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3/23 with Rat-Patrol(Jim), 14Over(Mike), An,drewZ28 for our GK cup match on a breezy but very pleasant spring day with a POP of about 445 behind a slower 4some but the companionship, stories, conviviality, and scenery made for a good day.
Jim's review is spot on good fairways, level tees, and not overly penal rough. Bunkers were well groomed but for me difficult due to the heavy thick nature of the sand, fortunately I was in only 1 but took 2 to get out--not really the sand's fault so much as my skill level.
Greens are almost fully recovered so there was some inconsistency. These are big greens with significant contour, slope, undulations and the occasional tier.
Another shout out to the customer service.
Played 3/20/19 740a. Course was in ok shape. The greens had recently been punched and were a little bumpy. Some tee boxes weren't very level and it took some searching to find a level spot. Fairways were a mixed bag and depended on whether you were on a downhill or uphill lie. There were no hard pan areas for the most part. Rough virtually non-existent, maybe one or two inches different from the fairway. Bunkers inconsistent, but I think it was because of the rain packing the sand down. Greens will be a lot better in about two weeks. Unless you are a senior, make sure you try and book your tee time on their website, otherwise the rack rate is $50 weekdays...
Played here this morning with a 9:28 "Deal" time I scored for $21 w/promo code. Hard to beat! I've always enjoyed this course but hadn't heard good things about conditions for a long time, so it had been almost five years since I'd been here.

Got paired up with three nice guys and we ended up teeing off about 10 minutes late. The starter drove by on the 2nd or 3rd hole and warned us that the course was packed (basically implying "It's gonna be slow") and he was right. I think we waited on every tee and the round took about 5:10.

Other than that, it was a positive experience. Conditions-wise, several (maybe 3-4) greens have troublesome patches where there's something wrong with them. But otherwise, the greens were fantastic today! Those "trouble" spots never affected me, so all was good. The greens are medium-fast, very smooth and semi-firm. Full shots definitely took a bounce or two before stopping. The fairways are decent, perhaps a bit thin and lacking uniformity. Rough is a mixed bag of clumpy grass, thin grass, occasional bare spots and clovers/weeds. I was in two bunkers, one was quite thin and the other had sufficient sand in it. All the bunkers seemed well-tended to, however. The tee boxes were definitely the low point of the course today — clumpy grass and lumpy terrain, often making it difficult to achieve an even stance.

Overall, the course is still a little rough around the edges but has seemingly made huge strides since about a year ago (according to my cart partner who lives nearby and plays there frequently). Now maybe they can work on that pace of play. With ESA on many holes, maybe it's just a product of a semi-difficult course on a busy day.
Belated review from our GK Cup match last Sunday, 3/17. Basically agree with everything tocho261 and sixpez had to say.

I thought the greens were fantastic and the fairways were quite good too, playing much better than they look. The rough and tee boxes were a little less consistent, and the bunkers need some serious attention. (Thankfully, I wasn't in any.)

Fun course and fun match! Felt great to get back on the course after one of the longest golf droughts of my life. As an added bonus, the superbloom of California poppies has exploded on the hills adjacent to the course!

Huge thanks to tocho261 for setting us up with the time!
Decided to play CrossCreek today with Gregholla. We got out at 7:40 joined by Jin & Song to complete the four some. Weather was mostly cloudy becoming partly cloudy over our 3.5 hours round. Staff here is awesome as always even though we showed up with 3 minuets to spare.

Conditions are very nice right now as expected with all of the rain. Fairways were mostly lush and I didn't have a bad lie all day. Rough was penal and once you get past the first cut the native grass is standing about 2 feet tall right now and tightens this course up a ton. Greens were the highlight of the course they were medium fast and mostly firm. Well hit shots would stick but nothing else. Sand seemed to be fine with the exception of the green side bunker on 18 which looks like it was consumed by the creek during the rains. All they need to do is spike it and add a couple scoops of sand and it will be fine. The only real issue they have at cross creek are the tee boxes. Most are small therefore beat up but we had no issues finding a flat stance this morning.

