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Played here on Feb. 13th AM. This is a follow up to my review of a few weeks ago.

The course is recovered nicely and I wanted to give the maintenance staff some credit for their hard work.

Starting with the positive; downed trees removed, clogged drains, muddy areas cleaned up nicely. A major accomplishment!

Greens: smooth, medium to fast speed and holding; best part of the course.

Fairways: still need more improvement; good condition from the 100 yard marker into the greens. The balance of the fairways are very thin with clumps of grass and mud. You have a 50/50 chance of getting a very thin/dirt lie. Winter rules are in play.

Rough: lots of bare spots.

Traps: still unplayable. They are playing a free drop from the traps.

No marshall to keep the pace of play moving.

So progress has been made but still more work to do.
Teed off just before Noon in a Greenskeeper outing. First time playing here in over a year. Forgot how challenging this course is, make sure you play the proper tees for your skill level.

Friendly and helpful service in the Pro shop and with the starter.

The course survived the recent rain storms without any major damage that I could see.

Greens: a little bumpy but to be expect at the end of the day. Speed was medium. Greens were holding.

Fairways: very good for the winter season, great to see green fairways and a majority of divots filled. Not a lot of wet spots on the fairways.

Traps: plenty of sand but some traps not raked by thoughtless golfers.

Rough: some bare spots but not a major problem.

Great practice area!

This course is a must play especially if you can get a special rate!
Played here on Friday AM. The course is in very average winter condition.

Greens: Good condition except for #18, otherwise smooth, medium to fast and firm.

Fairways: still a few wet spots but they are marked off. Very firm and very thin.

Rough: 1-3" high with some bare spots.

Traps: not very fluffy but playable.

Driving range was mats only today.

Cart girl was around twice.

Not worth the standard $ rate.
Played here on Tuesday AM, 1/31. This review will cover the course conditions after the recent storms.
The front nine was closed last week and the entire course is now open, cart path only. Only a few of the fairways had wet spots. All the standing water is off the fairways. Some of the traps still have some muddy areas. There are 6 or 7 downed trees. The greens are in good condition. The rough is terrible; high grass, animal mounds and weeds. A week of sunny days like today will bring the course back to a decent condition except for the rough, nothing will help that!
Played here Friday AM after the recent storms and this course has significant damage. Today was the first day that they allowed carts on the fairways, 90 degree rule. There are a lot of downed trees, mud from the hills onto the fairways, creeks that are backed up with debris, sand traps that are mud traps, rough that has not been cut for quite a while (we spent a lot of time looking for wayward balls). They recommend lift, clean and place ALL over and do not play from the traps. The only positive is that the greens are in good condition. The most notable damage is 180 yds off the 18th T ,left side, the four large pines are GONE!

I think this cover the current conditions. Currently not worth the green fee, wait a few weeks till they get the mess cleaned up.
Played here on Dec 27th in the AM.

Greens: smooth, "holding" and medium to fast speed, best part of the golf course.

Fairway: you get a decent lie most of the time on the dormant fairways but lots of divots.

Rough: TERRIBLE, animal holes and mounds of dirt, weeds, lots of bare spots, almost unplayable. The decomposed granite does significant damage to your clubs.

Tees: Many are uneven from the animal tunnels.

Traps: fair, many have very little sand.

Good grass driving range unless they have the mats out which is once a week.

I get the resident senior rate which is OK. Wouldn't pay any more for this course.
Played in a GK outing on Thursday, 12/15 at 8 AM. We teed off behind 4-5 groups of regulars who we lost sight of after the first few holes.

Friendly customer service from the Pro shop, starter and players assistant.

Nice grass driving range and excellent putting green next to the clubhouse.

Greens: smooth, fast and very firm. I never did get the "feel" for the firm greens.

Fairways: decent winter condition, some thin spots.

Rough: very playable.

Traps: I was in three fairway traps; thin lies.

POP: just over 4 hours.

Very quiet, peaceful location, no freeway noise.

