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Played in the GK Guru outing today on a beautiful day. Enjoyable playing partners. First time here in over 5 years. Forgot what a challenging layout this is.

Overall the course is in good winter condition.

Greens: smooth, firm and medium + speed.

Fairways: firm with excessive divots in some of the collection areas but overall playable.

Traps: the three I was in were firm. (my only negative)

Rough: 1-3" high, very playable.

Nice practice areas: driving range, chipping area and putting green. Also, good quality range balls. Excellent GPS units in the carts.

POP: just over 4 hours. Good customer service. RECOMMEND.
Played here on 2/6/2020, mid sunny morning.

Greens: smooth, fast and firm.

Fairways: decent winter condition but many unfilled divots.

Rough: 1-3" high with many bare areas. If you stray more than 5-10 yards from the fairway you will be in the wood chips or the DG (which is not good for your clubs).

Traps: decent sand but many traps not raked by the golfers.

Tees: many unlevel tees because of old animal burrows.

POP: just over 4 hours.

Great driving range and two practice greens.

Not bad for a Muni, give it a try!
Played today (1/23) on a beautiful day. The course is in very good winter condition.

Greens: excellent condition, starter said the greens are at a 13. I believe him.

Fairways: good winter condition, some bare spots.

Rough: 1-3" high, very playable.

Traps: My only complaint; many traps were hard with no sand. Might be prepping them for new sand in the spring, I hope.

POP: under 4 hours.

Good customer service. Recommend.
Played on Tuesday, 1/14 mid morning. Excellent customer service as usual.

Excellent practice areas: driving range, chipping green with a sand trap and a large putting green.

Greens: smooth, fast and soft to firm.

Fairways: VERY, VERY firm and thin, many divots. Worst part of the course.

Traps: ample sand and raked.

Rough: 1-3" high, playable.

POP: just over 4 1/2 hours.

Nice GPS in the cars. Good food at the grill.
Dec 17th, teed off at 8 AM in 35 degrees but sunny weather. The ski hat and winter gloves were off by 9:30.

Greens: best part of the course, soft to firm greens, smooth with medium + speed.

Fairways: decent conditions, few too many unfilled divots.

Rough: 1-3" high for 10-15 feet from the fairway but then the DG comes into play.

Traps: good amount of sand and raked.

Tees: many tees not level, old animal tunnels.

POP: at 4 1/2 hours.

Good practice areas.

Not bad conditions for a Muni, give it a try.
Played here on 12/11 on a sunny low 60's day.

Customer service, excellent as usual.

Excellent practice facilities; driving range, mats only, chipping green with a sand trap and of course, a putting green.

Greens: soft, smooth and fast.

Fairways: VERY thin and soft and some muddy areas. 6-7 fairways cart path only. Worst shape I've ever seen. Need a couple of sunny weeks to dry them out.

Rough: 1-3" high. around the fairways, and 3-5" around some of the greens. Looks like they haven't been cut because of the soft, wet conditions.

Traps: OK condition.

Very good GPS in the carts.

POP: just over 4 hours.
Played with the guys and gal on Sunday at Oak Creek. First time playing here, very enjoyable.
REALLY enjoyed the day as it was my first GK outing since my hip replacement. Great to be back.

Practice areas: excellent facilities, able to practice all aspects of your game.

Greens: a little bumpy, need another week or so to heal.

Fairways: good condition for the winter season.

Rough: playable.

Traps: very good condition.

Very challenging layout. A must play course!

POP: just over 4 hours.

Good GPS in the carts.
Played here on Thursday AM, 11/14 using a GK coupon (a great deal, thanks Johnny!)

One of my favorite courses, it is so peaceful, no traffic noise or other distractions. Your GPS will not work in the valley but there is an excellent GPS in the carts. Good idea to have the starter brief you on how to use it as it took me 3 holes to figure it out (but as a senior I'm not up on all the electronic gadgets) .

Friendly customer service in the Pro shop and with the starter.

Range: nice grass range and good range balls.

Greens: very very fast, smooth and in excellent condition.

Fairways: good condition for this time of the season.

Rough: 1 - 3" high, very playable.

Traps: very poor, worst part of the course.

POP: just over 4 1/2 hours.

Good deli sandwiches from the snack shop.
Played on 10/22, the greens are "healed", come give the Muni a try.
Played today 10/3 and had great weather. POP was at 4 hours.

I agree with gary00's review of 9/30.

My only negative is that the three traps I was in were very firm. Otherwise excellent customer service. Nice practice facilities. Always an enjoyable experience!

They are doing the over seeding of the fairway this week and the aerating will be on Oct 15 & 16.
Played Tuesday AM, course is in good condition BUT I am confirming the greens are being punched 10/1 and 10/2. I'll let you know when they recover, normally 3 weeks.
Played here on Thursday, 9/5 at 8 AM. First time in two months.

Staff: always friendly and helpful.

Nice practice areas.

Greens: Way too many ball marks, many fixed poorly. The GOLFERS need to do a better job repairing THEIR ball marks.

Fairways: improved from my last round, not quite as thin.

Rough: very playable at 1-3" high.

Traps: most have good sand and it's been raked. There are a few traps that are hard and lack sand.

POP at 4 hours.

Overall, a must play course especially if you have a Palm Card.
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