon but can be slow with 12 miles of cart path
Way worth the 55 bucks compared to the 90 that Encinitas Ranch charges.

Great Customer service and food.
Played the Ranch on Saturday and the course is in fair shape. The greens were rock hard and very fast and were nice to putt on. Nobody here likes to fix divots but I think that is at most courses now. Some of the greens had some rough spots on them but the pins were placed no where close to those spots. Tee boxes in fairly good shape with a few not very level and some with divot damage. Fairways were nice and lush and in good shape. No rough and the bunkers were nice with plenty of sand. Food in the clubhouse is good and more people should be using there restaurant. Cart Gal was always around as well.
I don't think this place is worth the large sum they charge but it is close and usually plays fairly quickly and is usually in good shape.
Played Saturday Morning before the rains started and the course was empty except a few groups and some singles. Finished in just over 3 hours so that was great. Fairways are spotty and have mixed grasses and lots of bare spots but we were allowing us to move the ball and find a spot. Greens were actually fairly smooth and not bad and putts rolled well and stayed on line. Was in one bunker and the sand was fine and it was in good shape.

Course was better than expected but didn't have much expectation but for a Saturday to play in 3+ hours for under 50 bucks with a cart, I would make it out here more often if I lived anywhere closer.
Played on a Sunday and the course was crowded but moved along fairly well. The greens were good but still had a few bumps from the last punching. Rolled well and were fast but you had a few times where the ball bobbled off line.
Fairways were dry but very few areas without grass., overall really nice to play from. Rough was mixed bag from dry to super lush clumps mixed in. Bunkers were disappointing as they were not dragged by the course for at least a day or two and had ridges and bumps all through them. Made for some really tough lies but at least there was sand in them.
Tee Boxes were thin and dry and mostly level.
Good customer service but no beverage cart but overall fun day with a challenging golf course.
Played Saturday the 19th at 9 and the course was in great shape. Greens are fantastic and came out of the punching in great shape, held shots and putted smooth and semi-fast. Sand in bunkers was nice and plenty of it and the fairways were great with no bare areas anywhere and very little divot damage. Great customer service from check in to the bar afterwords. Great food and saw the cart gal multiple times in the day.

Good time to play this course
Played Sunday the 18th and the course was OK. We teed off early so pace was great and finished in 4 hours with a couple of slow partners in my group.
Tee boxes are not very level and a few had bad damage, expected a little better with the rate you pay out here.
Fairways were decent but a lot of different grasses on the course and some great lies but also some not so great lies.
Rough was penal and thick and not easy to play from but exactly what it should be.
Greens were in good shape but had some different grasses that led to some less than smooth putts. The greens are challenging with the slopes.
Sand was a mix of good to not good but overall have very little complaints with there never being not enough sand or too much, just wish they were a little more consistent.
Good time but not worth the rack rate. Better places to play for the cash.
Played out here Friday the 31st and the course is in great shape. I forget how fun and challenging this course is. Looks like they are doing some punching starting the 10th so get out here and play before that happens.

Fairways and rough are in great shape with no bare areas other than the desert areas. You need to be accurate or you will lose balls

Greens in great shape and held well struck shots. They were medium to fast and no ball mark issues.

Bunkers great and tee boxes no issues.

Love the layout and the challenge
Played This course on a beautiful Wednesday mid morning. The course is in great shape all around. Greens are perfect and fast but hold well struck shots. Fairways are in great shape and so is the rough, very penal and thick and you will want to keep your ball in the fairways. Bunkers are firm but very good as well.

This course is in the best shape I have seen it in a long time and well worth the $94 twosome rate We got on special-with a pitcher of beer.

saw the cart girl twice, on both sides once and the food and beer is great. The only problem today was the girl in the bar was a little salty and not in the best mood but the food and beer was still good. Play now while the going is good
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