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Played Bonita with a 1pm start time on Saturday. The fairways are cut very tight, and there are the browning patches you would expect to start seeing as the weather turns cooler. Greens have recently been punched, and have not fully recovered, but still putted at a medium, medium-fast speed. It was a gorgeous day to be out, and many other people seemed to have had the same thought as the course was pretty busy. We were waiting on pretty much every hole, but not unnecessarily so as the foursome in front of us was keeping up. One of our foursome had never played Bonita before, and he was suitably impressed. He was lucky to be with us though, to navigate the convoluted, snake-eating-itself layout at Bonita. Got around in 4 hours and 38 minutes. Great value at $40 with cart for afternoon rates.
Played today and all greens are sanded! watch out they didn't tell me on the phone.
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Wanted to give this course another try. Saw the last review was well over 2 years ago and it’s been at least that long since I have played here. They closed the lakes course a few years ago so Ivanhoe is the only 18 holes available.

Booked on line for this am at $33 with cart. They offer military discount to $30 with cart. They closed the original range and moved a small range to the lakes course. Not the best place for a range and had some old mats to hit from. They ask for irons only on the range. Good enough for a little warm up but no much more than that. They do have a couple of short game areas to practice though!

Got my cart and found no starter and was told to basically go when ready. Got on the first tee behind a five some but they actually played pretty fast. Round took about 4:15. Tee boxes we nothing great but decent enough for a tee. Some were a little uneven but wide enough to move to level ground. Fairways were a mixed bag. Most were good with decent coverage. Found some dirt and hard pan but mainly on the edges of the fairways. Bunkers had sand and small gravel but playable. Greens were ok. Most rolled well with no bumps but just didn’t look that great, plus lots of ball marks. No real rough to deal with unless you were way off track.

For $33 it’s not bad. You can walk for $10 less and it’s a pretty easy walk. If you don’t go in expecting to have lush conditions you won’t be disappointed. Just try to remember it was an inexpensive round.
Played 10-20 with my monthly mens group
They set us up with a 7:30 shotgun start and we got off right on time. They included range balls and had shuttle to run us over. The range has just been completly redone and it is really nice. You do hit from mats but as of now they are great.
The staff was great all the way around. We saw the cart 4-5 times and a marshal about the same.
The course in in the best shape I have ever seen except for the tee boxes. The tees were very uneven and most were very beat up.
Fairways are green and you got good roll out. The bermuda rough was not too long but your ball really sat down which made it tough to get out of.
Bunkers had ample sand and were well raked.
The greens were the highlight of the course. Smooth, quick and almost diviot free.
I always enjoy this track and plan on playing again soon.
Played another round at Rolling Hills Country Club on Saturday after previous plans fell through - not a bad way to recover! I was allowed to bring a friend so I invited Kassper7 and away we went on a gorgeous and hot fall day. Price for the weekend was a bit steep at $145 with cart, but it's worth it as it's not that often you get to play courses like this. We played from the Copper tees (blue equivalent) with a 1:15pm tee time.

Course is still coming into its own and needs much more time to really get back to that lush, green grass that used to grace RHCC before the massive redesign. And this time of year, it's especially pronounced as the fairways are very light green and appear thinner than they play, but good lies to be found all day. The rough got tricky at times but there are also lots of thin fescue areas where you can still save a wayward shot if you can find the ball.

Tee boxes continue to be very difficult to get your tees into and I'm not sure exactly why, but this was a theme throughout the day. Again, everything here is less than a year old so it may just be that it will take a little more time for what lies underneath to settle in. Wish I knew more on the subject. Bunkers were generally in good shape - fluffier near the greens, thinner near the fairways. Interesting fact - ALL the bunkers at RHCC now are considered waste bunkers. Every single one. So you can take practice swings, ground your club, etc.

Greens were pretty crazy fast and more or less perfect. Putting at the new RHCC is a wild adventure with the massive bowl-shaped greens and very difficult and dramatic undulations and shelves/tiers that adorn so many of them. Getting through 18 holes here with a sub 2.0 putting average is quite a feat for sure. They're very tricky indeed and were probably rolling around a 12.5 to 13 just a week ahead of the club championship.

