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Played 5-28-20 with T8fish, joined by another twosome teeing off around 2:15 and finishing in a little under 4 1/2 hours for $31 walking. Tee boxes were in good shape, mostly level with good coverage. Fairways were green and lush with decent roll out and nice lies. Rough was in good shape, not to long and easy to hit from. Was in three greenside bunkers all of which had very nice brown sand. Greens were in really good shape, rolling smooth and holding shots, but a little slow for my tastes. Overall course was in really nice condition .
Played first up 5/29/20. 3 hour round. Thank God cuz it was hot at 6:20am. First of all a shout out to pro Matt in the pro shop. Guy is a superstar. Awesome dude and remembered us from times past. Also to Jake for his assistance in getting us going. Guy at the end (didn’t get his name, looks a little like Dale Earnhardt) super nice guy. When everyone that works at a course is this genuine and awesome to be around, it makes you want to golf there even if conditions aren’t perfect. However… This is Dove Mountain and it is rare that you would find anything other than an exceptional course to play on. Today was no different. Teeboxes perfect, level, no divots. Fairways as expected, again wonderful. Rough not penalizing… Which was nice this time! Sand was wet a little because it was still early but I’m sure fine during the day. Greens were smooth… Not as fast as previous vacations, not complaining! This is a tough course folks. Signature Nicklaus at his best. Tee shots are pretty manageable but as you get to the green you have pretty giant bunkers, deep, guarding the greens like a sand monster. Luckily I have no issue with sand. Greens are very undulated. You need to really place your shots and know what you’re doing. Luckily the GPS on the cart, for us resort golfers, helps you gauge your shot a bit. The Course layout booklet is definitely helpful if you haven’t played here before. TeaGal and I had a few blowup holes but overall played fairly well. This is one of, if not my favorite, place to golf. Today did nothing to sway that opinion. Very highly recommended. It’s not as tough as say, Pete dye Stadium, but bring your big boy pants. You’ll need to wear them!
Played today. There is nothing I can add that Weber and Larry1 have not stated. I find this a challenging and enjoyable course to play. The staff is wonderful. The price for the quality of golf is fantastic. Each time I play it, I find or discover another nuance on how to play certain holes to my benefit. The only negative I have is the distance needed to travel when traffic patterns are at their peak. But with traffic being light recently, I will continue to play it as much as I can, before the roads become clogged again (and I hope they do).
Played a 7am tee time. Check in was easy. No scorecards which is so weird to me. Foam in the holes and no touching the flags. PoP was 4hours 10minutes. The best thing about the course were the greens. They were fantastic. The fairways and rough were concrete! They attempted to paint them green, but it was mostly yellow. Bunkers were not great either. Course is enjoyable and challenging.
Under new management – they have increased their Green Fees by 46%. Late summer afternoons last year you could play for $20-$23 and mid week it cost $49. Especially under the circumstance of people being challenged monetarily – this is taking advantage of people as many other courses are still closed. As well increased fees, but on course care has decreased. They need to rectify this - immediately as the course was practically empty.
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Played 5/28 with a 7:12 tee time and got out about 10 minutes early. Was paired with a twosome of nice guys.
Most tee boxes had good coverage and mostly level. One par three was very thin where they had the white tees but they could have been moved a little to better area.
Most of the fairways are really nice. A couple had some brown/dry ares but still played well. Good roll out and great to hit from.
The rough was a mixed bag. Thick in some areas and very thin in others.
the bunkers are what you would expect now without rakes. Some were nice and some had lots of footprints.
The greens were very nice and held shots well. They rolled at medium speed and had very few unrepaired ball marks.
They have been rebuilding all of the lakes around the course and hole nine is the last one. They were laying a new liner and we were told that water will be going in by this Friday. The grill is now open but I didn’t go in.
I have always enjoyed this track and the condition keeps getting better all the time.
We played both Saguaro and Wild Burro today. We were THE FIRST ones out at 6:20AM, good thing too because it gets super hot really fast. Played from the green tees. Tee boxes were perfect, nice and flat with zero divots. Fairways were nice and green, no divots as well. I was in the sand quite a bit and the sand was nice to hit out of. Greens were great as well. Some of the pins were in tricky locations. Shout out to Matt in the Pro Shop and Jake for taking care of us. We played in just under 3:10. One of my favorite places to play, even though it is challenging and very fun. Beautiful saguaros so you can't have a bad day :)
Played yesterday. It was a hot grueling 5 hour round. Started at the tee box with with no starter moving groups along. Started to stack up at the 4th hole by three groups. Waited at almost every tee.

No face mask needed and no single carts afforded for our group.

The course is starting to see some dry areas due to the heat. Some of the greens are showing browning especially on the edges. The rest of the course is decent.
Course is better every time I come here. Played 3 weeks in a row and they are doing a great job. Customer service is excellent as they are one of the few courses in the area honoring senior rates. Keep up the good work.
Played 5/28 at 0700. Check in quick/efficient.
All on course areas in great shape. Real sand in bunkers!
We were allowed to just play with no prowling marshals
checking our faces (no masks). Remember, this is in LA county!
Exceptional great rate for walking seniors and this is not a tough
course to walk!!!
Always love my visits to San Dimas Canyon.........
S-Farms is open and in great shape. We played in just over 4 hours Friday morning in beautiful weather. Fairways are full and great cover, no rakes in bunkers but good sand although a bit wet and heavy. Greens fantastic, rolling semi-quick and true.
Deals are around, need to use one to make it worth the fee. Restaurant open, range, and putting green, too. My favorite OC course. Recommended.
Played GC-Cal early on 5/28. My first time back out in 3 months! Course is in very good shape. Greens are as good as I have seen them since their private club days. Fairways are good. Traps were nice as the staff must have raked them before we started.

Still one of my favorite tracks in the area. Highly recommended with the following warning.

Weber is correct, that fence on #12 is awful. After reading his review, I expected a fence brought in from the farm boundary. However, that fence runs right down the middle of the tee boxes, which effectively means you have 1/4 tee box remaining. The fence cuts off a good 20 yards from the left boundary. Yes, those 20 yards are in the trees, but with the left to right fairway slope to the lake. that means you have a safe landing area of 1/4 of the left edge of the fairway. 10-15 yard left - OB. 10-15 yards right - pond. And it is a 200+ plus yard carry from the tee to the safe landing area. It used to be a miss left rattles in the trees, then drops down the slope into the fairway leaving a long approach. That option is gone now. It requires a 225 yard shot more accurate than a par 3. It is just a bad hole now, I'd vote for turning it into a short par 3 rather than a bad par 4.

I inquired about the reason - apparently Bonsall ISD has that area marked for a new high school, but has lost the finance vote over several elections. So they have fenced off their land. Must have been a surveyor issue as it does take a hunk of #12 away.
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