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This was the first time that I've played this course since the rebrand with Enagic. Course was decent to be honest. Yes it has been pretty warm (hot), but there were several holes that the fairways looked like the military had taken target practice with bombs. GUR all over the place. I can't remember any course (regardless of the price of the course) where I've seen so much GUR IN THE FAIRWAY! I would like to go back in say a month to see if the fairways are any better.
Played the South course on 8/3. The fairways are in disappointing condition nine weeks after a major aerification. Last winter was the first time they over-seeded in about 10 years and conditions were great but when they tired to go back to Bermuda for this summer they vastly underestimated the amount of Bermuda that would pop thru. So we are left with large patches of sandy soil that have nothing growing. We still have to play winter rules to find a lie. Some areas are fine but mostly in the nonplaying area like the first 10 and last 10 yards of the fairway. The tee boxes have all been leveled and re-sodded and they play great. Greens are perfect, about 10 speed, bunker coverage is uneven as some spots you hit the gravel underneath. Rough has good coverage as well. In fact it's easier to play from rough than from fairways. Tons of trees were removed or trimmed as well as shrubbery to create some new sightlines. But they took down a 100' high tree about 70 yards in front of the 17th tee that blocked a lot of players from going for the green. Just stupid imo. Over-seeding starts again in two months which will close the course down for a month. Scoring is quite easy right now if you can keep the ball in play.
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Played Eagle Hills Tuesday, 8/3/21 with a 7:25 tee time. Check in was smooth and easy, got our cart and headed to the first tee. POP was 3:20 minutes, we only waited on the first tee box. The tee boxes were in very good condition lush with only a few having divot damage. We played from the white tees. The fairways were lush with one or two having a few thin areas, the rough was lush mainly 1-3” with some ares pushing 4-5 inches. The rough was playable with firm strokes, the sand traps appeared to have been refreshed with new sand and very playable, the greens were soft and lush and held shots well.

Have heard the irrigation water will be shut down in early September due to low water levels which may impact course conditions. I’ll keep updating conditions. For now each course I have played has been in good to very good condition! Recommend Eagle Hills with it’s beautiful tree lined fairways and some great views of the Boise foothills.
We played on 8/3/21, course in great shape, staff very friendly. I play here 3 to 4 times a month, always a good experience. Tricky part of this course are the greens, I would say all but two, pull severely to the ocean. Once you get that in your head, you can have a lot of fun on this course. Clubhouse is on the smaller size, well stocked. Always a good hot dog from the snack stand. No cart person, on the course. You pass the snack stand twice during the game, that’s convenient. Carts have no gps. Half newer carts, half older. Course is always in great shape. I would recommend some playtime here. Three and a half to four ??
Thanks to Greenskeeper for the certificate I won during the last GURU event!!!

I love to hate this course because the first 6 holes kick my butt! I hated my 10 on 5 and as a group we totalled 38 for the 5th hole. DO THE MATH LOL.

The course was in great shape, but if you wander off of the fairway, you wont find your ball. You will however find everyone else's balls.

Carts do not have GPS, but they were fully charged. The cart girl was always around and even offered a last call.

Super challenging course, nice staff and great conditions made it a fantastic day.
Chimera is one of my favorite courses, however, it seems like it's gone a little down hill.

The staff were very nice and accommodating. Cart girls were always around and they now have drone technology to deliver the food to your hole. It's limited to the 8,9 and 10th hole, but it's still pretty cool.

The fairways were in pretty rough shape with a lot of bare dirt spots. Long rolls on a drive, which is good for distance, but some areas were dirt.

The sand traps were compacted dirt and no way to get under the ball. They weren't puddles, but they were pretty wet.

The greens had been punched and sanded about 1-2 weeks ago and so they WERE SLOW!. The tee boxes were in great shape and probably the nicest part of the course.

Teed off at 9 am and they were already running low on carts.

I really hope this course improves it's conditions. I like to play it, but for what they charge, they really need to up their game.
Played today. Based on the 4 reviews in July I knew what I was in for. And also the last review was very helpful. My last time playing here was not that great. But today I found a much better course to play. Tee boxes were fine. Fairways (a little thin in spots) played well and provided some decent roll out. No issues with the rough. Missed the bunkers but heard no complaints from my group. Greens chipped/putted decently but would prefer a little faster but with the heat I think that is asking too much. Excellent check in as well as pace of play. I am ready to begin playing this course on a more regular basis. With an LA Sr card the price is very good.
I played Arrowood in Oceanside, CA, three times in the months of June and July, 2021. Course conditions were consistently very good across all three rounds. I had played Arrowood about a dozen times before these three rounds over a period of 20 years, the course has been very consistent in all this time.

First impressions when you arrive is a very friendly staff and and brand new carts with GPS (now with Bluetooth course guide). Here's the only negative to the whole course, mats only driving range (I hate mats!). Nice putting and chipping practice areas. Clubhouse and Pro Shop are small, but modern and well-stocked. Excellent grill and pub with a lively buzz.

From the first tee to the last, plenty of tee boxes, level and lush with excellent viewing of the fairways. Five different tees: Black, Silver, Blue, Ladies and Seniors, the card has a suggested mix of Black/Silver tees. Arrowwood is not extremely long at any tee level because the course is so well-defended by difficult greens, close boundaries,large bunkers and good number of difficult water hazards.

Fairways are lush and wide with well-placed bunkers that eat up poorly aimed tee shots. I feel some of these are too penal, with many deep faces that force explosion shots that must be played sideways or backwards, best to stay out of them altogether! There are a few very difficult water hazards, especially on 16 and 18 holes that can wreak havoc with end of your round.

