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First time here, played a really smokey and windy, but fun round at D. O. on Sep 8th.
Typical C19 features like foam in cups, no flags on practice green, no rakes, and no indoor loitering(outdoor loitering ok). D.O. is mostly straight forward tree lined golf, however, at least a third of holes have challenges that should be respected and given attention. From the tees, some par 5s and 4s had elevated LZs or a rise to hit blindly beyond. And still, other holes have pretty good side slope to the fairways, that even a well placed drive with roll out might flirt with the fairway rough(reminds me of some holes found at places I like...Diamond Bar, Jurupa Hills & Mt Woodson).
The tees were good, I played whites, except one, that all you needed to do was move closer to the left marker or just move deeper from the tees.
The fairways were good, mowed well and lush to hit from.
Rough was both good and penal, but mostly good. Rough is used more than fairway bunkers here, and should be respected.
Traps were in good shape and predictable to hit out of, no issues.
Greens, accepted shots well, especially high rpm shots from within 150. Greens were rolling at a medium pace and only the side break was tough to master.
Areas around the greens, were very healthy and could be found at many different cuts and these lies carefully.
We warmed up on the range and saw that we were starting with a full club headwind. By the turn, we were dealing with 1 club side wind and 2 club headwinds! I lost two in the rough and one in the drink, but still shot a few strokes above my average. We enjoyed good customer service and many cold loiter lagers. Price is right and recommended.
Played in the GK plays event here at Mt Woodson and had a great time. This was my first time here. Wow, what a setting and layout of holes. I can see why many in GK, hold this course in high regard. Come see for yourself.
I think conditions overall were good, as was customer service. POP was way less than 4.5 hours, respectable for a prime mid-moring weekend slot. Woodson will challenge you as well as reward you, and have you wanting to come back again for more. Recommended.
Played 8/5 for 36 holes at Cimarron Pebble&Boulder(in that order), with one of the ironmen of GK, Nickesquire! He must have somehow known that I needed some stick time playing with the FFlights. Well, I jumped on his spur of the moment offer and hauled @$$ to Palm Springs. My iron play is coming along, this helps, thanks Nick.
I agree with Nick's reviews, so I will just add a few of my comments...I was new to Cimarron, and found check-in was efficient and customer Service to be great. The pro shop helped us between rounds and between 9's for reasonable requests during C19 conditions. I really appreciate the cart shop topping off our ice chest for the last 9, it made such a difference. The cart GPS worked good and all hazards and boundaries were clearly represented(this is something I appreciate more than most as I'm not really a good fairway splitter and new to these courses). I only lost one ball the entire day, so kudos to the GPS and Nick's caddy advice! Cimarron is very quiet and away from distractions...relaxing, even though it is close to the airport. Lots of wildlife. Very few fellow golfers that day, even though temps were down at least +10 degrees from just days before. This allowed us to play a very comfortable pace for shot planning and execution.
The afternoon breezes showed up and came into play, but they were at fun airspeeds for mostly tail and head winds on Boulder. The greens had been punched in the recent past, but they are healing well and rolling good. Reads to rolls, no surprises and pretty straight forward. I left about 8-10 putts just inches short of the cup, no fault to the greens, all me and the tuning that I keep doing with my putter. These were fun rounds at lower cost and in decent conditions...high value. Recommended.
Played 7/6 at 8:30. Shandin is in good all around shape for summer! Tees are good. Fairways are actually in nice shape, nice to hit any club or trajectory from. Rough is under control, and challenging at times, but consistent everywhere. Traps were all machine groomed today - nice to hit out of! Greens are good...the front nine was med-fast, the back nine was a little faster than the front, just right. Any approaches on greens from farther than 30 yards would require housekeeping( the way it should be)!
Snack bar meal and drink included(with your reciept). No drink cart today. Flags in, cups upside down. Sand bottles on carts. Cheers,
Played 6/18 afternoon match with Deepsea14, and met Greg and Troy, for a fun round in good weather. The 'goose' is in good all around shape and still a good value.
Counted 4 greens today that had edge repair(sanding) happening, that likely won't affect play. Greg did Texas wedge roll over it on hole 11 without issue. I saw a couple high sided fairway bunkers with sprigs of grass growing through the sand that won't come into play, but catches the eye. #17 tee box is still giggle firm, you giggle trying put you tee into it, but improving and wont affect play. A threesome comfortably caught us on 5, the Marshall with his clipboard was between 5 & 6 and reminded us that we were 1 minute off schedule. He's a big guy with a clipboard, a nice guy and on just gave me flashbacks of my football coaches ;-) We picked up our pace. He's doing his job to the benefit of all that play this course, kudos. Hole 18(Eleanor), wasn't kind to us today...but I still look forward to making a birdie or even a par someday.
Played Seven Hills for first time Sat. 6/13 @ 10:20 w/Uncle Jim and Vic to help me keep my game #resh for my pending 6th match. Vic will be a new daddy with his new baby girl this Wednesday, happy to treat him to his last round for awhile!
7 Hills is a gr8 course in great shape right now for a great weekend rate of $40 per hacker. Range(mats) and putting greens(cups w/o flags) open, greens have upside down cups, flags and a 2" sch40 plastic coupler(I like this better than foam in cup). Plenty of carts, the drink cart came around 3 times, and POP was 4.5 hours.
Tee boxes are fine, sand bottles are on the carts, and sand buckets are available on every other hole to refill bottles. Went thru almost 2 sand bottles looking after tee boxes and fairway divots.
Fairways and rough are on par. Not much H2O and not many fairway bunkers. Fairway and greenside bunkers are nice, real sand...refreshing and old school!!!
Greens are soft and ate everything we threw at them from all distances. Putting was fast/med, except #17 which was fast/fast. I dare you to find smaller greens than 7 kind of place!
Played Sat 6/6 at 10:46, had a good time with friends. OakV is in good all around summertime shape. No drink cart, and the snack shop closes by 3. Range and putting greens open. Flags in and cups upside down. Greens were consistent and predictable enough for making 10 footers, and lagging 30+ footers.
Normally OakV eats me alive, but this was my first time playing here with a laser RF, instead of the fairway, just saying. Scored near my index.
Played Ashwood at 9am Sunday 5/17 with Jim and Vic. Light winds at tee off, heavy winds by early afternoon, but still playable(3 club headwind at the end). They brought me here to help me warm up my iron game(no par 5's). Facilities are real nice and so is the service!
They have a super fleet of carts, and you can check in early like the good ol' days. The putting greens, chipping areas and range were all open. No beverage cart that day.
Tees were good, I only encountered one on Birch that I detected with a slight mound and some firmness.
Fairways were good, everywhere.
Rough was great, I found it often...and often useful to saving my game.
Sand, good, had a hardpan surface look, but only a slight surface crust hat would let balls plug to a good depth if you entered hot.
Greens were all consistent and performed well. However, they were rolling med/med, and you could easily see the grain. They did match the practice greens. The cups and flags were in a normal setup, they simply trust that we will not touch/remove the flag at this time.

