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Recent reviews by RGM2525 & Nickesquire are spot on. Only difference I can report is that the rough was cut down to a more friendly depth of about 1". Enjoyed the course, the customer service, and my golfing compadres(Jim from the I.E., and Eric & Sam from Bakersfield). $35 for a mid-morning weekend round at Desert Falls, in less than 4.5 hours, is high value golf. Recommended.
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Made the decision to ride the Blacks (6720/72.1/127) with Nick and Tom using the GM voucher for high value golf. I brought my new driver that I recently shafted. Santa Rosa has plenty of 'driver' length holes when playing the tips at 6720 yards. I played here on the same voucher, weeks ago, and enjoyed myself.

Nick's review is spot on, so I will just point out a few differences I saw. The first and second cuts of rough were much more manicured and less penal now. There were fewer water logged low areas, found in some of the undulating rough features. I found more traps this time around, and therefore, have more appreciation for the condition of them. Golfers are clearly looking after the traps, as there are plenty of rakes.

I've played 5 different low desert courses this summer on GM/UP vouchers. All were good deals, and the courses were in nice shape. Nice to see that many courses competing for my business. Of these 5 so far, Cimarron had the best customer service. I still reccomend this course.
Played the golds on 9/4/21 at 9:40, low humidity, slight breezes, starting temp about 92 & finishing at about 110. 3 pilgrims(myself, co-worker Gil and his brother Dan) made our trek down to meet Nickesquire, to take advantage of a hard to beat GM voucher. It wasn't hard to recruit fellow golfers when it works out to $25 each! Nice service, they met us in the lot to provide your cart at your vehicle, and give instructions to the pro shop and straight forward practice facilities. Check in was courteous and quick, they informed that there's no drink cart today, and to see the stocked snack bar for hydration and nutrition. They also reccomended that thier bloody mary's are great...that wasn't in the cards for me today, but, I will return with my brother-n-law sometime, and we will be the the judge of that ;-).
Nick's assessment is spot on, I'll just add a few observations. I certainly noticed & experienced the rough. It actually felt like the rough along fairways and around greens was increasingly deeper as the round progressed. The rough was certainly an invite to adjust your game to minimize dispersion in approach corridors and around green complexes. The fairways and aprons were nice to hit off of, but they were also soft and with less rollout and bounce than expected. There is decent GPS on carts, with the virtual pace marshall built in. Appreciated the many ice water dispensers throughout the course. Our GK cup 17, #1 finals seed, provided great caddie advice, and made the round more enjoyble. Recommended.
Had a good time here with the Guru group and a match with JGK to boot. Thanks Johnny. I like this type of layout, a semi-parkland style, with decent spacing between adjacent fairways. While not really considered tree lined, there's usually a carefully placed tree, or stands of trees, to challenge you when encountered. There's about 3 water holes on the East nine, and maybe one on the South nine. However, there's lots of use of tasteful lowland marsh/scub(no man's land) boundaries beyond the rough...balls go in, but they never come out.
The blue tees were level and trim, easy to choose a spot to tee it up.
The South nine fairway's were a treat to begin on, as they were plush and healthy bermuda. Fairways like these, are what I envision the tour pro's are used to. The East nine, while I was beginning to find more fairways by then, wasn't as plush in various areas.
The rough, from the first cut to the deepest, was gradual and needed, to help put the brakes on. It was pretty deep and penal the farther you are from the fairway. This is ok in my book since there aren't that many trees, and, it could keep you from rolling into the lowland boundaries.
The fairway traps are more shallow and slightly firmer than the greenside traps, but both have top notch sand and density. It's not uncommon for me to find greenside traps, just like I did on the East #8 par 3. But, it is uncommon for them to end up as a nice fried egg lie, that I actually recovered from. I love it.
The greens seemed to roll medium-fast for me and were mostly smooth. I liked them, even though I had quite a few 3 putts. I should have arrived earlier that day for more putting practice(all me, not the greens).
