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Played here today (7/21) with fellow GK member Jon P. on a 10:12 tee time. Rates here were a little more than I would normally pay but thankfully I had a gift card from a previous scramble win that made it easier to swallow. Conditions today were just as described in Alex’s last review and perhaps a tad better even. I was very impressed how well the course has held up in this heatwave. It’s always a pleasure to make the drive out The Crossings!

Tee boxes: Perhaps the weakest part of the course and even then they weren’t terrible. I’m sure the white boxes we played today get plenty of play but a few could use some leveling. People seemed to do a good job to fill divots on the devilishly short par 3 holes.

Fairways: Excellent shape; green that popped against blue skies, more than fair roll thanks to drier than normal conditions (in weather), and rarely a bad lie all day.

Rough: Where present it was mildly penal. The ESA is far more detrimental but the rough did keep you humble at times, especially in the back 9.

Bunkers: Was only in one today but it was in really good shape with pearl white sand and enough sand to allow for sand saves.

Greens: The highlight of the round. Even though they were a bit slow and spongy, they rolled well and held shots with a fair amount of spin and stoppage. Visually they were great and it added to the enjoyment and playability.

ETC: Staff was great like always. Saw the smiley and thoughtful cart attendant both on the front and back. Food at the turn was just okay but service with a smile goes a long way. Carts have good GPS but I wish it would show carts on map as there are numerous blind spots. Course layout is always a blast here and can be played ten different ways. Pace today was a surprising 4.75 hours with waiting but never much beyond hole 8. If you can find a good deal, now is the time to play Crossings!
First time playing Talega this weekend with a monthly group that moves all around SoCal finding new places to play. I was excited to test my game at this challenging course, and I'm actually glad that my group (12 players) all decided we'd play the white tees so the skins would be even. I don't think I would have had as good of a time struggling with some of the carries and narrow approaches from the blues.

There are some interesting quirks to this course, so let's get those out of the way. The driving range is a solid 7-8 minute cart ride from the clubhouse. The 10th tee is so far away from the clubhouse that you start worrying that you've certainly missed it if playing for the first time here. And what can you say about the 15th hole? You reach the tee box, look around in every direction, and have absolutely no idea where to hit. Why? Because there's not even a glimpse of the fairway as it's completely obstructed by tall trees grown up along a ravine. Luckily two our guys played there regularly and were at the tee box to let us know. Trim those trees!

Now for the good stuff ... very fun track to play with a nice variety of holes. There are surprisingly a large amount of wide fairways to attack, which is sometimes rare with these hilly, target-oriented courses. The approaches can narrow for sure, but mostly it's the uneven fairways that will test you the most. There are some forced carries and there are also plenty of water holes that are really fun and challenging, like the par 5 6th and par 4 18th.

Greens were in nice shape with the exception of a patchwork on that famous 15th green. Rolled medium fast, held lines well and the greens are tough, but manageable. A few bigger slopes to contend with, but mostly fair and forgiving. Fairways were a mixed bag of mostly good with some great areas, but you could also find some thin lies, especially around the greens. Bunkers were pretty thin and disappointing, and the tee boxes were just a tick below good for all 18 holes.

We had a good cart service throughout the day and the discounted $89 greens fee was borderline acceptable, but it's the OC and it was a beautiful day and it's more than enough fun to justify it. Just. Carts were just a tick above good with one of those basic GPS systems that only spits out numbers but not the course overview. It is what it is.

Talega is a fun and engaging track that is worth playing right now, but even more so if you can manage to get a little bit of deal. Just don't go there to get in a light, quick practice because you practically need to bring your passport by the time you get to the range.
Played 7/21/19 Course is still trying to recover from the winter. I had not played here in 30 years. Layout is fun with a good mix of holes. Fairways were in decent shape with good coverage. Many bare areas mixed throughout. Greens were very bad. Some had maybe 70% Coverage All were very bumpy with dead or sick areas covering entire green. No way to take putting serious under current conditions. Still two temporary greens which is down from the 5 they recently had. If you can find a good deal, you can have fun. It's a beautiful course, but I fear the greens will not be in decent shape for a couple of months and maybe not at all this year.
Played Moorpark CC Saturday with 8 of us teeing off at 2pm. POP was good at around 4 hours 15 minutes. I'll preface this review by saying, Moorpark is not my favorite course...I just don't like the design.

The course itself was in very nice condition. Tee boxes were lush and level. The fairways had great coverage and were nice and green. The landing areas had some divots, but they'd mostly been filled in. The highlight of the course are the greens. They were running around 11 on the stimp, and really smooth. A delight to putt on. The rough was thick and lush, about 3 inches and can be penal. The biggest course downfall right now is the sand traps. Many of them are more like dirt traps, with very little base to get under the ball. Customer service was very good, except we never saw a beverage cart all day.

If Moorpark CC is a course you love, put it on your play list because the conditions are very good right now.
If you want to beat the heat (rarely over 85°!) and enjoy some ocean views......go play San Clemente Muni! Fairways, bunkers and tee boxes are average or slightly better? They do a good job keeping the greens in good shape! Fairly forgiving course with a few unforgiving holes mixed in! Tough to beat 80°, ocean views and nice greens for less than $50 (weekdays)!
Rode the Blacks (6627/71.9/130) 2H, 45M super twilight. Conditions were clear, fairly calm and in the low 100's.

The Bermuda tees were lush and nicely maintained. Level with hardly any unfixed divots.

The Bermuda fairways were mostly lush and well maintained, nice to play from.

The Bermuda rough is decent. Close to the fairways is long enough for the ball to sit down. Away from the fairways you could get hardpan to calf deep.

The sand traps were mediocre. Nicely raked but most are too thin and/or compacted.