Vic took the 'lucky charm' birdie chain from Jim on #10(sycamore #1), and wore it till it broke on his approach shot on #11. This is a good BC battleground, lots of par 3s and short par 4s!
I shall return here soon.
Played blues on Sat 5/9 at noon for $37. Uncle Jimmy and Vic convinced me to come out and play thru the pain(self imposed phys thrpy). The weather was great. The weekend POP was good at about 4.5hrs. The range was open and so was the practice green.
The tee boxes were fairing well except on holes 4 & 5, which both had a noticeable crown the size of a garbage can lid.
The fairways are doing good, divot strips stay together and fit nicely back into the scars from which they came.
The rough is good, not penal, but in shape and at challenging depths.
The bunkers, were actually playable and gave enough for many saves that day.
The greens are the best I've seen at Shandin in awhile. No problems with approaches, no mushyness, and with consistent speed/break. They seem to be cared for by the golfers too, I think I only repaired two ballmarks that weren't mine(and they were barely visible). Flags were in, and the cups were upside down( I prefer this over other covid pin/hole setups).

This was my first round in a month, slowly recovering from a compressed nerve. Took some Tylenol and a steady hydration of cold swing juice, and managed a 103 with 35 putts. I'll be back soon to improve on that.
Support your local tracks!
Played Desert Dunes at 9:30 Sunday 3/29/20, with Vic, and Uncle Jimmy. Clear skies, 65 degrees, & 20 mph West winds! What were we thinking! It was easily a two club side wind and a four club wind if head on. Everything was blooming, mixed bag/clover/cactus & ladybugs.

Tees, in decent shape but noticeably firm due to days worth of sustained winds, some mixed bag, 5 out of 10. Ladybugs.

Fairways, firm side, they were decent but still had 'winter thin' type give and roll out. Some mixed bag and some acne, not expected but I could deal with it, 5 out of 10. Ladybugs.

Rough, the rough here had many flavors of depth and density... like a box of chocolates. Easy to challenging and plenty of mixed bag too. 5 out of 10. Ladybugs.

