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Rode the Blues (6443/71.3/128) mid day in 4H, 15M with Mneilson and Sal. Sunny, fairly calm in the mid 60's.

COVID-19: 1 rider to a cart. Doodles in the bottom of the cups. No on course services.

Tees were the weak link. Okay coverage but far too many unfixed divots.

Fairways have lots of undulation. Usually good to play from with occasional brown patches.

Rough close to the fairways was mowed down and maintained in the 2-3" range. Usually good to play out of. Rough farther from the fairways was 1-2' tall straw like that was a probable lost ball.

Sand was okay to play from. More fine dirt than sand.

Large greens were firm and medium speed. They looked quicker than they were. I like the greens here, the ball rolled very well.

Customer service was good from all encountered. Busy driving range and they have a putting and chipping practice area. Carts are basic, no GPS. Nice layout, fun course to play in good condition. Recommended.
Played early this morning. I have wanted to drive out and play since I read what great shape Soule is in through My buddy and I were not disappointed. We both agreed that Soule is in the best shape we’ve ever played it. We played as a twosome and it was pretty slow until the foursome ahead of us (they were apologetic) let us play through on the start of the back nine. Tee boxes level. The fairways were great. The bunkers had raked, playable soft sand. The rough was not too penalizing. Finally, the greens were pretty good. There was still a little residual sand on them that made them a tad slow. Just a tad. Probably still about a 10 on the meter. It’s starting to get hot so I truly recommend getting up early and driving out to Ojai and playing this gem.
Out with GK Gurus on Wednesday 7/9 1:45pm to play Enagic Golf Club at Eastlake for the first time. Very enjoyable. Thank you everyone that came and my group Gary (gary00) and Steve (sparky14).

Since launching back in 2002 I’ve followed Eastlake (former name) with curiosity in the beginning reading mix reviews and eventually with sympathy as reviews about the overall playing experience greatly deteriorated over time. A sad story to be honest with you. The place has great bones.

Then about 18 months ago I heard of a new owner, this now being Enagic USA (drinking water company) with lots of money being put back into it. Could they seriously turn this place around I thought? After over 15 years of significant neglect? Answer a resounding yes already with still much more to do to. This October the Enagic Golf Club at Eastlake will host PGA caliber players as the revival of the San Diego County Open.

We played the golf course under summer turf conditions Wednesday and enjoyed it. It’s important to know this course is going to overseed with rye grass in September which impressed me. You know an owner is serious about maintaining good conditions year around when they dropping that kind of money on rye grass seed. I’m already looking into booking a GK Plays outing there for November. Anyway for summer turf conditions and knowing they still have work to do to I was very pleased with the conditions.

Greens were in good shape, rolling 10.5 according to a sign posted, held shots and were mostly smooth. We seemed to catch the most popular pin placements that day as the surface around the holes certainly had many more ball marks, new and old, than most other areas of the greens. Also on many greens you can see the completed enlargement of the surfaces that had me scratching my on how they could have been so small to begin with. Good work there. Great improvement.

Fairways were all bermunda/kikuyu with remnants of some thin spots as result of recently transitioned rye grass. Look for the fairways to fill in more as the summer goes on. Bet next month they are going to be in excellent shape. Still I had good mostly lush lies all day.

Rough is a mix of bermunda/kikuyu that can get thick at times greenside. Overall not very penal through the green and adjacent to the fairways. Mostly lush.

Bunkers, already 9 new bunkers (as in were not there before), looked to have good quality sand. I found one fairway bunker and no greenside bunkers so don’t have a lot of firsthand experience with them. COVID-19 no rakes as expected but you can tell they make sure to rake them all before each day of play.

Tee boxes, we played the blue tees, by far the most popular with some thin areas and divot damage I only noticed on the blue tees. The black tees looked to be in much better condition and those new gold tees coming will look even better once installed. Got a sneak peak at the new scorecard for the gold tees ... 6961 yards. And get this, for the San Diego County Open, hole 9 (525 par 5) and hole 18 (510 par 5) will be playing as par 4s! – next time teeing up here I want to try the black tees. No thanks to the gold tees – LOL

As for the layout I really liked it especially as a first time player there. Never do any holes parallel each other, lots of elevation changes, doglegs in both directions, beautiful water features, risk/reward holes, well protected greens, some nice views on the back nine and great variety of short and long par 4’s. Rather than go on about the layout I snapped a bunch of photos so please check them out.

