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Played Friday after a year or so and was absolutely shocked with the condition of th course, but mainly the greens. The majority of the greens on the South look like they need to be ripped out and replaced. I don’t think this course has been the same since they closed it for two years to build the resort, and also replaced th fairways. On this day, the fairways were soft (but... » More
Teed off in the morning darkness and finished in 3.5 hours. Staff is great - nice to see familiar faces here. The tee boxes were pretty dry, both thin and shaggy, beat up and somewhat sloped on a few holes. The fairways were hit and miss with good to thin coverage on every hole. The rough also varied from dry and thin to thick and damp. It would be great if the grounds cre... » More
Was watching Tiger play yesterday and he was leading by 4 so I thought it might be a good time to go play RP. I arrived at 3:15, paid $28 to walk, and was told to go out! Pace was good for the first two holes but then the waiting started. I guess that can be expected on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. As far as course conditions go, everything was just okay with the fairways be... » More

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