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Played in The Moose event on 2.26.24 with fellow gkers Gary, Mark and Mark. The weather was held it together until the end. Tee boxes were outline by the overseed but had numerous divots between the markers. Fairways were in decent shape despite all the rain this season. Rough was playable aside from a few thick spots. Greens were in great shape. Seem to be rolling well. 7/10.
Rode the blues this morning 2/26/24 as part of the GK/Golfmoose joined by awesome guys Marc, Mark and Mark. First time in my golfing career I remembered all 3 names the whole day. Weather was ideal for golf the first 15 holes and then we had a very light rain on 16,17 and 18. Pop moved pretty good considering the shotgun over 100 player start.

I love the layout of the course with 2 long par 4s , 3 challenging par 3s and several shorter strategic par 4s that bend both ways. Most holes favor a slight fade off the tee. Very strategic architect here who places many fairway bunkers in the landing areas anywhere from 260 to 290ish off the tee. Course also has some very severe undulating greens that are a challenge.

Greens were the highlight of the course. Very smooth and quick putting wise. They held irons from the fairways very well but were firmer on chips around the green complexes. Rated solid 8.5/10

Fairways provided a firmer semi lush Bermuda base. Some areas of mud and trouble areas but would say 80% of the fairways were in good shape. Rated 7/10

Tees were level and very firm and in good shape. Rated 7.5/10

Was not in any bunkers but they looked well stocked with nice beach sand. Mark(Itslikeimsayin) showed us all his awesome bunker play today.

Rough was cut low in most spots just off the fairways but there were areas on the course where it looked lusher. Rated 7/10

What the course really needs to work on are the chipping areas in front of many greens which were muddy, thin and tight. Not up to standard for a private course but with all the rain we have been having I can see these areas on this course being really affected by water run off from the raised greens. If I lived in the Valencia area this would be the course I would join. Would never get tired playing this awesome layout.

Played here today in the GK/Golf Moose outing in group 1A with Mark, Marc, and Gary. (Easiest playing partner names to remember ever for Gary today – three Marks!) Pace was good and despite some rain on the last few holes, it was just a bit over 4.5 hours.

Conditions are pretty good for a course that doesn't overseed in winter, but not quite as nice as last July's outing. Greens are very nice, smooth, medium-fast, and quite firm, although full shots and chips with lots of spin would still bite. Fairways are dormant bermuda with green colorant, providing mostly good lies for full shots but tight lies for chips short of the greens. Rough is dormant bermuda a couple inches deep, not too penal and sometimes almost preferred to the tight lies of the fairways. Blue tee boxes were all nice. Bunkers were fantastic and I had my best bunker playing round in years using Johnny's demo set of Vivid wedges. (Gotta get me one of those 56s.)

Dreary skies never really let the course come to life visually today, but we still had a good time. Thanks Johnny and Golf Moose for these awesome opportunities to play some very nice courses!
Out at 11:08 Sunday 2/25 as a single walking joined by a couple riding and another walker. As is usual here, the pace is very very slow. On a mid-day weekend you just have to mentally prepare for a 5.5 hour round. Teed off about 10 minutes past and for the most part had a wait into every hole. The worst bottleneck has to be on hole 3 which is a very tight par 5 tee shot. Someone in our group called the pro shop and someone from the shop did go out to try and find out what the hold up was. Didn't help much. Front 9 POP about 3 hours, though things tend to open up on the back.

POP aside, the course is in decent shape at the moment. Fairways besides being narrow generally have tight lies, some bare spots, but overall didn't have issues. Rough could be very juicy and penal, seems like they're letting it grow out so it's lush and a ball could find itself buried easily. Greens and sand were highlights. Found a number of bunkers and they all had good sand to splash from. Greens were in good shape, rolling at a medium pace, very pure with minimal ball mark damage. Tee boxes were okay, fairly worn with divots, some muddy, but mostly level.

