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Played today (little later than normal) but still POP was 4 H, even with a slow 5 some in front. Fairways are totally dormant and roll forever. But you don't really get a lot of "decent" lies, so be good at playing thin lies. No rough at all. Traps were all fine. Tee boxes all fine. Greens are nice, semi fast and chip/putt very well and hold shots well. Customer service excellent at all levels. Good winter conditions at present.
Having not played here in many years, took advantage of Member For A Day special. Got out early and we finished in 3 H. This course (except for the freeway noise) is in terrific shape. The place is green and lush. Every fairway (nicest I have played on all year) had 100% coverage (never saw a bare spot) and great lies. Had they not been so damp early on, they no doubt would have rolled out faster with even better lies. Rough was apparent but not difficult to play out of, even being damp. Tee boxes were all level and clean. Bunkers were all playable and no issues. Greens were in nice shape and chipped/putted great and with speed and had all been cut in front of us. Customer service was great at all levels. If you don't mind the freeway (parts of course are noisier than others) I recommend you play here.
Played today with bnr1986 on the member special. If you have not played here, do so before it closes (at least that is what the paper says). But the staff says differently (hope they are right). You may think 6356 yards is a short course? Maybe if it is flat? But this course is not flat. IMO it has teeth, elevation, wind and OB that will test you, all round. 1st hole is a downhill par 5 @ 508. But there is a huge lake you must cross that is intimidating (well it was to me). Several holes have water and the bunkers are strategic and deep (but very playable). I give the course its props, when it comes to par 3's (5 of the best I have seen in a long long time). # 15 will either provide you with a great memory, or ruin your score for the day (see pic ). Front 9 plays in a lower valley from the clubhouse and is a great 9 IMO. Back 9 (except for 10 - long par 3 uphill and 18 - tee shot over water) play along a canyon that has some wonderful holes (2 par 3"s that are great). # 11 is a very unique/fun hole, that starts with a drive over a canyon and a green tucked into the trees, with a downhill green (a hole like I have never seen). Tee boxes were playable but need water. Fairways were good. They had decent roll and good lies, but IMO could have been better? Bunkers were all fine. Very little rough, but lots of OB that will take its toll. Greens were terrific. IMO they were 11/12 in speed and some of the best I have played in S CA and you did not want to be above the hole (at anytime). But even putts you thought were going to be ones you could handle, would simply take off and leave you in shock. Highly recommended. Customer service excellent at all levels. I look forward to playing it again.
Was invited to play here today and readily accepted. The drive into the course is very nice. Then you arrive at a beautiful and stately large white clubhouse, decorated wonderfully for Christmas. Built in 1906 (William Watson and William P Bell 1928 and Brian M Silva 2007). The course is not long (6602 from tips) but it has teeth and great elevation changes. Was really glad I was playing with someone who had local knowledge (very needed on the greens). This is one course you don't have to talk about tees, fairways, bunkers, etc.. All you have to say is that everything is great. I loved the men's locker room, as it has its own barber shop? Driving range/putting green next to the first tee. Service in the pro shop was great (made me feel like a member). From tee to green, it is just a wonderful course to play if you have the opportunity. Service (as expected) was terrific at all levels.
Played today in a POP of 3 H. Found the course to still be feeling the effects of the rain from last week. Several holes were CPO, some bunkers still had mud in them (most of them were playable however) and some standing water in some low lying areas of fairways. The fairways were soft and not providing much roll, but did provide good lies. Much of the rough around the outside of the fairways and around the greens was long and had not been cut. Greens were fast and very fast downhill. Hard to hold some shots and chipping/putting were challenging to say the least (but very enjoyable). Customer service excellent at all levels. An enjoyable round of golf.
Played this morning in 3 H. The rain last week has really helped this course. After a few days of sun, the fairways were nice and green. They are still a little soft (but we did get a lot of rain) so not much roll, but good lies. Still not enough sand in the bunkers, but that is the fault of the City of Montebello and not the golf course. The rough was up and still sticky outside of fairways and around some greens. Greens were in nice shape. They held shots, released shots and chipped/putted fine all round. Customer service excellent at all levels.