Service all day was very friendly and professional. I really like that they have someone out there in addition to the on course food/beverage service offering free Enagic water and refills on divot mix.

I live in Ventura County so this golf course is special travel treat for me but if I lived in San Diego County I’m for sure getting over to play this track it multiple times a year. How cool it is for San Diego golfers to have a comeback golf course story unfolding like this. Go check it out. Highly Recommend.
7/8 guru outing playing with Johnny and Steve good company and fun to watch them boom it out there. Always amazed to see how far Steve hits it considering how easy he appears to swing and you know Johnny is just Johnny. Fairways were mostly in good shape with some areas of thin or sparse cover and many areas with really lush thick growth for perfect lies. Rough was penal both for stopping forward progress and providing for difficult extraction.
POP right a 4 following a 3 some that included the 2 GK cup semi finalists engaged in a hotly contested battle for supremacy and a spot in the finals
Tees ok with some extra wear on the par 3s. Bunkers are filled with good quality sand fine grained but nicely compacted and looked to have been groomed early in the day. Got to test many during the round and was a perfect 4/4 on the par 3s as far as getting in but no sandys on the way out.
Greens were mixed some had really full lush healthy and some looked to be very thin to the point that you could see individual blades of grass and the under lying ground. Quite a fer unrepaired or poorly healed pitch marks. Speed medium fast mostly smooth with some greens a little bumpy. For me a hard time reading the breaks--so close so often.
Got a great welcome from Neil the GM who is full of enthusiasm for the on going renovations and can definitely see the progress. Interesting layout and good variety.
Getting older does not translate into getting smarter ! My last time playing here in April 2017, I indicated that I had not played here prior to that since 1984, and it would probably be another 33 years until I returned. I should have taken my own advice. Where to begin ?

When I called to make the first time out last Thursday and inquired about rates, the guy in the shop mentioned if I go on line I could secure a better rate through groupon or similar, so that's what I did. Arrived early for my 6:00am tee time, but of course they were late to open and then advised they were no longer accepting groupons effective 7/1/20. (After I'd called the shop? So paid the full rake rate. (Another mistake by me)

The front nine was totally fogged in, zero visibility. Not 25 yards. For those of you who may have played here understand that even in the best conditions, the site lines are very questionable. As for the course, it is a mess. Just so scruffy and ill-kept. While greens in all fairness were decent, by far the best part of the course, the rest of the course was awful. There is not even a pretense of trying to maintain the bunkers. Cart paths are a series of broken concrete adjacent to bare dirt areas with huge holes. As for the rough, it was a mix of dirt, stones, 6 inch tall grass, and so on.

Needless to say this was not the best golf experience I have known. This time I swear it will be at least 33 more years until I return, because by then, being well over 100 years old, what mental faculties I may still retain, I suspect will be insufficient for me to make sound life choices.
Out again today as first off. 2:45 POP. Today we found the course drier in many fairways and the roll out was terrific. Many of the greens were much faster as well. Overall that was the big difference today vs Tues. Much more enjoyable of a course playing under these conditions. Snack bar only food available. Masks at check in and around clubhouse only. Customer service excellent at all levels.
Played Eagle Glen on 7/8. Greens: fast and smooth; Fairways: holes from recent punching still showing and overall were very firm to the point in that on several holes drive hit into center of a sloping fairway could run off that fairway into lateral hazard area; Tees: very inconsistent with roughly half of them in very marginal condition; Bunkers: fairway bunkers very firm and greenside bunkers had some sand in them which is rare for courses in IE these day. Pace of play was 4.5 hours. A bit of strangeness in getting round started as starter was putting new outgoing groups to the 10th tee with explanation of a tournament being underway. There was plenty of wind which helped cool things down on the course even though the temperature was in the low 90's at 3PM.
Played 7/9 with Gurus JohnnyGK and Gary00. First time back to Enagic / Eastlake in 20 years. Some really nice views out here. Nice breeze made it very comfy out there, an easy course to walk.

Something you don't see much of these days, a course actually making a serious effort to improve. They are adding bunkers, adding some length with new tees, increasing the size of some greens. Grass range is decent. Two large putting greens and a chipping green.

The course layout is a nice mix. Although it runs through a housing tract, there is a ton of space and the fairways are much lower than the houses and both sides slope towards the fairways. The result is the houses rarely come into mind at all, you'd have to be 50 yards offline in the air to risk a house.