Traps, about 20% of fairway bunkers were pretty thin and had some standing H2O...I was in one of those and was able to pick it clean. The greenside bunkers were ok, with more acceptable depths of sand and density, 6 out of 10 rating. No ladybugs.

AARG(Areas ARound Greens), within 20 yards, were like the rough...mixed bag and lots of varying length. It was challenging at times to decide which club to chip, flop or pitch with. 6 out of 10. Ladybugs.

Greens, these were firm(scratch that, they were hard), mowed tight, and without a lot of final break( but not unplayable). They were hard enough that we rarely had to repair ball marks, but they were holding a surprising number of approach shots. 5 out of 10. No ladybugs, they didn't loiter on the greens...

The practice range is dirt and weeds, some grass, not mowed much. The practice putting green pretty much matches the course holes. The chipping green is rough, and with ladybugs everywhere. Thank goodness the practice & course greens were void of them.
Saw the beverage cart 3 times, and had hot dogs from their complete outdoor grilling setup between 9 & 10. The clubhouse sheltered them mostly from the wind. Speaking again of wind, it was clearly blowing more while we were on the back 9, easily more than a five club wind when going head on!
Played Sierra Lakes at 10:30 Friday 3/20/20, with Vic, and friends Matt and Steve. Absolute great March conditions, 65 degrees, no winds and high overcast clouds. Pleasure to witness Matt hit the '$helter n pl@ce' out of the ball...he had at least 4 drives over 300 yds down the middle! We observed covid-19 practices by leaving flag in cup, not touching each other's clubs, and elbow pumps for aloha's and congrats for good shots. Read that the greens were punched in early March with dime sized sand filled, those sand filled holes are no bigger than the head of a tee. Practice green not aerated, but not that much different in initial and breaking speeds from the course greens.
Parking lot was 1/2 full when we arrived, and 3/4 full when we left. Snack bar open, no beverage cart and no chairs anywhere. Starter asked us If we would let two singles form a twosome and start before us...we agreed and glad we did. They were good and fast, we never pushed them and the group behind us rarely pushed us.

Tees, in good shape for early spring, 7 out of 10, for mostly level, mowed and maintained boxes.

Fairways, this is March in IE, So Cal. So, they were decent for their emergence from dormancy at this time of year. Some mixed bag and some acne, but it would give if you needed to put a divot through any of it. 6 out of 10.

Rough, the rough here was at acceptable depth and density for most. I found some of the deepest, on the front nine. 7 out of 10.

Traps, no standing H2O...I was not in any today. Vic, Matt and Steve found beach all day long, all seemed very playable! 7 out of 10 rating.

AARG(Areas ARound Greens), within 20 yards, were green and longer than winter...adjust accordingly for chips, flops and pitches. 7 out of 10.

Greens, these were mowed tight, and rolled consistently med/med. My total putts today were only 3 more than my summer average of 34, certainly not that bad for 2 1/2 weeks after punching. 6 out of 10.

Spend way more time on the practice green right now, especially lots of variety putts more than 25' pays off. Eat more fruit and veggies, stay healthy to putt another day!
Played the the whites at Goose Creek on 3/14 at 12:14 tee off. Arrived and parking lot was only 1/3 full! Uncle Jim and son in law Vic, both agreed our last minute plan to dominate the goose, was going as planned.
Tee boxes: all great shape except hole 17...tough to set ball and tee height into hard turf without giggling at each other!
Fairways: all in great winter shape.
Rough: all in good growth ratio to fairway and AARG. About a 2" average depth, just right to hit recovery shots from.
Bunkers: of course, 1/3 to 1/2 of these were with standing rainwater and firm wet sand...yet easy to hit pick and sweep shots from.
AARG: areas around greens; all chips, flops and pitch shots are capable to execute from easily.
Greens: they were all slightly slower than the big practice green between the pro shop and range(fast/med). We confirmed this by hole #5...they all rolled med/med, and were predictable if you are ready to adapt quickly. I putted only 4 strokes above my summertime average of (34).
We had slight showers on holes 12 & 14. We let a 4-some of young guns play through us on hole 9 to 10. We let a two-some play through us on 12 as we took refuge from showers. We then let another two-some play through on 14 as we sat under trees during light showers.
Pro-shop desk, and starter(Bryce) were all helpful to make sure our starting slot was on time and without drama of any kind. Bryce(starter) was right...the Rough and AARG were never more the 2 - 2.5 in deep; I could have left the Ginty in the truck and therefore carried a 55/56 wedge instead.
Parking lot was less than 1/4th full by end of round at 4:30...booyah, y'all could have ventured out and played today! ;-)
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