Stopped here in the way home. Was told I could go right out. Played in 3 H. Fairways are totally dormant, so you get great roll on them. Had no issues with lies, all round. Tee boxes are all clean and level. Sand traps (in 2) were very playable. As I have said before, no real rough to deal with but plenty of OB in the desert (or environmental area) outside most of the fairways, in addition to some water hazards. Greens were all in great shape and chipped/putted with a lot of speed. The customer service was great. The senior rate here is comparable to Coyote Hills and Black Gold, so if you like those 2, you should find this course to your liking? Will be back in the spring, for sure.
Played this morning, after not playing here for several years (might not be going back). Chilly to start, warm by the end. Very chaotic check in? People ask for 6:07 and 6:15 and then stand around and wait for the sun to come up? BS. You booked it, you play. If someone from American Golf (yeah right) reads this, start enforcing the booking rules, please (and not just here at this course). If you book in the dark, you play in the dark. Don't hold everyone else up. Plus they had no carts ready for anyone, which caused further delay. I was able to work my way around and finish in 3 H, in spite of the chaos. Course is in decent shape. I found no issues with any tee boxes. Fairways had decent to good coverage and they provided good lies (some thinner than others) and roll. Sand traps were very playable, with no issues. Greens were in good shape and had great speed. Customer service could have been better, IMO. I really like this layout, even with the location. But there always seems to be an issue, with service or slow play, every time I play here.
Played today in a POP of 3 H. The fairways were very very damp when we started and were difficult to play off of. As the sun came out, the fairways began to provide better lies and of course, roll. Found a few tee boxes (3 or 4) that had grass growing on them? Why they did not move the markers to a more reasonable area, defy's logic, IMO. The rest of them were fine. Bunkers were all fine and playable. The greens on the front 9 were damp, but still had good speed. On the back 9, they were dry and fast, as it warmed up. Still a temp green on # 15 (which is a par 5) and IMO I don't think it will be anytime soon, before the new green is available? The new green looks like it has problems and is not growing in like they want? Also, # 17 had a large section under repair, in the front right corner of it? But the pin was in a location, that unless you landed in the repaired area, you were fine. I like playing here, but as a course that describes itself as "high end", being charged the fees that they do, for the pleasure of only 17 holes, does not set well with me? I think playing Black Gold is a better option? Customer service excellent at all levels.
Played today. 2nd off and then passed the 2 some and done in 2.5 H. Course is in great shape (as bogeygolf said in previous post). Maintenance was out in front of me and had everything clean and ready to go. Tee boxes are a little dormant now, but no issues with them. Fairways had good roll and good lies, all round. Not much rough to deal with, as you have OB l/r on many fairways, small canyon carries and water and that is enough to worry about. Caught a couple of traps, but clean playable sand. Greens were just outstanding. They were fast (and the Santa Ana winds were blowing) and they may have been faster than the 11 as previous review? They were firm, so you had to be selective on where to land, or you faced good and possibly bad run out. But they chipped/putted beautifully all round. Customer service excellent at all levels. Truly a great course, when you get these type of conditions. I look forward to a quick return.
So what does one do, after finishing early at T R? Head over to Rustic Canyon and see if you can get out? Took about 30/40 minutes, but got out w/o any problem. Nice that the 2 courses are so close to one another. POP was right about 4 H. Great way to spend the day before Thanksgiving.

The greens were just great. Just like the previous reviews stated. Just great to chip/putt on and good speed, all round (above the hole was suspenseful, to say the least). The fairways for this time of year are in nice shape. Nice and green, with good roll out and lies. The rough around the greens is lush and you need to be precise, when playing out of it. The tees were level and in great shape. In one bunker and it had been raked and very playable. I found the course to be in the nicest condition I have seen, in the many times I have played here. Customer service was excellent at all levels.
Played today in 2.5 H as out early and no one around. Found the course to be in very nice condition at all levels. Tee boxes were being mowed in front of me, so they were clean and playable. Fairways were in great shape (though some dormancy is starting to show) and they provided good roll and lies, all round. Found 2 bunkers and the sand was clean, playable with no issues. More OB than rough (as well as some water) to worry about throughout the course. Greens were all mowed and held shots, chipped/putted great and had good speed. Not sure if the carts were new (they appeared to be) but they are comfortable and speedy. Customer service excellent at all levels. Always love playing here, as the design and elevations changes, provide a challenging round of golf. Wish it was closer to my home?
Listing 13 to 24 of 58,442 Course Reviews
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