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Played today. Course was a little rough today. They had done a light sanding on all greens. So they were not as fast as last week, so putting and chipping was difficult. Some of the fairways have also been aerated (looked like they were doing Ike as well). Add to the fact that the course was wet from overnight dew and some light rain, it played tough. Customer service was excellent at all levels and check in is always great (thanks Al). With a few days of sun and letting the course dry out, it should show great improvement. Will check it out in 2 weeks, after returning from Whistling Straits.
Played today in an SCGA event. On the way to the course, we had rain? So the course was a little wet when we started and they also were lightly sanding the greens (that was totally a slap in the face to the SCGA members who paid to play IMO). I will say, the course is a beautifully designed course. 7 sets of tees that range from 5750 (Seagull) to 7000 (Big Surf). No views of the ocean, except from the tee box of # 15. Otherwise, the course is surrounded by large homes and they certainly can come into play, with errant shots. A great mixture of holes, with large bunkers and water on many holes. All parts of the course were excellent. Fairways lush and great lies, but not much roll with the rain. Tee boxes level and no issues. Traps were large but had great sand and played properly, no issues. Rough was tall and penal. Greens are big, undulating and of all days to sand, today was the day (not respectful at all). Of course they putted slow all day. Never released shots. Had they been like the putting green, that would have been great. It is an enjoyable golf course to play. If you have the opportunity, by all means do so.
Played here in an SCGA event a few weeks ago. 27 hole layout in the San Clemente hills, done by Gary Player. Some may know it as Pacific Golf Club. I would describe this course as a "roller coaster" design. If your hole was not going downhill, it was going uphill. And the wind was either in your face or against you. It was a very tiring course to play for the first time. Fairways were all dormant bermuda (still) and the ball rolled for a long time (except of course when going into the wind) and it usually ended up, in one of the many canyons, culverts, ditches or thickets of thorny bushes (local knowledge is critical here). The greens were small, undulating and very very fast (11/12). Our group had many putts go off the green on downhill putts and putts that got to the hole and rolled back to our feet (very frustrating and the windy conditions did not help). For sure, this course is either a love or hate type of course to many and I felt both ways, after I was done. I am glad I played it. Would I go back? Maybe on a calm day? But it is a course I won't soon forget. But if you love golf, like most of us do? Play it but play it with a member.
Played today as they have extended the Zaharias course offer through the summer. $44 M-F and $64 on Sunday. Course is in great shape and with the dry weather it just keeps getting better. Great customer service at all levels. IMO @ $44 it might make it one of the best values in S CA?
Played Sun. Course is great value for $45 on Underpar and great alternative to many of the more high cost courses in P S. See previous review.
Played Sat. Course is great value for $45 on Underpar and great alternative to many of the more high cost courses in P S. See previous review.
Played this AM in a nice POP of 3 H. Easy check in (thank you Sergio) and customer service excellent at all levels (great food in Derricks). Greens aerated 3/18 & 19 but were in good shape all round, though a bit slow (speed increased - skosh- as it warmed up). All tee boxes just fine. No issues with any fairways, though they did have some CPO? Traps were all playable, though a few seemed like the sand needed to be loosened up? Fairways were all playable, with good roll and lies. Wind began picking up as we finished and this is not a course I like to play in the wind. I would certainly be willing to bet, greens will only get better over the next week to 10 days.
Played today on a special rate of $45. We were treated like members. POP was 3.5 hours. Course is in spectacular shape. Have only been able to play Valley/Vista 9's and hope one of these days to experience the Lake 9. Check in was great (thanks Mike, enjoy your trip to the Masters). Off right on time. Tee boxes are all in perfect shape. The fairways (wet to start) are lush and provided good roll ( and better as the morning got warmer) and great lies. Bunkers were hit/miss? Some were perfect to play out of, while others were not? Greens (which are large an undulating) were wet and somewhat slow at start, but once it warmed up, they were fast and excellent. Terrific private course and one one should play, when the opportunity arises. Great customer service at all levels.
Played today in a POP of 3 H. Course is coming along nicely into the spring. No issues with tee boxes. Fairways had more coverage and less thin lies. Bunkers (some not all) need attention, as some are playable, while others are hard dirt. Some high rough outside the fairways, as well as OB and water to navigate, keeping your attention during the round. Greens were aerated and parts of them have healed, while you can still see remnants of aeration. But they must have put another layer of sand on all the greens, then watered, as they were slow all round, not like when I played 2 weeks ago? And Weber's review of last week, states no issues? Customer service excellent at all levels.
Wow have the rains made this a great track once again. Have not played here in almost 20 years ( d%mn were did the time go). I had forgotten just how spectacular this course is, especially the back 9. Played with JohnnyGK, GDR23 and Alex326 on a beautiful day for golf. Josh and his staff are amazing hosts and not just for the GK groups. The rains have turned this golf course into a beautiful course from tee to green and the great surrounding green hills and a full Lake Cuchuma, just add to the beauty (John will have some great pics). Tee boxes were immaculate. Fairways were some of the best I have played all year and provided great lies and roll out. And the rough is a monster (forget about finding your ball, someones else, possibly). And the OB areas are no place for man (only beast) to roam. Traps looked rough, but were playable and heard no issues. Greens were just great and held shots, chipped/putted well and had speed (ask GDR23). If you have the time, by all means get up there and play. You will not be disappointed. I had to leave but the others stayed around to play another 18, they were so impressed. I envy them. And before I forget? The # 1 hdcp is # 6 a par 5 - 629 Black; 585 white; 514 Green. And no, it is not downwind.
Played a twilight round today. Thought the price was a little to high @ 105. $80 to walk. As had not played here in many years I was OK with the price (to play it once). Found the course to be in great shape. Tee boxes were perfect. Fairways were good ( though a few had been mowed to close) and had good roll and lies. The rough was a beast. Traps were playable. Greens were in nice shape but putted slow all round. Very nice course. Service was excellent. Food was good also. Great patio area overlooking the course and the ocean. Agree with John about 10 to 14 having great views and great stretch of holes. If you like different courses then this is a one and done to play and put it on your list.
Played in an SCGA event today. Very nice layout with lots of elevation in the design. Not to mention the water. Plus the very tall rough and OB brush areas. I would say it is a good test of golf. Ted Robinson design. Tee boxes good. Traps very playable and plenty of them. Fairways for some reason were soft? So little roll but good lies. Very good greens with good speed. Play it if you get the chance.
Listing 13 to 24 of 59,403 Course Reviews
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