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First time at Tijeras was like being on a blind date where she shows up in a nice blouse and mom jeans and is polite at conversation for the first half of the date then changes into a leather mini dress and starts suggesting I join a gym for the second half. Not sure which version I like better.

Decided now was the time as the reviews tended toward positive lately and... » More
Played today in a great POP of 3 hours, under nice cool cloudy skies. Course is in good shape, but signs of drying out in the fairways are appearing; tee boxes clean but they do need leveling one of these days; fairways provided good lies and run out, provided you did not roll into some of the dry areas; rough is about 1/2 thick/sticky; bunkers (what little they have & I like t... » More
Out early to beat the heat. Not very busy, so no problem getting out The staff here is always fantastic, very customer oriented.

The prior review nailed it. Although I did not find the course as wet as I expected. Greens were not as slow either, but not a quick as normal. Maybe they are not cutting them low to protect them from the heat?

I try to play he... » More

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