Overall a challenging track that I personally find enjoyable. A good variety of holes with long par 3s, shortish par 5s and par 4s that make you strategize on tee shots. It is hard to stay in rhythm when the POP is slow but other than that would recommend.
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Got a last minute tee time with a buddy for Knollwood on Saturday with an 11:40am tee time. Last few visits to KCC had gone pretty smoothly so I assumed the same for this round, but I was well mistaken. I will say the gent at the starter's office was great and handled everything well.

Got there early to hit the range only to find out only one range ball machine worked, there was a line of ten people because it was out of balls and was going to take another 20-25 minutes or so to fill it. So much for warming up. We were then paired with a twosome and took off around ten minutes late. NBD. Unfortunately after that we ended up waiting on every single hole for a long time, and even two deep on some of the par 3s. It never let up even on the turn (where we had a twosome trying to cut in on us starting on the back nine) and we finished the round in just under six hours with the sun going down. Insanity.

At least the course was in pretty darn good shape, which was the only saving grace. Greens were in good shape albeit with a few too many unrepaired ball marks, but they were rolling well and consistent. Fairways had some thin spots in and around the fairways but good grass if you hit it where you're supposed to. Tee boxes (we played the blues) were in mostly good shape but not pristine in any way. Rough was mixed but playable. Only bunker I ended up in was very thin and still on the wet side and I have no idea why.

Old country-club style layout at Knollwood is always fun and a very good challenge with some great looking holes along the way, but of course the luster was taken off a bit when having to wait anywhere from 5-15 minutes on every single hole to play. Frustrating and definitely an isue that needs to be looked at from the KCC brass.
I played here yesterday with a small tournament of just three foursomes. First group out at 9 AM. POP was about four hours. If you want to hit balls, you have to stand in line and wait for a station as the range is small. One of the two putting greens was open. The course itself is in great shape with lots of good grass coverage most everywhere. It was cart path only on a couple of holes and all the par 3's.

Greens here are relatively small. They were medium fast and looked great. Lots of subtle breaks and somewhat challenging.

Tees (we played the white tees) were decent. Good grass coverage and mostly level.

Fairways were very nice with the exception of the first hole. There's a large area that is low lying and had standing water and no grass. Lay up, then hit over this mess! Other than that, the rest of the course was great.

Rough was very playable; deep and penal at times, but almost no problem finding your ball.

There are many bunkers on this course, and they looked to be in good condition. The sand was not too deep, maybe a couple of inches over hard pan. They all appeared to be raked nicely.

We went into the bar area afterwards and the food/beverage service looked nice. It's a fun course and I would like to play here again.
Played yesterday, Sunday, Feb 25. 7:20am, $73 to walk. POP was awful, 5hrs. Group in front of us had two beginners and they were super slow.

Course as expected was very wet and soggy except for the greens, they were fairly dry and unusually hard, especially with all this rain we've been having. Fairways were very wet, we had to play lift clean and place due to mud. Other than that, they were in decent shape.

Rough was brutal in most spots, super thick and long. Most of the time you had to just shop it out with a short iron.

White tees were wet and weren't in very good shape, had to take some extra time to find a good spot to tee it up.

Bunkers were not in very good shape. People have neglected to rake them.

Greens were in good shape. They were a little on the hard side and provided a little more roll than expected. They rolled true and were pretty quick. Definitely the highlight.

Saw the beverage cart once. Customer service in the proshop was just fine. It's a fun course, has a lot of good holes, a couple of clunker holes (number 2 and 3 not a fan). I recommend at least once a year.
First Time out here since they closed 18 of the holes. I drive by this course all the time and knew its not going to be the greatest playing conditions but with all of the rain, it was better than expected. Many years ago the river overflowed and they lost multiple holes on the orange course and one on the riverside course. At the time the county bought the course and redesigned it with 12 of the holes from the riverside course and 6 on the orange course. The riverside course was the much more fun of the two courses so I am glad that they used more of those holes. The river no longer sweeps through the course after they diverted it but the old river bed still has water from the rains this week. Its a good collection of holes with some doglegs and well placed sand traps. The course also has 5 par 5s and 3's which I like when courses are designed (or redesigned) with the 5 and 5. The Course also has a lot of tree's which makes accuracy key if you want to score. The greens are average in size and IMO easy to read but most of the greens were surrounded by sand traps.

