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Played this morning (Valley 9/Mt 9) in a POP of 3. We were first off and the only issue we encountered was maintenance was slow and we were fast (Mt 9 greens not mowed until we got to # 9 our 18). The Valley 9 was being cleaned in front of us and we had no issues. We had not played up here for many years (when it was Robinson Ranch). Glad we came back. Hard to remember what the course was like, but you can see how they did change/reroute some of the holes on the Valley 9. Mt 9 had no changes. No idea about Desert 9, as it was closed for maintenance. We found the course to be in excellent condition (though wet from overnight water/dew). Tee boxes were all level/clean (both 9's). Fairways had good coverage and good lies (not much roll being wet). On the Valley 9, they have cleaned/cleared a lot of area, thus you have some long carries from tee box to fairway (leaving you with desert/chips etc. if you don't make the fairway). You also have a few creeks and drainage areas, that can come into play. Not the case on the Mt 9. There you have green from tee to green (with many sand traps, OB and water, though not much water in the ponds). Rough was playable on the Valley and there are numerous OB desert areas to contend with. Mt 9 has very little rough but lots of OB if you do not hit the fairway. The greens on both 9's were just great (even the wet ones). It looks like they have put in all new greens and they are big, undulating and I suspect fast when dry (never saw any divots or old ones either -outstanding). Bunkers were all clean and very playable on both 9's. Enjoyed the round very much because you are playing 2 different courses, which keeps you interested and entertained for all 18 holes. Customer service was excellent at all levels. Still the large clubhouse, but we did not have time to sample the food. Brand new carts (comfortable and fast). Though the course is a drive, we will be making time to go back again, as it is a great course to play. Very quite early AM but was crowded when we finished. No issues with traffic up the 5 (as we went early) but did find some traffic when we exited onto Sand Canyon Road (??) and we were only 3/4 mile away from the course. Must be a shortcut for locals? Highly recommended.
Played today in 3 H. Got off early as the sun was coming up, so it was a little wet to begin with.Tee boxes were all clean and no issues. Fairways provided good lies, but little roll (until later in the round) to start with. Bunkers were all clean and heard no complaints. Greens were damp to begin with (so little bounce) but chipped/putted just fine (but many divots needed fixing, due to lazy golfers). As the round progressed the greens got faster. They have opened up the new men's bathroom (good news). Hopefully the restaurant will come shortly? Customer service excellent at a levels.
Played this AM before a huge tournament. Played with a member and we finished in 2.5 H. Course is in very nice shape at the moment. Things were a little wet when we started, but once the sun came up, fairways and greens got very fast. Tee boxes were all clean and level. Fairways are very playable. Bunkers were all clean and had been raked and no complaints. Greens (after being cut) played very nice (not overly fast) but many of them still had noticeable (though repaired) ball marks (some did effect putting). Not much rough, but there is a lot of desert or as they call it "environmental area", which cannot be entered, should you hit into it. Customer service excellent at all levels. Very good design, with a good variety of holes. A very nice course (IMO) that one should play at least once?
Could not leave CO without playing here? Was a member for many years and love coming back to play here. Still a great club/course, but many of the great members are not here anymore. But with that said, the course is never disappointing. The course was in great shape. Smooth clean tee boxes. Fairways were like a carpet with a lush pile, so roll and lies were terrific. Found 1 bunker and the sand was perfect. Rough was 1" and tough. Greens were like glass and they were fast (12). Great customer service at all levels. If you ever have the opportunity to play here, do so.
Played yesterday afternoon. This a Pete Dye course, built in 1984 as a TPC course and hosted the Champions Tour for many years. It is in Castle Rock, a short drive S of Denver and DIA ( a must play). The elevation is 6200 FT with spectacular views of the Rockies and Pikes Peak. This course (IMO) has a great selection of par 3's (pics to follow). # 12 is downhill and has over 10 K railroad ties surrounding the green. # 17 (which I made a hole-in-one) is all over water from the tee box. Over 7000 yards from the tips, it has many of the signature designs (moguls, waste areas, long carries) we are all familiar with of Dye. The course is in tremendous condition (and they charged us $42 - nice). Tee boxes level/clean. Fairways were lush/green and provided great roll and lies all round. Bunkers are large and deep, like a few small ones around some greens, that have stairs to get to the bottom. And they are great to play from. Rough was 1 " and wet from recent rain and penal. Greens were just beautiful and they chipped/putted great but very fast (12). They are currently remodeling the clubhouse and have a nice trailer set up for the clubhouse. If you like old fashion courses and Dye layouts (some don't I know) you will love this course. There are some tremendous courses between CO Springs and Denver to choose from. But I would highly recommend you don't miss this one.
Played yesterday morning. Beautiful club, set against the foothills in Littleton (a mere $25 K to join and $600 a month). Home to some fantastic custom homes and home to many Broncos (current/former) players and Rockies players as well. Cut out of the hillside and rock ledges by Rees Jones. A tremendous layout of holes. With many of them strong uphill and surrounded by bunkers. The Par 3's are spectacular, especially # 16 (pic to follow) which is several hundred yards above the green, which sits in a large bowl (but looks like a postage stamp from the tee). Great design of holes using water, rock and trees, to test your shot making. The 18th is 602 yards from the tips (but you are in CO) dogleg right, which is fantastic. Of course the tee boxes are perfect. Fairways had some of the best grass I have played on, making your ball roll out and set up like it was teed up. Bunkers were large, deep but very playable. The rough was 1 inch and so very very tough (ugh). Greens are huge, undulating and fast (12 - scary). Needless to say, customer service is perfect at all levels. They even have a grill (not a snack bar) at # 10 (with a chef). If you are ever in Denver and have the opportunity to play here, do not turn it down.
