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11/23 POP 420 on a pleasant SC morning. Fairways are generally firm, pale green good cover with some cushion but also sometimes on the harder side requiring goood ball first contact to avoid the bounce and scull. Looked to have a few less unfilled divots but still an area that needs attention. Rough has been over seeded so is a dark green and can be juicy especially closer to the greens and on slopes and really tricky when on the back of a green to a down hill pin. Tees are generally ok but with the widely spaced markers players still seem to tee up from mostly one general area causing more wear. Bunkers well groomed with deep sand and of course the residual foot prints.
Greens are soft and receptive medium/medium fast speeds and show considerable ball mark damage many unrepaired and many slow to heal. Course does a good job of moving pins within the 6 zones to mitigate the on going wear but due to the fragile nature of these greens they are not currently as smooth as I have seen them in the past.
Played The Glass this morning with a 9AM tee time. Weather was absolutely perfect. Nice and sunny from start to finish with only an occasional very light breeze. With the beautiful clear weather it was nice to enjoy the numerous ocean views throughout the course. Yes, the first 5 holes are on the water but there are another ½ dozen holes with views of the bay as well.

Conditions were pristine but not quite immaculate. Tee to green it was a solid 9-9.5. Greens rolled smooth and super fast. Greens were soft and easily held well struck shots. Make sure to get a pin sheet at the pro-shop or from the starter.

Fairways were excellent though just a slight (make that very slight) bit under the normal spectacular carpet like condition I’ve seen them in the past. Fairways were soft and didn’t offer a tremendous amount of roll out.

Tee boxes were great as usual. Rough was a little thinner than some of the previous times I’ve been out. No issues with the bunkers. Sand was superb. Nice and fluffy.

Spyglass is always one of my favorite courses as it checks off all of the boxes. Great conditions, ocean views, water hazards and elevations changes.

COVID & etc. Range balls are included with green fee. Range is stocked with TP5 & TP5x balls. Putting green is open with plastic rings in the cups to allow the ball to drop about the depth of a half ball. Cups on the course were set a little deeper but not much. This was the one area, I would like to see changed. Set the rings deeper please. No rakes in the sand traps and masks are only required inside the pro shop which they limit to only a few people inside at a time.

Drink cart around several times and they prefer to take credit cards. Caddies are still not allowed to touch/carry clubs or clean golf balls. Caddies can only spot errant shots and read the greens. They have opened up some of the services like shoe cleaning after the round. Not sure how long this will last with covid restrictions starting to tighten up again.

Spyglass Hill is obviously a great track and well worth the walk.
Early morning round on Sunday in a little over four hours. The staff and rates are great as are the carts. The tee boxes were all in really good condition with only the 15th back tee box being sloped. The rough was just long enough to stop most shots but short enough to hit from. The fairways have been overseeded and are in pretty nice shape. There were sections where dormant bermuda could be found but not many. The traps were all well groomed but rock hard and damp. The greens were all in very good shape and pretty quick for being so early in the day. The greens were all pretty smooth with very few ball marks. The club was very busy and the lot was full when we finished. Always recommended.
Teed off shortly before 8am and finished in 4 hours. The greens were the highlight. They rolled smooth with medium/fast speed and held shots. The fairways had a lot of good coverage but there are many areas throughout that are quit thin or bare. The rough is mostly good with some thin/bare spots and long enough to affect shots but not too penal. The two bunkers I was in were a little damp but in very playable condition. The tee boxes were fair to good. Some a little unlevel others a little thin of grass.

Check in at a table in the doorway to the pro shop. Wear a mask in common areas. Single rider carts available. The driving range is open. Practice putting and chipping areas are closed. The starter calls out the group on the tee. Always enjoy playing Eldo and the staff is friendly.
Matt Cardis, the founder of the Instagram account @golfinyourstate, is in the middle of a one-month residency at Rams Hill, where he’s either staying in the House on the Hill or camping in his van at some spots on the abandoned old holes, while documenting the whole thing on social media. I was fortunate to get an invite from him to play yesterday at 12:20. He got us a great rate and I was paired with three cool guys – two from Irvine and another from San Diego. There were four groups in all, and Matt bounced around from group to group, joining us for some golf and taking lots of photos and video.

