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I've played Lemoore a handful of times over the last couple of months and conditions aren't quite as nice as they were at the beginning of the summer but they are still fairly decent. Greens are rolling nice and all but one (#4) are in great shape. Best I’ve seen them since I’ve been playing. Fairways have started to brown up and show some thin spots but I never had a bad lie today so no complaints. Tee boxes are decent as well. Sand traps are predictable which is all you can ask for here in the valley. They have a moderate about of dirt/sand in them which usually has a crusty feel to it.

For a muni course with very reasonable rates, Lemoore fits the bill to get in an inexpensive practice round on decent conditions. Layout is nothing exciting as it’s a completely flat course. I do like the fact that I only use driver off the tee four times in the opening 11 holes.

Lemoore is not worth a special trip outside of 30 miles but recommended for sure if in the area and needing a quick inexpensive round .
Played here today teeing up at 7;30 and finishing at 11:30 walking. I really like Rancho Park Golf Course. It is a pleasure to walk, provides plenty challenges, and the old school lay-out is super fun. Conditions right now are good for a muni however as always they could use some TLC throughout the course. Greens ran smooth but still had a little sand on them and debris from the trees put still was able to get 3 birdies. I would give everything a 6.5 out of 10 except for the design which in my opinion is a 9. Use every club in your bag and hit all kinds of shots to score well. I highly recommend playing here if you can get an early time.
23 years in SoCal, and I finally made it out to Sandpiper. Played on 11/19/19 using a nice deal from GolfMoose ($129 with free replay).

An amazing location with almost continuous close-up views of the ocean. The course itself is pretty much wide open - bombs away.

Greens were really fast - just as fast as The Saticoy Club on the prior day. However, Sandpiper does not have the severity of Saticoy's greens, so you could make some putts here. There are a few greens with some small aeration holes - but that is visual only - they never impacted line or speed. The greens are really outstanding right now.

There are some obvious areas where the grass is not growing in fairways and rough. Most of the course has good coverage, but there are a lot of areas with little coverage. Play it "up" and have some fun. Tee boxes and sand were great.

POP was 4.5 hours.....but for 36 holes. It was empty today. Played 36 as a single, saw nothing but singles or twosomes, and never caught anyone. Hold your nose on #11, whatever industrial facility is on the other side of the trees STINKS! But that run of holes from #10 through #14 is amazing.

Staff was super-nice and helpful.

Sandpiper is definitely a "gotta do it once" course, and I would love to go back again on the GolfMoose deal anytime.
Played 11-18-19 as a single using the GK coupon and finishing in a little under 2 hours. Not much has changed from last time I played here. Fairways are a little better filled in but everything else is about the same. Check in was easy and friendly. Each time I come back here there seems to be just a little improvement from last time which is nice to see. New management is putting a lot back into the course, and I hope it keeps improving.
Played this wonderful layout yesterday and was a bit disappointed in the condition it was in. The fairways are very thin, browning and showing signs of cold weather wear. These fairway condition demand (for some players) precise ball striking or your club is going to bounce into your ball hitting it thin because of the hardest of the fairways. We were the 3rd group out and the Greens are also showing signs of weather wear by being very bumpy and not smooth the way they normally are. The bunkers I was in had very little sand showing lack of T.L.C. But I have always enjoyed this layout and despite the condition it was in I still have it has one of my favorite Courses to play in the i.e. and for the $45 dollar rate for Seniors during the week I think it was worth the drive to play. There it is Gkers now you'll "know before you Go"
I played The Preserve Golf Club on Monday 11/18 as part of the NCGA outing/member for a day. I missed last years event so, I made sure I jumped on it when they offered it again this year. The Preserve is another prestigious country club on the Monterey Peninsula. Sixpez described the setting very well. It sits tucked way way back into the mountain s/w of Carmel Valley Rd. To get to the course you drive to Carmel Valley Ranch or Quail Lodge and then head UP the mountain for 20-25 minutes into a remote gated community. Being that it used to take me 30-35 minutes to do the climb on the bike, it shows you how tight and twisty the road is as you can’t go much faster in a car.

The course is tucked into the hillside very similar to Tehama across the hill. Both courses are similar in that they have a ton of elevation changes with forced carries over native areas and mini canyons. Both courses also have some of the fastest greens anywhere.

The clubhouse at The Preserve is a modest rustic style building with a small pro shop, restaurant and full-size locker room with all the amenities. Lockers have your name engraved on the front (a la Cascata) with two attendants in the locker room to assist with any needs.

Range is decent size given the usual small amount of daily players the course sees. Range is all grass and is supplied with TP5/x balls. No GPS in the carts, and no cellular service for you phone so you aren’t able to use a golf app. Also, due to the dry conditions in the wilderness area, there is absolutely no smoking of any kind out on the course. I guess Michael Jordan won’t be joining anytime soon!

The course layout is very serene with nothing to bother you in this remote location. There are a few houses along the course but with 2-20 acre lots the closest you actually come to a house is several hundred yards away and they do a great job in blending the houses into the hillside.

