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Went out with my monthly, neighborhood group today but because of a mix up, we were unable to get a time at our usual course and therefore looked to quickly get a morning, local tee time elsewhere. Plenty of tee times here at River View so we decided to give it a go as I and the others in our group have never played here. Got a 7:45 time but we had 5 and so when we checked in, we asked if we could play as five (hate to play as 5 but thought it was the best for us). The young starter (who seemed to have no clue) said no because they were very busy today. What? We respected his words and played as two groups until I looked ahead and saw a group playing as 6!! Crazy!

This is a very weird course. Many of the holes border the Santa Ana River which didn’t have much water in it but had lots of sand. Fairway weren’t too good. Still recovering from winter I realize but there were not many good lies out there. The lies had thin grass with a sand base. No rough to speak because it was dormant so not a factor. Bunkers had thick sand in there but were in good shape.

The greens are the best thing about this course. Thick poa annua, holding shots and rolling very smooth. Many courses would love to have these greens.

Ok, well I have now played River View and did so in just under 4 hours. Noticed that when we finished, the place had many golfers waiting to tee off which was great to see but River View is just not for me. Cheesy layout, not very good lies. Some friends told me when you play River View, you get what you get. So true!

They do have a nice little grill so we stayed to have a couple of beers and a very good lunch. Not on my “can’t wait to play again” list assuredly.
Rode the ANA tees (6783/73.1/136) in 4.5H using Club Corp. Matched up with a nice 3some, we played in clear, breezy conditions in the low 80's.

Very fun and challenging layout with alot of water to navigate. Several holes have inlets where the water juts out 1-2 times into the fairway. Tough course to judge how much you could bite off until you play here a few times. Huge trees line nearly every hole, with several 80' tall trees prominently sticking out where the fairway curves. They are IN play.

Tees lush and well maintained.

Fairways lush and firm, very nice.

Rough 3-4" deep, lush and thick. Punitive to play out of and tough to find balls with all the leaves.

Sand traps had good quality sand and were very nicely maintained.

I rated the greens a 10/10 and I RARELY give anything a 10. Firm, smooth and medium fast, like putting on a pool table. Irons would make more of a dent than ball marks and you did not want to be putting or chipping from above the hole.

Customer service excellent from all encountered. Easy check-in, starter, the cart guys and valet were and all efficient and friendly. Basic carts do not have GPS. Nice all grass driving range with complementary balls. No drink cart, which on a busy day I found surprising for a high end private club.

Many forced carries over lakes, and I can no longer hit the ball high enough to go over these massive trees. The LPGA plays a major here and I can see why. Both the layout and the playing conditions are excellent. Highly recommended.
Today was a very long day ! When living in Westchester, I used to play Los Robles fairly often, but since moving to Orange County, because of the distance, I rarely play here any more. So when a friend living in Thousand Oaks asked me to join him, I agreed. I almost always play super early, so I am not used to 4+ hour rounds.

After fighting 100+ miles of traffic, although the round actually only took about 4 1/2 hours, it felt like forever. Maybe because I played like sh*t, it just made it feel all that much longer. Then almost 3 hours to make it back home. A long day !

As for conditions, not a whole lot to add to Gary's review. I spent a lot of my round in the chips/rough, so rarely had much opportunity to hit many greens, so can't speak to their receptiveness. Also seemed to either short-side myself or find myself above the pin at the wrong time, so it was playing pure defense all day. Brutal !

I have always liked Los Robles, but when you play so poorly, it is difficult to me objective. Recommend this course. It's interesting, enough of a challenge (Particularly when you're off your game) and the staff is always welcoming.
I play here often - Course is great condition for winter and no rain-all good lies in fairway - greens always great shape and roll pretty true - rough is short - got behind tourney and almost 5 hours - usually only about four hour round-one of the good things about it - all grass range - nice people - go have fun.
Ahh, the beauty of! Booked my tee time 5 days prior with Creek Card rates. I figured the course closure yesterday was to do a little maintenance post their weekend tourney. Nothing on the course website about aeration of the greens, and still nothing today! Should have looked at Greenskeeper!