Hard to believe it has been 5 years since I have been here? Love this course. Set in the hills of Castle Rock. A Troon run operation and one of their best. We had beautiful sunny skies and a perfect golf course today. POP was 4 hours. A combination of terrific golf holes are what you will find here. We had totally perfect conditions from tee to green today. Tee boxes were so nice. I found no bunkers (they looked all great) and I was happy for that. Fairways had roll, good lies all round. Some tough rough throughout the entire course. Not to mention the OB areas and forced carries from tee to fairway, on many holes (pick the right tees). And while mentioning the greens, they were the best I have played in a long long time. Terrific course to play when in the area. Has one of the best 18 holes of any course (IMO). Customer service is top notch. I hope it does not take me another 5 years to get back here?
First round of CO golf trip. Started here, as I wanted to check off another Engh layout. And, as I already know, from playing many of them, I was not disappointed. I want to first, thank the previous reviewer for his great pics. It saved me a lot of time, not having to take them (LOL). Some might find this course "quirkey" given the topography of the land, but Engh, to his credit, really did a great job of leaving in place, much of the rich history of this property (even the fossils). The course is always rated in the top courses in Denver area (not to be missed, OK). Great practice facilities. Great GPS on the carts and it's needed (lucky I was playing with a local). Length is not the optimal word for this course (although it would come in handy on # 9. Par 5 659 from the tips). Accurate and straight, are two words that immediately come to mind. And once again (like always) 3 par 3's and 3 par 5's in the design, this time on the back. Beautiful scenery and one of the best opening holes, I have played. Tee boxes were great. Fairways that gave good roll and lies, all round. Found a few bunkers, but they were very playable (and some are deep and long). Not much rough, but water, rocks, boulders and OB is in abundance, to lighten up the round. Greens were wonderful and chipped and putted terrific all round. If you are in Denver and have the time to play here, by all means do so.
Played today in a POP of 3.5 H. Very quite, due to heavy fog and mist. Course is nice and green, with the cooler weather and fog. Found the fairways to have good lies, but very little roll. Bunkers were damp from fog, but playable. Tee boxes were all fine. Greens (while wet most of the round) looked fine and putted well, but slow. Customer service was fine at all levels.
Played today in 3 H. No one there, as aeration began. We got lucky and played 50% aerated and 50% not. They did a very good job (IMO) in punching and cleaning and tried to make the course playable. Fairways were clean, soft, not much roll, but good lies. Bunkers all appeared wet and in need of raking, after the long weekend. Tee boxes were all fine. Excellent customer service at all levels. 10 days to 2 weeks, should bring the greens back to good shape (IMO).
Played today in the Guru event with Johnny, Kevin and Steve. A long way to drive (1.5 H down but 3.5 H back) but well worth it. Thanks John. So today we had 4 golf boards and 4 phat golf scooters. Started out on the board for 9 (not to my liking) and scooter for 9 (for sure not to my liking). I believe my golf should be walking (love to) or cart. The course is a beautiful course (were they played the Tournament of Champions - now in HI- for many years). Great mixture/design of holes. Sufficient tee boxes for all levels. Tee boxes were great. Fairways were a little wet when we started, but dried out and had some good roll to them. Many bunkers (I was in a few) but very playable IMO. The rough that I found was playable and not penal. Greens were large, undulating and fast. Highly recommended but take a cart (LOL). Fantastic staff at all venues.
Went back out today, after 2 weeks away, after reading last review (6.3 vs 3.1 mine) and comments from playing partners, who had played previously, when I did not. I will address the greens first. Found them to be clean/mowed, devoid of fungus and visually very nice. But they were soft and putted slowly (that comment was not just mine), in part due to overnight dew/watering and became faster towards the end of the round (I like the fast greens of L V and hope that I see them soon?) Tee boxes were all in great shape this week. Fairways today were green and provided good lies all round, but they did not provide roll, due to wetness and were beginning to dry out by the time we reached 17/18 ( I love hard fairways better than soft ones? Just my preference). No issues with sand traps on the part of anyone. Very little rough, but what was there, was playable and effected ones shot (like rough will do - so stay out of it if possible). I personally wish they would provide another location for the temporary restaurant. At present, it causes a lot of unnecessary congestion IMO. They also, should bring back the portable toilet trailer which they had in the parking lot, as there is only 1 bathroom (for men) available and it is not large enough for the many patrons. As many of you know, I have written many reviews. Today was the first time, I have been spoken to about a review, from a member of staff. Suffice to say, I totally understand and accept his input, about what I wrote, 2 weeks ago (which he felt was too critical). What I have learned from this interaction, is that sometimes we don't really know the many reasons, as to why conditions on the course that day are like that? Perhaps the Pro Shop can inform us of some unexpected maintenance, should that be happening that day? But, I will also (in the future) take the time, to ask some questions before I leave the course that day, to determine the reasons for unfavorable conditions, so that I can write a fairer review.
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