The Bermuda greens were mostly healed from a recent vericutt, they were firm with few ball marks because of the firmness. They putted medium speed and were relatively smooth for Bermuda.

The customer service was very good as usual here. Ample water stations every few holes on the course, but no on course beverage cart today. Carts have GPS. All grass driving range included in your fee is a +. Fun course in very playable condition for mid summer. Recommended.
Rode the Blacks (6761/72.3/131) in 2H, 20M twilight using Forelinx. The weather was clear, fairly calm and in the low 100s.

I prefer the Palm of the two Marriott Desert Springs courses, better layout than the Valley. Today however, it was in the poorer playing condition of the two courses.

The Bermuda tees were mostly lush and level, decently maintained with few divots.

The Bermuda fairways were mostly lush, nice to play from.

The Bermuda rough was mostly lush close to the fairways. Get away from the fairways and you could encounter hardpan to knee deep lost ball rough.

The sand traps look okay but were very mediocre to play from. Nicely raked but most are too thin and/or compacted.

The Bermuda greens were poor today. Bumpy from a recent vericutt. They putted medium slow to slow speed and are firm with few ball marks.

The customer service is always very good here. No Drink cart today, ample water stations every few holes on the course. Carts have good GPS. All grass driving range included in your fee is a +. Fun course layout, Recommended.
Walked the Orange Tees this afternoon 7/20/19 for super twilight with my buddy Matt. Our POP was a brisk 3 hours 30 minutes not waiting one shot. Weather was low 80's with a slight breeze--perfect scoring golf weather. Had a great time. Nice starter let us out 30 minutes early. This is the best condition I have ever seen Soule Park in. After the round we commented that $16.00 for super twilight with the conditions close to a 9/10 on mostly all areas of the course was like stealing candy from a baby.

Fairways were spectacular--palm springs nice--ball sitting up perfectly. Lush grass throughout, not a bare spot to be found. Rating these a 9 out of 10. Check out my Instagram post where I snapped a couple fairway pics.

Greens were smooth, medium to fast paced, held shots beautiful. Rating 8/10.

Tees lush and beautiful 8/10.

The rough and fringes near the green were beautiful. 9/10.

Was not in any sand bunkers but they have put beautiful sand in all the bunkers here.

Super peaceful vibe, great layout and staff, unbelievable prices and conditions. Wish I was not an hour away. Highly recommended--go play it now.
Our tee time was 914 Saturday, 7/20 at GCU golf course. A large number of golfers were out this morning with lower temps and low rates at this course. GCU gets a lot of play on a regular basis. The last time I played this course a couple years ago I was not impressed with conditions. The course was in far better shape today and much more enjoyable.
We played the black tees and they were a challenge at almost 6800 yards. The course requires a fair amount of length off the tee with a number of the par 4s in the 420y-450y range. The course also requires accuracy in your approach shots as many greens are surrounded by well placed bunkers. The course does have a good variety of holes presenting different challenges.
Conditions were good for the price point. Fairways were not green carpet but bare spots were at a minimum. Tee boxes were all in good shape. The bunkers were nice with plenty of sand. The greens were the best part of the course. Soft, receptive of shots, and smooth throughout the day. The were were the same speed throughout the round.
GCU would be a good choice to play given conditions and the price of a weekend round at $30. Not a bad deal right now.
I played Starfire as a relaxation round of golf on7/20. We teed off around 915 with very little play on the course. The course went through recent renovation and is now one, 18 hole course called The King and one, 9 hole course called The Mulligan Nine. They also added a driving range.
Overall, the course isn't overly challenging save for a few holes. The King 18 isn't going to beat you up with length or forced carries. Starfire is a fun course to get out and hit the ball with some forgiveness throughout.
Course conditions were typical for July in Arizona. Bare spots on the fairways and very little rough. I was not in any bunkers but they seemed to be in decent shape. Some of the tees were set in uneven spots and hard to get a tee in them. The greens were a highlight. They putted nicely and were receptive of well struck shots. However, they were full of un-repaired ball marks created by lazy golfers.
Starfire isn't a trophy course but a fun place to get out and hit the ball for a cheap rate.
Twilight action at Montebello and the course did not disappoint for $32 to ride from the blue tees. Met up with two friends there on a beautiful, warm Friday afternoon after braving the infuriating traffic on the 60 for far too long and arriving just before the late tee time.

Greens are definitely the highlight of the course. Holding shots well, really nice coverage, rolling medium fast and true. No major tiers or difficult slopes to navigate here, and even when you see a break, it's probably not as severe as you may think. But they're very fun to play.

Fairways had some nice coverage in a lot of areas (especially on the back nine), but there are still plenty of thin or burned out areas to avoid, especially on the fairways fringes. Rough can be pretty thick in some spots with patches big enough to hide your ball away, but other sections are not as bad. Tee boxes were a mix of good and very shaggy and poor, while the bunkers were all very poor. They just can't seem to get the bunkers in order here. Like ever. And that's a shame. You're basically chipping out of every bunker. There's no sand to take.

No cart service all day which was a bummer, but maybe we started too late and it's only for the weekends. Either way, the course layout is actually quite fun and you'll likely use most of the clubs in your bag. The 18th is a quality closing hole as well, but there are a lot of fun holes here despite the overall conditions not being all that great.

I would definitely go back to Montebello if the opportunity came up again soon. The track just agrees with my game and, with the exception of those pesky bunkers, never leave without having a good feeling.
Played today and the Southside fairways are in pretty good shape. Greens were inconsistent, some were fast and some slow. Greens are taking a beating I guess because players are not fixing their ball marks. Plenty of sand in bunkers with tee boxes level and fair. Pace of play was good.
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