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Played in a GK outing on Thursday afternoon on an overcast and windy day, finally got some sun on the back nine.

Just love the peaceful setting of CrossCreek.

Nice grass driving range.

Greens: smooth firm greens, medium to fast speed.

Fairways: good condition, ball sets up nicely.

Rough: inconsistent, 1-3" high, some bare spots and animal burrows but the rough should punish your wayward shots.

Traps: only in one and it was quite firm.

Love the layout of the course especially the front nine. We messed up some of the holes on the back side because of the lack of local knowledge.

Good customer service. Definitely a MUST play !
Teed off early AM Monday (5/22), not too busy. Played here last in early April.

Good grass driving range.

Greens: almost full "healed", medium speed and holding.

Fairways: filling in nicely, in better condition than in April.

New T box on #3, constructed with the sand/dirt from the Spring storms, nice addition.

Rough: vary from 1" to 3", ball tends to sit down making a shot from the rough quite challenging.

Traps: were not raked, played firm.

POP: at 4 hours.

Check around as there are some good deals out there!
Played in the GK outing on a beautiful day. I haven't played here in 3-4 years so I was looking forward to today's outing.

Friendly staff in the clubhouse. Nothing very fancy at the deli but the sandwiches were very tasty!

Very nice grass driving range with good quality balls.

Fairways: didn't get a bad lie all day. Back nine was more narrow than the front, quite challenging!

Greens: holding, smooth and medium to fast speed. A little slower than the practice green.

Rough: some bare areas but playable.

Traps: looks like they haven't been raked in a week or so. Very disappointing compared to the rest of the course.

POP: just over 4 hours.

Very challenging layout, worth the drive from Oceanside, actually it wasn't bad, only 25 minutes.
Looking forward to another visit very soon!
Had an early AM Tee time on a dreary overcast day, very little sun.

Greens: medium to fast speed, medium to firm greens.

Fairways: very good condition, ball sits up nicely.

Rough: TERRIBLE! Weeds, animal mounds and many bare spots.

Traps: raked, a little firm but playable.

Tees: many tees are uneven because of old animal tunnels.

POP: 4 hours.

Good grass driving range, two practice putting greens.

OK green fees if you are a Oceanside resident, even better for a senior resident!
Played in the Greenskeeper event on Sunday afternoon. Had an enjoyable day with fellow GKers: Gary, Tim and Jim.

Friendly staff at check in, the starter and the restaurant staff. The pulled pork sandwich was quite tasty!

First class grass practice range with Pro V1's. There is a great chipping green to the right of the #1 tee which I almost missed. Large putting green next to #1 tee.

Greens: excellent condition! Speed was medium to fast.

Fairways: not a bad lie all day. No GPS on the carts but there were plenty of yardage markers in the fairways and they were accurate.

Rough: Just like the fairways but an 1" higher.

Traps: not very fluffy but very playable.

Water/Ice: ample water and ice machines on the course.

REALLY a great experience! A MUST play!
Played Thursday AM in a LA Seniors event against three other clubs.

Customer Service is first class!

Greens: about 95% "healed", holding with medium to fast speed. Lots of contour and unusual breaks considering you are at the base of the mountains.

Fairways: excellent, not a bad lie all day!

Traps: freshly raked with plenty of sand.

Rough: 1-3" high, ball sat down, quite punishing.

Local knowledge is very critical. Our local was also our opponent so we didn't get a lot of help, just the basic info. Still had a great time!

A very challenging course. A MUST play if you get an invite!

Driving tip: if you are driving up the 15 from San Diego at AM rush hour, allow an extra 40 minute as the road 10 miles South of the 91 to the 91 is very slooow....
Played Tuesday AM on a cool and breezy morning. I am just going to update the conditions of the greens as my review from March is still accurate.

The greens are 7-10 days from being fully healed. Currently the greens are very bumpy and slow.
Played in a LA Seniors event (60 and older) this Thursday AM.

First class service once you arrive at the club and through out your day. Outstanding practice areas: chipping green with a sand trap, two putting greens and a large driving range.

Greens: about 90% healed from the recent aeration so the speed was slow to medium and a little bumpy.

Fairways: generous width, firm with very decent lies. All bare spots were marked off.

Rough: 1 -3 " high, not very punishing.

Traps: many traps and in excellent condition.

POP: just over 4 hours.

Very challenging layout. Play there if you get an invite.
Played in the GK outing bright and early in this cool Tuesday morning with Nick and Gary, very enjoyable day with these gentlemen!

Greens: front nine needs another 5-7 days to fully heal. Back nine is in the better condition - 95% healed

Fairways: firm with decent lies.

Rough: 1-3" high, playable.

Traps: good condition.

Nice grass practice area!

Friendly staff in the Pro Shop. Looks like its best to play early during the week as it was not very busy today. Very challenging layout!
Haven't played here in over a year so I thought I better get over and play the course before the GK Plays event on April 23rd. I agree with dcricket's review.

As I pulled in the parking lot I was greeted by the cart attendant. Friendly staff in the Pro shop. Didn't have time to try their hamburg special.

Greens: speed was slow to medium and "holding". One green was damaged but being repaired so no real problem.

Fairways: nice condition, decent lies.

Rough: 1-3" high but the real problem is if you stray off the rough. The ball can run for a few yards away from the fairway on the area where they eliminated the turf. Keep the driver IN the bag on the short par 4's.

Traps: thin/hard pan lies.

Tees: a few too many unfilled divots on the par 3's.

The GPS system does not have the current course configuration, need a rangefinder.

Overall, the course is interesting and worth the time to play! Hope to see you on the 23rd!
Played here on Tuesday AM, 3/21.

Greens: best part of the course; smooth greens, medium to firm hardness and medium to fast speed. Looks like they will be aerating the greens the first week of April so check before you book your T time.

Fairways: improving with the warmer weather, still too many unfilled divots.

Tees: many are uneven because of animal burrows.

Rough: TERRIBLE; weeds, hardpan and animal mounds.

Traps: many have not been raked by the golfers but otherwise playable.

Good grass driving range.

POP: just over 4 1/2 hours, no marshal to keep play moving.

Last of the storm damage, 5-6 large trees, being cleaned up.

Not bad for a Muni especially if you are a resident of Oceanside.
Had a great time on 3/9 with some new (to me) GK'ers; allan, gary00 and leef2020 at a GK event on a beautiful sunny and warm day! First time here for me in 3-4 years, forgot what a challenging course this is; very hilly on the front and reasonably flat on the back.

Customer Service: friendly staff in the Pro shop, the starter (with tips on what T's to play) and the marshall with his advice to stay out of the brush as some snakes have been spotted.

Greens: smooth, very firm and medium to fast, very fast on the downhill putts!

Fairways: firm so the ball funneled to the low areas where there was lots of unfilled divots and NO sand in the cart's bottles. There were replacement bottles on the 10th T, all EMPTY! Some bare spot on the fairways.

Traps: only in one fairway trap, it was firm but playable.

Rough: playable with some bare areas.

POP: just over 4 hours.

Lots of water stations on the course, accurate GPS system on the carts and many visits by the beverage cart. Overall, a great day! Recommend to play if you get an opportunity!
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