If you have never played CrossCreek I highly recommend playing soon as the creeks are running and it makes for a wonderful soundtrack on this beautiful nature surrounded course. There are no homes on the course and no roads through it. There are multi million dollar homes on top of the hills but never come into play. I highly recommend this course.
Played at 1:03, GK Cup match with Mike, Gary and Andrew, thanks Andrew for setting up the round and thanks fellas for the match! On to the course.
Tees: mostly level with good coverage
Fairways: very nice with good roll out, areas where balls tend to collect due to contours and course design were a bit beat up with multiple divots
Rough: deep enough to effect shots and take spin off, but not to brutal
Bunkers: very nice and mostly well maintained
Greens: still showing holes from the punching a month ago with a few bumps along the way but coming around, took good shots, poorly struck shots took bounces
POP: started off good then caught up with the group ahead, ended up being just shy of 5 hours
Customer service: stellar from arrival to departure, great facility
Overall: recommended, fun layout with some crazy hole on the back 9!
This course is a bit difficult to get to, but well worth it. It is a Donald Ross design, although I've read that Ross didn't actually build it. That doesn't matter to me, as what you'll find is an old school charming golf course.

The course is only 5,800 yards but great fun to play! It has small, clever greens with many false edges. It takes a perfect shot to hold one of these greens, as they are like upside coffee cups. Bring a good short game as you will need it here.

The course has a good look to it as well with some waste areas and those beautiful, Florida oaks. Plus, there is some rolling terrain.

As a fader (slicer?) of the golf ball the course seemed to pinch on the left sides of the holes and had me uncomfortable. I think if you hit a draw it will be a more comfortable course to play.

The conditions were 100x better than what I expected. The course was in great shape with a nice "green" overseed. I believe the greens were overseeded as well and they rolled nice and at a medium pace.

Palatka is a great value (~$30) and worth the drive from Jacksonville or I-95 if you like golf course history.
The International was another on my list of partially played resorts. I played the National years ago and was back to complete the experience by playing the International.

ChampionsGate Golf Club is part of the Omni brand there are actually three courses here. There are two regulation courses (National and International) and then a short course called the Champions.

Just like at the other Omni courses that I’ve been able to play, ChampionsGate and the staff here worked hard to create a top-notch experience. Everyone from the bag drop attendants to the proshop staff to the on-course rangers treated me well. As an example, one of the rangers checked on me multiple times while I golfed as a single.

Greg Norman designed both of the courses at the Omni ChampionsGate. And, if you look through his design work he has created some high-profile courses. The Course at Wente Vineyards in California is a Norman design and it is one my personal favorites from when I was living in California!

Norman continues that difficult theme with the design of the International. The course is routed through natural wetlands so the setting is great, especially compared to most of the Florida courses that I’ve played. There aren’t any homes nearby, which is a welcome sight in Florida! The trade-off for the nice, natural setting is that water is in play on fourteen holes, which can grab wayward shots.

The long par-3 14th and short par-3 17th were my favorite holes on the International. The 14th has a pesky bunker short of the green while the 17th has water lurking.

Conditions were excellent.

If you are looking to play a high-level course close to Disney then I’d make sure to put the Omni ChampionsGate courses on your list. However, be prepared that pars and birdies will be hard to find on the International Course.
Was invited out by cthuyen and his friends to play GC on 3/22. Appreciate the invite and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. On a cool and very busy day, there wasn’t much wind which was appreciated as we all know the wind can blow pretty good out here. Played in just under 4.5 hours but it really didn’t seem that long.

Cannot really add a lot to the cthuyen’s previous review only to agree on how nice this course is. It is in great shape right now at all levels. Guys in the clubhouse were all great. I told them I should be getting the senior rate but one guy said he didn’t believe me. He was kidding I think . lol. Anyway we joked about being senior and had a good laugh.

The greens were exceptional. Rolled perfectly and were fast. They were not holding unless you clipped it clean. Fairways were fast as well and you can get some good roll out here. They are going to be aerating the greens very soon which will impact play but once recovered, the greens should be nice again. Go play!!
What caught my eye about Lake Jovita is that the two courses here can get ranked among the best public courses in Florida! The courses aren’t near the top of those in-state lists, but that speaks more to the quality options in Florida rather than as a slight against Lake Jovita.