Conditions are fine at the moment the rain has really greened up the course visually. Like most muni's there are a few different types of grass all over so you could have a good or by lie 2" away from your ball just depending on the roll. Fairways and rough were cut to about the same length with the grass under tree's being a bit long along with random patches of clover overall 5/10 for both. Sand traps were awful but I did notice a few of them had brand new sand so it looks like they are working on them. Tee boxes were chewed up on the par 3's and not the most level on the par 4's id give them a 4/10. The greens were actually in great shape overall. They received most shots and rolled smoothly with a medium pace. A few of the greens had some damage on the edges but they never caused an issue id rate them a 7/10.

POP is always an issue in OC/IE and today was no different with a 5hr POP for our 1045 tee time. The starter and marshal were very friendly and let us know that there were 3 tournaments this morning and it could be slow at times. We did wait on most tee boxes but honestly, it did not feel like that long of a round. As previously mentioned the carts are on the older side but has USB and a cooler but no ice. The cart paths and course overall is very rough and it would be best to have a side-by-side off road vehicle instead haha. Also its $18 cheaper to walk if you choose and its a flat course except for the walk between 12-13 and after 18 so rack rate of $52 over $70 if you walk. Next time I am going to walk. This is not a bad place to play if you cant find another tee time but it is not in most peoples rotation. It was great to play here with some friend who are not great golfers and thats what I like abou it.
Nice to finally be able to play the South with only a few holes cart path only. Tough course to play under CPO restrictions. Course handled the recent rains very well. Greens have maintained a nice pace, fairways have dried out nicely, but not a lot of roll out. Bunkers as usual are excellent. New sand placed in the greenside bunker on #6. Beautiful white fluffy sand, just like all the bunkers were at one time. Maybe it's time to refresh them?
Walked 9 holes late yesterday 2/24/24 at 3:20pm with my buddy Matt under perfect weather conditions finishing in 2 hours joining a nice couple.

My home course is wall to wall lush conditions right now with very green fairways 8.5/10, healthy slower than normal greens rolling super pure 8/10, lush and level tee boxes 8/10 and very lush greenside beautiful rough 9/10. Was not in any bunkers but their greenside traps are always on the firmer side. Course is a great option after rains as it generally drains really well. We walked but I think pro shop stated CPO on number 2 and 3. Rustic is going to have another great year if the conditions are already this nice at the start of the golf season. Very deserved almost always rated in top 100 golf magazines for best courses.

Highly recommended if you can secure a tee time.
Course is still very wet. No carts walking only and will be decided day by day so call ahead. Greens were in great shape but tees traps fairways still wet and soogy. IMO it will take several days of good Sun to fully dry out.
Played here today with some friends with a 10:30 start time. The whole course is cart path only due to the rains, which slowed the pace to about 5 hours. Played Oaks/Creek, and I believe Stonehouse was closed due to being too wet. We got rained on at least five times for 5-10 minutes each time. We also got a few periods of bright sunlight (including an amazing rainbow), but mostly cloudy skies for the day.

Regarding conditions, I didn't rate the course because it seemed the fairways and tees maybe weren't able to be mowed, and bunkers were a bit messy, all due to the course being so wet. That said, give this place some time to dry out and it's gonna be amazing! I don't think I've ever seen the fairways as green and lush as they are right now. Greens were really nice, medium-fast, smooth, and accepting of full shots. Rough was thick and penal, putting a premium on hitting the fairways. As I said, bunkers seemed like they could use some raking but had plentiful sand. Tee boxes were decent with some of the par 3s having lots of divots, which seemed worse when the grass that exists is wet and slippery.

Definitely recommended if we get a few days of sunshine/warm temps to dry things up.
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