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"my short game's not too shabby, cause the rest is too flabby!"

53 years old
San Bernardino

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Chuck's Golf Statistics

Index: 24
Average Score: 98
Available to Play Golf: Weekdays & Weekends
Cart Preference: Will Ride or Walk
Temperament: Casual Golfer
Smokes (while golfing): No
Plays in Tournaments: Yes

Chuck's Favorites

Golfer: Dave Stockton
Golf Course: Oak Q & V, Rancho DelSol

Where Chuck Plays Golf

Los Angeles County; San Bernardino County; Riverside County; Palm Springs Area; Orange County; San Diego County; Ventura County; Santa Barbara County; Sacramento Area; Fresno Area; Bakersfield Area; Modesto Area; San Luis Obispo Area; Las Vegas Area; Phoenix Area; * Other

What's in Chuck's Golf Bag

10' TF TGamer UST V2 S/high kick/lowTQ avg 230 yds carry
15' Cleveland Launcher avg 210
19' Titleist 909h hyb avg 195
22' Dunlop hyb avg 175
5-6 W/S FGv4 avg 160-150
6-PW First Flight FX-101 avg 140-100
55' SW W/S PMP avg 80
60' C-II, low bounce Mitch grind avg 50
Putter: BoZone Mitch Customs

Fig Newton's, maybe a PB&J(what...Tiger does it..)

Last Updated: September 22, 2021

More about Chuck

I don't mind 'bad dad' jokes.

No less than 9 tracks within 40 miles of me, have shuttered in the last 15 years. Support your local tracks!

Practice puts brains in your muscles. Sam Snead

It's the archer, not the arrow... I need lessons or a shrink.

oritur spes aeternae

When your fade goes awry, like a big pizza pie, that's a bogey...
And when scores seem to climb like you've had too much wine, that's a bogey...
Your phone will ring, ting-a-ling-a-ling, in your backswing...what a perfect pUull hook...
Oldfarts will say, fast pace o' play, git outa da way...or we will call the mAaarshall!

Right now, my clubs, are recognized and known as toxic to the state of California, let alone known to cause madness and birth defects.

We take our fun...seriously!

If it isn't working lately, pull it out of the bag. If it inspires or adds some swagger to your step, put it in the bag. If the bag inspires, but is wearing out...sorry friend, replace it. Even the most comfortable and holey underwear has to be tossed out once in a while!

As it lies and as you find it...

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Chuck's Golf Course Reviews

Likes: 419

Recent reviews by RGM2525 & Nickesquire are spot on. Only difference I can report is that the rough was cut down to a more friendly depth of about 1".... » More
Made the decision to ride the Blacks (6720/72.1/127) with Nick and Tom using the GM voucher for high value golf. I brought my new driver that I recent... » More
Played the golds on 9/4/21 at 9:40, low humidity, slight breezes, starting temp about 92 & finishing at about 110. 3 pilgrims(myself, co-worker Gil an... » More
Had a good time here with the Guru group and a match with JGK to boot. Thanks Johnny. I like this type of layout, a semi-parkland style, with decent s... » More
Played the blues today at 8:36, on an Underpar deal, netting each player to only $25 each. Good customer service with the bag drop, marshall and pro s... » More

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