Course seemed pretty busy for midday Monday (I later overheard the shop attendant saying it’s been very busy), but we still started right on time. (They had no problem providing a single-rider cart when I requested it.) We finished in about 4:20, and the last group of the four didn’t quite finish the 18th hole before total darkness set in. We all sat (socially distanced) around the giant fire pit for an hour or two afterward. What a great spot out there on the patio.

I think the couple reviews previous to mine served me well, because I had a little lowered expectations that were definitely exceeded. I’m not saying the other reviews are inaccurate, but I think it’s testament to how immaculately maintained Rams Hill typically is that people would even notice some of the current imperfections. I saw a large area on the second fairway that looked good but is currently roped off as GUR, and maybe some other “less than perfect” areas throughout, but for the most part, I found conditions to be excellent both visually and playability wise. The sun ducked behind the mountain when we were finishing 15, but the ~20 minutes just prior to that looked as good as it gets.

I played the tips and tee boxes were all good. Fairways looked beautiful and played almost as beautifully. The rough was lush and not too penal, maybe 3 inches deep at most in spots. The dormant bermuda rough that rings some of the bunkers can be tricky, though… a playing partner’s ball sunk down in it so much he wondered if it was embedded. It wasn’t. The greens were smooth, medium fast and semi-firm, with full shots sometimes taking a bounce before stopping. Certain downhill putts barely needed a nudge to get rolling and would just keep going. (Uphill putts into the wind still needed a pretty good whack, though.) Bunker sand was good; no rakes so one time I had to take advantage of the Covid rule to move the ball out of a footprint.

It started out pretty windy and only got windier as our round progressed, which made the course play much tougher than normal. Any shots that got significantly up in the air were whisked sideways quickly. Hopefully we get calmer conditions on December 13. Can’t wait to get back!
Walked the Golds (6381/70.4/125) with Jesse in 4H, 15M twilight. Clear, windy and around 70. $27 to walk after noon was a good price.

First time here in over 3 years. SH is a fun layout to walk and play with few tees far from the last green. Front is hilly, back is flat with tree lined fairways plus a few lakes to keep you interested.

Most tees decently maintained, good coverage with few unfixed divots except for the par 3's.

Kikuyu fairways were playable. Winter thin with a few bare areas.

Kikuyu rough hit and miss, not overly tall but often the uncertainness of what you will get is the penalty.

Sand traps decently maintained with medium to large grain brown sand.

Greens were excellent. Medium fast and firm, downright fast on downhillers. They held approach shots.

Customer service was excellent as usual. Saw the drink cart gal several times today. Nice practice putting green that is very comparable to the on course greens, small practice chipping area. Decent driving range with mats 5/7 days. Excellent club repair facility beside the driving range that is usually manned. Medium difficulty course in good condition @ reasonable prices. Recommended.
Great time yesterday out at Moorpark Country Club with GK Gurus. It’s been a couple years since I’ve been out there. This is my favorite golf course in Ventura County open to the public. They have 3 fantastic challenging 9’s, exceptional practice facilities, clubhouse, staff and views. The playing conditions are always great and variety of holes outstanding.

Yesterday was no exception. A beautiful Fall day teeing it up at 12:15 and finishing in just over 4 ½ hours. We played Creekside to Ridgeline, the original 18 holes, my favorite combo. Creekside IMO is by far the most difficult 9 and a tough 9 to start on. Our group struggled to find our game early. My apologies to our group behind us for the slow pace of play. We started playing much better on the back nine completing it in 2 hours.

As far as the conditions, excellent. Greens as good as I’ve seen them here and close to the best greens I’ve played all year. Smooth, fast and holding shots. Fairways mostly dormant bermuda turf but with full coverage providing nice lies and roll out. Rough mostly bermuda turf as well, mostly dormant, lush and not too penalizing. Around the greens there is some rye grass rough that can be challenging. Bunkers in good shape with quality sand. Tee boxes level and well kept.

I can’t wait to get back out here again. Thank you to all the GK Gurus that came out to play on a Monday afternoon. Check out the photos I just posted.
Played here yesterday with the Guru's and had a blast. I arrived early and was shocked by the number of cars in the parking lot on a Monday. Sadly, this was reflected by our POP today as the course was packed. Still, after a touch over 4 1/2 hours I have few if any complaints.