The green complexes are super tough. The greens rolled very fast (12 on the stimp meter) which wasn’t the problem. Every green is elevated and has severe slope back to front and left to right or vice versa depending on which side of the mountain you’re on. Most greens had a false front so getting balls to stay on the green was super tricky. Approach shots, chips and putts would all easily roll off and end up 20-40 yards down the fairway. I had two lost balls on approach shots that hit the side of the green and rolled down into penalty areas which 85% of the time meant lost ball due to steep terrain, poison oak, and/or 4’ tall brush.

Condition wise the entire course was in top shape as you would expect from a high end private course like this. Everything tee to green was rated at a 9. Had I not just played Spyglass a couple days earlier, I might have rated The Preserve higher, but everything except the tee boxes was just a tad bit lower in quality.

It was an enjoyable day on an enjoyable course.
Early Sunday morning round in three hours. The staff is located in the bar now? The course is still a work in progress. The tee boxes are all very level with a many needing rabbit turd removal. The first twelve fairways have had quite a bit of new sod laid but are covered with rabbit turds. You really notice the difference in conditions from the front to back nines. The front side is in much better condition and the back reminds one of how bad this course can be. There is no rough at all, just numerous burns running throughout the layout and scrub along many holes. The traps are filled with pebbles, rocks, boulders and of course rabbit turds. Most of the traps were maintained in okay shape but all had much more than sand. The greens didn't look real bad but most were bumpy and had sections in need of care. Every green was peppered with ball marks and golfer neglect (sad). The rack rates are out of line with what is offered but any discount bring the fees in line with what one should expect. I've seen this course at its best and worst - right now it's somewhere in between. My advice is to get rid of the rabbit problem. I've never seen so much damage done to a golf course by these pests!!
Haven't played the course for awhile. Not as nice as when it was private but OK considering there are not that many choices left in the Inland Empire. Pace of play was fine. 3 1/2 hours starting at 11:30 on Sunday.

Fairways going dormant but OK to hit on. In one bunker and the sand was fine. Greens were average speed and OK.

No real complaints except there were a few players bombing balls into the wrong fairway, not yelling fore, drinking too much.

Like I said it was better when it was a private club but I would still play it again.
Last chance to play, possible, for the next week or so, so I went out at 11:37. Course is in good, playable condition with fast, good rolling greens and bunkers in great shape (the two highlights) the rest of the course very playable with some rough spots here and there. Lots of roll out on fairways but still great lies. Get out there!
I played here yesterday with the guru outing organized by Johnny. Big thanks for the great opportunity to play this wonderful course. Also, it has been a while since I have been to any GK outing so I was happy to see everyone who was there.

As far as course conditions, it was almost immaculate. At least where it is mowed and maintained. There were areas that no golfer should visit. Some of the rough will just eat your ball and if you are lucky enough to find it, good luck hitting it!

Tees (I played the combo white/blue) were nice and level. I never had a bad stance.

Fairways were great. Lots of room if you could hit a halfway straight shot. I could not most of the time, but when I finally did find a fairway it was great to hit from. Great roll out on drives and soft enough to take a pro-sized divot. Since it was cart path only, I got in the habit of bringing several clubs and the sand bottle out with me.

Rough was intense. First cut was fine. Ball sits up. No problem. Get outside that and it's anything can happen time. I was surprised I was able to find my ball when I did find the rough because most of the time it was just a guess as to where it ended up.

Sand was great in the bunkers that I found. Absolutely fun to hit from with a consistency that gave me confidence to hit a good shot.

Greens were amazing. Fast, fast, and fast! I like fast; however, if you are above the hole and are putting towards the ocean, look out! You could baby a putt and still run it 10' past. Uphill putts were just as challenging. So many three putts. I had a four putt on one hole from only a few feet away. As fast as the greens were, if you could hit a decent approach you will find them very receptive and holding. You have to execute, though. These greens take no prisoners!

All in all it was a great day playing hooky from work and given the chance I would love to play here again! Thanks again, Johnny and The Saticoy Club!
Nice to get back to Oak Valley, a favorite of mine. Staff is always great and the senior rate makes this place a good bargain to play. Not too much to add to Larry's recent review, yes the fairways are turning a brown and at times a bit thin, but it's November and it's a lot better than shoveling snow in Chicago. Greens rolled well and true. I found the rough, which I visited quite often to be a little inconsistent, but still manageable.

There are just a lot of good holes on this course, but it still allows you to play without fear of OB or penalty every shot. Good shots of course rewarded, but the poorer shots generally only "cost you one shot". Recommend this course !
There seem to be enough reviews from our outing of this course so I will describe my experience in the form of three Haikus.

Am I on the green?
Please tell me I'm on the green.
No, the sand again...

Nice shot on the green!
Something happened soon after...
Bring a pitching wedge.

Wow, what a cool hole!
Local knowledge would help here.
When can I come back?
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