A few holes, not many, were mostly CPO, no problem, as it helps the course heal. Customer service was good. The weather was great. Too bad I won't be able to take another crack at Morgan Run with GK in mid September, because I'd like to. Reccomended.
Played the blues today at 8:36, on an Underpar deal, netting each player to only $25 each. Good customer service with the bag drop, marshall and pro shop. We had nice weather, comfortable group spacing, and 4.5 POP.
Tee boxes in good shape, level and manicured. Fairways in good shape, and provide lush lies. Rough is manicured well for controlling the errant shots, and good lies for recovery. Only a few areas of rough were wet and mushy(well away from the farways and green complexes). Traps in real good shape and lots of rakes(love it). Greens were in good shape, firm, and rolling medium-fast. They recieved shots well, while only needing minimal ball-mark tending.
No drink cart out today. Ball washers are present and working. Ice water thermos and cups present on each 9. All grass range and practice greens in good shape and convienently close to proshop. New management is still in process of opening the snack bar(not open yet, and explains no drink cart). High value golf, reccomended.
Played from the whites for an afternoon round in 100+ heat and slight breeze. We were a threesome, behind a foursome and were never waiting more than about 30 seconds for a green to clear, or a scrambler to recover...but we did wait on most holes. Until, a single caught us and accepted our invite to join us on 12, then no waiting and our final POP was 4 hours.
Customer service is good, and our $25 twilight fee included all we could drink and one snack(hot dog or sandwich).
Tees were pretty chewed and some had pretty pronounced ridges.
Fairways fareing well, good to hit from and allowing some rollout.
Rough is rough, some areas penal, most are not. Areas that are not penal, are cut lower and drier.
Bunkers are good, they look crusty but are not. There are some pea gravel sized pebbles in them, but not many.
Greens are actually nice, not soft underfoot, but still a cushion feel to them. Easily accepting shots greater than 175 yds. Rolling medium with predictable break. I asked two seasoned gents on the patio how the greens were today...they said I would like them, and they were right.
The range is dry and rough, and you hit from mats. The practice green is good and healed from previous aeration.
Good summer value golf.
Played the Ambiente green tees on 6/26 at 7 am. Good customer service from bag drop to starter. In fact, the starter, 'eagle eye' Jim, saved our group a minute or two by quickly helping me find my errant hook in the shin high grass. This was my first rodeo to truly shin high rough and AZ desert target golf. Humbly looking back, it took me almost the entire round to put my ego and pride behind me, so that I wouldn't lose every ball in my bag that round.
The tees were not very wide, and overall, the boxes are in good shape. The fairways allowed shots to run run run, while still being nice to hit from. Speaking of runaway shots, the first cut of rough was usually deeper on the upslope side of a fairway, and very short on the downslope side. The downslope side typically feeds your running shots to the second cut of rough(typically ankle to shin high). The bunkers usually had a surface crust layer of sand, letting the ball sit up. The areas around greens were manicured well for the short game. The greens were about 80-90% recovered from aeration and ran med/fast and smooth. The drink cart was encountered four times and you don't see the clubhouse again till after all 18. Our POP was 4.5 hrs.
I learned a lot playing this layout and features, and have a fondness for this challenging course. Reccomended.
Played 6/25 as a quickie round on our way to Scottsdale for the weekend. Actually, TKB deli in Indio was on the agenda, so we decided to time our round to finish about 11am, grab a 'Melina's hotness' at TKB and head east with the hammer down.
This par three course is a very nice layout. We played the back tees to give ourselves a great variety of carries and distances. The tee boxes were in good shape. The areas around the greens are well manicured and maintained. The bunkers have ample quality sand. The greens, are still healing from aerification. They rolled medium speed and are fairly smooth. They accepted our shots well for having a firmness that repels ball marks. Our POP was 2 hours, only because we were taking our sweet time...there were few golfers and we practically had the course to ourselves.
Good customer service. Reccomended.
Played in the same 36 hole, ironman matches with Gary, Robert, Nick, Mark & Kevin. Weeks before, we were prepared to play this day in humid temps of 105-110 degrees. We were rewarded with drier temps at almost 100 when we finished 36. We all shared our 2 player replay UP vouchers, to come away with high value golf at less than $1 per hole.