I do really enjoy the layout here and can't wait to see it in a few years when it's all grown in properly and at its immaculate best. Going to be something to see. But for now, it's still a great track to come play every once in a while and pick up more little tips each time to get better with every visit. Worth the visit if you can get a spot.
Played today. POP of 3 H. Course is really coming into shape. All tee boxes green/level/clean. Fairways are now firming up and providing decent roll out (hope they get even firmer). Not in any bunkers and heard no complaints from anyone who was. Little or no rough anywhere to contend with (even around the greens). Greens were firm and chipped/putted very nicely (no doubt they will get faster?). Only knock on the greens, is that there are to many old repaired divots showing on many greens? Customer service excellent at all levels.
With sunrise now being so late, tough to find a place to get out super early and avoid the crowds. Called many courses, and only Oceanside indicated there would be no issue, so back I returned. Not much change since my prior review. Greens still by far the best part of the course. Fairways were for the most part in good condition, as are the bunkers, its just when/if you stray from the fairways that you'll encounter all the bare areas. (Some intentional)

The more I play here, the more I like this course. It's just a fun, interesting, economical layout, with easy access and a very accommodating staff.
Played on a very windy Saturday. Front 9 pace was not good, clocking in at close to 3 hours, but we made up a bunch of that on the back where we never waited to hit. Had not played here in many, many years and I found the course overall to be in excellent shape and a fun layout. Fairways had grass and offered good lies, the rough made you want to be in the fairway. But I was kinda blown away by the greens. Some of the best I've seen on a public course. They were quick, smooth and held approach shots well. Very impressed. There is even a GPS system in the carts. My only comment-worthy reservation would be the bunkers. Some were thin layers of sand over more compact material, others where quite fluffy. But some had larger rocks as part of the sand that could definitely gouge a wedge. But all things considered, it was an excellent day and I am looking forward to playing here again on a calmer day.
10/21/2018 Got out early on a coll Sunday start 50 deg. 7:45 am. Course in good playing condition and we got right out one tee time early twosome following three some to keep or pace of play right to keep away from greenskeeper cutting holes for the day. Which happened to be the club championship for the members, men and women divisions.

Course was in great shape overall as expected or better for the $$ price point. A perfect fall day in NorCal for golf and the greens always challenging speed wise were rolling true and very nice. For example, Par 3 8th tee shot short right rough chip on high left of pin. Roll my 18' L to R downhill just past hole cut just over a ridge in middle of green to hard off it goes 20' past to front. Made my third from 6' below hole to avoid a 4 putt! Not my usual putting prowess. My only 3 putt of the day.

Under new ownership recently with some staff changes. The customer service great as it was prior to new ownership. Easy to get a beverage at the turn cart was out too.

Recommend playing as AVGC fall the weather is perfect too. good combination.
10/14/2018 Course in great condition. Above average value for the price point. Greens smooth and fast from above the hole with Johnny Miller design undulations makes putting fun!? Holding good on well struck shots. For example number 8 170 yds to back pin hit pin high stopped 11' past 6" in fringe missing a closest to the pin to 13"6" on green
Fairways rolling out rough ok thin in a few spots where it would help to have some. For example #15 caught drive too good and it went straight through blind fairway landing area into environmental marked hazard. I don't do that too often. Whitney Oaks is one of the few area course that has the Bermuda grass that goes dormant in cold weather.
Right now it's all green and recommend playing. A few forced carries make it a challenge all the time.
Played yesterday with a few friends who are members first off at 6:45. Luckily I got to pay the member rate of $115 which is a lot better than the rack rate of $180. We zipped through at a quick pace of 3.5 hours. It would have been faster but we were warned that a shotgun start was happening on hole 15 at 830 so we took some time on a few hole.

The course was in much better condition than expected. When I think of this course I always knew it overpriced and not the greatest of conditions. That was not the case yesterday, With the exception of the sand traps the course was in pretty decent shape. Tee Boxes flat and many tee's to choose from with ample room to tee up. Fairways were a bit short but had great coverage and had great lies. Greens are getting ready for maintenance in a week and they have pulled 5-10 dime sized core samples on a few greens. the greens were running smooth and if you haven't played here before they're tough to gauge. Every up hill put I had seemed to come up short by a considerable amount, they were all against the grain so that always hurts speed.

The lone bad spot was the two traps I found had very little sand. It did look like they're working on that because a few green side bunkers looked to have newer sand. Overall I was surprised because I went in expecting the course to be in rough shape after the summer heat and previous reviews. The staff was super friendly but I was also playing with members who have the first tee time every Sunday so they knew all of my friends by name.

To be honest, is it worth the rack rate? No but if you can find a deal for around $100 its not bad. I would compare the conditions to that of Oak Quarry in the I.E. Good not great. If you are in the area its not a bad option because the choices for good golf in orange county is few and far between unless you want to spend $250-300 for pelican or monarch.
Prices have gone up a few bucks at Monterey Pines but for $20 to walk in the afternoon it's still a good deal as the course remains on great shape. Is a par 69 with only two par 5's and five Par 3's. Holes 2-9 have some elevation changes and there are two lakes that come into play on three holes on the back nine.

Most greens are single tier but have a decent amount of slope from back to front. Greens are in great shape rolling smooth at a medium fast pace. Greens are always trickier than they look. Fairways and tee boxes are a solid 8, green and lush. Rough is super lush, thick and about 2-3 inches thick.

A very walkable course.
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