Needless to say, greens are covered in sand. Fairways, tee boxes, rough all in great shape. Probably needs some time for the greens to come back.
Played on Monday, 2/24 early morning. No need to add to the previous, thorough review. But there is one thing I should mention. Many of the greens have been punched with small holes. This did affect line and smoothness (a little bumpy at times) some. It wasn't too bad. But it is noticeable. Also, I want to add that this course is in better shape than any of the L.A. courses in the Sepulveda basin area. I also appreciate the fact that there is no sticky kikuyu grass around the greens to mess with chipping. Makes a big difference.
Played here on a warm sunny Monday. Booked a tee time at 10:00 on their website for $39. I arrived about 30 minutes early and was sent right out as a single. I caught up with a threesome on the 5th hole and waited on every shot after that. It looked liked there were two groups ahead of them trying to play as a group of 6 and they were at least 3 holes behind. Never saw a marshal all day. Still played in a little over 4 hours.
Tee boxes were mostly good but several were in need of cutting and on some you had a hard time finding a level spot.
Fairways are dormant and winter thin so you get great roll out with some tight lies but still very playable. This along with the rough being almost nonexistent in some places shots a little off line can run off the edges and into areas where your ball is lost.
I was in several bunkers and they had plenty of soft sand but one had way too many rocks.
The greens are in very good shape with very few old ball marks. They ran quick and true.
I like the layout here with some challenging par 3’s. Lots of elevation changes here and 18 is just a really fun tee shot. Seems like the ball stays in the air forever.
The kitchen was closed for food and there was no cart or marshal on the course. The pro shop attendant and the starter were friendly and helpfull.
I drove by the range after the round and the setup now allows you to pull you car right up to the covered stalls. If you lived close it would be a good place to spend some time to work on your game.
Had a Friday morning 8am tee time at BPGC. Check in and first tee were well organized. Course is in very good condition and very busy, tees fairways and rough had good coverage. Traps had a good layer of sand and well groomed. Starter gave me a heads up on the speed of the greens and he was right. Greens were smooth and quick with little to no unfixed divots. POP was a little over four hours and was an enjoyable day of golf.
played here yesterday on a perfect day. Other than hole 17, i love the lay out. Landing areas are fair, water comes into play subtly, well placed bunkers, and a great variety of holes. The course is in very nice shape right now and usually is most of the time. Greens were great and difficult but fair and everything else was above par.............We tee off as a threesome at 7:15 and finished in just under 3.5 hours!! Now that's the way to play golf.... The customer service is always great and the best thing of all..........the senior rates were $58 pp. We will all be back soon. Highly recommended but please note that this is not a course you can walk.
After a couple lessons this morning and an appointment with the tax guy I got out for a quick twilight round at one of the courses I grew up playing. Lots of memories here! Had not played this layout in 14 months. Glorious day mid 70's and about a club breeze made walking feel nice today. Walked the blacks joined by a nice twosome and single who all rode. POP was 3 hrs 40 minutes not having to wait at all.

The layout here has always had character and for sure is like playing two different courses. The front is substantially shorter than the back. Lots of cool dogleg tee shots, trees, some dry water features and some pretty cool sight lines and corners you can cut with some local knowledge.

Greens had a slight top dressing of sand but that did not effect the speed of the greens. Greens were slightly bouncing but rolled fairly true and would say semi-quick. Greens were soft and semi-receptive on well struck irons. Some bigger undulating potato chip swales on some of the green complexes and its a must to not short side yourself on some of these complexes. Would tell 1st time players to not be above the pin putting or chipping on holes 4,5, 12 and 13. Overall green rating 7/10.

I thought the fairways for late February were nice and contained a firmer tighter base with just enough padding. I am sure with some watering and the spring approaching the fairways will become even nicer in months to come. Fairway rating 6.5/10

Tees were very lush, cut down tight and were fairly level. Rating 7/10

Was in greenside bunkers on 1 and 6 that contained nice softer beach sand that were easy to get out of. Some of the bunkers due to the renovation of bunkers are huge and I did see many footprints that I raked after playing my shot that were not raked by previous groups. Bunker rating 7/10

The rough --well they don't have much here. They completed a turf reduction program a couple years ago and in many cases if you just miss the fairway you are in some wood chip areas. Where there was rough it was dry, inconsistent, sometimes thin sometimes nice. Rough rating 6/10.

What I enjoyed most about today was the POP. In my history of playing this course I have never got around here in less than 4 hrs which I did today.

Recommended at least for POP on a weekday.
2/26 using group golfer $40 voucher teeing off at 715 with 3 locals Ed, Dori, and Rick a good trio who were fun and very helpful steering this 1st timer around a course that has some unique features with a few blind shots and hidden dangers. Very comfortable POP of just under 4 with no waiting. Course layout has elevation changes dog legs water and an abundance of other penalty areas. Terrain is rolling so there are frequent un-level lies up or down hill and often side hill. Fairways have better than average winter cover with mostly green grass cut fairly short but with a soft base so irons played nicely and fairway metals were more challenging. Rough was mostly thin and cut down to about an inch with some areas around the greens a little longer. Tees had adequate cover and were level.
Myself I did not get to test any of the bunkers but others in the group commented about a lack of sand over firm pack.
Greens are on the softer side holding well struck shots. Started out somewhat damp but still rolled medium/medium fast. Greens are fairly large with only a few having contours or tiers. Most have quite a bit of slope so calculating break and speed led to some head scratching. Pins are located in 4 zones and today most of the zones that were either front or back had pins that pushed the bounds of legality. Angle of approach especially on chips and pitches became a major factor as often being short sided gave a landing area on a downward slope making a short recovery putt only a fleeting fantasy.
Very scenic park like setting with ample variety requiring thoughtful shot selection and execution. Wish it were closer as I would definitely add it to my rotation. Well worth my green fee today.
Played Riverwalk today using the coupon. Thanks to greenskeeper for getting these deals for us!

Course is in good shape. Looks like they are doing some serious work to make the course better. Tee boxes were in good shape and easy to hit from and level. Fairways were the weakest part but much better than last time I played. I was in a couple of fairway bunkers and they were in great shape. Easy to get the club on the ball. Greens were in good shape, a little bumpy for my taste but looked good and rolled faster than you thought. Looks like they have added some new sand to some of the green side bunkers. Nice white sand looked good and played well.

I enjoyed my round and was happy to see the course in good shape. If you can use the coupon it is a great deal. Even without the couple I would play again. Hope they continue with the improvements!
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