Hansen Dam Golf Course

10400 Glenoaks Blvd
Pacoima, CA 91331 • (818) 899-2200

Pacoima, CA (91331)
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Sunset: 7:08 pm
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ALERT: Aeration
We're trying. So far calls to LA City golf courses are indicating they don't know when they are aerating the greens. In addition golf.lacity.org website saying No aeration currently scheduled. Historically LA City Golf Courses aerate the greens in April. Hard to believe that is not the case this Spring. More info to come ...
* Although Greenskeeper.org researches all alerts before posting, we ask that you please contact the golf course for confirmation.

1. kviser
Posted: 03/11/19 5:58p
Member Since: Feb 4, 2005
From: Saugus, CA
Got out this Monday morning; teeing off early at 9:00, joining a twosome. We walked the course. I thought it was going to be fairly quick, but I was quickly reminded how slow it would be. It was a lot... Continue »
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2. t8fish
Posted: 01/13/19 3:54p
Member Since: Jan 31, 2006
From: Altadena
Played mid-morning Saturday, 1/12 paired up with a high school girl accompanied by her father who was overseeing her round but not playing himself. After a night of rain and the potential for more dur... Continue »
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Topic: Course Information Needs Update
Posted: Nov 19, 2010
Scorecard Updated - Will work on captions and tips.
Topic: Course Information Needs Update
Posted: Nov 13, 2010
We can update all that. Looks like the scorecard on the Hansen Dam website has not been updated. Can you take a look at the card on the Hansen Dam site and tell me if its as simple as flipping the nines. Is hole 9 now a par 3? Odd because the scorecard says par 4 but the layout view looks like a par...
Member Since: Jan 31, 2006
I suppose some could actually go for the green, but for most of us it's a dogleg left. A straight shot about a 200 yds out to the middle of the bowl at the end of the fairway puts you on a fairly flat lie for your second shot up the hill to the green. Don't be too ambitious with your drive or you'll go too far and have an awkward lie with the ball above your feet. From down in the valley, the green looks a bit closer to the edge than it really is and clubbing up one seems like the play. A lot of approaches end up short of the green on the uphill. To get solidly on the green, I recommend clubbing up two, make a nice smooth swing, but don't be shy.
Member Since: Feb 4, 2005
The previous tip was posted before the new routing (flipped nines). The new hole 5 is the old hole 14. It's a slight dog leg right, par 5. The tee shot is to a wide open fairway, but stay middle to left side to avoid trying to work around a huge ash tree. If you go for it, be aware of the bunkers guarding the front and the restroom just to the right of the green. Putts running away from the dam will be noticeably faster.

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Driving Range: YES
· Hours – 7am to 10:30pm all week.
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