The South was closed for a tournament so I played the North. Tom Lehman and Kurt Sandness were the architects involved with the property.

The best thing about Lake Jovita’s North Course has to be the land that the course sprawls across! The course works its way over some rolling hills. While there aren’t any massive elevation changes, I did get that “on top of the world” feeling while playing the 3rd and the 6th holes, as the land falls away behind each of those greens.

The par-3 4th is one of the holes on the North Course that features some elevation change! From the blue tees it is 160 yards and drops about a club down to a green that is guarded by water. The green is massive and gives you a chance to bail long or right, to avoid the water. If you do that, then you’ll be left with a slick, downhill shot!

The front is a bit "linksy" while the back requires more precision.

The conditions on the North Course were very nice. I paid $50 during peak season which was a good value! The tees and fairways had a light overseed which gave it that desirable “green” look in the winter. I still had those difficult, tight lies which required the perfect strike, so the overseed was functional, but I wouldn’t call it lush.

The greens were pure and quite speedy. The only area where the course looked to be struggling some were along some collars and edges of the greens, which were sanded.

While the North is a bit modern for my tastes, I'd still like to get back and see the South.
For whatever reason, The Deltona Club is a Central Florida course that you don’t seem to hear much about! I booked my round here mainly because it was convenient to Victoria Hills. But, somehow I stumbled across a brilliant course – one of those hidden gems!

The Deltona Club was originally designed by David Wallace in the 1960’s and was known as Deltona Hills Golf and Country Club for many years. Then, in 2008, the course re-opened after a renovation by Bobby Weed! Weed has done plenty of work in Florida, including some great stuff at Brooksville Country Club.

The bunkering at Deltona Club is incredible! The sand doesn’t come into play nearly as much as you’d expect, as many of the large bunkers are around the tees or set back from play. I don’t hit the ball particularly straight and only ended up in two greenside bunkers and one fairway bunker. None of them were difficult to play from!

Besides the eye-popping bunkering The Deltona Club lies on hilly terrain, which is the other element that makes the course unique! Throughout the round you get a nice mix of uphill and downhill holes. Not surprisingly, I found the holes with some elevation change to be the most interesting.

For $25 the conditions were outstanding! The fairways had good coverage and the ball sat up, with a little cushion beneath it. You’ll get some thin lies, but that is the nature of Florida golf this time of year. The greens were smooth and rolled with enough pace that I had to be defensive. The sand was good and I needed to swing hard to blast it out.

I doubt you'll be disappointed playing the Deltona Club.
Victoria Hills has always intrigued me and I've always heard good things about it! The course is located between Orlando and Daytona Beach.

Victoria Hills continually turns up on the lists of the best public courses in the state. I found articles from as recent as 2015 and 2016 (from major golf magazines) which put Victoria Hills among the top 25 public courses in Florida. So, from everything that I could find, the course had potential.

I’ll say the design is definitely above average, even with some homes being built! Victoria Hills has a beautiful, sandy look to it. According to the starter (who was awesome!) there are 104 bunkers on the course and many of them have steep faces and jagged tongues. You’ll want to avoid the bunkers for a good score! My personal opinion is that there are a few too many bunkers. I got tired of raking traps!

I really enjoyed the back nine. The back has more strategy and some uphill and downhill to it, highlighted by the 11th, 12th and 13th holes. The 12th and 13th are par-4’s that offer some options. They are well-bunkered and you can hit driver or lay up from the tee.

Unfortunately, I found the conditions to be only so-so. The greens were looking good and rolled well. The bunkers had good sand in them and were raked. Everything else left a lot to be desired. There were large thin spots and I had my share of sandy and chunky lies, even in the fairways. It didn’t cost a lot to play here ($40), but the course deserves better!

Is it worth the drive from Orlando? I'm not sure it is unless you read about the conditions picking up a bit or you pair the course with another for a 36 hole day.
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