The course itself has varied elevations with most greens in well designed green complexes that keep approach shots within the large areas. Lots of walking from your cart to the putting surfaces and very large bunkers. Sand traps are well-maintained with a nice sand quality and plenty of it without pebbles. Arrowwood suffers the same fate of most golf courses in America, the lazy golfer who refuses to clean up after themselves. Nowhere is this more evident than on the greens. Moderate scarring from unfixed ball marks is to be found on every green here. The greens are mown closely, the speed is medium/fast, but this only accentuates the bumps in otherwise beautiful surfaces. Please fix your ball mark and two others!

I'm an afternoon player, pace was slightly behind 4.5 hours, not sure of earlier pace of play. I often play as a single and I've always been paired with delightful playing partners, I can't stress enough how much I appreciate a golf course for the quality of their patrons. This course is difficult for me to walk, even with a riding cart. I'm a mid-70's scorer when I'm on, my best scores here are 77-low 80's. Having been a long time Torrey Pines member, which I score as a 10, I give Arrowood a solid 8! For the money and excellent weather conditions, I highly recommend that golfers of all levels play Arrowood!
Played here yesterday with a 12:24 “Deal” time. Used seven $10 reward codes and paid $5.99. Check-in went smooth. Check-in No. 2 over at the starter shack was a little bumpier. They called four singles to the tee and then the starter had us wait a while for everyone to show up. Only three people did, so they eventually sent us off as just three, a couple minutes past our time. The starter asked each player if we had water because it was going to be hot, encouraging us to buy waters for $2 each from the starter shack. I was really surprised that a course with $99 weekday afternoon tee times can’t spring for two 25 cent waters per player… ESPECIALLY when they’re not filling the jugs out on the course. Never saw anyone ahead, so pace of play was entirely up to us, although there was a really quick group on our tail starting around the 6th hole. We were keeping pace but when they hit right up behind us on the par-5 11th, we invited them to go through but they said no and then seemed to make an effort to lay back a bit the rest of the round. Total POP right around 4:00.

Conditions are pretty good overall. For the overabundance of annoying ads and notifications on the GPS screen, they could really use one urging players to fix ball marks. The greens had tons of ball marks and as a result, were pretty bumpy. It seems the maintenance staff fills unfixed ball marks with blue sand, which visually makes them stand out more than normal. Anyway, greens were about medium speed, bumpy in spots and pretty soft, accepting full shots well. Many greens had some small bare spots as well. Fairways were really nice bermuda with great coverage. Rough was also in very nice shape, just a little longer than the fairway but never really penal. Gold tee boxes were good. Bunkers looked to be maintained but had a hard-packed base that need some work.

Nothing to do with the conditions but just sorta amusing anecdotally: One of my playing partners was practically Inspector Gadget. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone bring so many accessories to play golf before. His cart looked like he was overseeing a NASA rocket launch with a bunch of wires going everywhere. He had a phone holder in his cart’s cup holder, had another big mount for his tablet affixed to the steering wheel column, had a metal post he’d bring down near the green and stick in the ground so he could lean his unused clubs against it instead of laying them on the ground, and had a ball retriever on the grip end of his putter. Roger Dunn must love when he walks through the door.

Overall, fun day on a nice layout but the nickel and diming for water on a supposed “high end” course was a big turn off.
I played this course on the weekend. The course was in good shape in general. All of the playing areas were in great shape. The fairways had a little bit of burnout, but they were very playable and generally yielded great lies. The greens are in great shape and they were rolling very true. The course is pretty tight as has been mentioned before. The 9th hole is kind of a joke, but it's just one hole that if you are very conservative can play well. Overall, the course is a good value for the money and the pace of play was slow, but spread out and we didn't really have a major problem with pace, because we were busy looking for our lost balls each hole.
Beautiful layout with plenty of elevation change and water in play. I played here decades ago, but recently stayed at the JW Marriott so a deal on UnderPar was necessary.

Granted in the summer months it's hot, but discounted. My only real issue was the greens were bring aerated so getting a true roll on the putting surface was impossible.

Rarely will you get a flat approach shot and although the greens are protected by bunkers there are enough places to miss short of the green to still scramble for par. Not a huge difference between the black and blue tees, so if you're up to the challenge go back.

Would love to have a chance to play this course again with smooth greens. It's worth a shot if you haven't played here before!
This is a novel experience for the modern golfer that I would recommend to anyone. Designed by Gene Sarazen, the course is less than 6000 yards but still plays as a par 70. I don't think there is a par 4 that even plays to 400 yards. The challenge at Shadow Mountain is in the tightness. I do not like playing golf amongst houses, but I do find these mid century style homes charming. It's quite easy to see into people's backyards on many of the holes, especially from 2-7. The mountains surround you on that stretch and the views are sensational.
I played there in the summer and it was hot as Hades. Perhaps due to the heat, the grass on the greens was allowed to be quite long. I rolled in 5 birdies that day, but I also left a few surprisingly short. It's hard to adjust to how hard you have to hit some putts just to reach the hole. Again, this was a summer round. The other course conditions overall are good, with not much barren area in the play areas.
The course is centrally located in Palm Desert and one of the less expensive "full" courses in the Valley. I've played the course twice. It's a good sign when I return to a course in the Valley because there are so many great options.
I recommend Shadow Mountain to higher handicap players because it's short and more manageable for them. I also recommend it to low handicappers who have seen it all. This will be something new, a glimpse to how golf was played before modern equipment changed the game. At times the course can be frustrating because it is short and requires precise shot making to score well. But those same players may shoot their first sub 80 round or even sub 70 round there!
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