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Had a morning tee time, not very busy.

This is a report on the course after aeration: the greens are a week away from being in good condition.

Fairway are getting green and have some body to them.

Traps have good sand but a lot are not raked by the golfers.

Good deal $$ if you are a resident of Oside and a senior!

POP: at 4 hours.
Played here on 4/6 at Noon. The course was quite busy.

Follow up to my 3/27 review; the greens have "healed" nicely from the recent aeration with medium firmness and medium speed. POP was over 4 1/2 hours.

Also, recommend the Chicken Caesar wrap at the Snack Bar, very tasty!
Played here on 3/27 just before Noon.

Greens: still bumpy after being punched last week but "healing" nicely. Should be in good condition in 7-10 days.

Fairways: starting to get green but still thin and firm.

Rough: 1-2" high. not very penal.

Traps: raked but firm.

POP: just at 4 hours.

Good practice areas: range but mats only, nice chipping green and putting green.

Friendly and helpful Staff. Recommend in another week.
Had a morning T time under cloudy skies.

Excellent practice areas.

Greens: firm, smooth with medium speed.

Fairways: green and firm. A few too many divots.

Rough: not very penal.

Traps: raked and very playable.

Good GPS in the carts.

Excellent customer service.

POP: just over 4 1/2 hours.
Played the South course for the first time ever. What a treat! We had the 7:30 T time, overcast on the front with the sun breaking thru on the back nine. It was interesting seeing the course without all the tournament structures, just green fairways and blue sky. What a joy to play! Probably the best conditioned course I've played this winter season.

Greens: smooth and holding with medium speed.

Fairways: best I've played on this winter.

Rough: 1-2" higher than the fairways, very playable.

Traps: good condition.

POP: 4 1/2 hours.

Very friendly Staff.
March 1st review is still the same as my last review. Not much has changed.

Greens are smooth, firm and fast.

Fairways are thin and firm.

Sure will be glad when winter is over and we get some green fairways with some body to them.
Played late Monday morning trying to get a game in before the cold weather and rain arrives on Tuesday. I was paired up with three nice gentlemen who were very good playing partners. An enjoyable game!

Excellent practice driving range (unfortunately mats only), chipping green and putting green.

Greens: smooth, holding and medium speed.

Fairways: FIRM and thin.

Traps: the two I was in were raked but firm.

Rough: not very penal.

POP: slow, over 4 1/2 hours but the marshall did keep us informed about the situation and POP did improve on the back nine .

Good customer service. Nice deal with their Palm Card.
Played in the GK outing at the La Costa - Legends course today. We had a nice sunny morning, a very enjoyable day.

Very friendly and helpful Staff.

Excellent practice areas.

Greens: smooth, medium to fast speed and firm.

Fairways: good winter condition, some thin spots but overall very playable.

Rough: very playable.

Traps: missed them all :-) but they looked well groomed.

Good GPS system in the carts.

POP: under 4 hours.
Played here on 2/1 @ 10 AM using my Palm Card for the first time, excellent deal!
I concur with rudyclub's recent review on course conditions. I would like to add that the Staff was friendly and made you feel welcome. Nice driving range, chipping green and putting green.
Definitely a RECOMMEND!
This is an update from my Nov. review. Teed off at 8 AM, not very busy.

Good grass Driving range with decent golf balls.

Greens: firm, smooth with medium to fast speed.

Fairways: we had nice green fairway but now they are brown from the recent frost.

Rough: terrible, hardpan and animal borrows.

Traps: excellent!

Tees: uneven because of old animal borrows.

POP: just over 4 hours.

Good condition overall for a Muni!
Played in the GK Guru outing on the Dunes Course on Jan. 8th. Not your typical resort course, a very challenging Pete Dye layout!

Let's start with Customer Service in the Pro Shop, Players Assistant and the cart girl; excellent. Made you feel very welcome!

Very nice practice areas.

Greens: most of them were elevated and you had a very challenging pitch shot if you missed the green. The greens were firm, smooth with medium to fast speed.

Fairways and Tees: over seeded and in excellent condition! Best I've played on this winter.

Rough: dormant and mowed close. Many unlevel lies if you missed the fairway.

Traps: good condition.

I would love to come back again soon....
Had a 10 AM Tee time. It was great to get out from the threat/smell of the Lilac Fire.

Excellent practice areas; driving range, chipping area and large practice putting green.

Recommend you play from the tees that your game can handle as this is a very challenging layout.

Greens: smooth, medium to fast speed and firm. Very challenging contours.

Fairways: some very thin areas from cart traffic otherwise playable.

Rough: 1 -3" high, not very penal.

Traps: raked and very playable.

Good GPS system in the carts.

Marshall visited us twice on each nine.

POP: just over 4 1/2 hours.

I am beginning to like this course the more I play it. Recommend.
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