Worth the trip to Temecula if you can get a "deal".
I am unable to play the GK outing on Dec 11th so I got a deal from the SCGA and brought a foursome from Oceanside on Monday, Dec 5 at 9 AM. Weather PC, 70 degrees and a very light wind. So for you playing on the 11th, I got a one word review: WOW!

Customer Service was excellent, as we parked our car, our golf carts pulled up. Enjoyed the free coffee and muffins as we checked in.

Driving Range: all grass with Pro V1 practice ball.

Nice putting green next to the first T, I missed the chipping green.

Fairways: excellent, not a bad lie all day.

Greens: the first 6 holes had a lot of spike marks. Once the greens firmed up, the spike marks were reduced. Speed was medium to fast.

Rough: 1 to 2" higher than the fairways.

Traps: good sand except for 3 -4 traps where the local wild critters were messing around in the sand. Don't know what the critters were but some of the foot prints were the size of a baseball.

Good cart service; twice on both sides.

No GPS on the carts but there were plenty of sprinkler heads marked and my GPS was right on with the sprinkler heads.

Food after the round was excellent, I had the pulled pork sandwich. The other guys had the salads.

Enjoy your Outing on the 11th!
I was the third member of the first group off in the GK outing on Nov. 22 and concur with the first two reviews about the course.
I would like to comment on a few additional observations:
- the Staff here has really "nailed it" when it comes to customer service. Really made me feel welcomed especially in the Pro shop and the starter. Also, friendly service at the bag drop when I arrived.
- excellent practice facility.
- good cart service and plenty of water stations with ice dispenser out on the course.
- the Vue Cafe not only has an excellent view of the golf course, the food was excellent at happy hour prices after our round.

An enjoyable day at an outstanding conditioned course!!!
Played here Monday AM for the first time in 2-3 years, forgot how rural and peaceful it is out here. Staff in the Pro shop, snack bar and the starter very friendly. Good GK $ rate, better if you are a local. Not very busy, the 3 groups ahead of us were twosome so POP was good.

Nice grass driving range, large putting green.

Greens: firm, smooth.

Fairways: overall better than average, some thin areas on a few of the holes. Lots of unfilled divots especially on some of the shorter holes where you lay up for a short iron in to the green but that's because of lazy golfers, you got sand bottles on the cart, please use them.

Tee boxes: a little beat up especially on the par 3's.

Rough: 1 -3" high, some bare spots.

Traps: thin but I guess I'm learning how to handle the hard sand conditions, don't like it but that's reality today unfortunately.

No cart service.

My GPS did work out here.

Overall, a very pleasant day at CrossCreek. Recommend.
Played here on Thursday, Nov. 3rd for the first time. Currently they have a great weekday deal, $19 includes cart. Very friendly staff in the Pro shop. Not a lot of players here in the AM.

Nice grass driving range, 2 practice greens.

Greens: firm and smooth, many have a lots of contour.

Fairways: they have grass with lots of bare/thin lies. The turf reduction project created lots of opportunities to damage your clubs. You can miss the fairway by a yard and be in the decomposed granite (DG) so beware.

Rough: most of the time when you are off the fairway you will be in the DG.

Traps: good soft sand.

Do not try to walk this course unless you are in excellent condition, lots of hills and valleys. Even though there are markers with the hole number it's still a confusing journey. And they could use more pole (directional) markers in the fairways so you know you are going in the correct direction especially on holes with a blind T shot. Also, they need 100 and 150 yds markers on all the holes. Many of the greens are elevated and you can miss the green by 2-3 ft. and end up 10-20 yds away from the green because of the DG being so close to the green. Probably one of the more difficult short courses I've played. Probably will come back to try again now that I have a little more knowledge of what to expect.
Played here Tuesday AM Nov 1st.

Greens have "healed" nicely, smooth, holding and medium to fast.

Fairways: best I've seen there in a long time.

Traps: most have sand and were racked.

Rough: TERRIBLE, dirt, weeds and animal tunnels and mounds. The turf reduction program put in decomposed granite too close to the fairways and will cause damage to your clubs. Much of the wood chips are gone.

POP: under 4 hours

Grass driving range.

Good deal for city senior residents at $30 with a cart.
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