The previous reviews by the other gurus are spot on. I'll just add a few of my own tidbits. Cimarron Boulder is a links style course that has 5 par 3's, half have smaller greens, and half are at 90 degrees to prevailing winds(a great variety of par 3's for a variety of conditions). About 6 holes have the course boundary on the right, so, for you righties, if your tee shots are trending mindful of this and try to play like Gary in our group, by posting 12 out of 13 FIRs! The rough was good, but still not enough to save wayward shots with too much heat from finding bush lines, native areas, and the creek bed. There's fox, jack rabbit, road runners and brave cottontails to entertain you. Oh, and there's hungry large mouth bass in the clear lake off hole 17 & 18. The guru's are right, the greens are firmer yet roll well. I witnessed many good shots by Robert and Kevin, from geater than 165 yards, have trouble holding some greens. Only a few greens are tiered here, and not by much. When you see a blue or red pin flag, the hole is truly back or truly forward(thanks Cimarron). There's sand bottles on carts, and the rakes are going steady with the bunkers again. The carts have good GPS and the hole features are presented for shot planning, use it. Bag drop to cart is freindly and efficient. Ice is provided for the cart ice chest, and at the turn. Customer service is good and the drink cart is on patrol till about noon. Good deal during this off season, jump on it.
First timer here, came to see what Olivas is all about. No better way than join the GK outing. Brought Jim and Vic, and I matched up with the dconnally. The course is a gem, everything other than the course has very few frills, it's all about the course here.
I agree with the other recent reviews.
There's a good blend of holes and challenges. The fairways reward you for finding them. The greens are good and no push over, especially with tougher pin placements like we saw. I try to avoid bunkers, and they are well placed here. The areas around greens are cut just right for chips, pitches and flops.
We enjoyed our round, the outing and my match. Recommended.
Played here teeing off at about 85 degrees, low humidity and a slight breeze. I was matched up with Gary00, and we played with Dave and Mike. Bag to cart check in is prompt at the drop off, and they park your cart strategically by the all grass range and yet close to the pro shop. Mary was working the the desk and tee sheet, starting groups and answering all my questions...she has a wonderful voice over the intercom. Range balls are complimentary, and so are ice/water dispensers. POP was 4.5 hours, could have been quicker.
The course is tight on many holes yet can feel deceptively open on many others. They use tree lines, water and fairway bunkers well, my driver didn't come out of the bag very often, due to this being my first outing there.
Tees were good, mostly level, a few were mixed bag and some chewed.
Fairways, rough, and areas around greens were very good, lush and we'll manicured.
The greens that weren't affected by a fungus looked and rolled good, about med-fast and not a lot of break. About a third had the fungus creeping in, say 10 -20% of thier surface, and the ball would break even less.
Bunkers were all good sand, just more damp and compacted than expected, the ball sat up more often than not.
I enjoyed the round and the 3-4 signature holes they have. The breeze increased perfectly as the round and temps progressed...I think it was 103 when we finished. It was surprisingly quiet, with Bob Hope drive and Eisenhower Hospital nearby. I would play here again, especially after the greens heal and with the $35 underpar rate. Thanks to Gary for setting this up.
Played Sunday 5/30 at 8:27 with Vic, Jimmy and John. Good to meet and play with John, a good golfer who possessed local course knowledge. We were pilgrims to Dos Lagos, and thankfully, John obliged us with caddie advice.
Didn't know Tom & Mark were having match here, or I would have looked for them so I could give a GK heckle. Please see Mark's post as he nails the review. My only differing opinion from Mark, is we thought the greens were soft & fast; but our experience and comparisons are limited. We actually loved these greens and we want another shot at them, and the course, as is.
Saw Raquel in the drink cart 3 times, course restrooms open, rakes present, no ball washers, 1 practice green, a two mat net practice range, bar and deck open. If you're a righty, and your driver isn't behaving with many misses right, then you'd better figure out what to do about it quickly at Dos Lagos. Reccomended.
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