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Played in a San Diego Senior team match on Thursday AM. First time here since last summer.

Customer Service: friendly staff at the bag drop, Pro shop and starter. Excellent service in the Gene Littler lounge after the round. We all had the typical sandwiches or salads which were very good.

Great practice area: driving range, two chipping greens and two putting greens.

Now for the course, WOW, best condition I've ever seen this place.

Greens: smooth, medium speed and firm.

Fairways: the best I've played on since Rams Hill, like a carpet.

Rough: 1-3" high with some bare spots

Traps: above average condition compared to most traps in the area.

POP: at 4 hours
I was very pleased to get an invitation to play here on Thursday late morning. Only played here once before, 3-4 years ago.

Customer service: Excellent; a cart pulled up as I parked my car. The young man was helpful getting me pointed in the correct direction. Friendly attendant in the Pro Shop.

Nice driving range and putting areas. Practice green was much faster than the greens on the course.

Fairway: very wide, firm and in good condition.

Greens: smooth, medium to fast, and "holding"

Rough: 2-3" high, very playable.

Traps: firm.

POP: just over 4 hours.

A very enjoyable day, play there if you get the opportunity!
Got to play here on 7/3, mid morning for the first time this year. As you drive in to the club house you notice the new white sand traps and the lush green fairways. Just a beautiful, peaceful setting!

They were quite busy today with POP at 4 1/2 hours.

Greens: excellent condition, smooth, medium speed and "holding".

Fairway: neatly trimmed (what else your you expect from a Marine facility) and lush.

Rough: quite punishing with the rough at 3+ inches.

Traps: good condition but I forgot how a get out of a trap with sand. A couple of new traps added.

Real nice grass driving range and short game practice area.

Good customer service at the Pro Shop, starter and snack bar.

Played in a San Diego Seniors match on Friday AM. Haven't played here since last years match so I was looking forward to the match as this is one of my favorite courses. I was not disappointed in the conditions.

Greens: holding shots well as the greens were quite soft but a few too many unrepaired ball marks. Speed was medium.

Fairways: decent lies all day, couple of fairways had quite a few bare spots on the back nine, nothing that terrible.

Rough: 1-3" high, not that punishing.

Traps: firm, typical SoCal conditions.

Nice driving range and large putting green.

Cart service, twice on both nines.

Good GPS system on the carts.

Played here on 6/28 at 7 AM. No one here but the guy in the Pro Shop. Only the second time playing here.

Greens: really in great condition, smooth, holding and running at a slow to medium speed.

Fairways/Rough: a variety of grass on the fairway, not that bad. Real issue is if you miss the fairway by 2-3 yards you can end up 20-30 yards down into a valley because of the decomposed granite. If you are accurate, no problem!

Traps: well conditioned traps, some of the better traps I've been in the past few month.

Very confusing to navigate from the green to the next T box. Great "tips" sheet in the Pro shop is helpful.
Also, very hilly, tough to walk when you are in your mid 70's.
Grass driving range and two putting greens. Good to see the Pro conducting a junior golf class.
Played in a San Diego Senior match on Friday AM.

Gary00 was right on with his review on 6/19. The only thing I have to add is that the maintenance supervisor must have read your review as the traps were in very good condition, best I've seen them in quite a while. Might be for a Juniors event next week. Glad to see the improvements.
Finally got a chance to play Black Gold on Thursday, 6/8 in a GK outing. I was not disappointed.

Friendly staff in the Pro Shop. Cart attendants were very helpful.

Very demanding golf course, lots of elevation changes. Make sure you play the correct T's for your game. At 74 years of age with a 12 handicap, the Gold T's were the correct T's for me!

Greens: smooth, medium to fast speed and firm. Lots of contour to the greens.

Fairways: ball set up nicely in the fairway, many up hill, down hill, side hill lies, very challenging!

Rough: 1-3" high.

Traps: good sand in the green side traps.

Excellent GPS system in the carts, VERY HELPFUL for us first time players!

POP: at 5 hours.

Can't wait to get back here again, a MUST play!
Used a GolfMoose coupon to play with a buddy, nice deal! Not very busy today so we got out early.

Friendly staff in the Pro shop, coffee shop and starter. Now only if the weather would have cooperated with some sunshine it would have been a perfect day. Enough of this June Gloom!

Grass driving range but was pretty well beaten up.

Greens: best part of the course; smooth, medium to fast speed and firm.

Fairways: good conditions, didn't have a bad lie all day!

Rough: 1 to 3" high, not a real problem.

Traps: most were OK but there were a few with hard pan conditions.

POP: under 4 hours.

Very challenging course so play the correct T's for your game. One of my favorite courses, wish it was closer to Oceanside!
Played in a GK outing on Thursday afternoon on an overcast and windy day, finally got some sun on the back nine.

Just love the peaceful setting of CrossCreek.

Nice grass driving range.

Greens: smooth firm greens, medium to fast speed.

Fairways: good condition, ball sets up nicely.

Rough: inconsistent, 1-3" high, some bare spots and animal burrows but the rough should punish your wayward shots.

Traps: only in one and it was quite firm.

Love the layout of the course especially the front nine. We messed up some of the holes on the back side because of the lack of local knowledge.

Good customer service. Definitely a MUST play !
Teed off early AM Monday (5/22), not too busy. Played here last in early April.

Good grass driving range.

Greens: almost full "healed", medium speed and holding.

Fairways: filling in nicely, in better condition than in April.

New T box on #3, constructed with the sand/dirt from the Spring storms, nice addition.

Rough: vary from 1" to 3", ball tends to sit down making a shot from the rough quite challenging.

Traps: were not raked, played firm.

POP: at 4 hours.

Check around as there are some good deals out there!
Played in the GK outing on a beautiful day. I haven't played here in 3-4 years so I was looking forward to today's outing.

Friendly staff in the clubhouse. Nothing very fancy at the deli but the sandwiches were very tasty!

Very nice grass driving range with good quality balls.

Fairways: didn't get a bad lie all day. Back nine was more narrow than the front, quite challenging!

Greens: holding, smooth and medium to fast speed. A little slower than the practice green.

Rough: some bare areas but playable.

Traps: looks like they haven't been raked in a week or so. Very disappointing compared to the rest of the course.

POP: just over 4 hours.

Very challenging layout, worth the drive from Oceanside, actually it wasn't bad, only 25 minutes.
Looking forward to another visit very soon!
Had an early AM Tee time on a dreary overcast day, very little sun.

Greens: medium to fast speed, medium to firm greens.

Fairways: very good condition, ball sits up nicely.

Rough: TERRIBLE! Weeds, animal mounds and many bare spots.

Traps: raked, a little firm but playable.

Tees: many tees are uneven because of old animal tunnels.

POP: 4 hours.

Good grass driving range, two practice putting greens.

OK green fees if you are a Oceanside resident, even better for a senior resident!
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