We played the Creekside/Ridgeline pair. Fairways were in great shape for this time of year with lush covering all around, rating 8.5/10. Greens were slightly fast but held shots nicely and rolled beautifully. Whoever cut the holes today must have had a terrible weekend! Pin positions on many holes were very difficult and definitely not what I expected on a Monday, rating 8/10. Tee boxes were level and well maintained, rating 8/10. Rough is as usual here, thin in a few places and very thick in others, but fair all the way around, rating 7.5/10.

Very seldom does this track disappoint and today was another great example of that. Customer service was great, they have a great practice area, and its hard to imagine a more scenic track inland. I highly recommend to anyone that's not a beginner.
Played yesterday with the GK groups. We were in the second group out, playing the Creekside and then the Ridgeline nines. Really nice course conditions. The greens, like GDR mentioned, were the nicest I have played all year; maybe the nicest I have played in a few years. Very difficult pin positions on many holes. You do not want to be putting downhill or chipping on from the short side. Will they keep it like that? Who knows? There were also many areas of the greens that had some repairs made recently; they were mostly healed in and pins were not located near those areas.

POP was abysmal; I love those guys, but c'mon man! At over 2 hours and 35 minutes to finish the front nine I assumed we would finish in the dark, but the guys picked up the pace slightly and we got through the back nine in just about 2 hours. Yeah, it was annoying to see the red message on the GPS telling us we were behind. Within the first couple of holes it said we were 2 minutes behind pace and it never got better. Really, if you are behind, you have no business looking for lost balls in those hazards unless you are waiting for groups ahead of you to clear.

Greens: 9/10. They were really fast and so soft they held almost any kind of shot. Balls rolled very smoothly, despite the numerous poorly repaired ball marks on some greens. At least one green had ball marks repaired with green sand. I guess when they mow the greens so tight, they are more easily damaged. It's a fine dance.

Fairways: 7/10. Really nice coverage overall. They had a nice medium green color and mostly a lush condition to hit from. The cut was half away and half toward, giving the appearance of light and dark with the dividing line right down the middle. Some areas were a little tight, especially near the green approaches.

Rough: 7/10. Mostly lush, semi-dormant Bermudagrass. There were areas that were so deep, you could easily lose a ball. Hitting out of it was a crap shoot. Mostly, though, it was quite manageable near the fairways.

Bunkers: 7/10. Good, light colored sand. It was, for the most part, soft and finely graded. I was in a few bunkers and the sand coverage was a little inconsistent. There were a few bunkers with light coverage of fine sand over hard pan, but many had ample amounts of deep sand. Unfortunately, despite there being rakes on most of the bunkers, many had deep footprints that previous golfers just left there. Inconsiderate, if you ask me.

Tees: 8/10. I played the white tees and they were almost all great. No issues placing a tee and only one or two were slightly unlevel.

Overall impression is this is a wonderful gem of a course in a nice area of So Cal. It's not too far from me so I think I will have to come back here as often as I can afford it. I have many good memories here from past GK events and yesterday's round is no different. My sincere thanks to Johnny and Moorpark CC for a great afternoon!
Played 11/19/20 at 910, paired with a 3some from San Jose. My first time playing here and I can't believe why- the course was a blast to play! Check-in was quick and efficient, single rider carts unless you are in the same household. Tee boxes were level most of the time, the par 3s were chewed up in some places but were fine for the most part. Fairways were mown nice and tight and had some roll to them. Rough was not very penal unless you really went off line. Sand traps were really nice considering there were no rakes. Greens were really fast but held shots well. POP was 4.5 hours but it didn't seem like we waited long until around the 15th hole. Looking forward to playing here again real soon...
Played 11/18/20 at 0830. My first time playing here and it was a blast! Check-in was fast and efficient, carts single rider only. Tee boxes were level with only a couple of the par 3s uneven and chewed up. Fairways were great to hit from but were a little shaggy. Rough was not that much different from the fairway, but if you get too far off-line, it gets gnarly. Sand traps were pretty good and were recently raked. Greens have just about recovered from punching and only a couple of them still had some bumpiness. POP was just over 4 hours. The scenery is breathtaking up here! The views were magnificent like its neighbor Ojai Valley.
Played Yucaipa Valley around 10 today, followed Ladies problem finished in 4 hours...Course looking better every week, greens about 80% back...sand still more mud/little sand (need to do more of a lob shot I guess) greens are fast enough that being above the hole is not advised....just hope we get a couple more weeks of warmer weather so greens can heal even more
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