Generally, the course is in good condition. Greens were nice, generally soft but you would get a firm bounce once in a while. Fairways are good, very nice grass coverage. The rough can be penal in spots with very thick grass. Bunkers were nice. There are many areas being worked on, so you will get a bad lie once in a while.

In all, I really enjoyed the layout, and this definitely looks like a course on the way up. The SD county rates seem reasonable to me and if I was in county I'd add Enagic to my rotation. A bit to long of a drive to get there from San Clemente to pay the much higher out of county rates for me though. But I do hope it is not another 20 years until I return. Recommended!
Played my semi-final GK Match against Kassper7 yesterday (7/8) for my very first visit to Elkins, walking away impressed and saddened, not at losing my match rather that this gem of a course is going away soon. All the descriptions of it are apt; tucked away in a nice setting, conditions stellar for what equates to a "muni"style track, and prices here being more than fair. Loved everything about this course because I kept my expectations low out of fear that it would be packed, hot, and in poor simply wasn't the case to my surprise.

Tee boxes: Overall good but I remember a handful of holes in which the blue tees (played by our group) were a bit beat up. Some un-level ground and with walkers unable to fill divots made, the par 3 tees had their share of holes by the afternoon.

Fairways: Great shape with a healthy green color. This course won't be shutting down and letting conditions deteriorate, that's for sure. Better fairways here than RiverRidge played a few weeks ago. Good decent roll and only one bad lie all day that was no fault of the course greenskeepers.

Rough: More penal than it appears. Area under trees that line the fairways can get quite shaggy, enough to make me layup/punch out quite a bit. It won't appear so visually, but there is a premium to staying in the fairway here.

Sand: In two greenside bunkers and there was inconsistent amount of sand; one had almost none, the other had some. Neither of the bunkers had great sand type, and only after getting to place my shot back after repairing a footprint did I get a shot at making it out.

Greens: Excellent greens here. They rolled slower than I thought, but very pure in my opinion. Left plenty of putts short, but if I was guessing the line right, the contours and undulation can't be THAT hard to figure out. Some very large greens, others much smaller...all were in great shape.

ETC: Bare bone amenities (though from the looks of things this was probably the case even before it was decided they would close in September). Paid at the window on north side of clubhouse. Saw no cart attendant and no sort of food/drink availability anywhere. Carts available, but you can walk the course (back nine far hillier than front). Pace today was just under 4.5 hours, even as it seems we had an older twosome right behind us the entire round, minimal waiting if any in front. Layout is fun with some shades of Santa Anita/Diamond Bar on the front and CrossCreek/Woods Valley in some areas of the back. A fun track that will be sorely missed.
Played 7-6-20 as a single walking in a little under 3 hours for $38. Not much has changed from my last round here, tee boxes, fairways and rough are all about the same. Greens still in real good shape and real nice to putt on. They have cleaned up the bunkers pretty nicely, I was in one greenside that was still a little thin but still very playable. Great customer service as always.
played here during a visit to the monterey peninsula. course was in great shape, but some of the covid precautions were...questionable. the golf shop is not open, so everyone is checking in in the back of the clubhouse. the same people checking you in are helping people 'shop' and bringing stuff like clothes out from the inside so people can see and decide whether to buy. so i stood in line for about 20 minutes waiting to check in when there were only 3 people in line. next, neither a golf cart nor range balls are included with their $250 rack rate. (not that i paid that, but still). seems to be nickel and diming people a bit. i was walking anyway.

also, a foursome checked in in front of me, and they all wanted to ride, but the course would only allow 2 people to ride in 2 carts, and the other 2 had to walk. they were some older golfers who just wanted to ride and willing to pay. and there were a LOT of carts sitting around. i don't get that.

anyway once i got to the first tee things were fine. great conditions all around, with almost perfectly maintained tee boxes and fairways, tricky but somewhat slow-ish greens. i don't recall being in any greenside bunkers but they looked fine. a lot of sidehill fairway lies if you don't know where to hit it. a very nice walk with a push cart through the del monte forest and sightseeing through the monterey pines. pretty decent pace of play at 4 hours with a noon tee time. enjoyed it.
Played on Tues 7/7 and not much to add to the last few reviews except that the greens have dried out with the exception of #11. It was still very soggy and you could hear your footsteps as you walked across it.
There seem to be a few mure dry spots in some fairways but nothing unexpected during this hot weather.
I joined two other guys and we played in 3 1/2 hours with no one pushing us.
This track is growing on me the more I play here and i just booked a round for next Tues. With the county senior card its only $28.75 with a cart on weekdays.
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