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Back and forth golf....uninspiring. Windy, tight and played long. Not much to make memories.
Very nice shape course. ...just not my cup of tea.
I will not return to this course.
If in area play LaPurisima. ....if ya want to play anothere 18...replay LaPurisima! :)
If you can get it--get something else.
Echoing Webers experience...slow greens, weird punching of greens precluding easy putting. Tons of quirks off tee. ....get the yardage book, study the pics here on GK.....nothing beats experience. Tough ball buster of a farm. I'll be back again to try again!
As always if you can get it-get it.
See my previous review a few weeks back--save for ONE THING-the greens. In the time I've been away the greens have taken a crap! Sand piles aND repairs. Mottled and bumpy in many areas! Real garbage at spots to putt on. Want good greens guys? Head over and talk to whoever is the greenskeeper at Hemet Golf Club. If I was a member I'd be livid with the situation Fix your greens! Otherwise it's a beautiful and very challenging track with its hard and fast nature.
Get out there and hit it if you can get it. Just don't be too surprised on the greens.
Was out here a month or two ago and wasnt all that impressed. Greens are great -smooth poa annua......medium speed...a bit slower than I prefer but man did they roll true. Good enough for a couple of nice birdie rolls.
Fairways have good coverage, rough is hit or miss with grass that's uniform to clumpy to dirt. Bunkers also hit or miss.....not really sand per se....more like fluffy dirt.....some surprisingly soft....some really hard.
Not a soul out there this aftermoon...
3:15 POP!
Worth the drive out for $22 via their website.
Hit it if you can get it.
Played 2 days's been awhile....maybe 8 yrs? Tougher than I remember. Cart dude said they recently played the PGA club Pro out there and didn't water the greens for a week....hmmmm i said. Poorly struck shots bounced to back or off the back......medium fast speeds. Imperative to be on the correct tiers here as greens have tons of movement and quite a few are above you on approach. Bunkers were I remember them they were way too firm for my liking. Well raked but tough to get height on for me that day. There are so many on course they must just not want to spend the effort? Fairways very firm, grass cut tight --think shallow angle of attack choppers!! Off fairway saw dirt/dead areas in a lot of spots --- that was really the only poor area of the course I thought needed real work by staff. Great pro shop guys and attendants.
I'll be out here later this summer with a bit softer conditions.
Dont pass up a chance to play where the pros used to bang it around.
Hit it if you can get it!!
Played yesterday on this formerly private club. It had been awhile and I had forgotten what a gem this farm is. Played firm and fast although greens were very receptive on approach. Fairways narrow in spots and played VERY firm and super tight. If you don't like hotting off shaved firm not come play here. Some areas are barely grass w some dirt showing through. Some fairways have slope that requires you to shape shots into them to kill the rollout. Great green complexes. Greens rolled true and w a med fast speed. Greens overall in nice shape w some dead/sanded areas here and there on a few holes. Careful there are a lot of tiers to greens. Very challenging if above or below holes. Some roped off under repair areas....they do a good job of indicating areas under repair here--best I've seen in a long while-appreciate that guys.
Fantastic views from spots on the course of the adjacent rivet valley. Some holes bring you through forested creek areas riCH in flora.
All in all a VERY firm and challenging layout.
Customer service greatly improved from the late time I played where they seemed a bit snooty (shortly after going oublic?)
Hit it if you can get it!
Played 4 days ago. Great, great, great track. As it always seems to be just a fantastic day out there. Everything in very nice shape. ...just a great experience everytime I hit this course. A cool ocean wind picked up as it usually does in afternoon adding another bit of challenge.
Escape the heat out here a bit in the evenings.
Cork Fire Grille also a nice place to chow down after rd and for drinks.
Hit it if you can get it!
Hit the Creek today in 108* w just enough wind to cool ya down a hair. Fairways lush w burned out zones here and there....pretty green out there though for sure. It must be such an amazing amount of water they need to do it-but we usually don't bother with such thoughts right? Hahah..
Greens nicely rolling Bermuda with some of the same burned out spots lurking here and there. I thought they were pretty good and held approaches well.
Bunkers I liked. ..just that perfect level of firm yet soft sand.
I didn't remember much about this course from the 3 or 4 years it had been since I last played here. Course sits in an arroyo with nicely grown flora. It's not a flagship high end course, rather a nice design with a mix of some pedestrian holes and a few that require some thought rather than just a blast down the middle.
2 things need attention -a real lack of yardage markers....I found myself looking all over the place....only in place are yellow 150 yd. rocks. Sorry that's just weak us out here if you care about pace of play. Also, spray out the concrete near the 2nd comfort station smells like piss as it was probably closed and some octogenarian had to release.
We out to the hills for some peace and quiet with my clubs. After leaving work at 90*----landed at 430 at Cross Creek in 76* weather. Ocean breezes through the hills and just a spiritual calmness. Teed off after being waved by.... Tough track as always. Fairways in great shape, green GREAT shape--fast poa annua. Healed up nicely. Bunkers were a mix--very firm for the most part--just dont swing as hard....less bounce on the club. The low point is when ya get off the fairways to the clumpy, crappy dirt/weed mix--dont go there. Fast 3:10 POP even waiting for a group on a few holes. Luckily they bounced and I had the back to myself to practice around a few of the green complexes.
Hit it if you can get it!
Just a nice, quiet experience out in the hills.
Love the Dunes! Such a great layout....gorgeous views. Went off w a bud @745 last wknd....done at 11:07. They had punched previously but greens have healed well.....they were very firm however. Well struck irons and wedges would take big hops then run out. Red flags tough to get at. Bunker sand in good shape....Fairways ...not bad. Off fairway found lies of varying conditions. Very windy when we the last hole it was fairly calm-usually the opposite of what you'd find here in the land of the big windmills.
If you're going to be in the area, give the place a'll be gla
d ya did. Great design (former PGA Tour Qual. School site), great views, nice folks and usually inexpensive. What more do ya want?
Fairways--very green but like maybe 20-25 yds wide in spots--or less! Literally they look like US Open fairways. Come on people---this is supposed to be as much of a nice city-side developmental track as anything. Growing the game? Guy in the pro shop says pro likes it tough...BS.
Rough is garbage pockmarked weeds and grass as previous poster mentioned. Widen fairways and do something about the lies in the rough.
Bunkers---nice deep sand--needs compaction. They just poured it in and walked away...walk into a bunker --its like quiksand. BEst part--NO RAKES!! Sweet guys!
Pace of play is always good--you can buzz around in 1.5hrs after 5pm on a weekday--weekends--add an hr. unless after 4pm.
Design--cool little track that will test ya. #2 is close to a 200 yd par 3--tough. #6 better hit that driver thru the chute or over tress that have not been trimmed in 15 years I bet. #9 --a 460 yd par 4---huh? Thats serious baby.
Hit it if you can get it---but dont expect much. City $$ should be providing a better shaped track. Time to complain to Park and Rec's?
What a cool little track, this exec. layout is. Great greens, well watered turf, beautiful sand in bunkers. A lot of elevation changes make this a fun walk. I'd definitely return if in the mood for an inexpensive and quick round. CHECK it out if ya can't get a prime tee time at a regulation track. Country club conditions.
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